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Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by Divepen1(m): 11:43pm On Oct 27, 2017
Hi Guys, I just feel to drop a tiny bit from the 2nd draft of my upcoming novels...

These are still the raw versions... In fact, I didn't put in strong editing to ensure I really surprise you with the story itself whenever it is ready...
Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by Divepen1(m): 11:55pm On Oct 27, 2017
Book 1

A Dread In The Spine

Thunder roared overhead. A slight breeze passed through the house, then the intensity increased for no reason. Someone yelled that God was ready to fight on behalf of Victoria, one of the kidnapped visionaries. Someone shouted, ‘glory to God’. And a lot of people began to chew the word in their mouths. The house wasn’t really a comfortable one. The compound had no fence, and the little compound it was built on had a lot of vegetables. The banana leaves beside the house rumbled in accord with the cry of the people.

Nosa meandered to the door of the house, and asked the nearest person for the mother of the missing lady.
‘Oh! I’m sorry. What of her father?’
‘ Dead too. Have you not being paying attention at her meetings or reading her books with all your mind?’
‘ Errr… No’.

He had to hold himself from yelling at the lanky woman that he wasn’t there to discuss books. If he needed to discuss books, he would go to a book club.
‘Hmm… Who are you?’
‘I want… I’m an investigator and I need to find them’.
‘An investigator? What power do men have to find our own? The lord is our refuge. He is our help and shield. We will lift up our eyes to the hills. From whence cometh our help? Our help cometh…?’

Nosa held his breathe with the hope that it would suppress the anger that was on verge of controlling his action.
‘Ma… The lord would send help to his own with human being. Strong, solid, human beings. He won’t come to investigate or find her himself. Now where is a real human that I can talk to?'

The woman shook her head despondently, and pointed at the sky. ‘ Why do the heathen rage? With God, all things shall be possible and…’
‘ I dam… I know. Just show me someone’.
‘Well as the bible encourages, I will follow peace with all men, with you. Her younger sister is inside. But Jehovah Jireh, the lord our banner, would find her for us. He would get her before you do’.
‘ As if I care who finds her first and it is Jehovah Nissi’, Nosa mumbled as he entered the parlor.

Despite the fact that people had visited him more than once to commiserate with him on the death of his children, he still felt it strange to see people gathered around a plump teenage girl, who would have been beautiful if she didn’t tie her scarf round her head, making it cover her ears also. It made her look round and awkward.

An elderly woman rose and enjoined everyone present to begin to pray, stating that the devil was the one at work because he knew salvation was surging into the different parts of the world through sister Victoria.
'Good evening', Nosa said to the nearest person. The woman scanned him with her big eyes and pointed to end of the parlor. He was able to vaguely examined the room for a while. The room was barely decorated. However, on the right side of the parlor was a huge wallpaper of Jesus Christ on the cross, and a lot of inscription on the paper pointing people to heaven and hell and a lot of mumbo jumbo that the bible said had been forgiven men.

Placed at the end of the room was a table that was draped with beautiful blue cloth. On it were placed a lot books and CDs from the missing sister Victoria. It, also, had a big picture of Victoria. She looked horrible to him, making him wonder why Christians’ first instinct at salvation is to deface themselves and look next to ugly.

'I want to see...'
'As faithful followers, we are donating a reward for whoever finds Sister Victoria'.
He was astounded. ' Like for real? That's....'
'You can't do anything here before doing that, it is a mandate for her followers'.
' But...'
He rolled his eyes the way Chloe would have done and headed for the end of the room.
The woman face looked drab like every woman in that house. None of them wore any earring. He wished he had listened to some of Victoria's messages before he got there, but he didn't have time for such frivolities. He had better problems to solve like how to handle his double romance life. He had to make sure his mistress, Onyinye, won’t destroy his marriage. She had been stubbornly demanding his attention of recent. She didn't demand any other thing than his presence and rejected every other thing he offered her. How would he do that especially this period when his wife and he had just lost their six-year-old daughter, the second child lost?

When he got to the book the woman directed him to write in, he felt like throwing up. The whole bunch of them promised ridiculous amounts to get Victoria back. Nosa glanced back as they kept singing hymns. He loved hymns- they were cool, serene and helped him think of God once in a while- but he hated these ones they sang. It was sad and reminded him of death. He hurriedly scanned the room. Everyone there had the same look of being poor, yet many of them promised extremely huge amount. He couldn't fathom such dedication, such reverence, such fanaticism. Whatever she had taught or whatever message anyone taught, the end time should point at God not them. He grinned the moment he noticed the path he was threading. He reverted to his policy- no thought or talks about anyone that proclaimed themselves to be a servant of God.

After pretending to write something, he returned to the woman and asked for the parents of the missing lady.
'She doesn't have parents anymore. She lives alone with her younger sister'.
' Oh'.
The woman, with her puffy eyes, stared at him quizzically. 'You should know all about her by now'.
' Like seriously? Why?'
' You should have read her messages and watched her videos'.


Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by Divepen1(m): 12:09am On Oct 28, 2017
Purified Tomorrow: The Awakening

Just as he got to a street before her estate, someone rushed out of a bush. The man was bald and his skin was wrinkled. He looked pale as if he hadn't eaten for days. The oversized blue worn out polo the wore made him look like a skeleton. And his eyes, beady ones, were red as if he hadn't slept in days.

'We're not alone in this world', the man whispered as he firmly held Carl's shoulder. Carl wriggled out of his filthy touch. The man was panting heavily, and Carl had to cover his nose from the man's foul breath.

'We are not alone', the man said louder this time. From Carl's look, one could fathom that he would give anything in the world to scramble away from this man's presence.

The man dug his fingers into his own mouth. Carl looked away hurriedly as the man groaned as if he would pour out vomit anytime. The man groan irritatingly.

'What's...What's all this?' Carl asked as he retreated from the man. However, the man's firm grip held him in place.

'Leave me, old man', Carl said as he yanked the man's hand off his arm and tried to leave but the lanky man’s grip immediately latched on to his cloth. Carl yelled as the man smeared his cloth. The man vomited a microcard. 'Take'.

Upon seeing it, Carl gasped for breath. It was really irritating especially when the man pointed it at him. The micro card was covered with saliva and spittle.

'Leave me…' Carl shouted as he pulled his arm away from the man's.

'Shut up! They will kill you. They will kill us both. Give this chip to Joyce Felix. When the time comes, she would need to use it'.

Carl batted his eyes and took a quick glance at the part of his cloth the man gripped. It was stained already.

Suddenly, tree limbs began to break from the path that led from the bush as heavy feet hurriedly landed on the ground. Carl opened his mouth to shout. But, as if the man had anticipated it, he pushed the micro card into Carl's mouth, clamped it, and shoved him into the bush.

'Hide', the man whispered. 'Give it to Joyce Felix'.

Carl was angry. His cloth was stained and his body might have been scratched. Whoever the man thought he was, he had no right to push him into such messy place and to ram that filthy chip into his mouth. Carl rose to accost the man, but the man was faster. He pushed Carl further into the bush, and covered the part of the bush. ‘Stay put’.

The moment was like a dream. That action was definitely insulting. He must show that man what stuff he was made of. Just as he began to fight his way out of the bush, someone shouted, 'stop'.

Carl froze, but as he looked around, he saw the order wasn't for him.

' You're an enemy of the land and the world and its leaders', a guttural voice said.

'Your leader is making a grave mistake. We are not alone in this world'.

Someone cocked a gun. 'It's no longer news but nobody must know because a little knowledge would be the foundation for World war 4 or its equivalent'.
They shot the man in the head. It took Carl a great effort to stay sane. He batted his eyes repeatedly. The world seemed to spin around him as he watched blood splashed to the ground and the only thing that kept him from screaming was the filthy micro-card


Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by Divepen1(m): 12:19am On Oct 28, 2017
Grabbing The Hot Gates

'I'm taking you to the place I touch heavens and make the earth shake. It is here I shake the foundation of the power with which we use to minister'.

Gladys's interest was piqued. Her eyes lit with hope. She had been a Christian for most parts of her life; yet, everything seemed awkward and plain. She always wished for God to give her more, and had fasted and prayed, but all she got were glimpse of this power. She wanted to deal with sickness, and make demons tremble. She wanted to see visions like others.

Although her spirit connected with visions more than before, she needed more. Power so real, that others would see it ooze out of her.

Stella fiddled with a lock for a while, opened a trapdoor, and gestured for her to enter. Gladys looked at her in fear of the darkness, but Stella's smiled reassuringly. Stella nodded as she climbed down the first step. Then, she remembered the name of the flowers on Stella's cloth- Knotweed and Horsetail. One was used for binding things and for health, while the other was used for snake charming. She blinked repeatedly and shook her head. All were imagination of her fear.
Immediately Stella switched on the light, Gladys held her breathe. The room was a home to the scariest objects she had ever encountered. It wasn't a room on its own. There was a pyre and there were lot of statues. Different tools laid on the pyre. There were two cages that hanged from the ceiling of the room and some were on the floor. The hanging cages were big enough to take ten full grown people, but the scariest part was that it hung over a horribly dark hole, from where simmers of smoke climbed out in the shape of rats. Gladys stirred to face Sister Stella.

Stella entered the room slowly, her eyes was fixed on Gladys. Everything seemed to fade away. The terror of the room was grounded out of existence as Stella's blood-red evil eyes stared back at her.

For some absurd reason, she turned again. Her fear wasn't about the ominous room or the fearsome way Stella stared and advanced towards her. It was for the fact that she remembered that place from her dream.

'What is this?'
'The seed has been planted. You know where you are'.
'Do you mean?' Gladys asked and hurriedly glanced about to see if there was any way to escape. It couldn't be true. There was no way she drank part of the blood. She touched her lips and excited laughter from Stella.
'Yes. You know where we are', Stella said with such grace as she strutted towards her as if four hefty men were behind her.

Gladys shook her head, hyperventilating and panting. Stella's body frame was thin and if she rushed into her, she would definitely be able to escape. Sweat covered her body. Stella kept edging towards her and Gladys kept withdrawing. 'It's a lie...'
'Tell me which part is a lie. I think you know I'm not lying'.
'You are a liar'.
'It's not in my nature to want to say the truth but this is the truth. I guessed I've sinned against lord Lucifer for saying the truth, but he wouldn't be as mad as if I told you it was a figment of your imagination'.
'I'm dreaming. I'll wake up'.

Gladys ran to the pyre, touched it. It was real. It couldn't be real. She jumped, screamed, turned to check if she would at least wake from her dream. Everything was real in the house. What of herself? She pinched herself and the pain lingered to show her it was real.
'I'm a child of God. You can't do anything to me'.
'Well, in your words, technically, I'm not doing anything to you'.
Gladys felt her mouth become dry. 'Please, let me go. Whatever'.
'Gladys, fear not...You are in safe hands. You will get raw power'.
'No. I don't want. I invoke the curse of God on you. In the name of Jesus, I am freed from whatever thing you want to do and have done to'.

Stella laughed hysterically. ' You know my father or one of my fathers as I had many fathers. The Australian father once told me the story of a soldier who left the shore of America to fight the Germans. When he got there, instead of accepting defeat he kept invoking the power of being an American. In other words, he had left American soil and no longer had protection of their power especially as he went AWOL'.
'I'm a child of God'.
Stella shrugged. 'Well, it depends on which God you're talking about: You have no right again as a Christian to make any demands. You've broken the edge and a snake has entered. I have entered. In fact, the snake is so pregnant within you and would soon give birth'.
'Shut up! I rebuke you. You're nothing but a liar and I will show you what stuff I'm made of'.

Gladys ran towards her. If the name of Jesus wasn't working, the strength Jesus gave her would do. She struck at Stella's head. She was thicker than the frail Stella, her punch should fall her. But Stella was as fast as light. She sidestepped and rammed her fist into Gladys's ribs. The pain surged through her body to her head. Gladys yelled and crumbled to the ground, holding her side. But she needed to rise when she saw Stella advancing.

'You're a devil...'She said with clenched teeth as she grasped the pyre for support, groaning. A hammer rested on the pyre. Gladys picked it and stood straight, still panting heavily.
'God forgive me', she muttered as she poised herself to strike down Stella. Although it was painful to do, she used all her strength to slack the blue the tight blue armless gown she was wearing. People had commended the cloth after she got it from Fundel Collections, now Stella was making her tear the beautiful thing. She would crush her, and beg God for forgiveness later.
'Wow. I've never being called a devil in my 950 years plus on earth. Even Lord Lucifer would agree that I'm the next in command'.

Gladys stared at her in awe. What was she doing? How did she get involved with someone like this? Was she crazy? Was she blind? But she couldn't give herself an answer before a kick sent her sprawling on the floor. The hammer flew out of her hand while her hearing aid rattled away to one side, and Gladys was so sure she heard another rib cracking before her hearing aid fell off.
She crawled towards the Pyre to pick her hearing aid. With quivering hands, she positioned it in her ear firmly. There was no way she would die without trying to fight off this evil that called herself her mentor. Stella sneered at her and punched her jaw thrice before bending near her bleeding head.
'It's a simple thing. You can either take it compulsorily or willingly'.
'No', she grunted.

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Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by swankmee(f): 4:59pm On Oct 28, 2017
Wow.... Can't wait to read them especially Grabing the hot gates.

More ink to ur pen sir
Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by Divepen1(m): 5:06pm On Oct 28, 2017
Wow.... Can't wait to read them especially Grabing the hot gates.

More ink to ur pen sir
Thanks. I can't wait to drop them too.
Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by queenitee(f): 10:10am On Oct 30, 2017
Somebody is waiting
Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by Divepen1(m): 7:46pm On Oct 30, 2017
Somebody is waiting
Somebody won't be disappointed.
Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by dojnr4real: 7:39am On Nov 08, 2017
Somebody won't be disappointed.
wow! Nice one. Divepen1 more ink to your pen sir.
Re: Crumbs From My Upcoming Novels by Divepen1(m): 8:10am On Nov 08, 2017
wow! Nice one. Divepen1 more ink to your pen sir.
Thanks boss..

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