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ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 7:47pm On Sep 17, 2018

Yeah if you are looking for just that slim guy with aux packs not so cute and handsome but you know still got those killer looks,then I’m the right man (wait did I say man) not yet a man o,well I was still feeling myself then GBOOOA!! I was like “chinsos chinsos ,wetin be dat” then I realized I was actually the victim of the thunderous slap.I turned around to see my ferocious but beautiful stepmom staring down at me.
Believe me I don’t know how it happened but I was engulfed with mixed feelings the slap and my anony down there nodding to the rythm the bralesd br..t of my stepmom was giving.yeah my wicked stepmom was my crush then how ironic but that was the situation i found myself in,wait all this happened within seconds
“Oloshi stupid boy,what are you still doing since,werey(mad boy) go and answer them at the shop before they pull down my gate” I quickly put on.my. singlet and rushed to the shop to answer the moth…..cker that caused me the slap …
Oh my bad sorry introduction right okay yeah my name na Tolani but dem dey call me Anonymus because I be dat boy wey no popular but known in dat our community 18 years and still a virgin u dey shy sha …okay that’s it for now…

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 7:48pm On Sep 17, 2018
As I reach shop, the person knocking just wanted to but 10 naira pure water o boy uf you see the kind eye wey I take scan am with annoyance i said “ko si” meaning we don’t have whereas there is never knowing that my stepmom was watching from the window upstairs…let me quickly give you a full layout of my house(when na my papa house na my house ) we have a nig cwmented compound with two buildings a bungalow and a story building immediately you open the big gate you come face to face directly with the bungalow at the far end of the compound the bungalow is mainly for rentage and the upstairs well “how I go take explain am oo’ okay”. Downstairs was the shop and an apartment for rent age too so my parents room window upstairs was directly proportional to the window downstairs if you get my view and every action taken is never passing by our eagle eye which is my grand mother.
So she heard my statement and shouted ” ehm kiloso(what did you say)” then I knew u was in for another trouble.
I sold the pure water and braced myself for the torments to come but surprisingly nine came or so I thought because that night I went on night fastingi went to bed at 2 am after massaging my step mom’s leg for good 3 hours(who born me to rejector even grumble,I dey craze?),I woke up the following morning which was Wednesday and that day ,my adventure,journey and sexcapades started .

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 7:48pm On Sep 17, 2018
Chapter 3 I woke up 6am,had my bath dressed up for the necessary house chores and headed straight to shop(school? I don finish secondary school 2years before but not even bothered looking for admission, who born me to talk about it) yeah I went to shop and did the necessary things to be done and sat down waiting for those that is going to fetch earer(we sell provisions and water) when all of a sudden gunshots were heard, me that I was outside I didn’t even have the brain to run inside the house ,instead I started running to God knows where, I was still running when a speeding car(probably rubbind from the chaos ) hit me and it was blackout… I woke up and everywhere was white I was expecting the brightness to disturb my sight but it didn’t ,I concluded I was in a hospital,but when I tried to shift ,o boy I realized I was standing,then I realized that I was dead ( or fainted,not sure sha), I quickly assess my soroundings everywhere was bright with no blemish,I looked back and I saw someone with wings ,I was glad knowing that for my life,I don see angel be that ,but thus angel different o,it was with a cane and when it(abi na he) saw me,it shouted ” ehn wetin you dey do there,oya go back to where una dey come from “(me sef surprise..na pidgin in speak) he was charging towards me with the cane raised ,that was when I started running,me wey sabi escape from cane well well,na my stepmom teach me o,I saw a fence and jumped over it but there wasn’t a place to land,so I kept falling down till it was white out(yeah white out not black out). …………………………………. I opened my eyes and it was all white again,o said in my heart ” oh God why na,person fit die two times? ” that was when I started hearing voices a woman said “thank God ,he just opened his eyes” another person ,this time a man said. “I’ll get the doctor”.. I was relieved coz now I’m in a hospital not in an heaven where angels speak pidgin and chase people with Cains… Sorry for the errors I’ll try to pay more caution ,ehn biko… Please comment fast.

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 3:19pm On Sep 18, 2018
chapter 4 a week later,I was discharged from the hospital and I was taken home by Mr and Mrs ebube,whom I later learned hit me and took me to the hospital,after eating a sumptuous buffet,then they asked about my family and that they should take me home,on hearing home my mind and head called themselves aside to discuss…head;una no hear wetin I hear?,shey that place na home,you know say na me dey receive most blows from stick and other hard things mind;okay I get one plan,I go process am to mouth, head;hope say I go work, mind ; no worry just wait and see then my mouth opened and I said “uhm,ma I don’t have any family ma,I was a tout before you hit me,I can’t stand the fight happening so I was running away when you mistakenly hit me” (yes o,na mistake ,dem no know na). the woman now started interrogating me, questions like name,age,nationality,home town,life experiences(I lie gidi gan for that one),the woman no even ask about education, na me con talk say I be secondary school graduate,then I realised,the woman grabbed and asked “who now sent you to school when you have no relative” I quickly processed a lie and said “I was in ss2 when they died so I struggled by myself for ss3”.they both excused themselves to discuss,then I noticed it,her curve is just so angelic(I no know if angels have curves oo),a perfect example of a BBW,her a-s is perfectly round and matches her well shaped hips,as she was walking away with her husband,the thing was just swinging, I couldn’t help the arousement I was having,my anony dey always observe this kain thing but never tasted of the fruit thereof. I quickly drifted my mind away from her and looked round the big sitting room at,it was well furnished with cream paints on the walls,the floor was tiled but still,a very soft rug was placed on the floor,in the middle of the room was a thick tempered transparent glass center table and at one corner was the electronics,it was LG Brand all through, the plastma,the home theatres, the DVD player,everything was LG, different pictures hung in the wall,and one of these pictures consist of the whole family,from the picture it was a family of six,the parent and four children 3 girls and a boy,two of this girls were twin and d--n they are beautiful,I had a crush on them that instant since they were about my age,the eldest is the girl which I couldn’t decipher her age at that moment and youngest is the boy,should be around 12 or 13… I was still observing when they came back ,I adjusted myself for what would follow next, the man cleared his throat and said “my wife and u has decided to take you in as our own child,we have decided to sponsor your education and promise us you’ll be a good boy and not make us regret this”. ” I promise you sir,and thank you very much sir, may God….. ” they showed me to my new room and told me to get ready for we are going shopping for me, to get new clothes for me and other necessary things. we were almost going out when their daughters my own crush came inside or rather arrived. thanks for your supports, please comment fast.

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 3:20pm On Sep 18, 2018
Episode 5
Right there, I knew what I was into in that house, because it seems all the assets of the mother was passed on to the children,not to talk of their beauty,they were heavily endowed,its just too much for their age,
“Who is this”, one of the twins asked rather rudely,
” perhaps the new houseboy”, the other replied, mom came to my aid and did the introduction the twins names were precious and shanks,while the boys name was Mike.
I was in my room some hours later after the shopping trying out some new clothes, so i was only on my boxers, when suddenly precious badged inside my room without knocking, for a moment there, I forgot I was away from my step mom and I was already pleading “I’m very sorry ma”,
After waiting for a moment, I realized my folly and I looked up, and behold, I saw precious staring at my six packs and at intervals down at my boxers, I decided to make matters worse and I flexed the packs even more, realising the impacts I had made,I gave a slight cough and asked. ” yes, can I help you?”
Taken aback and stammering she replied
“Hmmm,yeah, f f food is r r ready”, and she left the room but I saw her take another quick glance at my packs.
Its been a month with the Ebubes and it was hell, wait o,mom and dad do treat me well (that’s what I call them, since that’s what they are to me right now), and Mike just loves Mr for no reason, the real hell was the twin, especially precious who just decided to torment me at any slight opportunity after the incident that happened in my room.
So one night like that sha, I was having an hard time to sleep, so I decided to go to the kitchen to drink milk, On getting to the parlour, I saw shania watching p--n, I was surprised that this girls son sabi wetin dem dey call pen..s, she didn’t see me so I went to the kitchen to have my milk, she was still watching it when I got there,me set get interest so I hid
Somewhere and was enjoying it too, we were engrossed in it, but me wey get instinct for trouble, I heard faintly the door to mom and dad’s room closing, without even thinking Of her seeing me, I dived to the DVD and removed the disc, switched off the whole set and just then dad came out
“What are you both doing up this late”. He asked, ” I came to get milk and I saw her drinking water”. I lied. “Okay,just go back to sleep when you’re done”. ” yes sir” we chorused.
After the incident,shania changed towards me and couldn’t even look me in the face, precious changed a little too but not totally, but anytime I find shania alone I never forget to tell her that she owes me.
After meals one night, I was inside my room preparing for bed when I heard a gentle knock on my door “come in”, I said and just then shania dressed in just her transparent nightie came into my room and calmly she said
“Please, we need to talk”.

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 3:20pm On Sep 18, 2018
Episode 6 I stood there transfixed trying to process what she just said, because what I heard was “we need to f--k”, I was still trying to process it when she started speaking again. “Okay, let’s face it, thanks for the other night for saving me a lot of trouble from dad, but yeah I accept you helped me, yet you don’t have to torment me the way you’re doing,at least you’re the one who never gave me the chance to repay you”, ehn, wetin I hear, she no even talk about thanking me, na repay she dey talk about, ” and how do you want to repay me if I may ask “, I asked her, just then as if she was being controlled, she took off her nightie, lo and behold, there stood one of my crushes standing unclad before me, I quickly savored the sight, her oranges were round and big with her pink hard n-----s surrounded by dark aerolas, her bellybutton was just too romantic for me,it craved inside her flat belly and was small,then looking down at her (wait make I recover first……okay let’s continue). Her va…na was well shaved and shiny perhaps she is wet already, I just couldn’t take the sight anymore that I exclaimed ” wow, Jesus f-----g Christ, is this me?”, I asked no one in particular, she worked towards me and planted a wet and passionate kiss on my lips, she continued sucking on my lips and at the same time, using both hands to unbutton my shirt, succeeding at pulling off my shirt, she started running her hands tenderly up and down my packs, she was sending sparks and sensations down my spine but I just allowed her do the whole ceremony since I’m an amateur at this, this was even my first time of kissing a lady,she pushed me on the bed and came on top of me, she slowly started sucking my n-----s, I just closed my eye in ecstasy, she pulled of my boxers to reveal my anony and she started stroking it gently, I was lost in this pleasure island when she suddenly stopped, I was scared that she was going to ask me why I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing, “what’s wrong”, I asked her fearfully ” promise me you won’t tell anybody about this”, relieved and happy I replied “I dey craze?, who I wan tell ability why I wan tell,I promise”, Smiling naughtily, she started sucking on my lips again and stroking my anony, I have watched poem movies a lot so I remembered squeezing (abi na pressing) of women boobs placing emphasis on the n-----s, so I started doing so, I noticed when I press her n-----s, she would let out a slight moan, happy at myself for doing a job well done, I gained courage, I turned her over and started sucking on her n-----s, while I was sucking, I wanted to take my hand down lower to fin..er f..k her, but I don’t even know the right place to insert my finger into, I continued sicking and pressing her b-----s till she decided yo take over, we switched position, I was lying on the bed and she was on top me, after some minutes of romance, she wanted to insert my anony into her in a cowgirl position when someone knocked on my door, shocked, we both disentangled, she packed her clothes and went to hide inside the toilet, the knock came the second time and i , sure that nothing looks suspicious said ” come in”, and there came in precious dressed also in only her night gown, “yes?, can I help you”, I asked her, she replied me ” Anonymus, we seriously need to talk”
read other episode on www.empreblog.com.ng

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 3:56pm On Sep 19, 2018
episode 7
what do we need to talk but now, I was wondering my mind, she started talking, “anonymus, I know these past few months I’ve been harsh on you, so I just came here to apologize and I hope you forgive me from the depths of your heart, I have grown to like you, I don’t know how that came up, but I just like you suddenly, I hope you understand me and, and I hope you think with me out forgive me, please”, ” ok, i’ve forgiven you but please you have to get out right now”, I replied, ” but why, I also want to give you an assurance that in really sorry”, I was getting pissed off already, and i had to push her outside because I have unfinished business to attend to, after licking the door, sharia came out if the bathroom all dressed up and I knew it was game over already, she gave me a kiss and went out if my room, I couldn’t help but to curse sharia for ruining my chance of getting disvirgined in the right manner, I masturbated and went to sleep.
The next day, in the afternoon mum and dad called us out to ask us about our choice of polytechnic, because the form of many polytechnics are out already, the twins both chose ibadan so I had no choice but to choose ibadan too, we did jamb, and awaited our results the very same day, we all passed, we did the necessary things and got admission to the polytechnic of Ibadan, precious and I went for mass communication while shania went for music, 3 weeks later, the trio of us, fully packed, went to the school campus before resumption, it wasn’t hard looking for accommodation, we rented two rooms in the sane house, one for me and another for the girls, after spending three days with us, mom an dad went back to Lagos leaving the three of us in our own.
Since the other night in my room with shania, I haven’t had another chance with her, precious on the other hand has been making some advances to me that I can’t even explain, so I have been trying to cope with this girl’s, cause I wasn’t a pro when it comes to girls matter.
The first week of resumption came, and we have to pass through a lot of stress for our registrations, precious and I did ours together, since we were in the same department, while shania did hers alone, precious always clung to me as if she wan enter me, sometimes i feel proud about it, because most guys do wish to crave her attention, but sometimes, it’s so annoying,.
It was on one if this day, we had to question for the stamping of our receipts by our HOD, a guy walked up to us, (precious and I), greeted me normally and said to precious, “how far babe, can we see in private?”, and to my utmost surprise, precious replied ” anything you want to say, say it here because he’s my boyfriend”, she said pointing to me, shocked and surprised, I looked at the guy and gave him a weak smile( I didn’t even know why I smile) , he just nod and left, I made up my mind to confront her when we get back home, I excused myself to pee on one corner, I was still peeing when the gut that came to meet precious, together with four other guys came to meet me, the guy spoke up and said “fine boy, name you dey stand in my way and?”.
Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 3:59pm On Sep 19, 2018
episode 8 At that moment, all I could mutter was “no o, who born me to stand in your way”, they all just laughed at the way I was shaking already, the boy came over to me and said, “for proper introduction, my name is dickson but they call me spirit, ask anybody on this campus and they will tell you not to f–k with me”, ” are you a cultist”, I don’t even know the kind of spirit that pushed me to ask, I already said it before realizing how stupid it was, then “anonymus!”, I guess precious noticed I have been gone for long and came to check on me, “I got my eyes on you already, and don’t you dare tell anyone about this if you love yourself”, spirit said and left,. “what were you doing since”, she asked “thank you” was all I could mutter. We succeeded in signing our receipts and got back home to find out that shania already cooked, I was hungry before but after the encounter, I just lost my appetite, I just sat down inside my room brooding we have never started lectures and I’m ready facing encounters, if we start nko, I couldn’t sleep that night because whenever I close my eyes, all I could see is spirit’s face grinning down at me. The next day was a Saturday, so I decided to arrange and furnish my room to my own taste, I painted the walls blue, bought a blue bulb, I also bought a stereo cuz as i dey so, I’m a music addict, foreign music at that, I bought a poster of fela and another one of tupac shakur , and hung them on the wall, satisfied with the new image of my room, I went to the girls and told them to ask mom and dad for gadgets, by that I mean television, DVD player and money,mom and dad didn’t hesitate on that so by Sunday, my room was fully packed and arranged that even I myself was feeling myself. Lectures started fully on Monday and since it was the first time, precious and I went to school early, even though we had lecture by 8;30 am, we were there by 7 am already, on getting to our lecture hall (sewage 3), I was surprised that we weren’t the only one that decided to come early, we secured a seat at the front and waited for our first lecture of the day which happens to be MAC 101, the lecture came inside and used 1 hour for advising and enlightening us on life in campus, after his speech, there wasn’t time for lecturing anymore, so he just went out. The next lecturer came in and sis same while the third didn’t come at all. When it was 12 noon, I was hungry and I told precious to let us eat at one canteen, we entered a canteen called “Bibire” which we later learned was the most expensive canteen on campus,. While we were eating, I sighted spirit and his guys ordering for food at the counter, I don’t know where the idea came from, I stood up, went to the attendant answering them and told her I would pay for their food, they all looked at me with surprise written over their faces, after they finished ordering (they ordered as much as they could, who go see opportunity and no use am well), I paid using POS and turned to leave, just then, spirit held my hand and slipping a note into my hand said “I have an offer for you, call me and we’ll talk better “.
link to more episode www.emperorblog.com.ng
Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 4:00pm On Sep 19, 2018
episode 9 it was 10 o’clock ready and I was still wondering if I should call spirit or not, I was still thinking when I heard a knock on my door, “come in”, I said without even bothering asking who it was, shania entered holding a pillow and her cover cloth, “what’s it”, I asked her ” I just don’t feel like sleeping alone, plus, I’m cold”, she replied me, i wasn’t im the mood of questioning her, so I just shift for her to sleep, she slept beside me and put her head on my chest, “wetin be all this na”, I was wondering in my mind, she was making some advances but I wasn’t in the so I got up from the bed and switched on the stereo, I insert my phone and started listening to the solemn song of “passengers, circles””, the song made it easy for me to think, so I decided on calling spirit, it was 12:35 a.m. already, I looked at shania and she was sleeping peacefully, I took out the piece of paper he gave me earlier and dialled the number, after picking the call, there was silence, “hello”, I said, “who’s that”, he fired At me, “it’s me, anonymus, the person that paid for your food at bibire, you told me to call you”, After some moment silence then ” oh yeah, you, why are you just calling you should have called earlier, ok can you come out tonight”, tonight ke, I was thinking in my heart, just then I heard shania getting up from bed, I quickly replied him ” no I can’t, maybe tomorrow”and I ended the call. Shania hugged me from behind and said ” why are you not in bed, or am I scaring you off if so then I should start going to my own room”, “no not at all”I replied, I stood up and went to the bed, shania followed me and after lying beside me, she planted a very wet kiss on my lips, ” why not finish what we started months ago” she said taking her hands down to my anony, she brought it out from its cage and smiled, just then, there was a knock on my door, “who’s there,”, I asked slightly scared, ” its me precious, open the door”, disappointed, I shoved my already alerted anony back into my boxers and opened the door for her, ” jeez, shania, i was looking for you”, she said after seeing shania, ” sorry, I just felt like sleeping here tonight” shania replied her,precious laid down next to shania and said ” ok, let us all sleep together tonight then”. I went to bed that night wondering if I’ll ever get disvirgined the legal way. Please we need your comments ooooo biko

link to more episode www.emperorblog.com.ng
Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by popesammy2(m): 6:49pm On Sep 19, 2018
am following
Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 5:47pm On Sep 21, 2018

episode 10 it was 12 noon precious and I had lecture that day,which was a Tuesday, so we both stayed at home while shania went to school because she had an early lecture, after eating breakfast of rice and chicken, we settled to watch a movie on my television, halfway into the film, I remember the statement precious has been making on campus and I decided to ask about it “hmm, precious, why do you keep telling everybody that I am your boyfriend whereas I am not”, i asked her, I could see the shocked look on her face, and it took a moment for her to reply “anonymus, I have been wanting to tell you this, but I just can’t summon the courage to do that, but I guess right now, there’s nothing more to hide”, she knelt down in my front, and put her hands on my chest and looking deep into my eyeballs, she said. “anonymus, I love you “, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and I didn’t even know how to reply her, I was still processing it all in my brain when my phone rang, grateful and relieved, I checked the caller and it displayed Dickson (I no wan use spirit store am na), I picked it up and he told me to meet him at South campus, on hearing south campus, I was a little bit scared because we have been hearing stories that south campus is the most dangerous place on campus, I excused myself from precious, took my bath and after telling her to lock the door when coming to school, I set out for South campus. On getting to south campus, I place the call to spirit and asked where he was, after giving me directions, i went to himand I saw him chilling out with his friends, ” hello my good friend”, he said on sighting me, I couldn’t remember when we became good friends, we shook hands and he took me to private to talk, ” ok, let me get to the point”, he said ” I don’t like beating around the bush, and I don’t like talking with someone for too long, I am giving you an offer to come join my group and I assure you you are going to enjoy it” I didn’t know how to reply him cuz I suspected that was going to happen already, the best answer I could give him was ” sorry to ask, but what group is that”, “cmon, we are the and so many people are trying to join us, come on it’s a free opportunity for you”, I was getting tensed already, in fact, I was crying already, after pleasing with tears, he agreed on my refusal but said we should be good friends, I thanked him and went off to class. After lectures that day, we were heading home ( precious and I), a girl fell down into the gutter so I quickly rushed to her and helped her out, I took her to a store, bought pure water and and helped her get cleaned, through with that, she thanked me and I asked her what her name was, she said her name was funke and I told her mine too but she cab call me anonymus, we exchanged contact and she went off on a bike, I rushed back to precious and apologized for keeping her waiting, and to my utmost surprise, she raised her hands up to slap me, I held her hands up in mid air, and I left her standing there alone and angrily and went home alone.
Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 5:48pm On Sep 21, 2018

Episode 11. I was indoors the rest of the day, brooding over precious behaviour, yes, she told me about her feelings towards me, but we haven’t even discussed about it, even if I want to, would I after her behaviour, I don’t even think we can date each other, we are families na, “what’s all this na”, I was asking myself, around 10 pm, I was hungry, so I went out to buy something to eat, I bought bread and Akara (bean cake ) on getting back home, I could hear voices from the girls room, of was whispers at first, but later on it became heated shouting, I wanted to go ask what the matter was, but decided against it, I switched off the light, inserted my phone into the stereo, drake’s these days filled the room and I slept off. The rest of the week was uneventful, I noticed the girls wearing talking to each other, I decided not to interfere, so I just let them be. On sunday night, i was getting bored, so I decided to call funke, we talked for like 20 mins, where I got to know that she was an accounting student, she was in ND 2, we agreed to meet inside campus on monday and maybe hang out together, I was drifting off to sleep at 9;30 pm when I had a call on my phone, it was dixon, annie asked me to meet him at 411, a popular club house at Ibadan to chill out into the night, I took a bike and met him at 411, when I got there it was really groovy, we partied and danced late into the night, I later learned it was his birthday, around 4;25 am, I was drunk already, I don’t know how it started, but I heard a gunshot, in my drunken state, I got up and started running, almost at the gate, i fell down and hit my head on the ground very hard, with my head using out blood I didn’t even care, i hailed a cab down and told him my direction home, still drunk, immediately I got into my room I just felt down and slept off. I woke up the second day, which happens to be monday, i quickly dressed my wound, took my bath, changed my clothes and headed off to school. It was at school that I heard that two people were killed at the party.

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by emperorblog(m): 5:52pm On Sep 21, 2018

Episode 12 after lectures that day, i called funke and we agreed to meet under a mango tree at North campus where she do receive her lectures, on getting there, i started her from afar, and I realised how beautiful she was, she was wearing a jean trouser and a mickey mouse t-shirt, I signalled her and she came over to me “hi” she greeted me “hello, how was lectures, and hey you’re looking beautiful” I said, “thanks”, she said blushing a little “and thanks for the other day too, I’m so grateful”, “oh cmon, it’s nothing”, I said, after asking her where she wants us to go to, I took her to cocoa dome. I got home around 6 o clock, went to bath and settled for deadpool 2, the movie was very funny and interesting, I was at the part where deadpool was about to die and finding it hard to die(for those that have watched it), I was laughing hard when my phone rang, I picked up and it was funke, she thanked me for making her day special and said she will be looking for more opportunities like that, after ending the call, i reminisced of my day, and I realised that was my first outing with a girl and it was fun, happily I went to bed. ………………………………………
…………………………… It was Friday, and I still noticed the girls aren’t talking to each other, I decided to know what’s going on, u went to their room and knocked, not waiting for a reply, I went inside. “hello girls, what’s up with you two, for a couple of days, you guys have been keeping grudges on yourselves, what’s wrong “, I blurted out and waited for answers, but it was like I wasn’t going to get anything asking like that, so I faced shania and asked her what it was, “ask her”she replied, pointing to precious, they continued pointing to themselves like kids till I got pissed, I got up angrily and wanted to leave when shania held my hand And said “we were fighting because of you “, At that statement I didn’t know what to feel, should I feel bad because I was the cause of a quarrel between twin sisters, or should I be happy because girls Are actually fighting over me, I didn’t know what to say, “hey, today’s Friday, why don’t you let us go ball out and maybe we’ll talk about this later”, I said since that was the only thing that came to my mind. We went to a platnum, another big clubhouse at ibabdan and we were having a nice time, I was getting tipsy already then “anonymus, what’s up nigga”, my tipsy mind was telling me “o boy, you don popular o, dem even know you for platnum”, laughing, I turned to look at who called me and I was devastated at who I saw, will thus guy just get out of my life?, I asked myself.

SOURCE: www.emperorblog.com.ng

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Re: ANONYMOUS By ANONYMOUS by HisSexcellency(m): 11:31pm On Sep 21, 2018
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episode 13 I hanged out with spirit and his friends till about 3 a.m., then I and the girls decided to go home, I noticed the girls too were drunk, so I decided to be the man and I took them home, I took them into their room and I slept off with them. We all woke up at the same time the next day, which was a Saturday, I checked my time, and it was 11:30 a.m. already, I was starving, so I told the girls to let us go out to eat, but they said they will just have to warm the left over food from the other night, after eating, i decided we should talk about the issue on ground. “ok girls”, I said ” I understand what you girls are going through right now, and I understand emotions can’t be hidden, but there are two things I want you girls to understand, first is that, you girls are twin sisters for goodness sake, you don’t have to fight over a boy, and second is that, the boy in question is your family, yes, we are not related by blood, but your mum and dad to treat me like their own son, and I wouldn’t want to betray that, so please, i want you girls to talk to each other and have a rethink of it”, the room went silent for a moment, then precious spoke up “anonymus, we really are sorry about everything, I mean what you said is right, and unless we are crazy, that’s when we won’t think with you, don’t worry everything is settled, right?, shania”, ” absolutely”, shania replied, we played ludo and other games, like nothing happened, I later went to my room, I did some reading and I slept off. I took paracetamol cause I was having a severe headache, dad’s call woke me up, telling me he will be coming to visit us next Friday, lying down on the carpet, and relaxing my head on the bed, I thought about precious and shania, is it really over as they said?, I hope it is,” and hey, it was nice how you handled the situation”, i told myself. Having nothing to do, I wanted to go and play with the girls, but on getting to their door, I realised it was locked meaning they went out, I decided to take a stroll down the street, after working for some minutes, i was tired already, then I remembered funke, I dialled her number and she picked on the first ring, ” hey babe, what’s up” “I’m fine o, how you dey na?”, she replied, “care to hang out?”, I asked ” I don’t feel like going out today,okay, you can come over to my house at apete, I’ll send you the directions now, if you want to come?”, ” yeah, sure,hope nobody is going to beat me up o, me i can’t fight o”, I asked playfully ” why dont you come and see if they will beat you up or not”, and we both laughed, seconds later, a message entered my phone, I went back home, freshened up and went out. I got to her street, I called her and she came to pick me, as we were almost reaching her house, there , at the front of her house, I saw spirit playing card with someone, ” why do this guy keep showing up in my life?” I asked myself,

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Episode 14 “does that guy leave here?”, I asked funke, she replied negatively, and explains that he came to visit one of his friends there, I dodged him, and we entered her room,her room was neatly furnished, it was painted in orange colour, an orange carpet to match, she had no electronics in our room apart from her PC, after offering me something to drink, I decided to try my luck with her, “funke, there’s something I wish to tell you, and I’m telling u from the bottom of my heart”, I relaxed a bit to let my words sink down her heart, ” yes, i’m all ears” she said ” this is it”, I continued ” this past few days of you being my friend, I seem to have grown fond of you, the other day we went out together, it was the best day of my life, I had fun like I never did before, you woke up something in me, funke, and that something is called love, so now, funke, I’m pleading with you to be my girlfriend, I would be happy if you accept my request”, I said with all sincerity, silence followed my speech, before she finally spoke up “anonymus, I’m sorry, I can’t give you a reply now, maybe you should give me some time to think about it, let’s say Monday, I’ll give you a reply”, We chatted about other things, and later, we watched a movie on her PC, I checked my time, and I saw I was late, cuz it’s already 8 o’clock, I stood up to take my leave, funke wanted to escort me, but I told her to stay at home, since i’m a man and she’s a girl, she pecked me on my cheeks and bidded me goodbye. I was almost at the junction when I heard my name from behind, without turning back, i already knew who it was, ” dickson, my good friend!”, I hailed him while turning around, ” bobo, I no dey happy with you o, why be say any girl wey I dey shadow like this, na you I go meet there?, you see this baby ehn,na my fish and I don’t want to see you with her again, I dey tell you this as a friend I don’t want make we quarrel o, because if we quarrel, na trouble for you be dat o” he said with a serious face, I nodded, not knowing what to say, ” oya, come buy me something for me as compensation” we went to a nearby store, and I bought him 1 mcdowell and a pack of cigarettes, I bade him goodbye and I went home. After service on Sunday, I am the girls read our books and played a little, till we retired for the night. I was preparing for lectures the next day which was monday, when a message enter my phone, I took my phone out and read the message out loud “anonymus, you have been a really great friend, and you are gentle and caring and loving, about your request,i accept, but please don’t make me regret this. Love from funke”. What was supposed to be a thing of joy for me, turned out to change my mood
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Episode 15
I knew i was supposed to call funke back, but i don’t know what to tell her, i threw my phone on the bed and sat on the bed,
“what’s next?”, i kept asking myself, a knock from the door jolted me from my thoughts
“who’s there?” i asked, precious came in all dressed up for school,
“oya lets go”, she said
i told her i won’t be going cuz i feel sick, she looked worried and decided to stay with me, but after much persuasion and assurances,she left for school,shortly after precious left,my phone started ringing,i ignored it at first, but when it became persistent, i checked the caller and it was funke.

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episode 16
i ignored all of funke calls and i didn’t know when i fell asleep….
the continuous knocking on my door woke me up, i rubbed my eyes and double tapped on my phone’s screen to check the time, it was 10;28 AM, and WTF, 29 missed calls, the knock jolted be back from my shock, without having an idea who it was, i unlocked the door and was surprised to see shania looking so beautiful and ravishing… she wore a givenchy mini gown that shows her sumptuous and fresh laps, and straight down to her well defined legs, i just can’t explain, all i know is that she looks d--n sexy
“wats up,ain’t you going to school?”, i asked still awed by her ravishness
“i’m fine, and i have lectures by 12 noon, plus (looking at her phone) my time makes me understand i have more than an hour left here”,
she sat on the bed and looked at me, she caught me staring at her buttocks and then she smiled, i looked away ashamed and decided to check those who called me, “OMG!”, it was all funke, and an SMS popped in too.

i opened the SMS and it read “what’s wrong, call me as soon as you get this message, i love you” i knew who the sender was but i decided to check again, i was right, it was funke. dejected, i sat down on the bed and my hands mistakenly touched shania’s inner thighs, i wanted to take my hands off, but,immediately she took my hands deeper, and i could feel my hands on her panties, no matter how hard i tried to resist, my anony is already nodding silently to the moment, then she placed a wet and sensual kiss on my lips, i couldn’t resist it any more, i pounced on her and engaged her in a hot deep kiss, i slid my hands into her panties and started finger bleeping her,i realized she was so tight, she gave out a slight moan, impressed at myself, i inserted a second finger and she jerked, i unzipped her gown which has its zip at the front,i started handling her bra covered b----t, her moans were tensed already and that was when the door opened,shocked, i stood up to see who it was pls bear wit me
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Episode 19 Putting on a fake smile, I turned around and tried to hug her but she pushed me away,i looked at her trying to look as innocent as possible “did you get my message?” she asked me There’s nowhere to hide now, so I just decided to say the truth and put a little lie “yeah I did, but I am not feeling too well at all today, I haven’t eaten since morning, plus, I was coming over to your place over the reply you sent to me, I am so… ” I didn’t know what to say, so I just kept quiet, she bought the lie and kissed me on my lips, right there in public, I was flabbergasted and exasperated, if she could kiss me in public, then what about indoors, I smiled naughtily at her, but I was cut short when funke said “baby, you know the boy you saw at my house the other day, he is asking me out, please advice me on how to discard him”, suddenly, I felt a lump in my throat, I swallowed hard and told her we’ll talk about it later as I was very hungry. I couldn’t wait anymore till we get to her place so, we both went to colony and ordered for noodles and egg, after devouring that, I ordered pepper soup and I paid via ATM. …………………………………. Luckily for me that day, Dickson was not at home,i felt a little it relieved because all the way to her house, I’ve been thinking of what would happen if spirit sees me with her. hours later,i baded funke goodbye and went home, but I didn’t forget to buy a medium size bottle of McDowell to enhance my thinking faculty. The girls were cooking and chatting when I got home, I hugged them both (Shania gave me a quick kiss when precious wasn’t looking), I entered my room, locked the door and in one gulp, I drank half the bottle of the McDowell. 20 minutes later the alcohol took over me and without thinking too much, I came up with a silly solution. With the motivation of alcohol, I dialled spirit’s number and asked him where he was, he told me his location, I hike yesterday remaining content of the McDowell and went straight to meet him. After greeting spirit and his boys (they were about 4), I cleared my throat and I spoke “spirit baba o, you know that funke girl, as you tell me the other night say you like am, I con help you go toast am, but baba wetin the babe talk ehn, in fall my hand”, by now everywhere was spinning as I could see spirit in two places and it was like I was on a coaster ride “wetin she talk?”, spirit asked, “Oga no vex with wetin I wan say o, the girl talk say she hate you, say she just dey laugh with unna, she con spoil matter when she say na me she love, and baba, true true, that day ehn, I f--k am like 3 rounds “, I laughed out loud and was clutching my sync because it looks funny to me, I caught spirit’s eye and gave me a deadly look but, even the look was funny to me as I rolled from the chair to the ground, probably pissed of and angry, I heard spirit shout to someone “bring my phone let me call that stupid b---h!”, I stopped laughing and started smiling to myself, then I said to myself. “Anonymus,you go die here today”, and I continued laughing.
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Episode 20 In my drunken state,I was watching spirit keenly like a time bomb that was about to explode,I smiled broadly again as spirit took the phone to his ear, After some time, I noticed spirit hiss in frustration and he said “the b---h’s phone is not available” I quickly recited a praise psalm in my mind and after some time,i took my leave (but that was after I Tried really hard to kiss spirit on his lips, thanks to his boys that held me back), how I got home that day was unknown to me. …………………………………. I woke up with a sever migraine, I looked around and noticed I wasn’t in my room, I was trying to look around to know where I am, that was when I caught my reflection in the mirror, OMG!, I was Only on boxers, and with my early morning stiffy, I looked…. (well I don’t know how I looked). The door opened and precious came in, she gasped as she saw my hard anony, it was an awkward moment,I gave a slight cough And took a wrapper from their bed(i realised I was in the girls room). After Bathing and eating, (courtesy of precious), I decided to know hat really happened last night, so I asked precious “you really want to know what happened last night? “, she asked in a tone that I don’t like “what happened last night? “,I asked again ignoring her question “yesterday’s night Anonymus, was your night of confession”

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Episode 21
“Confession?”, I asked her looking scared and confused, “you know what precious, tell me everything that happened last night”, she looked arms with an expression that got me scared and she began
“you were brought home yesterday by a policeman”, I tried my best to recall anything I did yesterday’s night that might warrant my involvement with a policeman, none came into my head. “maybe the I was caught with spirit” I thought to myself, “no, if I was caught ,I wont be released,not yet, not without being bailed
“yes? ” I urged precious on
“the policeman said you were trying to sack him because he wasn’t with a gun, he had to pet you and bring you home, well I have him some money and he left “,
I laughed at my folly, “shayo na b-----d” I said to myself, then I noticed the way precious was looking, I knew there was more to what I did yesterday’s night besides that wasn’t a confession, “continue” I told her
“you talked about one Funke of a girl, and called yourself the most wisest man on earth, you said you outwitted the most notorious man on earth called spirit and after that you….”, her voice broke off and I was scared. “yes? ” I urged her on and she continued. “you talked about Shania and I, you narrated every single moment you’ve had with each of us and you called us bithches” she was shouting already and I went down on my knees begging her, I told her it was the influence of alcohol, but she was adamant to my pleas, I entered to her and held her hands, but she gave me a really good slap, I got pissed and angry at her at what she did, and I angrily went to my room.

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Episode 22
I was pacing angrily in my room, first she tried to slap me, and now she really slapped me!, I was so pissed at her, but since she’s a girl, there’s nothing I can do to her, someone opened my door and I turned to see Shania come in looking very sober, angrily, I pinned her to the wall,almost strangling her, all she could mutter was “Anonymus, I’m sorry”, I came back to my senses and I released her, realising I hurt her on the neck, I quickly apologized to her, telling her I was acting out of annoyance To what previous did to me.
After some moment of silence, I decided to talk to Shania, maybe she would reason with me unlike her sister
“Shania, I’m very sorry for yester night, I was saying all those things under the influence of alcohol, I don’t mean any of them, I swear I don’t, you are no a b---h to me, I love you”,
At my last statement, Shania looked inyo my eyes and said I should repeat what I just said, I had no choice, I just want all this to end, so without thinking deep, I repeated myself, stressing every syllable
“Shania, I love you”, and before I knew what was happening, she gave me a deep kiss and without saying a word, she went out of my room.
I sat there thinking about what just happened, “I just hope she doesn’t take it serious with me”, I said to myself, I wanted to lay down, but I decided to call funke, she picked before it even started ringing and she gave me the shocker of my life
“Anonymus, I was just about to call you, you know that guy you saw at my place the other day, dickson, he came to me ranting about something I don’t even know about and the funniest thing is that he said you told him”,
my brains were scattering already, I don’t know what to say, I just finished one problem and I’m getting into another one, a bigger one at that, the voice on the other end brought me back to reality
“Anonymus, the guy is here right now, so I’m giving you the phone so you can talk to him and clear your name, the phone is on speaker”
I need no soothsayer to tell me I’m in for it, “bobo” I heard spirits voice over the phone. “everything wey you tell me yesterday, Oya repeat am now now!”

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Episode 23 I quickly terminated the call and switched off my phone, I just don’t know hat to do, “na which kind problem be this na, I just settle one problem, another bigger one enter my parlor”, Ithpught about leaving the house, bit I tempered neither funke nor spirit knew my address, I sat there thinking till I travelled to dream land. ************************************** I woke up due to the climatic change of my room, the power had came on and my standing fan was rotating angrily at full force, it sent a cold chill down my spine and I shivered “hope it’s not that I want to fall sick sha?”, I asked myself, I switched off the fan and went back to bed, I placed my finger on the fingerprint unlock of my phone, but it was just black and blank, I remembered that I had switched it off and then my thoughts came back to me. I sat down and checked my wrist watch, it was 3:12 pm, I decided to get something to eat because I was starving alread. I located a local food not far from house and after eating to my fill, I still sat down there thinking with a bottle of Pepsi, I thought about taking alcohol, but I remembered that it was the same alcohol that caused this problem, I was still thinking when the girl that sold food came to me and asked if I still want anything, I answered negatively and took my leave, almost reaching home, a guy walked up to me and gave me a pamphlet, he talked about one scholarship into Canada, London and America, I wasn’t really listening to him as I was lost in my own thought, I bade him farewell and continued my journey home, I didn’t want to go inside my room, so I sat at the front of a chemist at the front of the house, some boys came in to my tramadol and just then I came up with yet another silly idea. I bought a pack of tramadol, 200g each capsule, I went into my room and used 3 capsules of the drug making it 600g totally, I went to take my bath and decided to take a nap. ******************************
********* 20 minutes later, I felt strong and motivated, plus really h---y, I switched on my phone and dialled spirit’s number. “meet me at funke’s house” I said and terminated the call before he replied, I went out to meet Shania washing dishes, I told her I’m coming and she came over, placed a kiss ony lips and told me to come back soon giving me a seductive wink. I set out for the junction to get a bike that’ll convey me to funke’s, I felt like runningall the way to her house, but I killed that stupid urge, almost at the junction, I hit my leg on a big stone, my leg started bleeding seriously, I branched a kiosk and bought cotton wool and a little kerosene to stop the bleeding, done with that, I went to the junction. Then I realised all through that I felt no pain at all “I’m ready for the worst” I said to myself smiling.

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