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Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Homoviator: 8:05am On Dec 27, 2017
Hi Fattkay, I am a graphics designer with over 2 years experience offline. It's been my interest to launch into the online space too via fiver. I have the basic requirements: laptop, phone, electricity etc, so I am really out for the deal and will commit the necessary time to learn under you. Thanks in anticipation!
Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year!
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by iyemizee: 8:14am On Dec 27, 2017
Hi Fattkay, i'm an architect and a graphic designer, i've been working under someone on fiverr sir and i've been delivering very well/ in time...i would take it seriously and with full dedication if i'm lucky enough to have my own account though i've hustled to open an account around october but but i've got no orders till now.... attached below are few of my works...Thanks

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by dantoptech: 8:50am On Dec 27, 2017
Hi Boss Fattkay, I'm a freelancer offering business branding on fiverr before fiverr deleted my hot gigs and also banned my accounts few months ago, I'm also a web developer based on Shopify store, landing page, and wordpress website design. I have tried a lot to rerank my gigs on my new created accounts but all in vain. I also purchased your SMM and email Marketing package. I'm a very hard working boy and fast learner. I would be very grateful and make you proud if you can help with setting up a fiverr account.

Thanks in advance sir
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Free4man: 9:09am On Dec 27, 2017
Hello Fattkay. I have been a freelancer for over 12month and I have not been making enough sales. I am into email marketing but my major area is email signature and am good at it, but my account is not on the first page. I am now into Graphics/Ecover design. I wish I could have an account that would rank. Below is one of my previous email signature design.

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by scoopy9ja: 9:20am On Dec 27, 2017
Hello Fattkay,

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year In Advance..

I'm grateful for this services you're rendering to us. May God Almighty keep us safe to witness more.


My own part of this Giveaway is Fiverr..

I have been into fiverr since 2016, but things have not been going smoothly.. I opened an account with Mobile Application.. No sales, No nothing. Until I stumble upon your EBook on BBM via Hustle.NG .. Which I purchased the EBook.. But all on all.. I followed due process but things aren't turning well for me.

I won't talk well.. Pls & Pls.. Help me!

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by fineeyez(m): 9:26am On Dec 27, 2017
Hi Fattkay, I am a fashion enthusiast with the appropriate wwritingskill to maintain a male fashion blog. I'll be super grateful if I could benefit from your blog giveaway. Thank you so much for your consideration.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Acme2: 9:27am On Dec 27, 2017
Thanks so much boss.
I have been waiting for this since you post on your WhatsApp. I have been freelancing for the past 12 months, grateful for coming into the freelance world I must say.
Not happy because of what I make on this but the exposure it is gives me in the past few months. Which asure me can I be my own boss. I love the Idea of blogging so much that I keeping writing my ideas and thought down.
But I will very grateful if I can get a fiverr gig at the front page with these I will be fully ready for blogging.
Looking forward to relieving your message
Happy new year in advance
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Joseid: 9:33am On Dec 27, 2017
Good morning, boss.
Thank you for this privilege. So, I've set up account on fiverr before but it never generated sales. That was the time a certain app, primo, stopped working. Remember? I did contact you because of it way back in April. Anyway, my fiverr account has been dormant ever since.

However, as a hustler, I worked hard and learned copy writing from someone on fiverr while getting paid for it and other writing jobs from others. I think it's one of the best writing gig because it's less stress for more pay. What it requires is just creativity. This skill coupled with my article writing skills and academic writing can really make a way for me in 2018.

Why won't I waste your time? Well, I don't really have time to waste your time neither do I have any reason to squander this opportunity. This year has taught me to find opportunities against the odds and be dogged. My best writing gig ever came from a simple status you made on whatsapp from which I got an idea. Guess how much I was paid per word when I followed it through? #5 per word and the project was about 15 articles, and yes it was a Nigerian client!

I'm already warming up for 2018 by preparing to learn new skills and I believe a fiverr account from an expert will give me the headway I've been looking for all year long. Pls, do consider me. Thanks in advance.

In another vein, Christmas was just there jare. Nothing spectacular. I was indoors consuming novels and reading on nairaland. Sorry about the sore throat ish, pls, check prescription next time o.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by DiamondBright: 9:34am On Dec 27, 2017
Hi Fattkay,

I've been a freelance writer for two months, helping busy freelance writers with their projects and it has been fun.

Now I will like to go further, push forward and earn more. Thanks, Fiverr account will do.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by soulstar09(m): 9:46am On Dec 27, 2017
Hi fattkay.
I'm into email marketing and I've been on it since 4 month on fiverr .....although I've never made any sale...
merry Xmas in arrears and happy New year in advance.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by faithogiga(m): 9:51am On Dec 27, 2017
Big man like fattkay. Shii is good. Welldone bro. If your Digital skill is graphic designing and need some good books to read in order to upskill for the new year -

Here's a link to some premium and high quality books for free (books covering design theory, color, composition, styles and trends, photoshop, illustrator and adobe centric tools) - http://activeation.com/4Ciw
If videos is your thing and you have good internet, use this, you can thank me later - http://activeation.com/4Cm1

Share, as 2018 is the year Digital creatives from Nigeria take the world stage.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Tochikamaru: 10:12am On Dec 27, 2017
Hey hey, my people,

I was meant to create this thread on XMAS day but one devilish sore throat held me hostage and demanded ransom. But as a child of God, I escaped! cool cool cool

Now, subsequent to my previous post on this thread as regards my New Year giveaway wink wink wink

As I mentioned earlier, no matter the amount given to you, you'll finish spending it and if care is not taken, you'll still go back to that thread to seek help next year.

So in that stead, I have decided to help some set of people (interested ones) with what I do, Internet Marketing; With blogging and freelancing being the basics.

I will be creating blogs for 10 people (I'll help you with everything but content) and I'll also be creating Fiverr accounts for 10 people (You might have to google what that means in case you have no idea).

These are opportunities worth more than money and are bound to give you financial freedom in 2018 if you are really serious.

Now this is it...

I literally have zero time to spare for this, as I'm always preoccupied with a lot to do, but I just have to do it yunno wink wink wink. Therefore, I will be very selective in choosing who to help in this case. Heads up, I have zero tolerance for time wasters and lazy people.

Before I give the conditions, let me give you a brief of the two options for those who have little or no idea. So you can know if you can do it or not...

Blogging: This is one of those come-slow-come-big sort of internet hustles. You are not to expect a huge sum of income in few weeks or even more. But once it comes, it lasts for a long time. I'll give you some hints to make the best out of it. You cannot do this if you are busy, you cannot do this if you're lazy, you cannot do this if you have weak writing skills e.g if you don't know the difference between "am" and "I'm" (pun intended cheesy) and you can not do this if you don't have passion for anything you can blog about e.g fashion, tech blablabla. I'm just trying to be realistic so we won't waste time. If you know you don't trust yourself with any of the aforementioned, it's likely you give up halfway, 80% of new bloggers do, I won't be surprised, but don't waste my time, we can always talk about some other hustles, but not this one.

Fiverr: This is freelancing. Basically offering some random skills online. This might make you sharp money within a month (luckily, not guaranteed) if you know your onions. However, you must have a digital skill(s) e.g content writing, graphics, animations, programming/web design, or online marketing. All the same, you can't do it if you are lazy or busy (and not ready to create enough time).

Generally: Internet hustles will not work for you if you are lazy, busy (unless you want to take it as a side-hustle, which doesn't apply in this case). It'll as well be hard if you have problem with light and internet (very important).

Now that we have discussed the general idea and cons of each offer. Here is how it's going to be...

Just drop a reply below stating the reason(s) why you won't waste my time if I consider you. Try to understand, I didn't say "tell me why I should consider you", cos I believe most of those who will comment on this thread would be worth considering one way or the other. But I don't want people that'll give up halfway, I want people that'll make money and give me Xmas gift in 2018 grin, and only a brilliant and stubborn hustler can do that.

Just drop a reason why I should be very sure you won't waste my time. It might be simple or comprehensive, as you like it.

Something like:

"Hi Fattkay, I'm into graphics design. I have been doing it for 6months now. I have time enough time..................... Attached below are samples of my graphics works.".

Avoid sympathetic reasons like "I'm broke, I need money". As that might be a good reason for me to consider you but doesn't mean you won't waste my time.

Sorry if I'm being too selfish by shouting the phrase "Don't Waste My Time" too many times grin grin grin It's not my fault, my 2017 catchphrase is "Life is hard enough, no time for time wasters" grin grin grin So don't blame me. By 2018, I'll change.

Thanks for your time. Suggestions are allowed.

NOTE: Every discussion concerning this subject should be on this thread ONLY. Please don't call me, na beg I dey beg you. No WhatsApp message, I might not see it. No Nairaland DM, the mail I used to register is dead and I buried it 2yrs ago. If you must reach me through another means apart from this thread (maybe if you don't have a Nairaland account), mail me, just add @gmail.com to Fattkay.

SWITCH: I forgot to ask how was your Xmas?? smiley smiley smiley

Hi fattkay ,
I am a writer, I write articles, essay and so on. I have written for various blogs and people. Last month I heard of fiverr I tried opening it my self but I failed..i would love it if u can give me the opportunity of opening a fiverr account to build my writing skills God bless you fattkay
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Olakunle007(m): 10:29am On Dec 27, 2017
Hello Fattkay. I am a combined honour student of the department of Foreign Languages(German and French), Obafemi Awolowo University. I have been into internet writing for the past two years. I was the winner of the Eduregard Aspirant Essay competing(2015) and also one of the notable writer in Fynestboi/Eduregard Undergraduate Essay Competing(2017) . I have written on many blogs and Forum. I will like to have a US fiverr account. I am interested in Digital writing (Email marketing and Domain research) and writing and Translation(Translation). Writing has never been my problem and creating time is not a big deal. staying online is something I love most. Trust me, I'm gonna hustle and make it through and won't render your efforts a waste.

My Eduregard profile -

Aspirant Essay Competing

Fynestboi/Eduregard Essay Competing.

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by mercy17: 11:02am On Dec 27, 2017
Hello fattykay,
Thanks for this great opportunity.I have a deep passion for blogging and I already have a niche which is food blogging.I'm a student and I basically have only academics to worry about now.I have spent a great deal of time surfing the internet to garner alot about blogging.I will immediately put this opportunity to use and also submitting to mentorship under you thank you.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by mhisbliss(f): 11:39am On Dec 27, 2017
nice and laudable project I must say, teaching them how to fish instead of giving them fish, but I hope you'll also teach them what blogging and fiverr is all about, so you won't waste this on someone who might abandon this along the line when the dreams of quick and easy money becomes a fallacy, and please get them a laptop as well
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Lynette2cute(f): 11:50am On Dec 27, 2017
Please I'm interested in the blog. I'm good in story writing and motivational posts.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by hayesconcept(m): 12:07pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hello Fattkay, I am Adedamola. I will like you to set up a blog for me as part of your Giveaway program.I have been a writer for a while and I believe with my skills I will be able to run a blog successfully. I am a freelancer and I have written a lot of articles and blog post related to different niche. With this experience, I will perform well as a blogger writing motivational post. My knowledge of website design is mediocre, so this is a big opportunity for me. I will be glad if am able to make your list.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by chipsypop(m): 12:15pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hi fattbabakay I am skilled in 3d visualization and animation, I'm also proficient in the use of Photoshop, after effects and premiere pro for video editing and compositing and I'm also learning more skills everyday. please I'm interested in having a fiverr account. I've tried fiverr, up work and freelancer a number of times but no success, I don't know where I'm getting it wrong. I'm passionate about earning online but I need a guide. pls help me set up the fiverr account, I would be most grateful. Below are few of my works
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Heebah: 12:15pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hi op,been following u from d other thread,just got to see dis one now and i hope am not too late.
Its on behalf of my husband. He is a media person and he will love to go into full time blogging as from next yr but doesnt know d ropes. This is just like God sent and i pray u include him in ur list. He wants to start a news blog where he will be posting news worthy materials and also some personality profiling.
Pls include him cos it will go a long way to help us since he has been out of jobs for a while now. Thank u so much n God bless u real good.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by kennylizzy(f): 12:18pm On Dec 27, 2017
Good afternoon.
I will like to have a blog. I intend to use the blog as a site to upload samples of my works. I write articles and essays as well as other academic writings.
I read on your blog that a serious freelancer should have a blog to upload samples of work. Here's the link https://hustle.ng/make-money-online-writer-nigeria/

I'd be grateful if you can assist me in this regard because I believe it will show professionalism on my part, make it easier for me to promote my gig and convince buyers.

SWITCH: Christmas was great, only that I'm now battling with running stomach. sad Aside the sore throat, hope yours was great?
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by chipsypop(m): 12:20pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hi fattbabakay I am skilled in 3d visualization and animation, I'm also proficient in the use of Photoshop, after effects and premiere pro for video editing and compositing and I'm also learning more skills everyday. please I'm interested in having a fiverr account. I've tried fiverr, up work and freelancer a number of times but no success, I don't know where I'm getting it wrong. I'm passionate about earning online but I need a guide. pls help me set up the fiverr account, I would be most grateful. Below are few of my works

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by chipsypop(m): 12:22pm On Dec 27, 2017
[quote author=chipsypop post=63649745][/quote]

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Nobody: 12:48pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hi BOSS. I am currently running a free blog (a motivation-based website) under google. I have been limited to somethings so I wish to have my own .com domain name and also be freed from google; I want to migrate to wordpress. I need your help in this. THANKS

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Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Emexicoman(m): 12:56pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hi FattyKay
I heartily want to commend u for trying to show people like me the river to fish rather than handing out just the fishes to us. I am Fred by name and I already have a blog which I literally have been managing based on DIY levels. I want to build it up to a better one. I need ur help. I'll surprise with u my pace and things I would achieve in a short while. God bless u for this initiative.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Emmanuelabisi(m): 2:33pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hello mr fattakay
Basically am a video editor by professional and also am into affiliated marketing and I know about fiver . My email marketing gig was deleted by fiver and I don't know why... Maybe I did not open it well. But bro that did not stop my zeal for making money online....i wanna do this......and I promise u am not wasting your time....if am wasting your time then am wasting my life... Cos this what I want to take as my career.....pls I want to do this.... I have disturbed u everywhere... IG... Whatsapp... Hoping a day like this will come.
Pls I don't know how to use big grammar.... But i believe you understand me. Pls give me a chance. Thank u

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Noloss(f): 2:37pm On Dec 27, 2017
Here I am sir
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by thegraace: 2:55pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hello Fattkay, thanks for this your uncommon humane disposition to help some people out of their financial dryness. I am very much interested in BLOGGING. I am good at English Language and of course, my Course of Study is an added advantage for me; I am a Mass Communication Graduate.

Coincidentally, I created a thread on Webmasters Session where I solicit help from Nairalanders to set up a blog for me. One or two persons responded positively to my request but I was asked to buy a Domain Name myself which I cannot afford at this moment.

I am a very diligent and hardworking person. I believe I am knowledgeable enough on the wherewithal that can make me a successful Blogger.

I promise that I will not let myself down and will never allow your effort to go in futility.

Thanking you in anticipation for considering me.

Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by Farm360(m): 3:05pm On Dec 27, 2017
As the year ends, it seems everyone must be looking for a more productive thing to venture into in 2018.
Thanks to Fatkay for these insights...
I've been looking for an opportunity to go into blogging and I mean full time as I have almost the whole 24/7 to myself...
I started selling on fiverr about two months ago and thanks to my mentor and God, I'm making progress... Yet I believe I still need a better and bigger way to make more income. Hence, I choose blogging but unfortunately, I haven't gotten the right tuition and mentorship...
I'll be glad and humble to be your student.
Thanks for the anticipated consideration.

Though I have you on my WhatsApp I won't go against the instruction.

1984concept@gmail.com is my contact e mail.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by fattbabakay(m): 3:43pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hi fattykay,

thanks for this great opportunity. I'm a freelance writer on fiverr. This is the link to my profile: www.fiverr.com/flawless_seo

I bought your email marketing eBook some months back. I always check your blog: hustle.ng for updates. I'm a hustler willing to succeed through internet and online hustling. I bought a domain yesterday @Godaddy. www.techtrenz.com is the domain name and hosted on ifastnet.com

the blog is still pending, ifastnet has not send me login details.

I will be happy if I'm among the beneficiary of the this great opportunity. I hope

Thanks for being there always.

Best Regards
Big man, I believe you already have enough resources to make the best out of 2018, you only need some push. Let's give this thing to others. Don't you think?
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by fattbabakay(m): 3:44pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hey Baba Kay
I'm interested in the blogging offer. I need it as a landing page for my Instagram account. Then I promote CPA link and affiliate offers there. Thanks
Send the instagram handle to my mail.
Re: My New Year Giveaway - Fattkay by fattbabakay(m): 3:45pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hello Fattkay,
Don't let me bore you with too much talk
I would have loved to own a fiver account but i no get digital skill, I would have picked proof reading if I had a choice cos i used to help my flatmate proofread when he had too much work so i have little knowledge about it.
But I am going with blogging, I am a fashion designer and I have it in mind to teach people how to sew online. Like an online Fashion Design blog basically for teaching people how to sew.
I believe people will be interested in this.
Thanks in anticipation.
Alimat wink grin
Sounds like a good niche. But you still never mentioned why you won't give up halfway.

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