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Hilarious Letter From A Student To His Principal And The Reply He Received / When You See The Teacher In High School Who Said You Would Never Make It. / Check It This Love Letter: The Old Skool Swagger (2) (3) (4)

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High School Letter, the REPLY by JustBlaze1(m): 12:43am On Jun 10, 2005
Just a little sumthing sumthing for the lovers up in herree

My Love, My Sugar,

i was exasperated with pride to have received one from you, the lungs in my body flapped with joy when i have been reading your letter. Anyway by now you have reached the realisation as to why i am jotting this small letter to you, yes it is to see if you are keeping with the sands of time.

How is everything on that other side of yours? Well here everything is just half lemon half sugar to make it schweppes. How is your schooling? How are you pulling the wagons of life? I am just pulling the schooling thing like a donkey pulling a cart.

My honie, i am missing you very much right now, my heart is perambulating with every word that i write, if it was not for these oceans that decided to flow between us then i would get on the next bus to come and see you, but until then i know that i will not hesitate to put this blue blood on this paper and write to you.

I remember that day lovie, that one sweet day as Maria Curry sanged it, you know that it is my favourite song honie, the one day that we were boarding the combies and you escorted me to my home, walking with you just brought sweet dreams to me for the rest of my life honie.

If words of love could ride a bicycle I would be competing aganest Diego Maradona.Anyways, i will not stop you
from reading the books that give you life and education so I will stop here for today.Please always writing to me because I am missing you like sugar misses tea.

My dedications to you are :
Maria Curry - One Sweet Day.
Boys To Main - And of the Rod

Keep well my mop of my heart,
Yours in flesh and in blood,
Ruise Sugar Baby
P.S. Sorry about my English, I did not learn anymore grin grin grin
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by hotangel2(f): 11:21am On Jul 22, 2005
awwww.. that was sweet. I loved it.

P.S. Boyz 2 [U]Men[/U]
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by pkrix(m): 2:34pm On Jul 22, 2005
smiley wink cheesy grin angry sad shocked cool rolleyes tongue embarassed lipsrsealed undecided kiss cry
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by Bumzy(f): 3:01pm On Jul 22, 2005
ohhh...rib cracking!!!!
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by Danasco(m): 11:21am On Jul 27, 2005
Dearest angel,

Hope this lettetr of mine get to u in good health and peace of mind? How is school over there, hope doxology.

Anyway, iam writng u this letter with ultimost sincerity. from the bottomness of my right and left ventricles,with my golden pen from my fresh air class room.

Yeaterday, i was reading the poem NIGHT ANGEL, only ur thinking come to mind, i try to sleep but sleep could not come, i try again it refused. So i say i shld put this poem for you:



I can see ur golden and diamond smile like twinkle little star. my love for u is like egg full in a basket. very fragile but very important to me. i beg to stop as the senior prefect is already ringing bell . i love u more than CAROL.

All mistake is mine and correction yours.
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by nike4luv(f): 11:32am On Jul 27, 2005
aw..hey ya..dats soo sweet
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by Danasco(m): 12:11pm On Jul 27, 2005
My first letter was to a girl through her good friend, the letter was apt, yet very brief.

The first day i saw u in ur friends party, i saw a very very fertile woman and i just fell like cultivating you.

Anxiety is mine and reply yours.
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by hotangel2(f): 3:11am On Jul 28, 2005
wow.. danasco.. u r so romantic. cheesy
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by twinstaiye(m): 3:10pm On Jul 28, 2005
My dearest, sweetest, fondest, fantastic, extra-ordinary, paragon of

I hope this letter meets you in a fabulous state of metabolism, if so doxology. My principal aim of writing this letter to you is to gravitate your mind towards a matter of global and universal importance, which has been troubling my soul. The matter is so important. Even as I am writing, my adrenaline is 100 per cent on the Richter scale, my temperature is rising, the wind vane of my mind is pointing North, South and East at the same time; the mirror in my eyes has only your divine image. Indeed when I sleep, you are the one in my medulla oblongata, and I dream about you. I went out to sea in my dream, and I saw you: surrounded by H2o and you in your majesty rose from the abdomen of the sea like Yemoja, the avatar of beauty. Oh, Lord be with us! We are thy servants.

As you can see, I am in a serious dilemma. And I want you to take my matter seriously. At this junction, what our Lord said on this matter is germane. He says we should ask, and we shall be given, we should seek and we will find, and that we should knock, and it will be opened unto us. I am this 30th day of the eighth month in the year of our Lord, Two thousand and Four, asking, seeking and knocking at your door. My prayer is that thou should open so that thy servant can enter. I want to wake up in the morning and see only your face.
I want you to be the only sugar in my tea, the only fly in my ointment, the butter on my bread, the grey matter of my system, the oxygen in my head, the planet of my universe, the wall clock of my room. The conveyor belt of my soul. I pray that you realise the gargantuan nature of my predicament. If you refuse, my life will be like tea without sugar, like a snail without shell, a Xmas goat without a horn; in fact I'd become an orphan. In fact I’d kill myself. What is life if I can't wake up in the morning and behold your face? You model of pulchritude, patiently created by God on a Friday morning before he went on a deserved holiday. Please Biola, let me be your Romeo. Make me the Adam to your Eve. Shakespeare said it all: if music be the food of love, then let it play on. I want to emphasise, universally and responsibly, that you are love itself. You are the metaphor, oxymoron, thesis, antithesis, irony, gerund, conjunction and the adverb of love. At this juncture, let me also say that geography of your body is a permanent allelluyah. Not from your body, ammonia, urea and iodine- you are too beautiful for that, what I see in your body is milk and honey. At this juncture, brevity is the soul of wit. A stitch in time saves nine. Procrastination is the thief of time. An opportunity once lost can never be regained. Make hay while the sun shines. All that glitters is not gold. The journey of a thousand years begins with a step. What God has put together let no man put asunder. To be a man is not an easy task even if God's time is the best. But time waits for no one. A man without love is like a fish out of water. I know you are a sagacious girl. If you like the veracity of what I am saying, please reply and let me have it pronto. The mark at the bottom of this page is a kiss from me to you. I remain Your beloved, faithful, loyal, One and Admirer.

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Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by nike4luv(f): 9:22pm On Jul 28, 2005
woah..who wrote dat, dat is steaming hot wink
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by nike4luv(f): 9:26pm On Jul 28, 2005
Dear ..................,

If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have uttered them to you the first time I laid my eyes on you. But, I lacked that knowledge, so the best thing that I can do is to show you how I really mean it now. I love you so dearly, sweetie. Do you know? You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought and expected that someone like me could get so lucky by finding you. How could I have known the comfort and the security of knowing that whenever I say "I love you," you're going to say the same words, too. I know that you love me too, or you wouldn't have married me. Marrying me was just among the many wonderful things you have done to show me how much I mean to you and that you are sincere. I love you sweetie, more than my life... more than my world. You are my world. Life wouldn't be life if not shared with you. We may be far away from each other for now, but you have my heart and my love. And I know that I have yours, too. It just feels so wonderful knowing and believing that. Aren't we lucky? I love you... more and more each day.

Forever Yours,

Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by hotangel2(f): 2:22am On Jul 29, 2005
Check this one out.. I love it.

Read this "HATE letter" (somewhat Love letter) U won't get it until u finish!

It is so funny and creative.

This is a loveletter from a boy to a girl....However, the girl's father does not like him and wants them to stop their relationship......and so....the boy wrote this letter to the girl....... He knows that the girl's father will definitely read it.. The father picks the letter reading it out loud, and it read:

1 "The great love that I have for you
2 is gone, and I find my dislike for you
3 grows every day. When I see you,
4 I do not even like your face;
5 the one thing that I want to do is to
6 look at other girls. I never wanted to
7 marry you. Our last conversation
8 was very boring and has not
9 made me look forward to seeing you again.
10 You think only of yourself.
11 If we were married, I know that I would find
12 life very difficult, and I would have no
13 pleasure in living with you. I have a heart
14 to give, but it is not something that
15 I want to give to you. No one is more
16 foolish and selfish than you, and you are not
17 able to care for me and help me.
18 I sincerely want you to understand that
19 I speak the truth. You will do me a favor
20 if you think this is the end. Do not try
21 to answer this. Your letters are full of
22 things that do not interest me. You have no
23 true love for me. Good-bye! Believe me,
24 I do not care for you. Please do not think that
25 I am still your boyfriend."

So bad!! However, before handing over the letter to the girl....the boy told the girl to "READ BETWEEN THE LINES", meaning - only to read (Odd Nos.)

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Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by Latoya(f): 7:09am On Jul 29, 2005
Oh my...
i am tripped oh grin grin grin
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by hotangel2(f): 7:17am On Jul 29, 2005
I laughed out when i saw it. At first one of my male friends gave it to me as a letter..i was like, oh me gosh..it was so funny and it made me blush. The next day he called me to say it's was only a joke letter.

And then i started seeing it on websites and thread mails. But it's still funny.
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by hotangel2(f): 6:35pm On Jul 30, 2005
hahaha.. everyone can blush. I blush.. haha
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by Nobody: 6:02pm On Aug 05, 2005
    How are you pulling through?how is your sourjourn in the house of knowledge faring?im wishing you unlimited extravagance in your educational achievements.
    However,my main reason for writing you this letter is to enlighten you on a little emotional contingency which is developing in my main beating organ.Simply put,my Golden Pen has fallen into your Basket of Love.I just realised this when staring at you across a great sea of craniums.i realised your face is like a lake touched by the moon's rays and your lips are as inviting as an hotdog roll beckoning the hungry traveller.
   My sugar-possum,plz dont break my heart by saying no to being mine.i promise to love,honour and accelerate your heartbeat if u be mine.
                                                                                            Yours' Affectionately,
                                                                                               your aspiring sweetheart.

(a little hum-hum which was very hilarious when i was in secondary school.the guy that wrote still feels a little embarrassed when he sees any of the gals that read the letter then.it was not addressed to me but to a classmate and wow! was it funny!!!).
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by hotangel2(f): 6:08pm On Aug 05, 2005
How would a love letter of a Mathematican look like?Read it now!

Yesterday I was passing by Ur rectangular house in trignometric lane,there I saw U with Ur cute circular face,conical nose and spherical eye balls and U were standing in Ur triangular garden.Before seeing U,my heart was a null set, but when a vector of magnitude(likeness)from Ur eyes at a deviation of theta radians made a tangent to my heart,it differentiated and my love for U forms a quadratic equation which only U can solve by making good binary relation with me,this cosine of my love 2 U extends to infinity.I promise U that I should not resolve U into partial fractions but if I do so,U can integrate me! This I promise U!.
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by hotangel2(f): 7:23pm On Aug 05, 2005
uhh?? I didn't write dat oo..i found it to be very amusing. A friend of mine said he'll use for nerdy girls (nerds). All about book girls.
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by tytylayor: 12:48pm On May 06, 2008

oh my gawwwwwwwd cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by ohilebo(m): 1:02pm On May 06, 2008
@ twinstaiye , I beg oooo, U wan kill person with Grammar? Chinekeeeeeeeeeeeeeee grin grin grin grin grin grin
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by ohilebo(m): 1:53pm On May 06, 2008
This was written by a guy in my Street and delivered by his little Brother,

Hello Angel,

I am very flabbergasted and interested to see you in my Area, please do you live around the circulation? Because your face looks very similar
I must confess to you that your beauty is so serious that I see your face in my books when I try to read
I can not concentrate on my food, and my friends say I am crazy because I told them that you are my missing rib ………. grin grin grin grin
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by tytylayor: 1:58pm On May 06, 2008
ohilebo u sure say no be u write dis one cheesy
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by ohilebo(m): 2:41pm On May 06, 2008
@ tytylayor , You sure say nor be u I write the letter to? grin grin grin

make u agree to be my girl na? haba? kiss kiss kiss tongue
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by EzekielLarson: 4:12pm On Oct 10, 2020
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Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by ricki: 6:17pm On Oct 10, 2020
What a bunch of nonsense.......but funny
Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by aadiv: 2:54pm On Mar 07, 2021
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Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by itamarzixuan: 10:19am On Mar 17, 2021
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Re: High School Letter, the REPLY by aadiv: 12:11pm On Apr 04, 2021
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