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Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 10:57am On Dec 18, 2016
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Copyright 2016 Ademola Joseph

Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:02am On Dec 18, 2016
08:33PM GMT - 5
2399, Elmen street, Houston, TX 77019, U.S.A.
'Put your foot down the car!' Mrs. Harvey yelled with a tentative brisk tone of her voice, fear gripped her bone with a concealed emotional reason; she was actually grasping the inner nature of the hinterland intuitively. The narrow highway was shady lined with old gnarled trees and vacant lots where nothing had been built and nothing was ever going to be built. It was a road never afraid of in the day, but at night it was always a different place. A lonesome place. A place of darkness and strangeness. A place of terror and fear. There were no houses nearby. No streetlights. It was pitch black. As black as black could be, Dark as the deepest night, the tall trees blocked out the moon and stars, casting their long shadows across the road. A beam of white light ray from the headlight of the car Mr. and Mrs. Harvey was in created a sense of optimistic movement. They were embarking on a journey to a detached city in the United State of America to spend their summer at their cousin’s home; it was really a very umpteenth kilometers journey because the city they were actually heading to is located at the outskirt of the country. At the passenger’s seat located at the back of the car was a silver briefcase filled with bundles of dollar which had been budgeted for their stay in the city.
'Why should I?' Mr. Harvey replied with a discombobulated voice wagging his head to right, he starred at his wife with a protrude incongruous eyeball, his bizarre facial emotion insinuated that he was waiting for a response to his initially asked question. 'I believe this woman is not at it this time around.' he silently thought in his heart.
'There is a truck I sighted behind, and I’m beginning to have an insightful feelings about it.' she paused for some seconds to view the truck to the side-view mirror, she then continued her conversation which seems more or less like a speech to Mr. Harvey 'I actually guess it's after us'
'After us!' he cut-in immediately with a loud voice, he then raised his head a little bit to view the oncoming truck from the rear-view mirror, it was then he actually knew that his wife was not speaking fallacies but her thought and fantasy towards the truck was an hoax to him. 'I guess it's just a coincidence that we are plying the same route.' Mr. Harvey continued with protons of positive feelings, he never focused on the side - view mirror of the driver's seat earlier before his wife started her fracas, neither did he realize that a truck had been behind them for past some minutes.
Mrs. Harvey groans heavily, she knew her husband will never concur with her feelings.
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:04am On Dec 18, 2016
I accept all criticisms, but please no condemnation
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:06am On Dec 18, 2016
I seek your indulgence to accept my apology on any typographical errors
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:08am On Dec 18, 2016
'No! The truck as been behind us for past 6 minutes, I saw it when it leaped out of a corner, just accelerate the car engine please!' she paused 'If you try to proof stiff-headed, I will forcefully take possession of your seat because I can't watch you putting me into hydra-heads.' she continued with emotional insight that the truck was not just plying the same route with them but was on a mission. She never ceased to looking back at how the truck is fast approaching them.
'This road is actually too silent for my likening, why is this man so stone-hearted that he would never yield to simple ideas.' she thought in her heart starring at him like she should hit him on the chest.
'Huh! When did you become a prophet that sees visions of how a truck leaped out of the street, and to know it's on a mission? Stella, the actual plight I have with you is that you are too saucy.'
Mrs. Harvey was astounded with her husband last statement; she turned her head away from the side-view mirror of the passenger’s seat where she was apparently viewing the truck. She starred at her husband with a war-like facial emotion and replied him with an angry indiscriminate voice.
'The problem I also have with you is that you will never stop being that you, I don't know why you are so stiff-headed to this extent.'
'If that's truly what you need to know, I saw it through the rear - view mirror.' she continued.
'Sighs! You never stopped been anxious about neutral things that seems to be insulated, it's high time you need to stop been nervous and detest from thinking negative.'
'Do you know what, put the brake on and park by the roadside, let's give way for the truck to pass by us, and then we can precede our journey behind it. I just want to clear my thought and be single - minded so that I can focus.' Mrs. Harvey countered with an aggressive voice.
'Stop the car! Stop the car!' she yelled at her husband with grievance gasping vehemently with her heart pumping. When she realized that her husband never cease to be stiff-headed about her decisions, she decided to take possession of the car forcefully from him, Mrs. Harvey and her husband began to struggle with the steering of the car which made it to swerve around the road, the chauffeur driving the truck was confused at the drama the couples in the car were acting, he then thought if they had suspected them to be after their car, he decided to speed up the truck to its highest gear level to overtake them, it later made a road block by crossing the road ahead of the couple’s car. The couples who had been struggling with the steering of the car failed to focus on the windscreen till they made an head-on collision with the parked truck, the side airbag which is located between the seat of the car inflated after the head on collision .
Fortunately, they were not lesion due to the seat belt and airbag that had fortified them, Mrs. Harvey insight was actually not bogus. Lifting her head up, she sighted two barreled -chested men who has a large chest that curves outward, their muscles were contracted like an inflated balloon, on their shoulder was a firearm with spiral grooves cut in the inner surface of the gun barrel to give bullet a rotator motion and thus a more precise trajectory heading towards their car, Mrs. Harvey had never for once in her entire life sighted a toy gun neither a pistol, seeing a riffle seems so outlandish to her, fear gripped her bones like a being feeling anxious of facing millions of crowd, she began to shiver seriously, her fingers and her feet were darting in the air and her body shaking like a vibrating stone that was subjected to intense supply of heat energy, she couldn't hold her breath anymore, breathing in and out like a pregnant woman in the labor room, she believed she mustn’t be in reality. Her husband asked her to calm her mind, he thought they were after the money they were conveying not their life, he was really a coward.
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:09am On Dec 18, 2016
I invite everyone to take their VIP sit and read
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:10am On Dec 18, 2016
Keep commenting and following because it goes a long way, don't worry about refreshment, pop corn will soon come in
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:15am On Dec 18, 2016
Suddenly one of the two hefty men opened the door of the driver's seat where Mr. Harvey was sited and the other from the passenger’s seat where Mrs. Harvey was sited, they pointed the riffle at them forcing them to step out of the car or else they would be shot at close range which will lead to their instant death.
Mr. Harvey regretted his actions, he cursed himself for been so stone-hearted that he couldn't even listen to his wife decisions, he was already grieved with fear when he told the beefy man holding him hostage that the money they needed was at the boot of the car, he actually thought they were highway pilferers, the beefy man got enraged at him hitting the butt of the gun to his mouth.
'Keep quiet! Who told you we are after your money.' he yelled feeling aggrieved.
The couples immediately concurred to the decision of the men and stepped out of the car with their two hands raised to the air, they never wanted to die. One of the men frisked Mr. and Mrs. Harvey to confirm if there was no Global Positioning System gadget on them which may track down their location. Mr. Harvey who had been bleeding profusely through the nose began to move inch by inch towards the truck with his wife, the beefy men who were following them from behind pointed their riffles at their back head to scare them from absconding, getting to the entrance of the truck, one of the beefy men said in a brisk voice.
'Halt!' he then took possession of the two black stripped cloth from his accomplice and tied it across their face which threw them into the world of wilderness, they were then pushed them into the truck, after which the hefty men leaped in and slammed the door. The chauffeur drove of the street, plying the North Pole of the city. An hour later, they arrived the sea-shore, the sea has a rhythmic pulse to it unmatched by any other part of nature, it forges its own sounds and kindles its own symphony, it was buzzing with its dormant strength; the waves were crawling gently to the shore; the waves were creeping steadily towards them; the wave gently drenching the sand. The sea softly doused the beach, the waves carelessly dribbling onto the sand while the ebbing tide seems harmonious. The flowing of the tide was languorous and the water vaporously exhaling its mist. The hefty men opened the door of the truck and accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Harvey out of the truck, they moved them to the base of the sea-shore where the echo of a raspy rumbling from the enraged sea came to them, it created a tremulousness to fear. The waves were really sloshing, slurping and slobbering with their salty lips. They pounded into the cliff of the sheltered cove, then paused and pounced with malice into its ankle, slamming the rock before releasing. A rumor of its malevolence passes through their legs, they shivered. The wind died down, the sea bubbled. Trembling, Throbbing to its rotten beat, its malicious soul stirred a warning from the ages. The hefty men knelt them down adjacent each other by pushing them to the ground. The latter hefty man dipped his hand into his pocket to bring out his phone to place a call.
'Hello sir, mission had been accomplished.'
'Good job, where they are?' the unknown being who sent the two hefty men to assassinate the couples said softly with a monotonous voice.
'Here with us at the sea - shore.'
'Then what are you waiting for. I believe by now you should know who I’m, I can never deviate from my words. Do the needful now.'
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:16am On Dec 18, 2016
The hefty man who was conversing with the unknown man handed over his phone to his accomplice without hanging up the call so that his client could confirm the death of the couples through the base sound of the bullets that is ejected from the muzzle of the gun, he raised up his riffle which was centered at both target viewing them from the rear sight magnifier aperture. He moved an inch back from the couples pulling back the metal tab of the gun to ready the firearm to shoot and released the trigger consecutively on both target. Hearing the base sound of the ejected bullets, their boss said while still online on the phone.
'Good job!' and he hanged up the call while the Hefty men darted into the truck and the Chauffeur leaped off the road heading west of the city.

08:50PM GMT - 5
Sea Shore Drive, Houston. TX 77072, U.S.A.
Five minutes later, operatives from the American Police Force arrived the scene in their radio mobile patrol cars, they made a barricade at the crime scene using a warning tape, brightly colored with incorporated single-toned pattern of yellow design with the word 'caution' inscribed on it in prominent letterings. No evidence was covered from the scene apart from the couples that were fear dead on the ground, ambulance arrived the scene thereafter to convey the body of the deceased for autopsy before they are been deposited at the morgue. One of the cop who was searching around with his black flashlight to check if he could see any evidence, walking a little bit away from the crime scene he sighted the inscription of a vehicle tire that was suspected to have moved from that location, he called the attention of other cops who also confirmed it to be a tire trace of a moving vehicle. Quickly they leaped into their patrol cars to trace the path of the tire if an evidence could be found leading to the death of the deceased, driving faraway North from the scene they sighted a truck which has no registration number ahead of them parked on the highway, they drove further to the scene, parked to alight from their patrol cars vigilantly moving inch by inch towards the truck with their revolver gun corked with the aim of pulling the trigger if anyone shows up and tries to play smart on them. But unfortunately, no one was found in the truck, a crime scene photographer cop used an high quality digital 35mm camera, the camera has ten mega pixel, image sensors and manual exposure settings, it uses a black - and - white photographic film, a cop who was searching around the scene with his black flashlight saw an human hair on the seat of the driver which he picked up with a white handkerchief, the hair when analyzed by intelligence technician agents can yield a finger print which that will produce information's that can lead to the nabbing of the owner of the truck. Arriving the American Police department, all information's and evidence taken from the crime scene were sealed up in a paper bags and forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Investigative Division for further investigation.
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:18am On Dec 18, 2016
09:55AM GMT - 4
J. Edgar Hoover Building, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20535, U.S.A
Investigation on the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey was been carried out in the DNA laboratory by Mr. Nicole on the evidence that was sent to him from the American Police Force, Mr. Nicole was an FBI Crime Scene Investigator Analyst. The horrific death of the deceased was announced on Cable News Network and also published on the New York Times, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey were great Nigerian couples who resides in the state, they had really contributed to the economic growth of America in diverse ways which has really helped so many Americans, they are a promising Nigerian citizen that America looked up to and referenced. They had acquired five business companies and two factories in the United State of America with so many awards from the business sectors and even from the President of the United State of America. Mr. Nicole while analyzing the evidence sent to him from the American Police department in a sterile room on a large white slab covered with papers confirmed a finger print, he sent the trace evidence to the criminal investigation department were the finger print was been examined on the computer system by a special agent, the finger print linked the agent to series of information of an American man whose name was discovered to be Mr. Bernard Keith. Information displayed on the computer LCD screen insinuated that the man was a driver who could be suspected to be the owner of the truck, the special agent forwarded the suspect information's to the FBI board where Mr. Bernard Keith was tagged an FBI authorized criminal and his name was added to the FBI wanted list.
Samples of Blood collected from the victims cloth, using a sterile cloth square and a small amount of distilled water to remove was sent from the hospital were their body was been diagnosed to the FBI Headquarters was also examined by Mr. Nicole if he could come out with more evidences, the blood was examined through DNA to confirm if the blood does not belong to another person but information showed that the blood were for the victims. Nails that was scrapped from the victims finger were also examined by the analyst but all effort also proved abortive, at this juncture, Mr. Nicole relented to allow the special agent perform their work if more evidences will show up thereafter.
At noon day, cops alongside some FBI special agents had been sent for the arrest of Mr. Bernard Keith. Mr. Bernard Keith was apprehended under the scorching sun in his apartment located at San Antonio, De Bexar Texas while he was parking his baggage and luggage trying to abscond form the city, he was actually living alone in his two bedroom flat cottage, the police squad surrounded him up requesting him to go on his knees. He was then frisked by one of the cop, an I - Phone gadget was found on him which was seized and sealed up in a brown file by the police team leader, he was then handcuffed and decently accompanied into the FBI ACHP Ford interceptor utility black vehicle which has a rooftop flashing light, convoy of the radio mobile police car were aligned in four's at the front and behind as they headed towards the FBI headquarters.
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:19am On Dec 18, 2016
'Mr. Bernard Keith! As at 08:50PM last night, where were you?' Agent Dave an interrogator from the Federal law enforcement organization inquired, he was in the interrogation room with Mr. Bernard Keith. The soundproof room which was under surveillance had only three chairs, two for detectives and one for the suspect with a desk placed at the center of the room, nothing was written on the white coated wall which creates a sense of exposure, unfamiliarity and isolation that heighten the suspect sensation throughout the interrogation, the room is out of control of light switches and thermostat which set up a feeling of dependence and discomfort and a one - way mirror placed on the wall of the room which allows the detectives to watch the process of interrogation.
'To be sincere with you, I won't like to prolong my stay here or like to be detained that is why I will never be evasive in my speech. Actually I was on a mission with some American lads, 2399, Elman street, Houston, TX 77019, U.S.A.' Mr. Bernard Keith replied with his hand and foot chained in fetal position to the floor.
'Mr. Bernard Keith, regarding the death of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey yesterday Night at same location you stated, evidence from the America Police Force that was been investigated by the FBI Crime Scene Investigator resulted that you were involved in the incident because a truck was said to have drove off the crime scene, however, information showed that the truck was for you, how true is this because the organization is ready to give you the full support if only you detest from been cagey.'
'There is no cryptic information's from what the FBI analyzed, I was at a juke joint yesterday night when two American lads approached me where I was sitting drinking alcohol, we exchanged greetings and one of them told me they watched me while I came down of the truck. I asked them what that has to do with why they came to me, the latter then replied that they have a job for me and the truck will be the best way of executing the job, at first I rejected the offer but suddenly I saw $50 dollars on my table, they told me that if the mission is accomplished I will be offered more money. I was enticed by the huge amount of money due to the pressure of the alcohol I was taking, immediately I grabbed the money and accepted the offer.' Mr. Bernard Keith narrated.
'So you are trying to make me understand that this is the first time you are working with them?'
'Yes agent, and the last time also.'
'Do you have any information you can give us about those lad that can lead to their arrest, because if they are not nabbed, it is likely this case ends up in the court of law, it does not matter how innocent you are because the evidence that warranty your bail are those two criminals. So its better you don't give us ambiguous information that can get you detained.'
'After the mission had been accomplished, I was neutralized from the influence of the alcohol I drank that evening, it was then I realized that I had been victimized, I blamed myself for my actions. I was struck by a voice in my heart to get down of the truck to search for any evidence I can take hold of before the lads head back to the truck, so I decided to follow my spirit voice by sneaking out of the truck, I tip-toed to the back of the truck were I saw two bags, I quickly grabbed one to search it, in it I was able to take possession of a Samsung phone.'
'How can we get the phone?'
'It has been seized from me at my home while the cops came to arrest me.'
'Thank you very much for been innocent and open - minded to us, we are so sorry that you will be detained for now till the criminal are been apprehended following the investigation that will be carried out on the gadget' Agent Dave said as he walked out of the interrogation room. Mr. Bernard Keith was later taken away and locked up in the FBI custody.
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:21am On Dec 18, 2016
The following morning at the FBI Headquarters, Mr. Nicole and a special agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Investigative Division were analyzing the gadget collected from Mr. Bernard Keith, the image of the criminal was used as the wallpaper of the phone which made the research so easier for them, special agent Richard transferred the image into the FBI encrypted computer system while the analyst worked on it, he got information about the lad and the exact location he was through a Global Positioning System from the FBI tower, his name is Eric, Mr. Nicole said to special agent Richard as he continued his research. The information was forwarded to the FBI police and they immediately swung into action, they trooped out in four's with their revolver riffles heading towards their radio mobile patrol car alongside with four FBI special agents in their black raid jackets each of them having a covert listening device known as wire which is usually a combination of a miniature radio transmitter with a microphone hung across their ear through which they eavesdrop from their targeted location to the transducer at the FBI Control room where their voices are been processed, they alighted their ACHP Ford interceptor black utility vehicle and drove off with convoys of patrol cars. In the FBI utility vehicle was a GPS gadget through which the agents are been directed from the FBI headquarters tower about locations.
'Halt all police convoys and park by the way, all sirens switched off. We have a target in bound 030 degree West' special agent Richard ordered from the tower. He wanted to get the exact building their target Eric was hidden before they troop in for his arrest, the FBI utility vehicle stopped by the road side alongside all other patrol cars.
'Everyone be at alert, agent Craig please step out of the car and move into the street, 035 degree North-West with your Global Positioning System tracker' special agent Richard said. Agent Craig did as he was ordered from the FBI tower; it makes the agent at the tower have direct signals with the buildings around.
'Yes! I have got a location; the close circuit television shows that he's on the Brian tower, suite 15, room 5. He is in a pink shirt tucked into his black trouser wandering around the room; I’m starting to guess he has an appointment with someone.' Agent Richard informed from the tower, agent Craig who was at a corner of the street poke nosing wagged his head focusing at an angle of elevation of 065 degree from the ground trying to get locate the building. Yes, he finally saw the Brian tower.
'I found it.' he replied.
'To take possession of the building now will be very difficult because Eric may escape easily through the back door, what you will do is to go carry the power bike in the car, ride it to a corner of the street and I will inform you of what to do next.' Agent Richard said. Agent Craig darted off the street heading towards their utility vehicle to carry the power bike which was in the boot.
'Good luck.' other agents in the vehicle said as he ride off. They also were listening to what the agent is saying from the tower. Everyone is carried along in case of emergency.
'Eric is heading down stairs through the front elevator, be at alert agents. Agent Craig, a vehicle is going to come pick him up at the gate, I want you to go after it, and so your location will be our main target.' Agent Richard said. As Eric stepped out of the building, a black jeep leaped out a corner in the street and conveyed him away, thereafter Agent Craig then followed the jeep behind with a little gap.
'Agent Craig, any information about the target, I can see you moving?' Agent Richard inquired.
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:22am On Dec 18, 2016
'Yes, Eric was conveyed in a black pajero jeep with registration number BD51SMR heading 045 degree North - West.' he said. The FBI in the utility vehicle were ordered to head 010 degree North while the patrol cars were ordered to split themselves with one part heading 095 degree west and the latter heading 163 degree South. They swerved all around the street clearing all passers - by away from the way. Eric's driver had realized the power bike had been behind them from a far for past minutes, he then suspected he is on a target mission, Agent Craig moved more closely to them. We have a spy, the driver prompted Eric who told him to speed up the vehicle, the cops and FBI special agents had went ahead of Eric's vehicle plying through streets. They already calculated his journey and knew the road he was going to en - route.
'Order for the rise of the bollards on 23523 Washington, we are about apprehending Eric. Bollards are short vertical post aligned on the road parallel to the ground surface, it is controlled by an electric or hydraulic mechanism to enable traffic to pass, or raised to block traffic, they are mainly used to secure areas from attack, or to restrict access to particular classes of traffic' Agent Craig declared, his request was granted successful with immediate effect from the FBI tower, the whole inside out of the street have been occupied with police waiting for a go ahead order cross Eric's way from Agent Craig, Eric whose vehicle was already approaching the iron barricade sighted that the iron security pivot had been shoot out, it was then he knew that the man on the power bike was not the only one after him.
'Make a U - turn now.' Eric ordered his driver aggressively.
While his driver was trying to turn, the police squad rained bullets at vehicle tyre, Eric jumped out of the car with a riffle on his shoulder wanting to abscond through a narrow aisle between two houses by the side of the road, but unfortunately, he had been encamped by the police at every angle, he was ordered to drop his gun and raise his hand up into the air of which he obliged because he has no way out, a police cop stepped forward to frisk him alongside with his chauffeur who was dragged out of the car. Realizing that there were no other harmful gadgets on them the police cuffed their hands and they were conveyed to the FBI Headquarters for interrogation.
Eric had been seriously tortured at the FBI interrogation room due to the fact that he is trying to be evasive and stiff-headed about the whereabouts of his accomplice with whom they both carried out the murder operation on the Nigerian couple, his driver had been detained in the FBI custody and will be remanded till the case is brought to book. Following more series of torture, Eric gave details of the whereabouts of his accomplice because he was denied of his lawyer, Agent Dave sent the next target information, Jack to the FBI board and action was immediately taking thereafter, FBI agents alongside with convoys of police patrol car was sent for the arrest, the team were loaded with gadgets and other materials needed, they were also supported with maximum security from the FBI tower because they were going on a secret and thorough mission. Jack was a deadly criminal who had been terrorizing the city of Washington some months ago, all effort by the police to nab him always prove abortive due to his diversified locations but the FBI had made it a mandate never to go with it this time. Arresting Jack in his apartment was a very great task, his surroundings were occupied with securities and his building was fully fortified even with close circuit televisions around his building, before they would be able to carry out any operations, all close circuit television in the building must be inactive.
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:24am On Dec 18, 2016
They informed the tower about their difficulties and the close circuit television was been controlled from the FBI tower, they made it inactive for ten minutes, all operations within the surrounding must not exceed ten minutes, so you have minimum of nine minutes to get into the building, Agent Richard informed agents. Within ten minutes, they were able to take down all securities in the surroundings and gain access into the apartment through the security door that was been broken up with an explosive device, all close circuit televisions became active after ten minutes had exceeded.
Jack detected through his firearm detector that his house had been broken in, he walked to his control room to check on the circuit television that had the audacity to break into his apartment, he was gob smacked to realize that convoys of police men had surrounded his building. He wandered how they got to know his location he was at that present moment, the operatives must have nabbed Jack, he thought in his mind walking straight to his inner room to reload his riffle, thereafter he tip - toed to the roof of the building where he was awaiting the arrival of his helicopter.
‘Cleared’ the cops communicated with each other as they gathered back at Jack's lounge room.
'Everywhere is cleared' FBI special agent Norman who was discombobulated, sent a voice message to the agent at the FBI tower.
'Alright, give me some seconds, I’m working on it. Location detected, Jack is on the roof and will soon be flown away by a helicopter. Go arrest him'
The cops were unable to detect the doorway through which Jack pass to get to the roof, suddenly one of the cops discovered the door which has a replica of the color on the wall, it was without any handle lock. An FBI special agent Norman step forward to hit the door with his leg which make the door to shatter into pieces, Jack who heard the sound of the door corked his riffle about to exchange bullets with anyone that show up, the FBI special agent Norman and cops move inch by inch as they walk through the staircase, getting to the peak of the staircase one of the FBI special agent Norman poke nosed through the door.
'It will be too difficult to confront him, he is ready to pull the trigger at anyone that shows up the staircase.' he said to other cops, he decided to view his hand using the riffle rear view magnifier aperture if he could succeed in gunning him down, fate caught up with Jack as FBI special agent Norman shot his hand at a close shot of the magnifier of which he fell to the ground with the gun. Other cops trooped out immediately from their secret place to handcuff him while some cops masked a circular trend pointing guns at him, it was then he sighted the helicopter heading towards the roof of the building. The pilot who saw that his boss had been gun down, dived back into the air without wasting time, the cops would have shot at him but it would cause disaster and chaos to the vicinity, one of the FBI special agent Norman then sent a voice note to the tower for immediate action in tracking down the helicopter, he was immediately replied to take down the registration number of the helicopter of which he did as fast as possible. 15JE2, he said through his covert listener device to the FBI tower where it is been recorded for reference purposes.
The news of his arrest was broadcast all over the country as everyone jubilated like it was Christmas, the president of U.S commended the FBI agents for their great commitment to making the country great and free from terrorist. At the interrogation room, Mr. Jack confessed to the crime he committed but did not want to disclose the identity of the person he worked for.
'Who sent you to kill those couples?' Agent Dave asked.
'I don't know him'
'You don't know him, stop playing pranks on me boy, how will you tell me you don't know the person who sent you a job and you expect me to confide in you'
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:25am On Dec 18, 2016
'I don't really know him, the deal was done on phone and he forwarded the details and image of the victims to my email and after the mission had been accomplished he sent the money to our account'
'What of his mobile number, can I have it?'
'I already destroyed my Subscriber Identification Module'
'Do you know you are biting me hard on this case, definitely you and your accomplice will be the one to go on this journey alone?'
'We have been paid for that also'
'Serious!' agent Dave chuckled. After the interrogation, the criminals file was sealed at the U.S attorney's Office and they were arraigned to court for justice with a murdered case charge. A week after, Mr. Eric and Mr. Jack arrived the U.S department of Justice in FBI utility vehicle fortified through his firearm detector with police convoy, their hand was hand cuffed. The jury at the court of law listened to Mr. Eric and Mr. Jack explanation, however, they were been accused of murder, analyzing their speech, Mr. Eric and Mr. Jack were found guilty of the charge sentencing them to life imprisonment, the jury also urged the FBI agent to continue to put all hands on deck in apprehending other criminals involved in the murder case.

Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:46am On Dec 18, 2016
please comment, interesting, captivating or not?
Re: Rhythms Beyond Belief - A Novel By Team_leader by TeamLeader112: 11:46am On Dec 18, 2016
Chapter 1 follows In the evening
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15A Mac Donald Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.
It was dusk, the wave of the spurring wind was intensely darting North, East, West and South, it was gyrating clockwise and anticlockwise like a pendulum bulb, but the firmament looks gloomy and daunting due to its obscure nature. The nature of the cloud put into words a numinous memorandum like there was going to be an intense torrent of rainfall but that seems to be a myth. The entire environment was silent as a grave yard with the impression that the intact living creature in that hinterland had been extinct, walking through a street was seen charming and luxurious cottage which seems enthralling, it was encompassed in a fence with a giant gate adjacent the anterior view of the cottage. The surrounding area of the cottage was enormously spacious, varieties flowers used in decorating around the pink-painted elegant edifice were jazzing to the music of the wind and at the anterior view of the cottage was parked a cool looking Bentley car and Toyota land cruiser Jeep of respective different colors. An undertone voice of a lady communicating with someone was soon heard from the cottage, it was Pamela precisely conversing with her mother, Mrs. Clifford, and she was trying to mooch her.
Pamela was a lady full of etiquette, she loves going to bash and meeting new friends, but her father, Mr. Clifford never allowed her to leave the house, whenever she wants to decide her father do oppose her opinion. Actually, she just completed her year of study in the University of Lagos located at Yaba Metropolitan Arterial road with a B.Sc Degree in Accounting. When she was in the varsity, her dad had a spy who use to monitor her all around the campus and gives him feedback, she's was born with a silver spoon because the world seems to be at her father's feet, but despite the fact that her father had habitually advised her on several occasions not to attend night bash or hang out with friends at secluded region either when at home or on campus, she decided to be stiff-headed turning her impaired deaf ears to her father's words.
Mr. Clifford was a disciplined man, a man of his own words, whenever he says yes, no one dares says no, he never accepted opposite ideas when he his deciding. When he is determined to embark on anything, no one can dare stop him, whenever he feels aggressive he act in a belligerence way due to his hot tempered behavior. He has a high rank at the shipping company in Apapa.
After the final year student convocation ceremony held at noon time of the day at the University of Lagos, an after party was to be held by Pamela's cohort which was to be marked a D - day at a friend's apartment known as Brittney. Brittney lived alone at her parent three storey building home in Moor Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria, she had commenced her degree programme in Nigeria before her parent left for the state, she decided to obtain her degree certificate in Nigeria before she also travels abroad to stay with her parent. Brittney's parents are a multi - billionaire tycoon who resides at 3765 Robin Hood Street, Houston, TX 77005, U.S.A.
Pamela was blind-folded and beguiled by the deceptive agenda prepared for the after party, this made her to scold her mother to let her attend the party since it's once in a blue moon and besides it's been long she attended her friend birthday party, initially her mother wouldn't have allowed her to go for the evening party but she had pity on her and thought that she was not a baby to be spoon fed anymore.
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'Letting you attend this party is based on a tentative measure because your father is away and I don't want to be put to blame for my actions, so I want you to make sure your arrival is very early and also avoid alcoholic drinks. Make sure you maintain your when you get there and don't allow any lad move closer to you or to the extent of seducing you, I hope you have my words on that.' she warned her with a confused facial expression as she walk away to the lounge room to tune on the television set because she has an important programme to watch.
'Sheesh, mum you know am not brought up in that manner, am not gullible to that extent. However, I promise to hold onto your words and never to forget an iota or even a dot in it.' Pamela calmed her mom and urged her not to think too much about her so as not to cause herself heartbreak.
'I will always maintain my status wherever I go.' she hastily wagged to her room to replace her wears into a nice vogue, the entire section of the room was elegantly decorated with dozens of posters which are in varying sizes of different content mostly expressing a political idea or a taste of music, her awesome photo shots of her in the varsity was also placed around the room embedded in a glass frame. In an array of gloss and semi - gloss, shades of pink cover the four walls with a white brick lining design across the center. Standing at the doorway looking inward was a twin - size bed directly facing the pink wardrobe, its sheet and blankets are ruffled and in dire need of straightened. Two pillows rest at opposite ends covered by case made of turquoise cloth, these colors forms a pleasant contrast with the darker blues of the bedspread, the floor of the room was tiled with pure white marble porcelains. Walking out of her room to leave for the party, her mother sighted her from the lounge room where she was busy watching the latest News on Channels Television and marveled due to the decent attire her daughter was clad in. She then bid her mum farewell as she walked majestically out of the lounge room.
The night bash had taking off in the evening, music was blaring at a high rate from the lounge room couch of Brittney's glass apartment from the 2nd floor of the royal building; the lounge room has a wide area with furniture and mementos of family history, photographs and newspaper clipping of the children in their radio show days. The Disk Jockey was screeching the music as everyone danced in pairs at diverse steps, Pamela arrive the party and campus friends were gob smacked to see her because they all knew her father to be a quite disciplined man whom does not deviate from his words. Everyone gave Pamela a warmth welcome approach because she happened to be a famous student on campus; Brittney stepping out of her room sighted Pamela and hurriedly went to give her a pleasant hug also.
'This is so astounding, I already lost the assertiveness that your mum would allow you attend the party, I lost all hope after longing to see you for quite a while thinking you had been deprived of today's fun. Good to see you amidst us tonight.' Brittney said with roses of smile dancing on her face.
'Chuckles, if I had acted naive with my mum, I wouldn't have been here tonight. I had to thoroughly mooch her before she could allow me partake in tonight's bash, but I'm constraint to time. She spurred me not to stay too long and avoid alcoholic drinks so as to die down the detriment of been seduced by lechers.' Pamela replied as she urged Brittney to keep an eye on her whenever she tries to act saucy or flare - up if confronted by any lad because she knew lad can never detest from doing what they delighted pleasure in doing most. I believe you know what I mean by that, she said.
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Brittney yielded to her friends instruction and promised to hold on to her words, she went in quickly to get Pamela a chewed drink with some hot sauced snacks served on a blue amoeba tray with a glass cup which has a white tissue in it. She was back to the living room where the party was busy rocking after some minutes she had gone in, she placed the items on a flower-designed blue porcelain table in front of Pamela. She drank and eats till she was satisfied whilst Brittney was busy attending to other friends whom are just arrived the party because the agenda of the bash was stipulated from dusk to dawn.
It was an opaque and horrendous moment; Pamela had slept for over an hour on the blue sofa she sat on. She suddenly woke up from her slumber to find herself in an unconscious state, she stood up on her feet stammering as she picked up her phone from the table to check the time only to realize that it was past nine PM, she began to act abnormal with her eyes protrude to an incongruous extent as she walked out of the apartment. Though she exerted much energy to try get to the main gate of the edifice, but unlocking the black gigantic gate her leg crossed a keen iron rod lined underneath the gate letting her stumble to the ground with blood dripping out of the cut on her leg, she stood up with an emotionally unstable posture hanging her pink hand bag across her neck and pulled off her tiger skinned leather shoe to began walking bare-footed. Brittney who was still with her friends, sharing the unremarkable bright moment spent during their days on campus observed that Pamela was no longer on sit, she urgently excused herself from her friends to check out on her whereabouts, she searched the whole apartment but all effort proved abortive.
'How could Amber had disappeared into thin air without my consent, could she have gone home.........., but I still sighted her presence not quite long.' she muttered turning around to pick her silver coated Samsung S6 android phone which was on the table and call her, Pamela's phone rang several times but she didn't pick it up. Brittney immediately darted through the staircase to check if Pamela was in the compound, getting downstairs and searching the whole surroundings she didn't find even a needle, she then decided to peep through the gate to check if she hasn't gone too far merely to see her Tiger skinned leather shoe at the entrance of the gate with blood stains from the cut on her leg. Her bone ached suddenly and the blood flowing through her veins frozen to the extent she couldn't hold her breath any longer.
'Hoooooohz! Hoooooooohz!! Hooooooooooooooohz!!!' she exhaled feeling groaned; she left the gate ajar to search for Pamela on the street because she wondered why she could have pulled of her shoe at the entrance of the gate. After walking some meters away from home, she sighted Pamela sleep-walking from afar distance due to the gold laced attire she wore which shines bright at night.
`Pamela! Pamela!!' she yelled running towards her, unexpectedly she saw a Black Volkswagen van with tinted glass which leaped into the street from a corner of the silent street approaching Pamela, and she began to run towards Pamela to catch on her. Perhaps, she could have catch up with her but the vehicle was quite swifter than she was, the bus then slowed down on getting towards Pamela, it suddenly stopped and a man who was fortified in a blue canvass with a blue crimps shirt tucked in his black trouser wearing a back sunglass on his face with a green hood covering his head busted out of the bus to push Pamela in and then slammed the door taking its full speed out of the environment North - West. Brittney began to chase the bus at an intense rate but could not catch up with it, She felt like that night was the awkward moment of her life as tears were playing football match on her pretty face.
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'I'm guilty for failing Pamela's promise; I broke her trust in me. What would I do?' she soliloquizes as she ran back to her apartment to pick up her phone with the aim of informing the police about the horrendous incident that occurred to her friend. She rushed into her apartment looking frightened and hurriedly picked up her silver coated Samsung S6 android phone which she kept under the care of her friend to place the Ikoyi Divisional Police Officer (D.P.O) a distress call.
'Goo-oo-od evening Sir, its Brittney placing you a call from i-i-ikoyi, main arterial road, actually it was my friend that was kidnapped by an unknown stranger who was in greeeeeen ho-oo-ood, she was conveyed by a Bla-a-a-ck Vol-ksw-a-agen van with tin-tin-tinted glass.......' Brittney stuttered as she spoke with the Divisional Police Officer of the Nigeria Police Force, Awolowo road, Ikoyi Eti Osa, Lagos with her fingers darting all around which made her phone to be unstable on her ears. The moments her friends at the party eavesdropped all her ordeal while she left their midst, they ordered the Disk Jockey to halt the music he was playing and the party was disrupted as many invited guest took to their heels with the fear of been detained by the police.
'That's so pathetic but notwithstanding you don't need to weep, as far as you have informed the operatives your friend will be found within a short period of time. Just keep your mind at rest, I have noted all crucial information's needed and I will forward it to the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (CIID) to swing into action as fast as possible.' The Divisional Police Officer gave an epic assurance.
'Very soon some Individual Police Officers (IPO's) would be sent on a rescue mission. So I assure you that your friend will be found before its dawn.' he continued as Brittney dropped the call still shedding tears pen ultimately with a thank you undertone voice.
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