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Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 3:47pm On Nov 11, 2016
Hey guys, here is another piece from me.Kindly let

me know if you see the need to evaluate my

work,(thanks).It's going to be a short story though

and I will ensure that I update at least every 2



Grinning, Lolade hugged her teddy bear closer

to her chest and sighed.She touched Mira's little

blacknose and looked at it pitiable."I also know what

you are thinking Mira", she said as she shook the

teddy slowly.She scanned her small but moderately

furnished room and once again admired it secretly.

Lolade stood up from the bed and allowed her feet

to dangle on the small closet attached to her bed.

Gathering her thoughts, she rose towards her

study section in the room and sat.Wearing a serious

look, she wrote briefly inside a smallnotebook."I

don't know her but I missed her".Hearing an

approaching foot steps , Lolade quickly Settledback

on her bed and switched off the bedside lamp."My

princess, are you sleeping already? her father

enquired as he opened the door quietly."Good night

then" ,he said as he bent towards her and gave her

a gentle peck before closing the door.

Slowly, Lolade opened her eyes &nestled closer

towards Mira.No matter how hectic the day

had been, her father would surely find his way to

her room and give her a night peck.Papa is surely

the best in the world but I miss mom, she thought

inwardly as pool of tears gathered in her eyes.She

later said a short prayer and whisked herself off

to the dreamland where her fairy friends lives.


Fridays are always hectic at work, Debo thought as

he loosened his Grey tie.Scowling, he wondered why

his daughter had slept earlier than usual.The girl

had always waited for his arrival, knowing that he

would buy barbecued meat on his way from place of

work.Dragging his feet lazily, Debo gravitated

towards the well furnished kitchen and opened the

large freezer to get himself a cold drink.Startled,

he slammed the fridge and quickly turned to

welcome the big grin he had expected to see.

Dissapointed, he walked towards the dinning

section and rummaged through the nylon of Suya

he placed in a plate.For a moment, he had thought

he felt the presence of his wife, his dead wife he

corrected.Understanding her husband's habit of

getting himself a chilled drink from the freezer on

Friday nights, she always hide herself behind the

kitchen door and quietly got him startled from

behind.Debo in turn would feigned being startled

and then welcome her big grin with a warm kiss.

Sighing, it's 5 solid years ,5 ,he repeated since the

death of Seun and yet he sometimes feel her

existence in the kitchen, he concluded miserably.

Seated, the Suya tasted sour in his mouth,he

lifted the glass of water and gulped a large amount.
The only feeling of joy in his life and home had

been his 7 year old kid.Lolade, he thought as he

chewed gently.The girl barely knew her own mother

but had

adapted to receiving a father's love instead ,except

on few occasions when she had insisted on spending

her vacation with his elder sister in Lagos.

Debo walked away from the dinning into

the bedroom and removed his clothing, he tied the

slash on his robe and entered the bathroom for a

quick shower.As the coldness of the water hit his

body he remembered the last promise he had made

to his wife on on the hospital bed as she fought for

for last breath.Seun had looked into his and made

himpromised to find a good mother for their

daughter.It's years away now, he mused as he bit his

and I am yet to find a suitable lady , Seun.

cc:Iolite, tdemo, olanikeh, Eebrahym, Nimat 158, donkross1.

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Re: Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 12:36pm On Nov 12, 2016
**** "Good morning papa, wakie wakiee! Lolade said as
she opened the blinds and let in rays of light into
her father's room.The cool colour of the tiled floor
blends smoothly with the brown painted room and
the rich antique that rests on a wooden stool.Half
awake, Debo turned dozily on bed and covered his
head with the richly scented quilt.Thank God he had gone to bed decently, the girl had not
considered it inappropriate to barge into his
privacy. Secretly, he rechecked the slash on his
robe and then feigned snoring.
Lolade in her small flip flops and a short blue
night gown scowled and stood on akimbo as she
scanned her father."hmmmm, now let's see if papa
is truly sleeping".She walked towards the large bed
and punched her father lightly from behind.
Sensing he was unmoved ,she started pinching him
and laughed and then paused when she heard a
deep groan from him.Kneeling at the bed side, she
lowered the quilt from his face .
"are you unwell papa?"she said with worries. "do
you have malaria?".She touched his forehead," his
temperature isn't that bad "she thought as Debo
made another guttural sound in his throat with
closed eyes.
Feeling disturbed ,she suggested,"should I fetch
the housekeeper papa?".Papa, a name he had
gotten used to due to her love for Indian movies
and had said she loved how Indian girls fondly
called their father 'papa'.Hence, she had been
calling him that since she turned 5.He opened his
eyes slowly and saw a small dark face with a
creased brow and mountain of worries written all
over it.With calculated moves, he whisked her into
the bed and started tickling her."papa surely
knows how to get you" he repeated jokingly. She
laughed playfully and gave him a punch on the
"common papa,that was cheating, you caught me
off guard "she said as her father rolled away from
the bed.
"I cheated?,young lady, you cheated first , I knew
you weren't sleeping last night yet I respected your
wish" he remarked as he entered the toilet to
"naughty papa" she said as she rolled on the bed.
"naughty Lolly"he responded as he closed the toilet
door knowing she hates being called that.
"I am not an ice cream ".She shouted as he had
expected and once again blessed his late wife
inwardly for the priceless gift she had bequeathed
to him.

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Re: Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 10:36am On Nov 15, 2016
Tinuke flipped through the magazine pages and a
particular fashion tips caught her attention.
"Corper Tk, i will soon be through with this hairdo, no
vex ".Tinuke nodded approvingly and smiled at the
hairdresser. Returning her gaze to the magazine, an
Assasin Creed sweater caught her interest. "eight
thousand naira? she murmured as she searched for
other fashion items.Satisfied,she put down the
magazine and examined her environment.
Ibadan is actually a peaceful state to undergo
one's National Youth Service , she decided.Its her
third month in the city and she had already been
enveloped in the warmth of the friendly people of
the city.She had entered the Nysc camp In Iseyin
disoriented.Although not as a result of the fatigue
from her journey from Edo but because of the
heavy ache in her heart, an ache that could only be
understood by those that have been jilted. Yes,
jilted of a four year relationship.
That Same day at the camp she had met Eniola,
who had ensured she participated actively in all the
camp activities and hence, they had bonded like
sisters and eventually they found out that their
place of primary assignment is in Ibadan.For the
past three months they had been living together in
their rented apartment comfortably. Today, Eniola
had gone to get few food items from the market and instead of brooding alone in the house, she had
bought a fashion magazine on her way to the
hairdresser's place.
Tinuke had preferred Mama T's salon to others
because of its closeness to her apartment and at
the same time because of the kindness and
generosity of the light skinned woman in her late
thirties. Sighting the vehicle from afar, Mama T
smiled and knew she would get paid heavily for
attending to her approaching customer.

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Re: Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 11:31am On Nov 15, 2016
Lolade got down from the vehicle and grinned,
she had told her father she preferred to be carried to the Salon in his newly acquired Toyota Venza.She
walked towards MamaT's salon and straightened
her pretty pink short gown.Glancing back, Lolade
watched her father maneuvered the vehicle into a
comfortable parking space before dashing into the
"good afternoon MamaT",she greeted.
"afternoon sweetie", the woman said with a
flashed smile."
"you are yet to finish loosing your hair ?"
Seated,"papa did not allow me to finish it because
he needs to go to somewhere which I think is very
urgent, she responded casually.
Debo strolled inside the salon in a white Tshirt and
a three quarter blue jean as the car keys dangled
in his fingers he walked up to MamaT, greeted her
and then discussed when he would pick up his
daughter.He flashed a look around the salon and
his gaze rested on a black beautiful smooth face
adorned with a stubborn chin who was busy with her
phone.He studied her for a few seconds before
responding to a question that was directed at him.
"sure my dear". Frowning, Lolade walked up to him.
"which one is sure again papa, I was asking if you
wouldn't be late on your way back and you said
"Sorry Kiddo, he said as he ruffled her loosened
part of hair " papa won't be late "and then he
moved out of the salon in few strides.

Lolade watched with fascination as Mama T
straightened Tinuke's long natural .Mesmerized,
she moved closer to Tinuke."Auntie, you have a very
long and beautiful hair, can I touch it?
"of course you can", she replied all smiles as her
gaze clashed with the girl's cute face.
"so what can I do to make my hair much more
longer than yours?".
Chuckling, she scanned Lolade's hair ,"nothing my
dear just allow it to grow naturally".
"Lola ,come and have your seat and allow Tokunbo
to help you loosen your hair" said MamaT.
"but you will be the one to plait it ma because papa
said you know how to handle my hair better than the apprentices".Mama T laughed as she continued
with Tinuke's hair,"atigbo o, iyawo daddy".

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Re: Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 2:14pm On Nov 17, 2016

Eniola opened the pot of vegetable to perceive it

sweet aroma and satisfactorily, she swallowed the

scent."Yes, who is it?, she responded as she covered

the stew and then gravitated towards the door.

"my goodness! ",she screamed excitedly as she

received a warm embrace from Kingsley and his

friend, Dayo.This is indeed an August visitor Eniola

said as she gestured them inside the room.

Pulling apart the yellow plastic chairs, she

offered them a seat."kingsooo, how you day na?

but nawao, una no fit call before coming, she asked


"no vex ko, we decided to get you guys surprised"

hmmm," Dee1, how parol na ? said Eniola.

"my sister, he no easy to serve person fatherland,

nysc na wash jae ,only the 3 weeks camp make

sense but since na call of the country wetin man

pikin fit do ".They all laughed at Dee1's remarks as

Kingsley quietly surveyed the creamy painted room

with well equipped household items.

"so what should I offer you guys"

"anything is good ,said Dayo.

"anything like fried ants? she smiled as the gently

opened door interrupted their conversation.

Quietly, Tinuke entered into the room and

gave the guys warm handshakes. "corper Tk how you

day, enquired Kingsley. "am fine. Dee1, its good to

see you", she said.

"Thats a lovely hair you have on you".Sensing her

friend's discomfort ,Eniola quietly gave her excuse

andushered her friend into the kitchen.A quick look

at the duo reveals two beautiful women in their mid

twenties, while a closer look shows a dark skinned

Eniola with an average stature and a cute

dentition.Tinuke on the other hand is a slightly fair

skinned lady with an hour glass figure and cute

lips.Tinuke's natural hair swung on her shoulder

and she used her hand to tuck an escaped hair

behind her ear.Her slim but beautiful face spoke

volumes of questions to her friend as she watched

her friend prepared semo for their visitors.

"you don't have to stare at me all day sugar helping

me with the dishes will be a good idea, and how

about we let go of the questions and answer sessions

until our guests are long gone, she said conclusively.

"and if the entertainer is not careful, she may end

up being a roasted beef remarked Tinuke as she

adjusted Eniola's attachments that swung towards

the burning gas.


later in the evening, they were both cleaning up

the kitchen when Eniola decided to have a chit

-chat about their guests.

"T.k, am being serious here, they didn't call before

coming, I swear".Chuckling, Tinuke continues to mop

the kitchen floor.

"I know Dayo has been on your neck since the

camp days and i see no reason why you have to be

uncomfortable around him".

"says you", Tinuke murmured.

Eniola paused and dropped the dish she washing

into the sink and turned towards her friend."my

dear, you are so beautiful in and out and just

because a buffon, does not give a hoot about your

feelings anymore doesn't mean it is the end of the


"That hurts".

"I know it does, said Eniola."The more reason I

need you to gather yourself together".

Squeezing the water from the mop stick into a

separate bucket, Tinuke leveled her gaze to her

friend and demonstrated the O.K sign with her


"Tk, it seems you don't get it, you are too pleasant

to be unnoticed"

"does that mean you find me appealing too?"

"my friend go and empty the bin "Eniola said with

rolled eyes as she returned to to her chores."yeye

girl, allowing praises to to get into her thick skull.

Picking up the waste bin and mop stick ,Tinuke

pinched her friend from behind with the mop stick.

Startled, Eniola picked up the spatula from it stand
and waved it In her face."see this corper o, said

Tinuke."with this display of attitude are you sure

you can withstand 16 years jail terms for same sex

affair, because if i am not mistaken,you are looking

for every means to start an affair with me, she said

as she hurriedly opened the kitchen door and ran

off."swine, her friend shouted after her and

slammed the kitchen door before bursting into a

laughter."Tk sha, she concluded as she shook her


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Re: Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 3:50pm On Nov 17, 2016
common guys no feedbacks at all? I guess the story
is not interesting.
Re: Ignition by donkross1(m): 7:07pm On Aug 18, 2017
common guys no feedbacks at all? I guess the story

is not interesting.

Hello Nikky
Re: Ignition by Afz9095(m): 9:23pm On Aug 18, 2017
Nice start , I believe it will be a good story.........

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Re: Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 8:30pm On Aug 19, 2017

Hello Nikky
.Hi donkross1, nice to hear from you.
Re: Ignition by EmperorLee(m): 9:24pm On Aug 20, 2017
.Hi do.nkross1, nice to hear from you.

Same here dear. How's Gbolagun cheesy

How have you been really ?

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Re: Ignition by EmperorLee(m): 9:25pm On Aug 20, 2017
Nice start , I believe it will be a good story.........


My brother from old times.
Re: Ignition by nikkybeez(f): 8:40am On Aug 21, 2017

Same here dear. How's Gbolagun cheesy
How have you been really ?
I am fine Emperorlee smiles, Gbolagun day o.
Re: Ignition by Gabrendo(m): 11:09am On Aug 21, 2017
Nice start. Can wait to see how it goes. But a little edit will do, to make it more pleasant to read.
Re: Ignition by EmperorLee(m): 3:37pm On Aug 21, 2017
I am fine Empero rlee smiles, Gbolagun day o.

Good. Just came to drag you out to complete this fine story. It seems we have company now so please, proceed.
Re: Ignition by Afz9095(m): 6:51pm On Aug 21, 2017

My brother from old times.
Oga mi, the greatest Don..... long time...... wetin dey xup
Re: Ignition by EmperorLee(m): 8:04pm On Aug 21, 2017
Oga mi, the greatest Don..... long time...... wetin dey xup

Baba mi i dey. Long time, you still dey hear from all those our gang that year?
Re: Ignition by Afz9095(m): 8:31pm On Aug 21, 2017

Baba mi i dey. Long time, you still dey hear from all those our gang that year?
Boss, na me and myself i see,i no dey active for Nl dat much
Re: Ignition by EmperorLee(m): 9:08pm On Aug 21, 2017
Boss, na me and myself i see,i no dey active for Nl dat much

Eeyah. Good old days sha.

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