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Re: Conscious Evolution by Growing(m): 3:38pm On Nov 10

More you will get.

Meanwhile you may want to visit my website: www.consciousevolutionpath.com.
Re: Conscious Evolution by Growing(m): 1:48pm On Nov 12
The Confession of Many

My sexuality. My glorious sexuality! My being was created in the image of God and my sexuality is an integral part of my being. My sexuality shines when my being is in loving union with God. In such a state, the love of God becomes incarnate in me for your sake. But alas, this is not so between you and me.

I am in a relationship with you and my ego is using my sexuality to manipulate you in this relationship. As I try to manipulate you, to shape this relationship according to my agenda, you are resisting by also trying to manipulate me with your sexuality. And so we are at war but we call it love. We are blind to the dysfunction in our relationship. In this war, I am determined to out-manipulate you. However, your resistance has been frustrating me. Can’t you see that I have a wonderful plan for your life? Why can’t you just allow me to program your life with it? The idol here is not an object. I am trying to play God in your life. I am the idol. This is the ultimate idolatry but I do not know.

You kept resisting my manipulation until I became angry towards you. I have been angry at the point of your resistance. You still did not yield to me and my anger turned to wrath. My fury was no longer at the point of your resistance. Other things you did in our relationship fed my wrath. This was how my wrath turned to malice and it was in malice that I desired to harm you in some way. So I slandered you. I denied your humanity. I became violent either in words or actions. The truth is that I excuse my violence because I have already demonized you.

My fearful, possessive, and destructive ego started with attempting to manipulate you with my sexuality. Now I have ended up being violent towards you.
Re: Conscious Evolution by Growing(m): 5:03pm On Nov 14
You can be free of mental-emotional pain

I show you that:

a. The problem is not that you do not think; the problem is that you are unable to stop thinking. You are addicted to thinking but you do not know that. Through compulsive thinking you look at people and situations through the eyes of the past. So you label and judge – you misinterpret. The consequence is unhappiness.

b. Your mind has created a false self – ego – and you have attached yourself to this false self. In other words, you have identified with a phantom self. You are unconscious and so your ego rules. But the ego can never be beautiful enough, never have enough, never be enough. Hence, the ego can never be satisfied. This explains why after getting the things you thought will make you happy, you end up being unhappy after which you proceed to pursue bigger things which still do not make you happy after you get them. This goes on and on.

c. Your ego has created a story which you believe, a story based on your past and this story causes you pain. Your life has much “drama.”

d. It is not when something happens that you will be happy; it is when you are happy that something will happen.

e. You cannot be free of pain in the past; you cannot be free of pain in the future. You can only be free of pain in the present moment. But your mind does not allow you to live in the present moment. Your mind is almost always taking you to the past and the future. You are worried, you are anxious. You are in pain. Your mind resists this pain which adds another layer of pain instead of removing the pain. You suffer.

f. A seed has inside it instructions that will make it grow and yield fruits. Inside you are instructions that will make you thrive. You hardly trust and so you are unable to access those instructions – intuition.

g. You have not given yourself a satisfactory answer to the questions, “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” because you have focused on doing and neglected being.

h. The question is not, “Why don’t I have peace?” The question is, “What is preventing me from accessing the peace I already have?” Love, joy, and peace are not outside there; they are aspects of your Being. The good news is that you have them inside you already. Your ego is preventing you from experiencing them.

I show you all these and many more in my new eBook titled You Are Not Your Ego. Through this book I lead you to yourself, not to your false self but to your true self, the deeper you. I lead you to you. Why? Because connecting to your true self will impact your work, your health, your relationship, your life.

“This is deep… More,” was what someone said after reading some content of this eBook. There is much to say about this book but I do not want you to just believe what I say, I want you to experience another dimension of yourself. A belief can be comforting, an experience can be liberating.

To purchase and get this eBook which you can have on your computer, tablet, or phone, use this link: http://consciousevolutionpath.com/info/book.

This is not motivation. This is transformation. Your pain is enough.
Re: Conscious Evolution by Growing(m): 8:26pm On Nov 23
Spousal Financial Responsibility

CASE1: Since she was also earning she decided to support her husband as much as she could. So even when the money her husband was giving her was not enough, she did not complain. One day her husband made a comment like, “It seems like you have money.” It was when she was not able to support financially that she understood. She could not do what she was doing before but her husband would not do more than dropping the feeding money. The upkeep of the wife, the care of the home, other needs of the children, he was not bothered. In fact, sometimes he even reduces the usual amount he drops for feeding, coming up with some excuse. It is now about fifteen years of marriage and the woman doing what she can to help herself and her children is still not finding it easy.

CASE 2: Ade (not real name) knew Cosmos (not real name also) as a good guy. Cosmos once talked to Ade about his intention to go into marriage. Ade did not hesitate to introduce Cosmos to his sister. They courted for about three months and next thing, marriage. One day after marriage, the woman calls Ade her brother to ask, “Do you really know this your friend?” and adds, “It is like I am seeing something else o.” It was later Ade understood what was going on. Cosmos had two means of income but he was not taking responsibility for his family. He drops no money. Nothing. He has three children with his wife. The woman has cried and begged, ”If there is any way I have offended you, please forgive me.” It did not move him. Ade has stepped into the matter, family has also stepped in, the Church has stepped in, Cosmos has not changed. This may shock you: Cosmos is a pastor.

There are times when due to some reasons the man of the house may experience some financial setback. It maybe the loss of his job, business not bringing as much as it used to, or some other reasons. In such a situation, it is clear that he has a financial challenge. I believe the proper thing to do is for him to sit down with his family especially his wife and communicate the situation as it is. If the woman is able to support her husband in such a situation, I do not see the reason why she should not, knowing that the man needs help. As the man keeps making effort to change the situation, the family may have to cut out what they can so as to manage what they have.

But the case is totally different when the man has the financial resources to take care of his family and he does nothing. How can someone who is called a father, with the means to provide, watch his family suffer and do nothing? You have the money, you do not provide. It is wicked, it is evil, it is condemnable. It is possible that you are spending your money on one w***e outside. Only God knows if you are not under some spiritual...

CASE 3: She and her husband were working. She lost her job and financial challenge set in for her. With these words her husband consoled her: “Hunger will kill you.”

I write and speak on the transformation of consciousness. Once your consciousness is transformed, there is a shift inside you. You may not know this consciously when it happens but when it does, something changes deep inside you which you may not be able to explain initially. Your experience of life becomes different. Addiction, anxiety, worry, pain, and other negative things you have been experiencing give way to peace, joy, and love. This is my purpose in the lives of people. You can digest more of my content by going through this thread or visiting http://consciousevolutionpath.com.

If you would like me to come speak at your seminar, retreat, workshop or event email: gnwaokike@gmail.com.
Re: Conscious Evolution by Growing(m): 11:57am On Nov 30
From Unconsciousness To Consciousness

Level 2: You meet her, the girl of your dreams. Let us call her X. She appeared from nowhere and because of how you feel in her presence, you are quick to ask for a relationship. She says, “Ok,” and without smoking or drinking you become high. You are so high you are feeling like The Most High. Kai!

Level 3: The relationship starts. It was all about butterflies in your stomach. You take her out, she takes you in. Chai! Life is sweet. All your problems are solved. You are the man. You are the main man. You are the bad guy. You feel like singing, “I am bad…” by Michael Jackson. With the way this love makes you feel, who says you are not Michael Jackson? You moonwalk.

Level 4: Before long you start to notice some things about X. But because you are beside yourself, you brush those things off as being insignificant.

Level 5: X begins to act in ways you are not comfortable with at an increased frequency. You try to have a conversation with X about it but each time, the conversation ends up in a fight.

Level 6: The butterflies in your stomach disappears. You love X and you don’t want to leave her neither do you want her to leave you. But there are some things that irritate you about X. You begin to see subtle ways in which she tries to manipulate you. The clearer the manipulation becomes, the angrier you get. You try to control her.

Level 7: She is trying to manipulate you and you are trying to control her. This leads to a battle – a battle you deny. You are at war with X and you call the whole drama a relationship. You see this as being normal but it is only normal if abnormal is normal. Sometimes you love X, sometimes you hate her. This is how the relationship oscillates between love and hate. Now it seems as if you hate her more often than you love her. More fights. One of the fights is so intense that you have to look out the window of your second floor apartment, not to the sky but down to the street and wonder, “Is it not better I jump off this building instead of remaining in the same room with this woman?”

Level 8: The worst happens, that which you feared – a break up. X is leaving you. You love X so much that you doubt if you can survive without her. The pain inside you is unbearable. You feel like dying. Life no longer makes any sense. You grieve. When you met X, you were high. Now you are low.

Did you notice that I started this post on Level 2? Before Level 2, there is Level 1 and before that Level, there is Level 0.

Level 0: You do not know who you are. You think you do but who you think you are is not who you are. Your ego has created a mental image of you and it presents it to you as you and you believe it. So you think you are that and you mistake a mental image of yourself for who you are. This puts you in a situation, a situation where you are not being who you are but trying desperately to be who you are not – a mental image. The more you try to live up to this mental image you have of yourself, the more disconnected you are from who you are, from your Being. The result is dissatisfaction, a sense of being incomplete. This manifests as fear or pain inside you and you feel it. But you do not want to feel the pain, you do not want to face it, so you try to run away from it. How can you really escape that which is inside you? Nonetheless, you try to escape by numbing the pain. You look for things or people you can use to prevent you from feeling the pain inside you. The consequence of this is addiction. You become addicted to substance or somebody. When it is somebody, it is somebody you are in a relationship with.
You are at Level 0. The Level at which you feel pain inside you as a result of not being at one with your Being. In order to escape this pain, you seek salvation in a relationship, “I will be happy when someone loves me.”

Level 1: You begin the search, always on the lookout for a lover. Every girl you come in contact with is a potential lover. What exactly are you looking for in a woman? You do not know but you are looking for a woman. You get to Level 2 and move through 8 where X leaves you.

Level 9: Life, the best teacher, wants to teach you but you are too distracted to learn. Life is telling you to face the pain inside you so that it can dissolve but you are not listening, not interested. Instead you tell yourself a story, “X broke my heart.” But X did not break your heart; she broke your expectation. Your expectation was for her to be your salvation, your fulfillment, and she broke that. So you feel so much pain within. You attribute this intense pain to your breakup. But the pain is not there because of the break up even though that is what you think. The pain you feel is that same pain that you were feeling at Level 0 – the pain of dissatisfaction, the pain of feeling incomplete, the pain of not being at one with who you are. X is no longer there to block you from feeling that pain. You were addicted to X. Not really. You were addicted to your mental image of X, and you used X to stop yourself from accessing the pain inside you. X is now gone. Nothing is preventing you from feeling the pain. So you feel it much more intensely. You feel the raw, Unclad pain.

Level 10: You did not learn any lesson so you quickly move again to prevent yourself from feeling the pain within. You go into another relationship. The cycle repeats and you rinse and repeat, going in and out of relationships. It is at this level that you experience four break ups in a year and half.

Level 11: You are still in pain. Life forces you take a break from relationships. “Maybe I should be alone for some time.” In pain and without knowing it, you are already listening to Life, the best teacher. You decide to be single without intimate relationship for a while. Things begin to happen.

Level 12: You see that you were so focused on your relationship that you took your family and friends for granted. Now you begin to appreciate your family and friends more.

Level 13: Spiritually, you go deeper. This spirituality is not just the shallow “In Jesus name.” This spirituality refers to that dimension of you that is your essence. So, going deeper here means going into yourself rather than outside yourself. This allows you to connect to your Being thereby being truly who you are. This cannot be conceptually understood, it can only be experienced. Your connection to your Being allows you to be one with who you are. “Miraculously” this takes care of that sense of dissatisfaction, that sense of pain you always had. You are at home in yourself so you no longer feel that sense of separation, that sense of incompletion. You realize now that you do not need anything or anybody to be happy or fulfilled. You do not need a relationship to feel love. Now that you are connected to your Being, the true aspects of your Being manifests – love, peace, and joy. You realize and experience the love and joy that is inside you already. You are at peace. Your Being is rooted in God and since you are at one with your Being, you are at one with God. This is your fulfillment. Your life is transformed, not outside-in (the way you have been trying to go about it without success) but inside-out. There is a shift in your consciousness. Your spirit is now awake. This is the ultimate transformation.

Level 14: As a result of your interior transformation, the way you go about what you do and the way you interact with people changes. People begin to notice a change in you.

At Level 1, you were desperately looking for salvation in a relationship, hence, looking for a special woman. Now it seems as if something is attracting women to you and not just any woman, enlightened women who like what you have and manifest. You know you don’t need them to complete you but you love them. What is love? Connection without motive. Almost effortlessly, a close relationship develops with one of the women.

At Level 1, you sought a partner in order to escape your pain and you ended up with X who was also seeking a partner in order to escape her pain. So both of you loved each other like addictions and you know how it ended. Now you have a relationship with a woman who is not at that state of unconsciousness of X. Your spiritual transformation has helped in attracting a woman who does not need you in order to feel complete but loves you. What is love again? Connection without motive. So this woman does not try to manipulate you and you are not in any way trying to control her.

Level 15: Something dawns on you: It is not when you have a relationship that you will be fulfilled; it is when you are fulfilled that you will have a true relationship. You appreciate the relationship you have with this woman and thank God that X is ex.

Question: Which of the levels are you at now?

I am the author of You Are Not Your Ego, an eBook that will transform your life. To get more information about the eBook: http://consciousevolutionpath.com/info/book

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