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The Story You've Been Waiting For Here --- Flower Boy And The S3x Addict / You May Be In A Pit Now But Don't Mess Up, For The Palace Is Waiting For You / Waiting For Williams - A Short Story (2) (3) (4)

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Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 11:01am On May 17, 2018

Both students and workers could be seen moving in and out the popular main gate of the university of Benin, the sellers selling, the buyers, buying and the beggers, begging.

Groups of small pillars could be seen arranged in a single file outside the main gate, each pillar separated from the other by a strong, long iron rod. The small pillars are meant for students to relax outside the main gate, lovers to catch up or girls to gossip.

On one of this pillar sat a young man who seem to be observing the whole scenario, he seem to pay attention more on a particular begger, an old man who stops students to bore them with stories of how he is a pensioner and needs money to feed, some good and kind students gave him what they had while others, those who knew him well passed him by.

From the way the young man stared at the begged, it was obvious the begger had once approached him maybe sometime in the past. The guy was putting on a short knicker and a T-shirt, his phone could be visibly seen on his left hand.

The begged suddenly turned and seem to be coming towards the young man, on seeing this, the guy got up from the pillar and went away towards the opposite direction before the begger could get to him, " I am not waiting for you, I am waiting for her" He said to himself as he made to cross the road to the other side.

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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 11:05am On May 17, 2018
Phone: 08188317495

Some months ago, I finished my pre-degree in the popular university of Benin, it has been approximately 3 months now. About a month ago, my Muslim girlfriend broke up with me, it has been exactly a month and five days.
About three days ago, the online girlfriend which I thought I could use to ease away the pain of my ex girlfriend broke up with me also because she thought I didn't have interest in her, we only dated for five days, exactly five days 10 hours now. Everything about me wasn't fine, everything was shattering and worst still UNIBEN has bluntly refused to release our admission list, we direct entry students. I held up my phone hoping to write an episode of one of my numerous stories I do post online " Act of Faith" but no, the inspiration wasn't coming. " Gab!!" My dad shouted my name from the sitting room, I stood up sluggishly from the bed and headed towards the sitting room, I knew what he would be calling me for, it's either about my admission status or why I have refused to wash his car which he asked me to wash since morning, it was either of those two, nothing more. " Sir " I answered as I got to the sitting room where he was lying on a couch and shaking his leg like a woman waiting for her son who she had plans of beating. " Eh ehen, Gab, what are they saying about you people admission stuff?" He asked , " Nothing daddy, they haven't said anything yet about it" I told him,I was tired of his everyday question about my admission status, it was annoying. " Are you sure you are following the website?" He asked , only if he knew it was called " Kofa page". " Yes dad, I am following their website " I said trying hard not to laugh, " Hmm, okay go, I just pray you get this admission " He said and continued with the football match he was viewing. " God, please, help me, let UNIBEN consider me for admission this year, I promise to serve you for ever " I prayed as I entered into my room, " God , I want to leave home" I hit my bed stand with anger , I felt the pain on my leg but my anger surpassed it. I was tired of staying at home, I was tired of going to the football pitch everyday and seeing my ex girlfriend play love with her new boyfriend, I don't know what it meant but they are always present any time my team has a match with another team, she was always there with the new guy, yes he looks more handsome than I am, he the perfect description of a big boy, the kind of guy she wanted me to be, but I am not that kind of guy, I happen to be just a simple guy that just like to keep it simple, but the last time I checked, that is not the kind of guy a girl wish for.
I didn't know when I slept off but when i opened my eyes again, it was 9:30pm. I stretched my hand for my phone which always sleep with me, I stared at it for any missed call, but who would call me? I logged in to my kofa page again, I knew I was still going to see the same status, submitted, but I had to still check. I put In my login details and it soon started to load, the page came on and I was surprised at what I saw, the status had changed, it was no more submitted, it now read clearly, Admitted. I quickly scrolled down the page to see the course I was given, I closed my eyes as I swipe the phone up to the bottom of the page, " Biochemistry " it read, " Yes!" I shouted to myself, I have been admitted, I am now to pursue a degree, ( BSCBCH) , my happiness new no bound as I sprang up from the bed, at last, I was now at the verge of becoming a two hundred level biochemistry student. " Daddy" I shouted as I ran into his room, he didn't answer to my shout rather he stared at me expecting what I was to say, " I have been admitted o" I shouted laughing, " Really, which course?" He asked me happily, " Biochemistry daddy, industrial biochemistry " I shouted happily, " Hmmm" his countenance changed, " But you said you got 12 points out of 15?" He asked me, " Yes I got twelve point" I concurred, " 12 point is enough to get you Medical lab science or course like Pharmacy " he told me, " Daddy, Uniben gave me this, I am okay with it " I told him, " Are you sure you want the Biochemistry or should I call prof to change it for you?" He asked me, " Change what? I want the Biochemistry " I told him, " Okay then, it's your choice" He told me and faced the other side of his big bed, I walked away from his room although a little bit angry but not too angry to cover up my happiness. My phone vibrated on my hand, " Ah, who is calling me today? " I asked myself as I picked the call from the unknown number, " Who is this?" I asked in a little bit of a calm voice, " Gabriel, it's me o, Victedo, this is my dad's number" Came the voice of one of my friends back then during our pre degree program. " Victor, you remember me today?" I asked him, " Gabriel, I did not forget you, things are not just good. Have you seen your admission status? " he asked me, " Yes o, I just see am now" I laughed, " What were you given?" he asked , " BCH " I answered. " Wow, biochemistry, that's nice o" He told me, " What about you?" I asked ," Guy Uniben finish me o" His voice was sorrowful, " Wethin dey knack you?" I asked , " Na AEB , they give me o" he said, " Wooow, AEB, that sounds like a big course, congratulations bro" I told him, sincerely, I was happy for him. " Guy, calm down, do you know what AEB mean?" He asked me, " No oo, but I do hear it very well, it is a very famous course" I answered, " Guy, na Animal and Environmental Biology oooo" he lamented on phone, I tried to hold myself from laughing, I noticed I could not hold it and quickly put an end to the call as I bursted into laughter, myself and Victor are the same set of people that do sit in front of the class then during the course of our pre degree program, we would gladly boast to anyone that cares to listen of how ambitious we are to get Medicine, but today, what is the case, BCH And AEB.
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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 11:06am On May 17, 2018
Waiting For Her
Episode: Episode 2

That was how it got started, about eight days after seeing my admission later, I made to start my journey of life, I made to go to school. I sat on my bed the night before I was to go to school thinking about how simple I was going to live when I get to school, " I swear, I won't follow any girl again in my life" I said to myself, not after what the first one did to me. I looked at my phone which was as usual lying beside me, It was about go to off as the battery percent was just 5. " Let me call her and tell her I will be going away" I thought to myself as I picked up my phone and dialed the number of my ex girlfriend, she picked on the second trial. " Hello who is this?" She asked, so she has even deleted my number from her phone? " It's me, Gabriel " I said swallowing my spit, " Ah, ah, Gabi, hope no problem, this one you are calling me this night?" She asked, " No, there is no problem, I just want to tell you that I have gotten admission " I told her trying hard not to stammer, " okay o, at last, you won't finally grow old at home" She laughed, I took it as an insult but also laughed with her. " Anyways, good luck o and please try to be mature when you get to school" Came another insult, I was speechless on what to say and then my phone helped me put an end to the call by switching off by itself, the battery has gone flat. " It's not your fault now, I was the one that called you" I thought as I went towards our backyard to put on the generator.
" Gabriel, take my words seriously, I have passed through this phase of life so you should know that anything I tell you now is from experience" My dad started, of was around 11:00pm and we were the only one awake, " Okay dad" I answered him, " All things associated with being bad happens at night, Gabriel , try to avoid walking out at night, don't night walk" He said cleaning his face with his Handkerchief, " It's by walking at night that they initiate people into cult, it's as easy as that" He said, I nodded. " Don't follow any friend to anywhere you don't know, any friend that tells you come make I go show you something for somewhere, Gabriel don't follow" He continued, " Okay" I answered, he talked more for about thirty minutes, giving me advises he had given me before. " Gabriel, forget the pride, live for what you have come for, live like you came for your degree. Gabriel, from all I have said to you this night, I haven't mentioned anything about girls, I won't ask you not to have a girlfriend, as a matter of fact, I am not there to watch you, you are a teenager , you are free to even keep girlfriends, but from all you do, get wisdom" that was the only important thing I got that night " In all your doings, get wisdom" .

That was about some months ago, am now a student of the school, University Of Benin, living life gently and Simple, I have tried to keep on with my father's words. I live outside campus with two of my friends, Matt and Victedo. I knew Matt during my junior secondary school while Victedo, we met during the days of my pre degree. I also got a lot of good and smart friends at school, I got Roman, Praise, the most troublesome but best girl I have ever met , Preshy, there are actually two preshies ( permit the word). I also got mercy and lastly, I got Veronica, the one who changed my life. I first met Veronica one morning, I had come to school early that day to submit a particular physics assignment, the lecturer had threatened to use it as our test, though I knew he will not but according to one of the advises my dad gave me " Summit any thing the lecturer wants". I sat on the pavement in front of the physics lab, Roman was with me and we were busy comparing our assignments. " Gabriel, seriously, I never thought of this your idea " he said staring at my own, " Na me be the man now" I laughed, " You dey solve o" he praised, " I tell you say I go do am" I laughed again. " Please, let me have a look , I couldn't solve it" A light feminine voice said beside us, she had been sitting beside us but none of us paid attention to her initially. I turned to face her so also did Roman, " Give her the paper now" I told Roman, " Because na woman now, you wan collect your paper from me bah?" Roman asked and the lady smiled revealing her well spaced teeth, I smiled back. " Please, I will like to copy from it, I won't lie to you, am not good at physics" She begged, " Okay now, copy, you are free" I said to her smiling sheepishly. " Thank you" She said as she brought her Biro and started to copy, " What is your name?" I summoned up courage , " Veronica" She said looking up at me, " Hope you don't want to toast me because am copying your assignment?" She asked, " No, no, no, I just feel like asking?" I lied, the truth of the matter was that I had fallen, it was what they term love at first sight, she wasn't too beautiful, she just happen to be an average girl but whatsoever it was that pushed me to her or attracted me to her, I don't know. The feelings grew immediately, I didn't know how it happened I don't know. That was how I met her veronica, I started to love her from that day, but that's isn't who I am waiting for, it was through her that I met who I am waiting for till date.
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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 12:14am On Jun 01, 2018
Waiting For Her
Episode: Episode 3

Veronica is a well endowed medium height girl,
when I mean well endowed, I mean she has all
a guy will want in a woman. When I first met
Veronica, I had only one room mate then, that
was Matt, Victedo came about some weeks
after I met her. On getting home that same day,
the same day I gave her my physics
assignment to copy, I narrated everything to
Matt. ” Guy, you won’t believe it o, i met a girl
today” I told Matt who was lying on the bed ,
he was staring at a physics textbook which to
him he was reading. One thing about Matt, he
hates girls. After his first girlfriend broke up
with him, he developed a big hatred for all
girls, he believes girls are all the same. ” You
met a girl, is that why you are smiling like
that?” He asked dropping the book, ” Guy, you
need to see this girl, she is glorious” I told
him, ” Gabi, are you the one telling me this?”
He asked me, ” The last time I checked, you
promised not to have anything to do with girls
after your now ex broke your heart” He
reminded me, ” I know, those were just mouth
making now” I said, ” Hmmm, what is her
name? Is she beautiful or ugly, how is she like
to have captured you just in one day?” He
asked , ” For her name, she is Veronica, she is
of medium height and how she captured me in
one day, I can’t explain” I told him, ” You
haven’t still answered one of the questions, is
she beautiful?” He asked again, ” What am I to
do with her beauty? ” I asked him, ” Because I
believe ugly girls have ugly hearts just like their
faces” He said, ” Any proof for that?” I asked
him, ” Of course, I don’t say things am not sure
of, remember your ex has an ugly face, and
from the way she dumped you, I can boldly
come to a conclusion that she has an ugly
heart also” He laughed, I laughed also. ” Guy,
remember your ex happens to be very beautiful,
but remember, she dated you alongside three
other guys, am sure that not a typical of a
beautiful heart ” I told him and his laughing
subsided. ” Okay, let stop insult, is veronica
beautiful? ” he asked again, ” Yeah, she is
beautiful” I told him, ” So you already love her
just in one day?” He asked me, ” Does it take
two days to love? ” I asked him back, ” Hmm,
your own love, I never see o” He said opening
his physics textbook again.
I and Veronica became tight friends as time
went by, I also got to know that she also did
the same pre degree program like I did but we
never met ourselves during those days. For the
first few times I stayed with her, I thought she
was a girl with absolutely good characters,
though there was nothing between us but deep
down in my mind, I had already signed her my
girlfriend, I am the only one who knows she is
my girlfriend, she herself doesn’t even know,
funny isn’t it?
As time went by , I later got to discover that
she was about a month older than I am, but as
they say, age is just a number, I still wanted
Then on this particular day, about three weeks
after we met, one of our lecturers decided to
conduct a test, an impromptu test. That day,
Veronica as usual was sitting just by me. Only
few students were prepared for the test, I was
among the lucky few. I literally taught Veronica
everything, I allowed her copy my script. ”
Gabriel, please, when you are going home,
please call my phone, I want to go and eat”
She told me after the test, ” No problem” I told
her, I was happy I was privileged to teach her.
We still had two more lectures for that day, the
lectures were not important but I decided to
stay behind for it, it takes nothing to wait
behind. After the lectures, Veronica had not still
come back, at this point, I was now wondering
if to eat takes this long. ” I don’t even have
card” I thought to myself as I made to call her,
” This is how I will just waste this hundred
naira now ” I hissed as I walked towards
basement complex where things were sold, it
was a stone throw from our department but you
still have to walk a bit. In basement complex,
there are shops where food are being sold,
there are shops where snacks are sold and we
also have the cyber cafes. I stood in front of
one of the numerous shops buying card, the
woman selling the card was taking long and it
was getting me impatient, I started to move my
body in a way to show her that I was in a
hurry, it was in course of doing this that my
eyes caught Veronica in one of the cyber cafes,
she was laughing and gisting happily with a
guy, their sitting position alone was enough
evidence that he was her boyfriend. ” Take your
card” The woman told me, ” Thank you ma” I
said as I took the card and sneaked out of the
place, ” Hello veronica” I called her standing
where I could see her clearly without her seeing
me, ” Yeah Gabi, are you guys done with
lectures?” She asked me , ” Yes oo, where are
you now ?” I asked her, ” Dear, I decided to go
read in the library , I can’t just waste my time
on those useless courses” She said laughing, I
also laughed. ” Okay now, am still at the
department, come meet me there” I said, ”
Okay dear” She answered and I put an end to
the call. I saw her hug and pecked the guy
before leaving the shop, ” Wow, this is
wonderful” I laughed as I increased my pace
towards our department where she came there
to meet me, I pretended like nothing happened.

” Gabriel my man, that girl just want to use you
to get what she wants” Vuctedo told me as I
narrated all that happened to him and Matt that
day, ” What does she want?” I asked him, ” She
doesn’t want a carry over ” Matt said opening
his physics textbook..
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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 12:15am On Jun 01, 2018
Waiting For Her
Episode: Episode 4

” What do you mean?” I asked Matt, ” Just
look at this, ever since you met this girl, you
have been the one helping her with her
assignments and her practical works, from the
recent one, you now even help her in tests. If
it continues this way, you will still be the
same person to help her In exams” Matt told
me, ” The only reason she is coming to you
for help is because you are among the league
of bright students in your department, you are
the only one thinking she loves you, as a
matter of fact, you are the only one loving
here” Matt said, Victedo agreed with a nod. ”
You know. You can’t be sure, we might just
be judging her wrongly” I said, ” Then how
can you explain what happened today? ” Matt
asked, ” I don’t blame you anyways, you are in
love” Matt said. ” Gabriel, in as much as I
can’t justify what Veronica has done, I must
advise you to be patient, because as they say,
love is patient” Victedo said sitting on a
reading chair. ” Gabi, as you love, use your
head ” Matt added, ” I won’t want you to jump
into this girl, watch her first” he concluded. ” I
think I know what to do” I said as I got up
from my bed, ” What?” They asked in union, ”
Just don’t worry, watch me” I said to them
and they nodded, truth be told, I knew not
what to do.
I couldn’t read that evening, on a norm, I do
read three hours every passing day. This
evening was different just because of a girl.
Lot of thoughts crossed my head as I laid
facing the ceiling that day, to me this was
another heartbreak, thank God the relationship
wasn’t deep, I meant the relationship only I
knew about. ” But God wait o, why must I be
different? Why can’t I just be like any other
guy? Why can’t I just have a trust worthy and
loving girlfriend like other guys?” I asked
myself not knowing I had spoken it out loud, ”
You know why?” Victedo who was on his book
asked, ” Why?” I asked back, ” Because you
are too simple. Look at you, you got all you
want, the money, the height and to some
extent, the face” he said laughing, I smiled. ”
But girls don’t like guys who are too simple,
girls want that big boy, that guy that can dress
up to impress the ladies, you should
understand what am talking about mehnnn”
Victedo said laughing, thank God Matt wasn’t
around that evening, he would have detailed
victedo’s points. ” See guy, any girl that will
like me must like me like this o, I don’t like to
be a big boy and I believe very soon, I will
have a girl” I said, ” Keep hoping bro, God
will provide” He said and returned to his book,
just then my phone rang, talk more of the
devil, Veronica. ” Hey Gabi” She greeted, ” Hi
Vero” I greeted smiling, ” How are you doing
now?” She asked, ” Am fine o, and you? ” I
asked back, ” Am fine my dear” She said. ”
Have you done that physics 212 assignment?”
She asked, ” Yes, I have solved them” I
answered, Victedo turned to me and smiled. ”
Okay, please don’t forget to come early
tomorrow dear, I haven’t done mine” She said,
” Hmm, okay o, have heard you” I told her and
with that, she ended the call. ” Guy, don’t tell
me you are going tomorrow” Victedo said
immediately I dropped the call, ” Am I mad?
Go where? Am not going o, I just gave her
hope” I laughed, ” That’s my man ” Victedo
also laughed. ” I was thinking you will be a
fool to go” Victedo continued, ” You should
trust me now, I no fit do that kind thing” I told
him. ” What’s time now?” He changed the
topic, ” 5:35pm” I answered checking my
phone, ” Oboy, let’s stroll out now” he said
standing up from his reading chair, ” Stroll to
where?” I asked him, ” To sport complex or
any other place where we can feel the cool
breeze of the night” he told me. ” Okay now,
let’s go ” I got up and put on my jacket, ” You
can’t tell if we can even catch some girls” he
added laughing, I simply hissed. We strolled
to sport complex, luckily for us, we met some
group of boys playing football, we gladly
watched them play till about 6:30 when we
decided to go home. ” Those boys can’t even
play self” Victedo said as we entered our
street, ” You can’t play either” I told him, ” As
if you can play” He countered, ” I never said
they didn’t play well” I told him . ” Victedo,
can you see that girl? The one putting on a
brown gown?” I asked him looking in the
direction of a young girl who was walking
towards us, “Yes , what about her?” He asked,
” That girl was in the same class with us
during our pre-degree program” I told him, ” I
never saw her o” He said looking directly at
the girl who was looking at the ground as she
walked, ” You don’t look at people like that” I
told him, ” But she is beautiful o” He smiled, ”
What’s her name?” He asked me, ” I only
know her facially, we never spoke to each
other before, I don’t know her name” I told
him, ” she is beautiful” he said again as the
girl passed us, ” Which department was she
thrown to?” He asked , ” Guy, I said I don’t
even know her name, how should I know her
department?” I asked him back, ” Oh, sorry, I
forgot you don’t know anything” He laughed
and we walked back home in peace.

I was already in the bathroom early the next
morning, the time was still about 6:00am. I
rushed my bathing and dressed up for school
. ” Gabi, don’t tell me you are going to school
to give your assignment to Veronica after all
you said yesterday?” Victedo asked getting up
from his bed, ” Fool, the lecturer asked us to
summit as early as 7:00 this morning, see the
time is already 6:30″ I told him, ” Abeg rush
o, before you won’t summit now and you will
say am the one pursuing you from your
village” He laughed, as I carried my school
bag and hit the road. I got to school before
7:00 and headed towards basement not to
summit the assignment but because that was
where Veronica will always wait for me to
bring my assignment to her, as a matter of
fact, we are not to summit the assignment till
2:00pm that day. I met veronica sitting at our
usual spot, ” Good morning Veronica ” I
greeted her as I brought out my assignment
and handed it to her, truly, love is something
you can’t fight..
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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 12:16am On Jun 01, 2018
Waiting For Her
Episode: Episode 5
That was how I continued, I continued to love
veronica though I knew she had someone
else. I didn’t also stop giving her my
assignments, I thought that would make her
love me but my thinking were just like that of
an immature guy. Victedo and Matt continued
to advise me on what to do and what not to
do but I never listened to them.
” Gabriel, have you ever thought of what
would happen if you refuse to give Veronica
your assignment just for a day?” Matt asked
me one fateful evening, ” I don’t want it to
happen” I told him. ” sometimes, you make me
want to believe this girl is controlling you
from her village” Victedo said from the
kitchen, ” Why?” I asked, ” You just want to
do everything to please her, you fear what she
might do if you offend her” he said, he was
right. ” To me, I think her reaction towards
you when she is angry will tell if she loves
you or not” Victedo continued. ” Just try this,
the next time she asks you for your
assignment, try tell her you are not giving her
and let’s see what happens” Matt said, ” Don’t
tell her you haven’t done it o, just tell her you
can’t give her” Victedo added. ” Guys, I know
this girl doesn’t love me, I only want to make
the love grow In her, love as they say is
patient” I told them, ” There is a way a girl
who wish to love you in future will behave
compared to the girl who has no atom of love
for you at all” Matt said, ” Just try tell her no
for the first time, and let’s be there when you
do that” Matt concluded while I nodded. Their
advise was good and worth doing but I got a
problem, I was scared of loosing her before
having her.
The next time we were given another tough
assignment was about two days later, I have
thought about what Matt and Victedo told me
and I have decided to do as they instructed. I
have also been thinking about many other
things, why will she only call me whenever
she needs to do her assignment? She never
calls to greet or gist, just to ask for
About 6:00pm of that particular day, she
called. Matt and Victedo were with me in the
room and thought they didn’t say a thing, I
knew they were paying attention to what I will
tell Veronica. ” Hello Vero” I greeted, ” Gabi
dear, how far?” She asked, ” Am fine thank
God” I answered. ” Have you done the
assignment? ” she asked me, ” Yeah, I have
done it” I said , I was now sweating. ” I trust
you now, please let’s meet at our normal spot
tomorrow” She said and made to put an end
to the call, ” I can’t come” I quickly put in
before she ended the call, ” What did you
say?” She asked, she probably didn’t hear me
well. ” I said I can’t come to basement
tomorrow ” I told her, this time I was bold. I
could see Victedo giving me a thumb up, Matt
had his physics textbook to his face. ” Why
can’t you come, any problem?” She asked, ”
No, there is nothing wrong, I don’t just feel
like giving you my assignments again, I think
you should learn to do things yourself” I said,
” See this Mumu o” was what she said next, I
was taken a bit aback by shock. ” Just
because I am helping you by copying your
assignment,you now think you can insult me
bah? ” She asked , I was quiet not knowing
what to say. ” I don’t blame you” She fired on,
” Aunty do and get off the phone jare” Matt
shouted from where he was sitting, thank God
I got someone to talk for me. ” Who is that?”
Veronica asked, ” Wholala, the brother of
tatala” Victedo answered, I could not help but
laugh. ” Abeg get off the phone jare, at your
age you are still copying assignment from
your mate, and your parent will be at home
thinking their daughter is struggling to
become somebody in life, nonsense ” Matt
added, ” Let her be there deceiving herself ”
Victedo added, ” Is it me they are talking to
like that? ” Veronica stammered, ” No ooo. It’s
that aunty beside you” I said laughing, ” I
regret ever knowing you” She said, ” Get out
my friend” Matt shouted and I put an end to
the call. ” Thank you guys” I said as I dropped
the call, ” Don’t mention, don’t mention”
Victedo said, ” That’s what you should have
done to her all this while” Matt said, ” The girl
just want to use you and get first class o”
Victedo said, ” Don’t mind her” I said and kept
quiet, I was thinking about Veronica, we were
to harsh on the poor girl.
Veronica didn’t talk to me again for weeks, as
a matter of fact, she now has another guy she
sticks with . I was jealous at first but as time
went on, I began to forget everything and
moved on with my normal and simple life
hoping that God will give me a good girl at the
right time . The love I got for Veronica soon
faded off and I started to consider her as a
non living been, I wasn’t bothered about her
again and we never spoke again until one day.
On this particular day, I had come early to
school so as to summit my chemistry
practical assignment. I saw Veronica some
blocks from where I was, she was with her
workbook looking for who to copy from as
usual, unluckily for her, the new fool she
copies from was not around. I removed my
gaze from her and opened my manual to go
through it in case of any mistake. ” Gabriel” I
heard someone call from behind after about
ten minutes, I didn’t need to turn to know it
was Veronica, ” Yes what is it?” I asked as I
turned slowly to face her, shockingly, she
wasn’t alone this time, she was with another
girl, a very beautiful average height girl, I
recognized her immediately as the girl I had
showed Victedo, the one that lives in my
street. ” What is it?” I asked veronica again
ignoring the girl, Veronica couldn’t say
anything, she was obviously ashamed of
herself. ” Please, we want you to help us with
our assignment ” The girl said taking my

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will soon post next episode
Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 1:45pm On Jun 02, 2018
Waiting For Her Episode: Episode 6 ••••√•••••√•••••√•√√√• The girl I later discovered is Mitchell, she is beautiful and so? I didn't try take the workbook back from her, I let have it, you know, as first impression. She alongside Veronica copied the assignment together, Veronica on her own side couldn't say a thing as she copied. About 30 minutes later, Veronica was done copying and she left without even a thank you, I wasn't expecting it anyways. I was now left with Mitchell who was still engrossed with what she was writing. " Hey, you didn't finish it, you left some place blank " she looked up to me and caught me staring at her, " Yes, I forgot to do that one, anyways, I have it in my jotter" I told her as I handed my jotter to her, " Thank you" She said as she copied it into her manual, surprisingly, she also copied it into my manual for me. " Wow, thank you for helping me copy it" I appreciated, " Thank you for allowing me to copy" She smiled, " We will be seeing " She added and walked away, my gaze followed her until she was out of sight. And that was how it all started, that was how I met Mitchell. She also happen to be in the same department as me but we were never close then. She doesn't know me but I always knew her right from our days in the pre degree program, I have seen her a lot of times . We got more close to each other more than just the normal assignment friends stuff. She was also very much in love with church, she would always tell me that the reason why she isn't serious with her studies is because of church activities. Truly, she wasn't doing well with her studies but she was willing to learn, she always wanted me to put her through . We continued as normal class friends until one day , she told me she would come and spend the night at my place so that I can teach her till day break. I was shocked at first, I never believe such high classed girl would lay down such a proposal. " Are you serious?" I asked her as I sat by her side in class, she was reading her bible. " Of course I am, or you don't want me to come? " she asked looking up at me, " Why won't I, you are free to come" I told her smiling happily. " But I am not coming alone o, I am coming with Veronica" She announced , " Why?" I asked not knowing when the words had spilled off my mouth, "I feel more secured if she is there and you can as well teach her" Mitchell said, I nodded with a fake smile, I was happy she was coming to see me, but the fact that Veronica is also coming doesn't go well with me. I ran off class the moment we were done with lectures for that day, I first went to the ATM and withdrew some money with which I bought detergents which should be used to wash my toilet and kitchen, I also bought some other things I can't remember. I didn't bother to drop my bag as I got home before setting to work, I arranged the room and wash all that needed to be washed, I didn't forget to clean my gas cylinder that was looking like it hadn't been taken care of for about a decade. " Gabriel, what is it, why are you arranging the house today? " Matt and Victedo would ask me at interval, " You know that girl I told you about, Mitchell?" I started, " The one you say is very beautiful?" Matt asked me, " Yes, that one " I agreed with him, " She is coming to sleep over today" I announced. " is that why you now want to kill yourself? You should have told us and we will gladly help you" Matt said getting hold of our small broom. " let me go and mob the ceiling " Victedo put in and we all bursted into laughter, " If after all this arrangement, the girl now turns out to be ugly as your ex girlfriend ehen, I won't forgive you" Matt said as he swept the floor, " Was his ex that ugly?" Victedo asked, " My brother, she was that ugly" Matt stretched, " But she wasn't ugly to me o" I said, " She was beautiful" I added. " With the way you are talking now, an having this funny feeling that this Mitchell girl will be ugly" Matt said, " Just watch and see" I told him and continued with what I was doing. " Guys, come let's talk" I told them after we had finished arranging the house, " Talk, we are listening " Victedo said, " See, if you want to go to the toilet, better go now, especially you Matt, its not when the girl come that you will now destroy the whole place with smell" I faced Matt, " Guy, the girl herself no matter how beautiful she is do go to toilet and I assure you, I am a learner in her side" Matt said and we all laughed, " Abeg, you guys should try and comport yourself when she comes, you guys should not fight o, I know the two of you, please behave" I begged them, " Okay sir" Victedo said lying on the bed, " As for me, I won't put up any other behaviour o, I will be myself" Matt said, " We will all be ourselves but let's just behave" I said, " Okay " he answered and also laid on the bed. I looked around the room to see where need to be touched, but to me , all was perfect. The time was just to seven so I picked up my phone to do business, sorry I didn't tell you guys, I sell books online , not books exactly, buy my stories which I sell in PDF form just to have something doing. At around 7:30pm, the cloud changed, the cool breeze of the evening filled my room, it wanted to rain. Not up to ten minutes later, the rain began to pour, it started heavily and didn't look like it was going to stop. My phone came on, Mitchell was calling. " Hello Gabi, if this rain doesn't stop, am sorry I can't come o" she said, " okay Ma" I simply answered and she ended the call. I stared at the phone as the screen went off, " Rain, I beg you in the name of God, please stop" I prayed with all my heart as I knelt down facing the ceiling.

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Re: Waiting For Her by Ann2012(f): 2:31pm On Jun 02, 2018
Nice story
Gabriel, you better reset ur brain
Re: Waiting For Her by greatlinda(f): 8:49pm On Jun 02, 2018
nice story....more ink to your pen
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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 9:30pm On Jun 02, 2018
Waiting For Her
Episode: Episode 7
The rain continued to pour till about 9:00pm when it
suddenly reduced. I hissed , " She can't come by
this time" I said to myself as I placed my head on
the table , I was angry. " She will come next time
bro" Matt laughed, Victedo was now sleeping. " This
rain ehen" I thought to myself as I hissed again.
Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate and i looked up, it
was ringing and the caller was Mitchell, I picked it
up immediately. " Please can you still come?" I
asked her , " Hmmm, only if you will come out to
pick me o, am scared of the night" She said, "
That's is not a problem now" I laughed happily, "
Where should I pick you?" I asked her, " That hotel
before your house" She said and I nodded, " Just
call me when you are coming" I told her, " Am
already coming oga" She shouted, " Okay, on my
way" I shouted as I took my favourite red jacket and
put it on, the night was cold. I walked alone in my
lonely street like a brave guy, but deep down inside
me, I was praying that I shouldn't encounter any
danger. I got to the hotel and it was as noisy as it
always was. I stood beside a pole waiting for her, I
waited for about ten minutes later before I saw her
coming with another guy, I walked towards them. "
Good Evening " I shook hands with the guy and also
with her. " He is my house mate, I begged him to
escort me here" She said, " Ah, thank you Bros " I
shook hands with him again, " Thank you so much"
I said collecting her bag from her. " Okay, Mitchell,
I will be leaving now" The guy said and shook
hands with me again, " Okay, bye tony" She said to
him and we began to walk towards my house. " Is
Veronica already in your place?" She asked me, "
No, she is not there" I said happily, " Why? Let's go
to her house and pick her o" She said pulling me
back, " No, let's leave her, she will come another
day" I said hoping to convince her but mission
impossible. " No, we planned to come together,
what will she say of Me if she finds out I came to
your place alone ?" She asked , " Please let's go
pick her, her house is not far" She pulled me harder.
" Okay" I obliged as I changed direction and
together we went to Veronica's house. Mitchell went
in and called her out, " Evening Veronica" I greeted
coldly, " Evening Gabriel" She answered as we all
went to my house. We didn't say much on the way ,
it would have been better if it was just Mitchell with
Matt was still awake when we got home, " Good
evening o" he greeted as he paid attention to the
movie he was watching, he was probably surprised
why there were two girls. None of the girls
answered him and for a guy like Matt, he didn't
care. Victedo was still on the bed sleeping, he
never jokes with his sleep. " Why is your bag this
heavy?" I asked her, " I bought bread, milo and milk
forget the three of us to take tea" She said bringing
out a roll of Milo, " I don't eat bread" I lied, " And
you shouldn't have bothered about buying the Milo
and Milk, I got provisions" I pointed to my kitchen,
there was a tin of Milo and Milk there ( If I don't
eat bread, what was I doing with a tin of milk and
Milo, cheap lie ) " Who doesn't eat bread?" She
asked, " Me doesn't " I answered smiling. " Its a lie,
the first time we met, I offered him biscuit and he
lied that he doesn't eat biscuit so that he won't take
it from me" Veronica put in smiling. Yeah, I forgot
to tell you guys, she had come to my house about
thrice before we quarreled, it was on one of those
occasions that she gave me a kind of biscuit, I lied
that I don't eat biscuit. The truth is that I hate taking
things from girls, I felt I should be the one giving
them. " Why are you lying? " Mitchell asked me, "
Okay, I eat bread but not this type of bread" I
explained. She only nodded and made tea, Veronica
refused to make tea, she only ate bread. That night
I taught them to the best of my ability and escorted
them home the next morning.
That was how it began, Mitchell came to my house
two more times with Veronica and then she started
coming alone, we became close and the love for
her started to grow in me. She also got close to
Matt and Victedo. Myself with her always went to
school together, she felt free sleeping over at my
place and all was going well.
I also used to opportunity to teach her to the best
of my ability, and i also tried to put her back on
track since our exam was approaching, she would
often call me the angel that God sent to help her, "
That's why my name is Gabriel, angel Gabriel" I
would always tell her and she would always laugh it
out, I like it when she laughs ( like a witch)..
I don't know how it was but at times I do feel she
was trying to pass a message that I should date
her, but you know man can't be too sure and I
never wanted to break our friendship. Matt and
Victedo would always urge me to go ask her out
before someone else does so but I would simply
smile and answer " if she is for me, even if
someone else takes her, I will wait for her" . We got
very close to each other and my friend Roman
started to ask me funny questions, " How is your
girlfriend?" He would ask me anytime he sees me, "
She isn't my girlfriend " I would defend, Roman has
a big mouth, if tell him she is my girlfriend, the
rumour will spread around and that's is obviously a
false rumour.
One fateful day during our exams, she told me she
was coming to my house as usual, she promised to
come and I believed she would. I waited patiently
for her call of me to come and pick her but it never
came, the time was after nine and I was getting
worried. I called her but she wasn't picking. " Matt,
am coming, I need to go look for this girl" I told
Matt , " wait, I will go with you" He said, " What
about me?" Victedo asked, " Stay at home and
watch over the food" I told him as I stormed out of
the room in anger . I and Matt walked in the
darkness of the night looking for a girl we don't
know her whereabout, we walked to her house and
stopped at her gate, it Was locked. "Let's go back"
I told Matt, " how are you sure this girl is fine?"
matt asked, " By God grace, she is fine" I said as
my phone vibrated, it was Veronica calling, she has
been calling all day to ask questions about the next
day's paper, " Vero, am busy now, will call you later"
I told her in a rush, she only hissed and put an end
to the call. I went back home With Matt feeling
uneasy, I could now be seen shaking. I jumped on
the bed immediately I entered the room, " We didn't
see her" I told Victedo, the time was now about
10:,00pm. Matt walked into the kitchen to dish
himself some food when he suddenly ran back to
the room, " I heard a strange sound from the
window" He shouted as he held tight to the door, "
Which strange Sound?" I asked looking towards the
window, I saw nothing Suddenly, there was a loud,
strange laugh. .
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Here waiting for her o grin
Re: Waiting For Her by Nobody: 6:17pm On Jun 03, 2018
O boi please continue. Don't ever stop. Loving your story. Mention me when you update
Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 9:26pm On Jun 04, 2018
Waiting For Her Episode: Episode 8 •••••••√•••••••√•••••√ I sprang up immediately and adjusted myself to the other side of the bed not facing the window, ” Come and open the main door for me jare” Mitchell shouted from the window, I breathed in relief as I took the key to the main compound door and went out to open it. She came in smiling to me but I didn’t smile back, ” Good evening Gabi” she greeted me, ” Good evening” I simply answered and went into the room. ” Matt, so you can fear like this?” She laughed as she came into the room, ” My sister, man must be careful o” Matt answered, ” Mitchell welcome ” Victedo greeted, ” Victor, how far?” She asked him, but no reply came back, just a nod. I took to one of the reading tables in our room, she sat on the second one opposite me, a table was separating us. ” This one you are squeezing your face like this, hope no problem?” She asked, ” No problem” I replied coldly as Matt and Victedo went to take their food from the kitchen. ” Where is Gabi’s food? ” she asked them, ” Its in the kitchen” Matt answered, ” Go and eat now” she told me, ” Not hungry yet” I replied her and opened my textbook. ” Let’s start” I told her, on a normal day, I won’t teach her until we have talked and play for a long time, ” Ah, With this your face like this, I can’t learn o” she told me and I closed the book, ” What’s wrong with you now? ” she shouted this time, ” You started this first o, once I start my own, dont just think of getting upset” She said and opened her book, I didn’t still answer her. ” Is it because I came late, see, it’s because I have to cook at home and arrange the house, am sorry” She begged but yet, I didn’t still answer. By now, Victedo who was behind us was ready signalling to me to forgive her and talk to her, Matt was only smiling, he was the only one who understood what was happening to me. I and Matt had been together since secondary school, he is my best friend and he know a lot about me. He knows it is a safety measure when I keep shut whenever I am angry, I happen to be a stammer and when I force myself to talk when I am angry, I find it hard to bring the words out and I might end up slapping whosoever got me angry, if its happens to be a boy, it might result into a fight and if its a girl, she might end up crying which I won’t like. So you see, its a safety measure to keep shut when Mitchell was busy interrogating me, that was the reason why Matt was smiling anger giving me thumbs up. ” Gabriel so you don’t want to talk to me bah, am going to my house, please what’s the time?” She asked Matt, I didn’t say anything, Matt interceded for me. ” Please don’t go, he is only angry because you came late, he was scared so I think he is trying to recover” Matt told her, ” Is this how he does whenever he is angry?” She asked him staring from me to him and from him to me. ” Don’t mind him jare” Matt said with a wave of hand, she turned to face me. ” Stop this now” She said. Now, Matt was no longer giving me thumbs up, he was now frowning , I only smiled, there was nothing I could do about my temper. ” Just know that you started this, when u start mine, don’t just think of getting angry” She shouted again flinging her book open, ” Let’s start” She said and I nodded as I opened my textbook. ” Where did we stop last?” I asked calmly, ” Wow, so you can even talk?” She asked rhetorically, I kept mute. ” I don’t like this o” She said , and then let out a long hiss. ” Where did we stop last?” I asked again, ” Dont teach me again, if you want to use this type of voice, just ask me questions” She said and I nodded. I asked her about ten questions and she got only two, ” And you are even smiling, out of ten, you got just two” I said , I was now angry again. ” I haven’t read them all, I am trying ” She laughed, ” Keep shut jare, you are not encouraging ” I shouted in anger and hissed, ” I am trying” She said in a cracked voice and that was it, she was crying.
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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 6:31pm On Jun 05, 2018

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Re: Waiting For Her by Nobody: 7:00pm On Jun 05, 2018
Nice one bro
Re: Waiting For Her by FreshestManny(m): 10:45pm On Jun 05, 2018

Yes o. I don show. Thanks for the mention. Nicely constructed; great storyline. Few grammatical errors but apart from that the story is great. Thanks again for the mention.
Re: Waiting For Her by dimssy(m): 9:18pm On Jun 06, 2018
Helllooo....thanks for the mention.
Re: Waiting For Her by John944: 7:21am On Jun 07, 2018
This story will go places if you continue this way..and with good frequent updates!
Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 12:23pm On Jun 08, 2018
Waiting For Her
Episode: Episode 9
” Jesus” I said as I saw tears falling down her
cheeks, I couldn’t believe it, for Christ sake she was
crying. I was confused and I didn’t know what to do
but on the long run, I drew her head to my chest ”
Am sorry ” I said in my best voice, I actually have
a cracked voice. ” Am trying my best, you know
how busy I am in the church, you know how tight
my schedule is and all you could say is that am not
encouraging” She shouted as she freed herself from
me, ” Ah, am sorry now, it was anger” I explained
now regretting why I got angry in the first place. ”
Anger my feet, how can you be angry for two
straight hours?” She asked still crying, ” Okay, am
sorry, please forgive me” I begged but she gave no
reply, Matt and Victedo weren’t awake by this time,
they had gone to bed. ” Am begging o, am really
sorry, please forgive me” I begged again, this time
wiping the tears off her cheeks. ” Have heard you”
She frowned, ” You have not heard me, am sorry” I
begged again, ” Have heard you” She said still
frowning, ” If you have heard me, you shouldn’t be
frowning ” I told her, ” Please laugh for me” I
begged. ” Okay, watch this” She said and suddenly
busted into laughter like someone who was never
crying, ” I caught you there, anytime you are angry, I
will just cry for you and that’s it” She laughed , I
smiled. ” So you made this up?” I asked her, ” But
you can vex o” She laughed, ” Please don’t come
late again ” I told her with a frowned face, ” I will
cry for you again now when I come late” She said
laughing, I smiled. ” okay, let’s continue with our
reading ” I said, ” Continue what? Am tired jare,
let’s play” She said, ” Play, which play?” I asked , ”
Let just be talking, or don’t worry, give me your
pen” she requested and I willingly gave it to her. ”
Let me draw something on your hand” She said as
she took my hand and started to draw on my arm, ”
Don’t look o” she said and I nodded, at the end of
the diagram, it was a M inscribed in a G, ” It means
Mitchell and Gabriel” she laughed, I smiled.
The love I have for her continued to grow, I loved
her to a fault, but one thing, I don’t want to ask her
out. I wanted to see if she has someone else, I
always followed my instinct, I thought she had
someone and I was not ready to break her up from
her lover, but I continued to love her. ” Gabi, you
are dull, please ask this girl out” Victedo would
always say, ” There is no harm in waiting” I told
him, ” Someone else will take this girl o” he
advised, ” She is already taken” I would say to
myself, I don’t know why I always thought so, but I
was sure of it. ” Hmm, Gabi my man, don’t dull
yourself ” Victedo would always say. At a time, I
got tired of the advises and decided to ask her out.
. I planned asking her out like about twice but
anytime I see her, I would lose the will to do so,
not because I wasn’t bold , the atmosphere was not
just right. ” Let me just face my studies and my
story writing” I would say to myself anytime I failed
to ask her out. I still always loved her, even if I had
the feelings she got a guy, I didn’t care, I am the
one loving here so am harming no one. I had the
feeling she had someone else but got no prove till
one day.
On this particular day, she was sick and I decided
to go see her in her house that morning, she had
personally asked me to come to her hostel to come
teach her there, my happiness knew no bound. I
got there and I met her lying on the bed, ” Ah, you
came early o” She said, ” You asked me to come by
this time ” I told her, ” Hmm, thought you would
take a little longer” She said. ” I see you want to
sleep” I said , ” She nodded. ” Please do, I will wait
till you wake up” I smiled, ” Thank you” She told
me. Now, Mitchell lives with her cousins, about 4 of
them, they occupied two rooms in their hostel, one
upstairs and one downstairs. On that particular day
I had gone to see her, she was downstairs with her
male cousin, at that point we were talking, her male
Cousin, Mic was lying asleep beside her. She slept
off and I sat waiting for her to wake up, just then
her male cousin woke up. ” Ah , Gabriel, you are
here?” He asked, ” Good day” I greeted him, he only
nodded and laid down again. I occupied myself with
writing of my stories with my phone , there was
nothing else to do. About ten minutes later, he
female cousin came in, she saw me and we
greeted, we are not that cool, I don’t know why. ”
Ah, is Mitchell sleeping?” She asked Mic, ” Yes o,
she is” Mic replied, ” And he his waiting for her
here, can’t he go to his house and rest? ” she asked
Mic, she said it freely like nothing, but the words
went deep into me, I could not write again but I
pretended to be busy with my phone, I even had to
plug my earpiece to make it look as if I wasn’t
listening. ” Mitchell self” Her female cousin said
and went into the kitchen. At the long run, Mitchell
woke up but I didn’t teach her, I was busy with Mic,
we were playing game with his PS 3. I was still
occupying myself with the game when a guy visited,
he took Mitchell away, he took her out. I was
surprised but not much, I always knew there was
someone. I wasn’t jealous either because I have
come to realize that true love is never Jealous. It
was around 3pm when the guy came and took her
out, I played the game a little longer with Mic and
waited patiently for her to come back, but all to no
avail, I waited till after six for her to come back but
she didn’t, I then stood up to take my leave. “Mic,
tell Mitchell I got tired waiting” I smiled as I shook
hands with him and left, I wasn’t angry.
That was the first prove I got that she had a guy,
the second time was also in her house, this time I
was teaching her when she went downstairs to take
something leaving her phone with me, suddenly a
call came in. It was an unknown number, I simply
left the call to end before picking up the phone, the
call had attracted me towards the phone. I unlocked
the phone, the phone had no password, just press *
to unlock. I unlocked it and went through her call
logs ,I saw my number stored with my name, she
had called me recently that day, so no surprise my
number was the second I saw after the number that
had called her recently. I scrolled down and saw
another number, it was stored with ” My love” I
laughed for I though it was her mom’s number, but
scrolling down again, I saw a number stored with
mummy and another, ” My world”.
” Gabriel, after all this you have said, I have come
to a conclusion that this girl also wants to use you
to get what she want” Matt told me after I narrated
everything to him, ” i suspect she is a player”
Victedo added, ” I know ” I smiled, ” But I still love
her ” I added still smiling, love is patient and
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Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 12:25pm On Jun 08, 2018
Final Episode will be posted today, so sit tight and wait for it
Re: Waiting For Her by queenitee(f): 12:43pm On Jun 08, 2018
Re: Waiting For Her by nextcinfo: 5:42pm On Jun 08, 2018
nice story, I'm following
Re: Waiting For Her by Aaspot: 7:40pm On Jun 08, 2018
Waiting For Her Final Episode. ••••♪••••••√•••••••√ You know in every higher institution, there is always this period when you have a long gap between the first exam and the next one, yeah, that period. We had a long gap before our next paper about a week gap. I expected Mitchell to keep in touch with me but she didn’t , she never bothered to even call to say hi, thus confirmed what Matt said, she was using me to get what she want. I would purposely stroll to the main gate every evening with the hope that I would mistakenly meet her on the road , no wonder they say ” The one that loves you is not the one you see everyday, but the one who comes out everyday looking for you” . Going to the main gate every evening became my hobby, I would always stroll to the main gate with my earpiece in my ear and filling myself with all sort of music except love music, I hate such, I rather prefer downloading wrestlers theme and listen to them, they are inspiring. ” Gabriel, where are you always going to every evening?” Matt once asked me, ” To cool my spirit, a little walk with music enlighten your soul” I would lie, which soul does wrestlers theme enlighten? I never saw her, even once, I decided to go to her house but courage was not on my side then at last I decided to let her be, I am at least happy I love her, maybe one day she will know about it. I told Matt and Victedo what I have decided, they both laughed about it. ” Gabriel, let’s not lie to ourselves, you are letting her be because you don’t have the courage to ask her out” Victedo said and they busted into laughter, I also laughed but it was not true. I would have asked her out if not for what I saw on her phone, I never prayed to destroy her relationship. ” Yes oo, na fear they catch me” I concurred , they laughed the more. ” Look at all the muscle, look at the chest, look at the height, with all that, Gabriel you can’t ask a girl out, ordinary girl” Matt laughed, ” Matt, how many girls have you asked out in your life? ” I started, ” None, but I can” he tried defending himself, ” Will you keep quiet, you that left your crush because you saw her hugging another boy” I said, ” Don’t tell me” Victor laughed, “let’s forget about that girl jare” Matt said opening his physics textbook, ” Gabriel, get that girl” Victedo said and laid on the bed. Mitchell came to my house again on the day of the paper, she wanted me to quickly put her through, it was our last paper. ” Ah, Gabi, I missed your face o” She told me touching my cheeks, Victedo and Matt started coughing stupidly. I smiled and opened my book to start the teaching process, as I taught her, we would pause at interval to talk. She would most time throw topics about relationship and in between, she would try to make me know that she doesn’t have any guy, Matt and Victedo would nod on hearing such things, signifying to me that she is mine. ” You didn’t even bother to call ” I told her, ” Gabriel I was busy and remember I use my cousin’s phone to call since I don’t have a phone again” She said, I nodded and packed my books into my bag, ” Its time, let’s go” I told her, “when are you going back home after today’s exam?” She asked, ” Sunday” I told her, ” Whoa , that’s a lot of time, we will see before then” She said and I nodded hoping so. We wrote the exams and that was it, the end of the long talked about exam, I thank God I wrote well but after the exam I didn’t see or hear from Mitchell again. ” Matt, let’s go on Friday, let’s not wait till Sunday again ” I told him, ” I was thinking so too bro” He said, ” What about Mitchell?” He asked, ” She is fine ” I told him, ” Won’t you ask her out before you go?” he asked, ” I can’t see her again” I said , ” Ohh, what a pity ” He laughed, ” Wait!!” I suddenly sprang up to my reading table, there it was, her nylon file which she kept with me , ” I can write a note and keep it here for her, I will go to her hostel and give it to her sister to give her” I told Matt, by now, Victedo had gone home. ” Why can’t you give her herself?” He asked me, ” She isn’t staying in her hostel now, she told she was spending sometimes with her friend” I said. ” Hmm okay ” he laughed as I picked up my pen and constructed a well punctuated love letter, my first ever. I expressed my feelings to her and all that I had to say. I then packaged it into an envelope and place it in her nylon file. ” But I think this is childish ” Matt said, ” Yeah I know, but to me , this is the best way” I smiled. ” I will deliver it tomorrow” I told him lying on the bed, ” I think she doesn’t deserve you” Matt suddenly blurted out, but the kind of stare I gave him made him understand that he had to keep quiet, ” Did my first ugly girlfriend deserve me?” I asked myself as I hissed out. Myself and Matt strolled to main gate the next day to charge our phones, we would be going back the following day and we can’t afford to go with switched off phones. Around 3pm I was set to go back to the hostel but Matt wasn’t ready, he needed to withdraw money from the ATM. I decided to wait for him outside the main gate, I had my bag on and in my bag was Mitchell’s file. I went out the main gate and sat on one of the numerous pillars staring at the pensioner who derives pleasure begging from student, I see him every evening when I come for my strolling. I sat staring at him , ” This man no go go work bah?” I asked no one as I turned my neck away from him, I immediately sighted Mitchell coming from the main gate, she was looking extraordinarily beautiful, she was about to pass by the pillar where I sat when I called her, she turned to me slowly and smiled. ” Gabi, what are you doing here?” She asked, ” Waiting for Matt”I told her, ” Oh ,I see” She said, ” Am going tomorrow ” I told her, ” Eyah, okay now , till next semester, hope you are with my file?” She asked, ” Yes, its with me, I planned returning it today, its even in my bag self” I said and handed over the file to her, ” Thanks” She made to walk away, ” wait, I kept an envelope in between your documents ” I told her, she nodded and went off . I was happy she would finally know how I felt for her, I went back home in joy the next day expecting her call. My brethren, this is the second week since I got home and I haven’t even seen her missed call. The issue is not from her not having a phone, she must have gotten a phone now because I do see her active on Whatsapp every now and then. I can’t just wait to go back to school, I need to kill Matt and Victedo for putting pressure on me. Okay that was how I disgraced myself in school o, but guys guess what? You won’t believe it, I STILL LOVE HER AND AM STILL WAITING FOR HER.

A short story by Gabriel .U. Akilozi. <b> If you enjoyed this story and you don't want to miss our next story, why not like our page A2spot and visit our site http://a2spot.com regularly
Re: Waiting For Her by queenitee(f): 4:16pm On Jun 09, 2018
Lol, nice story
Re: Waiting For Her by dimssy(m): 8:38pm On Jun 10, 2018
A nice story you have here.
Omo...you sah wan love.
Re: Waiting For Her by GentlePEACE: 3:06pm On Jul 06, 2018
nice story. Simple and straight. Keep it up op.

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