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Completed Romantic Story : My Father's Wife (18+) Season 1 To 4 / MARITAL SHAMBLES (COMPLETED) / Must Read: Escapades (18+)… [completed] – Season 1 (2) (3) (4)

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Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 11:31pm On Jul 02, 2016
Disclaimer: Please note that this story is rated 18+ Anyone below the age range is advised not to read for it contains incessant use of sexual languages and strong description of sex scenes. Please also note that the author has made this story as original as it can be in order to avoid telling a story already told in this platform.

Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by adegunwa4real(m): 12:05am On Jul 03, 2016
Disclaimer: Please note that this story is rated 18+ Anyone below the age range is advised not to read for it contains incessant use of sexual languages and strong description of sex scenes. Please also note that the author has made this story as original as it can be in other to avoid telling a story already told in this platform.

Oya bring it on!

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Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by iambijo(m): 12:18am On Jul 03, 2016

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Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 3:03pm On Jul 03, 2016
Liz was seating at the extreme end of the bar. Taking a drag of cigarette and a sip of scotch when Vince walked in. A fine young man with perfectly carved beard and a muscular physique. He wore a silk coat and tight jeans. He walked straight to the bar attendant and made an order. "Wine, please, something not too strong." Liz moved from where she was seated to where Vince stood and watched as he caressed the tumbler handed to him by the bar attendant. Quite hesitant to say a word to Vince. She turned to the bar attendant and made an order. "Another round please." Stamped her empty glass on the table and pushed herself forward that the hem of the table felt the weight of her breast. "Don't you think you have had too much?" Vince asked facing her. "What, you're afraid to carry me home?" Liz asked mixed with a brief giggle.
"I don't even know you."
"You don't have to know me. "
The bar attendant passed a full glass of scotch to her and she gulped it not letting a minute pass and it almost seem like she was about to swallow the glass.
"I am Vince by the way. "
"I am the devil, if you are wondering what sort of a woman I am."
"You are drunk."
"Are you such a bad judge of character? Let me help you, you are married with a probably overworked wife and children issues. You came here to clear your mind and you meet this lady who is apparently opposite of whom you perceive as a decent woman."
"You are wrong, I am not married." Vince retorts.
"Oh!! that makes the two of us; underachievers." Liz said jokingly. Both shares a brief laughter for a moment before Vince had a sip of his drink and grimaced. Liz laughed at him and said, "My mother use to ask, why try what you are not good at?"
"You are right, I don't belong here, so does you. Come with me. Have a warm shower and a rest."
"Do you mean, come with me and lets have a *Bleep*?" Liz said.
"Why would I want to do that?"
"Because you are a man and all men are the same."
"I am different believe me." Vince said confidently.
Liz took a long stare at Vince. At his reddened lips. His smokey eyes. The upper phase of his hairy chest as revealed by his slacked shirt. He kept biting his lower lip and that made her hor-ny. This was a man she had just met in the bar. Amid the loud music and the derailing clubbers. "You remind me of someone." Liz said.
"Who, your ex? " Vince asked.
"It doesn't matter he is dead."
Liz wore a tight translucent short black gown that revealed her irresistible heaps and thighs. She is an apparent beautiful woman despite the club's red flickering lights dimmed her looks. Vince kept staring at her ti-ts which appeared stretched from her gown.
"Do you care for a dance?" Vince asked.
"I can hardly stand straight," Liz replied.
"Come on." Vince hauled her to the center of the dancehall and both shared a few dance steps before Vince planted his lips on her lips and they sucked their breath into one another's mouth.
Vince took advantage of the moment. He brought her to his apartment to his bedroom. Un-dressed her and had her moan in pleasure as he penetrated her. They made love through the night but when it was morning to the dismay of Vince Liz was gone.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by lukman885(m): 3:30pm On Jul 03, 2016
She just disappear like that. .. na wa for her o. episode 2 " the ultimate searching". ..kontinue


Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 12:43am On Jul 05, 2016
Vince woke the following morning to hibernated memories of the night before dawn. Liz was gone. To him the lady he had an unusual one night stand with had absconded before the en route of day light. How she manage to escape the fuss and skillfully got out of sight without him noticing puzzled him. There was something about this woman he thought. Apart from her eccentricity and subtleness she possessed this mystical spark that lights up a plethora of mysteries. She was gone but it seemed she was still there with him in the room. He could still perceive her scent. He could still hear her moan in pleasure. He could still feel her soft lips pressed towards his. He could still feel her ti-ts in his hand. He could still feel how deep her hole was. Whether it was burgeoning obsession he'd developed for her or it was love or lust. Vince was least concerned having spent the early hours of the morning cuddling the sheet both of them had sex on. Vince was more than fixated in finding Liz. He promised himself he would meet her again. He would meet the woman he'd just had the best sex of his life with.

Vince's Apartment came alive with the morning sun peeking through the transparent curtains. Vince living room didn't appeared like he lived alone. Though the mess from last night were very evident. Vince had mess on his own prior to last night. His shoes, coats and trousers littered the floor and the couch. His electronics were dusty like there was a sandstorm in his apartment. Unattended dishes reeked from the kitchen. Vince however prepared himself flakes and was having a feel of it while watching a football match on TV when he heard a ring from his doorbell. He quickly ran to the door and opened. A young lady stood at the terrace with a spectacle and cornrows on. She's slender and have a fiery pale skin. "Good morning Sir, are you Mr Vincent Brown ?" She said with her bucked tooth braced. "Yes." Vince replied. She handed a fat envelope to him after he signed on her register. She bided him farewell as he clasped the door to its frame. The fat envelope unfortunately turned out to be piles of files as Vince opened it. He switched off the TV. Logged in details of the files on his PC. And was on his way to his room to get a flashdrive when he stepped on a ring. He picked it up, it was a gold ring; engraved on it was ELIZABETH. As ridiculous as it was for Vince that he didn't even know the name of the woman he brought home last night he now had a substantial reason to look for Liz...

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Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 2:19am On Jul 05, 2016
Vince arrived the bar he met Liz almost the same time he arrived the bar the previous night. He walked straight to the same spot he met her. Close to where drinks are served. He balanced on one of the stools close to the high table and looked around to see if there was a sign of her somewhere. He ordered for a drink and kept ordering till he began feeling tipsy. Almost into the dusk of the day there was no sign of Liz. He'd began caressing her ring with his index finger when someone from his behind tapped him. He quickly swirled to look at the person. The light of the bar hazed the person's appearance. Though at first he thought it was alcohol working on him. The figure became conspicuous in no time. As it became apparent it was a woman standing in front of him. She wore a blue revealing blouse and a pencil skirt. "Do you mind if I sit here?" The lady said, pointing to a stool close to his. "No, I don't." Vince replied. The lady sat leg crossed on the stool. Brought out a packet of cigarette from her bag. Pulled a stick out and lit it on with her lighter as Vince watched. "Do you smoke," the lady asked. "No..." Vince replied. The lady hissed and puffed out the first smoke. "She didn't show up? " the lady quizzically asked. "Who? " Vince replied like he was bewildered by the lady's question.
"Oh, I thought you were expecting someone."
"No one..."
"Are you suffering from heartbreak?"
"Something of that nature."
"Oh! you too handsome to be sad. Cheer up. "
The lady rubbed her palm gently on Vince cheek. Vince blushed in form of a short giggle and the lady howled.
Vince's a very charming man this apparently explains why women readily throw themselves at him. Though Vince mission was in meeting Liz again but in her absence another promiscuous woman have thrown herself at him there was no way he could let the opportunity pass him by.

He took the lady to his apartment. She un-dressed herself even before Vince's thought of it. First, she pulled her blouse and bra off revealing her sumptuous bre-ast then he pulled her skirt. Leaving only her panties which slightly exposed her V. She glide on the bed of which Vince laid flat watching her. She swirled her bre-ast, making Vince to struggle to hold it still. He squeezed her nip-pple with his hand and it seemed like dried milk were about dropping so he placed his mouth there and sucked it like a kid. He's merge was hard and he was more than in the mood as she kissed his chin and he returned the favour by bending her over and smudged her bottom and inserted his finger in her V before un-dressing and finally doing the real deal. She squirmed and moaned like she was about hitting orgasm all through . To Vince he was offering her more pleasure than he was getting. He was pounding another woman but he couldn't stop thinking of Liz. He wondered whether she'd casted a spell on him. For he couldn't concentrate. After the first round he stopped. His pe-nis had become flaccid though she begged him for another round he ignored her and went to his bathroom. He blamed his deficient sexual drive on the drink but while in the bathroom only a thought of his sex with Liz turned him on that he wan-ked a load of se-men in his hand.
The next morning he thought the lady would disappear too but to his dismay, he woke to find her still on the bed cuddled in the blanket his fiancee bought for him on his birthday.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 1:49pm On Jul 05, 2016
Five years passed. Vince's moved as time flew. He got married to his long time fiancee Bianca. He turned a new live. He stopped his lascivious lifestyle and became fervent in church activities. Overtime he was able to secure a job in a multi-billionaire company and was promoted to company's manager in no time. With his expertise in financial accounting and project management he excelled at the job and became The company CEO's favourite. Vince bought a home in Lekki and was living the good life with his wife when his past made an unexpected arrival.

It was the company's end of year celebration party. Vince brought along with him his beautiful wife Bianca. She wore a red evening gown and he wore a black suite. Despite they didn't wear matching outfits they were the cynosure of the night. Bianca even as a naturally beautiful woman her make up made her look like an angel. Vince didn't look bad too. Even as always charming as he appears his suite made him look super responsible. His colleagues hovered around him as they kept asking. "Is she your wife?" - - Referring to Bianca. "Oh! what beauty."

Soul music played in the background. People danced to it. Well not in apparent accordance to the rhythm. They danced with a glass of wine in their hands. Couples. Friends. Acquaintance. Colleagues. Vince raised his glass for a toast with his wife beside him. "I want to use this avenue to wish Dan Module Group of Companies more business years and to my beautiful wife a Happy anniversary...Cheers." There were lots of cheers in the air. Indistinct jeering. Boisterous gyrating.

The party became wax cold with the en route of the company's CEO Chief Dan Module with his beautiful young wife. He's a grey man in his late sixties. Of average height and a protrude stomach. He wore a plain agbada. He's ushered in with awe to take a seat at the front alongside his wife who wore an evening gown that exposed her cleavages. She's fair skinned and have a saucy brown eyes. One after the other his employees came to greet him and his wife. Not too long, Vince came to greet to him. "Chief..." Both men shook hands. Dan Module expressed that he had as much respect for Vince as Vince had for him. "Meet my most loyal and dedicated staff. " Referring to Vince. "Meet my wife Vince." At that moment Vince was astounded. He knew the woman. He knew his Boss wife. She raised her right hand to initiate a handshake. Vince became rather more astonished the Lady became even puzzled. "I am Liz, you are? "
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 1:53pm On Jul 05, 2016
Please tell me what you think of the story. I am eager to hear feedbacks . Suggestions?


Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by sinachi1(f): 2:10pm On Jul 05, 2016
keep going dear d story soubds promising

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Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 10:44pm On Jul 05, 2016
keep going dear d story soubds promising

Thank you Sinachi.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Horlardorjah(m): 8:29am On Jul 06, 2016
Keep it coming op. Following u back to back
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 9:25am On Jul 06, 2016
"I am Vince Brown nice to meet you Ma." Vince shook Liz hands and parted as soon as Dan module gloated as it appeared that the hand shake was taking long. "She just got back from the Uk if you are wondering why her skin dazzles." Dan Module said as he pours wine from a bottle into his tumbler. "Dan have said nice things about you. That you're hardworking and submissive. It will be nice working with you." Liz said. "You will be working here with us?" Vince retorted. "It will be made official on Monday morning." Dan Module said amid alcohol in his mouth. "You seem surprised Vince?" Liz said. "No... not at all." Vince replied. Liz gave Vince a wicked stare; he shared in the stare too however he swiftly snapped off it like he was trying hard to repel the resurgence of the obsession he had on her years back. Vince suddenly felt a throbbing weight on his shoulder. It was his wife Bianca. "Good evening Sir and Ma'am..." Bianca said throbbing the shoulder of Vince once more. "Oh! Vince boy, tell me I am not wrong. This is that your Oyinbo wife." Dan Module said jokingly and heaved himself in order to give Bianca a kiss on her hand. Bianca let him have his way revealing her bleached hand to him as he got it ruffled with saliva. "Nice to meet you. What's the name? " Liz asked as both ladies shook hands. "Bianca. Bianca Brown." Bianca said. Vince could notice the mood swingon Liz's face. Her radiating smiles had all turned soar. She wore a grimace that made her look quite different from when she arrived the party.

All through most times in the party Vince was staring at Liz as she was seated at same spot sipping scotch. It reminded him of the time he met her in the bar. Vince was trying not to envisage the one night stand he had with her and couldn't get over. Even with his wife in his arms all he thought about was Liz. At the end of the party Vince didn't get a chance to bid Mr and Mrs Module farewell as they both left the minute Dan Module was done with his chairman's speech. Vince saw himself in the light of a reinvigorated obsession but he was married now and so was Liz. He's a devoted Christian now and it is a grave sin to indulge in the act of adultery with Liz. Even his lustful thought of her is a sin. Vince was more determined in clinging to his new found faith. There was no way he was going to give in to this Temptation. For him his past was over and he wasn't going to go back to his vomit.

Vince had returned from the bathroom having spent the early hours of the incipient morning in there. Bianca laid on the bed with her night gown on literally revealing her feminine endowment. "You look beautiful my dear." Vince said in a flattery manner. Bianca lifted herself up with her elbow on the pillow. "Do you know her? "
"Who? "
"Chief's wife..."
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 9:36am On Jul 06, 2016
Do you think it's natural to be obsessed with a one night stand for a long time?
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 9:38am On Jul 06, 2016
Keep it coming op. Following u back to back
Thank you for reading My Friend.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by emekajerry: 2:34pm On Jul 06, 2016
arrh op plz don't leave me at d mercy of my imagination more updates pls.....nice work by the way is quit captivating
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 10:04am On Jul 07, 2016
"No, I don't..." Vince retorted and acted like he weren't startled by her question."I saw the way you were looking at her." Bianca said, brushing her hair over like her husband peeking at another woman wasn't as grievous as it seems. "I wasn't looking at her." Vince raised his voice slightly. "I guess I was just seeing things." Bianca said in a low depressed tone. "I am not cut out for these..."
"At least give me a reason that you weren't..."
"I weren't that's all..."
"I know you Vince remember. I know the kind of man you are. I know what you've done. I cannot bear..." Bianca had began sobbing. Vince drew closer to her and held her in his arms despite she was reluctant to get that close with him. "I promise you Bianca, I have changed." Vince said in a milder tone. "How can I be sure? " Bianca asked still sobbing. "I have dear, God knows. I don't know that woman. I will have nothing to do with her. I swear to our unborn children." Vince spoked like he was about shedding a tear. For some reason Bianca believed him having been in an eye contact with him through his speech. "I trust you dear, I just don't want the past to repeat itself." Bianca spoke Like she was relieved of a heavy burden. "I have changed no need to worry." Vince wiped the dried tears off her face and stroked her cheeks gently. "You're beautiful. No woman turns me on like you do." Vince said romantically. Vince pressed his lips to her cheek and breath out air to her chin. He kissed her from cheeks to her neck back to her cheeks and to her soft lips. All through it her eyes were shut and she had began squealing in form of a moan. Her fingers ran through his hairy chest. Vince had began outing a moan of his own despite he felt she was about pulling all the hairs in his chest. He quickly pulled her nightgown from the top. Revealing her teenage bre-ast. With her ti-ts as erect as his di-ck. She let him na-ked her as he had already pulled away the towel he had over his waist. He climbed on her with his mouth glued on her ti-ts for a minute. She nudged him forward in a position that his man-hood was in same position as her V. He hadn't began penetrating her when she began screaming "Oh! Vince..." When he started to fu-ck her. She writhe like she was in pain. Like he's di-ck was too big for her hole. "Are you ok hon?" Vince asked. "Yes..." She replied however her voice spoke differently. She was far from ok. Vince halted after he released a load of spe-rm in her. Surprisingly for him too he had cummed quickly. Something's changed about their sexual life he thought. Vince pulled from her and faced the other end of the bed literally panting. She moved and clutched her arms around him. Both cuddled in the bed till morning light. But when Vince woke she wasn't on the bed.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 10:27am On Jul 07, 2016
arrh op plz don't leave me at d mercy of my imagination more updates pls.....nice work by the way is quit captivating
Thank You for following. This means a lot to me. More updates. More thrill. Coming.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 10:30am On Jul 07, 2016
arrh op plz don't leave me at d mercy of my imagination more updates pls.....nice work by the way is quit captivating
Thanks for following. It means a lot to me. more updates coming. more thrills.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 2:10pm On Jul 07, 2016
arrh op plz don't leave me at d mercy of my imagination more updates pls.....nice work by the way is quit captivating
Thanks for following. This means a lot to me. More updates. More thrills on the road.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 3:48pm On Jul 07, 2016
Vince was practically having a hangover from last night party. He felt heavier than he is practically. He felt a strong thumping on his head. He felt nauseated and partially blinded by an uncontrollable drowsiness. He felt he'd lost almost the entire memories from last night. Did he really see Liz. The mystery woman he'd one night stand with years back. The woman who never came by amongst all the women he'd brought home and fuc-ked. Is it karma? is it how nature plans to pay him? She didn't even acted like she remembered him . Why does he care even? She's married and so was him. Quite surreal he still felt a strong desire for her. Lust. Obsession. Love. No distinct word to describe. All he knows she was a woman he felt so connected to at a night stand. The woman he had the best se-x of his life with. Vince whacked his forehead with his forearm like whacking it would make the thought of Liz dissipate. "Hon, you're awake?" Bianca feminine voice rose from the kitchen and ran straight to the bedroom. Vince muttered vague words before saying: "Yes hon..."
"Do you want breakfast served in bed or...?"
"I am coming..."
Vince struggled to raise himself from the bed and sat straight. With the bed sheet sparingly covering his nudi-ty. He looked around for a pant to put on. He wore his pyjamas and literally staggered to the kitchen. Bianca was still in her transparent night gown. It showed her bare body. Her heaps and her watery as-s. She turned as she had his footsteps approach the kitchen. "Morning hon." She said while still attending to the dishes. Vince wrapped his arms around her soft body. "Please Vin. Let me be done." Bianca said playfully. Vince thought of bending her over. On the sink. And taking her from behind. But she swirled before he could make a move and pushed him backwards. "Go set the table." She ordered in mild tone.
"Come on. Let's finish what we started." Vince drew closer to her.
"My God! Vince it's morning. Get rid of those obscene thoughts of yours. We're visiting the Revered today. We've to be chaste."
"Says who? "
"Says me. Oh Vince I am not just in the mood."
"I will just set the table then..."
Vince expressed displeased as he walked out of the kitchen.
"Talk of the Reverend. He called. He wanted you to call him." Liz said like she hadn't just denied her husband of sex.
Vince walked without looking back. He walked to the telephone and dialed the Reverend. Ding! ding!
"Hello. Vince. Thank God you called."
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 5:37pm On Jul 07, 2016
( 8 )
"It's everything OK Reverend?"
"Everything's great. I don't think it's something we should discuss on phone."
Vince was mute for a sec. "...Let me cut the chase. God revealed to me in a trance. A woman was hurling you into a filthy trench. You were so frail that you couldn't struggle. The lady wore a mask. She resembled a masquerade. She succeeded in getting you to the hem of the trench and wanted to push you in when I woke." The Reverend's voice sounded like he was seeing the scene replayed right in front of him. "I am confused. Reverend." Vince said.
"Don't be. It's the devil. You've to be watchful. Do not let him get to you. Do not let him pull you back to the hole you have woken from. I wanted to ask, have you started seeing other women..."
"No... My wife has been all. I have been these years..." Vince stuttered. "Please Vincent visit today. Don't fail. We need to pray..." The line got cut before the Reverend could finish speaking. Vince intended in calling back the Reverend with his mobile phone but changed his mind since they would be visiting him today.
"Was that the Reverend? " Bianca asked s she hurriedly enter the living room with a tea pot. "Yes..." Vince replied. "What did he say? She asked while placing carefully the tea pot on the dinning table.
"Nothing important." Vince said head bowed. Bianca frowned at him. He lifted his head and continued: " Well, he wanted to ask how we are fairing. He sent his regards." Vince pulled one of the dinning seat backward and sat down the sec he arrived the dinning room. "Well how is he? " Bianca asked for the sake of a conversation while pouring tea from the tea pot to a tea cup. "He's fine I guess. " Vince said with a slice of sarcasm in his words that he himself didn't notice. "You are perturbed." Bianca said spontaneously with her arms crossed and pressed to her sunken bre-ast.
"No... Whats that even?" Vince grinned.
"You are about to give another reason to skip seeing him today. Just like last Saturday."
"Yes. You keep bringing up these excuses. The Reverend helped us. Is the reason we are married today."
"You think I don't know? " Vince literally yelled at her.
"You were a broken man."
"Just shut up. Except you don't want me to take this. "
"I am sorry." Bianca said like she was actually remorseful."
Vince took a bite of bread as he watched Bianca who acted like she have been crying for long.
"The Reverend said he saw in a trance that I sank in a trench. He think we need prayers. " Vince said in a milder tone. "We need prayers indeed." Bianca said.
"I am trying love. I am trying not to go the old ways."
"I know..." Bianca pull to him. "You are a new man. But you don't have to distance yourself from God."
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 6:56pm On Jul 08, 2016
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 7:06pm On Jul 08, 2016
Vince drove his SUV to a halt at the entrance of the Reverend's house. The Reverend's house is situated at the heart of the city. It took Vince few swirls and few paced run to get there. The Reverend's house faced the street road. It appeared like it was built on bed of rocks. A four bedroom flat in the shadow of a bungalow. The house walls are painted white at the top and brown at the low end and the pillars with harsh brown. The Reverend ushered the couple into his living room. Having shook the hands of Vince who reacted to it like it was Jesus that shook him. Bianca wore a humble false smile through the Reverend hospitable charade. The couples entered the living room like it was their first time. It seemed like the Reverend refurbishes his living room every time of their visit. It wasn't only Vince who felt weird sitting on the sofa with his eyes glued on the crucifix hanged on the wall in the center of the room. Bianca also felt weird. She felt a seldom tension she herself couldn't fathom. "You're welcome again." The Reverend said in a soft tone. The Reverend wore a white robe not a ceremonial robe. He appeared quite older than his age with his grey hair. He seemed to be learned as it appears quite classy and eloquent. "Please let me offer you something." The Reverend continued. "No we're fine Reverend." Vince said in a throaty voice. "Oh! let me tell Anya to arrange something." The Reverend insisted. "Anya..." Anya dart to the living room. Anya wore a slightly skimpy gown and appeared juvenile. Like a teenager when apparently she is in her twenties. "Good day sir. Good day Ma." She said. The couples replied. "Good day, how are you? " "Please prepare something for them." The Reverend ordered in a slightly harsh tone. Anya exited the living room without saying a word. She just smirk at the Reverend. Vince noticed but ignored to listen to the Reverend speak. "How has life been? " The Reverend asked while seated in a separate couch facing the couple. "We are good." Vince replied.
"How's the faith?"
"God's been good always."
"God is good indeed."
"Now I need a real answer." The Reverend continued. Vince was mute like he didn't understand the Reverend statement.
"We've been fervent. Though the devil tries we're always ahead." Bianca said. "Vince? " The Reverend called like Bianca's reply was displeasing. "You said you saw me hurled in a trench in your trance?" Vince asked like his brain was just restored. "Yes..." The Reverend recline on the couch. "God wants you to be steadfast there is temptation ahead. He wants you to seek him more than before." The Reverend replied.

Their journey back home appeared far distanced compared to their going. They were silent most of the time. Listening to the radio. Vince had began developing feelings that the Reverend was meddling too much in their lives. It would be best he is kept at arm length he thought. Bianca wouldn't agree to it. Cause she so paranoid. She keeps thinking she would wake one day to find out that her husband has turned a playboy again after receiving Christ. Damn Vince missed his previous life. The smokily hot women. The vapid romance. The rush se-x. Life was fun he thought. But he was now stocked to Bianca and a boring and predictable life.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 12:48am On Jul 09, 2016
Temptation. It's started like this: Vince sat directly opposite to Liz in the boardroom. She wore a hugging corporate jacket and a tight skirt. She sat leg crossed. Too comfortable for a board meeting. Vince was trying hard not to stare at her. As she caressed the ball of a pen as if she was caressing the cap of a pe-nis. She kept smirking at him. Twirling that he takes a sneak of her but he ignored. Just like she did at friday's party like they've never met before. In the boardroom also are other board members. Seated. Standing. Trolling. Mouthing. Waiting for the arrival of the board's chairman Chief Dan Module. " Last I checked you are not a board member." Liz said in a sultry tone. "Boss wanted me here." Vince replied blatantly. "Why? " Liz asked like she was actually expecting a cogent reason from him. "I guess we will know soon." Vince said, trying hard to be sarcastic. Dan Module arrived alone. He looked older and frail compared to the way he appeared in the party . The standing board members took their respected seats. While Dan walked passed them. Gave his wife a kiss on her cheek and sat at the front seat facing the board members. "It was urgent I know. But I am glad you all could make it this early. Without further adieu..." Dan said betwixt cough and pause. "Why is he here? " One of the board members. A languid Salim asked pointing at Vince. "I called him in. He has role to play in the new era of this company." Dan replied. "He's not..." Salim stuttered. "I know he will soon be." Vince at this moment was overwhelmed with whatever he was feeling inside. Dan Module was actually defending him. And there was an approving look on Liz face. "Let's cut the chase. You must have heard in idol gossips. I am sick and need urgent medical attention. Yea. How urgent? I need to stay out of the run. Not my doing but my doctors. They know best. I am handing the day to day running of the company activities to able and competent hands." Dan said, literally taking a pause to cough but he barfed instead. Tension ran wild in the room. A strong cold literally skidded into the spines of everyone except Dan Module. After he scoffed Dan continued: " My wife Mrs Elizabeth Module takes over as president and assisting her closely as a vice Is Mr Vincent Brown." Dan was apparently expecting an applause. It seemed like the board members were electrocuted. There was an optimal silence. They didn't flinch not until Liz lighted the room with her resonating clap and they followed. It wasn't a secret that the board members were not pleased with Dan Module's decision. At least they've rights to vote who takes over. However there was nothing much they could do order than to accept. It was the company's president position not the board chairman position. Dan remains chairman but wouldn't be actively involved in the run of the company. The meeting adjoined with feigned congratulatory handshakes and hugs. Remained in the boardroom was Dan Module, Liz and Vince as others dispersed. "I don't deserve this Sir. It's much." Vince politely said. "Don't be a coward. You deserve it. You are the top of my most loyal employees. How can you not deserve it." Dan said in a groggy tone. Dan feebly stretched his hand for a handshake. "Thank you Sir." Vince shook the hands of Dan Module. "I need to give the good news to my wife." Vince continued appearing extremely elated. "Good..." Dan said. Vince skidded out happily. Liz standing next to Dan Module who held unto a table for support. Watched the as-s of Vince than him apparently running crazily out. "Do you think he can handle it? " Liz asked facing her husband who suddenly appeared like he had just been healed of his ailment.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by YASDON(m): 1:32am On Jul 09, 2016
Nice story Ride on

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Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 1:40am On Jul 09, 2016
Vince hurried to his office. He put his wife on the dial with the land line. It took time for her to pick.
"Hello. hon. "
"Hello. Did you forget something?"
"Guess what?"
"What? You know I am not good at guesses."
"Just guess."
"You got promoted."
The line got distorted a while. But Bianca could swear she heard him scream."
"Hello? " Her voice sounded like she was about crying.
"Hon. I will call you later."
"I can hear you..."
Vince cut the call. Bianca dialed back but no reply."

Vince sat on the couch in Liz's office. He appeared nervous. Liz had put a call on Vince ordering him to come to her office. Liz cartwheeled around in her skimpy skirt for a sec or two before serving him a glass of scotch which he rejected. "This is not how I remembered you." Liz said as she took a gulp of the drink she offered him. "Well this is how I remembered you." Vince said in an ambivalent manner. Liz giggled, "You are funny." "No one must know." She said wearing a serious look. " One night. Brash and short. Nothing else." Vince said brooding his head forward. Liz scoffed, "Brash and short uhm?" Liz folded her skirt upward and glided on his laps. Vince tried pushing her slightly away but she took her stance. "You sure you don't want to taste me again. I still have memories of that night. We made love all through the night. You actually moaned in my stead." Liz sarcastically said.
" I don't remember." Vince said rudely.
Liz got off him,"You sure you don't? And I don't want you to remember it. Because nothing happened. You here? Vince stayed mute.
"Except you want to feel again the softness of my body."
"I have a wife. And you've a husband."
"When we met I was married..."
"What?" Vince expressed shocked.
"You were married to Dan Module?"
"Yes. Stop acting like a saint. Remember you brought me to your apartment."
"That's in the past."
" We are our past. Let just say nature has brought us together again."
Liz took her jacket off. And acted like she was about taking her blouse off. Vince ran and griped her. He was so erect...
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 1:52am On Jul 09, 2016
Nice story Ride on
I am glad. You are enjoying the story. More updates on the way.
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by cultureclub1983: 11:32am On Jul 09, 2016
You are a better writer than a lot of con artist around this literature platform
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gracito(f): 11:59am On Jul 09, 2016
Ride on!
Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by katoto: 3:10pm On Jul 09, 2016
Your are a good writer.A sharp constrast from others in this forum.

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Re: Temptation (A Woman's Vile) <Completed> by Gabrendo by Gabrendo(m): 2:00am On Jul 10, 2016
He frantically hurled her to the office desk. Bent her over and amassed his weight on her. Practically sending documents on the desk loose. "Oh damn ...," She moaned as he kissed her slippery lips. Botched cheeks. Blenched chin. Protruding bu-st. He couldn't fight to detour from it as she laced his body to hers and whimpered as he smudged her bre-ast into crisps. He was damn hard. He felt as sharp as knife's edge. He felt a wriggling vibration in his stomach. It was his co-ck wanting to reveal. Wanting to penetrate her innards. Wanting to hear her moan and scream and bawl. Wanting to hear her moan again and discharge whitish substance over his co-ck before he releases a load of creamy spe-rm into her system. She pulled from him the sec he reached for his belt.
"We cannot do it here."
"Oh! I wasn't thinking. I am sorry..." He sounded very apologetic. "Don't be sorry. I liked it. I want it to continue but not here." She said romantically. " It can't happen again." He sounded certain about his words. "Why? " She asked furiously and expressed like she was about crying . " I am married and so are you," He replied politely. "You didn't know you were married before you grabbed and kissed Me? " She asked angrily. " I am sorry..." He said, wearing a pathetically ridiculous facials. " You sure are..." She said having noticed he was weirdly remorseful about the act.
"I am a changed man Liz. I am not the man you met at the bar anymore."
Liz laughed as if he were really amusing. "You haven't changed and you just revealed it today. You are just confused. As you were in the bar that night. You are still that man that took me home and fuc-ked the hell out of me." "That's a lie." He cursed. "
Did you know I recommended you to Dan Module?"
"What... Why?"
"Yes. Because you are loyal. I saw it at the party. You haven't forgotten about that night. You crave for it. Here it is in a platter." She drew closer to him. "I don't want..." He pulled back. "Then go and never look back Vince." She slightly ordered and wore her jacket. He looked at her for a sec. Her reddened ti-ts appeared to still standout in her blouse. He was about moving close to her when there was a bang on the door. "OK Ma'am." He quickly said and darted out almost bumping into the person that was about entering the office.

He got to his office. Balanced on the chair that faced his office desk. Dialled his wife amid his pant soaked with spe-rm.
"Hello Hon."
"Hi dear Congrats."
"Thank you."
"You deserve it."
"I don't think so."
" Are you OK?"
"I can't wait to get home."
"Then hurry."
Vince made sure he didn't see Liz during closing hours. He hurried into his SUV and zoomed off even before anyone left the office premise. Vince could run and hide but he could not escape her not when She's his Boss...

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