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LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 11:23pm On Dec 22, 2018
Hi guys, been contemplating on writing this story for a long time and I think this is the right time......
PS. Please permit any mistake that you may notice and endeavor to point them out as this is my first story EVER!!
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Yudee8(m): 11:58pm On Dec 22, 2018
Oya start nau
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 12:21am On Dec 23, 2018
Wolf peered into his telescope, observing the environment to ensure that his position is not compromised or would be once he takes his shot.

His target is Dr. Dimka Aloma, the minister of finance of Nebula. A very corrupt politician who uses his position to embezzle public funds and loot contract funds as any contractor who would not dance to his tune either loses the contract or is never paid and in some cases, winds up dead. Despite his involvement in all these nefarious acts, Dr. Dimka has never been indicted.

He thought about how he was torn from his parents. He never met them or knew how they looked as he was taken while his mother was recuperating from the pains of childbirth, he was only few hours old when the nurse who works for the secret organization which dealt with all the dirty jobs for the government took him.

Just when he was about thinking of his childhood experiences while at the organization's training facility, Dr. Dimka's entourage came out of the popular Elite hotel where the honourable minister lodged. He checked his time; 1100 WT.

Wolf watched as the minister's bodyguards and police security team swept the entire vicinity to ensure that no threatening or suspicious individual is within the hotel. While the DSS operatives surrounded the minister, leading him to the armored Mercedes Benz with a federal plate number.
He peered into his scope and sighed the minister's red cap amidst his heavy security detail, watching and waiting for the right moment for the shot.

Waiting peacefully, his fingers on the trigger and his heartbeat slowly thumbing with his stopwatch. He calculated the speed of the wind and relaxed his left on the rifle.

The operatives were sure everything was going as scheduled when they got to the car. One of the DSS agents opened the car, looked inside and waited for the agent with the bomb detecting device to confirm that the vehicle was cleared.

CLEAR! shouted the agent with the device. Then the agents gave way for the minister to enter his fortress on wheels. Just as the minister made to enter, his head burst open with blood and brain matters splattering on the agents who were speechless and were also trying to process what just happened.

Just then, there were screams from all over as customers of the ELITE HOTEL AND SUITES who were having a good time panicked. Some were taking photo shots, while others were running into there rooms to avoid being questioned during investigations.

While the DSS and security teams were still trying to pacify the situation on ground, 2000 meters; Wolf was disassembling his rifle with a wicked smile on his face. Once through, he packed his tools in his little backpack and exited the hotel room and quickly entered his own room which was 5 rooms away from where he took the shot....

He simply packed his bags and headed for the elevator which took him down to the garage in the basement where his car was parked, got in and drove off without caring to checkout as he checked in with a different alias: Dr. Chuma.
His looks has also changed, he was fair and taller with full hair : a look that befits a handsome and successful doctor. Now, he is dark in complexion, 5.10 in height and handsome with a very low haircut.

First target eliminated, the game has just began.

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Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Vulcanheph(m): 10:18am On Dec 23, 2018
Kudos... I like thriller stories like this, continue
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Mavikolo2020: 10:27am On Dec 23, 2018
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 5:58pm On Dec 23, 2018

Time 1300 WT.
President Abiodun Azeez is making a phone call to confirm the incidence that claimed the life of the finance minister, who happens to be his bossom friend and partner in crime. They have secret accounts in many countries, in which they hide their looted funds.

With a trembling hand and flushed face, he turns to his SA who brought the news to him.

"It is true!"

Now the opposition will be coming for him.
He is sure they killed him because of the Paris fund which he refused to disburse, keeping every penny for himself and his friend the finance minister.

"Something has to be done immediately"

"Your Excellency, Sir!." his SA called to bring him back to reality.

"yes" he replied

"the party chairman chief Emeka is here to see you, Sir"

"let him in" he said, still shaken.

"good day your excellency " said chief Emeka.

"good day chief Emeka " he replied

"I believe you've seen the news" he added.

"that is the reason behind this urgent visit" said chief Emeka.

"we have to find out who killed him quickly, before it is too late. " chief Emeka added.

"I will direct the Chiefs of all the security agencies to ensure the killer and all involved in this plot to be arrested within 72hrs." fumed the president.

"no stone must be left unturned" chief Emeka chipped in.

Somewhere in mangrove island, Logus State.

Chief Bello, the chairman of the Peoples Progressive party (PPP) and other party Chieftains toasts in celebration as Chief Bello turns 68.
While everyone exchanged pleasantries and drinks to the good life, Chief Amosun's face flushed in surprise at the headline and image displaying on the TV as a female reporter narrates the ordeal that claimed the life of the finance minister.

Chief Bello was happy and sad at the same time. This is because, he had vied for the position of Finance Minister, but was disappointed when the president chose his friend and party member ; Dr. Dimka Aloma National Grassroot Alliance, as minister of finance .

Now, people will think he orchestrated his death. Having attempted twice but failed.
But, he is thankful to whoever called this shot.

Chief Bello turned back to find everyone looking at him inquisitively to know if he called this shot
Without involving them, since they plotted the previous foiled assassination attempts.

"I have no idea about this, but am thankful and indebted to whoever did" He mused.

They all laughed triumphantly and celebrated.
Then Chief Eloka said
"this is definitely a befitting birthday present to Chief Bello "

All the Chieftains concurred, toasting in agreement.

Like a flash, Chief Bello's head exploded; scattering brain matters and blood on the others in the circle.
All the chiefs ducked for safety as screams filled the extravagant sitting room of Chief Bello.

Thugs and security operatives scattered around the vicinity, trying to find where the shot came from. All they could find was the hole made by the bullet through the window pane.

1700 metres away from Chief Bello's residence laid Wolf, all smiles as he confirmed his kill.

2 down, 13 more to go. I love this game.

Wolf climbed down from the platform where he laid to take out his target. The platform is a scaffold on a high rising building that gave him a vantage view to the western part of Chief Bello's house and clear view of his sitting room through his window.

Having alighted the flight of stairs, Wolf gently stole past the security guards who were alarmed by the loud shot from wolfs rifle 2 minutes ago. He got to his power bike parked 300 yards away from the uncompleted building, turned on the ignition and zoomed into the night.
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Vulcanheph(m): 9:19pm On Dec 23, 2018
Continue I'm following you bumper to bumper
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Mielekcezylil(m): 11:02pm On Dec 23, 2018
A crime story nyc
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Bennygade: 11:22am On Jan 04, 2019
How do we follow story on Nairaland ?
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Nostradamus: 1:34pm On Jan 04, 2019
How do we follow story on Nairaland ?
you Don follow am already.
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Hecattee(f): 4:58pm On Jan 04, 2019
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Vulcanheph(m): 5:58pm On Jan 04, 2019
How do we follow story on Nairaland ?
This one is a nairaland newbie!!!! Welcome ,just tap the follow option at the bottom of the thread.
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 5:32pm On Mar 09, 2019
Sorry guys for abandoning this story for so long. The reason for that was because I lost my phone. But am back now, so expect thrilling stories and am also setting up a blog where my stories will be exclusively posted for your enjoyment. Thanks for your patience all.

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Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 7:52pm On Mar 09, 2019
Chief Eloka's Residence

Security seems to have been beefed up in Chief Eloka's mansion located at the outskirt of the capital city of Nebula.
Men in suits, carry sophisticated weapons can be seen at strategic positions and from their appearances, they seem ready to kill any intruder.

Chief Eloka is seen dressing up in his luxuriously furnished bedroom, while his wife is seen sitting at the front of the magnificent mirror as she applies her makeups.
Chief Eloka and his wife, are preparing for a fund-raising gala that they were specially invited to by another chieftain of same political party. The fundraiser, is to support the family of Late Chief Bello.

He paused for a moment, thinking out loudly:

"it feels just like yesterday " he said, shaking his head in deep thought.

"take heart my love" his wife said, bringing him out of his reverie.

Ready, they stepped out of the house after ensuring that they have carried all they needed.

""Bullet!!" he calledv

" Sir" A very huge man with a nasty scar on his face rushed in.

"Ready to roll? " he asked

"Yes sir" replied Bullet.

Chief Mr. and Mrs. Eloka stepped out of the mansion's beautiful front door into an armored Mercedes Benz saloon. Bullet and six other guards got into two other cars, identical to the first car in which chief Eloka and his wife were sorted.

Chief Eloka's little entourage drove out of the compound unto a well constructed and lush street that connected his compound to a secondary collector road.

5 kilometres away from Hotel D'royale, where a high class event just started 15 mins ago. A car seems to have crashed into another car, blocking the road for cars going towards Hotel D'royale, with people's cars scattered along the road as they were trying to clear the debris from the road.

1500mtres from the accident site, Wolf laid on a table with his right eye peering through his rifle's scope. He had a clear view of the road. He breathed gently, observing the wind and taking readings on his device.

He was prepped in an uncompleted high rising building which was a project initiated by the former governor, but was abandoned immediately the present governor took over.

He smiled when 3 Identical Mercedes Benz came in sight. They must have had an information about the crash as the cars were plying the other lane so as to avoid the lags caused by the crash site.

Chief Eloka had a feeling down in his guts, he wasn't feeling too good, but his wife who has planned how to flaunt her wears and accessories won't let him turn back as he wanted to.

The 3 cars has crossed the crash site successfully and we're speeding down the round when an explosion rocked the vehicle carrying Chief Eloka and his wife. The driver slammed his head on the steering wheel so hard that his neck snapped instantly. Chief Eloka and his wife were thrown forward and both of them crashed unto the front seat and his wife was knocked out.

The 2 cars at the front stopped and all their occupants jumped out weapons ready for defence, Bullet got to the car carrying his boss and his wife. He was about pulling open the door when Chief Eloka opened the door and staggered out of the car.

Immediately he got out, a shot rang in the distance and Chief Eloka's brain matters scattered into the car and on Bullet.

All the guards tried cover their boss, only to find Bullet bathed in their boss's brain tissues and Chief Eloka's head exploded into bits.

The guards were all wary, trying to find the culprit or at least know the direction of the shot. People who hid due to the sound of the shot were now coming out and peeking to know who got shot, some were even saying some things

"that's how they behave, all these politicians, killing themselves" the owner of a kiosk along the road said as he and others were trying to see who got shot.

Bullet was lost in thought as to how the car got spotted, considering the fact that he has shuffled the car as they were enroute. He has directed that Chief's car go to the front, back, middle, etc., he was still pondering when he heard a loud scream.

Chiefs wife's scream brought him out of his reverie as she awoke to feel thick liquid all over her body. She was about to yell " Who did this....!!?",
When she stopped at the sight before her. She couldn't process the situation when she screamed and fainted.

The guards carried the body of Chief Eloka into the second car and his wife into the first, then drove off in search of a hospital to resuscitate her.

1500 meters away from the site, Wolf packed up his
Tools after dismantling his rifle.

Wolf laughed out at the security team, knowing fully well that they would be wondering how he got the their boss, despite their little shuffle strategy. He had hacked the phone that belongs to Chief Eloka's wife two days ago when he delivered her diamond jewelries and accessories, after knocking down the original courier, tied him up with a zip tie.

He had opened one of the accessories' design and had hidden a very tiny tracker and emitter, through which he gained access to her phone which was placed close to the package.

He walked to the stairs leading down to the basement where he packed his turbo engine sports bike with a broad smile and a bounce in his steps.

Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 9:27pm On Mar 10, 2019
Hi guys, even though I will be posting follow up stories here, I will also be posting on the new blog I created for stories. I have been experiencing issues with posting more episodes on this thread, so just read up on this blog:

Happy reading

Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by AJECKING(m): 4:53am On Mar 11, 2019
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Donviker: 7:20am On Mar 11, 2019
Nice one Victor

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Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Mielekcezylil(m): 6:28pm On Mar 11, 2019
Wow, i love this, hope you will complete it
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by LightQueen(f): 9:01pm On Mar 11, 2019

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Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Donst4life: 10:22am On Mar 16, 2019
Been trying to update this story but nairaland won't let me. So I opened a new account.. So will be updating using this profile
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Sliss(m): 12:02pm On Mar 16, 2019
Been trying to update this story but nairaland won't let me. So I opened a new account.. So will be updating using this profile
Which profile
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by emperorblog21(m): 12:05pm On Mar 16, 2019
Interesting story

Read more interesting romantic, love and adventure story on
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Brainyster(m): 3:03pm On Mar 16, 2019
More interesting stories at www.Rudetrends.com
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 9:35am On Mar 20, 2019


4 years ago.

Charles known by his colleagues as Wolf is blindfolded and led to a cliff above River Tiden.
He felt the fresh breeze and knew exactly where he was, he has also been counting how many turns and to what direction the van turned.

He felt betrayed having completed his mission of assassinating the president-elect, Prof. Johnson Kolofin of the Democratic Alliance.

Prof. Johnson was about to be sworn in as the new president of the Democratic Republic of Nebula, before his death. He had just collected the holy book and raised his right hand when his head exploded, shattering completely and splashing brain matters on highly placed individuals behind the podium.

It was a short range shot from a heavily muffled sniper rifle made out of plastic, which propelled an explosive bullet that only detonates when it get to a programmed distance.
The weapon was hidden underneath a media house van which was cleared to cover the event, just like other media vans in the square.
Wolf has entered as a member of the media company after the van had gained entrance already. When he approached the main entrance of the square wearing the uniform of the media company, the security operatives wanted to hold him back , but on realizing that they were cleared to cover the event, he was let through into the square.

He approached the van, knocked on the door and once the occupant was the radio man opened to know who it was, Wolf struck him a hard punch on his temple, knocking him out cold. He then opened the basement of the van to reveal his tools which he coupled quickly and used his compact glass drill to make a hole through the window of the van with clear view of the podium.

30 minutes later, the event kicked off proper and for 2hrs he waited for the president to mount the podium.
While he waited, the camera man covering the event with the reporter came knocking at the door of the van
"Dino open up! The president will soon be up man"
"hey man! Open up!
Wolf opened the door and let him. Once he entered, he saw Dino tied up and laying on the floor with his mouth muffled, he tried to turn back, but was dragged into the van and one hard knuckle punch to the neck, he slumped to the ground.

15 minutes later, the reporter who had waited for the camera-man came to the van fuming and breathing hot flames of anger towards John, the camera man.
When she got to the van, she didn't care to knock as she opened the door. She was shocked beyond words at what her eyes saw, wolf pointed a gun at her and signaled her to sit. She sat on the chair quietly as Wolf muffled her mouth and bound her hand and feet, then went back to his rifle just when Prof. Johnson Kolofin was called up for his swearing in ceremony.

The president elect climbed up to the podium, the Chief Judge of the federation took the holy book used for the procession and handed it to him, the asked him to raise his right hand which he did.

"Repeat after me" said the Chief Judge.

"I, then put your name" ..

"I, professor Johnson Kolofin" he said

Just then his head exploded into brain, skull and blood fragments all over the presiding judge and chieftains behind the podium.

Pandemonium broke loose at the square. With dignitaries being covered and taken to their armored vehicles, people running to safety, reporters struggling to get the juice of the story and security operatives searching all over for the perpetrator.

Wolf slid into the running crowd looking very different, having pulled off his camouflage costume.
He ran in the midst the crowd for 2 blocks before taking a quick left turn to an alley leading to the spot where his bike was parked. As he made to mount his bike , he felt a sharp pain at his neck and slumped.

Several security agencies were deploying operatives to the scene, but the square was already deserted except for a media van that was parked at the lot which has not moved at all since the commotion started.
The men approached the van with care to avoid any mishap.

When they opened the door, the SWAT team entered carefully only to see the occupants tied up, they loosened them and got them out.
Immediately the reporter was free of her muffle, she pointed at the bomb that was ticking away with just 20s left.

"there is a bomb! Everybody evacuate immediately! "

Immediately the last man jumped down, the explosion that erupted from the van shook the whole square, burning every evidence that the assassin left behind.

Many security operatives were seriously injured due to the force of the blast which threw them afar, with limbs and body parts scattered all over the blast zone.

All over the country was on fire with news of the president elect, even foreign media agencies and governments were making statements about the sad event.

All security agencies in the country launched investigations to uncover the conspiracy behind the president- elect's assassination, with the military mounting check points where all cars were searched for any suspicious individual.
In 3hrs, more than 50 suspects that matched the description of the culprit as described by the female reporter.

While security agencies were battling to progress solution to the situation at hand, The National Grassroot Alliance chieftains met secretly at the house of there presidential candidate who was the 1st runner up during the presidential election to celebrate the death of Prof Johnson.

Wolf was brought before the 15 man inner circle chieftains headed by Chief Bello who is eyeing the financial ministerial position, should their candidate; Dr. Abiodun Azeez win.
When he woke up, he recognized everyone there since they met here before the mission. Chief Bello who has already instructed the organization to kill Wolf immediately he leaves the gathering.

"we the inner circle, appreciates the excellent job you did" Chief Bello said smiling wickedly.
Wolf nodded.

"Your payment has been arranged as planned said Dr. Abiodun.

With that Wolf left for the door.
Immediately he reached the door, he met 5 of his colleagues pointing their guns at him. He tried to get his handgun, but his handler Otiz brought out the gun and waved it before him smiling

"looking for this?" said Otiz.

"You are out of options here Wolf, please don't do anything stupid. " said Otiz.

Wolf gently raised his hands in surrender and immediately a
blindfold shut his eyes. Then they pushed him into a waiting van and drove off.


"Am sorry Wolf" said Otiz.

"Who put you up to this" Wolf asked.

"the inner circle asked management to take you out immediately after the job to avoid any blow backs" Otiz said.

Before Wolf could say anything else, Otiz shot him twice in the chest. The force of the bullets pushed him off the cliff into the flowing River.

"let's go" Otiz ordered the rest.
While in the van he texted Management;


Management sent an encrypted message

"it is done"

Chief Bello received the message with a smile. He joined the rest of the chieftains to celebrate.


"Dad! Look....... It's a man " cried a boy who has come to check traps with his dad very early in the morning.

"Hurry Dan, let's move him to the hut" said the father.

They carried him carefully to their farm house. They laid him down and the man used his scabbard to cut wolf's clothes so as to take them off and check for injuries.

After taking off his shirt, he also took off a very thin layer of clothe that was almost unnoticeable. This thin layer is a modified and compacted bullet proof Kevlar vest. This vest has the ability to absorb the force of bullets shot from handguns and also heavy artilleries when short from a far distance by distributing the shock and force from point of contact to every part of the vest. But, it is quite painful and in some cases, if shot from close distance can do little to ease the pain, but there will be no penetration of shrapnel.

The man saw two bruises on his chest and knew for a fact that he was shot but saved by the vest.

" Will he die dad? " the boy asked

"I think he will survive son" the father replied.

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Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Nostradamus: 1:41pm On Mar 20, 2019
Nice story here man. Wolf is an intelligent assassin but he's unfortunate to work for an organisation that won't hesitate to kill any of it's operatives if that's what the client want,a terrible organisation to work in.

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Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by Sliss(m): 1:50pm On Mar 20, 2019
Nice story bro
But please be consistent with your updates
Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by djprinciey(m): 3:16pm On Mar 20, 2019
Nice story bro
But please be consistent with your updates
I try to post daily, but I always end up observing that the posts are removed. Don't know why though..

Please anyone with info on how to rectify that or reasons for removal should please enlighten me

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