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First Night by repogirl(f): 10:49pm On Jun 21, 2016

I was running late for my own damn party and was getting quite pissed about it. I had been driving around for over fifteen minutes now, trying to find a free parking spot, but had been unsuccessful. I wondered which one of my dumb friends had come up with the bright idea to hold the party at this particularly over crowded night club.

I probably shouldn't take out my frustration on my friends but I couldn't help the feeling of irritation. Aside from being unable to park, some girl had been disturbing my phone all day with her calls and it had also gotten me quite pissed.

As if on cue the phone buzzed again silently and I glanced at the caller ID.

“Rita.” I murmured with a roll of my eyes and slight shake of my head.

Would this girl just get it already? How else would I get her to understand that I wasn't the type to commit to a serious relationship, what we'd had was supposed to be a playful fling between adults.

If I’d known she would become this clingy, I wouldn't have begun the fling with her. I had never for once lied to her, I’d thought we’d been on the same page. From the start, I had told her I wasn't a relationship person and she had agreed that she also wasn't looking for anything serious.

She had seemed like a fun girl who wasn't looking to shackle any guy to herself and now I didn't know what had changed. I didn't understand why she had suddenly decided she wanted me for keeps.

She had called me up early this morning to wish me a happy birthday and then suddenly asked if she could take me out to a quiet dinner in the evening. I had casually informed her my guys were organising a guys only party at a club and she had suddenly flared up. Shouting and screaming over the phone at me like I had a promised her something without keeping to it.

I had decided she was probably getting too attached and had tried letting her off easily but she was refusing to accept that I wanted a clean break. What more was a guy supposed to do? I wondered.

Finally, I found a spot and guided the Ford Edge quickly into it before someone else stole it. Switching off the engine, I took my wallet and phone just as the call came in again.

“For the love of …..” I cursed, plugging in the Bluetooth earplugs into my ears and switching it on from the control which I wore under the collar of my shirt. I'd had enough of this babe’s nonsense.

“Rita, what's this now? Why are you harassing me like this?” I asked heatedly, getting out of the car and closing the door behind me.

“Dave?.....” Her voice was calmer now. She had probably taken a chill pill or something or was trying a different approach. “Bae, why are you talking like this? Why are you treating me this way after all we shared, how can you just leave me...how can you just say we need a break and expect me to accept it...after everything?...... Did it mean nothing to you?”

“Rita…” I breathed in, struggling for calm and patience as I hated being harsh to females. I tried to respect them, my mother had raised a gentleman. “When we began this you assured me that you were not looking for anything serious….. That we were in this for the fun of it. So why are you now asking if it meant something to me? Did I ever make this out to be more than what it was? Did I ever tell you it was more than a casual fling?”

“Yeah…..Dave, I know it started out that way but now I feel so much for you…. I never planned for this to happen, but it just did…. What's the problem? Is there something wrong with me that you don't like?”

David ran a hand over his short hair quite frustrated. “Rita...you are perfect. There's nothing wrong with you...it's me who has a problem because I can't be the man you want me to be…. You're beautiful and fun but I am not looking for a committed relationship at the moment. Can you understand that?”

I asked her, hoping she accepted the ‘it's not you, it's me’ excuse I gave her and praying that she didn't drag it any longer. I was out of patience and very late.

She was silent for all of two seconds before speaking up again. “I…. I don't have a choice but to, do I? I really don't enjoy bugging you like this but i did, because I thought we could work something out. We...we seemed so good together… well, it seems I have to accept it, I guess.”

I breathed a sigh of relief at her proclamation, mentally screaming ‘hallelujah!’.

“Good…” I began, meaning to end the call quickly but she continued.

“.. but I am still willing to go on as we were.”

‘No way.’ I thought with a shake of my head. “No, Rita, please… I couldn't do that to you. Not when you have feelings for me like this. You need to find someone who can love you back, someone who is deserving of all you have to offer instead of wasting your feelings on me…. I can't give you what you really need….please you've got to understand. “

I heard her sigh, or was it a sniff? Was she crying? Gosh I felt like such a bastard for doing this to her but was it really my fault? If I had known this would be the end result of the fling, I never would have started it.

“Are you okay, Rita?”

“Yeah, I guess I will be fine.” She said quietly. “I will miss you….”

“I know, I'll miss you also.” I said truthfully, every woman was special in her own way, I knew this even if I couldn't bring himself to fall for them.

“You're a bastard, you know that right?” She asked with a shaky nervous laughter and I laughed also.

“I agree.”

“You made me fall for you and now you’re leaving me.”

I could argue that it was the other way around, that she let herself fall for him but i wouldn't tell her that. That wasn't what she needed to hear at the moment.

“I swear it wasn't intentional.” i replied. “You're a special girl Ritz and you'll find the right guy for you.”

“Thanks.,..bye Dave.” She said.

“Bye.” I said cutting the call, a huge feeling of relief washing over me.

Glad that I was finally done with that and realising I was really late for the party, I suddenly turned around to make for the club's entrance when I crashed into someone else who had been behind me.

“Oww” the feminine voice complained, losing her balance, her petite figure stumbling backwards.

I reached out reflexively to catch her before she hit the floor. One of my hands grabbed one slender arm and the other cradled her waist as I pulled her up to myself, taking in a whiff of the perfume she wore and instantly falling in love with the scent.

Stunned and entranced, I stared at the prettiest big brown eyes I had seen in awhile. Framed by lush dark lashes, they seemed to take up most part of her small oval shaped face. Her blonde weave which fell backwards in careless waves complimented her light creamy complexion while her dark lashes contrasted sharply against it, giving her round eyes, a sultry, dark, mysterious and sexy look.

I wasn't sure for how long I stared into those entrancing eyes but reality struck when she moved her heart shaped lips.

“Okay, if you are done ogling me, can you let go?” She asked and instantly, I straighten up, setting her on her own feet and creating some space between us.

For such a small petite figured girl with a China doll face, she had a low, slightly husky voice tinged with a heavy American drawl. It had come out so effortlessly that I was sure she wasn't faking or forming.

“I'm sorry.” I managed to croak and she raised a brow as if considering my apology.

“For almost pushing me to the ground or for staring like you haven't seen another human before?”

I couldn't help the small smile that touched my lips although I doubted she meant to be funny from the look on her face which clearly spelt annoyance.

“I wasn't looking, I…” I tried explaining hoping she'd soften by she raised her hand in my face and I stopped.

“Yeah whatever…. Just look out next time before you actually trample someone down… or probably just get a pair of glasses to help you see clearly.” She said dismissively, brushing past me.

I turned, my eyes following her, zoning in on her nicely rounded butt clad in a tight black sequinned miniskirt that barely dropped below her butt. The tight, body hugging lace top she wore although high necked, was transparent at the back and I admired how her exposed light skin contrasted sharply against the black lace.

Unknowingly, I seemed to be smiling for some weird reason that I wasn't sure of. I wasn't sure if it was because she was hot or because of her sass, but I was in admiration of her. She had my full attention now and I briefly forgot about my party.

I could easily tell from the way she walked, she had spunk, class and that was the type that I got drawn to. Feisty girls were hot, especially under the sheets.

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Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 10:52pm On Jun 21, 2016
She swung her waist as she walked, as if for my benefit, giving Naomi Campbell a run for her money. I wasn't sure if she knew I still had eyes on her as she hadn't taken one glance back. She was probably quite sure she did, who could take their eyes off such a stunning creature?

She walked down to some tall guy on a black biker jacket, standing beside an impressive looking power bike which naturally I guessed was his.

Biker guy smiled down at her endearingly, pulling her into a hug which she willingly went into, smiling up at him. At first it seemed like an innocent hug but when she pulled him tightly to herself, pressing her breasts to his chest, I realised it was anything but innocent. Raising one smooth, creamy thigh, she wrapped it around biker guy's leg, her skirt rising up a few inches more.

I swallowed entranced, knowing I probably should look away but couldn't.

Her hands slowly slid over the guy's chest, under his open jacket and over his shirt, slowly and sensually. she placed her other hand around his neck and pulled the taller guys head lower as she whispered something in his ear.

I could only guess what she had told him but whatever it was got biker guy suddenly smiling. He pulled her up to himself, his hands cupping her butt. He made to kiss her and she looked up at him, as if expecting his kiss. His head lowered slowly to her’s and then at the last minute, when their lips were supposed to touch, she turned her face away.

Her eyes met mine as she smiled mischievously, giving me a wink and I knew she knew I had been watching all along.

Suddenly, I realised how intensely I had been watching the lovers and it was quite embarrassing especially as I had gone quite hard in a certain region of my anatomy.

Releasing the breath I had been holding slowly, I turned around and finally made for the club, hoping this damn hard on would ease off soon.


I was bored. The place was bustling with loud Music, drinks, scantily clad girls and people generally enjoying themselves. My friends all seemed to be having a great time but I was bored. For some reason,I wasn't in the partying mode tonight and I wasn't sure why.

I'd had a few offers from cute looking girls to dance but I wasn't feeling up to it. I was still probably being a little careful after Rita's scary turn around today.

Normally I would be the life of the party but I had turned thirty five today and was suddenly sort of feeling quite introspective.

My mom had called earlier today to wish me a happy birthday and as usual chipped in that she was hopeful that I would be bringing a lady to her soon, as I wasn't getting any younger. She also wanted to carry her grandchildren and play around with them while she had the strength to do so.

I rolled my eyes, it was just too bad I was her only child. I doubted I could give her what she wished for, as I was a certified bachelor.

No woman on this earth was going to cuff me into that dreadful, unhappy and torturous union called marriage and I definitely was not going to bring in kids who would be the ones to suffer whatever issues I would have with my never to be wife.

Many people might choose to put themselves through that crappy sham of a union known as marriage but I couldn't. It was pure stupidity delving into something when I knew it would only lead to gross unhappiness in the future.

“Penny for your thoughts.” My friend Franklin, asked dropping on to the seat beside me. It was actually a shout as the music was so loud, it was a wonder I could hear myself think.

He seemed to be having fun, “It's nothing.” I said

He eyed me, “It's nothing? You look like something's up, man… it's your day for crying out loud and you are sitting here, looking so glum... you're not….you. Is everything okay at work?”

I shrugged, “Yeah...everything's fine….. I'm okay seriously.”

He looked at me disbelievingly. “Your mom?.... Or.. You dad?”

“Okay, that's enough, I'm fine.” I snapped. “You are looking for something where there's none.”

“Alright man, if you say so… by the way Rita called me this afternoon.” He said, staring at me as if looking for my reaction.


“And she was in tears, saying you wanted a break.” He said.

I shrugged, “So? I never promised her anything, I thought we had both been having fun until she started acting all clingy...what was I supposed to do, man?”

Frank raised a brow. “So… you're okay with it? You don't feel an ounce of regret breaking off with her?”

I frowned, “Should I? I knew what I wanted from her, I thought she did also until she had to go and spoil everything… how could she have let herself fall for me? I am the wrongest person for that.”

“ I thank God everyday, I don't have your heart, maybe letting yourself fall for someone might do you some good?”

“Please, like how you let yourself fall for Simi? That didn't lead anywhere, did it?”

“Yeah but she's happy with someone else and I know I'll find someone also, my own woman, for me.”

“Yeah right!” I scoffed “ Feelings fade, it's inevitable, after a while you will both become miserable and hurt each other.”

He shook his head, “Your dad did a harsh one on you… he turned you into the worst skeptic.”

“He did a harsh one on my mom, not me.” I countered. “It was good anyway, because I learnt quite a lot and I refuse to follow blindly down that same part when I know better. Now can we move on from this boring topic?”

Franklin had been a close friend since college in the United States. He was biracial, half Nigerian and we had bonded because of our shared country of origin.

He knew when I was done with a topic, he knew I hated talking about my parents relationship, he knew how I felt about my father and knew when not to encroach too deeply into my personal issues.

“Alright man, just liven up a bit, will ya? It's your day after all and we are here for you.” He said patting me on the back.

I nodded deciding to try and get into the party mood. Turning, I looked about the VIP lounge we were seated, looking for a waiter as I needed a drink.

Instead, I spotted her. The girl from the parking lot, she was also in the VIP to one corner, slowly whining her butt to the music. There were two other hot looking girls with her. All dancing together.

I found myself staring at her again, turning away from Frank, I watched her and her friends dance but my eyes were on her mostly. Her biker boyfriend was nowhere insight.

Unashamedly, I mentally undressed her. Her transparent high necked lacy blouse left not much to the imagination. Her full burst was carefully hidden with a patch of black fabric across her chest and that was the only lined part of the blouse. Her creamy skin was well exposed under the lace.

For a petite girl, she was quite heavy on the burst, I noticed, suddenly fueled by the desire to see for myself what she looked underneath that lacy blouse. I wasn't content with her exposed creamy back and toned midriff, I wanted to see her in all her full glory…. I wanted her.

“Seen something you like?” Franklin asked. “Or someone?”

I nodded. “Blonde hair, black lace, sequined miniskirt and creamy skin,” I described.

“Wow…..you sure do know how to pick ‘em.” Frank joked and I smiled.

I sure did, I agreed staring at the blonde, Petite bombshell.

For some reason, I believed she hadn't been serious with biker guy, I doubted he was her boyfriend. No guy would leave a hot girl dressed as she was, alone in the club unchaperoned.

If I had been biker guy, after a hug like that, I would have whisked her off somewhere private and satisfied the strong urge she had whipped up within me.

“So… are you going to approach her… or is she higher than your league?”

“What?” I asked perplexed, turning to look at Franklin, “what's that supposed to mean, guy I have dated beauty queens… supermodels, as in high fashion models, even princesses as in real daughters of royalty. Why are you acting like you don't know this? You know me from way back...this chick might be hot but not higher than any league…. In fact, nothing like league where I am concerned because I'm at the top of the food chain. It's my league they all play in.”

Frank shook his head. “Gosh, you're not even a little bit humble, are you?”

“Oh please! Humility is for wimps, I know what I want and if I want it, it's mine…. You could learn a thing or two from me, you know? You could learn to be hard, tough and not wear you heart on your sleeve all time.”

“Abeg, jare…. I would rather be a chump than a hardened heart wrecker like you are.”

I shook my head at him about to tell him why he was wasting his time looking for a Mrs. Right who he would never find but didn't bother. I had something better to do with my time.

I turned back to staring at the hot blonde China doll face girl, and as if she felt my eyes on her, she looked up. Her sultry eyes meeting mine, her lips slightly quirking in a smile.

I smiled back, knowing an invitation when I saw one.

“Ten grand you can't get that girl.” Frank spoke up behind me.

“Ten grand if I get her number and twenty if I take her home tonight.” I said confidently, increasing the stakes.

“Never! Not even you can manage that!” Frank scoffed.

Frank really seemed to have temporarily forgotten that I had mad game, no female I set my sights on could resist my charms. This chick might be a little difficult but I loved a challenge. Turning to him, I asked, “deal?”

“Deal.” He said, grinning at me as if believing he had won the bet already. We shook on it and I got up, straightening to my full six feet four inches height before making my way to where she was hanging around her friends, swaying their hips to the music.

She held my gaze as I approached her, she wasn't smiling anymore but I wasn't bothered. I already knew I had a chance with her, her actions tonight had said so.

On getting to where she stood, I was filled with confidence, I bent, placing my mouth close to her ear, I asked, “you enjoy it don't you?”

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Re: First Night by Joycelyn28: 12:36am On Jun 22, 2016
Oops am ftc today oooo nice one and more grease


Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 12:43am On Jun 22, 2016
Oops am ftc today oooo nice one and more grease
thanks dear. Congrats on ftc, I'll add one more post for you before I sleep.
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 12:46am On Jun 22, 2016
“Enjoy what?” She asked back, her face straight, quirking her head slightly to the side and gazing at me with an unreadable expression.

“Being a little tease.” I said into her ear , noticing she had three piercings, all with diamond studs on them as they glittered brightly.

Her shoulders shook as she laughed. Looking up at me, still smiling, she said, “I really don't know what you're talking about.’

Her husky voice undid something in me and as I stared at her, I imagined how she would sound while moaning.

Our gazes locked and smooched for a few seconds as we gazed at each other, each one of us, sizing the other.
Breaking our eye contact, I bent once again to speak into her ear. “Can I buy you a drink, to apologies for my wrong presumption?”

I could see she was considering the offer and I knew she would decline if I didn't add some other incentive.

“It's actually my birthday today and my friends decided to throw me a party here but I can't see a single one of them around. They've all probably found something else more interesting to do and I'm all alone, bored.
Then I see an eye candy like you, without your biker boyfriend in sight and in my opinion, that's wrong on so many levels. A hot girl like you shouldn't be left unchaperoned. I know we didn't start the evening on a good note but I would enjoy it immensely if we could hang for a while. I do make a very good chaperone by the way..”

Her beautiful light brown eyes looked up at me as she smiled, “happy birthday, Chaperone.”

I noticed she hadn't corrected me that the biker wasn't her boyfriend. She also wasn't rebuffing my advances, so I guessed she was willing to hang with me for a while.

Why wouldn't she anyway? I was very good looking, polished, and generally irresistible.

“Would you mind if we sat down someplace… I don't mean to imply you're short or anything but it's quite uncomfortable for me talking to you this way. ” I told her, meaning to get us more comfortable so I could unravel my real motives for the evening.

“Sure,” she nodded leading the way, “please, heaven forbid that our birthday boy goes through any discomfort.” She said leading the way to a vacant sofa. Her voice dripped with sarcasm but I didn't mind one bit.

She was very allowed to act up, it was all part of the game and I had my focus on winning, so her sarcasm didn't really matter as far as I won in the end.

I stared at the sofa which could take one person only and then back at her.

“Well...what are you waiting for? Sit.” She instructed.

For a second I was confused and then before I could say another word, she pulled me to her by my arm and then pushed me lightly into the seat, before lowering herself onto my thighs, sitting to the side, hooking an arm around my neck and leaning into my chest, making herself very comfortable.

My gaze met Franklin's who was still seated across the room, he was grinning widely, seriously enjoying the show. I bet he thought I must have taken on more than I could handle but I wasn't fazed. This chick liked to tease, she wanted me flustered but she wasn't going get it.

Signalling to the closest waiter, I ordered two bottles of their priciest champagne, very aware of how much damage it would do to my account but money wasn't really a problem for me.

I was a trust fund kid. Thanks to my grand dad, I had a sizeable inheritance. My grandfather had been a celebrity in the business world, a globally renowned business mogul and self made billionaire. He had created an empire and passed it on to his son, my father.

Blonde bombshell raised a brow, leaning closely to me. It was her turn to speak into my ear, she said mockingly, “aren't we fancy?”

Her husky voice and warm breath against my neck sent pleasurable shivers through me, her scent doing something else to my senses but I managed to hold on to my control. She definitely knew what she was doing to me because when she wasn't speaking to me, her eyes were staring at me, watching.

Managing a casual shrug, I replied with an unaffected smile, “It's a special day for me, and I've got a hot lady on my thigh, so a celebration is in order, I guess….I'm David Oghene, but you can call me Dave for short. Can I know yours”

“Barbie.” She said.

“What?” I frowned just a tad pissed. “You have to use a fake name now?”

She shook her head, her lips were quirked in a small smile, “That's my name, seriously.”

I didn't believe her but the name did fit her. The blonde hair, huge beautiful light brown eyes against such wonderfully smooth light complexion and a lithe petite body that was rounded and full in the right places. She was as pretty as a Barbie doll but I was certain it was a nickname.

I let the lie drop as I didn't see the use in accusing the girl I planned on taking home, a liar, that wouldn't score any points in my favour.

“So Barbie ….. Can you tell me why you have been flirting with me all evening? Right from the park, even till now?”

She raised a brow slightly before leaning toward me again to reply, “I really don't know what you are talking about.”

I smiled, she said she didn't know but her eyes spoke of pure mischief. She was obviously playing with me.

I knew these types, they played a tough game but I knew I could get to her. It would just take some more time.

The waiter arrived with the tray. Two bottles of a high end champagne sitting in an ice bucket along with glasses. I signal him to get a few more glasses and leave the bottle opener as I planned on doing the honours.

I didn't plan on touching the stuff though as I was driving and needed a clear head if I wanted to get this sexy temptress into my bed tonight but she and her friends could enjoy it before we left.

“ Can you get your friends over? It's about time we celebrated this birthday of mine.”

“Nope, I can't exactly do that.” she shook her head, her eyes smiling at me.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I don't take alcohol, neither do my friends.” She replied, her eyes regarding me as her lips quirked in a wide ironic smile.

I laughed, shaking my head. I had been quite presumptuous and she had let me. Ordering and spending quite a lot of money ordering for drinks that wouldn't be touched. “You know I won't get a refund on it, right?”

She shrugged, “Not my problem. You’re the one who wants to get me drunk by ordering two bottles of champagne.”

“I didn't intend to get you drunk.” I told her, although that was partly a lie as I wouldn't have minded if she got a little tipsy. “I only intended to celebrate my birthday. What's a celebration without Champagne?”

She raised a brow.”Yeah, right.”

“ Seriously, why would I do that? Trust me, I'm not like that.”

“You sure, you didn't think the drink would loosen me up and enable me make some bad decisions, like spending the night at your place?”

I was quite surprised she knew my end game already but i didn't show it. “Oh please, if I want you to spend the night, I'll just ask nicely. I don't need to drown you in alcohol to do that.”

“Hmm.” She hummed, her sultry eyes considering me, her gaze held mine and I couldn't help but wonder again at her beauty. She was definitely going home with me tonight.

“So would you?” I asked after our eyes had smooched each other for a while.

“Would I?”

“Spend the night with me?” I asked and she burst into laughter, I guess because she had not expected the question so soon and so upfront.

Visit http://www.nigerianwritershub.com for more stories.

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Re: First Night by Neduzze5(m): 1:03am On Jun 22, 2016
Following this story unashamedly.....!!

Welcome back Repogirl!!


Re: First Night by Nobody: 1:15am On Jun 22, 2016
Repping repogirl.
Nice and captivating start..

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Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 1:21am On Jun 22, 2016
Following this story unashamedly.....!!

Welcome back Repogirl!!
lmao! Writing it unashamedly also.


Next update later today.

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Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 1:21am On Jun 22, 2016
Repping repogirl.
Nice and captivating start..
Re: First Night by m003: 3:20am On Jun 22, 2016
i don follow.... well done madam repo

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Re: First Night by ashewoboy(m): 7:30am On Jun 22, 2016
Repogirl, the impeccable writer, started a story without mentioning me? I no vex.

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Re: First Night by Chuksemi(m): 7:48am On Jun 22, 2016
lmao! Writing it unashamedly also.
Next update later today.
Happy and wonderful morning to you. Following.
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 8:56am On Jun 22, 2016
Repogirl, the impeccable writer, started a story without mentioning me? I no vex.
i know you will find it one way or another. Have you been voting for Refiner? https://www.nairaland.com/3180901/miss-nairaland-contest-2016-semi-final
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 8:57am On Jun 22, 2016

Happy and wonderful morning to you. Following.
i don follow.... well done madam repo
thanks guys
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 9:03am On Jun 22, 2016
I smiled, her laughter infectious, I added, “And contrary to what you think, it wouldn't be a bad decision…. I can promise it would be a mutually enjoyable night with no strings attached.”

“And….you don't care that I might have a boyfriend?” She asked.

I frowned, “who? The biker dude? Please, we both know that show you put on out there was nothing. If he was your boyfriend, he wouldn't leave you here all alone by yourself. No guy trusts his girlfriend that much.”

She was still smiling when she replied. “So, you think because you ooze good looks, being tall, dark, hunky with a nice body, you just snap your fingers and have any girl you set your sights on? Is that it?”

She thought I was good looking, that meant there was definitely an attraction. That was a huge plus, the chick was definitely feeling this nigger. “I didn't snap my fingers,I asked you politely.” I pointed.

“Why in the world would I go home with you?” She asked with a shrug.

“I can give you five honest to God, good reasons why you should.” I replied.

“Really?” She asked amusedly, “alright then, shoot. I would love to hear your argument.’

“Okay.. First, I'm not a serial killer.” I told her.

Now, she looked perplexed, “And how am I supposed to know that's true? It's not exactly written on your forehead, is it?”

“Well…” I smiled thinking about it, “you are just going to have to take my word for it.”

She laughed, shaking her head. “Sure, so what's the next reason?”

“The next reason is I can guarantee you a fun filled night.”

‘And what fun filled thing would we be doing exactly?” She asked, raising a suspicious brow.

I grinned. “I'm not spilling...wouldn't want to spoil the fun by giving out spoilers, would I?”

“Hmm, well how would I know we would have fun if you can't tell me what I'm going to be enjoying?”

“Well, once again, you are going to have to take my word for it.”

She laughed and I could see she was really enjoying this our game. “Sure, since your word is all that counts. So what's the third one?”

“We are attracted to each other...obviously.” I said.

“Really? Isn't that quite presumptuous of you?”

“No, it's not…. I can tell when a girl is giving me come on signals.” I told her.

“And I am?” She asked a mock baffled expression on her features.

“Yeah, clear as crystal come on signals.”

“Okay then,” she nodded, her eyes amused. “Your fourth reason?”

This one was quite tricky, “I’ve got a bet with my friend over there, twenty grand that I'm taking you home tonight, if you agree to it, I would gladly split it with you.”

Now her eyes widened, I had shocked her.

“Are you hinting at paying me for the night?” A displeased frown marring her features.

“Hell no! Ofcourse not, it's just free money which I thought we could share but you don't have to take it. I could spend it all by myself. Looking at you, I know you don't need ten grand… I'm sorry, if I offended you.”

Suddenly the frown was off and replaced with her teasing smile, “pulling your legs… of course we'll split it, it's money well deserved after all the work you have to go through getting me into your bed… not that you are, anyway… not yet at least.”

I could tell she loved to be in control, so did I. The way she was keeping me dangling, unsure if I was making progress with her or not, she was purposefully doing it but I was confident I would get her in the end. Snaking my hand which had been lying dormant on the armrest of the sofa, up her thigh, our gazes held.

She had one smooth, creamy leg crossed over the other, and I brought my hand to rest on it, quite close to her crotch. I sure as hell wasn't going further unless I was invited.

“Are you right handed?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “why?”

“Just to know if you were going to miss your hand when it's broken.”

“Broken?” I asked confused.

“Broken if it moves past where it presently is.” She said and I chuckled.

“You seem to think I'm joking… don't underestimate my small frame, I'm a karate black belt champion. I break blocks, bricks, wood and all else including bones.”

The more she spoke about her fictional martial arts career, the harder I chuckled. She was funny as hell and she kept a straight face like she was serious about it.

“Okay, I'm scared, I promise my hand won't move past where it is….it wouldn't dare. It's quite content to stay where it is anyway.”

She nodded. “Good...So what's the fifth?”

“Fifth?” I asked confused for a second, not sure what she was talking about.

“The fifth reason why I should spend the night with you.”

“Oh yeah…” I had totally forgotten about our game.” Why else? I've got a rock hard, jumbo sized boner here and it's all because of what you're doing to me.”

“Tell me what I'm doing to you.” She said seductively, looking deep into my eyes and running other hand over my shirt, her gaze dropping to my mouth.

I tried to hang on to my control but I couldn't help the sudden rush of excitement to a certain area of my body. I held her gaze as I replied. “Teasing me, tempting me….turning me on and driving me slowly mad…… your scent, your body, your husky voice, your eyes, your breath against my neck when you speak…. Your soft butt against my hard….”

My voice trailed as I saw the arousal building in her eyes. I had her, she was definitely going home with me.

“Do you need a drink, a juice, anything…..or do we skip it all and take this conversation to my place?.. I'm great with conversation, especially social conversations?”

“Social conversations,” she smiled getting what I meant, her sultry gaze still on mine.

“Is that a yes?”

“Hmm,” she hummed uncertain, her hand tracing over my wrist, she suddenly took my wrist in her hand and turned it to look at my wrist watch.

“Your watch glows in the dark.” She noticed.

“Yes, it's called superluminova.” I replied wondering what this had to do with anything, I wanted her badly and I needed an answer from her but she was noticing my wristwatch instead.

“Oh?” She raised a brow, “and it seems the time is twelve thirty a.m.”

“Yeah, so….. I guess we should head… to my place?” I tried.

“Yes, I guess so…but not to your place though.” She said.

“Okay, your place then… or we could even do a hotel…. If you would be more comfortable…” I was saying when she cut me off.

Nice meeting you….David?” She said as she rose up.

“Dave…” I corrected, David reminded me of my dad and I didn't like that. “You're leaving?”

“Yeah ...what? You really thought I would leave with you?” She asked, that taunting smile still on her mouth. It irked me now and all I wanted to do was kiss her lips, roughly, hard, till it couldn't conjure up those annoying smiles anymore.

“I'm not that type, Dave, and you sure as hell are not my type either. Sorry about your….” she glanced at the crotch of my pants, “discomfort, hopefully some other girl here will take care of it for you. Happy birthday, hope I made it worth your while.”

She flashed a knowing mischievous smile just before walking off.

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Re: First Night by tuktudicko(m): 9:20am On Jun 22, 2016
wow! Youre good dear Got me from the first line

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Re: First Night by ashewoboy(m): 10:00am On Jun 22, 2016
i know you will find it one way or another. Have you been voting for Refiner? https://www.nairaland.com/3180901/miss-nairaland-contest-2016-semi-final

Yes darlingcheesy. Run through my posts.
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 10:01am On Jun 22, 2016

Yes darlingcheesy. Run through my posts.
who is your darling? Stop the rubbish abeg.

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Re: First Night by ashewoboy(m): 10:06am On Jun 22, 2016
who is your darling? Stop the rubbish abeg.

c'mon, you no see the smiley dere ni? It was deliberate. I knew it would get you infuriated. Person no fit play with married woman again? Na wa oh.

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Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 10:24am On Jun 22, 2016
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 10:37am On Jun 22, 2016
Youre good dear
Got me from the first line
thanks much. Another update comes up in the evening.
Re: First Night by Neduzze5(m): 11:33am On Jun 22, 2016
Unfortunately, I'm rooting for Lanicky even though Refiner is my sister (in the other sense of the word "sister").

Wish her good luck anyways!


Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 11:34am On Jun 22, 2016
Unfortunately, I'm rooting for Lanicky even though Refiner is my sister (in the other sense of the word "sister"wink.

Wish her good luck anyways!
Re: First Night by refiner(f): 12:01pm On Jun 22, 2016
Unfortunately, I'm rooting for Lanicky even though Refiner is my sister (in the other sense of the word "sister"wink.

Wish her good luck anyways!

But you can root for more than one person for now cry
Re: First Night by tuktudicko(m): 12:05pm On Jun 22, 2016
Repogirl hereby endorses Refiner for Miss NL.

If you want a free PDF copy of my novella, 'first love', kindly vote Refiner in the ongoing elections and then drop your email on this thread or PM me.

Here is a link to the thread


I vote Refiner, cc NLJega.

Simple as ABC.

Your vote is highly appreciated. Thanks.

ive done that repo
abeg do the needful
in love with your work already

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Re: First Night by refiner(f): 12:09pm On Jun 22, 2016

ive done that repo abeg do the needful tuktudicko@gmail.com in love with your work already
Nice...madam, please do the needful for him...
Remember to do so next time..
cc majamajic
Re: First Night by majamajic(m): 12:39pm On Jun 22, 2016
I vote already

Cc . Refiner
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 1:13pm On Jun 22, 2016

ive done that repo
abeg do the needful
in love with your work already
sent. Thanks for voting.
Re: First Night by Neduzze5(m): 1:29pm On Jun 22, 2016

But you can root for more than one person for now cry

Of ourselves I can, but it can spell bad for her.

Except we come to an agreement where your followers will vote for Lanicky and ours will vote for you... Then if you both eventually make it to the finals, we'd find a way to slug it out.

Re: First Night by refiner(f): 1:53pm On Jun 22, 2016

Of ourselves I can, but it can spell bad for her.

Except we come to an agreement where your followers will vote for Lanicky and ours will vote for you... Then if you both eventually make it to the finals, we'd find a way to slug it out.


We have stuck to the deal.. But was surprised L.anicky voted yesterday and didn't even add me...

I didn't vote yesterday cause I don't wana retaliate...
Nice deal, we play along...
Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 2:03pm On Jun 22, 2016
Re: First Night by Neduzze5(m): 2:39pm On Jun 22, 2016

Alright, lemme go on and vote

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