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Mojisola’s Coffin”story By Alade Abayomi Idris / Short Stories That Can Shape Your Life In The Book: You Can Win - Shiv Khera / My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic (2) (3) (4)

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My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 2:08pm On Oct 03, 2016
I was not that happy when I was forced to leave with my church pastor ’s and his family. My pastor name is donald and he has lost his wife . He is quite rich,he had one son two daughters . The son was his firstborn and about 26yrs in age,his name is mark . His second born christine , oh christine was my senior . She is 18 yrs of age that looks like 26 with her huge boobs and big backyard. His third born, Hannah in 17yrs of age with very large backyard even more than christine , she is my classmate . They are both very fair in complexion . Oh me, my name is jason, same age with christine, am a bit tall with wizkhalifa body, am the second and the last born . My father was the richest man in my area and my mother is a bussiness woman .
“Jason ,jason,jason ” my father shouted from the downstairs angrily . “What ’ s wrong with this man gan sef ”I murmed angrily . I quickly wear my knicker and ran downstair . To my surprise ,my father was holding his belt,his eyes were red ,I knew am dead . My mother knelt down and was crying profusely.
My dad: Jason I heard you slapped your school principal ’s daughter, true? *raising up the belt*
Me: T … ru.. e* stammering *
He moved closer to me and said “hope you have a genuine reason ?”. Oh God ,I can’t tell him Eva( my principal daughter) try to kiss me, though it was a mistake I slapped her .
My dad: Can ’t you answer?
Me: It was mistake.
My mum : You heard him . He mistakenly slapped her
My dad: Shut up this woman,you want to spoil his life? . Sleeping with Dorothy my friend’s daughter was also a mistake( oh that,she seduced me ) . Beating up his classmate outside the school is also a mistake(julia said I had small d – k ). Be fully prepared,you will be living with pastor donald from tommorrow henceforth. Maybe you will learn your lesson then .
He angrily dropped the belt and went to his room. Mama had this look “that’ s okay by me” .
I went back inside ,unclad myself ,I stare at my long big d– k “ you implicated me ” I said softly. I went into the bathroom and have my bath. I put on my uniform, collected my pocket money from mama not after several advice which I just pretended to hear and I went straight to school. One thing about my father,he hates spoilt kid, that’s why he never allow me near all his car , I love trekking and its fun .
Oh, I was an ss2 student, same class with hannah,christine was in sss 3 and also the senior gir .I was very handsome, fair but not too much in complexion with my killing pink lips
I got to school to see many students outside the gate all knelt down, I knew am late and it was my dad ’s fault.
I walked nearer and I also knelt down ,I raise my head to see eva and julia (julia ,the one that says I had a small d– k ) . Eva was very beautiful and a gentle type ,she had medium boobs and a -s and was very fair in complexion while julia is choco in complexion and had this huge a -s I’ ve never seen though small boobs .
Eva looked away the moment our eyes met while julia stared angrily . * weytin concern me, make dem die *.
Eva: * finally speak* why are you late? *referring to me *
Me: I woke up late. And you what are you two doing here ,are you the prefect ?
Julia: Oh that, senior girl put us here
Christine (senior girl ): Hey jason, why are you late and why don ’t you come to church yesterday?
Me: I was very sick yesterday* lied * that’s why I woke up late today
Christine : You may enter
Eva and julia looked at christine. “ What ?” Christine asked them
“Nothing” they both replied . I heard the rest student murmuring but who cares? Mtcheeeew,I entered smiling . .

By: Abayomi Oluwafaith
phatwink@gmail. com 08165208305


Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 4:03pm On Oct 03, 2016
Episode 2

I entered and went straight to my class . English teacher was already there . My english teacher,we call her corper zina. She was in her early twenties ,very beautiful with medium a - s but small boobs ,she was dark in complexion and was very brilliant,I call her genius .
Corper zina: Jason why are you late,I was just about asking hannah your whereabout .
*why hannah? Maybe because we sit together. *
Me: I woke up late ma
Corper zina: Okay see me in my office after this class okay ?
Jason: okay ma ,**I went to my sit and sat down**.
Hannah: Welcome. Hope you have a better reason for not coming to church yesterday ?
Jason: I was very sick that ’s why.
Hannah: sick? * she placed her hand on my forehead,detecting the temperature * how are you now ?
Jason: I’ll be fine don ’t worry
Corper zina: You have started playing your husband and wife play abi ,no be here o .
We both smiled while the other students murmured . I looked at my friend Valentine( I call him val ) He winked at me . Val hen? . I know him as master bleeper, He has f —-d almost all the girls in my class including julia,he said he has f—- d her Five times. Me f– k ? If not for dorothy that seduced me , am gentle o . Eva and julia later enter .
After the english class ,I followed corper zina and helped her carry her textbook .
We went to the lab instead of going to her office,she gave me all this advice you know(don’ t follow girls around,becareful of girls,face your studies etc )
After fewhours of working, break time bell rang. Students went out just to eat something . Its only me and hannah alone,oh I hate to be left alone with this girl, she is tempting and always give me hard on. She shift a bit closer to me .
Hannah: Don’t you wanna explain that mean deviation to me ?
Me: Let it be tommorrow
Hannah: no no * sounding childish*
Me: okay please
Hannah: **she shift more closer pressing her God gifted boobs to my chest** I like your pink lips .
My d– k has already turned to rock but thank God her sister christine enter but I thought she was going to shift away but I was wrong ,she held my hand and leaned on me .
Christine : Hun hun**clears throat** Jason I heard you are moving in tommorrow. That ’s good ,principal needs you in her office. *she had this weird look on her face *
I went to principal ’s office, She flogged me for slapping her daughter. After many times of waiting closing time bell finally rang .
Hannah: Let ’s walk home together
On our way… .
Hannah: So I’ll be expecting you tommorrow
Me: Be expecting me ?
Hannah: Yea,tommorrow is saturday,we will catch more fun you know
Me: hmmm.
We went our path . I got home, I was very tired,I went straight to bed.
Later in the night
I was in my room watching p – n when my phone beeped . I checked the message,it says” Handsome I can’t wait to see you tommorrow” from Hannah .
What ’s wrong with this girl sef . A knock landed on my door, I opened it to see my mum .
She entered, I sat on my bed and quickly stopped the p– n I was watching,she sat beside me and held my hand .
My mum : Jason ,you are going to pastor’ s house Tommorrow, be a good child. Am suspecting you and hannah, hope there is nothing between you?
Jason: Nothing ma
My mum : Becareful my baby boy**she gave me 50k **.. For your pocket money * she walked out *
That’s my mum ,I continue watching my p –n, my phone beeped again
Message says ”honey am h —y ,need you inside me ” from hannah.
“This girl dey madt abi ,wu b honey,mak she insert artificial d – k in her hole if she is h —y . Mtcheeeew” I hissed .

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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by Tosinex(m): 4:26pm On Oct 03, 2016
Too many female characters with attributes eva,julia,jasmine,jason,hannah..streamline it pls. Kudos.
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 4:29pm On Oct 03, 2016
okay I will
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by nastynic(m): 6:58pm On Oct 03, 2016
thumbs up bea,such a nice story
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 8:15pm On Oct 03, 2016
let me do xum cqlling lillyana( f), Tjshizzle , greatside (f ), AdetoroBukola, wildrose21 ( m), Ashley87 (f ), niyot124 ( f), Blessinzy (f ), Irelokeh (m), lizbethy, amly6 (f ), Funkere( f), mykel45 ( m), Spongia1 (m), SPDAZZY (f ), peesleem( m), demooreboy, opal4real (m), DonEvarest( m), Olabantu (m), YorubaWoman , Sadrey1 ( m), treasuredkids (f ), hafsydaz, IamDino (f ), Barristertemmie( f), boyo123 (m), paulaspearz (f ), DoctorStrange, nikky54, teamplayey , osayflex24 (m), Ridwan0100 (m), Profmaojo, greatmonday40 , brianero24 ( m), incredible16 ( m), agogoeyo3 , debraluv( f), jey4all ( m), sayocruz( f), silver94( m), vivikul (f ),
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 8:33pm On Oct 03, 2016
Perfectionist11 ( m), nawtielizzie (f ), geedimple ( f), tooblessed123 , passwelle , ezeiloogonna, Charles487 , smilenow (f ), Rex1 (m ), footprintD55 ( m), michaelok ( m), weedtaker , boladex1 , Girl360(f ), Epathra( f), davidchukwucheb, Zzyco
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 8:35pm On Oct 03, 2016
thumbs up bea,such a nice story
tnz dear
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 10:16pm On Oct 03, 2016
Episode 3

.I couldn't xleep the whole night,I don’t want to live with those girls especially that hannah,a pastor’s daughter for that matter. I checked the time,it was 6:45am.I tried to catch some sleep which i later did and was woken up by my dad just after 20minutes,I felt like cursing him.
My dad: Wake up jason

Me: Goodmorning sir

My dad: How was your night?

Me: fine sir,yours?

My dad: Fine.When you are ready to move out,call the driver,he will help with your luggages and at thesame time drive you there,okay?
Jason: okay sir
He left for his office
My phone ringtone pierced through my hear. I checked the caller “val”. I picked it=
Val: Guy how far na
Me: I dey jarwe padi
Val: You dey house?
Me: Guy I don enta am oo.
Val: Weytin happen na
*i explained*
Val: I wish say na me dey your position na na, all those girls na,hannah and christine. Chaaiii I trust myself

Me: Abegii oo,you know me be gentle boy. Yo…..(Hangz up) I guess his phone has died. Its blackberry na.
I dropped my tecno phantom 5 on the bed and head for the bathroom. Not long I finished bathing but to my surprise I had 15missed calls which I have never had. I checked it
“11=hannah,2=val,1=christine” I hissed and dropped it back on the bed.

“Jason jason,am gone” mum shouted
“Owkay ma” I shouted back
I claded in my new white short sleeve top and a blue jean with my nike yeezy shoe. I checked the time “8:15”. I decided to cook and eat my breakfast. I took out my ijapa tiroko oko yannibo book and read it a little. My phone restless led blinking made me checked my inbox then I was shock when I see “where you at? Am really waiting,suprise I won’t wear my pant because of you today” from hannah. I was like…….I don die.
I was still thinking about the meaning of the message when corper zina called me.

Me: Hello ma

Corper: Jason fine boy,how was your nigHt?

Me: Very fine ma

Corper zina: I thought you told me you wanted to know about summary?

Me: yes ma,I did

Corper zina: Can you come over,to my house I mean

Me: I don’t know there ma
Corper zina: I’ll send you the address
Me: Okaay ma but I won’t be coming today,will be there next week saturday.

Corper zina: Okay no problem,bye take care (hang up)

I called the driver”its time to mingle with troubles” I said loudly smiling. We spent about 1hr on the road,their house was very far indeed. We got to one very big house,painted white and yellow,duplex ofcourse. We are about to enter when my sister called me. “I have missed her soo much,she travelled abroad last month and sometimes heard from her” her name is esther,my sister eh,she was so beautiful,she is no different from white people. What I love most about her is her long hair.

Me: Sis
Sister: You are angry right? Am sorry I don’t call you all this days
Me: No problem**I explained my present situation for her**

All she had to say is ask for mark,I have been suspecting my sister and that mark. I go smash his head If i see him with my sis.
I alighted from the car, I saw pastor donald with his laptop placed on his lap and a soft drink with bible on a small table beside him. I greeted and ask for the way in which he showed me but not after all this preaching and advices. I later made my way inside. Although……….
Miss christine and miss hannah is gladly waiting for me.


Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by Daeveed(m): 10:21pm On Oct 03, 2016
Cool... Am Here, Pls Update
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 10:35pm On Oct 03, 2016
My life in pastor’s house
Episode 4

I was so shock when I saw hannah wearing skimpy skirt. She and her sister sat on the couch,now there eyes are fixed on me. Hannah stand up and hugged me,her boobs always turn me on. She called a name twice “jane jane” she then collected my backpack with no response and led the way. I just kept staring at her toolz like figure 8 as it was bouncing up and down though I didn’t let her notice. She led me to my room,wow,was well prepared and furnished,I even have plasma tv in my room. She dropped my backpack and sat on my bed not giving me a chance to change my cloth. When I waited for like 2minutes and she still stays,then I decided to tell her.

Me: heem hannah, I wanna change my cloth

Hannah: Then why telling me?

Me: Won’t you excuse me?

Hannah: What are you keeping from me?
she stands up look at me in a lustful way,she walks towards me,she held my belt and pulled me closer to her,I was having a full view of her white boobs. Thank God her sister called her.
“Hannah hannah hannah” joyce is looking for you. She then leave not after winking at me.”I don enter trouble,is this the kind of lesson I will be learning here in pastor’s house?” I murmurmed.
I changed to a knicker, a black top and I went downstairs. I saw three girls,them so hot sitting on the couch. I holla and I sat down with joyce. Oh joyce,joyce is most brilliant student in my class though I don’t how I always got the first position while she always came second. She was beautiful not extremely and she has small round a-s and medium boobs. She once told me she loves me and we should be dating which I gladly refusE because I thought she was too small then.

Joyce: I heard you will be living here now.

Me: Sure,my father sent me here because I was so troublesome
They all laughed
“Janet” christine called,oh i love her voice. She kept stealing glances at me which I pretended not see. Jane enter,oh boy,this girl was so much more pretty even more than my sis. She looked cool,so nice,am I falling for her already?.she had small a-s and hannah like boobs but I just like her.

Christine: This is our new visitor and will be staying here for a while,his name is jason.
“Hi” I waved. “Hello” her angelic voice nearly killed me. I found myself staring at her innocent face but to my surprise she also stared back and later faced down *guess she was shy*.
Christine: She is janet,my cousin. She finished her secondary school recently and came here to spend her holiday.

Me: Nice to meet you miss jane
She just kept smiling,I can kill for her smile.
Later joyce left for her house and I also retired to my room as I don’t sleep all night. I was asleep when I heard a soft knock on my door,I quickly wake up and head for the door,I opened it to see my one and only angel janet.

Janet: Lunch is ready

Me: oh am coming

Janet: Should I wait?

Me: That will be great
She laugh,I took my phone and we went downstairs,I feel like kissing her hot pink lips
Me: I have slept for long? Where is christine and hannah
Janet: Sure about 4hrs now, they went to church choir practice
We sat on the dinning chair facing each other. I kept staring and not concentrating on my food.

Janet: Eat your food and stop staring,what you staring at?

Me: You want the truth?

Janet: what’s the truth?

Me: you are so beautiful *i laughed*.Just saying
Janet: You are not bad either.just saying
We both laughed out loud.

Janet: can I borrow your phone?
I gave her and she gave me back about 3minutes later
I later finish my food and went back to my room. I laid on my bed to chat,I switched on the data connection and saw many messages on whatsapp but one from an unknown number says”Save my number,its janet.
........ ...…..oh boy*winks*

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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 7:45am On Oct 04, 2016
Episode 5

I smiled and saved it as “Jane” I was about messaging her when I saw her typing. Following conversations ensued:

Janet: Handsome lazy boy

Me: Miss beauty

Janet: your girlfriend is here,she is back from church and actually searching for you
Me: who?

Janet: Hannah,she speaks highly of you,she told me you two were dating.

Me: *i don’t wanna embarrass her* Dating?.,oh sure.

Janet: Okay *offline*
Is she jealous or what?. I quickly went downstairs as to avoid her from entering my room. I sat down while she sat with me.

Hannah: I want to sleep your room tonight

Christine: You joking right? Dad is coming home,don’t you know
Janet just frown,her eyes glued to her phone screeen

Me: My room ke,lailai,not possible o

Hannah: Am going to sleep with you tonight

Me: Stop the joke,you can’t *i nearly shouted*

Hannah: You hate me abi*she started all this spoilt child crying*

Me: Not that I hate yo…(Cut in)
Hannah: Oya kiss me on my cheek and I won’t sleep in your room anymore also am going to believe you never hate me.
I looked at christine face,she faked a smile. I look at jane face,not smiling. Before I knew it,she kissed my lip.

Hannah: Wow so sweet

Christine: I should leave you husband and wife

Janet: Wanna sleep guys

Hannah: now its me and you
She took my left hand and placed it on her lap. Oh god my d--k is about bursting. She shifted my hand slowly under skirt and say “surprise,am not wearing pant”. I gathered all my power to remove my hand

Me: Am sorry I can’t do this,I wanna sleep

Hannah: jason just tonight,I have been dreaming about u,about us. Please
I retired to my room without saying anything. I checked my what’sapp message to see”I can see you a bad boy” from christine. I tried to message her several times but she failed to reply. “F--k you” I murmured and fell to sleep.

I woke up the nextday,oh today is sunday,I hate sunday chaii. I checked the time “8:05”. I quickly brushed my teeth and clad in my ankara,I sprayed perfume all over my body *lol*. I went downstairs to see dem three girls waiting for me. Oh boy,this janet too beautiful. I can’t stop staring. We later head to church,the service went well. I stepped outside of the church just to wait for them girls,mike called my name. Mike is the elder brother of dorothy.

Mike: Jason

Me: Hey mike,how are you doing?

Mike: Am good,guy Let’s talk. Dorothy told me you never speak to her again and even not answering her call,she cried so much yesterday. She told me she seduced you and made you loss your virginity,she was so sorry. Did you know you also disvirgined her?

Me: hen? Am dead

Mike: Its nothing,she is haPpy you are the one. She want to see you,she is at the back of the church waiting for you.
I went there, She run towards me the moment she sees me. Hmmm,she was looking more gorgeous.

Dorothy: You know,am sorry jason.

Me: Not your fault dorothy,I should be the one apologizing.

Dorothy: Should I come over to your house.
Me: I am now living with pastor donald,my dad pushed me there.

Dorothy: With those girls? *her mood changed,but weytin concern me*

Me: I have nothing to do with them,they my friends that’s all.

But are they really my friends?..if christine and janet are my friends? WhAt about hannah..Lord knows what I’ll do if I continue living in that house
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by SPDAZZY(f): 10:23am On Oct 04, 2016
let me do xum cqlling
lillyana( f), Tjshizzle ,
greatside (f ), AdetoroBukola, wildrose21 ( m),
Ashley87 (f ), niyot124 ( f), Blessinzy (f ), Irelokeh
(m), lizbethy, amly6 (f ), Funkere( f),
mykel45 ( m), Spongia1 (m), SPDAZZY (f ),
peesleem( m), demooreboy, opal4real (m),
DonEvarest( m), Olabantu (m), YorubaWoman ,
Sadrey1 ( m), treasuredkids (f ), hafsydaz,
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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by aprilwise(m): 11:35am On Oct 04, 2016
am following I believe it gonna be interesting.
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 2:52pm On Oct 04, 2016
Episode 6

. *****

The next day was monday,I went to school early. The environments were so dirty. Christine started picking juniors to pick the dirts,she has never picked me but I was so surprise when she called my name and left val behind. “What’s with this girl” is the thought running through my mind. After assembly,we settled down in the class,I decided to sit beside val and begged joyce to sit beside hannah coz joyce was the one sitting beside val.

Suddenly,principal enter with a girl with hijab. Oh men I have never seen an ugly muslim girl,all of them are pretty,she was a bit taller than me and was so pretty. Oh boy if you see weytin this girl carry,val nearly licked his black lip to pink.”Introduce your self” principal said
“Am Khaleed Zainab” she said with her sweet thin voice,I guess she is a singer

Val: Oh boy,I go toast this girl after today’s lesson o

Me: Bad boy,make we go together na. Atleast she may agree if she see an handsome boy with you.

Val: Normal normal gimme five
I informed hannah I’ll be going to val’s house. After the closing time. We followed zainab to one bustop,who knows who and what she is waiting for. We decided to walk nearer.

Val: Hi pretty

Zainab: Hi

Val: Wanna talk to you,can I?

Zainab: No you can’t unless you asking for trouble

Me: Trouble? **i laugh**

Zainab: **she smiled** its better you leave now

Val: Just gimme 5minutes

Zainab: Owkay am hearing you

Val explained his self but this girl bursted to laughter

Zainab: You are not my type

*i just stare at them both*

Val: *became angry* who are you sef. B---h trying to be normal person

Zainab: *she slapped val,paah* who are you calling b---h.

Val: If dem born ur father wella slap me again

Zainab: *so angry* you know my dad

Val: Who is your daddy?

Me: Is it chairman or is it an alhaji?
We both laugh out loud,she gave val another hot slap which he returns with full force. Suddenly a car parked beside us,three soldiers alighted pointing their gun at us. “If you run,I will shoot you” one of them said. “Madam are you okay?” One of them said referring to zainab that is holding her cheek on the floor. We were given five hot slaps and countless kicks before they pushed us in the car and drove us away. They drove us to there barrack,oh boy,they pushed us down and ask us to kneel down.One of them qiuckly opened the door for zainab,she alighted from the car smiling,she walk towards us.

Zainab: My dad is not a chairman or an alhaji but a soldier.

Val and I: Yeeeeh *we shouted*
I saw a man walking toward where we are. He was not that old but I guess he is in his early forties,there are three soldiers following him. He finally reached where we are.

Zainab’s dad: Zainab I heard they slapped you?

Zainab: Yes both of them *crying and showing him her red cheek*
Na only val nah,I don die

Zainab’s dad: You dare slapped my daughter and you think you will just go scot free?,am gonna teach you a very great lesson today.
I have already wet my pant,I knew my life will be ruined by those soldiers belt

Zainab’s dad: Move them in and give them 60 strokes

Val: Haaaa,ori iya mi eleko

Me: yeeeeeh,I don die ooo..

Suddenly,a man drove in the barrack,he is having my dad like car with same colour,he alighted from the car,lo and behold it was my dad.

My dad: Jason,val what are you two doing here

Zainab’s dad: You know them? They slapped my precious daughter.

My dad: Jason is that true?

Me: She slapped us first sir

My dad: *referring to zainab’s dad* don’t you recognise your son again khaleed. This is jason my son,the one you travelled to london with when he was so young.
Zainab’s dad: Jason?
*he walks towards me and lifted me up,he hugged me* look at my boy,you’ve turned big boy. Leave them alone,you can go *referring to the soldiers*

I was so happy. I walk up to angry zainab

Me: we are very sorry okay?

Zainab: okay,am okay
she angrily went inside and i decided to follow her. We later became friends before my dad decided to leave and we followed him not after getting zainab’s number.
Zainab beauty has blinded me that I have forgotten that I’ll have to face another problem. My dad’s problem,this time he won’t forgive me.

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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by kristalblaze(m): 3:55pm On Oct 04, 2016
so far so good

i have a feeling that am going to enjoy this piece...u shud watch ur grammar tho
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by kristalblaze(m): 3:55pm On Oct 04, 2016
so far so good

i have a feeling that am going to enjoy this piece...u shud watch ur grammar tho
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by kristalblaze(m): 4:03pm On Oct 04, 2016
suzan404 (f) come and check this story out
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by Nobody: 6:33pm On Oct 04, 2016
suzan404 (f) come and check this story out
okay....lemme check it out....thanks for the mention wink
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 4:29am On Oct 05, 2016
Episode 7
I was so surprise when I heard “don’t do that again” from my dad and he dropped I and val without punishing me,he went his way while I also went my way.
Nothing happens between I and the girls through out the week but my friend relationship with zainab has turned to something else as she send me her nude pic every night which gives me hard on. On friday’s night,I noticed they all in their room so I went downstairs just to catch fun..you know. I sat down on the couch,biscuit and a lemon drink on the table. I checked the time 11:17pm. “Hope you don’t mind if I join you” I turned back to see christine. She wore a very short skirt,I can see her pant,a short top which merely covered her boobs,I know I can’t escape this. Her bigboobs is already killing me. She sat beside me,I guess she notice my hard on coz she smiled. I pretended to be chatting but I wasn’t concentrating. Suddenly I felt a soft lip on my lip,I hurriedly kissed it back not interested to know the lips owner. Don’t blame me I was so h---y, I grabbed her soft boobs and began squezing them,”what a boob” I said to myself. I placed my hand on her lap,I located for her pant and pull it aside,I withdrew my tongue and pulldown my shortknicker,I placed my d--k in the entrance and was about to enter when I heard “am a virgin” from christine. Virgin my foot,I rubbed her kittycat with my palm and was about travelling to shaolin temple when we heard a knock on the door. “Oh God,who the hell is this” I murmured. We cleaned our sweats and clear the traces. I sat down on the couch pretending to be watching films while she ran to open the d--n door. I heard her shout and hugged the person that knocks the door. Oh it was mark,he entered with canadian swags. He walked towards me while I stand up.
Mark: How far bro
Me: Am fine u?
Mark: Am fine
Me: where are you coming from now?
Mark: Oh,just arrived from canada today and I decided to visit my friends that’s why am late.
Me: Oh I don’t know you travelled to canada before,my sis sends her greetings. **the truth is I knew but the fear of him noticing what I was doing with his sister made me spit rubbish**
Mark: why will she do that when we do talk for almost 5hrs a day
Is my sister in love with this guy,there is one way to find out.
Me: please can I borrow your phone for a min?
Mark: no problem *he gave me his phone and went upstairs with christine*
I started checking his gallery, I found my sister and this guy kissing. I was so angry coz am sure he would have f----d my innocent sister. To know that I checked their conversation in whatsapp,chaiii..he said he would like to hold my sister’s b----t while she replied with “I can’t wait to suck your d--k”..*chaaiii* I nearly shouted.I knew the guy doesn’t love her,I don’t want my sister hurt…
He later came back but not with christine.We sat on the couch gisting..
Mark: U tink say ano knw?
Me: Knw wat?
Mark: You about to bleep my sister when I came in,I heard her moaning loudly,I guess that’s her first time.
Me: but I didn’t it
Mark: But you are about you. It seems christine like you a lot coz have never seen her with a guy.
I decided to not tell him about his conversation with my sister
My phone beeped,its whatsapp message. It says”don’t be late tommorrow” from corper zina
I bade mark goodnight and I retired to my room and immediately drifted to wonderland not after s-x chatting with christine…..

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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by kristalblaze(m): 6:33am On Oct 05, 2016
nice one sis......still waiting for more
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by Rasmodox101(m): 7:14am On Oct 05, 2016
Darn it. . . . . . . Another suspense. . . . . . . . Am so so luvin dis. . . . . . Bring it on Op. . . . . Unrelently following!
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by ssogundele: 8:37am On Oct 05, 2016
Op, loving the story and it's line. But pls don't keep us in perpetual limbo as do some of nairaland writers who after arousing one's interest in a story will then disappear.

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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by Tunibitoye(m): 9:07am On Oct 05, 2016
U gat moi full attention
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by Daeveed(m): 9:45am On Oct 05, 2016
Vaseline Crew Make Una Cum C Sweet Tori Oh... grin grin
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by jezrael001(m): 10:04am On Oct 05, 2016
Episode 8 ooooooo
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by MizXplendour(f): 10:21am On Oct 05, 2016
Episode 8

I woke up the next day so tired, I managed to stand up and head downstairs. Breakfast was already waiting for me.Mark,his sisters and jane were already seated,I served my food and sat beside christine,I notice hannah was not concentrating as she had this “what’s between you two” look. Actually It was not my concern so I decided to snub her,she suddenly dropped the spoon and walked out. I decided to follow her,I met her outside standing.

Me: What’s up,why you not eating?

Hannah: Why did you care
She angrily walked out of my sight
I later have my bath,claded in a white short sleeve shirt and a jean. I lied to christine I was going to val house.

I got to one flat as described in the address she sent me,I decided to call her.

Me: Can you come out please
She then come out and ushered me in,she was wearing a short knicker which revealed her bumbum. I sat down on the couch in the sitting room,she served me a chilled youghurt drink. She brought out A1 textbook with oxford 8th editon dictionary. She sat beside me and started the lesson, I love how she teaches,I so much understand what she taught me though I never realise we are holding hands all this while. She withdrew her hand and gave me an exercise which I answered correctly. About 4hrs later of gisting I decided to bade her farewell.

Corper zina: You are so fun to play with, I’ll miss you.

Me: I will come here sometimes
Did she just said she will miss me?…I don’t want to believe its what am thinking. I got home in the evening,christine and hannah was already prepared for choir rehearsal,I decided to follow them.

Me: Won’t it be cool if we go together?

Christine: Ofcourse *she smiled*
Hannah hissed and walked away. The rehearsal was cool as it went well. I saw joshua and christine talking at back of the church,I don’t know why but I was jealous. I turned back to see doro

Me: Dorothy how you?

Doro: *she hugged me* am good,I’ve missed you

Christine: Jason,its time *she walked away*

Doro: what’s with that girl sef. Are you two dating?

Me: No,just my friend

I disengaged,bade her farewell and followed christine. She never speak to me in the car and I know the reason. We got home and went to our various room. I laid on my bed,I found myself thinking about christine”am in love with this girl” I said to myself. I tried to sleep but all my effort fails then I went downstairs to drink my chilled youghurt coz it always make me sleep. Walking closer to the sitting room,I heard a soft moan. I tiptoed to a corner beside the stairs, what is this am seeing. Mark and who? Mark and janet,he was f-----g her hard. I quickly ran back inside, I was so angry,mark that my sister cares for,this mark is really stupid.
I was still thinking about that when my phone led blinked indicating unread message. I unlocked it to see christine message

Christine: how many girls are you dating?

Me: None

Christine: shut up, you thought I didn’t saw you hugging dorothy?

Me: She hugged me

Christine: What about my sister hannah? She told me you two were dating

Me: What? Hannah? I swear we are not

Christine: she even told me you’ve f----d her five times.

Me: yeeeeh,that’s a lie,f----d her? And you won’t know?

Christine: Then how did she know you had a long d--k?

I don’t understand either. Its all the truth,I haven’t f----d her but how did she know?.

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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by kristalblaze(m): 11:32am On Oct 05, 2016
keep it coming
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by chammy4real(f): 1:02pm On Oct 05, 2016
grabs my own yoghurt. goes to d couch to sit down. continues reading this.

hope no one is gonna disturb me with a romance
Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by flyinstaz(f): 2:31pm On Oct 05, 2016
sorry guyz I was can t reply coz of anti bot
biko ask them to unblock me
here iz the next chapter
Episode 9 Nextday was sunday,the service went well. I still saw josh and christine after the church talking,I was very jealous but I pretended not to see them. I got to school early on monday,I sat down in the class and revise what corper zina taught me because we are having english first and she planned to give us test. After the assembly corper zina enter the class,oh I was sitting with zainab this time. Corper zina had this “am suspecting you two” look clearly shown on her face. She gave us the test,I never knew zainab was so brilliant as she scored more than joyce. I scored 19/20,joyce scored 16/20 while zainab scored 18/20.I was so surprise,corper zina later called me asking me if I showed her my script but I told her I didn’t,she was also surprise. Later in the breaktime Zainab: Am hungry,what should i get for you Me: Chilled youghurt and biscuit will do She went out while I sat alone in the class. Hannah enter suddenly and walk toward where I was sitting. Hannah: You thought you could be bleeping all girls Me: I don’t understand Hannah: **locked my shirt** you thought I didn’t caught you and christine. I was looking for you that day,I heard christine moaning,I had to peep,I saw you squezing my on sister’s boob,I had to run back. Am here to wArn you,stay away from my sister. I just stared agape,she left me not after hissing. Zainab later enter. Zainab: what’s with this your mood. Me: Nothing A small girl which I guess she is in jss1 enter and came to me. The girl: Senior christine said you should meet her in the lab Me: okay I stand up and went to the lab,christine sat down with her head placed on the table.Her two friends(monica and Dorcas) stayed beside her. I really hate that monica,she was so arrogant,though she is beautiful choco in complexion but not as beautiful as dorcas with her evelyn like(intermission) a-s. Monica: she said she only wants you to stay with her,she is ill and has been vomitting since morning. Dorcas: *smiled and winked at me to goto christine* we should leave Monica They both left,I sat beside christine. Me: what’s wrong senior girl *i teased* Christine: **raised her head** its just an headache Me: just?.. I held her hand and pulled her head towards my shoulder.She then placed her head on my shoulder with our hands locked. I later decided to fed her food which was placed on the table,she ate small and placed her head on my shoulder holding my right hand. Christine: I love it like this Me: *smiled* deep down in my heart I know I have fallen for her. Don’t know what got over me,I kissed her in the forehead stroking her medium hair with my left hand. Someone entered suddenly,oh it was josh (he is the senior boy),he pulled me up locking my shirt,I know he is gonna kill me but fortunately my saviour corper zina entered. Corper zina: What’s all this about? Why are you locking his shirt? He leave me and had this “you a dead meat look”. Powerless christine just try to settle the fight when josh gave her a hot slap which made her fell on the floor. He stormed outside in anger. Corper zina: Arrogant boy,I really hate him I ran and lifted christine up. I hate that josh,why is he angry,he thought I didn’t saw him kissing monica at the back of the lab yesterday?.. Corper zina: what happened here Me: *i explained excluding the part that we did like a new married couple* Corper zina: I’ll make sure to deal with him. *she angrily walked out* Dealing with josh won’t help as his other gang will be after me (sonshine,kendrick,james and ayis). I so much fear that ayis,he had this scary look on his face. I should tell corper zina to just leave him be………

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Re: My Life In Pastor's House . .by. Abayomi by flyinstaz(f): 2:40pm On Oct 05, 2016
grabs my own yoghurt. goes to d couch to sit down. continues reading this.

hope no one is gonna disturb me with a romance

lol bae make I come join ..u in the yoghurt drinking.....:[

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