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Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 6:18pm On Dec 18, 2017
Have you been beaten down the road of turmoil, anguish,depression and almost at the point of death?
Lost a parent, relative or someone that is supposed to give your life a meaning in one day?
Have you found your self on the street or somewhere where you have nobody and you are enclosed in your own little world, allowing claustrophobia becoming your amiable partner?
Then finally, you think that God is behind your predicament, you are angry with him now, you refuse to call on him to help you. Then you think you could get back at him, thereby making some drastic decisions...............
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 10:02am On Dec 19, 2017

I entered the cherubim underground at age seventeen when I was in search of fame, power and because i wanted to get back at the master of cosmos. How cruel was he to let me in this kind of situation.............
I had grown a broke girl who had lost both parents on the same day and had nobody to raise her up. I had wandered from one street to another in the town named hemisphere. Fed from pillar to post, something to nothing, few to little, little to absolute nothing. I had a good knowledge of what poverty and cruelty meant.
I was aged twelve when I lost both of my parents in a house burn. I was fortunate to had escaped the burn because they had sent me out to one of my teachers in school to complain about a poor remark the teacher made on my report sheet. My parents had called to lodge their complaints, then the teacher had told me to come over to his house to correct it alone. My parents hadn't thought about the idea much, so therefore, they sent me forth.
I had arrived at the teacher's house at 6th avenue opposite Hemisphere children play spot. I greeted him and he ushered me inside and we sat down. He asked if I needed anything and I shook my head in opposition. All I wanted was for the remark to be changed and I will be long gone. Few minutes later, he stood from his seat and headed to the kitchen, I heard him opening his refrigerator and it dawned on me that he wasn't ready to change it anytime soon. I stood up, went to the corner of the kitchen and saw him mixing something inside the drink. I knew that If I didn't act fast, I would be used for something I never dreamt of in my life so I decided to run, I ran as my legs could carry me and by the time I had reached my apartment, I heard noise from people who had gathered at the front of the house. I became confused and pushed my way through and low and behold, my house was on fire. I screamed, tried to enter into it but was held back by the people.
I turned around, gazing at the faces in the crowd, wondering and searching for my parents. I saw none of them, I was shattered when I got to realize that my parents where still inside the burning building. I cried endlessly after the fire was put off and news came that nothing was left behind in the burn.
At age twelve, I was on the street of hemisphere with no parents, no home, no love, no food, no clothes, no shelter. I was totally abandoned by the few I knew and was left to die in starvation. Life was greedy and it's people were greedier. I remembered sleeping under dumped cartons, made a carton house in the dry season and it lasted me till rainy season when rains came and destroyed it. I had learnt in a hard way how to mind my business and to listen to my heart. I started mixing up with the street children of hemisphere, some where cruel, naive, afraid, broken hearted, strong hearted and all sorts while others where just there, living and hoping that one day, things would change.
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 10:04am On Dec 19, 2017

“let's play some pranks on those old men over there, we could get lucky and collect their money". Martha had suggested to me one hot afternoon. We had roamed the whole city looking for food and water. We hadn't cared much of what we wore, food and water was most important.
“I doubt if we could outsmart them, they look pretty serious and not ready to laugh or offer anything". I had responded her after taking a close look at the old men who had come out of their homes to feed pigeons. It looks like they had been doing it for ages because the pigeons responded quickly to their whistle, knowing which master to follow.
“Then we shall starve all day, today is so hopeless" Martha had concluded as she threw her hands up in the air and down in exasperation.
“ No Martha, we shall look for another alternative. Robbing those old people isn't the best way, we could do something else". I said immediately, not accepting defeat. I hated to loose, loosing was not an option and I couldn't accept it from my best friend either.
Martha looked at me with grimace, she knew who I was and therefore knew we would find something better to do other than stealing. I set off and entered the market. Martha followed sluggishly behind. She couldn't fathom my next plan and I couldn't make one out of my brains either. But I knew we shall find a way. We entered the market and fortunately, I saw a woman who was stranded with the heavy goods she had bought and needed to take it to her car. I quickly rushed to her with Martha following smartly behind me, I knew we could make something from the confused and tired woman and so does Martha.
“Good day madam, we could help you with the goods to your car. You know?" I offered immediately with a wink, not waiting for her to reply to my greetings. There was no time to waste.
“Yea, definitely. But I'm not sure you gurls will be able to lift it all" she replied pressing hard on the word ‘gurl’ and looking at us in a melancholic manner.
We were in need of money and food, I wouldn't care if it was a house that was set for me to lift. Atleast, its better off than playing some silly pranks on some old cargoes and making away with there money. I was determined, sharp and coupled with smartness.
“You could give us a try, would you?" I pestered on.
“oh no, I wish I wouldn't! But since there's no help coming forth, I rather take you gurls" She replied with a countenance full of doubt which I cared less about.
I hurriedly picked up the largest and placed it on my shoulders, supporting it with my hands. It was heavy quite alright but the zeal to work and feed was there, wiping away laziness and lack of strength. Martha knew that she could was to assist and she was great at it.
As Martha and I was arranging the goods in the woman's car, I spotted a young ugly looking tattered child making away with the woman's carton of biscuits. At first, I thought I could let the child go but I felt the woman won't be pleased so I ran after the boy straight down into the market. The woman was surprised and wondered what was happening but a passer by told her what had happened. In few minutes later, I was back sweaty and breathing hard with the carton of biscuits in my hands. I guess the woman had looked at me with disbelief and had rewarded I and Martha bountifully.
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 10:38am On Dec 21, 2017
Please note: No content of this write up should be used, imitated or copied in anyway without the full knowledge of the writer. Kindly check my signature for more information. THANKS!


I have been abandoned by the few I knew and school was out of speak. I was alone, felt that God had disappointed and left me to die alone in this wicked world. I separated myself from the street children because of the characters they exhibited. I was severely robbed by a girl of about my age of the things I had been saving. She had pushed me out of my carton house and taken over my little tattered properties. I had sincerely refused to cry but had watched as she boasted to other bullies she called friends about her new home. I remember, I had sat and spat all day.
“why me, oh lord, why me?" sobbed a little girl beside the place I sat, counting the days I had left to live. I stood, made my way to where she sat and sat down. She was pretty, well plaited black hair, well brushed eye brows with excellent physique. I suddenly started admiring her and wondered why she was sobbing and lamenting all at once. I had touched her shoulders, tilted her head to my direction and her glowing brown eyes filled with tears sparkled. I felt pity for her, hugged her for I remembered that my mother had made it a habit to hug me when I was distressed. It could ease one's tension and get you to an entirely different world.
“My foster mom accused of of stealing her most expensive jewelries and had sent me out of her house" she lamented bitterly after I had asked her the reason she cried.
I later understood she was abandoned by single mother and was picked up by the foster home, she was later adopted by the woman who had taken her in as her daughter. I was surprised at the story at first, then it occurred to me that I wasn't alone in this world afterall.
“my name is martha" she had said after I had introduced myself. After that day, we became best friends, doing almost everything together. I had gotten to know her and she knows me pretty well. I did the brains and she did the muscle. She was excellent, I told her that she has to embrace the new world and try to help herself, trusting nobody. Not even me.
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 10:42am On Dec 21, 2017

Andre was staring hard at me, he was wondering which kind of world was I from. I was indeed looking tattered and condemned. In six weeks, no bath, no change of cloths, food and water was what's best. The once pretty MELINDA now looks like a piece of old abandoned rags.
Feeling guilty, I hid near the trash can, allowing the odour to descend hard on my nostrils. I heard giggling, it was from him. Good heavens! Why now? I can't run now, I stood there, contemplating on my next move. I peeped to see if he was still there, but he wasn't. I was glad, picked up alittle courage and stepped out but behold, he was standing right in front of me now, with mixed looks. I couldn't fathom if it was a look of concern or absurdity. He was smart I guessed.
I looked upon Andre the way a struggling neophyte looks up to the grizzled veterans right after being struck out with the bases loaded on the three pitches. The shame, the ignominy, to be the final out of the bottom of ninth, causing your team to lose the game and the series to the achrivals. I sighed, what does he want?. I cursed the day and wanted the ground to open and swallow me.
A hand was stretched forth, peacefully waiting for my own hand. Was this all that was left? Andre was not harmful, he was concerned. Oh my world!
“come on, you need change of clothes and a shower. I will take care of that". He said, full of smiles. Sheepishly, I had rendered my hand, causing commotion in my body. How could he?

A-ha! I'm clean at last, the refreshing water had ran through me with ease. Causing tension and dirt to ease away. How dirty I was! It flows had caused me skitter nervously. It had ran through my spine oh what sweetness, I hadn't tasted for weeks. The last time was when I had to squat under a flowing tap with my dress still on. I had refreshed both the dress and the body. I wore the wet clothes till the sun dried it up on my body.
But this was different, I had no clothes on, it was amazing. I spent hours till Andre got worried and came questioning. He won't understand, but I had to comport myself and cease the running shower. It finally came to a stop and I hated it. I tied the towel around my body, coming out like a wet cat who had just been forced to bath after along period. Andre had laughed his heart out.
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 10:45am On Dec 21, 2017

The choir had lifted their voices this time around, causing the sleep to evacuate my eyes. I had experienced a rough night of undoubted dreams, scary but looks real. I kicked the bottle and juggled awake, coupled with blistering sounds of voices and beats from the Anglican church close by.
I cursed the day and sprang to my feet, kicking everything that was on my way. How could they have raised their voices in the early hours of the mornings. Are they the only humans on earth that deserves no rest? I had wondered blatantly. I decided to stroll down the street to see if shops or market were open but saw no one. I then realized that it was a Sunday. Sunday's were usually boring, I will just sit at a corner and count the sands under my feet. Time will be so unmerciful, going slow like a wounded animal at the point of death.
The priest had begun preaching, I decided to go witness the service. For two years on the street, I haven't been to a church. My parents apparently loved Jesus and goes to church every Sunday, tagging me along. I would stay in between them and tried to listen to what the priest had to say. The choir was forever magnificent, sending goosebumps all over me, making my head twitch joyfully. One of the songs that joyfully uplifted my soul was: I SURRENDER. The choir will sing with such enthusiasm, prying into my brains and sending shivers all over me. I would most often tag along and sing gracingly.
I was in the church entrance now, looking lost and my appearance made the ushers stare at me. I cared less and ushered my self in. I took the front sit and sat down. The kid next to me shifted, giving a space between us, I tried not to care much but focused on the preaching priest.
“I had been sent by the holy one this morning to deliver a message to y'all. Jesus loves you and won't allow you to suffer. He has promised us in the book of psalms that we will find refuge under his wings". The priest blistered through the microphone. As I heard such words, I carefully examined myself and most of the children around me. What was the priest talking about? How could he say such things out loudly in the public. How could he preach about Jesus love with someone like me Sitting right in front of him? He probably had woken up from the wrong side of the bed. I sighed, sat up straight and continued to listen.
“His the one that gives life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless. He can do the impossible, you just need to trust in him to direct ur path".
I felt disgusted, paralyzed, someone should hand me a rover, I need to spill blood over the places. The priest has gone naughts. I felt like screaming on top of my voice.Jesus was good when my parents where alive, if not, I won't be in such a mess.
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 4:49pm On Jan 01, 2018

I had entered inside the hall, not feeling guilty about my appearance.I wasn't sure if the skunk that oozed from my body had deposited into the nostrils of the occupants. If the ushers knew how to ask me to go outside to witness the service, they would have done it without hesitation. The probably thought I was a lost soul wandering around,looking for salvation.
I was dirty but hated to admit it, how can i?
It would pull me down and end up making me suckle to myself,lessening the will power to carry out the days activities. I had to make peace with it, i had negotiated with it long ago and perhaps had won and become the master. I was in charge,giving rules, not caring or pondering on it's existence.
The choirs had lifted their eyes from the pulpit and had centered their thought on me. They were singing, giving in their best but the sunky look on their face could tell that they would have on word or two with the usheres after their ministration. I was a street child, probably called the OUTSIDER. The congregation had honestly turned their gazing me,making it look real like they paid great homage to the preaching of the priest. The priest wasn't left out either, he was obviously distracted at my sight and had countless time controlled his inhumane from crashing helplessly.
I couldn't help but wonder but since I was captain of my thought,I had cared less. I had seen worse, experienced worse and was ready ti go through the tower over again. I was versatile, contagious to the after math events or before math events if there's anything like that. All of a sudden,that feeling started. You know that feeling that both your subconscious and conscious state of mind try to hide when you know vividly well that something was up. The feeling of guilt began to overwhelm me. Shame, ignominy began to penetrate its ugly head towards my direction, oh right now I can actually perceive the skunk oozing from my body. Now, i tried to be tge master of nonchallantness,hoping to aggressively slumber the subconscious state of mind but failed in the attempt. Damn it! How could it rule now,in the presence of master of cosmos. I tried once more but ignominy and shame was its peak. The priest on the other hand was rattling with his words.
I stood up and I was GONE
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by sochey(f): 4:52pm On Jan 01, 2018
Hey guys
Happy new year
Wishing y'all all the best
You know I'm not perfect and I can't ride this thing alone. I sincerely need you guys contributions and comments to help me.
Correct me when you think am wrong and God will continue to bless y'all .........
Happy new year once again..
Re: Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) by laprazzy(m): 5:22pm On Jan 01, 2018
This is a very nice work, keep it up ma'am, you have our attention already.

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