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THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by talented2000(m): 8:16am On Oct 15, 2017
Hi Nairalanders,my name is David and this is my first novel. Please show me encouragement abeg thanks.

This novel os purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance with real life perons,events or organisation is highly coincidental.

All right reserved.No part of this work shall be copied,published or used without the authors knowledge


Ikeja,allen avenue, lagos. 4:30am.
David Akinniyi lay awake on his bed,uncomfortable in the air conditioned darkness. He had slept early yesternight, after a long,stressful day in the bureau. He had planned to sleep long yesterday, considering that he had to wake up early for a odd mission; guarding a 19 year old birthday party.
Having served in the Nigerian Navy for 3 years,before joining the lagos city cops RRS, Dave is known to be an above average cop. And as a very important asset of the police force,it Is odd,really odd,for a high ranking officer to be deployed to a teenagers party.
Or maybe not.
Considering the way he had stood up to the police commissioner before the DSS director the day before,its a surprise he hasn't be deployed to a goat weaning event.Douchebag, he groaned silently as he rolled out of bed. Dave was a fairly muscular man,evidence of his years in the military. At 22,He had a straight nose,hard set jaws,pink lips,deep set brown eyes,fair complexion skin,curly long hair,and a shit load of admirers. He had joined the military at 17 years of age, right after college. His parents had disowned him,in hopes that he would change his mind. He didn't. Being a handsome young man,he quickly found favour with the female officers in the Navy, and enemies with the male officers,though they never had a chance to oust him from the Navy.he was just good,Just too good. That, and the fact that almost all the female officers wanted his strong body for themselves,made him popular and well connected. After just a year in the military,he was transferred to the Navy SBS,the special forces branch of the Navy. He spent two more years in the Navy SBS,before disaster struck him,and he had to pull out of the Navy.
The Nigerian Navy lost its finest soldier the day he left.
Now,here he is, struggling to keep his mouth watched in the Nigerian police Rapid Response Squad, though he obviously isn't successful in that yet,otherwise,he won't be here, putting on his uniform,only he isn't going to the office,but to some saucy 19 year old birthday.
"What a joke", he thought.
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by talented2000(m): 8:18am On Oct 15, 2017
At 5:20am, he pulled out of his compound, tuned the stereo, and zoomed off towards lagos island,Ikoyi.
7:00am. Ikoyi,Lagos Island.
He pulled over in front of the house, checked the address on his notepad one more time to be sure,looked at himself one more time in the rear mirror,and stepped out. The cold morning breeze hit him like a brick,he almost staggered. He walked briskly towards the house gates, showed his I'D to the security personnel and stepped into the huge compound. It was a beautiful house. A one storey building decorated with white marble in front of the house,with the rest of the house painted pink. Two plastered pillars support the building in front and the compound adorned with gardens and different trees. Policemen were stationed all around the house.
Okayy, he thought.
He walked to the front doors,and two bodyguards with mean looking rifles approached him.
"Who are you?"
"David Akinniyi,Nigerian police SWAT"
The two body guards exchanged glances and shifted uneasily. They knew Dave. At least they have heard of him. No policeman would dare look up to his eyes.
"Sorry sir. Welcome sir. This way sir".
A bodyguard took him into the house,past the waiting room,into the large sitting room where the party was about to begin. A few teenage girls gave him seductive glances as he entered the room. He scanned the room,looking for a familiar face,but all he saw was 15 to 20 teenage girls,a few adults,and Some bodyguards. He tried to block the image of the seductive girls from his mind
"Devils" he taught.
"You are late." a voice echoed behind him.
He turned round to see his best friend in the force, Shaw Williams. Shaw Williams was the first officer in the force to look down on him, and so, was the first to get beaten by him. He was hospitalized for a whole month. They have been friends ever since then.
" Hey Shaw, sorry I am late,Lost track of time. So,where is the party?"
"Right here man. In a few minutes the room is gonna be alive with music. Heard the celebrant ain't the type to face a crowd."
"Yea,whatever. What's up with the white? White sofa,table,television,marble.,tiles, centre rug,and even the doors are white. It's kinda freaky"
"Innit? I got the shivers in me too.wea ain't got a choice tho."
"Yea? And who owns the house?"
"you would find out soon enough man". Shaw said as he left Dave to attend to the door post.
Yeah right. He thought.
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by adesipe(m): 8:38am On Oct 15, 2017
David you doing a great Job.

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Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by talented2000(m): 2:53pm On Oct 15, 2017
David you doing a great Job.

thank you sir
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by talented2000(m): 2:55pm On Oct 15, 2017
Mynd44,lalasticlala,autojoshng and others Pls follow my thread
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by talented2000(m): 11:36am On Oct 16, 2017
Diane!!! You are running late dear. People are getting tired of waiting". Her mum said as she shuffled into her room.
"I'm ALMOST done!!!. C'mon mum...it's hard enough going to face all those crowds. I can't withstand being hastened please!!."
"C'mon now,don't be naughty. It isn't polite to keep people who love you waiting"
"Arghh..alright mum. I'll be right there".
Diane is what some might call an epitome of everything good.. Her father, Robert brown is an oil magnate with hundreds of oil blocks and investments all over the world. He has investments in almost every country all over the world including the UAE,USA,Japan,and Switzerland. He's got millions of dollars stashed in the world bank and the swiss vaults. And although he has three children, two boys and a girl, his most prized asset is Diane Brown. Robert Brown's last child has been the center of his life since the very day she was born. He has been closer to her than anyone else. He literally loved her.
Or so she thinks.
She locked the door of her room, took a big breath, and went down the stairs,where her friends were waiting.
It's gonna be a long day, she thought.
She had no idea.

See full storry @merrymnet.com

Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by Xteljay(f): 12:43am On Oct 17, 2017
Bring it on
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by talented2000(m): 9:32pm On Oct 17, 2017
7:15pm. Monday. lagos island,ikoyi.
Diane Brown lied on her king sized bed,staring at the sky and relieving the events of the day.
The party was awesome. What started as an embarrassing birthday turned out to be the most interesting birthday she's ever had.
As the party was coming to an end,tipsy Diane staggered outside to get fresh air. She didn't notice the man in a white eyeing her,nor did she see the huge man standing before her till she ran into him.
"Ohh, sorry, i..." she froze.
The pair of eyes that stared back at her was like none she had ever seen.
Two brown small eyes with bushy eyebrows stared back into her own eyes. She took a short breath as she studied the man before her.
He had deep set brown eyes with hairy eyebrows and a straight nose. She unconsciously parted her lips as she stared at his small pink lips for a few seconds. He was clean shaven,with a smooth skin that made one think of a day old baby. Her breath caught her throat as her eyes caught his huge chest. She looked down his shoulder to his huge biceps protruding from under his police uniform,and her mind for a second strayed towards what lay in between his strong legs.
"Hello,you going somewhere? "His soft voice brought her out of reverie.
"Oh,sorry. I was huh... I didn't... I wanted to huh... sorry".
She strode straight towards her room,and for some reason,she was sober.
Now feeling exhausted on the bed, she tried to clear her head. "I probably won't see him again anyway" she reminded herself as she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her shirt,leaving only her lingerie on.
She adjusted her pillows,and quickly fell asleep.
She didn't sleep long.
9:00pm. Monday,Lagos mainland.
Two black chevrolet vehicles drove in a straight line into the St. Andrew's cathedral, one occupied by five men,all dressed in black,armed with assault rifles.
The other carried three more armed men, a old man in white, and Diana Brown.
The two vehicles parked inside the cathedral's compound and the men descended. Diane was carried into the church,into a secret room which led to an underground lair; the temple of the Irmandade Luz.
The three armed men with Diane had disguised in her birthday party as waiters. After the party ended two of them had staged a tantrum, pulling the guards attention to themselves while the third had gone into her room. Once in her room,he had drugged her with chloroform, then started a fire at the other end of the building. Amidst the confusion,he had passed her out of the window using a rope and hook. The two other men had then brought in an ambulance,and dressed in paramedic uniforms,they had wisked her away from the house.
They abandoned the ambulance at an old warehouse where the others were waiting. They transfered their hostage into the chevrolet and zoomed off towards the st. Andrew's cathedral.
They were in such haste,they didn't notice the grey sedan that had been trailing them all along.
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by talented2000(m): 7:38pm On Oct 18, 2017
Where am i?
Dianes head felt heavy,like lead was strapped on her head.
She tried moving her fingers. They moved.
[/i]yes yes... voices... where?
She tried to open her eyes, but felt pain instead.
[i][/i]oh my God that hurts
More voices.
[i][/i]hello!! Someone help me!!
She tried to carry her hands. Futile.
She felt something crawling on her skin. She forced herself to open her eyes. Pain shot through her skull like lightning as her eyeslids gradually lifted themselves.
The horrible sight that greeted her stuck to her memory for the rest of her life.
She stared down at her naked body,horror and fear evident in her face. She instinctively tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but something restrained her. She turned her head sideways and found that she had been tied down. She looked down at her body and realised she had been tied down to the floor,her body taking the shape of a spread eagle. Human skulls littered the floor all around her. She tried to scream,but she couldn't even hear her own voice. Any little sound she made was swallowed up by the chants of the occult members surrounding her.
Damn,im so dead. She thought.
All of a sudden, the chants seemed to evaporate into low whispers as a man dressed in white clothing walked up to her. He knelt down beside her,and chanted in an unknown language.
"Il splicath elemondrent octucthastech vitriovic compthecluliz..."
She felt her stomach tighten as he chanted on. He dipped his hands in his garment,and brought out a knife.
Oh God no!
A man,also dressed in white, came forward with a goat, carrying it with a sense of spirituality. The man with the knife held the goat,said a chant, and with a flash,sliced the neck of the animal.
The chanting grew louder as the blood was poured on her naked body. She struggled to shout,but no sound came out.
The priest placed his hand in the blood on her body, and rubbed it all over her breasts,down to her stomach.
He then cleaned the knife on her hair. Horror filled her eyes as he raised the dagger up,pointing directly to her stomach.
Dave had just finished talking to the area commanger on phone,when fight had broken out between two men.
That's odd, he thought. He had seen these two enter together before separating themselves,and they didn't come together all through the party,only to start fighting right after the party. He had a feeling that something was wrong,and he stayed back to watch the event unfold.
When the fire broke out,he instinctively wanted to run towards the burning part of the building to render assistance, when he saw it. It was little,but there nonetheless; the faintest nod of agreement from the two fighting men. Then the two men had walked out of the building,away from the incidence site together. He was still contemplating whether to follow them or not,when an ambulance drove in,obstructing his way. You could imagine the shock that registered on his face when he saw that the "fire fighters "were the same men fighting a few minutes ago.
He saw them stop right below Dianes window.
He saw Diane being put in the vehicle.
He saw the man in white enter the truck as they drove off.
He had then trailed them all the way to the cathedral,where he had silently killed the three guards waiting outside the cathedral; the same men who had kidnapped Diane.
It took him a few minutes before he found the secret room leading to the underground lair.
And three more minutes to kill six of the twelve men in the room,before escaping with Diane.
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by glory419: 6:43am On Oct 19, 2017
OK here comes another story I guess its a short story?
Re: THE GRAIL:GENESIS. A Novel By Talented 2000 by Flames33(m): 1:44pm On Oct 27, 2017
Keep it coming bro..
Come on, when holding our story?

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