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The 7 Secrets In The Conqueror’s Mind / Heavenly Journeys In The Heavenly Realms / R.I.P "Little Saint" Dedicated To The 7 Year Old Alleged Garri Thief Killed. (2) (3) (4)

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The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:13pm On Jul 07, 2018

Thousands of years ago, a legendary figure within the World of Realms disappeared along side an ancient clan.

Modern day Earth, world renowned archaeologist Olapa Asan and his team wanders into the ancestral grounds of a Fallen civilization.

A series of near death encounters force Asan to flee from his world with a Legendary item, while saving his archaeological team.

Transported into the World of Realms, Asan wakes in the body of an assassinated ten year old.

From the information he had gotten from the Legendary item which was a white gemstone, Asan found out the world he was transported to had a strange power called 'Essence Energy' and majority of the Living things within this world were cultivators of this 'Essence Energy'

A world with myriad of races, from humans to Magical Beasts to Demons to Charming spirits and other oddities.

Thrown into the new world as a mortal, Asan must struggle to survive in a world where the weak were treated as second class citizens, while hiding from powerful organizations and cultivators.

His must battle to transcend his mortal roots and understand the mysteries of the new the world, this will lead him to forming friends and mortal enemies.

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Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:15pm On Jul 07, 2018
Genre and Tags

Martial Arts, Reincarnation, Xanxia, Fantasy, Eastern Fantasy, Gore, Profanity, Class Based Society and Unique Cultivation System.

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Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:17pm On Jul 07, 2018
Published on Webnovel.com and RoyalroadL.com

For the latest chaps check Webnovel.com

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Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:25pm On Jul 07, 2018
Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:30pm On Jul 07, 2018
Chapter 2 - Contact Part 2

Asan could not believe his eyes, he doubted what he saw inside the gorge.

Inside the gorge a gigantic pair of crimson red eyes where staring straight at Asan.

Cold sweat continued to flow down Asan's back and forehead almost like a spring fountain. Asan sucked in a mouthful of fresh air, closed his eyes and tried to steady his breath.

After calming his nerves. Asan opened his eyes and stared into the gorge a second time only to discover total darkness. Asan was perplexed and could not believe his eyes when he saw total darkness within the gorge.

He could not help but murmur to himself.

"What the hell is that? is this some kind of trick illusion set up by the people of the Iluminaçào tribe?"

Asan could not determine whether what he saw was an illusion or not.

Asan took in deep breaths to steady his throbbing heart.

With his mind back to its calm state, Asan decided to toss a piece of rock into the gorge to determine if something was actually lurking down there.

With a slight force, he tossed the piece of rock into the gorge.

The sound of rock making contact with a surface was not heard, all Asan could hear was total silence. Almost, as if he did not throw anything into the gorge.

Asan could not help but sigh in relief. He concluded that whatever he saw was probably an illusion set up by the Iluminaçào tribe to ward of thieves and invaders.

There was no way such gigantic set of eyes could exist. They were at least a 100 meters in diameter, what sort of creature would have eyes like that.

"Hahaha....i must be getting really old, there is no way such eyes could belong to any animal on earth, I better get going....Hahaha what a good scare. The people of the Iluminaçào tribe sure know how to scare someone."

Asan prepared himself to jump on to the first raised platform.

With a slight run a *huff* sound was heard and Asan was mid air and landed on the first platform. He took a look around with his flash light, all he could see was the next raised platform. With a slight run to build up momentum he jumped up again and he landed on the second platform.

He looked around again before deciding to jump on the third platform. Asan had been very cautious with each of his movements, not wanting to make any mistakes that will send him plunging straight into who knows where.

Just as Asan was preparing to jump on the next platform, he felt an intense rumbling, and in the next instant he heard a soul crushing roar from the depths of the gorge. The vibrations from the rumbling sound and the soul crushing roar made Asan extremely terrified.

Asan suddenly looked down into the depths of the gorge, only to discover the same pair of gigantic eyes staring at him for the second time.

This time it looked much more terrifying than before. it seemed like they were getting closer from the depths of the gorge, but also looking it was far away from Asan.

Asan wanted to cry so bad at this point, why did he have to toss that piece of rock into the gorge, it was probably that rock that irritated this monster, while Asan was still dwelling on his thoughts.

There was suddenly another loud ear deafening explosion.

From the direction the explosion came from, Asan quickly turned his head and pointed his flash light at the direction of the explosion.

Asan's face immediately turned ugly. This was because he discovered the first platform had totally disappeared after the explosion.

The cold sweat on his face were the size of beans, as his pupils shrunk to a pinhole size.

Immediately after the disappearance of the first platform, the second platform began to shake violently. At this point Asan knew what was in store for him if he kept on watching disappearing act of the raised platforms.

With a mouthful of fresh air entering his lungs. Asan launched himself on to the next platform in a crazy like manner, forgetting about his previous cautiousness. As his feet touched the fourth platform he heard another loud explosion.

Asan did not bother to look back this time around because he knew the second platform had disappeared. The third platform was already rumbling and the fourth platform he was currently on was rumbling slightly. Asan picked himself up and dashed towards the fifth platform.

While in mid air he heard the same familiar loud explosion, coming from the platforms behind him.

The explosion was indicated the third platform was already gone. Asan did not bother to check, as he kept on jumping platform after platform.

Asan did not know how many platforms he had jumped on but he was not any closer to the end of the gorge. He kept on jumping and the explosions kept on ringing in his ears, so much so that before he landed on a new platform it was already rumbling.

Asan also kept an eye out for the gigantic pair of eyes which kept on getting closer and closer.

At this point Asan, really wanted to cry, as he considered his life choices. Why did he have to be so unfortunate?

If it was another person they would probably have fallen into the depths of the gorge, to be singing 'kumbaya' in the monster's stomach.

Asan diverted all his concentration into jumping on to the next platform. Whatever was happening behind him was not his problem right now.

After jumping another twenty platforms. Asan was able to see the the dazzling white was getting closer and closer.

He gritted his teeth and concentrated all is effort on jumping to the next platform. Asan continued to jump until he got to the twenty third platform. He noticed this was the last of the raised platforms which connected to the other end of the tunnel.

Asan steadied himself and jumped on to the last platform. The moment his feet touched the platform, he felt a heavy aura on his legs. Asan had difficult moving his body. It was like he was locked in place. He could not move a single finger and the platform was already rumbling crazily, showing signs of falling apart. All he had to do was walk for about 5 meters and he would be out of the gorge.

"F***! F***! Why can't i move my body? Sh*t! is this what is like being a statue? I shouldn't have entered here alone!"

Asan could not but curse his bad luck.

As the rumbling intensified on the last platform, the monster beneath the gorge got closer and closer to the surface.

At this point Asan had already given up all hope of surviving.

"Hahahaha..... what a horrible way to die. Hahahaha.. at least i did not die in the bathroom like Jefferson hahahaha! Monster come eat your granddaddy hahahaha!".

Just as the platform was about to explode. A dazzling white light shot into the gorge. At that moment, Asan realized he could move his body again. Without wasting anytime. With all his might, Asan sprinted like a 'madman on drugs' towards the tunnel.

He sprinted for about five seconds before an ear deafening sound was heard.

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Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:33pm On Jul 07, 2018
Chapter 3 - Contact Part 3

There was heavy dust clouds all over the tunnel. Within the fog of raised dust, a heavy panting sound could be heard coming from the edge of the tunnel, which was initially to the last raised platform.

If one looked closely. They would discover a hand holding tightly on to the edge of the tunnel for dear life. The owner of this hand was obviously Asan. With all his strength he pulled himself up, only at this point did his breathing become slightly normal.

With his heart still racing frantically, Asan took a quick glance behind him to discover the last platform had disappeared. Asan took in a mouthful of fresh air. Stood up and leaned closer to the edge of the tunnel, looking downwards toward to gorge.

All Asan could see was darkness. he could not help but murmur to himself.

"What the hell just happened? where did that white light come from? Did it cause that heavy aura to disappear? This is really strange. What happened to that big eyed monstrosity?"

While he talked to himself, Asan did not dare linger a moment longer on the edge of the tunnel. He quickened his pace towards the source of the white light in the tunnel.

After walking for 10 minutes.

Asan could finally see the exit of the tunnel. He could not restrain the wild joy he felt in his heart as he broke into a small race to avoid any unforeseen incidents from him wasting too much time.

Once he stepped out of the tunnel. Asan found himself in a massive room. With different eye blinding lights shooting at his pupils.

With a *gulp* Asan swallowed the saliva in his mouth. He could not restrain the joy in his heart as he said.

"hahahahahahahaha... I'm rich, I'm fucking rich. hahahahahaha! I'll buy a new island just for throwing parties. hahahahaha take that bill ( Bill gates)."

Asan could not help but rub his eyelids to confirm if what was in front of him was real or not. The source of the blinding light was a combination of lights from different treasures.

Precious stones of different kinds and ancient construction works were staring right at him.

After laughing a few more rounds. Asan realized most of the treasures were grouped according to the material used in making them.

There were groups consisting different things made from diamonds, emeralds, silver, gold, rubies, bronze and so much more. Asan decided to survey the other parts of the massive room to discover other treasures and the source of the white light he saw while in the tunnel.

Asan walked for about a 100 meters. He could not help but exclaim about the wealth of the Iluminaçào tribe.

"What a wealthy tribe. How did they manage to accumulate so many good stuff? it is a great mystery how such a great tribe ended up disappearing into the annals of history."

After walking for another 50 meters. Asan discovered a 50ft tower emitting a dazzling white light, exactly the same from the one he saw in the tunnel while walking through it.

Asan quickly dashed towards the tower. He surveyed it cautiously before finding a flight of stairs at the rear end of the tower. He climbed it carefully making his way to the source of the light.

Climbing the tower took Asan close to 40mins, but it was much better than jumping and running for his life like he did in the gorge. The was also relieved that he was not being chased by that huge eyed monstrosity.

As Asan got to the top of the tower. Contrary to his thoughts, the light on top of the tower was not as blinding as compared to its intensity at the bottom of the tower. It was probably the marble floors that contributed to the low intensity of the light at the top of the tower, they deflected most of the light rays and projected them away from the top of the tower.

Asan got closer to the source of the light on the tower. Five steps from where he was standing. He could see a beautiful pearl-white gem stone placed on a small gold plated urn.

The beauty of the gem was not comparable to anything Asan had ever seen. it was almost like his soul left his body when saw the gem. Strangely, Asan could hear a faint voice entering his ears while he attempted to move closer to the gem stone.

"Human!!! I'll slaughter you into a million pieces if you dare touch that gem!"
Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:37pm On Jul 07, 2018
Chapter 4 - World of Realms

Asan became alert when he heard the strange voice floating into his ears. on reflex he looked around him and he still couldn't see anyone. Asan moved a little bit closer towards the gem stone. At this point if Asan stretched his hand's he would be able to take the gem stone away.

Just as Asan was about to stretch out his hand. He heard the same voice that threatened him earlier.

"HUMAN!!! I've waited in this waste of a planet for 10,000yrs to get that stone! You dare take it away from me?! ROOOOAR!!!"

Asan quickly retracted his hand. His old face carried an alert expression on it. this was because he recognized that roar, it was the same as the big eyed monstrosity from the gorge.

He mused for a moment. his eyes had a strange glow in them before he shouted in a stuttering voice which could not hide his fear.

"Who.... are you?! What do you mean...you have been here for 10,000yrs! Are you the monster from the gorge?!"


Silence. There was no response to Asan's questions. A few breaths wort of time later. Asan heard the same voice again, but this time, what the voice said made Asan have a perplexed look on his face.

"Human scum!!!, you are not qualified to speak with this Ancestor!"

There was an obvious disdain that could not be hidden in the voice, like a Human speaking to an ant that was about to be crushed.

"Leave immediately and I'll spare your worthless life and that of your companions! Or else prepare for a fate more cruel than death!"

At this point Asan's heart skipped a beat. He could throw is life away for selfish gains but he was not the type of person to put those around him in danger for selfish motives.

Although he knew what was in front of him was a one of a kind treasure, there was no way he'll put his life and that of his crew members up to obtain it.

"I'll leave. Just don't do anything to my crew members. This has nothing to do with them. Do I have your word you will spare them?!"

Asan shouted towards the direction of the exit Off the massive room towards the gorge.

"Human! You dare give me terms?! Get the hell out of there! if you still want to keep your dog life and that of your people, you better do it before i change my mind!"

Asan was becoming a little bit irritated by the monster's constant abuses. He could only take it on the chin and leave immediately as instructed.

Asan took one last glance at the Pearl-white gem. He gave a soft sign of regret. He then turned around to leave the tower.

"Human Hurry! Move away from the gem!"

The monster's voice kept ringing in Asan's head. At this point Asan was pretty annoyed. He kept murmuring to himself.

"Is this monster blind or something? Can't it see I'm moving already."

With the monster's impatient reminder Asan quickened his pace towards the tower exit. Just as Asan got to the staircase leading down the tower, he heard a series of loud earth shattering explosions.

It was as if two powerful forces collided against each other. Asan was startled from the explosions and his face turned ugly. He thought in his heart if the tower was going to be destroyed like the raised platforms platforms in the gorge.

He felt the rumbling was getting more intense than the previous one he experienced in the gorge. He could not afford to waste anymore time he thought.

Asan dashed towards the staircase like a wild animal.


A few minutes earlier.

within the gorge. There was a series of intense explosions. With flashing lights everywhere. if one were to look closely, they would see a white light assaulting a gigantic monster.

this monster had the head of a lion, the body of a bear and it had two tails which were bizarre venomous snakes. This monster had a somewhat flaming body. As it was possible to see flames on its body.It was also gigantic in size, with large Battle scars all over its body.

Due to the intensity of the white light, it was not possible to see what was in it.

"Allomo! I've waited 10,000yrs to be the master of the white gem. I followed you and that bastard from The world of realms to this barren land and you still deny me. The seal Martial emperor Tang placed 10,000yrs ago is weakened already. I don't believe you won't yield to me today"

The monster spoke towards the white light. the moment he finished speaking he shot out a mouthful of magma for its mouth towards the light. The white light quickly dodged the incoming attack and spoke towards the monster.

"Monster king Mo', you are not fated with the white gemstone. Emperor tang sealed it away from you for good reason. Give up and return to your realm. No one asked you to stay here for 10,000yrs. Don't say I did not give you face if you continue to linger here!"

A gentle ethereal voice could be heard within the gorge, this was a voice that was neither female or male but was soothing to the soul of any being.

"hahahaha... A mere spirit dares threaten I king Mo'...hahahaha... I want to see the skills that will make me return to the Enka's pass!"

The monster suddenly condensed a flaming rod in one of its paws and lunched it towards the white light. The two venomous tails also spat out a reddish like liquid which had a frightening temperature. it was no exaggeration to say it could turn all metals on earth into liquid instantly. With such a vicious attack heading its way, there was suddenly a series of rumbling sounds like rolling thunder in the sky coming from the white light.

More than 5 lightning snakes shot out from the white light towards the reddish like liquid. There was a series of ear deafening explosions.

The snakes were disintegrated instantly by the reddish like liquid but the liquid was also neutralize by the lightning snakes. The flaming rod on king Mo's paw was traveling at a frightening speed towards the white light. All of sudden there was another set of lightning snakes sent toward the flaming rod.

The flaming rod destroyed all the lightning snakes instantly, like hot knife going through butter. The speed of the rod did not reduce for a second. With its initial attack failing. The intensity of the white light increased greatly almost to a eye blinding point. With a slight rumbling sound a huge lightning curtain was projected in front of the white light. The lightning curtain shot out a barrage of lightning snakes toward the flaming rod.

There was a series of loud explosions as the lightning snakes came in contact with flaming rod. The flaming rod had an edge over the lightning snakes, as it continued to destroy them but the speed of the rod had greatly reduced because of the lightning snakes barrage. The lightning curtain glowed with greater intensity than before. It suddenly projected a massive 10ft long two headed lightning snake towards the flaming rod.

With the sound of something breaking the flaming rod was broken into two and destroyed by the remaining smaller snakes. The 10ft long lightning snake and the other lightning snakes shot towards king Mo'.

King Mo' snorted in the face of the lightning snakes attack.

"Allomo, with this level of skill. you dare fight against me! if it was 10,000yrs ago when you were at your peak with that old bastard maybe I would have been afraid of you. Receive my attack!"

There was a clear disdain in king Mo's voice towards the lightning snakes attack.

"Yama's inferno!!!"

With the sudden shout of king Mo' the two venomous snake tails swelled to about 10 times their normal size, they suddenly released black-red liquid continuously from their mouths. It was almost like they were vomiting a river. the moment all the liquid was released. A terrifying heat wave spread all over the gorge so much so that it even traveled through the tunnel towards Asan's crew members back in the Iluminaçào tribe ancient grounds.

The heat wave destroyed all of the lightning snakes instantly. Surprisingly king Mo' had a strange flame flickering in this eyes. Suddenly king Mo' sensed something, he could not help but murmur to himself.

"That damned human as gotten close to the gem stone. The piece of soul flame I placed on him as been activated. How dare a human scum try to steal from me. I won't be able to leave here right now. Its better to talk to him through the soul flame."

"Allomo, you know what will happen if I ignite my essence liquid with my soul flame, this space will be totally destroyed and you will never be able to get another successor nor enter the world of realms!"

King Mo' shouted towards the white light.

"King Mo' what are you trying to do? If you destroy this space, both of us will be trapped here or likely destroyed with it."

The ethereal voice sounded out again. it spoke in a manner that was neither slow or hurried, there was no anxiousness in the voice in the face of the obvious threat from king Mo'.

"Allomo give me the white gem stone and I won't have to destroy this place. You don't have to worry about me. If I dared to enter this place I can surely leave whenever I want. kekeke.... Are you going to hand over the stone or not?!"

The white light called Allomo was silent and did not respond to king Mo'.

All of a sudden it felt something strange.

"The human is in the tower. Why does it look like he is about to leave? Strange. he is the first human not to go insane after coming in contact with the gemstone, was he the one Tang spoke of in his vision then? Huh.?! Soul flame in the tower. king Mo's soul flame, oh no this is bad"

While king Mo' was still waiting for a response he suddenly saw the glow of the lightning curtain becoming dimmer and dimmer. There was a wild joy in king Mo's eyes. He thought the white light had given in into his demands.

"hahahaha... Allomo you made the right choice. hahahaha... Ehn?!"

King Mo's hearty laughter was cut off when he realized the lightning curtain which was originally glowing dimmer suddenly give out a blinding glow.

The ethereal voice was heard again.

"Lightning emperor seal condense"

With that, the white light shot out of the gorge towards the tower in the massive room at breakneck speed. King Mo' who quickly came to his senses roared towards the fleeing white light.


guessing the intentions of the white light, king Mo' became furious at its actions.


With the shout from King Mo'. The strange flame flickering in his eyes shot straight into the black-red liquid. At the other end the lightning curtain had sealed the gorge and it shot out barrage upon barrage of giant lightning snakes towards King Mo'.

As the flame touched the liquid there was an instant chain reaction resulting in a massive explosion, which shot towards the lightning curtain. When the two earth shattering attacks collided there was a one second silence before an earth shattering explosion was heard.
Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:41pm On Jul 07, 2018
Chapter 5 - Am I Dead?


Back in the tower Asan was still racing frantically down the staircase. The tower was rumbling violently at this point. As if it could collapse at any minute. Asan's face was filled with cold sweat, he could not help but murmur to himself.

"Am I going to die here? What the hell is happening outside? I've to get out of here quickly."

As Asan was murmuring to himself. He saw the intense white light that 'helped' him from gorge shooting upwards towards him from the bottom of the tower. They were practically heading for a head-on collision.

Asan was perplexed on what to do, if he kept on going down he would definitely collide with the white light. With its unknown origin, Asan did not want to take that chance. If he decides to go back up, he would probably disappear along with the tower. Asan gritted is teeth and shouted in a determined voice towards the white light

"I did not take the gem stone. Please let me leave, I do not want any trouble!"


All Asan could hear was silence. Asan did not know whether to laugh or cry, he felt he was going crazy talking to a glow of light. While Asan was pondering his sanity. He did not dare slow down in descending the tower, if he was going to die he would rather go down fighting than letting something else control his fate.

While Asan was still pondering in his heart. He heard an ethereal voice projected behind his ears.

"Its too late to leave. If you wish to live. Stop and follow me to the top of the tower right now!"

Asan was startled as he heard the ethereal Voice which sounded like angels singing hymns in his ears. with his 60yrs worth of life experience, he had never heard something so beautiful.

while Asan was still drunk in his thoughts, he suddenly heard a loud roar.

"Allomo you forced me to do this!"


Immediately there was an earth shattering explosion coming from the gorge.

"What the hell is happening?! Why did I have to come to this insane place"

Asan could not help but curse at his terrible luck. The temperature in the tower was increasing at an alarming rate.

"What an air head. If he destroys this space, he'll probably lose a lot of His core flame essence. king Mo' is actually willing to drop down a level?! Human stop running let me take you to the gem stone!"

The ethereal voice sounded again behind Asan's ears. Just as he was about to reply the voice, he lost control of his body and a white glow shot into his body. Asan saw his body move at speed that was impossible for any living thing on earth with a loud explosion, his body shot up the staircase towards the tower peak.


Within the massive room a terrifying heat wave was sweeping everything in its sight. all the precious jewels and artifacts were turned to dust instantly not leaving even scrap metal behind.

The gorge outside of the massive room was already like a raging inferno. If one were to call it the depths of hell they would not be far off. If one were to look closely they would realize the space surrounding the gorge and tunnel was already distorted almost like it could collapse at any moment.


Back at the tower, Asan was back in the gem room, though his body was been controlled by the white light, he could still see everything happening around him. From the top of the tower he saw a strange wave rushing wildly towards the tower destroying everything in its path.

The fear in his eyes could not be hidden in the slightest bit, he suddenly felt he could control his body. He suddenly heard the ethereal voice again.

"Human quickly grab the gem stone. Whether we survive or not depends on you. We do not have a lot of time hurry up!"

Asan realized the white light that shot into his body was now floating above the gem stone almost as if it was a spirit. Asan quickly spoke to the white light.

"What of my companions back in the ancient grounds?! What will happen to them?! Do you expect me to let them die?!"

Asan voiced his feelings towards the spirit like light.

"Human if you want to have a chance to save your companions, I'll advice you to stop wasting time and remove the gem from the top of the urn! If you delay any longer forget about your companions, you'll will probably have a fate worse than death installed for you!"

The ethereal voice was heard again. there were signs of hesitation on Asan's face. just as he was about to speak. The ethereal voice spoke again hurriedly this time.

" Human! Enough of your nonsense. If you want to leave this place alive and save your companions, move quickly and pick up the gem NOW!"

With the impatient voice of the spirit like light, Asan calmed himself down. He knew he did not have any other choice at the moment. His two choices were to leave the gem alone and die or pick up the gem and he could be saved.

Hardly any human will choose death when there was a possibility of life. With all of his thoughts sorted out, Asan gritted is teeth and shouted.

"If I die so be it, but I won't let my indecision cost my crew members their lives!"

With the shout still ringing in his ears, Asan picked up the white gem.

Just as Asan picked up the gem, a terrifying heat wave assaulted the 50ft tower and it instantly exploded and turned into dust. Not leaving anything behind. Within the heat wave it was possible to see a gigantic pair of crimson eyes, the fury within it could not be hidden, there was suddenly a loud mad grieving howl in the massive room.

"10,000yrs down the drain, I king Mo' will not rest until I destroy you. Human! Since you dare steal from this king I shall hunt you down throughout the realms! DAMMIT!!!!!!"

King Mo' could not hide his fury upon seeing the tower turning into dust, as an apex ancestor he knew his power was not enough to crush the white gem stone into dust. The only logical conclusion was that it was no longer in the massive room.

"This space won't last any longer, time to go back to Enka's pass, I've been gone for too long."

King Mo' suddenly spat out a brownish crystal which looked like it had eyes all over it, he suddenly shouted.

"Soul Sacrifice! Return!"

There was suddenly a strong wind blowing in the massive room, suddenly there was a huge tear in space right where the brown crystal was placed.

"Human this grudge will be settled in the world of realms. If I don't wash the realms with your blood, I won't be called king Mo'."

The moment king Mo' finished his statement, he jumped straight into the tear in space. The moment he entered the space closed immediately and the heat wave in the massive room also disappeared instantly.


In the ancient grounds of the Iluminaçào tribe, the moon was hanging brightly in the night sky as members of Asan's crew just set up camp. There were 4 different medium sized tents neatly constructed. A few meters away form the tents, was a camp fire blazing in moon light. it had been 4 hours since Asan went into the underground tunnel and there had not been any contact from him.

Asan's crew members were obviously not too worried about him, because this was not a first time occurrence with him, on different occasions he could disappear for days before reemerging, it could be said they were used to his solo act.

There was a joyous mood in the camp ground as all the crew members hurled around the blazing camp fire. it was truly a beautiful starry night, the joy of making a major discovery also added to the positive vibes in the camp ground.

"jimmy how long do you think the boss will be gone this time around?"

Suddenly a tall muscular man, who looked like a mercenary, suddenly ask Jimmy a question.

jimmy was the one who discovered the underground tunnel Asan went into, jimmy was a skinny looking Englishman, he had a slightly pale skin and a pair of triangle eyes that gave him a shady looking aura. If someone was not closely associated with him, they would probably think he was a 'douchebag kinda guy'. Contrary to his looks he was actually one of Asan's long time assistants.

"Oscar right? The boss will probably be back before midnight, you're missing him already?"

Jimmy replied the tall muscular man named Oscar.

"Hehehehe.. you never know what can happen hehehe.....huh!"

While Oscar was still laughing he suddenly felt the temperature getting higher and higher, other members of the crew also noticed the sudden spike in the temperature and were all perplexed as to what was happening.

An eagle eyed crew member suddenly noticed that the source of the heatwave was from the underground tunnel Asan went into. He suddenly shouted.

"Its the tunnel everyone stay back! Move quickly!"

With the sudden shout all members of the crew quickly threw their gaze towards the underground tunnel, they could not help but swallow a mouthful of Saliva. After moving to a safe distance, a crew member suddenly shouted.

"What about the boss?! Do we leave him there?!"

Everyone was silent, they could not do anything for the boss, such a terrible heat wave would be more intense within the tunnel compared with the residual wave coming out of the tunnel. While everyone was still silent jimmy suddenly shouted as he noticed the earth around the underground tunnel became scorched red almost like a volcano ready to erupt.

There was an intense rumbling in the Iluminaçào tribe ancient grounds, at this point most of the crew members were fleeing for their dear lives. Some were petrified from fear that they could not move their limbs. a few crew members even pissed themselves a little bit.

The rumbling got more intense by the minute, at this point every member of the Asan's crew knew there was no hope for them to survive. Just as everyone of them was expecting a loud explosion, the heat wave suddenly disappeared, the underground tunnel also disappeared like it was never there.

Still in his state of freight jimmy suddenly asked " Am I dead?"
Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 12:44pm On Jul 07, 2018
Chapter 6 - Bridge Between Worlds


Right after Asan picked up the white gem. He felt light headed, it was like the room was spinning. There was suddenly a tear in space and Asan was sucked into a portal like vortex.

"What the hell is happening?! Hey!!! Talk to me, what's happening where am I going?!"

Asan shouted towards the gem on his palm.


There was silence in the vortex, all that could be heard was a loud wheezing sound.

"Playing deaf! If you do not answer me in the next 3 seconds I'll dump you in this vortex!"


"One.... Two..... Thre.."

Just as Asan was about to call the last number, he heard a gentle voice floating into his ears

"Please don't be rash! I'm using my powers to keep you safe in this vortex, if you dare let go, you will be torn to shreds in seconds!"

Asan swallowed a mouthful of Saliva. If he had let go of the gem stone, he would not even know how he died.

"You promised to save my crew members! Did you lie to me?! Or did you use me to flee from that monster?! Where are we going to?!"

Immediately Asan asked the questions weighing heavily on his heart.

"your companions are safe, none of them lost their lives. I also saved your life, but unfortunately you cannot return to your world. The bridge connecting your world to the temporal space was destroyed by king Mo'. Our only option is to go to the world of realms."

The ethereal voice projected itself again behind Asan's ears. When Asan heard his crew members were safe, he sighed in relief but when he heard the latter part of the statement, his face became ugly immediately.

"What bridge are you talking out? I didn't sign up for any of this, explain it in details, I don't understand what you mean!"

Asan kept on shouting towards the gem stone. It was really difficult hearing anything through the whizzing sound in the vortex. Asan was totally confused. Traveling to a new world might seem exciting to a lot of people but not everyone could just pack up and abandon 60yrs worth of memories, relationships and achievements.

"We have a long journey ahead of us. I'll use this time to explain everything to you".

The ethereal voice sounded behind his ears.

Asan slightly nodded his head towards what the gem stone said. He wanted to know the full details of what he had gotten himself Into.

"The moment you entered into the underground tunnel, you left your world and entered the temporal space of emperor Tang. Time flows differently in the temporal space compared to your world. The tunnel was the bridge that connected your world to the temporal space. Do you think its possible for you to travel for more than 7 days with your strength alone. Don't you find it funny you traveled for days without any of your companions coming in to search for you. While you traveled for days in the tunnel, it was merely hours since you stepped into the tunnel in your world. The moment you climbed on top of the raised platforms you were making your way into the burial grounds of Emperor Tang."

Asan's face continued to charge into different expressions as he heard the content of what the ethereal voice was saying.

"Do you remember the strange aura that locked you in place when you got to the twenty third platform?"

Asan quietly nodded his head in confirmation.

"That was a soul lock put in place by Emperor Tang to prevent people with evil intentions from getting into his burial ground to claim the gem stone."

Asan was startled when he heard his soul was locked because he had evil intentions towards the Pearl white gem stone.

"I did not know there was a gem stone hidden in that massive room. How would I have evil intentions towards something I know nothing of?!"

Asan could not help but reply the ethereal voice previous statement.

"Its true you had zero intentions towards the gem stone due to your ignorance of its existence, but king Mo' placed a piece of his soul flame on you, while you were fleeing from him. He probably used this piece of soul flame to track your movements and if my guess is correct, he also talked to you with it".

A sudden realization dawned on Asan, he now realized why he could hear the monster's voice clearly in his head but yet could not see it.

"It was really a clever trick by king Mo' to by pass the weakened soul lock placed by Emperor Tang. He chased after you to draw my attention. The moment he sensed my aura, he deactivated the soul flame he kept in your body. This was to trick the soul lock into letting you pass safely. Do you think with your level of strength you could actually flee from king Mo'?"

The ethereal voice paused at this moment.

Asan's face had an ugly expression written all over it. His life was not even under his own control and he never knew.

"You can be said to be a person with great luck. If you had come a day or two late, you would have probably died from the temporal space collapsing. Given more time king Mo' would have used your as a blood sacrifice to enter the burial grounds. That was the major reason for the soul flame planted in your body".

Asan still had an ugly expression when he suddenly asked.

"Can you remove the soul flame from my body?!"

Asan was really anxious as he asked.

"I'm sorry, that would not be possible with my powers greatly diminished from the previous fight with king Mo'. Creating this transport vortex also used a lot of essence energy. I won't be able to purge the soul flame from your body."

At this point Asan's heart sunk, was he going to live the rest of his life as a potential sacrifice. While he was still recovering from the shock of his new 'status', the ethereal voice suddenly said something that made Asan's heart leap with joy.

"Although I cannot purge the soul flame from your body right now. It would be possible for you to purge it and not be marked king Mo' when my essence energy recovers a bit. Do not ask me to explain further. Before we get to the world of realms, your soul will be free of all worries".

"I don't care what method you use, as long as I am not someone's sacrificial lamb, I am ok with it!"

There was a slight joy in Asan's voice. He had been given a way out from a very dangerous situation, he would obviously grab it with both hands.

"I heard king Mo' call you Allomo, is that your name?! What exactly are you?! I've never heard of a talking gem stone!"

Asan suddenly remembered a very basic and obvious question he should have asked initially.

"My name is Allomo. I am the spirit of the white gem stone also known as the lightning Essence stone."

The ethereal voice sounded out again.

"Lightning Essence stone?! Spirit of a gem stone?!"

Asan was really confused at what Allomo said.

"How does a gem stone form a spirit? What do you mean by the lightning Essence stone?!"

Asan was really confused at what Allomo said.

"How does a gem stone form a spirit? What do you mean by the lightning Essence stone?!"

"You need not bother about my identity for now. You have been chosen as the fifth owner of the lightning Essence stone. When you merge with the stone, you will inherit all the memories of your predecessors to help you in your conquest of the realms. we have almost arrived at our destination. I'll have to put you to sleep to purge king Mo's soul flame from your body. Don't worry by the time you wake up, you will understand everything."

Allomo coolly said towards Asan.

"Wait I still have more q....."

Just as Asan was about to ask question. The pearl-white gem in his hand shot straight into his body and knocked him out immediately.

The whizzing sound in the vortex got louder and louder. All of a sudden there was a huge explosion.

The vortex disappeared immediately.

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Chapter 7 - Divine Eagle Sect.


On a secluded mountain range in the outskirts of the Ma capital city. Four black cloaked individuals could be seen standing on a barren patch of land. If one was to look closely they would see a faint black glow radiating all over their bodies.

The common feature among all these individuals was that they had a white colored skull attached to their robes. Neither their faces nor skin could be seen, as they each wore a strange pitch black mask. Each of them also wore a silky like white gloves. Their outer appearance gave them a rather eerie feel.

"Mmmmmh. What a poor kid. I wonder want he did to offend the Ojo clan of the fourth realm. Kekeke."

One of the black clocked individual suddenly spoke in an hoarse aged voice.

Though his statement sounded like he had pity for his victim. His emotionless voice showed he had zero pity for the young man that was lying in a bloody pool in front of him.

"Kekekeke. Team leader are you growing a heart or something? Who cares what he did to offend those tyrant blood suckers. Our job was to kill him and we have completed our mission. I can't wait to get out of this waste of a realm. kekeke. How do they survive with such a small amount of essence energy?"

The black cloaked individual who talked after the 'team leader' could not hide how impatient he was to leave the place he called a wasted realm.

"Alright. We'll get out of here soon. Since, the target was already crippled by the Ojo clan, all we had to do was finish him off. Yu!, you know what to do right?"

Suddenly the team leader looked towards the shortest person in their group.

The person called Yu nodded slightly. Without saying any nonsense, He/she quietly walked towards the corpse on the ground. The strangest thing was that as he/she passed over the soil surface, the earth began to emit a strange purple glow.,almost as if the earth was being poisoned.

The moment he/she got in front of the corpse a strange black glow shot out from his/her feet towards the face of the corpse instantly, the face of the corpse was disfigured completely.

It was a horrifying scene for anybody to observe. The moment the face of the copse was disfigured, the team leader gave some instructions.

"Everyone the mission is successful. let's rendezvous at our headquarters. Scatter!"

The moment the team leader's voice faded, the four black cloaked individuals had totally disappeared. Almost as if they were never there in the first place. All that could be seen was a corpse with a mangled face.


A few minutes after the disappearance of the black cloaked individuals. There was a sudden rumbling of thunder in the sky. If one was to take a closer look they would discover there was a tear in the sky and a vortex launched a dazzling white light out of it.

The white light left the vortex in a breakneck speed. It shot towards the corpse in the mountain range in a hesitating manner.

A loud explosion was suddenly heard. The vortex was destroyed instantly.

The mountain range became quiet again, but if one listened closely they could here a slight thumping sound, like the sound of a beating heart.


In the outskirts of the Ma capital city. A group of young boys and girls were walking towards a secluded mountain range. In front of them were two middle aged men and an elderly woman. They were clearly the leaders for this young group of boys and girls.

Looking at the elderly woman's wrinkled face, there were strange black patches on her face almost as if she was suffering from a deadly poison. She had a pair of sharp eagle like eyes which gave people the feeling she could see everything about them. She had a fairly ugly looking face. She gave off an aura that was comforting to the people around her.

The middle aged man to her left, who had a small chewing stick in his mouth, had a fairly handsome face. With a slight goatee hanging on his chin, he had a very fair skin tone which betrayed his age. One would probably think he was a man in this late twenties. Looking at his lazy set of eyes, it gave a feeling of a man who was bored of everything around him. He gave off an aura that made people forget about his existence.

The middle aged man to her right, had an expressionless face. He had a slightly pale skin which was emitting a fairly strong medicinal fragrance. He had a well chiseled face with no facial hair. He was not handsome neither was he ugly, but he carried an aura of superiority that would make anyone give him more than a second glance.

They wore each wore a long white daoist robe, which had a special eagle like engravings on the tip of the sleeves. On their chest region was an eagle insignia. Showing that they all belonged to the same faction.

Looking at the faces of these children, it was easy to determine there were all under 13yrs of age. their young faces were brimming with excitement and expectation.

This was because they were chosen out of hundreds of thousands in the Ma capital city to be the new servant disciples of the Divine Eagle Sect.

Although, they were mainly being recruited as servant disciples. Their position was not to be looked down upon, their talents was among the very best in the hundreds of thousands of young boys and girls from commoner families in the Ma capital.

Though, they were servant disciples at the moment. They knew it could be a temporary status, because if they worked hard in their cultivation of the realms, they knew they could
have a leap in status and join the ranks of outer Sect. disciples of the Divine Eagle Sect.

With many of them having this train of thought. Being young boys and girls, they could not hide the excitement they felt for their potential glorious future.

The faces they used in looking at the two middle aged men and elderly woman was filled with reverence. Like a man meeting his/her god.

The group of people had been traveling for about 3 days. The journey from the Ma capital city to the Divine Eagle Sect was a fairly long journey that took almost 3 months.

It was a journey that would require them to use various means of transportation.

They departed with carriages from the capital city but they had to abandon them when they got to the foot of the 'Deathly Mountain Range'.

As the group continued on their journey, they suddenly heard a loud explosion coming from the sky. On reflex every member of the group raised their heads towards sky.

They were all shocked to see a tear in space. It was almost as if someone ripped the surface of the sky into two.

Being young boys and girls, they could not help but cry out in fear. This was the first time they had seen something so shocking.

The faces of the two middle aged men and elderly woman changed immediately. A tear in space, that was something only possible for experts with god-like cultivation bases.

"All new recruits. Remain where you are! Do not wonder about! Everyone of you shut the hell up!"

The elderly woman roared towards the new recruits, who were still panicking.

There was a strange green glow radiating from her body, which calmed all the young group of recruits.

"Supervisor Ji, Supervisor Mu, what do you think is going on?"

The elderly woman spoke towards the middle aged men.

The fairly handsome man was the one she referred to as Supervisor Ji, while the chiseled faced man was Supervisor Mu.

"Elder Chen, maybe some strong experts from other realms are in the Deathly Mountain range , but i can't feel any energy undulations from them, strange"

The fairly handsome man spoke towards the elderly woman who he referred to as Elder Chen.

"Elder Chen, why don't I and Ji Ning go and observe the situation? Even if there are strong experts from the other realms in the mountain pass, they will have to give us face when they see we are from the Divine Eagle Sect."

Supervisor Mu suggested towards Elder Chen.

Elder Chen slightly nodded her head. Instantly both men disappeared into thin air, to the amazement of the young boys and girls.

Both men dashed through the mountain range in a speed that made them looked like ghosts, all that could be seen was their afterimages.

As they got deeper into the mountain the wind carried a huge stench of blood towards their nose, immediately both men stopped in their tracks, looked at each other and nodded knowingly.

In that instant. They disappeared and reemerged on a barren piece of land.

In front of them was a huge pool of blood, which carried a nauseating stench. A young boy in blue robes which were dyed blood red was lying in the pool of blood.
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Chapter 8 - Ten Years Old again

"What an unfortunate kid, who the hell beats up a kid like this? There does not seem to be any sign of a battle or residual energy undulations in the area."

Supervisor Mu could not hold back the shock in his heart on seeing the grotesque scene in front of him.

"Mmmmh. Its really strange. I can feel a faint heartbeat coming from him, what a tough bastard, most people would be dead from such excessive blood loss."

Supervisor Ji replied in an unconcerned manner.

For strong experts who had soaked their hands in blood seeing dead/mangled bodies no longer had an effect on them even when it was that of a young child.

Both men cautiously went closer towards the young man lying in his own pool of blood. They could not put down their guards because they were in the renowned 'Deathly Mountain range' of the Ma Empire.

So many experts had lost their lives due to their carelessness while crossing the mountain pass. There were wild magical beasts and bandits who preyed on unsuspecting people traveling through the mountain range.

As they got closer to the young man, both men suddenly felt a strange energy undulation coming from his Dantian.

As soon at it appeared it also disappeared in a bizarre manner.

There was a strange glow in the lazy eyes of the fairly handsome man that was not noticeable. He dashed towards the bloodied young boy placed his hands on the Dantian of the young boy.

He suddenly released a green glow from his hand into the young boy's Dantian. A flickering glow of expectation could be seen in his eyes.

Just as it appeared it turn back into his default set of lazy eyes. Only this time there was a hint of hidden disdain. He lazily retracted his hand from the young boy's Dantian.

"How did it go?"

Supervisor Mu, who was standing by the side as he watched Supervisor Ji's actions. suddenly asked, there was a hint of expectation in his voice also.

"Mortally wounded. Crippled beyond redemption and will probably die in two or three hours. The skin on his face looks like it was ripped off and reformed recently. it is really strange."

Supervisor Ji replied in a lazy voice.

Supervisor Mu's face changed also when he heard the assessment. There was also a hint of disdain in his eyes which was not easily noticeable.

"What do we do with this trash?"

Supervisor Ji asked lazily.


There was no response from supervisor Mu as he could not be bothered with a 'dying crippled trash'.

"Leave him there. Its not our business what happened or happens to him. We have surveyed the area. There does not seem to be anything out of place, let's go back."

Supervisor Ji nodded his head in approval.

In the next instant they disappeared from the barren patch of land, leaving the bloodied youth to his fate.


Unknown to supervisor Mu and Ji, the young boy who they thought was unconscious, could hear every single word from their conversation.

His heart could not help but turn cold at the inhumane remarks from both men.

A few minutes later he lost consciousness.


30 minutes after supervisor Mu and Ji disappeared from the Divine Eagle Sect recruitment group.

They suddenly returned before Elder Chen and the excited group of young children.

"How was it? Did you find experts from the other realm's?"

Elder Chen said in a voice that was neither loud nor low, but was heard clearly by both men.

"Reporting to Elder Chen. we found no activity in our search of the area. We do not seem to be in any form of danger. We scouted further down our route, there was no signs of magical beasts or bandits."

The chiseled faced supervisor Mu coolly said.

Elder Chen slightly frowned her wrinkled old face as she mused for a moment. Wondering why there was such a sudden tear in the sky. She suddenly smelled a faint odor of blood coming from supervisor Mu and Ji. The frown on her face got uglier as she asked in a stern voice.

"Why do you two have the scent of blood? I thought you said you did not encounter anybody?"

When supervisor Mu and Ji noticed the frown on Elder Chen's face. Knowing her character, they quickly explained what happened in the barren patch of land.

"What an unfortunate little fellow. Quickly Ji Ning bring me so to where you found him. He could yet be saved."

Elder Chen said, a hint of compassion could be heard in her voice.

Both supervisors were startled when they heard what Elder Chen said.

"Elder Chen, there is no need to save him. he will probably die in less than one hour, even if he could be saved, he would only be a useless baggage to us. We cannot waste our time on him. We still have a long journey ahead of us".

The chiseled faced supervisor Mu said.

Supervision Ji by side also nodded his head in approval.

"I know what I am doing. Bring me over quickly! I won't say anymore on this matter."

Elder Chen coolly said, with a frown on her face. She gave supervisor Mu no chance to retort with her last statement.

When supervisor Mu saw the frown on Elder Chen's face, he quickly swallowed the words he wanted to say and could only give a helpless smile towards Elder Chen.

Elder Chen and Supervisor Ji immediately disappeared leaving behind the smiling Supervisor Mu and the stunned disciples. Some of the disciples could not contain the curiosity in their hearts as they began to converse among themselves.

"Did you see that, OMG!!! When will I be able to move like that? hehehe maybe before I turn twenty I would be able to move that fast."

"With your level of talent? Maybe when pigs fly."

"Do you know where they are going to? Supervisor Mu and Ji disappeared earlier also."

"I think it has to do with that strange tear in the sky, I heard from my cousin that only god-beings are able to tear a space in the sky."

"god-being?!!! Aren't those legendary existence?!! What will an existence of that nature be looking for in the 'Deathly mountain range?"

"How would I know?"

"I don't believe it was a god-being, did you not notice that there was no residual essence energy from the tear."

"That's true. I was so scared I did not even observe properly, but that does not explain why Elder Chen and supervisor Ji moved out."

"I'm not sure too but I think I overheard the words 'bloody', 'blue' and 'boy' when they were discussing earlier."

"OMG!!! I can't believe they found a bloody blue boy!"

"Huh? Bloody blue boy? What the hell is that?"

"I don't know, I just thought it sounded terrifying"


silence was the response from the other children.

While the young children were still talking among themselves.

Two figures instantly appeared, one of them was the lazy eyed supervisor Ji, while the other was obviously Elder Chen, but strangely on Elder Chen's back was a young boy of about 10yrs old wearing a blue robe dyed with blood.

His body was covered with so much blood, that it was difficult to determine his facial features.

All the young boys and girls were surprised to see so much blood on a young boy. It was as if he bathed him self with blood.

The bloody smell also made the group of inexperienced children extremely nauseous.

"Everyone! We have to cross the mountain pass before nightfall! We cannot afford to set up camp here! Everyone move out!"

Elder Chen suddenly shouted towards the young children.

"YES!!! Elder Chen!!!"

There was harmonious response from all the children and they set off on their journey.

If it was back on earth one might think it was cruel to have children under the age of 13 walk in such a dangerous mountain range, but that was not the case in the World of Realms.

Here people start practicing how to control their essence power from the age of 4. This power changes their body constitution greatly compared to the people of earth. A random 10yr old from the World of Realms with essence energy was in a better physical condition than the best athlete on earth.


A few hours after the people of the Divine Eagle Sect left.

Another tear in the sky occurred. This time a body was thrown out of it at an incredible speed. Immediately after the body was thrown out of the tear, the sky went back to normal.

The body that was thrown out of the tear in the sky landed heavily on the ground, while producing a booming sound. The body laid on the cold hard earth in a lifeless manner. Looking closely there was a strange flame flickering on the chest region of the body.

The moment the body landed on the ground, a group of monsters appeared and surround the lifeless body on the ground.

"This is the target the ancestor asked us to bring back, I can feel the ancestor's soul flame in the body of this human. Wasn't he suppose to be alive? I can't feel the presence of the lightning energy stone too."

A white tiger with a large horn on its head suddenly spoke.

"Whatever, We'll take him back to Enka's pass. move out!"

There was a series of roars in confirmation of the white tiger's orders.

A gorilla like beast picked up the human body on the ground and dash into the mountain range. Disappearing into the night.

If one was to look closely they would discover the body being carried was the one of Olapa Asan.

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Chapter 9 - 3 YEARS!!!

"Human! Wake up! Wake up! I don't have much time!"

An anxious ethereal voice could be heard in a massive beautiful space. There was neither the earth nor the skies in this space, all that could be seen was cloud like objects floating in place.

On most of this cloud like objects, it was possible to see lightning sparks coming out from them. This made the space have a beautiful white color.

It would not be an exaggeration to say it was a dwelling place for Angels. Not a single blemish could be found in the space.

On one of the floating cloud like objects, there was something in a human shape lying down peacefully. It won't be far off if it was called a spirit body.

It was strangely transparent, but in the Dantian region there was a pearl-white gem stone floating quietly. There was a constant rumbling sound coming from the gem stone, accompanied by slight sparks of lightning.

The spirit body laid on the cloud like object as if it was free of all worldly worries.

This was what Allomo was trying to wake up. On taking a closer look the spirit body and a striking resemblance with Asan.

"Human! Wake up we do not have much time!"

The anxiety in the ethereal voice grew deeper. On a closer look the white light around Allomo was getting dimmer and dimmer almost as if it could go out at anytime.

This was due to the cloud like objects in the beautiful space. They were absorbing the light from Allomo to generate the lightning sparks on them.

A faint muttering voice could be heard in the room.

"Huh?... Where am I?... Did I finally die? I can't believe those bastards left me to die. Who abandons an injured old man? Allomo never said the journey would be this dangerous. I can't feel my legs or arms. I can't feel or see anything! What did that spirit do to me?!...."


A loud hellish voice was projected towards Asan, which woke him up from his muttering.

"Allomo! Is that you?!"

Asan quickly shouted when he heard the voice.

"Yes, it is me, listen carefully, I don't have much time left. I know you have a lot of questions. We successful entered the World of realms, but there were some complications."

"In the process of trying to remove the soul flame from your body, it suddenly made a mad dash towards your heart, it wanted to kill you since it felt threatened. In order to save your life I had to extract your soul from your body."

the ethereal voice said faintly.

"What!!! You extracted my soul!!! Won't I die anyways without a body?!"

Asan could not hold back his displeasure.

"Let me finish! If I had not extracted your soul, the soul flame would have definitely killed you! I gave you another chance at life. The moment we surfaced at the world of realms, I realized the soul flame was acting as a beacon to king Mo's followers."

"In order to trick them I delayed the arrival of your body by some hours, but due to the difficulty in suppressing the soul flame I was not able to control where the vortex would send us to."

At this point the ethereal voice was barely audible.

"We ended up arriving at a desolate mountain range. I saw the corpse of a young boy, who had recently died. I decided to implant your soul in his body. Although, he was mortally wounded I was able to heal the more life threatening injuries in his body. While healing his body I discovered he had a damaged Dantian."

"I had to divert my powers into healing the Dantian, because you can not afford to live as a cripple in this world. Although I healed some of his life threatening injuries. I knew it would only be enough for him to last 1-2 hours."

"Luckily for us, we encountered some sect members. though they initially abandoned you to your fate, you were lucky the one in charge of the group came to rescue you."

Asan remained quiet of the cloud like object as he continued to listen to Allomo.

"Human. My initial intentions was to guide you in your cultivation, but I've spent close to 90% of my powers on healing your Dantian. In the process of healing your Dantian I realized that it was not actually crippled but it was stolen. That is the previous owner of your body, had his Dantian stolen. In other words you do not have a Dantian. I had to sacrifice my soul essence to create a new Dantian for you but it won't be completed anytime soon. it would probably take 3 years."

Asan who was lying on the cloud like object did not know the importance of having a Dantian, this was the first time he had ever heard the term. He was not really worried about it, he even wondered why Allomo would spend all its power into creating something that was unnecessary.

Due to the massive loss of energy Allomo could not explain a lot of the important things to Asan.

Only if he knew that the logic from earth did not apply in the dog eat dog world called the World of Realms.

"Human. You will probably suffer a lot in this 3years but I promise you when your Dantian is completed no one would be comparable to you in the 6 realms. The Pearl-white gem stone will continue to merge with your soul. As your cultivation base increases, you will begin to inherit the memories of your predecessors."

Allomo's voice was extremely faint at this point, the light surrounding it was barely visible.

"You do not need to worry about essence cultivation methods and techniques. 3 years from now you would have access to them. Once I sleep I won't be able to wake up until you become a spirit-being, before I fall asleep. HUMAN!!!NEVER! EVER! MENTION THE EXISTENCE OF THE LIGHTNING ESSENCE STONE!!! IF YOU WANT TO LIVE DO NOT TELL ANYBODY ABOUT IT!"

At this point Allomo's voice was fading away.

"Allomo thank you for everything! I know I would I have died a thousand times over if not for you! My name is Asan! Remember it when you wake up!"

There was no response.

The white glowing light had totally vanished, all that remained was Asan in his spirit body lying in the beautiful space.


Asan suddenly heard a shout, his body shook violently the originally bright room was becoming darker and with a loud bang the beautiful space crumbled.


In a spacious room aboard a flying ark. Three men were standing behind an elderly woman. On a small bed was a young boy with bandages all over his body.

The elderly woman was Elder Chen, by her side was supervisor Mu and Ji. A third man of about 25yrs old, was also in the room. He had a very handsome face with a long flowing ink black hair on his head, his skin was silky smooth and rosy white. His eyes could bewitch those around him, he had the type of face that could make the heart of ladies beat frantically in anticipation.

Although he looked a little bit delicate and feminine, it could not hide his manly aura.

He wore a blue robe with an eagle insignia on his chest, showing he belonged to the same sect as Elder Chen and Co.

"Master do you think he will wake up? Its been a month since you brought him on the ark, yet there as been no changes in his condition. Do you need to waste so much effort on a cripple?"

The delicate looking man suddenly asked. The relationship between him and Elder Chen was that of a Master and Disciple.

Supervisor Mu and Ji on the side wore an expressionless face but they agreed with what the young man said in their hearts.

There was a hint of mockery in the gaze, they used in looking at the bandaged young man.

"Ma Li! Shut the hell up! Whatever I decide to do is none of your business. You are only here because you begged me you wanted to see my acupuncture techniques! If you dare make another sound, see how I throw you out myself!"

The delicate man called Ma Li gave a shallow smile towards Elder Chen and quietly shut his mouth.

With Ma Li shutting up. Elder Chen began to place a series of needles on the body of the young boy, if one looked closely there was a faint green glow on the tip of the needles.

This lasted for a few minutes before Elder Chen placed the last needle in the temple of the young man.

She suddenly slapped his Dantian region and a green force went into the space young boy's Dantian region.

Elder Chen roared


Immediately after the roar the young boy started to cough violently.
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Chapter 10 - Two Options

"Li quickly bring over the medicine. This is the most critical moment for him"

Elder Chen said softly to Ma Li.

Without wasting anytime, Ma Li passed a jar containing a green colored liquid over to Elder Chen. The fragrance from the green liquid had a soothing effect on those who inhaled it.

Elder Chen gently parted the lips of the young boy and poured a little bit of the green liquid down his throat. Only when she was sure the medicine had gone down his throat did she sigh in relief.

The young boy continued to cough, but this time it was not as violent as before. Obviously the medicine was taking effect in his body.

After a few bouts of gentle coughs, the young boy's body began to tremble. All the needles inserted in his body gave off a vibrating humming sound.

"Bring me an empty bowl!"

Elder Chen roared to the men in the room. The moment her voiced faded an empty bowl was placed on her wrinkled old hands.

The moment Elder Chen received the bowl. She placed it close to the vibrating needles on the young boy. She roared.


The moment her voice faded. A purple liquid gushed out from all the vibrating needles. It gave off a very pungent smell.

As the purple liquid continued to pour out. The skin of the young boy under the bandages began to change unnoticeable to the eyes of those in the room. From a very sickly pale shade to his original fair complexion.

"Poison Essence!"

The 3 men behind Elder Chen said with a slight frown on their face.

The face of Supervisor Mu changed immediately into a solemn one, as he suddenly came to a shocking realization.

"How did such a young boy come in contact with those freaks from the poison valley? You know the poison valley are a part of 'that' organization. Elder Chen you might have picked up something troublesome."

The faces of Supervisor Ji and Mu Li also changed greatly. This was because they suddenly understood the organization supervisor Mu was talking about.

The face of Elder Chen was also slightly ugly when she saw the 'poison essence'. She clearly understood what it meant.

She was also silent in the face of Supervisor Mu's remark.

The silence in the room was broken a few minutes later.

"Supervisor Mu, Supervisor Ji, I'll take responsibility for this young boy. Everyone one knows I've a personal grudge with the poison valley from back then. If I have a chance to screw them over, I surely will not let it go. I know you are scared of 'that' organization finding out about us saving their 'mark'. If we can get him to the Sect. they would not dare to act impudently."

Elder Chen said in a faint voice.

"Elder Chen, i understand your motivation for wanting to save him, but this is 'that' organization we are talking about. What would they not dare to do? Don't you....."

While Supervisor Mu was trying to persuade Elder Chen. He was suddenly cut off by the latter waving her hands at him.

"What part of I'll take responsibility don't you understand? Huh?"

Elder Chen said in stern displeased voice. As she looked at Supervisor Mu.

The former could only swallow back his words and nod his head quietly.

Seeing that Supervisor Mu and dropped the matter. Elder Chen swept her gaze towards Ji Ning and Ma Li. Looking at the penetrating gaze of Elder Chen, Ji Ning and Ma Li could only helplessly nod their heads.

While Elder Chen was discussing with the 3 men. The vibrating needles stopped their vibrations as the last drop of 'poison essence' was placed into the bowl.

The young boy on the small bed stopped trembling and a faint voice of a young boy could be heard.

"Water..... Please give me water".

When the young boy's voice sounded out in the room, Elder Chen who was intimidating the other men retracted are gaze and turned towards the young boy. She took a small jar of water from the bedside and poured it gently into the young boy's mouth. She said in a comforting voice.

"Young one, its going to be OK. here, have some more water. Just speak if there is anything you need".

She waved her and in a shooing manner towards the men in the room. They quickly understood her intentions, as they left the room.

There was no response from the young boy. He fell unconscious immediately after drinking the water.

Elder Chen let out a gentle sigh and took a seat close to the bed.


In a dark forest which had dense fogs which obscured the view of most people. There was a pitch black gigantic castle which had an insignia of a white skull on its surface.

There were pitch black clouds over the castle which gave a rumbling sound of thunder.

The shocking scene would make most people develop a 'Lilly liver'.

In a slightly lit room in the pitch black castle. There was a petite figure seating cross legged. The face of this person was covered with a pitch black mask, the figure wore a long robe which covered all his/her features.

The person suddenly trembled and muttered in a disbelieving tone.

"Impossible! Someone extracted my poison essence. The last time I used my poison essence was on that kid. How is this possible? Who forcefully extracted my poison essence? I have to let the team leader know about this".

Instantly the figure in the slightly lit room disappeared.

1 month later.

In the past month the young boy had drifted in and out of consciousness. He would only request for food and water before falling unconscious again. The bandages which were all over his body had been removed. The upper half of his body was naked with only his lower half cover.

The young boy had a delicate skin which was slightly white in complexion. This face carried the immature nature of his age. There was an ink black hair on his head, it was neither short nor long. His nose was slightly pointed with him having a beautifully shaped pink mouth.

He was a really handsome boy for his age. The only blemish on his body was a big scar on his chest, just where his heart is located. The scar on the young boy gave people a eerie feel when they looked at it.

Today, the young boy who was conscious for the first time in a while, was discussing with Elder Chen. Supervisor Mu and Ji were also present. Ma Li was present also because of Elder Chen.

"Young one, what is your name? What were you doing in the Deathly mountain range? What about your family? Who attacked you and why did they attack you?"

Elder Chen coolly said.

"Grandma, Thank you for saving me. I don't know what would have happened if not for you. My name is Asan, Olapa Asan, pardon me grandma, I can't remember why I was in the mountain range nor can I remember where i was headed. I can't remember who family members are also. I don't even know who attacked me or why they attacked me."

[A/N: The grandma used here is not the one between family members, but that showing respect towards the elderly]

The young boy respectfully said towards Elder Chen.

There was a frown on Supervisor Mu and Ji, this was also the same for Ma Li. With the latter mouthing off an inaudible curse.


There was a smile on Elder Chen's face as liked the respectful manner in which the young boy spoke towards her. She replied the young boy.

"Asan? Mmmnnnh what a strange name. Not very common. If you can't remember anything its ok.
I'm sure with time you will remember everything soon. As long as you are ok that's all that matters. Do you have any questions for me?"

Said the smiling Elder Chen.

The young boy mused for a moment before he spoke respectfully to Elder Chen again.

"Grandma, please where are we?What is the condition of my body? I don't know how to repay you for saving my life. I don't have anything right now, but I will surely remember and repay this favor."

Asan's voice was solemn as he made the last statement.

"A Fool that does not know his own limit."

Supervisor Mu suddenly said. There was an obvious ridicule in his voice and face.

"Kekeke... Maybe he will offer to be a lab rat for Elder Chen kekeke".

Supervisor Ji said in a mocking manner. Ma Li by the side had a face filled with ridicule towards Asan. Did he know who he was speaking to. What dog fart about repaying favors. It was like a funny joke to him.

When Asan heard the ridiculing words, he was at a loss, until he realized the voices sounded familiar. He suddenly realized that the voices were exactly the same with the men who left him to die back then.

There was suddenly a chill in Asan's heart. His young eyes also carried the same cold chill.

'SHUT THE HELL UP! Who gave you permission to speak on my behalf?! Get the hell out of here!"

Elder Chen roared. The laughing Supervisor duo, were startled from the sudden roar. They could only begrudgingly turn around to leave. Just as Supervisor Ji was about to turn around he saw the cold look in Asan's eyes.

His lazy eyes had a strange glow in them. He muttered in cold voice to himself.

"Just you wait....."

Supervisor Mu on the other hand did not see the cold look in Asan's eyes because of the angle in which he turned.

"Young one, you are aboard the Divine Eagle Sect flying ark. We are headed towards the Divine Eagle Sect. You were mortally wounded but luckily, most of you vital points were not damaged beyond repair"

"One major issue is the damage to your Dantian, I'm sorry to say you can no longer be a cultivator. You don't need to repay my favor for saving your life. All I'll tell you is that you have two options for you to choose from to decide your future."

As both Supervisors left the room. Elder Chen spoke to Asan in a sympathetic voice.

This was because she knew life was going to be very tough for this young boy from now on.

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Re: The 7 Realms by correctguy101(m): 11:02pm On Jul 09, 2018
I troway salute for you.
Please what's Daltian?
Nice job MrDojo, Please kip it coming

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Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 11:21am On Jul 10, 2018
I troway salute for you.

Please what's Daltian?

Nice job MrDojo, Please kip it coming

Thank you brother.

A Dantian can loosely be translated as an Energy Field.

It is usually found in the region below the belly.

Think of it as a container where energy is stored for later use.

For a better understanding please follow this link. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dantian
Re: The 7 Realms by correctguy101(m): 4:52pm On Jul 10, 2018

Thank you brother.

A Dantian can loosely be translated as an Energy Field.

It is usually found in the region below the belly.

Think of it as a container where energy is stored for later use.

For a better understanding please follow this link. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dantian

I see......

The solar plexus.......

I thought about searching for the word dantian but thought it would be best to let you educate me.


See, I'm a very greedy fellow when it comes to food i like, please serve us on time, okay..... cheesy

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Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 5:33pm On Jul 10, 2018

I see......

The solar plexus.......

I thought about searching for the word dantian but thought it would be best to let you educate me.


See, I'm a very greedy fellow when it comes to food i like, please serve us on time, okay..... cheesy

I have more than 110 chaps published already...

Follow this link to read more https://m.webnovel.com/book/10425717206035305
Re: The 7 Realms by devilmaycry1(m): 10:49am On Jul 11, 2018
wow try to list the name of the sect and their leader

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Re: The 7 Realms by correctguy101(m): 3:17pm On Aug 05, 2018

I have more than 110 chaps published already...

Follow this link to read more https://m.webnovel.com/book/10425717206035305

Thanks bro. Nice story. I could not concentrate at work. Always praying we get to a place there's network and immediately, I go on reading.

I enjoyed every bit of it and admire your creativity. Your descriptive powers are great. I suspect you have a "book and pen affinity" lols.

Waiting for the next update. Hope you'll not be like Asan and keep daddy waiting for too long.? I'll soon go offshore again but puleaze give me more updates on your site to enjoy before I go.

Great job.

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Re: The 7 Realms by gensteejay(m): 10:05pm On Aug 05, 2018
Wow! Super-interesting!

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Re: The 7 Realms by devilmaycry1(m): 10:07pm On Aug 07, 2018

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Re: The 7 Realms by gensteejay(m): 1:27pm On Aug 08, 2018
Kudos, Mrdojo! As a voracious reader of novels in this genre, this is one of the best I have read in a while. I have finished all the uploaded chapters on the main website.
Waiting for more updates!

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Re: The 7 Realms by Tosinex(m): 12:52pm On Aug 10, 2018
Woow! Nice One. I finally found someone with interesting, scary mind blowing writeups like ghostwriter
Thanks Bro...

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Re: The 7 Realms by Nephilim: 10:45pm On Aug 12, 2018
I have read almost half of the whole novel... Woww that's all I can say, kudos!

@Mrdojo I will like to ask you a question, I just hope you understand what I'm asking, I meant like this whole novel, the story especially the energy, the essence energy, the life energy etc and how they are being generated and all sorts, is it just a story, a novel, your random thoughts, what you just feel it is or do you have a personal knowledge and understanding with experience of some if not the whole thing.. I'm asking this question because it's connecting to something within me!

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Re: The 7 Realms by gensteejay(m): 10:56pm On Aug 12, 2018
I have read almost half of the whole novel... Woww that's all I can say, kudos!

@Mrdojo I will like to ask you a question, I just hope you understand what I'm asking, I meant like this whole novel, the story especially the energy, the essence energy, the life energy etc and how they are being generated and all sorts, is it just a story, a novel, your random thoughts, what you just feel it is or do you have a personal knowledge and understanding with experience of some if not the whole thing.. I'm asking this question because it's connecting to something within me!
I had the same feeling after reading the book shocked
Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 3:42am On Aug 14, 2018

Thanks bro. Nice story. I could not concentrate at work. Always praying we get to a place there's network and immediately, I go on reading.

I enjoyed every bit of it and admire your creativity. Your descriptive powers are great. I suspect you have a "book and pen affinity" lols.

Waiting for the next update. Hope you'll not be like Asan and keep daddy waiting for too long.? I'll soon go offshore again but puleaze give me more updates on your site to enjoy before I go.

Great job.

Sorry for my late response bro embarassed embarassed embarassed

Thank you very much for reading my novel, unfortunately, I'm currently taking a break from "The 7 Realms", but you can try my second novel, it is just as good as the T7Rs...

It's called 'Necromancer System'.

Here is a link to it.
Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 3:45am On Aug 14, 2018
I have read almost half of the whole novel... Woww that's all I can say, kudos!

@Mrdojo I will like to ask you a question, I just hope you understand what I'm asking, I meant like this whole novel, the story especially the energy, the essence energy, the life energy etc and how they are being generated and all sorts, is it just a story, a novel, your random thoughts, what you just feel it is or do you have a personal knowledge and understanding with experience of some if not the whole thing.. I'm asking this question because it's connecting to something within me!

Bro, everything from the novel is a by product of a very active imagination, but I'll like to hear how it connects with you.
Re: The 7 Realms by Tosinex(m): 8:19am On Sep 05, 2018
Woww... I love this novel THE SEVEN REALMS you've really done a great job Sir, I have read almost all the existing chapters and also started with NECROMANCER but so far I've read into the necromancer, I discovered that it's almost the same with the seven realm, more like the same story line just different settings or plot, I'm hoping there could be a twist into it, that will make it all unique, thanks.

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Re: The 7 Realms by devilmaycry1(m): 12:08pm On Sep 09, 2018
wow wow nice story the seven realm is mind blowing story reading it as in watching it is very good just like a movie has watch is good to read a nice and thrill novel like dis wow wow mr dojo carry on cant wait to read it to the end wow wow nice once again just be like asan pls update sir

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Re: The 7 Realms by Mikee7(m): 2:06pm On Nov 29, 2019

Sorry for my late response bro embarassed embarassed embarassed

Thank you very much for reading my novel, unfortunately, I'm currently taking a break from "The 7 Realms", but you can try my second novel, it is just as good as the T7Rs...

It's called 'Necromancer System'.

Here is a link to it.

Hello Dojo, I see you're a fellow Daoist, and quite successful in your cultivation. I would like to know if Qidian offered you a contract, or why you went the Amazon route.
Re: The 7 Realms by MrDojo(m): 11:17pm On Nov 29, 2019

Hello Dojo, I see you're a fellow Daoist, and quite successful in your cultivation. I would like to know if Qidian offered you a contract, or why you went the Amazon route.

grin cheesy

Fellow cultivator, I greet you ooo.

I was offered a contract late 2018, but unfortunately, I fell Ill during that period (I wasn't able to write that much). I told the head of the originals then (Dana), she was quite understanding and told me to come back anytime. That the contract would always be there for me.

However, I chose to go the Amazon route since I couldn't handle the burden of writing 1/2 chapters per day.

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