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BETRAYED - A Short Story by Oyinprince(m): 4:57pm On Mar 20, 2018

by Ansah-Agyeman

Mr Kwame Awuah suffers a heart attack just few minutes after the opening ceremony of the multipurpose hospital he built for his son. His whole body is totally paralyzed and he has only a few weeks to live.
He has nobody to turn to, not even God because even with his benevolence and kindness to everyone, he’s a staunch atheist. He receives sympathy from everyone who has heard and experienced his kindness but no one knows that the Heart attack that sentenced him to death was caused by the two people he loved most, his wife and his son. He had caught his son making love passionately with his wife.
He is shown kindness by a nurse in the hospital and with the love he gets, he lives beyond the timeline given to him by the Doctors. But his son and wife who says they’re madly in love with each other are not ready to give him the chance to come back to life.
He is totally paralyzed and can’t tell anyone of his plight. His son and wife are desperate to end his life. Can there be a way out for him? What would be the end for the betrayals? This you will find out as Aaron takes you on this wonderful ride.

Source: http://youngicee.com/2018/01/betrayed-by-aaron-ansah-agyeman.html

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Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by Oyinprince(m): 5:00pm On Mar 20, 2018

® 18+ SNVL
© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Welcome, This story has only few episodes. Another interesting story from the same author would start immediately after this ends.
When sixty-five-year-old multimillionaire MR. KWAME AWUAH picks up the scissors lying on the small exquisite pillow and cuts the ribbon across the entrance of FOSUAA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, he does not know that in just a few minutes he is going to witness something so terrible that it will change his life forever!
It is a new multipurpose hospital he has built for his forty-year old son, NANA YAW AWUAH.
The name of the hospital is in honour of his late wife, FOSUAA AWUAH, who has been dead for almost ten years now.
Kwame has married another woman, ARABA AWUAH, three years ago. She is a tall, elegant, beautiful woman who is forty-five years old, twenty years younger than Kwame.
Nana Yaw has just completed his housemanship in one of the prestigious hospitals in Ghana. He is widely-educated, deriving his expertise from some of the most excellent medical schools around the world.
Kwame, wearing an excellent black suit and white shirt, is of medium height but running to a little fat. Nana Yaw is tall and lean, muscular and well-toned, wearing a grey suit.
He is as different from his father, physically, like day and night, and he is standing on his father’s left.
Araba is also taller than her husband, and she is dressed in a stunning cream skirt suit that sets off her astonishing figure to perfection. She is standing on Kwame’s right hand side.
There is a lot of applause and laughter when Kwame places the scissors back on the pillow and turns to his son with a broad smile.
Your own hospital, son! You’re the Director here. I present it to you, on behalf of your late mother!
There is even more rapturous applause.
Nana Yaw, with tears in his eyes, steps forward and hugs his father.
Thank you very much, Dad. I’m so grateful!
There are a lot of people behind them.
Chiefs, politicians, reporters and other important people from society.
Also present are doctors, nurses and other staff who have been employed to work in the new hospital.
They all troop into the hospital to get a proper view of the interior of this great edifice.
Araba bends slightly and kisses her husband lightly on the lips.
(whispering lovingly)
I’m proud of you, darling, for doing such a great thing for your son!
Kwame smiles with joy and kisses her back.
There is general laughter again.
The people soon disappear into the interior of the hospital.
Two women clad in the white uniform of nurses are the last to enter the edifice.
One is elderly and has a shock of grey hair.
She is ENYONAM KLINOGO, a senior nurse.
Her companion is a dark woman of fifty-five, kind-faced and pretty.
She is MAAME AKOSUA, a new nurse of the facility.
Maame looks around her in awe.
Woooow! This is high tech! Absolutely love it! Mr. Awuah is a very good father indeed.
Yes, he is. He is a very good man, kind at heart. Such a pity he doesn’t believe in the existence of God.
Maame stops and scowls at her friend.
Really? He’s an atheist?
Through and through. He believes in that silly principle of Evolution. He doesn’t believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit exist.
And he’s been blessed with so much money? Hmm, God is wonderful!
Yes, it is amazing. His late wife was a Christian though, and tried her best to bring him to Christ but to no avail. Do you know Nana Yaw is not even his own son?
Maame stops now with her mouth open.
He’s not?
No. He’s the son of his late wife, Fosuaa. When Mr. Kwame Awuah met Auntie Fosuaa, she was begging for alms in the streets with her little son by her side. Apparently it was raining. Mr. Kwame Awuah, who was unmarried then, picked the poor woman up in his car and brought her to his house. I hear the woman’s husband, Nana Yaw’s real father, had died after a protracted illness. Nana Yaw was about four or five years at the time. Fosuaa turned out to be a great cook, and so Mr. Awuah let her stay in his house, and a few months later fell in love with her and married her, adopting her son and giving him his name. Unfortunately, when Fosuaa got pregnant again for Mr. Kwame, the pregnancy had to be terminated later on due to some complications she suffered, and her womb was removed. So, Mr. Kwame was stuck with Nana Yaw as his only son.
Really? No affairs? Nothing? He never tried to have babies outside his marriage?
(shaking her head)
Apparently no. He is a good man, very faithful. There are stories that go around, about how Fosuaa encouraged him to have other babies with another woman, but he was adamant, and stayed with her till she died without breaking his marriage vows.
Woaw! What a good man! All he needs now is God! He can’t live without God! How I wish I can get close to him! I’ll cram the Bible down his throat and force him to eat it and get wise!
The women laugh and enter the elevator.
It takes a while to tour the important areas of the hospital, but soon the delegation reaches the top floor of the five-storey building.
Nana Yaw is finally shown into his office, and he is blown away!
It is a huge office with one wall made of thick glass with an amazing view of the hills and fold mountains and natural forests stretching into a picturesque horizon.
There is a magnificent desk, a lounge area, a research area and a resting area replete with a bed and a washroom.
Nana Yaw is grinning from ear to ear, and he hugs his father again with pure delight, and across his father’s shoulders his eyes meet those of his step-mother, and she smiles at him and winks.
The delegation leaves the office and examines the other offices on the floor.
A call comes through on Mr. Kwame Awuah’s phone.
He picks the call and moves to one corner of the corridor to speak.
He comes back to the group and speaks to his wife and son.
Listen, please continue for me, okay? I have to rush to the office to attend to the Minister of Tourism. Forgot I had scheduled a meeting with him.
Awww, my love! You work too hard! Alright, darling. I’ll see you later in the house! Prepare for a special treat tonight!
The multimillionaire smiles happily.
Nana Yaw embraces his father.
God bless you, Daddy! I’m so humbled!
God? What God? There’s no God, little one, I keep telling you. I did everything myself, so bless me and thank me, not God!
He turns quickly and enters the elevator as Nana Yaw and Araba exchange glances and follow the people into another office.
Mr. Kwame Awuah screws up his face with sudden unease as his stomach rumbles and churns.
He needs to use the washroom!
He punches the button on the elevator when it reaches the fourth floor, and it shoots up again.
He emerges on the corridor, but luckily the people are still in another office.
He holds his buttocks and jogs into his son’s office and enters the washroom in the resting area.
He quickly unbuckles his belt and sits on the Water Closet with an exhalation of relief. A moment later the loud sounds of flatulence fill the room, and Mr. Kwame smiles, glad that the room is soundproof.
Outside the office, the tour has ended, and the visitors file into the elevators again for the ride to the ground floor.
Nana Yaw’s eyes meet his step-mother’s, and again they smile at each other.
He notices that she is walking along the corridor, admiring the paintings on the walls.
He is not surprised when she enters his office again down the corridor.
Nana Yaw, who is now being interviewed by some journalists, speaks quickly, thanks them, and then idly walks towards his office.
He opens it and enters, locking it behind him.
He sees his step-mother.
She is lying on the bed in the resting area.
She has removed her clothes, and she is now wearing only white panties, and her legs are spread open.
He can see the fine hairs on her crotch through the transparent lace of the panties.
As he watches, panting, Araba slowly lifts her curvy buttocks off the bed and slides the lacy panties down her legs.
She leans back, smiling at him, and opens her legs, exposing her wet intimacy.
She crooks a finger at him.
Come and eat, baby! Lunch is served hot and wet!
Nana Yaw flies out of his clothes, trembling, and bounds onto the bed.
She meets him, and they kiss fiercely, passionately!
Oh, my love, my darling! I miss you so! Thought we will never be alone!
His hands maul her breasts and nipples as she caresses his erection.
She groans with deep lust.
Oh, yes, yes, yes! Come, darling, make me explode!
Nana Yaw’s lips glide down the belly of his step-mother, and then he buries his face in her crotch, licking her expertly.
She moans and crosses her legs across his head, bucking her buttocks up to meet his probing tongue.
And then he glides up her body again as she spreads her legs to receive him.
He thrusts his manhood into her depths, and she groans with pleasure…
And then the washroom door opens and Mr. Kwame emerges and sees his step-son deep inside his wife as they make feverish and violent love, making guttural and bestial sounds of unbridled lust.
They turn their heads, and they see him.
Mr. Kwame cannot move.
On his face is a horror so great that no human alive could have been able to describe it.
He clutches his heart suddenly as a massive pain rips through him.
Silent tears flood down his face, and then he topples forward and crashes to the floor as a massive heart-attack tears through his body!
To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/betrayed

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Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by Oyinprince(m): 5:05pm On Mar 20, 2018
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Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by Oyinprince(m): 10:41am On Mar 21, 2018

© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

Nana Yaw screams and bounds off the bed, losing his erection immediately.

He crouches near the lifeless figure of his father, speaking incoherently as he checks for a pulse.

Araba gets off the bed too, already slipping on her panties.

She quickly straightens out the bed, and then she crosses the room and dresses quickly, and when she has her shoes on she quickly approaches the two men.

She looks into the staring eyes of her husband without emotion.


Is he dead?



No, no! Oh, God! It is a heart attack! I must get him to a bed immediately!



Fool! Whilst you’re naked? Get up, get dressed first! And then we’ll call for help and say we found him like that! Hurry up!

He dresses quickly, and they call for help.

Paramedics arrive, and Mr. Kwame Awuah is put on a stretcher and pushed into the elevator, which descends to the VIP Wards.

He is put on a bed, paralysed totally, his mouth slack, his hands bent like claws.

And so, Mr. Kwame Awuah, multimillionaire who believes there is no God, becomes the first patient of his son at the hospital he has built for his son!

As he lies there, unable to move any part of his body, his mind recollects the sight of his son making love to his wife, and silent tears flow down the sides of his eyes!

Machines are fixed to almost every body part of Mr. Kwame Awuah.

Within minutes his private doctors arrive, and they call in other experts.

Nana Yaw Awuah and a host of specialists are all gathered around the bed where Mr. Kwame Awuah is lying immobile.

The verdict is the same:

His body has suffered a total shutdown!

Almost all vital organs have been destroyed.

The heart attack has been too massive!

Mr. Kwame Awuah, multimillionaire, staunch atheist, therefore has less than a few weeks to live, less than one month!

Nana Yaw Awuah breaks down completely when he hears this news.

He wails like a baby.

Everybody present thinks that he is mourning the unfortunate calamity that has befallen his father, naturally, and none knows that he is filled with abject remorse.

Of course lying in bed Mr. Kwame Awuah hears the verdict, and understands it, and knows that his millions cannot save his life, and that he is dying!

Betrayed by the two people he loves most in the world!

And this is his end!

His eyes stare fixedly at his wife, and silent tears fall down the sides of his face.

Araba sits by the side of the bed and cries pitifully, heartbreakingly, a pathetic sight of a loving wife losing her beloved husband!

But no one knows that it is all a sham!

She is a really good actress!

But Mr. Kwame Awuah is not fooled, and his eyes stare at her fixedly, filled with such fury that after a while Araba stands up and allows herself to be helped outside.

Everybody leaves the room, and Mr. Kwame Awuah is left all alone.

Shortly afterwards the door opens again, and two senior nurses come inside.

They are Maame Akosua and Enyonam Klinogo.

Enyonam is weeping as she sits on the bed beside Kwame and gently touches his cheek.



Oh, Kwame Awuah, gentle rich man, handsome man with a heart of gold! What am I hearing? You have less than a month to live? Oh why, why, why, why!! Death, please take your icy hands from this man o!


She continues to cry until Maame Akosua coughs gently to get Enyonam’s attention.


And, before I forget, here is the nurse who has been assigned to take care of you, Kwame. She is indeed a good woman and I’m sure you’re going to love her! Her name is Maame Akosua.

Maame, standing at the foot of the bed, smiles warmly at Kwame.


Hello, Mr. Awuah.

After a while Enyonam’s phone rings, and she stands up and heads for the door.

Maame straightens up the room and hums a song, putting everything where they are supposed to be.

The door opens, and Nana Yaw comes in.

He stares at Maame for a while, and then he sits down on the edge of the bed.



You’re the nurse Madam Klinogo assigned to my father?


Yes, please.


And have you been taken through the drills about what to do and what not to do?



I’ve been a nurse for thirty years, Mr. Awuah, and I’ve handled patients in far worse situations than your father. Believe me, I know what I’m going to do.

Nana Yaw nods and stands up, his face so miserable that Maame feels her anger evaporating.


I didn’t mean to sound rude. But he’s my father, and I want only the best for him.



Go home now, Doctor, and get some rest. Believe me, your father is in good hands. He’s going to be fine.

Nana Yaw nods again.

He bends quickly and kisses his father on the forehead, and then he turns round and quickly walks towards the door.

Maame Akosua sees the look of hardness in Mr. Kwame Awuah’s eyes as he stares at his son’s back, and she scowls with confusion.

It seems to her that the father didn’t particularly like his adopted son.

A week passes quickly.

FOSUAA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL is doing brisk business now.

There is a cloud hanging over the hospital though.

This is because the rich and powerful business mogul, Mr. Kwame Awuah, is lying helpless in a hospital bed.

It is expected that he will die any day.

There is absolutely no hope for him.

His condition has rapidly deteriorated in just seven days.

Everyday powerful men and woman come to visit him, much to Maame Akosua’s surprise.

It dawns on her that Mr. Kwame Awuah had been very good to people in his years, and he is well-liked.

Letters and flowers arrive in droves for him every day.

Maame tells Enyonam that she wants a video player in the ward, and this is installed.

Maame stands beside the bed and looks down with pity at Mr. Kwame Awuah.


Everyday great people visit you. A lot of good wishes messages come for you. People bring flowers and cards. It seems you’re such a good man. What I can’t understand is why a grand man like you has hated God all your life and refused to accept that God exists. But that is going to change, do you hear me, Mr. Awuah? They say you have but a short time to live, and so I’m going to prepare your heart to be right with God. It is all I can do for you in this situation.

She rummages in her bag and brings out two books.

They are both Bibles.

One is a huge King James Version red-letter Bible, and the other is a voluminous children’s Bible.

She sits on the bed and shows them to Mr. Kwame Awuah, whose eyes suddenly go wide with anger.



I see you’re angry, and I’m really sorry, but I want to do this. This Bible has English with those yea and ye, and thou things, and I don’t like them much, so I’ll leave it in this room and pray that you will be able to read it one day. Now, this is a children’s Bible, and I have the video too. I’m going to read to you as we watch the video, okay?

Kwame Awuah blinks rapidly, signalling his displeasure, but Maame pays no heed to him.

She pops the CD into the player, and as the images of a dark earth rolls on the screen, formless and foreboding, she begins to read the Bible to him.

After a while she sees that his eyes are closed, and she stands up, puts off the video, and leaves the ward to get some food to eat.

The moment she goes out Kwame opens his eyes and looks fiercely at the door. It is plain that he detests that woman very much.

Later in the day Nana Yaw enters the ward, and his eyes fall on the Bibles on the table.

Rage fills his face as he picks the Bibles and almost shove it into Maame’s face.



And what the hell is this?


Bibles, sir. I was reading them to your father!

Nana Yaw’s jaws work viciously as he glares at the woman.


My father doesn’t believe in that, do you hear me? I don’t want you doing anything, ANYTHING, you’ve not been expressly told to do, Nurse! You can take this as a final warning, because maybe you didn’t know my father is an atheist. Next time, if you want to do anything, ask first! Do you understand?



Yes, sir.


Good. Now take your damn Bibles and get out. I want to speak to my father!

To be continued here tomorrow.

Source: www.youngicee.com/category/betrayed

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Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by cyndy1000(f): 10:51am On Mar 21, 2018
Hello, I'm inviting you to join me here. Episodes will be posted daily.

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Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by Dessydemmy: 12:06pm On Mar 21, 2018
Thanks for the mention, trust I will jump on it now now.

Thanks for the mention.

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Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by Dessydemmy: 12:43pm On Mar 21, 2018
YEEEEPA!!! This is going to be great, weldone dearie.

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Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by hpymoment(f): 4:08pm On Mar 22, 2018
Hello, I'm inviting you to join me here. Episodes will be posted daily.

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thanks for the mention. lets go there!
Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by Oyinprince(m): 10:44pm On Mar 22, 2018

© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

The nurse takes the Bibles and walks out.

Nana Yaw paces the ward for a while, rubbing his forehead, and then he suddenly pulls out a chair and draws close to the bed.

He sits on it, almost wringing his hands, and then he looks up finally into his father’s eyes.

He leans forward and puts his chin on his steepled fingers.


Words can’t express how sorry I am, Father. I hope you can hear me, Father. You see, when you married Araba you remember I was then in Oxford University. I came home during the summer break and met my new step-mother. I was shocked, Father, when you told me you met her at a presentation function and she told you she was a teacher. She told you a lie, Father. I knew her before I went outside. I knew her as a stripper at a bar. The moment I saw her I became angry, and she knew I was going to inform you. That night she drugged your cup of cocoa, and you fell into a deep sleep. She then came to my room and cried and said she has changed and that she loved you. She begged me not to tell you the truth. I didn’t believe her, and then… then she got out of her clothes and I couldn’t resist her. I was drunk, and I couldn’t resist her, Father. That was three years ago, Father. And it has continued ever since. I travelled a year ago, hoping to forget all about her, but I couldn’t, Father! I love her!

Nana Yaw bows his head shamefully for a moment, and his body trembles hard. He sighs miserably and shakes his head dazedly.


I’m sorry you found out the way you did, and I’m sorry it has done this to you. My conscience is killing me, and I feel a great deal of remorse. But I love her, Father. There’s nothing I can do about it. I just want you to understand that I never meant you any harm. It just happened, and I’m very sorry!

Nana Yaw stands up and turns away with a huge sigh.

Without another word he leaves the ward.

And Kwame stares at the door… and silent tears fall down his cheeks.

Maame comes back and sits on the bed, and smiles reassuringly at him.

Two days later, when Maame has finished cleaning Mr. Awuah, something happens that totally takes her unawares.

It is almost two weeks to the day he suffered the fatal heart attack.

The wardrobe has been stored with a lot of clothes and underwear for the sick man.

She covers him with talc, and then dresses him up.

She then calls Nurse Enyonam who helps her to fix the sensors back on him.



He’s deteriorating… Wouldn’t be long now, I guess.



I’ve been praying for him. I don’t get it though. His wife doesn’t visit him often. It’s been almost two weeks and I’ve seen her here only once.



Yooo! Posterity will judge all of us one day!

The two women chat for a while, and then Enyonam leaves to attend to other things.

Maame looks at Mr. Kwame Awuah and smiles mischievously down at him.



Now, let’s try something. Can you hear me? If you can hear me please blink once.

Mr. Kwame slowly blinks once, and a broad smile spreads across the face of the kind-hearted woman.



Well, isn’t that simply wonderful? Well, your son warned me not to read the Bible to you again, but I know a whole lot of Bible stories. Do you want to hear more? If you want to blink twice. If you don’t want to blink once, and I’ll not worry you.

Mr. Kwame Awuah looks fixedly at her for a long time, and then he blinks once, and Maame scowls with disappointment, but just then he blinks again, and a huge smile spreads across her face.

She sits down on the edge of the bed, and then she begins to tell him about the life of Jesus Christ.


Can I call you Kwame? One blink for no, two blinks for yes.

Kwame blinks… twice.



Alright! That’s so sweet! You can call me Maame! I’m going to tell you about Jesus Christ. Blink once twice when you’re tired and wants to rest, okay?

He blinks twice… for yes, and she sits and smiles at him and admits that although he is a little bit short he is a very handsome man, and he reminds her so much of her husband.

Oh, her dear, loving husband!

Maame begins to tell him about Jesus Christ, and some of the miracles Jesus did. After thirty minutes she looks at him and touches his cheek gently.


Are you tired, Kwame?

He blinks once… no!



You’re enjoying it, aren’t you?

Two blinks… yes!

They look at each other, and suddenly Maame feels a tightness in her throat.

She sits back suddenly.


Erm… listen, I’ll just go and relieve my bladder, okay? I’ll be back in a jiffy!

Maame stands up and rushes to the bathroom.

She really doesn’t feel like urinating.

She wants to put a little bit of distance between them.

Quite suddenly she is feeling emotions she knows she has no reason to feel for Mr. Kwame Awuah.


After a while she seems to hear voices in the ward, and she stands up quickly.

She opens the door, and then she comes out.

She is still hidden by a jutting wall because the washroom is recessed.

She hears the voices of Nana Yaw and Araba.

Maame smiles, and has taken a step forward when Araba speaks, and her words arrests Maame so that she comes to a complete halt.

She looks around the edge of the wall silently.

She sees Araba standing near the bed and looking down at Kwame.

By her side is Nana Yaw, and his arm is around his step-mother’s shoulders.



I’m sorry you saw us making love, Kwame. That’s rather unfortunate. I didn’t mean you harm. But I felt stifled. You’re older, and your tastes are different. At the time you met me I was broke and lost, and in need of money. You provided money and security, and then Nana Yaw came along, and we fell in love! It is as simple as that. I’m not going to apologize for loving Nana Yaw. But I’m sorry you’re sick because of what you saw, and I hope you’ll be able to forgive me before… well, before you die.

Maame almost gasps, and she withdraws her head quickly.

Her heart is thudding furiously, and there is horror written all over her face.

On the wall opposite her she can see their reflection in the glass of the window.

She sees Araba bending and kissing Kwame’s forehead.

And then Nana Yaw Awuah speaks.


Sorry, Father.


Goodbye, Kwame.

And then the two of them suddenly hug and exchange a long, deep kiss!

Maame cannot breathe!

How heartless can some people be?

It appears as if they are deliberately taunting Kwame Awuah!

This is so diabolical!

This is unacceptable!

Evil at its finest!

She watches their reflection in the glass, and she shuts her eyes tightly as her heart beats with pain.

Nana Yaw draws back from her suddenly.


No, no, love. Not again! Not here! Let’s go home.



Not home! I can’t hold on! I need you in me now!

Nana Yaw kisses her and mauls her breasts.


Then let’s go to my office!

They rush out and close the door behind them.

Maame’s legs are too weak to support her.

She bends and slowly sits on the floor and holds her head, trying to calm the murderous rage that is assaulting her, making her wish for a gun so that she can chase those cruel people and gun them to the ground!

After a long time her heartbeats calm down, and she stands up groggily and enters the ward.

She stands by the side of the bed, and when she sees the tears of anguish coursing down the sides of Kwame’s eyes, her own eyes well up with tears, and trickle down her cheeks.



Oh, my dear! You saw them? You saw your wife and your son cheating on you?

Kwame Awuah looks at her, and blinks…

Twice… yes!


(shaking her head)

And that’s why you had the heart attack, isn’t it?

Two blinks… yes!


Oh, dear! Oh! Oh, how sad! Oh, you poor, poor dear! Now I understand all your silent tears! Oh, dearest Lord!

And she sits beside him on the bed, and as Kwame’s wife and his son make violent love not very far away, a kind-hearted nurse called Maame Akosua takes Kwame in her arms, and comforts him with her tears!

The following evening Maame Akosua sits beside Kwame Awuah and slowly shows him her wedding ring.



I’ve been wearing this for twenty-years, Kwame. Let me tell you something shocking. My husband died twenty years ago.

The light plays on Kwame’s eyes, and it seems to Maame that his eyes dilated a little, as if he is shocked.

Tears swim in her eyes, and then Kwame blinks rapidly.

Twice… yes!

It takes a moment for it to dawn on Maame that he wants to know about her husband.


Oh, my dear husband, Akwasi. Well, you remind me a lot of him, Kwame. He was a most gentle and loving soul. I knew him for just a year, and then we got married. I went to his arms a virgin, and we had a most sweet wedding night. The following morning when I turned to him, he was dead, just like that!

The tears of sadness slowly fall down her cheeks, and she sees the sadness in his eyes. He shares her pain.


I would have died too, Kwame. But, in the night, before he died obviously, he managed to open his Bible and write in it: NEVER LEAVE THE LORD’S HAND, MAAME! And from there my relationship with God has increased, Kwame. My heart was rid of pain because God was with me. Oh, I was called a witch, and I was shunned, but in all that strife the Lord strengthened me! That’s what I want to tell you, Kwame. You will find strength in the Lord only if you will put your pride aside and believe. You will get well and right this great wrong that has been done you if only you can break your heart down, repent, and accept the Lord Jesus as your personal saviour. I’ve prayed for you, but I want you to pray with me, in your mind! Do you want to know more?

Two rapid blinks…


And that is the night it all began for Mr. Kwame Awuah, confirmed atheist; that is the night that his heart begins to accept that indeed, there is a God of mercies.

To be continued

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® 18+ SNVL
© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

He listens to the wonderful things that Maame Akosua tells him.
Things he had really never heard nor paid heed to, and although he could not utter a word or move any part of his body except his eyelids, he feels a deep peace within his bosom, and wonders why he has lived so long in the world and shunned such good news!
How on earth had he convinced himself that God does not exist?
Indeed, he has been a very big fool, and deserves to be suffering the way he is!
And Mr. Kwame Awuah, multimillionaire and a man of his own destiny for many years, breaks down into the tears of a sinner who has seen the truth and come back home.
At the end of the fourth week Maame Akosua enters the ward with a worried look on her face.
I used this week to fast and pray for you, Kwame. And I've been getting very confusing responds. I've been having a dream, the same dream, each night. I keep seeing a tall, bearded stranger in a black suit picking you up from that bed and taking you into the bathroom where the bath is full with water, and then I will wake up! I'm so scared! I don't know what's happening! Does it mean you're going to be drowned? I hope not! But why does the Lord continuously show me this dream? What should I do about it? I asked my pastor and he also doesn't know what it means. Whatever it is, it is my fervent hope that it means healing!
Inwardly Kwame Awuah smiles, touched by the golden heart of this woman.
He has never seen a more caring woman, and he admits to himself in the darkness he finds himself, that he indeed care so much about her!
She does mean a lot to him!
And in that same night, in the sprawling, elegant and stunning mansion of Mr. Kwame Awuah, his wife and his adopted son make slow love on Mr. Awuah's matrimonial bed.
It is a round, lovely water-bed that undulates and caresses their bodies.
Later, spent and yet inwardly troubled, they lie on the bed and make small loving talk.
Araba is lying with her head on his chest as she runs a hand slowly over his hard body.
It's a month now, darling. You all said he would be dead long before this, but he's still alive.
Nana Yaw sighs deeply.
I know, darling. But you must be rest assured that he is not getting out of that bed again. His whole body is poisoned. Let us allow him to enjoy his last days on earth in peace. We've hurt him enough.
Think, darling! I've been telling you this for over two years now! He's old! His time here is done! In his new will, which I am privy to, he's left two-thirds of his estate to you, and a third to me! Think of how happy we will be if he's dead. The longer he lives the guiltier we’ll feel, but we have the chance to be happy together! You must think carefully, darling.
Nana Yaw stands up with a little grunt and walks to the bar.
His face is sweaty even in the air-conditioned room.
He mixes two drinks and brings one to her.
As he sips he looks over his tumbler at her.
Araba, please, don't let me do this! I'm being torn apart with guilt already as it is!
She drinks and twirls the glass, causing the ice cubes to tinkle.
She looks at him with half-shut eyes.
You know I'm right, darling. You have to help him to die, and find his peace. Now he's constantly under the agony of learning we had been cheating on him. Maybe he can live with my infidelity, but he can never forgive you. He took you and your mother off the streets and made you a-
(screaming with agony)
He throws his glass across the room, and it shatters against a wall.
On that wall is a portrait of his mother.
The look on her face had always been serene, but right now Nana Yaw feels that she is frowning at him with anger, bitterness and disappointment.
I know it is painful, love, but you have to do it. Tomorrow just walk in there and inject him. They have all declared that he will die, so if he dies tomorrow no one will suspect anything.
You're asking me to commit murder! TO KILL THE ONLY MAN WHO RESPECTED MY MOM AND GAVE ME A LIFE!
I don't care, love. All I know is that as long as he continues to draw breath, he is a danger. There are a million tales about terminally ill people who had suddenly come back to full health, confounding medical experts. Think of what can happen if your father suddenly comes out of that bed!
Why can't you just allow him to die in peace, Araba? Please don't turn us into monsters!
She smiles and drains her drink.
She stands up, pads to the bar and drops the glass.
She watches him as she walks back to the bed and lies down, spreading her legs slowly and cupping her breasts.
He is watching her exotic body, and he slowly comes fully erect.
He approaches and grabs her.
She arches her body into him and accepts his kiss with a grunt of her own.
He lies on his back and pulls her on top of him.
She stares down into his eyes as she straddles him and lowers herself on him, riding him hard.
He groans, grabbing her bucking buttocks and thrusting with fervour in rhythm to her gyrating body.
She leans down and kisses him, and then she nibbles his earlobe.
Tell me you're going to do it, darling! Do this for us! So that we can have more of this! Will you do it? Are you going to do it?
Oh, yes, baby! I’ll kill him tomorrow! Oh, yes, yes, yes!! Yeeeeeeesss!!!


Nana Yaw is dressed in an impeccable suit.
He walks towards the sleek and powerful Chrysler parked in the courtyard.
Walking by his side is a beautiful Araba, dressed in black jeans and a fetching pink tank and sky blue shirt.
The servants are working around the house and so they just hug briefly as he opens the car door.
(his face haggard)
This is the day, darling. My father takes his last breath today.
I know how hard and painful this is for you, but it must be done for the sake of our love, and our happiness.
Nana Yaw nods.
Yes, love and happiness. I love you so much, Araba.
So remember the plan, my love. Don't stay over there too long.
No, no. I won't wait at all. I'll inject him and come straight back home.
Yes, my love. I'll be waiting!
She smiles sweetly and waits until he has driven out, and then she turns and begins to walk towards the main house.
MR. SEREBOE ABOKYI, the elderly chauffeur who drives Mr. Kwame Awuah, stands respectfully as Araba approaches.
He is a tall muscular man with hard eyes.
He has been employed almost two years ago by Mr. Kwame Awuah because Araba had told him Abokyi is a dead friend's husband in need of a job to take care of four starving children.
Mr. Kwame Awuah, being the kind trusting man he is, has employed Sereboe Abokyi as his chauffeur with a very handsome salary indeed.
Hello, Mr. Sereboe.
He nods respectfully without smiling.
Good morning, madam.
Would you come inside, please? There are some errands I want you to run for me.
Certainly, madam.
He follows her into the beautiful mansion, up the ornate stairs until they enter Mr. Kwame Awuah's study.
The moment the door closes behind them Araba gives a scream of joy and runs to a huge bed in the corner and flings herself on it, kicking her legs ecstatically.
Yes, yes, yes! We're hitting the jackpot huge this time, sweetheart!
Sereboe smiles as he slowly unbuttons his shirt.
He's going to finish off the old man as planned, darling?
Yes, yes! He packed the injection! Kwame Awuah should be dead by evening! He will inject his father with the deadly drug, and then he will come back here!
But then he won't reach home, because me and my boys will be waiting him, and kill him, making it look like a grieving son who has lost his father driving blindly and skidding off the road and having a fatal accident on the cliffs below his residence. A double tragedy! And all the money comes to his grieving widow, Araba Awuah.
(giggling insanely)
Yes, Araba and her long-standing lover in crime, the crime boss himself, Mr. Sereboe Abokyi, who has managed to kill two of Araba's previous husbands already and taken their money! Money, money, money, my love!
Sereboe laughs as he kicks off his shoes and steps out of his trousers.
Seems like we'll enjoy this one for quite some time, baby! This Awuah is loaded f******!
Yes, yes, yes! And finally I'll get rid of that bastard Nana Yaw! Damn, that fool almost spoilt the whole plan when he came back three years ago and recognized me! Yuck, and I had to put up with his silly groping and stupid dick for so long!
Naked, Sereboe approaches her with his turgid erection.
I got something for you, love! A sweet one before going to complete the final hours of Nana Yaw Awuah. I’m going to take real great delight in killing that bastard for putting his damn hands on you all those years. I know it was all because of the plan, but I’m going to mess him up!
I'm wet and ready, baby! Come and fill me up!! Hurry and make me feel your love, and then go and wait for him at the mountains and kill him when he's coming back! Silly bastard!
Sereboe joins her on the bed, and draws her towards him.

To be continued

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® 18+ SNVL
© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

Maame Akosua enters the ward in the morning.

She cleans Mr. Awuah gently, working around the machines surrounding him.

He is asleep, and she is scared.

Lately his sleeps have become prolonged, and she knows that he is gradually dying, and it is killing her because she has come to care for him so much, and suddenly his imminent death is driving terror through her.

She is sitting by his side when he opens his eyes finally and looks at her, and then he sees the concern on her face, the love, and the tears running down her cheeks.

He blinks once... no!

Why is he saying no?

It dawns on her then!

He doesn't want her to be sad and cry.

She slowly wipes the tears from her face with a handkerchief and smiles at him.

He blinks twice... yes!

He is happy she has stopped crying.



Listen, I'm an old woman, Kwame. Fifty-five years old. I don't have the figure of a model, and I'm certainly not as beautiful as your wife. But I have a good heart that has not been used much, okay, and that heart loves you now. I'm a Christian, and I know my Lord will help you, so don't die! At least, don't let those evil couple get away with what they have done to you. Last night I had the dream again about a tall, bearded gentleman in a black suit who has been sent by the Lord to help you! Please, don't die on me!

Two blinks...

Yes, he won't die yet.

She smiles beautifully, and just then the door opens and Nana Yaw comes in, his face sweaty and grave.

Maame stands up stiffly and looks at him with such fury that he raises his eyebrows at her.


Anything the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?


Nothing, sir. Good morning.

Nana Yaw ignores her and looks down at his father.


How're you father? Don't worry about anything, okay?. Very soon you will be free of all your pains!

Maame's jaw sets with the depths of her anger.

Such hypocrisy!

Such evil!

Such wickedness!

Oh, why should God allow people like these to live free after their evil deeds?

Nana Yaw checks the Stats Card of his father and the readings from the machines. He fidgets with instruments and takes fresh readings.


Is he alright, sir?



He will be fine. Please, take this prescription and get me the items from the pharmacist.


(taking the list)

Yes, sir.

She goes out slowly with a slight frown on her face.

She does not notice that Kwame Awuah is looking at her desperately and giving her a series of single blinks...

No, no, no, no, don't leave me alone with him!

Kwame Awuah is scared! He has seen the look of doom in his step-son’s eyes, and he knows that evil is lurking behind the façade of Nana Yaw’s caring expression.

The moment Maame goes out Nana Yaw takes the deadly ampoule and the syringe from his pocket.

He quickly breaks the neck of the ampoule, extracts the deadly fluid with the syringe, and then holds his father's arm.

He looks up suddenly, and sees the tears falling down the sides of Kwame's eyes.

It makes Nana Yaw tremble, and tears came into his own eyes so that he can barely see.

He quickly swabs his father's arm, grips it for the vein to pop out, and then he inserts the syringe and depresses the plunger.

He quickly turns away and puts the whole package into his pocket.

He walks to one of the windows and stares out as tears course down his face.

He knows that he has committed murder.

He has just killed the only man who ever treated him with genuine love, the man who has given him a life, and an existence of affluence!

A man who had never held anything back from him!

The door opens and Maame comes back in.

She knows immediately that something is wrong when she sees the frantic look in Kwame's eyes and the tears forming a wet patch on the pillow.

Nana Yaw suddenly turns away from the window and, weeping openly now, flees from the room.

Maame drops the package she is holding on a table and sits beside Kwame as tears fill her eyes.


Oh, dear, dear, dear! What did he do to you? What happened? Oh, no, no, no! Kwame, Kwame!

The machines around her are now emitting different beeps now.

Maame stands up and runs into the corridor screaming for help.


The mountain road that leads to the sprawling AWUAH RESIDENCE is a bit steep and curvy. On one side is a sheer mountain face, and on the other side is a dangerous drop to the rocks below.

The drop is protected by metal railings.

Sereboe Abokyi and his two accomplices, TAWIAH and ADAMU, have laid the trap that will lead to Nana Yaw’s death.

Sereboe and Adamu are sitting in a sleek Lexus in the most dangerous bend in the road.

Across the road, inside the bend, they have put a nail-studded stretch of rubber.

Any car coming from the bend will see the barrier too late and run over it, causing the tyres to be punctured.

They are holding guns and walkie-talkies.

Tawiah is hiding in the bushes a bit down the road, waiting for approaching cars.

If a car comes along and it is not Nana Yaw's car, he will use the walkie-talkie to inform Abokyi and Adamu up the hill to remove the nail trap.

All three of them are heavily-armed with guns and knives.

A car suddenly appears below Tawiah, and he stands up and looks at it with his binoculars.


(speaking on the walkie-talkie)

Machine sighted. Not the target.



Damn! Who dat? Pull the nails, Adamu.

Adamu quickly rolls the slab of rubber off the road.

They wait for a while.


Huge car, still coming up.


Sure. Let it come and pass.

Tawiah can see that it is a sleek Escalade.

It is huge and black and absolutely wonderful.

He crouches lower into the bushes so that the driver will not see him.

The car passes his location, and then the brake lights flash. A moment later the car reverses slowly and stops opposite Tawiah.

The driver's door opens, and a tall man in a black suit and white shirt steps out.

He is wearing a black fedora, and his face is overgrown with thick black beard and a moustache.

He is wearing dark sunglasses.

He walks forward and stands just directly opposite Tawiah, and he seems to be peering into the bushes.


Alright, Tawiah, come out now!

Tawiah freezes!

Fear crystallizes in his heart and panic sets in.

Who's this man? How did he know his name?

Tawiah drops the walkie-talkie and draws out his pistol.

His face is awash with fear as he cocks the gun and stands up, pointing it at the tall, bearded man.



What the ****! Who the hell are you? Don't mess with me! Turn around and put your hands on the hood of the car, right now!

The tall man's hands are linked behind him, and he regards Tawiah with something close to contempt.


I don't remember the last time I obeyed an order from an infidel!




The man just stares at him and then shakes his head.


Such a waste, Tawiah, such a waste. What happened to you? You were born into a good Christian home, but greed has led you into a most horrible trap. Your problem is that you never listen!



Shut up! Shut the **** up! Hands up, or I'll kill you right where you stand!


Like I said, you never listen. But you better listen to this, Tawiah, and believe it. If you ever believed in anything, you should believe what I'm telling you right now. I'm a servant of God, and if you fire that gun it will take four fingers off your right hand!

Terrified, panicked, and absolutely flustered, Tawiah fires his pistol.

The gun explodes in Tawiah's hand, severing the four fingers on his right hand, leaving only the thumb.

Tawiah stares at his bleeding hand with horror, and then he begins to scream fiercely.

From round the curve Abokyi and Adamu hears him.



What the **** is wrong with that dude?


Seems he's in trouble. That car should've passed a long time ago. Come on, Adamu!

The two of them draw their guns and run down the incline, and come across the stranger and Tawiah, and see Tawiah's bleeding hands.

They point their guns at the stranger immediately.

Tawiah sees them and screams loudly.


NO! No, don't shoot him! He will maim you!

Abokyi and Adamu look at Tawiah uncomprehendingly.


Waste the mother****er! Kill him!

To be continued

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® 18+ SNVL
© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

They get ready to shoot the stranger.
But then he speaks.
You're bleeding to death, Tawiah. Stick your hand in the earth around your feet, and the bleeding will stop.
Indeed, blood is shooting out of Tawiah's torn fingers in wild gushes.
Terrified, he bends and puts his stumps into the earth, and then he withdraws his hand, and the bleeding has stopped, astounding all of them.
What the Bleep?
Kill him now!!
Abokyi Sereboe, I see the Angel of Death standing behind you! You've lived your life of violence from the infancy, and killed thirteen people in total. I wish I can help you, but I can't. Alas, you're going to die in your sins! How painful! But then, the Good Book always chastised us that he who lives by the sword eventually dies by the sword if he doesn’t change his ways.
You bastard! You fucking bastard! Die!!
He fires his gun, and it blows up in his hands, shattering his wrists, and then one bullet flies backward and smashes into his throat.
He clutches his throat with his bloodied hands, staring with fear at the stranger, and then he falls on his back, jerks spasmodically, and remains still.
Adamu drops his gun and tries to flee, but he cannot move a limb!
He is rooted to the spot!
Tawiah also tries to run, but finds out he cannot move too.
Who're you? Oh, who are you? Please, whoever you are, spare our lives! Please, please, spare us, sir!
Like I told your friend here, I'm a messenger of God. I called the police on my way here. They're going to arrest you. Tell them the truth, otherwise I will come and pay you a visit, and believe me, you don't want me paying you a visit!
Just then the thieves hear the sirens approaching, and several minutes later a police assault vehicle appears.
The vehicle comes to a halt and heavily-armed huge policemen come out with drawn guns.
One of a them, CHIEF INSPECTOR NII LANTE, walks towards the stranger with shock on his face.
You! You spoke to me! You told me that the members of the Sereboe gang are here!
I did. Those are Sereboe's acquaintances.
And Sereboe?
He's the one lying over there. His gun exploded in his hands and he died!
A police sergeant is standing over Abokyi's body.
Inspector, come see! It is indeed Sereboe!
I'll be damned!
My work here is done. I'll be on my way then.
No, no, wait! You have to come to the station with me! There's paperwork to be-
Sorry, but I'm not going to any station. There's somewhere else I must go.
He gets into his beautiful and sleek Escalade, executes a tight U-turn, and then he speeds away.
They stare after him in incomprehension.
Who is that guy? How did he know the Sereboe Gang we’ve been pursuing for more than ten years is here?


There are five doctors and three nurses in Kwame Awuah's ward.
Maame Akosua is weeping uncontrollably, and Enyonam is holding her as the doctors fuss around the patient.
Maame's eyes are focused on Nana Yaw as he and the other doctors professionally go about their business.
She is convinced that he had something to do with the sudden multiple-organ failure of Mr. Kwame Awuah, but she has no proof.
She is determined, however, that if something bad happens to Kwame she will go to the police and lodge a formal complaint.
Suddenly the door opens.
She looks up and gasps!
There is a man standing in the doorway!
It is the bearded man she has seen in her dreams!
The black beard, sideburns and moustache!
The dark glasses. The black suit, the white tie!
The tall stranger!
Good grief! Dear sweet Jesus! It is him! It is him!
Who? Who, dear?
God's messenger! The man I've been seeing in my dreams each time I fasted and prayed for Kwame's healing!
The stranger surveys the room calmly, and then he walks inside and closes the door behind him.
He links his hands behind him and walks forward.
Nana Yaw turns from the bed and approaches him.
Who are you, sir? We have an emergency here, and visitors are not allowed now. If you'll kindly wait outside, we'll attend to you later.
I came to see that woman over there.
Maame Akosua rushes forward, wiping tears from her eyes.
He came to see me, sir.
You bring your private visitors here? To my father's ward? You're fired, woman! Get the hell out of here!
The stranger's face hardens as he glares at Nana Yaw.
You're alive because she is here, you fool! And she has a right to be here more than you, vermin, and you know it!
Nana Yaw is stung by the insult, and rage suffuses his face. He glares at the stranger with mounting fury.
You get out of here, mister, before I beat you up to pulp! Get out!
I've never been known to obey imbeciles, young man. I came here because the Lord sent me to this woman, and until the will of He who sent me is fulfilled, I'm not budging, you distasteful greedy mongrel!
Nana Yaw cannot take it any longer.
He swings a fist into the jaw of the stranger.
His right fist connects, and it feels like he has just hit his fist against a piece of hardened iron.
He screeches with raw pain as his fingers crack and break.
He takes steps back, staring at his fingers.
The three huge fingers of his right hand are twisted and broken, sending shards of pain through his whole body.
He whimpers with acute pain, holding his right hand in his left hand, his eyes dazed and clouded with pain.
There is silence in the room as all eyes turn to the stranger.
He turns his attention to Maame.
You're really here! I saw you in my dreams! You’re really a man of God!
You have a problem. The Lord heard your prayers, and listened to you, and sent me here. What is it, woman?
Maame turns, weeping again, and goes to the bed.
She puts a hand on Kwame's chest.
His eyes are now closed, and it is apparent that he is close to death.
Please, sir, help him. He's suffering too much.
The stranger looks at Maame Akosua with incredulous eyes.
He walks forward slowly, and it is apparent that he is not pleased.
Him? Is this the man you prayed for?
Yes, sir! But why, you don't sound pleased!
Because I'm not pleased! This is a man whom the Lord has blessed, and yet he doesn't believe in the existence and sovereignty of the Lord! He makes fun of the ways of the Lord, and his utterances are a perversion of the Lord! I find him utterly distasteful!


Maame looks horrified.
But isn't that how the Lord works sometimes? Remember Paul used to be Saul, a man who hated the Lord!
Don't you start quoting verses to me, woman!
Nana Yaw is still moaning, making sounds of great pain.
The stranger approaches him and holds his damaged hand.
If I be a man of God, then in the name of Jesus Christ receive your healing!
He drops Nana Yaw's hand...
Everybody stares!
The broken fingers have been restored to whole.
Nana Yaw makes terrible croaking sounds in his throat and moves away from the stranger with fear.
Dear Lord!
The other doctors and the nurse are now moving away from the bed as Kwame Awuah's eyes open slowly.
He sees the man in the black suit, and Kwame's eyes widen!
He remembers Maame Akosua telling him her dreams about a tall bearded man in a black suit.
The stranger turns towards the door, and with a cry Maame runs to him and falls down in front of him.
Please, sir, please, please, please! Help him, sir, please!
I thought you were in trouble, woman! I didn't know you were only praying for that nincompoop who has denounced the Lord his whole life! He doesn't need help! Let him die in his iniquity! He put his faith in his wealth, thinking there is no God, like a fool! If he had put his treasures in the Lord, he would’ve received tenfold riches and a thousand-fold health.
Tears drench Maame's face as she holds the legs of the stranger.
But he believes now, please! He has repented of his sins! He's ready to accept the Lord now! Sir, you helped his son by healing his hand!
Don't blaspheme, woman! I have no healing powers! It is the Lord who heals!
(weeping bitterly)
I know, sir, sorry! But if the Lord used you to heal this son, then the Lord wants you to heal the father too! He's suffering, please! His wife is cheating on him with his son, and I'm sure his son tried to kill him!
Nana Yaw gasps suddenly, his face shattering with sudden fear!
Dear Lord!
How had that witch known?
The stranger steps past Maame, still angry, and reaches for the door.
Suddenly he groans as a great expression of pain rips across his face!
He drops to one knee, gasping and holding his stomach, his face tearing apart with pain.
Father! You give me this pain because of this atheist? This man who blasphemes against Your name? It is not fair, Father!
The stranger grunts again, obviously in more pain.
Suddenly he drops on both knees and raises his hands in supplication.
He closes his eyes and speaks with pain.
I'm sorry, Father! May Your will, not mine, be done!
He remains on his feet for some time with his hands raised and his eyes closed.
And then his breathing seems to ease and he slowly gets to his feet.
He takes out a large handkerchief and dabs at the sweat on his face.
Please, what happened to you, sir?
The Lord decided to give me a stomach ache for disobeying Him. I guess I should be grateful because Jonah was in the belly of a whale for three days for disobeying the Lord of Hosts.
He walks towards the bed, and he stares down at Kwame Awuah, who is looking at the stranger with tears coursing down his face.
Maame comes to stand beside the stranger, and she speaks haltingly.
In my dream I saw you carrying-
(cutting in)
So go and fill the bathtub with water, woman.
(startled, excited)
Yes, sir! I will immediately!
She quickly runs into the bathroom and turns on the tap in the bath after plugging the hole.
She is trembling when she goes back into the ward.

To be continued

Read the final episode here - www.youngicee.com/category/betrayed
Re: BETRAYED - A Short Story by Oyinprince(m): 8:41pm On Mar 29, 2018

I’m informed you devised a way of speaking to this iron-hearted fool.
Oh, yes, yes. He blinks once for a no, and twice for a yes.
I see. Mr. Kwame Awuah. Do you see me?
Kwame Awuah blinks twice.
Can you hear me, and understand me?
Two blinks.
You saw your wife making love to your son. Today your son tried to kill you. That’s not the end. Your wife sent her other lover, a killer called Sereboe Abokyi, who is your chauffeur, to lie in wait and kill your son. She wants all your money for herself and her lover. She has been married twice, and each husband died, killed by Abokyi to make it look like an accident, just for the money, because their greed is insatiable. You married a cold-blooded killer who will use all weapons to achieve her ungodly aim. Your son was such a weapon. She never loved any of you.
The sick man blinks twice.
In one corner of the room Nana Yaw sinks slowly down to the floor, looking at the
stranger with horror.
No, no, no! That can’t be true! You liar! She loves me! Araba loves only me!
The other people in the room gasp with shock, but the stranger and Maame do not pay him any attention.
They have been captured by the police, but Sereboe died, unfortunately. This woman who has been giving you care prayed to the Lord, who brought me here as an answer to her prayer. Mr. Kwame Awuah, do you believe that the Lord can save your soul?
Tears well up in Kwame’s eyes, and he blinks rapidly.
Yes, yes, yes…
Do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour who came and died for your salvation?
Rapid blinks twice.
I’m but a mere man, and I cannot see into the heart of man! But the Lord does. I want the Lord to search your heart. If indeed you’ve repented, may He bless you, and heal. If you’re lying to me, as I believe you may be, because all your life you have hardened your heart against the Lord, may He punish you, old man!
Kwame Awuah is weeping openly now, and blinking his eyes.
He is ready!
He now believes!
Woman, take away the cables of the machines. Now! And take off his clothes. Leave his underwear on.
Trembling, Maame removed the attachments on Kwame’s body, half-expecting the doctors to stop her, but they do not.
Next she removes his pyjama tops and bottoms, leaving the multimillionaire in his boxers.
The stranger steps forward and lifts up Kwame Awuah.
He carries him to the bathroom.
The others follow, intrigued, and stand in the doorway of the bathroom watching.
Mr. Kwame Awuah, before you were born, even as a clot of blood, the Good Lord knew you. Having accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour who came to die for you, and saved you from death unto life eternal, and having decided to forsake your old ways and live the life of a righteous soul acceptable unto God, I now baptize you in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit!
He drops Kwame Awuah into the water in the bathtub, immersing him completely for a moment, and then he pulls the man’s head out of the water.
Kwame Awuah is spluttering…
And then he raises his right hand and wipes water from his face!
The stranger turns away without another word as Kwame Awuah, gasping and spluttering, holds the sides of the bath and sits up.
The doctors are screaming; the nurses are whooping!
The stranger comes out of the washroom with his hands linked behind his back.
Nana Yaw, sitting on the floor, looks up at him with his face tortured and absolutely filled with remorse and deep pain.
In the washroom, Kwame is looking at a weeping Maame Akosua with large loving eyes as tears fall down his own face.
(crying happily)
Come here, Maame, you dear girl!
Maame runs to him as he stands in the bath, and he wraps his arms around her, and he loses his balance, and he crashes into the bathtub, still holding her, and dragging her into the bath.
Oh, Kwame, Kwame, Kwame!!
Thank you, my love! Oh, Maame! You’ve brought such light into my life, my love!
What did you just call me?
My love! My only love! God brought you into my life to save me, and we’re going to get married, my love!
There are c... read the complete story here - http://youngicee.com/2018/02/betrayed-episode-7.html

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