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SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 11:48am On Jul 31, 2018

Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 6:17pm On Jul 31, 2018
On Saturday, June 9, 2018 at S.T.T.R GRA Ikeja - one of the two ACT exam centres in Lagos State, I talked to some of the parents that brought their children for the test.
I told them quite a lot of things about SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT, financial aid for foreign students in US colleges and universities, application process and many more things having to do with studying in America.
For more information and to study for the SAT and/or ACT with the Be-Noble Home School, Lagos, talk to Teacher Femi (DeProf) on 08168974531.
Be-Noble Home School, Lagos offers private/home tutorials for students preparing for exams such as the SAT, PSAT, ACT, IGCSE, Checkpoint, SSCE (WAEC & NECO), UTME, Common Entrance examinations and so on.
The Be-Noble Home School, Lagos is now in partnership with Park British School for the purpose of jointly preparing interested students for the SAT and the ACT. You can join our SAT/ACT intensive prep classes at any of our two centres in Lagos State:
*Park British School, 21, Theophilus Oji Street, off Fola Osibo Road, Lekki Phase 1.
*Park British School, 86, Marine Road, Apapa GRA, Apapa, Lagos State.
For more information and to be part of the prep classes at our Lekki or Apapa centre, call Park British School on 08033038555 or Teacher Femi on 08168974531.
Thank you.
Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 6:48pm On Jul 31, 2018
(Be-Noble Home School Mentorship Program)
In US colleges and universities, admission officers use many important factors to select intending international students for admission into their institutions. These factors in the order of priority for admission into schools are:
A.) Academic =>
I) Good secondary (high) school record - an applying ststudent will submit his transcripts to the schools he send his applications;
II) Acceptable SAT/ACT score;
III) Recommendation letters and testimonials from the applicant's secondary school;
IV) Personal essay;
V) Scores from other standardised tests such as the SAT Subject Test, TOEFL, IELTS, etc;
VI) Class ranking/standing; and,
VII) Difficulty of course work, that is, the extent and relevance of the applicant's secondary school curriculum.
VIII) Alumni(as) relationship;
IX) Character and personality as determined from such things as recommendation letters, testimonials, etc;
X) Particular talent and ability as determined from applicant's testimonials, essays, etc;
XI) Participation in extracurricular activities; and,
XII) Participation in community activities.
At the Be-Noble Home School Lagos, we 'mentor' students that have the intention of studying in any recognised American college or university.
Among other things we teach and help students to acquire the academic, sporting, artistic and leadership skills that will put them in good position for selection for admission.
We assist the students that register with us to learn their school curricula very well and to perform excellently in their classes. With this we try to ensure that they have outstanding secondary school records and also good class rankings.
Furthermore, we help our students to participate tangibly in games, sporting activities and community services that will greatly enhance their acceptance by the admission offices of their choice colleges and universities. We know the sports most schools in the US give highest priority to. So, when possible we encourage our students to register in local clubs that will help them to achieve considerable skills in one or more of these games and sports.
Lastly, we at Be-Noble Home School Lagos recognise the importance of having either partial or full scholarship to study in the USA. SO, WE GIVE OUR STUDENTS ALL IT TAKES FOR THEM TO SUCCEED OUTSTANDINGLY IN ALL THAT THEY DO. We know the American schools that offer the highest financial aid to international students - Nigerians inclusive. We always encourage our students to register for the Opportunity Fund Program (OFP) at the EducationUSA office in the US embassy in Lagos.
Parents, call or WhatsApp Teacher Femi (DeProf) on 08168974531 to:
* 'have us mentor' your secondary school child for readiness for admission into US colleges or universities;
* tutor your child for the SAT, SAT Subject Test and/or ACT;
* tutor him/her for other exams like PSAT, TOEFL, IELTS, IGCSE(O' & A' levels), Checkpoint, SSCE(WAEC/NECO), UTME(JAMB), Common Entrance exams, etc;
* register him/her for any of SAT, SAT Subject Test and ACT; and,
* counsel him/her about schooling in the US and inform him/her about the services offered by EducationUSA, Nigeria.
School owners, call or WhatsApp Teacher Femi (DeProf) on 08168974531 to:
* 'have us teach' the American curriculum needed to take the SAT, SAT Subject Test and ACT;
* train your teachers to teach the American curriculum;
* 'mentor' your students for readiness for admission into US colleges and universities;
* register them for any of SAT, SAT Subject Test and ACT; and,
* counsel them about schooling in the US and about the services offered by EducationUSA, Nigeria.
Be-Noble Home School, Lagos 08168974531.
Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 7:40pm On Jul 31, 2018

Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 8:21pm On Jul 31, 2018

The ACT is an 'aptitude-knowledge' test just like the SAT, GMAT, GRE and so on. Submission of an ACT or SAT score is one of the main requirements for admission into most American colleges and universities. The SAT has been the most popular of the tests taken for admission into universities in the US. But of recent the ACT has overtaken the SAT in terms of popularity and maybe standard and acceptance. More and more American students seeking admission into colleges and universities now prefer the ACT over the SAT. In Nigeria too, more people are now becoming aware of the ACT - though the number of students taking the SAT is still more than that of the ACT.
The ACT seems to be much simpler for students that are mathematical sound than the SAT does. Most science-oriented students also seem to prefer the ACT to the SAT.
However, the truth is that in both exams the Mathematics section constitutes 50% of the total score while the English section contributes the remaining 50%. This can be said to be the case only if one considers the data-rich Science section of the ACT as a type of Mathematics test.
Most students consider the ACT main Mathematics section as being simpler than the SAT Mathematics. For this conclusion they cite reasons such as the allowance of calculator throughout the ACT Mathematics section and the fact that it's less 'aptitude-prone' than the SAT Mathematics.
Some other students argue than the SAT English section - including the Writing and Reading subsections - is much easier to handle than the combined English section of the ACT. Each of the five passages of the SAT Reading subsection allows candidates thirteen minutes on the average to answer ten or eleven questions. But the ACT provides a bit less than nine minutes on the average to read each of the four passages and answer ten questions on it.
Another reason students cite when they conclude that the SAT Reading test is simpler than the ACT Reading test is that the SAT gives more useful quotations from the passages than the ACT does. Many students believe that the more direct quotations in the SAT Reading test afford them the opportunity to quickly skim and scan through the passages and still understand them to a useful extent than the ACT passages do. They say that one may need to pay closer attention to the ACT passages than the SAT's - this coupled with the fact that you only have nine minutes for an ACT passage whereas you have thirteen minutes for an SAT passage.
When it comes to the Writing Test subsection of the English section, the major reason for students' preference for the SAT over the ACT is that they have to answer 44 questions in the former while the latter asks 75 questions.
By and large, we at the Be-Noble Home School, Lagos, do not believe that one is harder than the other. WE TEACH OUR STUDENTS THE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR DOING EXCELLENTLY WELL IN EACH OF THE TWO EXAMS.
We then asses each of them to determine where his/her performance is perpetually high. We go ahead to advise the parents on which of the two tests it's best to register their children for. Sometimes, we tell parents to register the students for the two tests. The student can then use the one in which s/he has better score for application into universities and colleges.
For more information, registration and intensive tutorials, call Teacher Femi (DeProf) on 08168974531. Or, come to our study centres:
1.) Park British School
21, Theophilus Oji Street, off Fola Osibo Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos; and,
2.) Park British School
86, Marine Road, Apapa GRA, Apapa, Lagos.
We offer both private and class tutorials.
Thank you.
Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 3:00am On Aug 01, 2018
The SAT is a very essential examination taken by students seeking admission into American universities.
Broadly speaking, it consists of two major subjects: English Language and Mathematics. The English Language test is further divided into three areas: Reading, Evidence-based Writing and Essay(Optional test).
The SAT is now known as 'The Redesigned SAT' - starting from March 2016. The major element/feature of The Redesigned SAT is its requirement for in-depth analytical ability on the part of the students taking the examination. American educators believe that people coming to study in their colleges and universities or those coming to work in their various institutions should have an optimal level of intellectual ability to do creative and result-oriented work.
At the Be-Noble Home School, we, the tutors, know the strategies for scoring marks above 1350/1600 in The Redesigned SAT. We do not only teach these strategies to our students but we ensure that they fully adopt and effectively use them.
Our aim is to have some of our students having the perfect score of 1600/1600.
For a good and result-oriented tutor to prepare your child for the SAT, contact Teacher Femi( (DeProf) on 08168974531 08093162871.

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Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 3:42am On Aug 01, 2018
The October 2018 SAT is just around the corner. Early and intensive prep with an experienced teacher will go a long way in helping you to have a very high score or even the perfect score.
At the Be-Noble Home School we are currently on the Perfect Score mission . With this we are preparing our students for the test in such a way that can help them score 1600/1600. We believe that we have what it takes for students to have the perfect SAT score. With dedication and hard work on the part of the students, we are bold enough to assure them of the perfect SAT score.
I hope you will join the Perfect Score Mission Train (PSMT) in your preparation for the October or December 2018 SAT test.
For more information or to begin your prep with our tutors, call Teacher Femi(DePfof) on 08168974531, 08093162871.
Thank you.
Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 3:48am On Aug 01, 2018
The SAT used to be known as Scholastic Aptitude Test. But now, after several reviews, it is defined as Scholastic Achievement Test.
These words, aptitude and achievement, have a lot to say about the nature of the exam and how to do very excellently in it.
In my previous write-ups I have talked about the importance of the SAT (and also the ACT) to higher education in America. Now I'm going to talk about the four core things that the examiners test for using the SAT. I'll then talk about how students/candidates taking the exam can drastically boost their SAT scores with the knowledge of these things.
These score-boosting factors are knowledge, aptitude, smartness and carefulness.
1.) Knowledge - Before now the test was basically an aptitude or IQ test. It tested how well the candidates can think and solve problems.
However, it has now gone beyond that. Researchers, over the years, have found out that success in school and in life depends on one's knowledge as much as it does on one's aptitude.
Knowledge, in this case, is the amount of academic content you have in your 'head' and that you have 'access' to when the need arises. In other words, you don't really know something if you can't remember it when you need to.
So SAT, like most other achievement tests examines your ability to recollect what you have learnt.
I'll talk more about knowledge, learning and high SAT score later on. For now let's move on to the second thing that the test examines.
2.) APTITUDE - A student's ability to reason and analyse correctly and comprehensively goes a very long way in determining his level of success in his endeavours in life. Reasoning or analytical prowess is to some extent natural. In fact, some psychologists believe that it's wholly natural. But people like me hold that just like all other 'habits', high IQ can be learnt or cultivated. The key is the right and adequate practise.
American educators believe that their students should have more than average analytical ability (IQ). Most of the achievement of man in Science, Technology, Art and so on is due largely to high level of analysis and reasoning. In other words, creativity is a function of reasoning/analysis.
Many SAT English and Mathematics questions test the candidates' ability to analyse in conjunction with testing their knowledge. Enough of this for now. Let's see why many students that are very brilliant and knowledgeable fail to score high in the SAT and ACT exams.
3.) SMARTNESS - There are some students that have learnt a lot, can remember most of what they have learnt and have high IQ, but they continually score below 1350/1600 or not up to the minimum score required by the colleges or universities of their choice.
The reason for this?
They ain't smart enough. This is the most likely reason for most brilliant students' failure in the test.
In the Redesigned SAT, a candidate has 65 minutes to read five Reading Test passages and to answer 52 high level questions. He has 35 minutes to read, proofread and edit four Writing Test passages and to answer 44 proofreading and editing questions. He has 80 minutes to answer 58 somewhat simple but analysis-based Mathematics uestions.
A student that is not very well prepared will not have enough time to correctly work through all the questions.
Over the years, as I prepared students for the SAT (and ACT), I have come across many students that scored very high marks in typical(past) SAT tests when allowed 'to have all the time to themselves'. But when tined they hardly scored up to 1300/1600. They weren't smart enough even though they were highly knowledgeable and analytical (that is, they had high IQ).
The way out?
With our system of SAT prep, we helped many of those students to score high in the test. At the Be-Noble Home School we continue to use effective, regular and supervised test practices and revision to help our students score high marks and to help quite a number of them aim for the PERFECT SCORE, 1600/1600.
Finally, let me tell you about yet another reason why intelligent and knowledgeable students sometimes score low marks in the SAT.
4.) CAREFULNESS - In a bid to work fast, that is, to be smart in the SAT test room, some students make several avoidable mistakes. They misunderstand the passages, misinterpret questions, make wrong or partial calculations, misuse formulae and worse enough shade the wrong option even after they might have gotten the correct one. For example, a student that has done his calculations correctly gets option (A) but because he is too much in a hurry, he carelessly shades the space for option (B) in the answer sheet. Anxiety is another reason for carelessness.
A good tutor, a willing mind that is very ready to learn and an EXTREMELY HIGH LEVEL PRACTISE are the time-tested solutions to these problems that stand in the way of SAT and/or ACT students scoring high marks.
At the Be-Noble Home School, we know what it takes to adequately prepare students for very high scores/grades in various examinations including but not limited to the SAT. For enquiries and patronage, call Teacher Femi(DePfof) on 08168974531, 08093162871.
Thank you.
Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 4:09am On Aug 01, 2018
The SAT Math test for both the calculator and no calculator sections consists of 19 HOA questions, 17 PSDA questions, 16 PAM questions and 6 ATM questions.
At the Be-Noble Home School, Lagos we teach our SAT students simple and smart ways of correctly handling these different sections of the SAT Math. They learn to see these questions the way the examiners want them to really see the questions. And they learn to work out the correct answers smartly.
A serious student that prepares for the SAT with us is rest assured of scoring over 650 out of 800 in the Math section of the exam.
We can confidently say the same for the English section.
Be-Noble Home School, Lagos is now in partnership with a very outstanding school in Lagos, Park British School.
Students preparing for the SAT, SAT Subject Test and ACT can now join our prep classes at any of the Apapa and Lekki branches of the school to register for the exams and to have intensive and result-oriented preparation.
Park British School
21, Theophilus Oji Street, off Fola Osibo Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos;
Park British School
86, Marine Road, Apapa GRA, Apapa, Lagos.
Call Teacher Femi on 08168974531 for more information.
Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 4:16am On Aug 01, 2018
Are you a brilliant and outstanding secondary school student in Nigeria? Do you like to study in the USA on full scholarship? Then you may like to participate in the annual Education USA Opportunity Fund Program.
To boost your chance of qualitying for this opportunity you will need to do very well in either the SAT or the ACT. You can prepare for any of these tests with Be-Noble Home School, Lagos. Doing so will help you to do exceptionally well in the SAT and/or ACT. We will also render our professional assistance as you apply for the OFP.
For more information on preparing and registering for the SAT and/or ACT and on the OFP, call Teacher Femi (DeProf) on 08168974531.
Our study centres are at
*Park British School, 21, Theophilus Oji Street, off Fola Osibo RoadLekki, Phase 1.
*Park British School, 86, Marine Road, Apapa GRA, Apapa, Lagos.
Re: SAT/ACT Prep Tutors In Lagos by satpreptutor(m): 11:58am On May 11, 2019

Your children going from Basic 6 to Basic 7(JSS1) and those moving from Basic 9(JSS3) to SS 1 can have very smooth and successful transition.
At Be-Noble Home School, Lagos, we have private tutors that are expert in preparing students for the next level in their academic pursuits.
A pupil transitioning from the primary school to the secondary school is well off when s/he is well prepared for life in the secondary school.
There are many instances where pupils that were doing fantastically well in primary school became disoriented, frustrated and derailed when they got to secondary school due to the fact that they weren't adequately prepared for the academic and social life in secondary school which is quite different from that of primary school.
I know quite a number of students who completely lost it in life all because they could no longer cope in the senior secondary school after they moved from JSS3 to SS1. Many of them were misled by parents, school management, teachers, religious leaders, relatives, friends and neighbours into choosing areas of study that were absolutely out of tune with their capabilities and interests. Many of these ones will be found in the Science department in various Nigerian secondary schools.
Starting from this May, we, at Be-Noble Home School, are providing private tutoring for all transitioning students - those moving from Basic 6 to JS1 and from JS3 to SS1.
Our tutoring program for them includes academic work, vocational skill acquisition, language learning and career counseling. We will prepare them adequately for the next class they are moving to. And we will guide them, especially those moving to SS 1, to choose wisely - based on their capabilities and interests. We don't accept forcing any area of study on anyone. We teach our transitioning students all the core subjects in senior secondary school, we monitor them as we do so and then we administer a battery of career interest tests on them until we guide them to choose a suitable career path on their own.
Our tutors at Be-Noble Home School are well trained, dedicated, experienced and result-driven. We provide tutors for various subjects and classes including but not limited to Mathematics, English, French, Mandarin(Chinese), Nigerian languages, Computer Science, Programming, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Financial Accounting, Literature, Government, Economics and so on.
We have tutors that are expert in preparing students for different local and foreign exams - SSCE(WAEC and NECO), UTME(JAMB), Common Entrance exams into various schools in Nigeria, PSAT, SAT 1&2, TOEFL, IELTS, IGCSE(O' & A' levels), GRE, GMAT, CBSE(for Indian students), ICAN(ATS & PE) and so on.
Schools that are in need ofo qualified and competent teachers can also get in touch with us. We help schools recruit the best of teachers in their vicinity.

For enquiries and more information, contact Teacher Femi (DeProf) on 08168974531.
Thank you.

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