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Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 2:17pm On May 17, 2017
Updates commences on Friday.

Enjoy. *winks*
Re: Bukky Alakara by queenitee(f): 4:58pm On May 17, 2017
Friday? Morogo. Today is wednesday
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 5:04pm On May 17, 2017
Friday? Morogo. Today is wednesday

Are u oliver twist?

If I can update before friday , I will. But, friday is sure.
Re: Bukky Alakara by Akinwale14(m): 5:15pm On May 17, 2017

Are u oliver twist?
If I can update before friday , I will. But, friday is sure.
Ok no p
Re: Bukky Alakara by Olaide59(f): 7:41pm On May 17, 2017
More invites ...

Novelbeast, KAssybabe, Despiradoizi, rockyh, ROHY, Akinwale14, Torrresmannl, Olaide59, Rozan10, chillgist, Osgee, jupitre, oadewale, gracile, Inams, ChizzyMans, keemellah,
Present Ma'am
Re: Bukky Alakara by empress101(f): 9:24pm On May 17, 2017
nice one
Re: Bukky Alakara by empress101(f): 9:24pm On May 17, 2017
nice one..
Re: Bukky Alakara by queenitee(f): 10:36pm On May 17, 2017

Are u oliver twist?

If I can update before friday , I will. But, friday is sure.
Yes ma. Thanks
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 11:00pm On May 17, 2017

Yes ma. Thanks

*hugs *
Re: Bukky Alakara by Olaide59(f): 6:57am On May 18, 2017
Following. Bring it on
Re: Bukky Alakara by etzskillz(m): 7:24am On May 18, 2017
Re: Bukky Alakara by cyojunior1(m): 7:33am On May 18, 2017
Bukky Alakara

All rights reserved

Copyright 2017


Bukky Folorunsho had to move in with her aunt due to the challenges her parents were facing. She had no formal education and the search for her daily bread was nightmarish.

Gbemiga Phillips was the first child and only son of his parents. His family believed that he was destined to bring them out of poverty.

Like ripples, the different seasons they encountered in their lives spun several unstoppable events that led to a cascading end.

I tink its high time u people stopped writing stories that is incomplete
Re: Bukky Alakara by afroxyz: 7:58am On May 18, 2017
You never write anything, yet you invited the first whole nairaland. I'm done. I'm writing my stuff from now
Re: Bukky Alakara by tumababa(m): 8:18am On May 18, 2017
Unfortunately i use a mac
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 8:27am On May 18, 2017

I tink its high time u people stopped writing stories that is incomplete

Search my moniker. All my stories are complete. This is a new one
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 8:28am On May 18, 2017
You never write anything, yet you invited the first whole nairaland. I'm done. I'm writing my stuff from now

U r so funny
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 8:29am On May 18, 2017
Unfortunately i use a mac

Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 8:31am On May 18, 2017
My favorite peeps.

Updates commences today at lunch time.

Enjoy *winks*
Re: Bukky Alakara by Olaxtra: 10:30am On May 18, 2017
Nice bae, love the #shewrites.
Re: Bukky Alakara by hazee11(m): 10:33am On May 18, 2017
Nyc story, its very captivating. More ink to ur pen.
Re: Bukky Alakara by mastermind36(m): 10:53am On May 18, 2017
[color=#000099][/color]sorry please where do I comment.....way DAT cream make I give una while u wait smileysorry please where do I comment.....way DAT cream make I give una while u wait
Re: Bukky Alakara by Kamelot77(m): 11:17am On May 18, 2017
oya bring my popcorn here.........shewrites has started anoda heart blowing job
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 1:26pm On May 18, 2017
Nice bae, love the #shewrites.


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Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 1:27pm On May 18, 2017
Nyc story, its very captivating. More ink to ur pen.

thank you. i appreciate.
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 1:29pm On May 18, 2017
oya bring my popcorn here.........shewrites
has started anoda heart blowing job

Bring your groundnut and zobo with kunu ooo *winks*
Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 1:30pm On May 18, 2017

There was light off. Bukky and her aunt sat outside the house with some of their neighbours. Many complained about the incessant shortage of power supply, the terrible heat, and the nation’s economy as a whole. A few people spread their mats and lay under the moon, cooled by the night breeze. She wished she could join them. She was already feeling sleepy, but, dreaded sleeping in the hot baked room. She heard someone whistle. She turned her head and sighted Gbemiga standing by the entrance of the bungalow. He was looking straight at her. He retreated and stepped back in. Her dark anxious eyes darted left and right. She mumbled into her aunt’s ear that she was going in. The woman nodded and continued talking to the house wife seated beside her. She got up slowly and went in. She saw Gbemiga walking towards the back of the house. She hurried after him.

He halted behind the large kitchen shared by everyone living in the house and turned around. He smiled broadly when he saw Bukky walking towards him. It was dark, but the full moon illuminated their surrounding. She stood in front of him and folded her arms across her chest. She felt a tinge of happiness at the thought that she was finally alone with him. She saw him briefly that morning when she left for the market to hustle for her daily bread, and when she returned, she ran errands for her aunt until it grew dark. The lack of electrical supply also made movement a bit restricted.

“How are you doing?” he grinned at her. He had been longing to speak with her all day.

“I am okay,” she stared right back at him.

“I will be leaving for school tomorrow morning.”

She paled. She had tried not to think of the day he would resume school. They just started dating. Would the time apart make their bond closer and stronger or fragile?

“I will be home for the Christmas holiday,” he tried to cheer her up. The sad glint in her dark eyes mirrored is own state of mind.

“That is almost four months away,” she complained and frowned. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to start a relationship with him. Maybe they should have waited.

He reached out for her hands and held it in is warm ones, “I am going to miss you too. You can always visit.”

“I don’t know my way to Epe,” she began to shake her head.

“My school is a popular place, you will not get missing,” he tried to convince her.

She raised an eyebrow and stared back at him. She doubted if she would be able to visit him in school. The transportation fare would surely be cut-throat.

“The café guy I introduced you to will help you check your mails and send replies.”

She dropped her gaze. She wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement. She couldn’t read or write. What choice do they have? She swore to herself. She would get educated one way or another.

“I am going to miss you greatly,” he drew her close and wrapped his arms around her.

She swallowed hard and looked up at him. Her skin became tensed due to his nearness. Her heart missed a beat. What if someone caught them? She pushed the thought and tried to relax. She wouldn’t be seeing him again for a very long time.

“I am going to miss you too.”

He dropped his head and claimed her lips. She froze. Should she push him away? Should she bask in the euphoric sensations that coursed through her nerve cells for a while then stop him? Indecision numbed her for a moment. She parted her lips and leaned into him. She heard him groan. She kissed him back; like a good student, she copied the way he maneuvered his lips and tongue. She felt his hands cradling her hips, and then slid down her soft, firm backside. He guided her towards the concrete wall. She rested against the rough wall, hands wrapped around his neck. She felt the pressure of the bulge between his thighs. The way he rubbed against her turned her on and to her surprise, the desire to be united with him clouded her mind.

She jerked backwards the instance she felt his hand on her bosom. She adjusted her blouse and lifted her shocked gaze to meet his intense ones. Why did he touch her like that? The fact that she allowed him to kiss her didn’t give him the right to handle her.

“I am sorry.”

He didn’t look apologetic. She eyed him.

“I got carried away.”

“Don’t do that again,” her warning eyes remained on his face.

He smiled, “Okay. Whenever you are ready.”

“Ready for what?” her eyes widened.

He chuckled, “It is normal for two people who really like each other to express their feelings physically.”

She began to shake her head in disagreement.

“Come on. This is part of every relationship.”

“Not this one,” her eyes hardened with seriousness.

He opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it.

“I promised God that I will keep myself until my wedding night.”

He scratched his head. Every single girl he dated in the past allowed him to touch them. Although as a Christian, he wasn’t supposed to indulge in sex before marriage, but, at times, things got out of hand.

“If this relationship is going to progress, we can’t sleep with each other,” she folded her arms against her chest.

He stared back at her, “But, we can still kiss and…”

“Maybe once in a while. But, you can’t touch me… you can’t just grab me and start touching me anyhow.”

He sighed, “I get your point, it’s fine by me,” he hoped to be able to dissuade her from her almighty rules sooner than later.

She sighed with relief. She would have called the whole thing off if he had insisted on compulsory physical intimacy.

“Will you be able to see me off tomorrow morning?”

She nodded quickly, “Yes.”


Her eyes darted about the moment she heard voices afar off, “I have to go. My aunt might be looking for me.”

“Okay. See you in the morning.”

She smiled at him.

“Can I get a goodnight hug?”

The smile faded, “Don’t be an Oliver Twist,” she backed away, turned around and sauntered off.

He started to laugh, leaned against the wall and sighed heavily. Thoughts of his girlfriend flooded his mind. It was a good thing that he would be resuming school the next day. The distance would help to cage his amorous feelings towards her. He placed both hands on his head. He reminisced on the taste of her lips, the smoothness of her skin and the way his body responded to her proximity. He wished he could stay in her arms forever.

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Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 1:32pm On May 18, 2017

Bukky tossed and turned on the almost flat foam continuously until her disgruntled aunt woke up and gave her a knock on the head. She rolled to the edge of the bed, lay still, and massaged the spot where the pain emanated from. She couldn’t sleep. 'Thoughts of how her boyfriend fondled her replayed on her mind over and over again. She enjoyed been kissed by him. She liked been in his arms. The deal breaker was that things could really get out of hand. What if she got pregnant? She was just eighteen and he was twenty. They were not matured enough to take care of themselves, talk about a child. She didn’t want to be a baby mama. It was the trend amongst several teenage girls and young women in the society. Was it possible to date someone and be able to prevent getting physically intimate? How does one control the sexual urge in the face of temptation? She had no idea that it was going to be that tough. Living in obedience to God’s word was a whole new affair when it involved matters of the heart. She cleared her mind and tried to think about other things.

Her boyfriend was now an undergraduate and in the next four years, he would be a graduate of LASU, with B.sc in Economics and Statistics. Where would she be then? If by chance they were still in a relationship, would her illiteracy come in-between them? If she really wanted to get educated, how was she going to finance it? God said in his word that he had given her the power to make wealth. She needed a very good business idea. If she began to do something, God would surely bless the work of her hand. She was not too young to run her own business. She closed her eyes and began to pray.


Kike woke her niece up that morning before leaving the house to the market place to hustle for her daily bread. The girl didn’t allow her to sleep the other night. The way she was turning every five minutes kept her awake. Even after hitting her on the head in order to caution her, she heard her praying a storm a while later. If not that the girl was her elder sister’s daughter, she would have driven her out of the room. She wasn’t against the prayers, but, it was done at the wrong time. She should have considered that she wasn’t alone. She would raise the issue when she returned home in the evening.

Bukky sat up on the almost flat bed, drowsy and exhausted. She doubted if she slept for more than three hours. She scratched a spot on her scalp and thought of loosening her plaited hair. It would cost her nothing less than two hundred naira to have it re-done. She looked around for her leather wrist-watch and found it on the floor. She stretched out her hand and picked it up. It was several minutes past seven. She was late. By the time she had her bath and dressed up, an hour would have gone by. If she met a queue outside the only bathroom in the compound, two hours would take flight.

She rubbed her fingers against her eyes and yawned loudly. A random thought crossed her mind. There was a woman that lived three houses away from theirs, when she used to live with her parents. She sold fried bean cake, popularly called akara. Whenever she was sent to buy some bean cake, she watched how the woman turned the grinded bean in a big basin and scooped it into the hot oil. The people that patronized her used the akara to eat cooked pap, bread, or garri soaked in water. She heard that the woman was able to sponsor her children’s education with the business.

Bukky jumped off the bed. Several thoughts and ideas ran through her excited mind. She could do the same thing. She had less than a thousand naira in her purse. She could start with what she had. She would buy a module of beans, a bottle of vegetable oil, pepper, magi, salt, what else? She used to see one of her neighbours with a big black fry pan. She would borrow it. She needed a coal pot too. How much does it cost to buy coal and fire wood in the area? She would find out. First things first, she needed to ask the landlady for permission to use the front of the bungalow to sell her wares. What if she asked her to pay? She hoped she wouldn’t. She paled. The landlady was known to be foulmouthed and easily angered. She prayed to God for favour

She slipped into her Dunlop slippers, changed into a blouse and a skirt and hurried out of the room. She was going to take the bulls by the horns.


Bukky placed the big black fry pan on the medium size charcoal stove and re-arranged the coal and firewood underneath. The pan was borrowed from her neighbour, on the condition that she returned it washed and cleaned every day. She hoped to buy one soonest. The yellow light of the fire began to lick its way around the wood and coal which cost her a quarter of the money she had in her purse. She opened the bottle of vegetable oil she bought that morning and poured it into the pan. She threw the empty bottle aside and began to turn the mixture of grinded black-eyed beans, pepper, onions and seasoned with maggi and salt. She had no more money left. She promised to pay the local grinder after sales that day. The woman was the only one she owed. It had been a miracle when the landlady gave her permission to use part of the frontage of the house to cook and sell her wares. The woman didn’t even ask any funny questions. All she wanted was a daily portion of bean-cake. She looked up to the sky and prayed to God to bless her business.

“Na you dey sell akara for here?” one of her neighbours approached her. The pot-bellied man was bare-chested and had a wrapper tied around his weight.

She looked in his direction, “Yes, sir.”

“Very good. How much?” he stood in front of the charcoal stove.

“Ten naira per one.”

“I want a hundred naira own,” his eyes darted around, “Don’t you sell bread?”

“No sir.”

“What about corn pap?” he directed his gaze at her sweat streaked face.

“No sir.”

He scratched his bald head.

“I will start selling bread by tomorrow, and maybe corn pap later on,” she made a mental note to go to the bakery at the junction and find out what it would cost to buy hot fresh bread daily, with or without cash. She might buy corn, blend it and make the pap herself. Her mother taught her how to make corn pap before she turned twelve.

“Once your akara is done, please sell a hundred naira own for me.”

“Okay sir.”

“I will go and buy bread at the junction.”

“Okay sir,” she watched him leave and smiled; her very first customer. She started to scoop the mixture into the hot oil with her hand until the pan had no more space. The aroma of the cooking bean-cake drifted into her nose. She grinned from ear to ear. She could discern that it was going to be very tasty.

Thirty minutes later, almost everyone living in the twenty room bungalow gathered around her, ordering for the akara. They argued, fought, joked and bought her wares. People from the houses next to theirs joined them and in less than three hours, it was sold out. When she counted the money she made, it was triple the amount she spent that morning. She had enough to prepare for the next day, pay her debt, make pap and buy bread from the bakery.

She had her bath, changed into a tee-shirt and a jean, brushed her hair and set off to the market. She thanked God as she walked towards the junction. She had a feeling that her business was going to do very well. Finally, she would be able to sponsor herself and get educated. It didn’t matter how long it would take, she would not give up.


Kike returned home from the market that evening and met her niece sieving a large amount of corn pap outside their room. One of their neighbours who saw her in the market informed her that Bukky’s akara was the best she had eaten in a long while. She thought the woman was high on something, until she met someone that lived on the same street. The man was just dishing out advise without been asked. She had no idea what her elder sister’s daughter had been up to, but, it got the attention of many people.

”Good evening aunty Kike,” she looked up at the tired looking woman in her mid-thirties.

The dark skinned a little above average height woman eyed her, “Your news travelled all the way to the market and made me look like a fool. Next time you want to do something, please let me know in advance. Or have you forgotten that you are living with someone? Are you the one paying the rent?” she hissed and marched into the room.

Bukky scrambled to her feet and hurried after her, hands covered with blended corn. She found her mother’s sister seated on the almost flat bed, fuming.

“I am so sorry aunty. It all happened so fast…” she went on her knees, “I am sorry. It won’t happen again. E ma bi nu ma.”

Kike hissed again, “You are not serious at all. When your mother sent you to me, what did I tell you? Since I have been living in this compound, no one has heard my voice. I mind my own business. I don’t want any problem with anybody.”

“I am sorry,” she sighed heavily. Maybe she should have looked for her aunt and intimated her of her plans when she was at the market that morning. Assuming she had a phone, she would have been able to call her. Or maybe she should have gone to the lady selling recharge cards under the umbrella down the street and put a call through to her aunt. Next time, she would do just that.

“What exactly is going on?” she turned to the remorseful eighteen year old girl.

Bukky narrated how she started the akara business that morning. Her aunt advised and encouraged her. She thanked her and returned to the basin of pap she left outside the room.

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Re: Bukky Alakara by SheWrites(f): 1:37pm On May 18, 2017

Bukky removed the last batch of the bean cake from the hot oil. It wasn’t even noon and almost all her wares had been bought. It’s being six days since she started the business and news had travelled fast. She was patronized by people living on the street and also in the area. God had truly blessed her business. She hoped to construct a wooden shelter soonest, so that when it rained, she would still be able to sell her akara.

“Good morning.”

She raised her head, “Morning,” she recognized the cyber café attendant. He was the guy who tried to teach her how to browse and opened an email address for her so that she could communicate with her boyfriend.

“How is business?” he grinned at the hot bean cake in the iron sieve.

“We thank God,” she used a piece of rag to lift the hot fry pan at both ends and placed it on the sandy ground.

He brought out a piece of paper from his pocket, “Your guy sent you a mail.”

She sighed with relief. She had been expecting him to write her since he resumed school. She looked around her. They were alone. She gave him the signal to read the mail. Soon, she hoped, she would be able to read her boyfriend’s mail all by herself.

“My sweetest pie…” he cleared his throat, “I have missed you so much.”

Bukky blushed. She missed him too. She suddenly felt shy that someone else was reading her love letter.

The café attendant tried to keep a straight face and read on, “School is okay. Lectures are running smoothly, although, some days, I get so tired, I can hardly get off the bed. I am really looking forward to coming home for the Christmas break. I miss home. I can’t wait to see you. I am expecting your reply. Love you loads, your dearest, Oluwagbemiga.”

She scratched a spot on her scalp. Her newly plaited hair was beginning to itch, “Did you bring a pen and paper?”

“Yes,” he smiled, “I will write down your reply and mail it today.”

“Okay, good, thank you,” she mused for a while, “My darling… no, my dear, no…” she scratched her head, “My love,” she glanced at the café guy and blushed.

He stared down at the blank paper and tried not to laugh out loud, “Okay, my love,” he wrote it down.

Bukky dictated how she started her bean cake business, how much she missed him and hoped he would come home soon.

“Okay. I will send it today,” he folded the paper and kept it in his pocket.

“Thanks. Wait, let me give you some bread and akara,” she took some old newspaper and poured some bean cake in it.

“Thanks,” his mouth watered.

She placed the wrapped bean cake in a black nylon, alongside a medium size bread and gave it to him.

“Thank you,” he beamed, waved and strode off.

“Do you still have akara?” a tall brown skin, thick, young man hurried to her side. He was in a pair of sky blue shorts and black long sleeve tee-shirt.

“Yes,” she looked up at him. She recognized him. He was one of her customers living a street away.

“Thank God!” he brightened and smiled at her.

“How many pieces do you want?” she looked into his dark brown eyes and smiled.

He looked towards the iron sieve, “How much is everything?”

“Hmmm…” she did a quick count, “About two-fifty.”

“Bring everything,” he brought out his wallet.

She grinned with relief. She would be able to head to the market early and prepare for the next day. She thanked God for blessing her business.

“What’s the name?”

She gave him the wrapped bean cake in a small polythene bag and collected the five hundred naira note, “Bukola.”

“Bukola… Bukky for short right?”

“Yes,” she met his inquisitive gaze.

“Call me Chike,” he stretched his right hand.

She shook his hand, “Okay.”

“I moved into this area recently. I am an Engineering student of Unilag.”

Her eyes brightened, “What level?”

“Three hundred level.”

“So, you will be graduating next year.”

He chuckled, “I wish. My course is a five year course.”

“I see…” she thought all the courses in the university ended at the fourth year.

“Are you in school?”

She lifted her dark eyes and met his firm stare, “No,” she dropped her gaze and started to arrange her things.

“Oh… Waec issues or JAMB problems?” he stood akimbo.

She got to her feet, “None.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Why aren’t you in school?”

She put out the fire and zipped the purse tied to her waist.

“I am sorry for prying, just wondering why a pretty girl like you isn’t in school.”

She blushed and started to laugh. Some of her male customers, both single and married had also told her that she was pretty. Many of them had also tried to ask her out.


She met his gaze, “I am not lucky like you. I don’t even have a primary school certificate. I will get educated some day, I have not given up yet.”

His eyes widened in surprise. He watched her why she gathered her things, “But, you speak well.”

She shrugged, “But, I can’t write well. I watched a lot of movies while growing up, I guess I pick up a few things along the way.”

“I am impressed.”

She chuckled and stared at him.

“There is an Adult educational centre close to my school. If you start now, by the end of the year, you will be able to acquire your first
school leaving certificate. Then proceed to write the GCE and then the JAMB examination.”

She laughed, “I need to save first.”

“Then save.”

She directed her gaze at him. He looked serious.

“I can take you to the centre this evening if you are ready.”

She scratched a spot on her head, “I don’t know if I have enough money to…”

“Just come along and find out exactly what you need for the enrolment.”

She sighed, “O-kay.”

“Great! Do you know how to get to Akoka?”

She looked towards the bus stop, “I think so.”

“Good, we will meet at the Campus gate. The centre is close by.”

She nodded in agreement.

“I have to run. I am late for lectures already.”

She waved at him as he hurried away. Joy filled her soul. A zing of excited flooded her. Finally, the realization of her dreams would come true. She carried the bottle of vegetable oil and headed into the building.

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Re: Bukky Alakara by Xeynab(f): 2:59pm On May 18, 2017
Nice write up
Re: Bukky Alakara by angelliza(f): 3:06pm On May 18, 2017
The story is getting interesting u are a talented writter


Re: Bukky Alakara by Akinwale14(m): 3:31pm On May 18, 2017
E just be like say i dey watch film,nice one shewrites

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