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Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 10:44am On Sep 15, 2018

Whats Up! I'll Be Postin a Story Here. One Of My Old Stories i Wrote Years Ago As A Teenager. Its Titled "Compatibles"...

Its A Short Story of About 11,000 words. Forgive the errors. It's an old story
Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 7:11pm On Sep 18, 2018

©Copyright (2017)
All rights reserved. No part of this story maybe reproduced, stored in or introduced into any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying screen shooting, recording or otherwise) in part or whole without the express written permission of the author.

Contact: browndaniel210@gmail.com
DISCLAIMERS: This is a work of fiction. Names and characters, places and incidents are product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead is entirely a coincidence.

DEDICATION: This book is dedicated to an amazing God and also to everyone reading this...


If there was any word better than "gorgeous" then Oluchi deserved it better than any woman. A perfect definition of beauty, blue iris, which she definitely got from her father, flawless skin, straight nose, beautiful red lips, brown skin, perfect woman figure.
Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo, the daughter of Romero Marcus de Leonardo, a 55years old billionaire who could be mistaken for a man in his late 30s; the CEO and founder of New Generation Technology (NGT) the biggest technology establishment in the world, generating 100billion dollars annually.
He got married to Late Grace Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo and they had a child. Romero being a Mexican and Grace being a Nigerian from IMO state; Oluchi was named after her mother.
Oluchi was born in Los Angeles but moved to Washington at 10. She is also known as Mariana and is 29 but unlike most ladies she isn't obsessed with Fashion, her dress style is beautiful. She is a graduate from Harvard university America and graduated with a GP of 4.86 in applied physics giving her a straight first class degree.
Oluchi not being interested in coming to Nigeria had to be forced home by her father and she reluctantly obeyed; handling the company was such a huge responsibility and she knew it but her father had to encourage her and letting her know, he would be running the other part of the company in america...
Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 7:12pm On Sep 18, 2018

Oluchi arrive Nigeria for the very first time in her life, and with her father they head straight to NGT. Although nervous, she became much more nervous on meeting the board of directors; 24 directors.
Romero makes a brief introduction and then allows Oluchi to speak for herslef
"Thank you dad, i was nervous when heading down here, i believed i was going to meet 2 or 3 directors but it got worse when i met 24" she explained and they laughed lightly
"I am happy to be here today and i know that the responsibility i am about to carry is really bigger than i imagined but i am glad i have you all, at least i understand why the directors are so much. When i came in through the gate i was amazed at how massive this place was, i had never being to NGT before not even in America but my dad took me by surprise and i have a whole new level of respect and love for him" they all applauded loudly
"Thank you, i promise you that i will do my best as to making the company grow stronger and bigger as the day goes by but i also can not do it alone so i will need you all to support me in every way you can so that the credits will go to us all. Thank you" she concluded and they applauded.
After the meeting she is taken to her office; she had never been in an office so big, she walked around smiling; 30feet breath, 70feet length, the main desk was close to the glass wall and facing the door; a very large desk with special inbuilt laptop, the table is structured to the ground and made of concrete, marble, and pearls, the top of the table is covered in dark bullet proof glass , the company logo on the table is what shows her the position of the laptop.
From the CEO's table, to the right is a set of sofas arranged with a centered glass table forming a sitting room; at the back left of the CEO's table is a large book shelve; and to the left of the CEO table is a large table with 12 black castor chairs on both sides and one more chair at the head to talking 25 chairs; a large flat screen internet TV at the end of the table on the wall, directly facing the CEO's table with books and documents well arranged
"It feels good to be here" Oluchi said
"I knew you would like it"
A lady walked into the office dressed in bright pink gown, its color caught Oluchi's eyes; it was a beautiful dress and so was the lady in it. She was fair in complexion, really beautiful and looked confident; Oluchi liked her immediately
"O dear Jane" Romero seemed pleased
"Mr. Romero" she walked close and hugged him
"How are you"
"I am fine sir, thank you"
"Oluchi, this is Jane our chief secretary"
"Jane this is Oluchi my daughter"
"Sir you have a very beautiful daughter i must confess"
"Nice to meet you" Oluchi said and shook Jane
"Same here" Jane gave a bright smile
"You are really pretty" Oluchi said
"O please don't flatter me" Jane said
"Good to see you are both getting along well" Romero said
"Jane is your personal secretary and will show you all you need to know"

Mr. Romero took his daughter home to introduce her to those at home and show her the beauty of the home. They both sat at the back of the hummer with escorts following
"You need to see your room, its magnificent"
"Dad please, you are making me excessively excited"
It was a 15mins drive home without traffic; they entered the large compound, headed to the back which lead to the master's room. The beauty of the compound was breath taking. She got to meet the chefs, cleaners, gardeners, and security men. Body guards littered the premises. Her father led her up the stairs leading into a balcony. It was very beautiful with flowers arranged in vases on the ground close to the walls, it was really wide and could pass for an exterior sitting room; it had 4 tables with chairs round it like a restaurant, about 3 sofas resting on the wall.
"Sweetie come sit over here" Romero said holding her hand, she sits on the sofa and crosses her legs; the two guards standing behind Romero looked intimidating
"Please go get me Red" he said and one of them left
"Honey there is someone i want you to meet"
"Who is that?"
"His name is Red"
"Red? Why not Blue?" She joked, her dad smiled; she then puts her interest to her phone
"Welcome sir" a deep voice said approaching
"(Laughs) Red, my boy" Romero was happy to see him as he hugged him
"How are you" he asked
"I'm fine sir" he replied; Oluchi immediately liked him and he was cute; Red himself hadn't really noticed Oluchi
"How was the trip" Red asked
"You were gone a whole month, thought you decided to stay"
"(Laughs)No, I am back now"
"I want you to meet my daughter Oluchi" he said; Red then looks at the lady and got impressed *what a beauty* he thought to himself; the very sight of each other butterflies in stomach; she lowered her eye lids so as not to be caught staring so did Red, he then walks close to her
"Nice to meet you" he said
"Same here" she said; their eyes locked for about 3secs before Red looks away and disengaged the hands
"Sweetie, Red here will show you, teach you anything you want to know around here, he's like a son to me and i assure you that you can trust him for protection, advice or anything else, he will be your personal guide; he's really brilliant, you will like him" Romero said while she stared
"I'll be leaving tomorrow for America"
"O come on dad, you can't leave so soon?"
"Sweetie its all for the family business" he said holding her shoulder
"I don't care; Red come on... Say something" she tries to get him to talk
"Sir, she's right, you just arrived and the best you can do it spend little time with us"
"Yeah" she added
" OK i will stay a week" he said
"Better" Oluchi said...

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Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 7:13pm On Sep 18, 2018

3 weeks later...
Oluchi wakes up feeling very weak with pain in her head, sits in the balcony and calls for Red.
"Good morning madam" he said as he arrived
"Good morning Red"
"Are you alright?" he asked on see her look
"Not really, i got headache and weakness all over but i need to be at the office today"
"You can't be at the office today like this"
"Its very important, i have some important document at home here that needs to be delivered at the office because there's an important meeting"
"Well, let me deliver the document to the company and i will inform Jane to get the board to handle the meeting"
"Really" she was happy
"Yeah of Cause"
"O thanks so much" she gets him the documents
"I'll have someone get you some pain reliever and you have breakfast"
"Thanks so much Red"...
Oluchi and Red seem to be getting real close in few months, as they spend time together and there seems to be some chemistry between them.
" Boss, Miss. Oluchi was here earlier looking for you" Tom said; Tom is one of the senior military guards; Red was addressed as "Boss" amongst the guards, being that he was the head of them all and had more military experience
"You mean she came to our quarters" Red asked
"Yes she did and knocking on your door"
"And what did she say?" Red asked
"She said you should come see her when you return"
"OK then" he said left...
Red had in every way made her comfortable, he showed her around, took her to the Field to play football and had taken her where ever she wanted. She suddenly starts growing feelings for him but she tries to put it aside.
Its a beautiful morning , Oluchi gets up from her beautiful comfort bed reluctantly but then goes back on it, the softness and comfort created more atmosphere for a good sleep but the alarm clock had a different plan; it rang so loud that she got shocked as she jumped up and stopped it. She takes her bath, then dresses in red gown that fits her shape. She picked up a telephone by the bed side and called the kitchen for a nice coffee and bread and it arrived in 3 mins.
The room was really large and could probably take 5 cars; the mansion is so large that she wouldn't be aware if a stranger lived with her.
"Ma, what car would you like to go out with" she turned to see Red, she sits down on the sofa in the balcony
"I don't know, they are so many, help me chose" she said
"Okay take the new range rover"
"Your pilot will be out in 60 seconds" he said walking away
"Pilot?" She questioned
"Yeah! Sorry we don't have drivers" he said and she laughed
"By the way, you're very beautiful in that dress" he said and walked away, she smiled like a child.
He returns and they both leave. On the way, Oluchi kept looking at the roads until they arrived at the company.
She enters the main building; into the reception, a very large hall with a very beautiful tiled floor with the name NGT written boldly. People of different colours, sizes, shape, nationality, moved about at random.

The elevator takes them up to her floor. She enters her office with Red while the other guards stood outside the door; she sat comfortably turned the chair 360 and immediately caught Red's eyes on hers, she froze
"What" she said lightly
"Do you need anything" he asked, using that as a cover
"No thanks" she said , he walked out. She picked her phone and called Jane to her office.
"Good morning madam" Jane said as she entered
"Good morning Miss. Jane. What do you have for me" she asked; Jane drops some documents she was carrying on the table.
"O come on Jane!" She lamented on see the documents were so much
"Don't worry all you need to do is sign them"
"Ok i will try"
"There is a meeting with Samsung by 2pm"
"Ok? Inform the board, let's have a brief meeting by 11am l" she said as she went through the files
"You got it" Jane said and left.
The day was just the way Oluchi wanted it, she got home by 6:40pm, totally exhausted, she rushed into the shower � for a bath and comes out in a night gown. She had dinner, watched a movie before going to bed...

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Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 7:15pm On Sep 18, 2018

Oluchi decides to visit the city of Lagos just to have a good view of the city.
Its a new day, Oluchi just finished taking her bath and she was sitting in front of her bed side mirror with a towel wrapped around her breast while combing her long dark hair; from her childhood her mother had refused to cut her hair and that made her grow up with a lengthy hair, although she had trimmed the hair before coming to Nigeria.
She dressed in a white leggings and white blouse which stuck to her skin, she applies a red lipstick on her lower lip and put on a nice black sandals, picked up one of the private car keys in her bed room then she goes out into the balcony, just then Red comes up to meet her.
"Good morning ma"
"Good morning Red" she smiles
"We are ready" he said
"Ready for what?" She asked, it was more of a strange question to him
"For work of cause"
"I am not going to work today" she said
"Okay i will inform the boys" he said and turned to leave
"What boys?" She asked, he stopped and turned to her, wondering if she was okay today.
"Look Red i am not going out with a squad" she said
"It for your own good" he said
"Whatever... I am not interested"
"So you are saying you want to go out alone"
"Who says I'm going out alone?" She smiled
"Who's with you?" He asked
"You are with me" she said
"Okay i will get the car ready then" he turns to leave
"Red please stop" she said
"What is it again"
"Here is the car key" she said raising her hand, he walks close to collect the key but she withdrew her hand
"I'll drive" she smiled and walked passed him, he stood there for some seconds then followed her.
The car she picked was an Audi; the car seemed like it had never been used. It was a birthday gift � from her dad; Red had to clear the other cars and telling the boys the new plan for the day.
They both entered the car and drove out, she constantly looked at his face but he didn't look back
"Why are you doing that?" He asked without looking at her
"Doing what?" She asked
"Constant glance"
"I wanna ask you something" she said
"I'm listening"
"Why do you find it difficult to look at me"
"I don't find it difficult, its just that you are a distraction" he said, she was silent a while
"Is that a compliment or what"
"You are beautiful... Yes its a compliment" he said, she smiled
"You are not bad your self" she smiled, he looked at her then smiled as he looked away.
They drove down � into the mainland
"Where are we?" She asked
"Madam... Stop it" she cuts him
"Stop calling me madam"
"Mam, i am sorry i can't"
"Really? Come on we have been friends since i arrived this country. I would like you to refer to me as Oluchi"
"Its my duty to protect you" he said
"And what has that got to do with this, just call me by my name so i won't get angry" she said, he looked at her
"Okay ma... Sorry Oluchi"
"Whats your name?" She asked
"Is that your real name"
"Danny" he said
"Nice i like it... Danny, am Oluchi, nice to meet you" she said
"I know that already"
"All you should say is nice to meet you too"
"Sorry, nice to meet you too"...

She stopped by a restaurant � in town
" Let's go in" she said
"No we can't" he said
"Why not" she asked
"Junk food" he said and she laughed
"Junk food? Seriously?" She said
"I have to protect your health �" he said
"O thanks doc, that's sweet" she gives a mocking smile then opens the door and goes out. He hesitates then follows her..
The security man at the entrance smiled at Oluchi and she returned the smile and made him forget his duty, Red had already opened the door for her before he knew it.
"Thank you" she smiled at Red who didn't smile back.
The restaurant was large , beautiful and lively, they quickly found space
"What would you like?" Red asked her
"Hmm mm" she hummed as she curled her lips to the left side of her mouth; she looked beautiful doing that; Red waited for like 10 seconds and she was still humming, he was about to speak when she replied
"Anything you feel is best for me" she smiled
"Why waste 10 seconds to say that?" He asked himself as he walked away...

"Excuse me" a voice said
"Yeah?" She replied without looking up at the person but focused on her mobile.
"Take it easy, you would strain your eyes with that" the voice said again, she raised her face to see a good looking young man although not as cute as Red; he would pass for 7/10... He smiled at her
"Sorry?" She replied raising her brow, his mouth fell open lightly
"O my God! I know it must have really hurt, didn't it?" He asked seriously, she looked puzzled
"Hurt? Whats that?"
"Falling from heaven" he said seriously, she laughed out loud
"Funny you" she said
"You are clearly the most beautiful thing in here" he said
"Thing?" She questioned
"I bet you ain't human" he replied and she smiled
"Who are you?" She asked
"Dickson" he stretched his hand for a shake, she looks at it for like 3 secs then receives it
"I have seen you before" he said
"Can't remember" he said
"You are not from around here" he said
"Yes and no"
"Half cast"
"A mulatto"
"What brings you here"
"Business" she said
"What kind of business?" He asked, she was getting uncomfortable with the questions
"Father's business" she replied
"And what kind of business does father do"
"And why are you so concern about father's business" Red asked as he dropped two trays on the table
"Rice? Why not snacks?" She gave a little frown
"Rice bad... Snacks worse" Red replied
"Sorry i didn't know you were with your boyfriend" Dickson said as he got up
"I am not her boyfriend, i am her... He's my best friend" Oluchi interupted. Dickson's expression changed on seeing Red, he became kind of nervous.
"I wish i was in your shoes" Dickson smiled at Red who didn't smile back
"It wouldn't fit" Red replied, both men were standing face to face, Oluchi just smiled as she looked at them.
"I have to run along now but i know we wanna kept in touch" Dickson said
"We? What makes you so sure?" She asked
"Please tell me am wrong" he said, she pulls out a card from her bag and hands it to him
"The card expires after Wednesday" she said getting up
"I'll keep in touch" he smiled and left. Oluchi looked at Red
"Don't look at me?" He said and looked away, she smiled
"Come Danny, he is nice"
"No he is not"
"How did you know that?" She asked with a straight face
"Do you want to eat the food or we taking it along" he ignored her question
"OK let's just leave" she said...

Dickson got out, looks at the card and immediately had a flash back. He remembers Mr. Romero the owner of NGT. He then remembers fully, Red, Mr. Romero's strongest guard. How could he have forgotten the experience he had with the commando... He and his squad ambushed Mr. Romero years back, it was the most dangerous mission of his life, the worse day of his life, a day to never forget... He and his team numbered 20 men with guns were no match for Mr. Romero's entourage, that day he met the most skilled men of his life... He lost all his men, he was the only survivor and he escaped with brutalities. Their mission was to steal the 4 range rover which worth 80million each and kidnap Mr. Romero but they met their water look, they met what was never bargained for...
What still surprised Dickson was that Red doesn't recognize him, maybe it was long and Red doesn't keep bad memories. Dickson knew it was an opportunity to revenge and he was going to do this using his daughter Oluchi...

Oluchi unknowingly drives into one of the rough parts; the sun was hot and itchy, the roads littered yet dry, as it was the dry season
"Where are we?" She asked while looking around and driving at walking speed
"You are the driver, i should ask you" Red replied while looking at his tablet
"Are you serious?" She asked rhetorically and looked at him, he raised his head to look around then looked back at his tablet
"Mainland... Ghetto" he said
"Did you get the fanta?" She asked
" No, i got fayrouz and coke"
"O come on, i want fanta"
"Okay stop beside that store" he pointed ahead, she pulled over
"I'll be back but don't come out" he instructed
"Just don't" he said, she stared plainly at him
"What" he asked
"Nothing" she said and looked away, he went out the car. The street was lively but not crowded, the sun was hot, people stared at him and the car, he adjusted his spotless suit then walked to the store.
Oluchi looked around awhile then
"Why do i get to say in the car?" She asked herself then opened the door and came out the car. The sun pricked her skin immediately and she frowned, she stared at the people staring at her, others minded their business.
"Good day sir" a sales girl said to Red
"Good morning miss, i need a bottle of fanta"
"Plastic or bottle" she asked
"Plastic please"
"OK sir" she went inside, Red over heard two guys talking
"Guy see something! See something"
"Wetin" the other guy looks and whistles on seeing Oluchi
"See slay queen �" he said and the other laughed, Red also looked and saw Oluchi outside.
"Damn! I thought i told her to stay in the car" he said to himself
"Sir" the sales girl called
"Sorry please give me a minute let me go get you one from inside, the ones here have been exhausted" she said
"Ok, make it fast" he said and she quickly went away.

Out of nowhere someone came and grab her butts, she turned in shock.
Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 7:16pm On Sep 18, 2018

"Babe how far?" a dark guy said, he had a nice haircut but smelt like Indian hemp; he had 3 other guys � with him. Oluchi landed a slap on his cheek, the sound drew attention but people minded their business because they knew who the guys were
"You slap me?" He questioned and at that very moment sends a hot slap across her face but the bad side was that, that was when Red turned to look at Oluchi and what he saw was a guy who slapped her, he immediately forgot what he was buying and started walking to them
"You bastards! How dare you?" She raised her hand to hit him again but he held her hand, they were about molesting her when all of a sudden there came a sound like the cracking of bone coupled with the sound of busted chewing gum and then a man drops roughly to the ground with blood coming out his ear; it was a lunch from Red to one of the men, the others scattered, not in a bid to run but to look for weapons, one returned with a big stick and attempts hitting Red on the head but Red blocked the attack with his arm as the wood broke on hitting his arm and immediately he sends a punch � to the attacker's throat that made him stagger backward as he coughs out blood, Red follows it up with a kick to the face and he crashes to the floor.
"Get in the car" Red instructed Oluchi and she obeyed; another coming towards Red with a bottle, he breaks the bottle on a small stone and attempts to stab Red but Red caught his arm quickly, punches � his face and collects the broken bottle and stabs him on the neck so deep that he died. Red was standing when the guy who actually slapped Oluchi was running towards him with a knife � but the guy stopped on seeing that Red wasn't moved by his aggression, he turned to run away � but Red pulled out a gun and shot his leg and he fell; people screamed and scattered off to hiding. Oluchi came out of the car, Danny walked to the guy, grabbed him by his shirt � and dragged him on the ground towards Oluchi, Red was physically angry and probably acting out of sentiment.
"I thought i told you to stay in the car, now look what thus bastards did" he was angry and she had tears � in her eyes, Red pulled the guy close and knelt him down.
"Slap him" Red said but she hesitated
"Slap him" he yelled, she was startled and then slapped the guy.
"Make it louder" he requested and she did
"Keep doing it" Red said and she continued but then stopped
"Why did you stop?" He questioned
"Let's go place" she begged, Red continued the slapping
"Its okay, please stop" she begged but it fell on deaf ears, soon slaps because punches, in seconds he was brutalized, Oluchi help Red's hand and pulled him away
"Please stop!" She said and he walked away; the guy was almost dead �. People had recorded � the event and it was going to make the internet �.
"I'll drive" Red said and Oluchi didn't argue, she just went over to the passenger's seat.
He drove out the environment and stopped the car car by the road side.
"I'm sorry about all that" he said with both hands on the wheel, without looking at her, she looked at him, he seemed to to calming doing already and probably realizing that he went too far.
"No! I am sorry, its all my fault" she said
"I should have listened �to you" she said lowering her face
"Its okay" he said
"Danny you almost killed that guy" she said
"I planned on beating him to death �" he said
"What?" She was surprised
"Its my duty to protect you, no matter what" he said; she was silent a while
"Danny i appreciate everything but please i don't want you killing people for me" she said, he was silent
"Promise me" she said, he looked at her then looked away
"I wish i could" he said and started the car and drove off...

The next day she got up early � and dressed for work, the morning was cold so she put on a white turtle neck sweater � and black jeans �. She left the house with Red to the office.
She called Jane immediately she arrived
"What was that you said you had for me?" Oluchi asked
"Expertise from Jax tech and Microsoft are arriving today"
"What time"
"2:00pm" Jane said
"Okay thank you"
"One more thing, you have an executive guest" Jane said
"Okay send the person in" Oluchi said and hanged up

Dickson enters into Oluchi's office, the sight of the beauty made his senses grow wings, he takes a deep breath then walks closer; Oluchi was busy writing a letter.
"I can't believe i just received such executive hospitality" he said looking around, Oluchi raised her face to look at him
"So its you" she said and continued her writing
"You look beautiful" he said
"The card i gave you expires after you leave this office" she said without looking at him, he is silent for a while then drops and envelope � on her table
"Perhaps you can help me with a job" he said, she paused then raised her head to look at him, he smiles and drops a file too, she picks it up and opens it and goes through the documents � then she smiled
"Quite impressive" she said
"Thank you"
"But unfortunately there is no vacancy" she said and continued writing
"I know you can create one for me" he said with a straight face
"What makes you think so?" She asked
"I need to survive" he said, she looks at him awhile
"I think i can fix you somewhere" she said looking at the papers again; Oluchi then called Jane.

It was dusk �, lots of people moving in the premises, going in and out; Oluchi comes out the main building and sees Dickson waiting and smiling
"What are you smiling about" she said as she walked closer to the car with Red
"Was waiting for you"
"Why" she asked
"We have unfinished conversation" he said
" � Hmmm, let me drop you off" she said and walked to the car, a guard opened the door
Red wasn't finding it interesting
"Danny join us here" Oluchi said
"Thanks, i will be in front" he said, she entered the car with Dickson
"How was work?" She asked as the the car moved
"Are you saying that to impress me" she asked
"No way"
"I assure you would get bored soon" she said
"Not with you as my boss" they talked on until he was about to get off.
"You didn't give me your number" he said and she called it out
"I'll call you"
"From 10pm k don't pick calls"
"A lady with rules, i like that" he said
"You stay around here?" She asked
"No, just wanna pick some stuffs" he said, the car pulls over
"She you tomorrow" she said
"Yeah bye"...

Oluchi seemed happy and just smiled all the way home
" Danny?" She called as she sat on the sofa in the balcony
"Yeah?" He said
"I... I wanna ask you something... What do you think about Dickson" she asked, Danny didn't really like the question
"Nothing" he said
" Nothing? I mean, look at him. What do you think?" She asked
"I think nothing... We all have right to make choices" he said
"Choices?" She suspected jealousy from his voice
"Look, Oluchi, Dickson is a guy you just met and don't know about him. It would be too early for a relationship" he said
"How did you know i was thinking of a relationship" she questioned
"Isn't it obvious?"
"How?" She got up and walked closer
"It might not sound good to you but Dickson is a no for me" he said, she looks at him a while then walked away...
Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 7:18pm On Sep 18, 2018

One week later...

Dickson and Oluchi are sitter in a restaurant � having dinner. Dickson notices Oluchi wasn't interested in the food �
"Oluchi" he called, she raised her face
"What s the problem?" He asked
"Nothing" she said looking down
"I know when something is bothering a woman" he said; she looks at him then breaths in deeply and exhales
"Its Danny... Red" she said
"And what about him?"
"For a week now, he's been cold with me" she said
"And why does that bother you" he asked unseriously, she looks at him, not knowing what to say. She thought to herself, why does it bother her?
"He's your guard... Don't tell me you are talking in love with him" Dickson said and she was silent
"My God! Oluchi! I look at you with high esteem. How can you bring yourself so low" Dickson was making a big deal out of it and making her feel guilty
"I... I" she was short of words �
"Look, don't let people hear this... Read between the lines" Dickson said
"What lines" she asked, he paused then looked at her
"For all i care, he could be putting up all these love attitude just because of your father's wealth" Dickson said then continued eating, Oluchi thought a while
"But he has been with me father for years" she defended
"Its all a matter of time. Do you know what he has in mind all these years. He could probably make you fall in love with him so you could be vulnerable to his attack faster" Dickson explained and it seemed to sink, as Oluchi thought about it
"From this very moment keep an eye on him, monitor him" Dickson said and she nodded lightly like she was hypnotized
"Don't worry i am here for you" he said and touched her hand and kissed it, she smiled...

In 2 months a lot had changed between Oluchi and Red, there was an abnormal distance between them. It didn't tame Dickson so long to get into her head and change it all, at least he was carrying out his plans and the first stage was completed. The company on the other hand wasnt doing so well as before, everything was happening fast and Dickson had received a sudden massive promotion... Was Oluchi this stupid or was Dickson using some supernatural means... It became obvious that something was definitely going on between Oluchi and Dickson...
In the board meeting
"Whatever money lost can be recovered in a short while" Oluchi explained
"You have been saying this for the past 1 month and yet nothing" Mr. Henry was physically angry... It was strange and unexpected, Oluchi had even threatened to fire Red last week before the guards, and Red didn't seem bothered about everything going on or maybe he didn't show it physically...
Dickson had access to the mansion whenever he pleased he dashed out instructions to the guards and maids, Oluchi gave him that power but he could do same to Red; Red had told him that he owed his loyalty to Oluchi alone. The point remains that she was doing all this to forget Red and get him out of heart and to everyone it seemed to be working...

Oluchi and Dickson were in a romantic position when Red came upstairs into the balcony. The sight wasn't pleasing but he decided to mind his business. He cleared his throat loudly and they both broke the kiss � and looked at him
"What" Dickson was first to speak, Red ignored him
"Madam" Red called, that word 'madam' hit Oluchi at heart and she immediately knew Danny had moved far from her and deep down it was a pain
"Lamnalco just delivered their own part of the contract agreement" Red said
"Okay, i will sign later, put it over there" she said
"Actually, they need it now... So you have to sign immediately" Red said
"Are you dumb? She said out it there" Dickson sparked
"One more word from you and i will send you to hell" Red replied
"Danny!" Oluchi called out
"Don't speak to Dickson like that again" she said
"Give me the documents" she collected them and signed and handed it to Red and their eyes met, there was a sudden pause for 2 secs, they both knew there was love between them
"Thank you" Red said and walked away...

And another month, another lose for the company
"Miss. Marcus... You are better than this" Mr. Henry said
"For 3 weeks we have been on the losing side of the stock market, what nonsense?!!" He was angry
"I am sorry, i can fix it" she said
"That what you always say"
"For the last time, i will call your father if this gets worse" he stormed out her office.

Danny is sitting close to Jane's office, Jane is walking to her office and sees Danny sitting and pressing his phone.
"Hello Cutie" Jane said as she sat beside him, he raised his face and smiled
"Hey Jane whats up"
"Good, how are you"
"Am good" he said
"How is the day going?" She asked
"Normal routine" he said
"You don't seem happy for some time now" she said
"No, i am fine" he said
"Come on talk to me" she said and touched his hand
"Am fine, thanks for the concern" he said
"I don't like that guy too... I know you love her" Jane said, Red was about to speak
"Don't deny it" Jane said
"You are right but i will get over it" he said
"No you won't" she said
"How do you mean?"
"You don't get over true love" Jane said, he was silent
"I wonder how he got into her head" Jane said
"That's easy... Oluchi is beautiful and wealthy, guys � don't dare approaching such ladies because they would feel lesser but only the few bold ones do and these type of ladies break easily" he said
"You should have prevented it" Jane said
"I guess i didn't" he said as he smiled at Jane
Oluchi walks passed and sights them, she immediately became jealous on seeing the smile on their faces as they looked at each other, she could have sworn they were dating � but she couldn't stop herself from being jealous, Jane on the other hand was a beauty and Oluchi saw this clearly
"Whats going on here?" Oluchi acting bossy
"Nothing much" Red said
"Jane you can't do this on duty" she said
"At least we have the right to own a relationship" Red said, Oluchi's pupils dilated immediately and she didn't know when she almost screamed
"Relationship ?!" She was surprised
"Jane get back to your office" Oluchi said
"Be polite please" Red said
"I am your boss" she said
"No you are not... Its been 2 months and my boss is no where to be found" Red blasted and walked away...

Oluchi got home that day and thought � about what Red said and what she saw. Could they be dating? She thought to herself. She decided to calk Dickson so as to clear her head; she dialled but his number was switched off.
"Can we talk?" Danny's voice sent a chill down her spine as he came up suddenly
"What do you want to say?" She said as she got up and walked to the edge of the balcony looking at the beautiful compound
"For 3months, your attitude towards everything has changed. We're both cold towards each other. Dickson has become your most important accept"
"Stop it" she said and turned to him
"Who are you to talk to me about love, about the company; don't ever say this again" she tried to be tough
"Are you trying to be tough with me? I am going to walk out here and you would never see me again" he raised his voice as he pointed to the stairs
"Are you threatening me?" She asked
"Does it sound like a threat?". He asked, she was calm and he saw this
" I want the Oluchi i used to know" he said, she stared at him, she walked close to him and looking at him eye ball to eye ball
"I am the Oluchi you used to know" she said and then silence
"Then prove it" he said calmly as he held his gaze; they both stared at each other and in 4secs they were kissing � deeply and after 10secs of the kiss, Red broke the kiss, Oluchi was speechless, she just kissed him and it was so good and peaceful ☮
"You are in there somewhere but i want you to come out" he said and walked away, leaving her alone. She touched her lips � then but her lower lip lightly as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
That same day at about 7:00pm, Dickson came to the house and took Oluchi out and came back by 9:00pm
"I need to shower � wanna join me" Oluchi asked Dickson
"I'll join you later" he said and kissed her, she left for the bathroom �. Dickson waited a while then picked his phone and called someone
"Hello love" he said
"Dickson, so how far?" A female voice said
"I have her in hand, all that's left is the set up"
"Do it quickly and please don't flop it" she said
"I wont... I love you, got to go now" he hanged up.
Dickson sent for Red who responded after a little delay; Dickson was nervous but he did well hiding it
"Why did you send for me?" Red asked
"I didn't... Oluchi did" Dickson said drinking from a glass �
"And where's she?" Red asked
"She's in the bathroom... She said you should help her go get the company account details" he said, Red was silent a while
"She doesn't bring those home" Red said
"I don't know about that... You can go ask her in the bathroom" Dickson replied without looking at him, Red is silent as he stares at Dickson
"You know? Your face looks familiar" Red said walking closer to Dickson; Dickson's heart skipped as he paused
"I just hope you don't bring bad memories or you will regret the day you came in here" Red said and walked away, Dickson had felt a sudden purge in his stomach, he breath deeply then relaxed
"So fucking close" he said silently
"I really must get rid of this guy in time" he said to himself.
Not long Oluchi came out the bathroom �
"You didn't come" she said
"I told you that guard of your was a criminal" Dickson said, Oluchi wasn't really interested
"What did he do?" She asked
"I heard him talking downstairs on the phone about some office document �". She paused to look at him
" what document �? " she asked
"Company account details" Dickson said
"What!" She screamed �
"He said he was going to get it... Not long he left now" Dickson said
"My God! Red! I can't believe this!" She quickly dresses up and they left the house.
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Danny entered the company, driving towards the main tower, he thought about the kiss they shared today; the lights shined brightly in the hall which had few people moving. He enters the elevator which takes him to his destination. As he steps out he meets with Rose, a night staff
"Hey Red" he turned to see her
"Hey Rose, long time, how are you?"
"Am good... What are you doing here?" She asked
"Came to get some document � for Oluchi"...

He turned on the lights in the office then went around the table to the locker, he punched the password and unlocked it then opened and grabbed the file.
" hey Rose see you later " he said as he approached the elevator
"Yeah bye" she replied.
He approached the elevator which opened and he saw saw Oluchi and Dickson with some security officials, being smart enough Red immediately knew Dickson had set him up. Oluchi collected the documents and went through it
"So its true?" She said
"Whats true?" He asked
"You are a thief" she said
"Excuse me?" He said and she slapped him, that was a surprise
"Arrest him" Oluchi ordered the men and they took him away, he looked at Dickson who gave a smile and immediately all the memories of Dickson came flooding in...

The next day it was on the news, the staffs didn't seem happy about it and didn't believe it as well. Mr. Henry tried talking to Oluchi who refused to release him from cell.
In a week there was a meeting and the board raised the issue
"Madam that young man you arrested has been there for a week now" Mr. Mark said
"How is that your problem?" Oluchi attacked him
"Its everybody's problem" Mr. Henry said, he happens to be the most senior director of the company
"Mr. Henry with all due respect that has nothing to do with you" she said
"Are you serious ? We are talking about company case here"
"Yes, and he attempted stealing" she said angrily
"This is more sentimental than i thought" Jane said and looked at Oluchi who looked away slowly
"This man has been with your father ever before you came to Nigeria and you have no idea who he really is" Mr. Henry said
"Who is he? My body guard!" She yelled and there was silence in the room not because of her yelling but because there was something more
"Enough of all these, i am calling your father" Mr. Henry said
"I wasn't joking about the sack statement" Oluchi said without looking at him; she had earlier warned that anyone who got her father involved would be fired. Mr. Henry was calm not because of her threat but because she could take more foolish decisions.
"I am sure your father would be proud of you" Mr. Henry said and walked out the meeting and gradually everyone followed one after the other until Jane was left.
"You have made a terrible mistake, i pray you correct your steps in time" she said and left...

Oluchi and Dickson were discussing and laughing when Mr. Henry came into her office
"Young man! Are you not suppose to be in your office?"
"Excuse me?" Dickson said
"Get back to your office or lose your job now" Mr. Henry said with a straight face, Dickson was surprised and Oluchi was silent, he looked at Oluchi and she signaled him to obey, he got up calmly and left
"Put your head to your job, that man has nothing to offer you" Henry said and left her office...

Even in orison Danny was thinking � about how far Dickson would have gone with his evil plans. What was he even actually plotting. Of cause he remembers Dickson now, the notorious robber he almost killed.... A policeman comes to the cell
"Hey you" he called to Red and opened the door �. He was led to the police counter where he met Mr. Henry, Mr. Mark and Jane.
Red was well built had an excellent body for a man; he was happy to see them, he gave a little smile as the smiled back. They left the station heading to Mr. Henry's house
"What happened?" Jane asked, she was at the back seat with Red
"Long story, i got set up by Dickson"
"I know that guy is evil" name said
"We need to deal with that guy" mark said
"No, we won't do anything... Let the company keep coming down, Mr. Romero will soon arrive" Henry said
"Sir Henry, may i stay at your place a while" Red asked
"Sure, as long as you want"
"I'm really sorry for all these bullshit Red" Jane said
"O come on Jane"
"I wonder what Oluchi saw in that guy, you are better in every way"
"The guy is really a dick" Mark said
"She is beautiful but vulnerable" Henry said
"And Red is in love with her" Mark said
"How did you know?" Red asked and they laughed
"Its obvious, you both can't hide it" Henry said
"Oluchi is just acting sentimental". Jane said
"It hurts me because you have put your life on the line for her" Jane said
"I remember when you were rushed to the hospital � after being shot 3 times in the back" Mark said
"I remember that"
"O my God! You needed to see Oluchi that day, she could have gone craze" Jane said " she was totally restless,she only calmed down a little when the doctor told her you were alive"
"That's love" mark said...

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Two weeks later...

Oluchi was unaware of Danny's release... Jane walks into Oluchi's office to drop a report, she meets Oluchi sitting on Dickson's thigh as the both smiled at each other
"Oluchi we have a problem" Jane said but Oluchi and Dickson were whispering to each other and laughing which made Jane go berserk
"Oluchi i think you are mad" Jane blasted as she flings the file she was holding to the table, Oluchi immediately looks at her
"What...did you just say?" Oluchi asked
"You heard me right, damn it! Ever since this good for nothing assholes came into your life, your life has been turned upside down, your beauty, sense of intelligence are all gone. You are becoming useless to this company" Jane spoke out without minding the consequences, Oluchi and Dickson just stared at her surprised.
"And right now, 100 million dollars is missing from company and here you are messing up" Oluchi was shocked as she got up immediately
"Your dad has been calling your line but you refused to respond to him" Jane added, Oluchi grabbed her hand bag immediately and searched for her phone and pulled it out and saw 7 missed calls � from her dad, her heart raced faster, she felt itching and was a little sweaty
"How.. How is this possible?" She asked, Jane ignored her a while
"That's a very stupid question ❔ ... You should be worried about what your father would do" Jane said, Oluchi felt like a teenager � who had failed her home works and was in for some punishment. Her phone rang, she looks at the caller to see her dad calling, she feels a suddenly sharp rush of blood in her heart, she takes a deep breath then picks the call � and says nothing
"Oluchi why the hell did you take out 200million dollars from the company?" He asked
"What... I... I didn't" she was even more shocked because Jane said 100 and now dad is saying 200
"Are you trying to destroy my company?" He asked
"No dad, i would never do that" she pleaded
"I hear there's a young man there running my company with you... I am getting you both arrested" he said and hanged up
She needed no one to tell her that her dad was coming home, she knew she was the only person with the access code but she suddenly remembers she had told Dickson, she turned to Dickson with widened eyes
"My God! Dickson what have you done?" She said and Dickson smiled sheepishly then got up and pulled out a gun and pointed at Oluchi
"What are you doing" now it was all obvious, Jane probably knew this was coming but not like this
"I don't have much to say but I created an account in the company name somewhere far from here and pushed the 200 million dollars there" he laughed
"The look on your face gets me laughing" he said
"Oluchi do you know that they were all right?" He said
"Right about what?" She asked
"That you are stupid" he said laughing seriously, that hit Oluchi hard and tears rolled down her eyes. She just couldn't help but wish � Red was here �, she had made a terrible mistake all because she wanted to be the tough boss band full of high standards.
"I've always known you were a beast" Jane said
"I have nothing to say to you" he said and shot Jane in the stomach and she falls down, the room is sound prove and the gun had a silencer, Oluchi was shocked
"You killed her" Oluchi's eyes widened as she looked at Jane
"Yes i did dear! You are next" he said, more tears rolled down her eyes
"Yeah cry all you want... I know you wish Red was here but sorry... You kicked him out (laughs) although he was trouble for me, so i had to look for a way to set him up and that was easy, wasn't it?" He laughed
Oluchi suddenly has a flash back...

Oluchi is in a hummer jeep with Dickson sitting with her, Red and the driver in front, returning from work, the estate road is deserted, they didn't go out with escorts, just Red only when all off a sudden four guys � with AK47 blocked the road, two carried shot guns. Red was with a desert eagle in his suit but felt damned not going out with back ups. Dickson was obviously scared as well as Oluchi. The guys ordered everyone out of the car
"Don't go out, stay here" Red said to them then stepped
"Be careful" Oluchi said with fear
"Guys relax!" Red raised his hands in the air.
"Are you mad? I said everybody out!" One shouted and forcefully opens the back door and door and pulls Oluchi out of the car
"Hey! Don't touch her like that" Red said defending Oluchi, one of them raised his gun � to hit Red on the head but Red caught his hand grabs the gun and quickly turns him over backing him and puts the gun � on his neck, using him as a shield, Red pulls out the desert eagle and like lightening shoots two in the head � and the other runs and hides behind a tree, Red breaks the neck of the guy he was holding and drops the body, the guy at the back of the tree shoots at Oluchi but Red was quick to react and the bullet hits his arm, he shoots again and it hits Red in the right chest then runs away, Oluchi was crying as she pulled Red with the driver, they both put Red in the car, Dickson was nowhere to be found...

"When you slapped him, i held myself from laughing" Dickson said
"You are a criminal" Oluchi said and he laughed
"Really? So i am now the criminal... I thought it was Red; in 8 months i brought you down, it only took so long because of Red"
"You won't get away with this" she said
"O shut up, i already did... Red is in jail, he can't save you... My fiancé is waiting for me, i have to go now" Oluchi knew she had been a fool
"Why are you doing this?"
"Your father killed my men or should i say, his guards did and it was Red who saved your dad. That's why i came for pay back, i decided to use his daughter to crash his company"
"O God! What have i done" she cried
"Time to go sweetie" he said and shot her in the chest, she is startled by the gun shot, she looks at her chest and sees blood, her eyes go weak
"Danny please forgive me" those were are last words; Dickson goes out the office immediately...

15mins later...
Henry walks into Oluchi's office to meet a terrible sight
"Jesus!" He ran out the office....
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MR. Henry was waiting in the passage when Mark comes up to him
"Sir how far"
"No one has come out that room for the passed 2 hours now" he replied
"O God! Please spare their lives" Mark said
"How far with Dickson?" Henry asked
"The guy disappeared like smoke" Mark said as he sat on a bench
"There are so many journalists outside, i asked the boys to keep them from coming in" Mark said, Henry sits down beside him
"What do we tell them?" Mark asked
"We tell them nothing" Henry said
A doctor comes out the emergency room
"Doctor!" Henry was first to speak as he jumped up
"Sir Henry! Oluchi is alive but Jane's survival is slim"
"No! Please she can't die" Henry said
"We are doing our best... She wont" he assured
"Can i see Oluchi"
"No! Not yet"...

Danny is in the sitting room watching the breaking news of Oluchi's attack, he stared at the screen blankly with his right hand moving with an object in it... It was pure golden necklace with a small diamond attached to the tip, Danny has a flash back...

Flash back...
Danny and Oluchi parks the Range Rover by the quiet road with Oluchi sitting on the bonnet of the car, Danny standing in front of her
"Its getting late �, let's go home" Danny said
"Come on, let's just relax"
"We can relax at home, we've been out all day" he said
"So?" She responded with a smile, he looks away
"Come closer" she said
"Sorry?" He replied
"I said come closer to me" she smiled gorgeously, he hesitates but then moves closer
"What" he asked, she grabs his hands and pulled him closer and puts his hands round her waist, he was a little surprised, he quickly looks around
"Don't be shy" she said laughing and turns his face to hers. She then takes off her neck lace and outs it in his hand
"Thus is my favorite necklace" she said putting it in his hand
"I don't wear necklace" he said
"I know! Keep it... I would ask of it one day" she said, they looked at each other in the eyes, she then kissed him and he responded, he breaks the kiss as she hugs him, he lifts her off the car while she laughs
"Time to go" he said, they got in the car and drove off...

Present day...
Danny couldn't believe all that had happened so fast, he puts the necklace in the left hand then closes his fist tightly...

In few hours...
Henry headed back to the hospital, Oluchi was doing fine, he entered the room, Oluchi looked depressed
"I'm so sorry" she said in a low tone as Henry walks close
"Please don't say you are sorry" he raised his hand at her signalling her to stop
"You would only make me more angry" he said, tears rolled down her eyes as she turned her face away
"Everything you did, you did deliberately, out of free will... You threw caution to the wind �" he said standing in front of her bed
"I know its all my fault but... Please stop" Henry cuts her
"I don't want to hear it please" he said, she cried more
"We had a quick meeting today and the board agreed your authority and control be suspended until Mr. Romero comes... I winder what you would say to your dad, the company is coming down" Henry said
"Please release Danny" she requested
"I already did that weeks ago... You suddenly remember him... You only need him when you are in trouble, a man who out his life on the line for you over and over again and again... You were ungrateful. Wait till your dad hears you fired him"
"Please can i see him?" She requested crying
"See him? He is leaving for London soon" Henry said, Oluchi was really bittered....

Mr. Romero arrives very, he got home and the next day goes to see Oluchi
Oluchi looked really troubled on seeing her dad
"Dad i am so sorry" she begged as he walked close, he quietly sits beside her
"How are you doing today?" He asked
"I... I am troubled" she said
"Oluchi why have you done this to me." He asked, she was funk of guilt
"Why did you destroy my company, company i have built for years for you" he said and she cried, he takes a deep breath then looks around
"Where is Danny" he asked; she didn't want that but it would come anyway...
"She sacked him sir" Henry said
"She what?" He exclaimed as he withdrew his hand from hers
"I am so sorry"
"No you are not"
"Why did you do it?" He asked, she just wept.
"She accused him of stealing company properties, document �" Henry said
"Stealing? That's impossible"
"You have done the worse Oluchi"
"Maybe i didn't tell you the whole story"
"Red is one of the most valuable persons in the family business... Do you think he is a body guard? He was suppose to be your guide... He would help you run the company, he is a secret member of the board, the reason why we have never been on the losing side of the stock market. He saved my life, saved your mother, while you were enjoying the good life in America, he is a child prodigy... A rare treasure" Oluchi was speechless, no wonder he was so different and unique.
"Whichever way you can do it, i want Red back or forget about coming back home to me. Find Red or i disown you" Romero said and left the room... It was like it wouldn't stop, she remembered how she and Red started until Dickson came in...

After 3 days she was discharged and she went to Mr. Henry's home, he welcomed her
"So what brings you here" he asked
"I need your help" she requested
"If its about Red, then i am sorry, i can't help you" he said
"Please you know its about him" she pleaded
"Why would i help you?"
"I love him" she said
"Love? Why don't i believe you?" He said
"You nay not believe me but i know i do"
"Dickson is gone, now you come for Red, isn't that obvious"
"I don't know but i have always loved him over Dickson"
"I can't help you" he said
"If i leave here, i will kill myself" she said, those words touched Henry, and he knew she wasn't joking
"Why would you kill yourself?" Danny's voice rang out and she froze as her heart raced
"Danny... Please... Ssssh" he shunned her as he walked closer
"If you kill yourself, it would not solve our problems" he said
"I don't have much to say but i knew you would come back for me" he smiled
"Please forgive me" she said, he brought out the golden necklace from his pocket, she was surprised to see it
"You kept it?" She questioned with tears in her eyes
"Because i love you" he said and put it on her neck and hugged her as she cried
"Come on, haven't you cried enough" he said and wiped her eyes
"I love you Danny, I swear i do" she said and he kissed her fore head..
A phone rang from Danny's pocket, he brings it out
"This mobile belongs to Dickson's girlfriend and we will be using it to get back all the money he stole" Danny said; Oluchi was silent a while
"How did you get it" she asked
"Well, I have been watching Dickson for a while, he plans on fleeing the country with his girl. I got in touch with Tom and he monitored Dickson for a while. With the lady in my custody, Dickson will be an easy catch"
"I tracked her down yesterday and was able to bring her here with the conviction that Dickson sent me. She is tied down in one of the rooms, do you wanna see her"
"No! I wouldn't want to but i want to thank you for this" she said
"You don't have to" he said
"I really hurt you, i feel so guilty" she said, he hugged her lightly and takes her to a chair to sit down
"I'll be back" he said and left...

Red enters into a room where a girl is tied to a chair
"Your boyfriend called, he wants to speak to you" Red said
"Why are you doing this? Please let me go, i beg you" she pleaded
"Not yet... Your boyfriend is a criminal and you know it" Red said
"I swear, i don't know... I only know Dickson as a caring loving guy" she said
"Caring, loving guy" Red repeated and laughed
"Well if you don't want to suffer for his crimes, you will do as i have told you" Red said
"Yes! I'll do anything" she agreed, the phone rings, Red picks the call and puts it on loud speaker
"Hello babe" she said
"Where the hell are you?" Dickson asked
"Sorry dear, I'm at a friend's place in lekki"
"O God! OK where exactly are you?" He asked, Red shows her an address on a paper.
"Lekki phase II, No12 crescent road, close to China embassy"
"OK i will be there soon... Am around there" he said and hanged up...
"Good girl" Red said and left...

He heads back to the sitting room
"He will be here soon" Danny said to Oluchi
"Let's call the police" she said
"No not yet" he said
"Where's Mr. Henry" Danny asked
"He went upstairs" she replied
"I will monitor him enter" Danny said and went outside, he goes out the gate and into a building under construction.

An hour later...

A small KIA stops in front of the gate, Dickson steps out, he looks around then puts on a dark shade then goes into the compound. Red then comes out the building, waits a while then follows him; Dickson enters the sitting room and got the shock of his life...

"Oluchi!" He froze; she was watching TV, she looks at him then looks back at the TV �
"Welcome!" She said without looking at him; he pulls out a gun and points at her; suddenly something heavy landed on his arm, he screams in pain as the gun � drops from his hand, he falls to the ground then looks up to see Red holding a thick rod and smiling
"What's up Dick! How's your arm?" Red asked
"You... I should have killed you" Dickson said still in pain, he could feel his arm beating like a heart, as he breaths heavily
"Good, you can still talk... So you'll start by telling me where the money is" Red asked
"In your dreams" Dickson said
"So you can still act tough? Its all over for you Dick"
"No its not" Dickson said
" why are you so sure?"
"Because i came with back up" Dickson said
"Drop it" a voice said behind Red, he turned to see a young man with gun pointing at him. Dickson got up smiling as he held his arm.
"I knew something was fishy... I know you have my girl in custody, her voice was shaky when she spoke" he said; Oluchi was frightened; Dickson was having the upper arm here.
"You come over here" Dickson said to Oluchi but she was reluctant; Dickson picked up his gun
"Come here" he ordered and she obeyed
"Now you both are going to die as lovers" Dickson smiled
"Am smarter" Dickson said
"No I'm way smarter than you" Danny said
"Says who" Dickson asked and then there was gun shot, Dickson was startled but then he saw his guy drop dead. He wanted to shoot at Oluchi but Red quickly grabbed his arm and hit the gun off then punched � his face and he dropped down holding his nose as blood came out
"My home is not for action movies" Mr. Henry said holding a shot gun.
"Now who is smarter?" Danny asked
"Where is the money?" Oluchi asked
"In the car... There's a black suit case that contains all the documents of the transfer and all my credit cards � �..." He quickly spoke up, he knew it was all over... Danny takes him away...

Danny calls the police � and in 30 mins they arrived, they arrested Dickson and his girlfriend and carried the body away
"You promised to free me" she said to Red
"Sorry i can't, actually she is the one who would decide that" he pointed to Oluchi...

Danny and Oluchi headed home; Mr. Romero smiled immediately he saw them
"At last" he said and hugged them
"Dad, i have something to say" she said
"We will want to get married �" she said, her father looks at her for like 3secs then smiled
"What took you so long to see that?" He said and hugged her, she was surprised...
"We will have a big party � tomorrow night.." Mr. Romero said...


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Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 1:37am On Sep 19, 2018
Sorry about the errors. It's an old story

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Re: Compatibles... Short story by MrPlato(m): 6:40pm On Oct 07, 2018
Re: Compatibles... Short story by Nobody: 1:46pm On Oct 11, 2018
Nice one dear

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