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Ferocious (Chapters 27 - 30) by Chykwrites(m): 12:20am On Oct 02, 2018

Claire sat at her table in the hospital cafeteria with a serving of mixed fruits in a disposable plastic bowl right infront of her.

She had not put one piece of fruit in her mouth for the past twenty minutes that she had been sitting there. All she had been doing was just using her fork to poke the pieces of fruit before her. After the events of the past few days, after all she had seen, eating was one huddle she had to cross before she could safely say she had gotten her sanity back.

She dropped the fork on the table and raised her hand to rub her closed eyes. She had not gotten any sleep in two days, all because she couldn't get rid of the nightmares she had been having. She was beginning regret her involvement in the whole issue.

She was paying the price. She opened her eyes and began scanning the cafeteria, not surprised to see some people immediately turning away from her direction as she looked on.

Even as she observed the vicinity, she could still see some people stealing glances at her from the corner of her eye.

She couldn't blame them though. She felt she knew what they were thinking. She felt she knew the many questions they had and frankly, she was tired of answering them.

"How did they kill it?"

"How big was it?"

"I heard it swallowed a policeman whole?"

"Is it true that it was a monster with three heads?"

Claire tore her gaze away from the people around her and looked down at her wristwatch.


She rubbed the back of her neck, sighed and raised her eyes up to the flat screened TV on the wall a few feet away, just in time to see the Mayor's face appear with a bunch of microphones and voice recorders gathered below his face.

"It gives me great joy to be the bearer of the great news of the capture and extermination of the animal that has been terrorising our peaceful little town," The Mayor announced with a confident and proud smile on his face that seemed to make Claire's blood boil.

She can't say she was surprised though. This is how it had always been. This was how it was supposed to be. The people below do the hard work and then those at the top; those in power, eventually take all the credit.

She remembered the look on the Mayor's face when chief Kent had conveyed the news to him hours ago. The way his eyes lit up and his mouth tugged in a malicious smile.

"Well done boys!" He had yelled in a cheerful laughter as he went round; shaking and patting every person in his office that day.

He looked genuinely happy that the creature was killed and that it was all over, but Claire wasn't buying his Crap. She, like some people in that office, knew that the bald headed Jerk was happier about the fact that he wouldn't have to cancel the July fourth festivities this year.

"I made a promise to solve this problem, and I delivered accordingly. I have always had the very interest of the people of this town at heart," the Mayor said.

Claire rolled her eyes. "Ofcourse you do."

"So I guess it's safe to say a second term in office isn't out of the question," the Mayor chuckled and everyone laughed along with him.

Claire shook her head and looked back down at her bowl of mixed fruits. "What a Jackass," someone uttered from beside her.

She tilted and saw Brent standing beside her, shaking his head in what seemed like disappointment as he stared at the TV screen. He then moved to the seat infront of Claire and sat down, with his eyes still trained on the TV.

"Damned politicians..," Brent hissed, and then he faced Claire. "Every situation is nothing but a step in a ladder to get to the top. Even the death of eleven people."

She tore her eyes from Brent and faced the TV and then looked back at Brent again. She knew he was saying the truth.

The death of those college kids, Wilson's boy, the six hunters, and Ronny. Claire knew deep down, they didn't mean shit to Steven McLauren. He was just happy about the fact that nothing would stop him from getting his millions when the time came.

"Just came from Ronny's," Brent sighed as he picked a disposable cup from the table and fiddled with it.

Claire suddenly wore a sad look as she looked at Brent. "How are they?" She asked.

"Except for his Mom who won't stop crying...," Brent uttered with a wry smile. "They're good."

Claire fell back on her chair and sighed as she shook her head. It was all too much for Claire now. Flashes began hitting her.

The sight of the half eaten bodies of Erica and Michael laying before her. The sight of Charlie's pale, white body staring out into space with dead eyes. The sight of Philip Wilson's mangled body laying in the lush green grass of his father's farm. The sight of Ronny's headless body struggling and staggering away from the wild beast.

"Oh God," Claire raised her hand to her head as if she had a headache and then she shuddered. She felt a wave of electricity pass through her.

Brent immediately raised a concerned face to her. "You okay?" He asked.

Claire opened her weak eyes and blinked at the officer. "I'm definitely going to need to see a therapist when I get back to New york," she sighed.

Brent gave her a weak smile, and then she smiled back at him.

"Dr. Hayes," a lady called from behind Claire. Claire spun quickly to face a fat nurse in a blue scrub with black hair neatly packed back in a ponytail.

Claire could see she looked exhausted and somewhat frustrated about something. Claire didn't stand from her seat until she saw Tate materialise from behind the nurse.

"What's the matter?" Claire asked.

"It's the patient in 402 again," the nurse uttered as she raised her hands to her wide waist and clenched her jaw. Claire dropped her shoulders and closed her eyes.

"You've gotta be kidding me."


Claire was seething as she matched down the hall with Tate, Brent and the nurse following behind. She had gotten enough of Liam's bullshit.

Ever since he was admitted into the hospital under her care the day before yesterday, it had been one report after another. First, he wasn't taking the hospital's food, second, he almost sneaked out of the ward and the last time Claire's attention was called, he had released Jelani on one of the stubborn male nurses; who is in intensive care right now for a broken nose.

Claire had ignored all the other complaints in the past, but she wasn't going to ignore this one.

As she approached Liam's ward, she could see two young ladies in scrubs standing at the door way, giggling at each other. They were medical students, no doubt and Claire couldn't help but wonder what could possibly be amusing them about the situation in the room.

Claire could hear the commotion as she got closer. She could hear Liam's voice. He was shouting and yelling at someone.

"Christ," Claire mumbled under her breath.

She kept her eyes on the girls as she approached. One of the girls turned her eyes to Claire's direction and her mischievous smirk suddenly disappeared.

With fright written all over the young girl's features, she quickly tapped her colleague who equally froze when she saw Claire coming.

"To your posts," Claire ordered bluntly "Now."

"Yes Dr. Hayes," The girls uttered as they avoided her gaze and hurried away.

Claire made her way to the door way of the room and her mouth fell open at what she saw. Liam was standing on top of the bed in his patient's gown. He was holding out a baseball bat and pointing at the doctor and the nurse standing below him, not caring that a portion of his buttocks was exposed, due to the slit behind the outfit.

Claire gasped at the sight and then swallowed hard as she turned away. She raised her hand and rubbed her forehead in exhaustion and met Tate's mischievous smirk behind her.

"Oh God," Claire thought to herself.
Re: Ferocious (Chapters 27 - 30) by Chykwrites(m): 12:23am On Oct 02, 2018

"Mr. Price," The brown haired male doctor uttered as he stretched his hand to calm the angry patient. "Just relax. You need your medication. It's important."

"That's Doctor Price to you, you stethoscope-wearing creep," Liam fired back. "I've got a PhD gaddammit."

"Well you sure don't act like it," the black male nurse with a plaster on his nose uttered.

Liam turned to the young black man."I broke your nose before, pretty boy," Liam hissed as he pointed the bat at the male nurse. "..and I can certainly do it again."

"Mist-...Doctor Price," The doctor uttered. "Please, try and understand. We're trying to help you.You need your drugs. You need to relax."

"I don't need any of that Shit," Liam growled. "What I need is to get the hell outta this hospital."

Claire didn't say a word, she knew no one had seen her walk in, so she just stood there watching the chaos unfold before her in disbelief.

"He has never liked hospitals," Claire heard Tate whisper behind her. She spun and gave him a curious look."Never." Tate uttered as he shook his head.

Claire spun back to face the commotion before her.

"Get. Me. Out. of. Here." Liam raised his voice while separating his words.

"I'm sorry Dr. Price," the doctor uttered. "That's not possible".

"Then make it possible," Liam roared.

"Man, shut the hell up," the male nurse hissed in irritation.

Liam's shock could not be hidden. "What did you say to me Michael Jordan?" Liam asked.

"You're acting like a fucking toddler, so I told you to shut the hell up," the male nurse uttered.

It was now obvious to Claire why that nurse had gotten the broken nose from Liam and Jelani earlier. The boy just didn't know when to shut up.

"Tyler!" The doctor said. "That's enough".

Liam clearly wasn't going to let it go. He spun to Jelani and gave him a mischievous smirk.

Jelani saw Liam's smirk and suddenly turned to Tyler and charged at him. The native african man grabbed the nurse's throat and lifted him into the air like he was nothing.

"Hey! What are you do-," Tyler struggled and choked as he kicked his feet in the air. "Let-Let go of me."

"Holy shh-," Tate uttered as he coughed out a laugh.

"Oh My God," the fat nurse behind Claire gasped.

Brent pushed his way from behind Claire to handle the situation that was clearly getting out of hand. "Hey!" Brent ordered as he pointed to Jelani. "Put him down."

Claire turned and saw Liam still grinning mischievously at the entire situation.

"Dr. Hayes?" The male doctor uttered as his mouth fell open with his surprise to see Claire in the room.

Liam spun to face her the moment he heard the man mention her name. When Claire caught Liam's gaze, his smirk disappeared immediately.

He's features softened and he looked almost apologetic. Calm.

"Put the nurse down!" Brent screamed as he reached for something on his waist.

Liam quickly shot Jelani a look.

"Put him down," Liam uttered, surprisingly calm.

Jelani immediately let go and Tyler dropped to the floor.

The male doctor quickly hurried over to Claire. "Dr. Hayes," he uttered. "I'm so sorry. He was proving really difficult, I just-."

"It's okay Zack," Claire uttered as she raised her palm to him before she turned and glared at Liam. "I'll take it from here."

Dr. Zack darted glances between Liam and Claire. He was sure he wasn't the only one in the room who was shocked to see Liam's sudden tranquillity at Claire's presence.

"Okay Dr. Hayes," Zack uttered as he walked past. "Come on Tyler."

Tyler quickly rose to his feet, darting his eyes between Jelani and Liam, as he rubbed his neck. "So King Kong's your bodyguard huh?"Tyler hissed.

"Shut the Bleep up and move." Brent ordered as he pointed at the door.

Tyler hurried past Claire and out the door, with the fat nurse following him and the room was calm again.

"Thanks Brent," Claire sighed as she walked in further.

"Sure, no problem," Brent replied as he walked past her towards the door. "I'll be outside if you need me."

She smiled and nodded as she watched Brent disappear behind the door and into the hallway. Her smile disappeared as she spun to face the zoologist in his bed.

As Claire glared at him, she was slightly at awe at how timid he was. She couldn't believe he was the same person causing such a stare some minutes ago. He just sat there, with his eyes on the TV and the baseball bat on his lap; like a stubborn teenage boy who had been grounded and sent to bed early.

"So," Claire uttered as she raised her arms to her chest and crossed them. "You don't like hospitals?"

"No," Liam replied almost immediately with his eyes still on the TV. "I don't".

She glanced at Tate who was still in the room with her. The young scientist shrugged a "I told you so."

She looked back at Liam and sighed.

"You do know you took heavy hits to your head," Claire asked as she walked down to the end of his bed. "Don't you?"

"I'm fine." Liam growled like a stubborn child; eyes still on the TV.

"You don't know that," Claire replied.

"Yes I do." Liam growled again.

"No you don't." Claire said.

She then walked over and sat on the bed close to him. Liam spun to her and Claire could see him tense a bit, probably surprised that she had come so close to him.

She was making him nervous and she knew it.

"For all we know, you could have a concussion, or even an internal injury." Claire uttered. "That's why we need to keep you under observation for at least three days."

"But I can't stay here for three days," Liam groaned.

"Well," Claire said. "You don't have a choice."

"Oh I do," Liam said as he faced the TV again. "I have a lot of choices."

Claire glanced at Jelani standing at the corner and then back at Liam. "What?" Claire chuckled. "You're gonna ask him to choke me to death too?"

Liam quickly looked up her, slightly offended that she would think such of him. He faced the TV again without giving out a smile. "Warriors of the Kisii tribe do not harm women," Liam said.

To Claire's surprise, those words struck a chord, but she didn't know why. "That's good to know," Claire sighed as she stood from bed and crossed her arms on her chest again. "But as your doctor, I think it's best you stay under observation till I feel you're healthy enough to go."

Liam dropped his shoulders in defeat and threw his head back in a growl.

Jelani chuckled from across the room. "Malkia (Queen)," he uttered as he stared at Claire with what looked like pride.

Liam spun to him with his fists clenched. "Oh shut up," he hissed through gritted teeth. Jelani chuckled again, louder this time.

Liam spun and glared at Claire. His eyes were filled with rage. She didn't know what Jelani told him, but whatever it was, it had made Liam mad.

"I'm getting out of here." Liam hissed at her.

"No. You're not." Claire replied.

Liam took a deep breath. "Okay then," he said.

He then stood from his bed and walked over to the closet.

"Dr.Price," Claire sighed. "What are you doing?"

Liam ignored her as he pulled out a t-shirt and a jean and dropped them on the bed.

When Claire saw what he was about to do she snapped her fingers at Tate and he spun to her. "Get Brent in here," she said. Tate ran out the door and left Claire sighing in exhaustion at the whole situation.

"Dr. Price, please try and understand," Claire moaned. "It's for your own good." Claire couldn't believe she was saying this to a full grown man. This was something she normally prepared for when she was about to take in kids and teens as patients.

Liam wasn't even paying attention to her because he was trying to undo his patient's gown. "How do I get this thing off?", Liam struggled.

"Is everything okay?" Claire heard Brent's voice behind. She spun and saw Brent standing behind along with the fat nurse again.

She gestured to Liam and rubbed her temple. Brent walked passed her towards Liam's bed. "Dr. Price?" Brent uttered. "What are you doing?"

Liam froze for a second to answer the officer. "Getting out of here. You should close your eyes."

"What?" Brent uttered.

Without warning, Liam suddenly ripped off the gown, exposing his completely naked body.

"Oh my God." Claire uttered as she spun away from the sight swiftly. It was weird, but she swore her heart began to race. She had never seen anything like this before, at least not from a grown man.

"Shit!" Tate coughed out. He was surprised he didn't hear anything from the nurse beside him, so he spun and saw her smiling at Liam.

Jelani started to chuckle again from the corner.

"Okay," Brent said as he tore his eyes away from the naked man. "Dr. Price?, please put your clothes back on."

"Not until I get the hell outta here," Liam hissed as he crossed his hands over his hairy bare chest.

"That's not possible Dr. Price," Brent uttered. "You're under medical supervision. They can't just let you go."

"Well that's too bad." Liam said as he began walking towards Brent and then passed him by.

"What -where are you going?" Brent asked as he reached up and pulled on Liam's arm.

"To get a cup of coffee," Liam shrugged a reply.

"Come on Dr. Price," You can't-."

"Get me outta this hospital right now," Liam shouted. "...or so help me God I will-."

"Okay," Claire suddenly shouted from the corner. "Alright."

Liam spun to face Claire in surprise. "O-Okay?" He stuttered.

"Just...put some pants on first." Claire uttered. "Please."

Liam chuckled as he walked over to his bed and picked up his jeans.

"Dr. Hayes, we cant-," the nurse uttered and then stopped half way when Claire raised a palm at her.

Brent quickly moved over to Claire's side. "You're letting him go?" He whispered heavily.

Claire tilted to him."Not entirely."

"But he just said he wanted to leave the hospital and you said Okay to that," Brent hissed.

Claire gave a sigh and glared at Brent. "Will you relax?" She uttered.

"So," Liam uttered. "What's the arrangement? How do we get to our hotel?"

"Can I turn around now?" Claire asked.

"Yeah," Liam chuckled. "Sure."

Claire spun and faced the scientist who was already in his jeans and an unbuttoned shirt. Her eyes quickly glanced at the view of his hairy chest sipping through.

She shot her eyes back to his face and felt her face heat up when she saw the mischievous smirk he had.

Claire cleared her throat and straightened up. "I said you could leave the hospital," she said. "But I didn't say you could leave medical observation and supervision."

Liam's smirk dissolved slowly and confusion began to take over his features when he realised where Claire was going. "I-I'm not following," he uttered.

Claire sighed. "You know you can't travel out of the state or country for that matter if we do not issue a statement saying that you are well enough to travel," Claire said. She was the one smirking now.

Liam's face contorted as his eyes burned with rage and his fists clenched beside him.

Claire turned and beckoned to the fat nurse as she moved towards the door. "I'll let you leave the hospital Dr. Price, but i'll be damned if I give you permission to leave the state without a proper medical observation. I don't want to be blamed for any casualties."

"So, what?" Liam said as he threw his hands up in frustration and back down again. "Your doctors are following me to my hotel?"

Claire stopped and spun to face him almost amused. "Oh, you're not going to the hotel," Claire said.

....."You're coming home with me."
Re: Ferocious (Chapters 27 - 30) by Chykwrites(m): 12:26am On Oct 02, 2018

Claire and Edith were in the Kitchen when Adam dragged himself in; pouting his lips. Claire spun and gave a worried look at her son as he walked over to the Kitchen table and sat beside Edith. It was clear the little boy was frustrated about something.

"Honey," Claire uttered. "What's wrong?"

Suddenly, Samantha strutted in and moved straight for the fridge. "Adam here, wanted to take a bubble bath, but he can't...," the blonde girl paused her words as she pulled out a bottle of yogurt from the fridge and closed it. She spun to face her mother with a mischievous smirk on her face. "...Because mum's boyfriend is in the bathroom," Samantha completed.

Claire dropped the dish in her hand and quickly spun to her daughter with her wide eyes blazing. She was a little surprised at the girl's indifference to her reaction. "For the third time Samantha," Claire hissed. "Liam is not my boyfriend."

"Oh Really?" Samantha feigned a dramatic surprise. "Then what is he doing in our house, Mum?"

"I've told you," Claire hissed. "He's under medical observation."

Samantha smirked and turned to Edith. "See grandma?" She said. "Your house is a hospital now."

Edith's eyes widened at her grand-daughter's utterance. She glanced over in time to see Claire narrow her eyes at the teenage girl.

"You better watch it young lady," Claire hissed through gritted teeth.

"Oh please Mum," Samantha said as she rolled her eyes and faced her mother. "If you want to start making new friends then go ahead, It's your life."

"Samantha what are you -?"

"I mean, I can't say I didn't know this was gonna happen sometime," Samantha went on.

"What are you talking about?" Claire said as she looked at her daughter incredulously.

Samantha stopped talking for a second and glared at her mother so hard, Claire was sure the teen would punch her at any moment. "I'm just shocked at how you could have moved passed Dad so quickly," Samantha hissed.

Claire suddenly swung at her daughter and slapped her.

"Alright!" Edith ordered as she stood to her feet and straightened up. "That's enough!" Neither Claire nor her daughter glanced at the old woman. Claire kept her eyes on her daughter's eyes as they began to well with tears while she had her palm on her cheek.

Claire could feel the need to apologise rising in her throat as she kept staring into her daughters eyes.

"Hey Claire." Liam's voice could be heard calling as he made his way to the kitchen. "You busy?"

He peeped in with a smile on his face that suddenly dissolved when his eyes darted from Claire to Samantha and back again.

"Shit. Wrong timing huh?"

"Um- No." Claire said as she finally tore her eyes away from her daughter. "Is-Is there a problem?"

"It's -um- it's fine if you're busy," Liam uttered as he began to feel uneasy now. "I can come ba-."

"Oh come on," Samantha said with her eyes glaring at he mum as she finally lowered her palm from her cheek. "She can never be too busy for you, right Mum?"

"Samantha I said enough," Edith's voice was louder this time.

Claire's eyes narrowed as she watched her daughter move away, and out the kitchen door, making sure not a single part of her body touched Liam's.

Liam ignored the gesture, turned to Claire and gave a weak smile. "I'll be in the living room," he said before he disappeared.

Claire lowered her head and sighed, trying to hold down the tears. She tried to hold down the lump in her throat. She raised her head and turned towards the sink, avoiding the eyes of her mother-in-law and her son.

"Come on Adam," Edith uttered. "Let's go make that bubble bath now."

Adam jumped off the chair and hurried over to the door with Edith. Claire kept staring at the sink of dirty dishes with visions of her daughters welling eyes still in her head as her son as his grandmother hurried up the stairs.

She saw it coming anyway. She knew it was going to happen. Right from the moment Claire had introduced Liam as a temporary guest to her kids, the look Samantha had on her face haunted her deeply.

She knew they would feel as if their father was being replaced, but she still decided to take the risk. She had vindicated herself when she explained the entire situation to them. Edith had taken it well and welcomed Liam and Jelani with open arms, hell, she even thought having a man like Liam around the house, was a wonderful idea.

Adam, had also taken everything well, I mean he was ten, what could he possibly do about the entire situation. Claire had even noticed a friendship budding between her son and Jelani.

But Samantha, Claire anticipated the fact the she would be a problem, and she was. The words Samantha had said to Liam before she walked out the door were actually the first words she had ever said to the man ever since he came in two days ago.

Liam himself had seen what he was putting Claire through and had decided to go back to the hospital, but Claire had refused, stating that him staying in her house for medical observation was a confidential arrangement and would be dangerous if certain authorities knew about it.

Claire raised her gaze from the sink to the window before her. She wiped the sweat from her for head with the back of her hands. The summer heat was beginning to get to her.

She felt her entire body stiffen and tense when she felt a strong palm grab her left shoulder gently.


She spun and caught Brent's concerned eyes scanning her.

"Hey," he uttered.

"Brent," she sighed. "Hi, I didn't hear you come in."

"That's because you weren't here," Brent smirked. "You okay?"

Claire rubbed her hands down her face. "Yeah, she said. "I'm Okay."

She moved away from the sink and then walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. She walked over to the shelf and picked up two wine glasses. "So what's up?" she asked.

"Well-em-," Brent began.

"Hey you", a woman called from the kitchen door.

Claire raised her gaze and saw Susan smiling widely at her as she walked over. "Looks like we're both going shopping," Susan giggled as she moved close and interlocked her arm in Claire's.

"Wait, Shopping?" Claire said with furrowed brows.

Susan's smile suddenly disappeared and then she spun and glared at her husband. "You didn't tell her?" She hissed.

"I was about to." Brent shrugged.

"Tell me what?", Claire said.

Brent opened his mouth to answer, but Susan was faster. "The Mayor has Invited you and the others involved in killing that dreadful creature, to a dinner party." Susan said.

"Okay?" Claire as she poured herself a glass of red wine.

"He actually wants us to meet some investors that came in yesterday for the J4 festivities," Brent added.

"Now he's speaks," Susan rolled her eyes.

Claire was almost amused when she saw Brent shrug.

"A lot of fancy folks are gonna be there," Susan uttered in an unmistakably excited tone as she picked up the second glass and raised it for Claire to pour her a glass. "So we've got turn heads honey."

Claire chuckled as she poured Susan a glass before she caught Brent shaking his head.

Liam then walked into the kitchen again, looking round and at everyone with his anxiety betraying him. "Hey Brent," he said, raising a hand to Brent. "How's goin'?"

"Good Doc," Brent said with a curt nod and a smile.

Liam looked over at Susan and Claire. When his eyes settled on Claire, dhe immediately felt the need to say something. "Liam, this is Susan," Claire said. "Brent's lovely wife."

Liam gave another curt nod and a charming smile that was so infectious, Susan was beginning to smile herself. "Afternoon." Liam uttered.

"Susan this is-."

"Doctor Liam Price," Susan said as she eyed him. "Heard wonderful things about you."

Liam gave a nervous smile "I'm flattered," he said and then glanced at Claire. "Got any beer left?" He asked as he pointed to the fridge.

"Yeah sure," Claire uttered with a shrug. "Help yourself."

Liam ignored Susan's eyes scanning him as he went in and grabbed a can of beer.

"Make it two," Brent then called out.

Liam went in and pulled out a second can and then threw it over to Brent. The two men then walked over to the door and disappeared out the kitchen.

"How the hell did you know his name?" The question that was hanging in Claire's throat finally came out.

Susan spun to face her with a dirty smirk on her face. "Oh honey, that's not the real question here, I mean every female in Cherrywood knows his name," Susan chuckled.

"I see." Claire uttered with a nod as she raised her glass to her lips for a sip.

"The real question though is.., What is he doing in your house?" Susan asked before a sip.

Claire suddenly tensed as she slowly lowered her glass from her lips. "What do you mean?" She uttered with furrowed brows.

"Claire, Look at him. He's so hot, I mean not like "Albert Einstein" kinda hot, but like "Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park" kinda hot."

"So?" Claire shrugged.

"So, I guess it's safe to say that i'm proud of you for moving on," Susan said with a pleasant smile materialising on her face.

"Moving on, What?" Claire said in confusion as she raised her palm to her head like someone with a headache. "How many times am I gonna have to say this today? He's under medical observation for christ sake."

Susan said nothing. She just kept glaring at her friend, indifferent to how frustrated the situation was making her feel. She tried not to laugh when she saw the way Claire avoided her gaze.

"What?" Claire asked when she noticed Susan's stare.

"Come on honey," Susan said as she looked into her wristwatch, gulped down her last wine and set her glass down on the table, snapping her fingers in quick succession at Claire. "We gotta hurry. Tara's Store closes in an hour."
Re: Ferocious (Chapters 27 - 30) by Chykwrites(m): 12:27am On Oct 02, 2018

"How do I look?" Claire asked as she emerged from the changing room behind.

Susan spun to face her and her eyes widened before she pressed her palm on her chest. "Oh my God. Claire."

Claire's stomach flipped when she saw Susan's reaction. It was like anxiety punched her in the belly. She quickly rushed over to the large mirror at the other side of the room and stared into it.

"W-whoa," Claire uttered. She didn't recognise the woman staring back at her from the mirror with the silk white gown on. She didn't recognise the woman in the mirror. The slender but curvy figure, the full breasts that were noticeable thanks to the dangling neck-line that dropped down to her chest.

"I don't know," Claire uttered with uncertainty as she kept tilting side to side, with her eyes glued to her reflection. "Don't you think it's a bit........I mean....too much?"

"Oh don't be ridiculous," Susan said as she walked over and stopped beside Claire, staring at her reflection."You look gorgeous."

Claire frowned at her reflection. "You don't think it's......over the top?"

Susan tilted and gave Claire an incredulous look. "Over the top?"

"I'm going for a dinner party, Susan, not the Oscars or something," Claire uttered, her eyes scanning her reflection.

Susan rolled her eyes. "You're going for a Dinner party..........AT THE MAYOR'S HOUSE."

"So?" Claire spun and faced Susan.

"So, ........there are probably gonna be ladies there dressed better than you are," Susan said as she reached out and pulled Claire's mass of blonde hair back and eyed the mirror. "You're gonna turn heads honey."

"Okay then," Claire sighed as she took one last look at her back side and stepped away from the mirror, towards the changing room again.

"Besides," Susan uttered. "He'll love it."

Claire stopped short and spun to face her friend when the words registered. She turned and saw a malicious smirk on Susan's face.

"Who will love it?" Claire said as her gaze became ice cold all of a sudden and she crossed her hand on her chest. It was clear she knew what Susan was insinuating.

Susan tried hard to hold down a laugh. "Um- Adam?"

"Oh come on Susan," Claire waved her off. "You weren't talking about Adam and you know it."

Susan's eyes widened with amusement. "I was," he said. "I really was."

Claire just stood there and narrowed her eyes at her friend.

Susan giggled a little. She was enjoying herself, no doubt. "Did you have anyone else in mind?"

"Oh shut up Susan," Claire hissed with a smile as she spun and walked away, leaving Susan who was laughing hysterically behind her.


"Oh, you look lovely,Claire," Edith said. "Absolutely gorgeous."

"See?" Susan, who was standing beside Claire in her red gown all dressed and ready, leaned in and muttered to her friend. "I told you."

Claire rolled her eyes and faced the mirror before her. "Thanks Edith."

"Where the hell is Brent for Christ sake," Susan muttered as she looked at her wrist watch and then began dialling into her phone as she walked towards the door. "He was supposed to be here five minutes ago."

It was already Six-thirty and the dinner was going to begin in thirty minutes. Brent and been in the house earlier today, and he had told them the plan for the movement. He was going to take Claire and Susan to the party, while Larry was in-charge of Tate and Dr. Price.

"Looks to me you'll need some jewellery to go with that," Edith said as she scanned Claire neck. "You look too......empty."

"I'm fine Edith", Claire sighed. "Honestly, it's just a dinner."

Edith's lips parted as she was about to utter a word, but then she stopped and smiled with pride as she placed her palm on Claire's face.

"Your simplicity, it's.....," Edith uttered.

Claire spun and faced the old woman, looking into her eyes, she could tell she had drifted.

"That's why he loved you." Edith smiled.

Claire felt a lump in a throat the moment she heard those words.

Edith immediately dropped her hand from her daughter in-law's face and took a deep breath. It was like she was back to reality now.

"I'll go get that jewellery now," the old woman said with a sweet smile.

Claire looked at her and thought it would be pointless to protest. "Okay," she said with a smile.

Edith quickly walked out the door of Claire's room just as Susan hurried in.

"He's here," she declared. "Brent's here."

Claire's eyes widened as she looked at the urgency in Susan's face. "Shit, I haven't done my hair," she hissed.

"What?" Susan uttered as she hurried over to stand behind her friend and began fumbling with her blonde lux. "You gotta be kidding me right now, Claire."

"Sorry", Claire said. "I thought we had more time."

"Just hold still", Susan hissed from behind her.

Claire didn't really know how Susan did it, but she felt Susan had somewhat tied her hair into a knot behind her head. She didn't bother to ask or worry because she knew Susan was made for these things.

Emergency beauty measures.

"There," Susan uttered as she began to smoothen the sides of Claire's hair.

"Susan!?" Brent's voice called from downstairs. "Come on, we gotta get going."

"Coming!" Susan called out.

Claire spun and faced Susan, breathing heavily with anxiety written all over her. "Okay," Claire uttered. "How do I look?"

Susan stood and observed for a second. "Like someone who's about to get a new husband," Susan uttered and then she walked over and dragged Claire along with her, ignoring the annoyed face Claire made when she uttered those words.

Edith met them at the room door, with a facial expression that told Claire that she would be hurt if she didn't put on the Jewellery Edith had brought her.

Claire then pulled away from Susan and took the jewellery from her mother in-law.

"I'll be with you guys in a second," Claire said. "Go."

Susan shot impatient glances between Claire and Edith. "Just hurry up, okay." She then turned and disappeared towards the staircase.

Claire spun and let Edith put the necklace on her neck and hook it behind. She was glad at how fast Edith was.

When she was done, she spun Claire to face her and stretched out and kissed her cheek. "Have fun dear," Edith said.

Claire smiled and began walking towards the stairs with Edith right behind her. She was about to start stepping down when she heard music.

The music was coming from her daughter's room.


Claire suddenly deflated. She had been happy right from the day she had brought the dress, to this evening she was about to attend her first dinner party in years. Then, she remembered the fight she had with her daughter.

"What's wrong?", Edith asked with concern.

"Nothing." Claire sighed. "I'll be right down." Claire began moving towards Samantha's room as she heard Edith's footsteps roll down the stairs and the music from Samantha's room getting louder.

She reached her daughter's room door. It was ajar. Claire was a little surprised that she was scared to talk to Samantha. They had not spoken a word to each other since the fight and Claire didn't know what to expect.

You never know with an angry twenty-first century teen, you know.

Claire gently pushed the door open, stealing a glance at Samantha on her bed in a large white t-shirt, with her laptop infront of her.

Suddenly, the door creaked and gave Claire away. Samantha spun quickly and saw her mother at the door. Claire forced a smile and wasn't too surprised when Samantha didn't smile back at her.

"I'm going for a dinner party," Claire said.

Samantha turned her attention back to the screen of her laptop. "I know."

"So?" Claire uttered.

Samantha faced her mother again, this time, with a frown. "So?"

"How do I look?" Claire said with a smile.

Samantha stared at her mother for a while and then a weak smile appeared on her face. She stood up from her bed, walked over to her room door and held it.

"Have fun at your dinner party, Mum," the teenager hissed.

Then she slammed the door shut, with Claire still standing at the other side; stunned.
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