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My Life In Hilton High School- Episode 4-8 (e-books/story) by crownbless96(f): 12:01am On Nov 30, 2018
MY LIFE IN HILTON HIGH SCHOOL- Episode 4-8 (E-books/Story)


I left them and headed home, I could feel pains on my body, my face had increased sizes , different kinds of bruises could be seen around my body.
” Thank God I was compensated with 5k” I consoled myself as I walked home.

Immediately I got home, Victor and amaka were flabbergasted seeing me.
” what happened , did you had an accident ” amaka asked with concern well written on her face.
” have you eating ” I replied trying to evade her question.
” No we’ve not ” Victor quickly replied while I handed him #500 to go buy something himself and amaka.
” thanks” he replied shinning his 32.
” brother please tell me what happened ” she asked again while I breathed heavily.
Truth be told amaka was really caring, not like Victor who cared only about his stomach.
” I was hit by a bike” I lied.
“Okay but brother were did you get the Money from ” she asked with suspicion.
” the kind man gave me 5. 000 naira to go treat myself ” I calmly muttered while she breathed in relieve.

Few minutes later victor arrived holding Bread and bean cake popular known as akara . I left them and headed to my room, i gaze at my reflection from the mirror and I was angry for what I saw, I look like someone that survive a plane crash. ” Samuel will sure pay for this I said to myself as I drafted to a deep slumber .
I did not knew when I slept for 2 hours, I woke up with a serious headache, and i was very hungry as well because I had not eaten since morning .
I quickly went outside to look for a place to buy food, I saw my mum, she was just coming back from the market. I quickly collected her load while she stared at my face, I guess she noticed some changes.
” Dear what happened to you” my mum asked with conscience well written on her face.
” I had an accident ” I replied while she gave me suspicious look.
” Did you had an accident on your face ” she asked while I shrugged in resignation. There is no way I could tell her I was mistaken for a thief, so I thought for a well arrange lie to say too her.

” am I not talking to you ” she muttered breaking me away from my thoughts.

” I was hit by a bus and I hit my face on the wall” i replied while she breathed heavily.

” I don’t just know why you choose to lie” but I won’t force you if you don’t want to say the truth. ” she replied as she went to the room.

One thing about my mother is that she always knows when I am lying, I don’t know if it’s her talent or gift.

I quickly went to a near by restaurant to eat a plate of fufu and egusi soup, and drank a bottle water, which had been long I had tested It.
” Money is Good ” I said to myself as I headed home.

” were did you go ” my mum asked as i walked to the room.

” I went to the restaurant to eat ” I replied .

” where did you get the money from ” she asked suspiciously.

” I forgot to tell you, the kind man gave me #5000 to go treat myself ” I replied as i handed the money to her.

” Is money you can keep it ” she said as she decline.

” You need it more than I do ” I calmly muttered while she collected the money and gave me #1000 and handed #500 each to Emmanuel and amaka.

” I would be writing a scholarship exam on Saturday” I told her and went to the room .

I quickly went to the room to fill the form the principal gave me because I would be submitting it tomorrow. Immediately I was done, I drafted to sleep. I guess the fufu really had an effect on me that I woke up the next day which was on Thursday.

I immediately went to the bathroom to take my bath, few minutes later I came out and put on my uniform and gaze at my reflection on the mirror ” Chai those mob really dealt with Me” I said to myself as I walked to school. The time was already 7:30am so the assembly had already started, without wasting time I joined them.

The Assembly was boring as always, few minutes later we were done while I walked to my class. Some students were busy starring at me but i don’t give a Dam about them.
I got to my class and saw Benita laughing, Immediately she saw me. ” I was like do I look funny”
Samuel walked in and looked at my face and busted into laughter.
” Best don go steal meat for pot Chai best who do you like this ” Samuel asked while the rest of my class mate busted into laughter. I quickly recall what happened, they were all laughing at the injuries the angry mob inflated on me, but Samuel was the thief they were looking for and he is the curse of my misfortune” I thought to myself as I stared at Samuel with great anger building on me. ” their laughter really made me angry, especially for Samuel who was the architect of my misfortune. I angrily ran to him seeding two heavy punches to him that he hit his mighty head on the wall while the whole building vibrated like Nokia 33_10, ” as I wanted to headbutt him a voice came from Behind.
” Stop that!!!!! ” I quickly trace the author of the voice, who was no other person than Mr Emeka, who had been looking forward to punished me and here am i giving him what he had been craving for, presenting it in a platter of gold . I knew from that moment that nothing could save me from being punished , not even the coming of Christ.


Mr Emeka quickly told us to go to the staff room while we quietly walked there .
Immediately we got there he asked us to kneel down.

” So why were you guys fighting ” he asked with a straight face.

” Sir is because” did i asked you to explain he cut me short as I was about to explained . .

” Samuel why were you guys fighting ” he asked Samuel while Samuel began to smile flashing his incomplete tooth, because I just removed 2 from his 32 tooth .

” Sir when I walked in, I saw most of my class mate laughing, so I joined them, I don’t know when best quickly attacked me, punching me on my face as if I am the only one laughing. I was surprised because I did nothing wrong. You can verify from the rest of our class mate who was in the class when it all happened ” Samuel explained while Mr Emeka smile in acknowledgment.
He quickly asked a junior student to call one of my class mate and behold benita was the one he called.

Few minutes later Benita walked in.

” Benita you were there when it all happened” Mr Emeka asked Benita who nodded affirmatively, while I stared at her with a pounding heart. I know, if any one could save me I am sure it was not Benita.

” it was when best walked in and when I saw his face I started laughing because his face looks kind of funny but when Samuel. Came in, he started mocking him saying he stoled meat from the pot and he was captured and was beaten like this ” Benita calmly explained surprising me with her words .

” Sir can I explained now ” i asked him while he gave me a go ahead.

” This reason while I was angry with Samuel was not really because of what he said but it was what happened yesterday, when I was going to my mother’s shop, I saw Samuel running with great speed, as I swiftly turned to my left hand side, I saw an angry mob running to my direction. What even marveled me the most was that they thought I was Samuel who was the thief they were looking for, so they all came to me sending punches to me before the man that Samuel stole from stopped them saying I was not the one they were looking for. that I was mistaken for Samuel because we wore the same uniform. that was how I got those bruise on my face, if you thought I am lying I will take you to the man Samuel stole from ” I said too him while he breathed heavily .
Mr Emaka was shocked, while Benita on other hand drew back in disbelief.
I quickly stared at Samuel who looked scared as ever even with starring at his face you would know he was guilty.

” Best you can go to your class” Mr Emeka ordered while I breathed in relieve.

I stood up and. walked to my class, Benita was still standing there I guess she never expected things could turned out like this. Even me I was surprised for escaping punishment. .

” Let’s go to the class.” I said to her as I lead the way.

” Sorry for laughing at you, I did not know, that was really what happened, I hope you would forgive me for mocking you ” Benita calmly apologize immediately we left the staff room surprising me with her words.

” It’s nothing to worry about, I don’t have any grudges with you ” I calmly muttered while she surprised me with a hug,. This time it was real cus I could feel and soft skin touching me.
” Can we be friends ” she whispered in my ear and withdrawn from the hug.

” What about being your boyfriend *****I dear not say to her ***** Of course we can be friends ” I calmly muttered while he held my hand as we walk to the class together like new lovers .

During break time I went to the principals office were I quickly submitted the form.

Few hours later the time keeper rang the bell for school dismissal while I quickly went home to prepare for the exam.

By 4:00 pm I was at home reading, as if my life depends on it, I read my government test book, literature, economics all the course I am offering I read all because I don’t know what might comes out in the exam.

The day of the exam finally arrived, I quickly rushed to the bathroom, took my bath and put on a fitted shirt and a blue pencil trouser.

I dash out to were I bedded to bike to the direction of the exam.

Immediately I got there, I quickly scrutinize the environment, while i was flabbergasted because I could see more than Five hundred people lining, as they wrote their names on the registered. In no time I joined and was given a seat number which was 867, I was among the few people that sat on the back seat.

The question paper were quickly distributed to us while we were told not a write anything, not even our names .

A boy at my left hand side who didn’t read the instructions, wrote his name, and he had already solved the number one questions which was mathematics. The invigilator sighted him and quickly collected his paper and asked him to leave.
Surprising everyone with his ruthless behavior. The young boy pleaded but the invigilator didn’t even pay attention to his pleads . The young boy had to choice than the leave the examination premises.

Immediately the bell was range and we were all told to start . I quickly face the area which I am good at which was government and literature.
The questions were not hard as I thought. I saw some guys at my back doing examination malpractice. I shook my head in pity.
“is it a must to go to Hilton high school ” I thought to myself as I wrote the exam.

” Stand up you fool” the invigilator bark pointing to my direction while all eyes were on me.

I started to panicked.

” What did I do wrong ” I asked myself as I stood up while sweat drenched my face as I vibrated in great fear.


I stood up with a pounding heart” what did I do wrong ” I thought to myself as the invigilator walked to my direction.

” let me see your paper ” he asked as he approached me. After scanning the paper, he bend down to look at my locker, but couldn’t find anything incriminating.

” Sorry ” he said as he moved forward.

” hey you stand up “he asked the two guys at my left.

” what’s that on your desk” he said as he dips his hand in their locker under their desk. He brought out an android phone showing it to everybody while we all gaps in shocked .

” so you are the one doing expo with your phone” he asked them while they remain mute.

The invigilator quickly collected their scripts and tore it. He asked them to leave while the two guys shamefully walked out.
I stared at them with pity.

After I was through answering the questions, I quickly cross check if I made any errors in other to correct it. After I had done that I submitted and headed home, I smile at my self as I walked home. The question were very simple, I never expected it to be so.

Few minutes to my journey i was already home, I quickly drafted to deep slumber because I was very weak and tired.

The next day which was on Friday was uneventful even Saturday and Sunday was the same so let me not bore you with the details.

The D day finally arrived when the principal would be announcing the results. I just had This fate that my name would be among because I really did well in the exam .

I did my normal routine and headed to school with great anticipation of being among the scholarship student.
After praises and worship, I was expecting the principal to come stand on the podium to give his speech but I was disappointed when he never showed up. We all left for our classes as the assembly was concluded.

Benita and I had really became close friends that most of my class mate started calling us husband and wife. I always smile when they called me her husband but Benita on the other hand was indifferent about it.

Samuel on his part was really dealt with by Mr Emeka that I felt sorry him, but all the same the deserves it.

2 hours later the time keeper range the bell for assemble surprising everyone because it was not break time yet. we all went outside, I saw the principal standing on the podium, I know from that moment that he wants to make announcement about the scholarship exam . I stood on the line with a pounding heart filled with anxiety.

” Good morning students ” he greeted while we all replied in unison. He quickly begins

” I am just happy to announce to you that out of 30 students that wrote the exam in this school , we do have one who was among the 10 students that would be rewarded with scholarship although so many of you tried but only the best 10 was chosen so the person that was chosen was no other person than Best ogbemudia” the principal called out my name while my fellow students scream with excitement, I know I really did well in the exam but I never expected I could be among the scholarship once. Immediately I heard my name my whole body vibrated with excitement. The principal quickly asked me to come in front of the assemble while I boldly walked there. Some guys were hailing me from behind.

” I had always knew you to be intelligent even though you are kind of rough ” the principal told me as he patted me on the back.
” I would like to say a few words I said to the principal while he nodded for me to go ahead.

” I am so elated being among the few students that was rewarded with scholarships, one thing I will like to say is that it is not by my power but through preparation you will achieve anything, like the saying goes, ” Success comes when preparation meets opportunity” so always prepare because you would never know when the opportunity might present itself. ” I told my fellow students while they gave me a round applauded .

The assembly was dismissed while we all went to our various classes, the principal called me and gave me the registration forms and told me to fill it and submit it next tomorrow In Hilton high school because I will be starting the school next tomorrow. I was happy and sad, I was happy because I would be going to a boding school, and I was sad because I would not see my Benita again.
I left his office and headed to my class, I sat down on my sit with great excitement, the thought of going to Hilton high school sent shiver down my spine.

Benita came to sit with me, I don’t really know what was wrong with her because she was just looking moody ever since we came back from the assembly.

” So when will you be starting Hilton high school ” she asked as she sat on my sit,
” next tomorrow but I will not be coming to school tomorrow because I will have to arrange my luggage ” I calmly muttered while she drew back in disbelief.

” Next tomorrow!!!! ” she almost shouted in astonishment while I calmly nodded.

” so soon, I would missed you ” she replied surprising me with her words” Benita missed me praise God ” I sang inwardly.

” I will missed you more ” I told her.
” No, you don’t get, you can’t missed me more, I love you best please don’t go, cus I can’t stand loosing you ” she added while I was surprised, Benita love me, that was a dream come true. No doubt I was deeply in love with her.

Her words really had an effect on me that I was totally flummoxed on the decision to take.

I became confused. should I remain here with Benita Who was the love of my life or should I go to Hilton which was my dream school?

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Re: My Life In Hilton High School- Episode 4-8 (e-books/story) by SweetSultana: 6:04am On Dec 03, 2018
still waiting on that decision☺

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