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Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 6:48am On May 15, 2018

How do you make a wedding budget list to use in estimating the cost of your upcoming Nigerian wedding? One of the best ways to make up a wedding budget list is to ask newlyweds or a wedding planner for the typical things couples spend on during their Nigerian weddings. But what if you don’t have anyone around to ask, and you don’t want to forget a single thing last minute! In this post, I will show you an example budget list – typical things Nigerians budget for in their weddings. Feel free to copy, modify and use the list to arrive at your own wedding budget. So, read on to see the list.

What Should You Budget For in a Nigerian Wedding?

One of the first things to do when planning a white wedding is to set a budget, based on how much you (the couple) can afford to spend. But that’s just a figure, right? You don’t just take your entire wedding money to the market to start shopping (that’s dumb). You have to first sit down to make a wedding shopping list of things to buy, services to hire and how much to spend on each. A wedding budget list is simply a shopping list of every possible expense you are likely to spend for your wedding.

Nigerian Wedding Budget List for Shopping: Example of Typical Expenses

Below is an example of a wedding budget list – this is the list of expenses that will make up your wedding cost. So, you can also call this a wedding expense list, some people call it the wedding shopping list. Below is just an example, as some couples include more items in their wedding shopping list, while others choose to keep it basic – it all depends on whether you plan to have a low-key wedding or big wedding.

The Wedding Rings

Wedding rings (bride + groom) ___________
Wedding ring box or pillow ___________

Bride’s Attire

Borrow/ rent a used or pre-owned wedding gown ___________
Bride’s shoes ___________
Bridal Accessories: bouquet, veil, headpiece; earrings, necklace etc ___________
Bridal beauty: Hair/ Nails/ Makeup ___________

Groom’s Attire

Groom’s Shoes ___________
Groom’s wedding suit ___________
Groom’s Accessories (e.g cuff links, belt etc) ___________
Flower boutonniere/ pocket handkerchief) ___________
Groom’s Grooming (e.g haircut, beard shaving) ___________

Stationery & Souvenirs

(Printing of) Invitation cards & program ___________
Souvenirs/ Favors to gift guests ___________

Venue & Decoration (for Reception)

Venue hire (incl. necessary rentals such as canopy tents, chairs) ___________
Decoration: venue, bride n Groom’s cars, venue décor ___________

Reception Food & Drinks

Wedding Cake (assuming N150/ guest count) ___________
Food ___________
Drinks/ Juice/ Water ___________

Reception Entertainment & Visuals

Photography & Video Coverage ___________
Master of Ceremony (MC) ___________
DJ only (No Music Band) ___________


Car and bus hire to transport bride, groom and wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents), close relatives and VIP guests to/ from wedding venues ___________

Other Vendors (optional)

Wedding planner services ___________
Ushers ___________
Food servers ___________

Miscellaneous (reserved fund, in case of emergency) ___________

So, YOUR TOTAL WEDDING BUDGET is: __________________ (this is where to write the total of amounts you budgeted in the above items).


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Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 8:48am On May 16, 2018

So you have One million Naira (N1m) budgeted for your wedding, and not sure how to break it down before you start spending it on wedding things? In this post. You will see how we helped a couple planned their wedding with their N1 million naira wedding budget.

Number of Guests invited: 150
Type of Venue: Indoor reception hall
Total amount spent: N920,400.00 (i.e. nearly N1 million Naira)

Bride and Groom – 194,500.00
Stationery and Souvenirs – 60,000.00
Venue and Decoration – 175,000.00
Food and Drinks – 202,500.00
Entertainment and Visuals – 135,000.00
Miscellaneous (other things) – 153,400.00

New wedding gown purchase 55,000.00
Bride’s shoes 7,500.00
Bridal Accessories: bouquet, veil, headpiece; earrings, necklace etc 10,000.00
Bridal beauty: Hair/ Nails/ Makeup 15,000.00
Wedding rings (bride + groom) -GL or Gold 50,000.00
Groom’s Shoes 25,000.00
Groom’s wedding suit 15,000.00
Groom’s Accessories (e.g cuff links, belt, flower boutonniere /pocket-handkerchief) 15,000.00
Groom’s Grooming (e.g haircut, beard shaving) 2,000.00

Stationery & Souvenirs

Invitation cards & program printing 15,000.00
Souvenirs to gift guests 45,000.00

Venue & Decoration (for Reception) – an indoor reception hall

Venue hire (incl. necessary rentals such as canopy tents, chairs) 150,000.00
Decoration: venue, bride n Groom’s cars, venue décor 25,000.00

Reception Food & Drinks

Wedding Cake (assuming N150/ guest count) 22,500.00
Food (Assuming (N1000/ head) 150,000.00
Drinks/ Juice/ Water (Assume: N200/ head) 30,000.00

Reception Entertainment & Visuals

Photography &/or Videography 100,000.00
Master of Ceremony (MC) 10,000.00
DJ only (No Music Band) 25,000.00

Miscellaneous Expenses – 153,400.00

According to one of our married readers (Toyin), an example of what to include in the miscellaneous section are expenses for family members (groom’s/bride’s parents and siblings’ outfits, transportation and more). This is where your parents and siblings cannot afford to take care of themselves.

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 7:25am On May 17, 2018

#1: Buy a Small Wedding Cake with a Few Tiers/ Step
Save costs on wedding cake and still delight your guests’ sweet tooth by making one small but cute wedding cake with a few tiers/ steps – to display in the reception. Then buy a big un-iced and un-decorated, normal cake from any good cake store to serve the guests (it’s cheaper than getting wedding cake for the entire guests) – no one will know the cake they ate is different from the one displayed, and you’ll score a big point by impressing guests who were happy to be served big cake portions and you also win by not paying an arm and leg for a big wedding cake to serve the entire guests. By the way, if you have or a talented friend or family member, you can ask them to help you bake the regular cake instead – so that you’ll further save money.

#2: Rent a Cheap Wedding Venue
Pay less on venue by renting a cheap town hall or an open field/ garden. Have your wedding in the morning or afternoon of a week day, and you’ll see less crowd that you can really afford to feed.

#3: DIY at Home Instead of Paying Wedding Vendors
Don’t buy everything, make some yourself. Ask your mom’s friends, aunties and close talented friends to help you with catering (food), baking the wedding cake, snacks (chin-chin, fried meat, moi-moi etc), souvenirs, MC etc – but please draw the boundary when it comes to photographers and makeup artistes – hire known experts on those ones because you won’t have a second wedding in case your makeup and photos didn’t come out right – and you want to be able to show people nice photos after the wedding.

#4: Put Together Your Own Personal Planning Team
If you can’t afford a wedding planner, assign one of your super-organized friend as your wedding coordinator. This person should be a hands-on and known to (delight in planning everyone’s birthday parties) with the task of your wedding day coordination as well as your pre-wedding planning buddy. You gotta give that role to somebody if you don’t want to see your wedding going the way you didn’t anticipate. Be sure to give her the wedding planning itinerary checklist/timelines and phone number of all your vendors to work with, – and you can be the wedding project manager, following up with everyone who’s helping you, while using our wedding day itinerary as a guide to when every task must be done by.

#5: Save Cost on Wedding Venue Decoration
Find an open field/ garden with a natural scene. Or a hall with neutral walls and floors – no dramatic wall and floor colours but with a great ambiance – so that your venue still looks amazing without needing any or an extensive decoration – and you’ll not have spent any money on venue decoration. Then have tables and chairs covered in a simple colour cover cloths. Did you know that the wedding cake is also part of a wedding decoration, so that when you set a wedding cake with simple-design in your reception venue, it adds to set the room. By all means avoid colour-riot, rainbow-coloured reception venue decor. The secret to appealing design and decoration is “less is more”.

#6: Hire a Good DJ instead of hiring a Live Music Band
Music bands are more expensive than a DJ – any day. So, don’t hire a live band, instead get a good DJ – you’ll save money and your guests will have so much great time that you’ll have to beg them to stop dancing (long after the wedding party has come to an end). Please don’t choose a semi-pro DJ over a professional one, just because it’s cheaper – be ready to pay a little extra on getting a DJ that will get your guests up and dancing. An unprofessional DJ always dulls a wedding. Instead of hiring an amateur music band that your guests do not enjoy listening to, hire a good DJ that will make your guests never want to stop dancing.

#7: Don’t Pay for a Master of Ceremony
Ask a slick talking friend to MC your special day.

#8: Rent a Wedding Gown Instead of Buying a New One
Rent a pre-owned but trendy wedding gown – not all rented wedding gowns look frumpy and old school – ask some shops that sell wedding dresses instead of hiring from a wedding caterer or cake baker.

#9: Your Groom Could Wear a Pre-Owned Worn Suit
Instead of buying a new wedding suit, your groom can wear an old, unworn suit that’s fit for the wedding occasion. There’s always that suit that hasn’t yet be worn, lying in your groom’s suitcase – because he had reserved it for a special occasion. After a while, he forgot about it. Ask him to check his suitcase.

Contact Mr. Perfect Events for any of your budget and planning.

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 9:11am On May 17, 2018
All you need is a package to guide you through your budget
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 11:35pm On May 17, 2018
How to Reduce a Wedding Guest List to the Number of People You Can Cater For

Lately, we’ve written a couple of articles that show how to plan low-key, classy weddings in Nigeria as well as how to save money when preparing your wedding on a tight budget. One of the biggest challenges with organizing an elegant small wedding lies in reducing the names on the guest list. Use the simple etiquette guides in this article to cut down the number of guests on your invite list to a manageable number you can cater for – in a way that frees you from feeling guilty, while ensuring that everyone that really matters stays on the guest list.


If you have a large immediate family (like ‘all’ Nigerians do), make the cut at aunts, uncles and first cousins.
No distant cousin/ aunt/ uncle. -No ‘friend of relatives.
No second, third cousins etc
Remove names of distant relatives you don’t know, have never met, or have not spoken to in the past 6 months; or don’t see regularly
Any relative you know but haven’t seen/ spoken to or heard from in the past six months to one year, even if they invited you to their own wedding in the past;

The Exception: If a relative/ family member is funding the wedding, allow them to invite a bit more guests.


You don’t have to invite anyone just because you attended the same school or live(d) in the same neighborhood. Well, you actually can if your budget is big enough to feed them all. Look at your friends and your fiance’s friends inside your wedding preliminary guest list. Strike out names of:

Anyone you’re no longer in touch with; don’t call often; don’t visit; don’t see regularly or talk to, even if they invited you to their own wedding in the past;


If you have lots of office colleagues, it sure would be nice to invite them all. But when your catering budget cannot accommodate everyone, you need to cut down the guest list. The fact is that you’re not obligated to invite someone just because you work in the same office or have done business together.


Cutting down the wedding guest list is one of the most stressful and dreaded parts of wedding planning, but once you get it done, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t feel too bad about the people whose names you removed from the guest list. Just remember that Weddings are intimate affair, meant for family and close friends. Your third cousin from your Mother’s village and that office colleague will eventually forgive you for not giving them invitation cards. So, focus on how best to make your wedding special.
When trimming down the number of wedding guests to invite, it’s best to apply the above rules across board without making any exceptions, which may offend others. Note, however, to use your best judgment to make exceptions to the rules. Once you’re done reducing the name on on the guest list, the next thing to do is to start addressing the invitation cards.

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Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Nobody: 6:44am On Jun 03, 2018
This is very interesting,i have always been fascinated by Event planning

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Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 10:13pm On Jun 04, 2018
9 Cost Saving Ideas for Cutting Down the Budget of Your Wedding in Nigeria

#1: Pre-agree on a Specific Number of Guests

Save money on wedding catering and venue by setting a limit to the number of people to invite to your wedding, and stick to it. Even one single additional guest could make a big increase to your wedding budget beyond what you can afford. So, think twice before giving out invitation cards to everyone in your street or office.

#2: Use SMS to Send Out Wedding Invites

Save money on invitation cards by using cheap bulk sms text messages, emails and Facebook messaging to invite your age-mate friends and colleagues. Only print invitation cards for older guests, including your parents’ friends. This should cut cost of invitation cards by about 50% or more – be sure to let people know in the messages that they should consider the text messages as their formal invitation to the wedding. For the paper invitation cards, you may want to buy some packs of pre-printed wedding invitation cards for the folks that will require paper invites.

#3: Use One Venue for Both Ceremony and Reception

Another way to save cost on wedding venue is to hold your church/ religious joining ceremony and reception at one venue to save on duplicate venue hire.

#4: Have White and Trad Wedding on Same Day

To save cost on feeding guests twice, choose to have both your white and trad wedding on the same day. And, if for any reason, the two weddings can’t hold on same day and you still want to save cost, invite only a handful of your close friends and family to the traditional wedding, so that the white wedding can be for a bigger audience.

#5: Avoid Setting Your Wedding Date On a Busy Month/ Week

As you know, every single additional guest increases the wedding budget, so you have to find a way to reduce crowd and unwanted guests. Minimize incidence of uninvited too many guests by choosing a non-peak and less traditional time to get married: avoiding popular Nigerian wedding months like December, Easter holidays, major public holidays, valentine’s day weekend; choose a weekday instead of a Saturday.

#6: Use one of your ready have Jewellery

Use one of your old, hardly worn or not-yet-worn pieces of jewellery for the traditional and/ or white wedding or borrow an occasion-jewelry from your mom or sisters (no one will notice it was not a new jewelry – they’ll only notice that you looked elegant walking down the aisle)

#7: Buy a Non-Diamond Wedding Ring

Save cost on wedding rings by buying a ring with cheaper precious stones instead of an expensive diamond wedding ring – those are cheaper and still gorgeous. Even celebrities are wearing non-diamond engagement and wedding rings – royal bride, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring stone was sapphire; Facebook founder, Matt Zuckerberg’s bride had ruby stone. So, explore other elegant non-diamond wedding ring stone options – they are a lot cheaper than diamond.

#8: Wear a Really Long Wedding Gown

Save money on wedding shoes by wearing one of your old, unworn or nearly new shoes or a cheap one, and then buy a really long wedding gown style that will hide your shoes. No one will even notice your foot-wear and you’ll win by saving yourself from buying expensive wedding shoes .

#9: Go to the Hair Salon for the Bridal Hair

A day before your wedding or about four hours before, take yourself to the hair salon to do your wedding day hair, instead of bringing the hairdresser to your bridal suite – this should cut down your hair styling cost as you’ll not be paying extra ‘home-service’ fee for taking the hairstylist out of his/ her shop.


Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by ojexin(m): 6:08pm On Jul 28, 2018
Hello Event Planners, please am planning my wedding ceremony with budget of #300000-400000 maximum amount and people of maximum of 200 in Oyo state.. I don't know where to start from and how to plan it... I need advice and let's plan this together with your break down and experience. Thanks
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 8:23am On Jul 30, 2018
chat bme on watsapp 08083373302, lets see some breakdown
Hello Event Planners, please am planning my wedding ceremony with budget of #300000-400000 maximum amount and people of maximum of 200 in Oyo state.. I don't know where to start from and how to plan it... I need advice and let's plan this together with your break down and experience. Thanks
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 8:12am On Aug 09, 2018
Planning an event with your dedicated budget will help your marriage. Wedding is fun and it needs to be done to satisfy your guests. with your low and high budget, trust us we will get you a great deal and still save lots of money for you. This will only happen because we have team of great vendors that works clients vendors.

Our different packages has been used for different clients and it has also been execellent reviews.

Creative director
Adele Olumide
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 10:27pm On Aug 30, 2018

In order to work out the cost of a wedding in Nigeria, you’ll need to draw up a sample budget. Planning a wedding in Nigeria involves a lot of different costs.There are the wedding rings, a cake, gown, photographer, planner and so on…
In this guide, we’re going to look at some of these costs and give you some red hot tips on how to keep tabs on the expense of your big day.

Let’s start with perhaps the most important of all costs.

Cost #1: Wedding Ring

One of the first questions our guests like to ask is: how much does a wedding ring cost in Nigeria? The cost of a wedding ring in Nigeria will depend on the metal that you chose.
The traditional choice of metal is yellow gold or white gold. Gold wedding rings in Nigeria come with different karats (i.e. a measure of the purity of gold).

Cost #2: Wedding Gown
Every Nigerian bride wants the perfect gown. But how much does a wedding gown cost in Nigeria? Nowadays, you can find a wedding dress for as little as NGN35,000.

Of course, dresses can cost much more. Much much more.The cost of a wedding dress depends on the type and amount of fabric as well as the quality of the sewing. The rule of thumb is that brides spend between NGN50,000 and NGN75,000. But you can find yourself a less expensive dress if you are willing to rent, rather than buy.

Cost #3: Wedding Cake
No wedding is complete without a wedding cake. But how much does a wedding cake cost in Nigeria at the moment? Well, a basic wedding cake in Nigeria should cost around N75,000. Perhaps though you want your names on the cake? Or maybe you would like the cake to match the colour scheme of the wedding? If that’s the case, then it’s going to cost a lot more. Really fancy wedding cakes in Nigeria can cost up to N200,000.

Cost #4: Wedding Photographer
There’s little point in spending all this money on a wedding if you don’t have the photos to look back in years to come.
That is why choosing the right wedding photographer is key. But how much does a wedding photographer cost in Nigeria? Don’t expect to spend any less than NGN75,000 on a wedding photographer. Prices can be as high as NGN300,000. It all depends on the photographer’s experience and the services he or she is providing. You should think about whether you want just photos or also a video. Perhaps you also want a pre-wedding photo shoot. These are all important considerations.

Cost #5: Wedding Planner
If all the wedding planning is becoming a headache, then there is another option. Hire a wedding planner. I guess you might be wondering how much a wedding planner in Nigeria costs?
Quite simply, there’s no standard rate. Some wedding planners charge a fixed fee whereas others charge a percentage commission on any purchases they make on your behalf. Most planners charge between NGN70,000 and NGN100,000.

Mr. Perfect Events duty is to work with your budget and still achieve your dream event/wedding.
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 2:13pm On Sep 04, 2018
All you need first for your event is a budget. With our different wedding packages/budget you can be rest assured of a funtastic wedding with no hidden charges

Mr,. Perfect Events

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by SensaGreene: 10:43pm On Sep 05, 2018
2018 Ember brides to be contact us for your made to fit reception and bridesmaid dresses. Concerned about expenses for bridesmaids? Our bridesmaid dress promo is still on. With N10,000 you get an impeccably tailored bridesmaid dress with bouquet OR cubic zirconium earrings.

Whatsapp 08132560057

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 6:46pm On Oct 01, 2018
Tell us your wedding budget and we will make that wedding a memory event for you.
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 7:40am On Oct 30, 2018
The story started in d choir with a smile, d courtship flows with smiles, d engagement continued with a smile, d wedding celebration process is getting set with smiles. Trust me d marriage will always flourish in smiles......watch out for RadiantKing'18.

Perfect vendors on d list (instagram)
Event planner @mr.perfectevents
Dj @emjoelove
Caterer @droyale_cuisine_caterer_event
Security @strong_arms_events

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 9:00pm On Dec 18, 2018

– The wedding cake tradition is far older than many of you may even believe. In fact, the first “wedding cakes” date as far back as the Roman Times, when the groom broke bread over the bride’s head. This used to symbolize the end of the bride’s purity, as well as the beginning of her being submissive to her husband.
– Later on, during the Middle Ages, couples had high-stacked cakes at their wedding. Tradition said that the newlyweds should kiss over the cake stack and that if they succeeded, they would be blessed with many children.
– In modern times, the Cake Cutting has a slightly different symbolism. The hand of the groom is placed over the hand of the bride when cutting the cake to symbolize his support for her and her promise to take care of him and their family. Furthermore, the fact that couples are encouraged to cut from the bottom tier symbolizes the longevity and continuity of their relationship. Last, but definitely not least, the custom according to which the bride and groom feed each other from the cake symbolizes their commitment to take care of one another.

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Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 3:45pm On Jan 14, 2019
Remember to always work with a budget when planning any event.

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 3:38pm On Jan 18, 2019

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 2:08pm On Jan 19, 2019
Always talked about not neglecting the power of even planners in your event. They help to manage your budget, vendors and your guests.
Event planners don't charge much, you can have a good relationship or good negotiation with a certified planner to coordinate your event.

You can always count on Mr. Perfect Events for all your events

instagram: mr.perfectevents
facebook: perfect budget events

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by dupsydooo: 9:05am On Jan 24, 2019
Dooo designs also available for ur bridal outfits, be it aso Oke, gele designs, Agbada for groom and groom's friends, or lace for Ore Iyawooo,
We can do more than ur expectations. Contact on whatsapp or call :07030262342

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 3:39pm On Jan 25, 2019
We love to host all wedding events. Mr.Perfect planner 08083373302
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 4:21pm On Jan 25, 2019

Have you ever wondered why during wedding ceremony, it is customary for the bride to stand on the left and the groom on the right? This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when women were traded and sold for marriage. So why does the groom stand on the right side of the altar? Well, your heart is located on the left so the bride stands “under his (grooms) heart”. This keeps the groom’s right hand (“fighting arm” or “sword arm”) free to defend his bride should an enemy try to steal her away at the last minute. If any man or attacker made it past the groomsmen at the altar, the groom would hold his bride with his left hand, while using his sword or weapon with his right hand against any oncoming attackers.

So next time always hold your bride with your left hand during marriage.

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 11:27am On Jan 28, 2019
A wedding father-daughter dance is a dance between a daughter and her father. Father-daughter dances are common at Western wedding receptions, although not all weddings have a father-daughter dance. In situations where a daughter's father is not available, he may be substituted with a man of an older generation, such as an uncle or the father of a close friend.

The dance step is always emotional as the father will be handling the bride over to the groom.

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 12:42pm On Jan 29, 2019

Basically, women are classified into 5 body types which I’ll just quickly highlight on below;

Apple (triangle downwards) This body shape describes a person who has broader shoulders and bust than they do hips.
Banana, or straight (rectangular)
Pear, spoon, or bell (triangle upwards)
Hourglass (triangles opposing, facing inwards)

1. Ball gown:
If you want to feel like a fairy tale princess on your wedding day, then the best dress to go for is the ballgown also known as princess gown. Wedding dresses with ball gown silhouettes often feature fitted top and full skirts made with tulle. These types of gowns are said to look good on most body types as the full skirt flatters all shapes and sizes.

2. Trumpet:
The Trumpet Silhouette is a style of gown that features a gradually-flared skirt and a close-fitting bodice that skims the lines of the body, through the hips. Just as the name suggests, the gradual glare of a trumpet dress’ skirt resembles the shape of the musical trumpet’s bell. Ideal for frames with small waists, such as the hourglass, banana, and petites. Not good for pears and apples, as it accentuates stomach and hip area

3. A-line:
A line wedding dresses are fitted to the waist and then flow naturally to the floor. The Knot can help you find an a line wedding dress in many different fabrics, including lace, silk, organza, and more. Ideal for all body types.

4. Modified A-line:
Fitted on the bodice and hips and gradually flares to the hem, forming an “A” shape. The skirt of a modified A-line dress fits closer to the body than a traditional A-line. This type of gown is Ideal for all body types. The cut is between a modified a-line and a mermaid cut.

5. Sheath:
These are designed in such way that the seam runs vertically from the shoulders down to the hips. They are meant to flatter the bride’s body. Sheath dresses that are made from chiffon are especially a darling of many brides who want to accentuate their figure and appear remarkable. Ideal for lean frames, such as petites and bananas. Also good on hourglasses who are willing to show off their curves. Not good for pears; sheaths will accentuate extra inches and can be unflattering.

6. Mermaid:
Also known as a fishtail, a mermaid wedding dress is closely fitted in the bodice all the way down to the knee, where it dramatically flares out – you’ll find that the skirt on gowns described as ‘trumpet’ or ‘fit-and-flare’ starts higher up, typically from either the mid-hip or thigh. Ideal for slender frames and hourglass body types who are willing to show off their curves. Not good for apples and plus size body types.

7. Tea lenght:
Tea length wedding dresses often give brides a vintage style and feature a skirt that falls below the knee and above the ankle. They come in a variety of fabrics and necklines and can be dressed up or down to fit any type of wedding style. they are ideal for all body types.

8. Mini:
Skirt falls above the knee. Ideal for bananas. Not good for plus sizes.

So ladies, I’m sure this article is of enough help to you in choosing your wedding dress. Remember, it’s your ‘special day’ and you must look stunning in that dress. For the guys, you might want to send a signal to your lady with the type of dress you’ll want her to rock in on that day.
Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 2:47pm On Mar 11, 2019
Budgeted wedding package you should never resist. Talk to Mr. Perfect Events on your strict budget and get the event done with perfection.

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 10:16am On Apr 23, 2019

Only making delicious food is not enough for wedding. Wedding if you closely analyze is all about presentation whether it is décor, outfits, favors or any other thing. It is all presentation that matters. So the delicious, tasty food that gets cooked in your wedding should also be presented well in creative ways. Just putting them in bowls like disrespecting the art of cuisine. As said above presentation always matters

When considering a caterer for your wedding always ask for past job pictures to have idea of how the presentation is. Don't just scatter jollof rice one side and fried rice one side with burnt plantain or coslaw that isn't fresh or just wrap the eba anyhow and serve on a plate

Catering food presentation is very important in a wedding as it adds value to the food and event.

Mr. PerfectEvents
Event Planner.

Re: Strictly Wedding Packages By Event Planners For Wedding Couples by Midekin(m): 2:16pm On Apr 28, 2019
The Wedding Budget

This is probably the most important aspect of the wedding because it is what determines everything else. It is the budget that tells you how many guests you will be inviting, the vendors you will be needing, the dresses, suit etc. Everything actually boils down to it. So before you begin planning, ask yourself how much you have in mind for the wedding and work with it.

If you have budgeted one million naira for the wedding, this tells you that you will not be having too many guests (maximum 150) unless you are ready to have guests who may go hungry at the end of the day. So the moment you have your budget set aside, you can then move to the next basic: Guest List.

As earlier mentioned, both are tied to each other. Your budget will determine if you will have hundred guests or a thousand guests. It is better to invite fewer guests and have them satisfied than to invite your entire clan and leave them disgruntled at the end of the day. So bearing in mind the budget, you can draw up the number of people you want on the list and stick to it.

Send out out invites only to people you know will be on the big day (alternatively you can point out that attendance is strictly by invitation). This way, you can cut out people tagging along with friends and family members to the wedding.

Lastly, the style. Would you want an open field kind of wedding and reception, what food and drinks are you serving? Are you having a buffet or will you have caterers who will serve guests? It is still the budget that will determine all this.

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