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APC: Adventure In Power Failure by OEPHIUS(m): 10:27am On Jan 09

*(As published in Nigerian Tribune of Tuesday, January 8, 2019)*

The All Progressive Congress was formed as a political party on February 6, 2013, being a merger of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Congress for Progressive Change and All Nigeria People’s Party, in anticipation of the 2015 general elections. It was not making any headway as a viable alternative to the ruling People’s Democratic Party, until it succeeded in wooing some prominent but disgruntled members of the PDP, then christened newPDP. Since its victory at the polls, it has been a case of wobbling and fumbling, for the party of strange bedfellows.

The ideology of the APC as a centre-left party is Federalism, Progressivism, Social Liberalism and Social Democracy. It had no choice than these ideals as that was the only way it could win the sympathy of voters at the time in 2015. The APC would then proceed to enthrall Nigerians with a catalogue of promises rolled into a very attractive but deceptive manifesto, as a binding covenant for implementation upon assumption of office. Given the lackluster performance of the previous administration, hopes were high indeed, that the APC would be a party of true change, but it didn’t take too long, for Nigerians to notice some foot dragging, when six months after its inauguration, the APC government could not constitute its main cabinet and governance was dragging and the economy was bleeding seriously. Unknown to many, this was only but a tip of the iceberg.

Generally, the political ideology of the APC is slightly pro-masses, favouring a strong and active role for government regulation. The thinking then was that since a good number of its political leaders subscribed to the social democratic political philosophies of Obafemi Awolowo and the socialist and anti-class views of Aminu Kano, the masses would benefit from the government of the APC, whose political support base was mainly in the South West and Northern parts of Nigeria. Prior to the 2015 general elections, the APC was known mainly for its sloganeering and frequent chorusing of fiscal federalism, restructuring, devolution of powers, state police, resource control and such other populist policies of social nationalism. But this was mostly chanted by its leading figures of Atiku Abubakar, Bola Tinubu and Bisi Akande, as its main presidential candidate, Mohammadu Buhari, cleverly avoided these cores issues. It has since turned out indeed that the CPC wing of the APC is less inclined to the idea of true federalism and devolution of powers.

Months rolled by and years started counting, but nothing seemed to be changing for the ordinary Nigerian, as promised by the APC. To be sure, the main agenda of the APC into the 2015 election was mainly restructuring, as stated clearly in its manifesto thus:


Initiate action to amend our Constitution with a view to devolving powers, duties and responsibilities to states and local governments in order to entrench true Federalism and the Federal spirit.”

In this short covenant of the APC is the mandate for restructuring, which made many Nigerians to rally round the party in 2015, with the expectation of true change, from the known status quo. The three cardinal issues in this manifesto of the APC are: (1) Constitutional Amendment; (2) Devolution of Powers; and (3) True Federalism.

The APC betrayed Nigerians upon assuming power, given that the leading lights of its CPC wing, Muhammadu Buhari and Nasir El-Rufai, were not inclined to this agenda and since the CPC controlled the APC in the real power equation, the idea would soon hit the rocks. The President lashed back at his own people and rubbished the APC manifesto, by describing the proponents of restructuring as lazy people, effectively silencing the radical wing of the so-called progressive party.

Sensing the internal contradictions that would later rock the APC, the newPDP wing outsmarted the leaders and took control of the National Assembly, signaling the beginning of the end of a once promising party. It was only a matter of time for the APC to self destruct. Its founding chairman, Odigie-Oyegun, was up in arms with the governors, most of who wanted to control their domains in the states, to be able to cover up their tracks when out of office. Whereas it paraded a national leader in its ACN wing, the CPC wing ensured that it was not documented on record as such, and would later contest that nomenclature as inconsistent with the office of the President. Meanwhile, the opportunist policy of “president for everybody and for nobody”, would soon begin to hurt the party, as this led to mini emperors in various segments of the APC, all of whom were now taking advantage of the President’s desperation to retain power. The founding Chairman had to pay the ultimate price and soon became a casualty of intense political power play.

The consequence of this was that the APC lost focus, it became a party without a goal in mind, unable to assert or proclaim any specific principle or ideology, at times even groveling to absorb the very people that it had pilloried and lampooned as thieves and corrupt leaders. So it was that the APC died a natural death, and became a dumpsite for power mongers and avengers. The economy paid dearly for it, the political space became turbulent and things fell apart, without any center at all. In Ogun State, the incumbent governor had surreptitiously registered Allied People’s Movement, whilst in Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, himself the chairman of the APC Governors’ Forum, had registered Action Alliance, with strong branches in Ondo and other States, that were battling the national executive of the party, for positions. In Ogun and Imo, whereas the governors are both candidates of the APC for the senatorial elections, they effectively outsmarted their parties by retaining all its structures in another political platform for the governorship and legislative elections, once they were able to assure the President of their support for his personal ambition. In places like Zamfara and Rivers State, the APC may not even be able to present any candidate for the coming elections, due mainly to internal strife.

Perhaps because it had not tasted power at the federal level, the APC soon became overwhelmed with the burden of governance, always latching on to the ‘wasteful 16 years of PDP’, as if that in itself should earn it a second term in office. Unable to satisfy Nigerians why there is still blackout after three years in office, the APC would deny that it ever promised uninterrupted supply of electricity, with the Minister of Power chiding Nigerians to stop expecting power supply from the government since the power supply chain had been privatized. Meanwhile the killings assumed a new dimension, with the damning Amnesty International report showing cases of compromise by security agencies. At the last count, Boko Haram had become more emboldened, now overrunning military and police barracks. The insecurity in the land got to its peak when the former Chief of Air Staff was gunned down some weeks back and the Governor of the President’s home state of Katsina cried out that bandits had taken over the entire state.

To the APC, Nigerians should see good governance as a privilege and be grateful to God that APC fielded Mohammadu Buhari for elections at all, expecting that his name alone should pay the school fees of their children, put food on their tables and transform their lives completely, whereas as of the end of year 2018, it was reported that about 80 million Nigerians now live below the poverty index. The economy is so bad that even the affluent has become a victim. What of education? Better summarized with the current strike by university and polytechnic teachers, which has shut the gate of tertiary education in all public schools across the country. Can you hail the APC for the judicial sector? Court orders are disobeyed at random, the President himself stated that the judiciary is his headache and that he has not succeeded in office because of the ‘system’, referring to due process of law and democratic principles. Do we talk about the aviation sector, where even the government itself misled Nigerians on its so-called air carrier?

In the political arena, the APC has taken Nigeria to the era of inconclusive elections, which in truth is symptomatic of any election in which the ruling party suspects it may not win, using INEC to buy time to manipulate the outcome in its favour. We now have vote buying, intimidation of voters and re-run elections, all over the place. And even in the coming elections, there is so much uncertainty and confusion. What about human rights and opposition politics? Better explained with the encounter of the Shiites with military in Kaduna and Abuja. And you can ask Olisa Metuh, Ayodele Fayose, Deji Adeyanju and Dino Melaye and many others, what it means to be against the ruling APC. There is so much hunger, insecurity, uncertainty and anger, all over the land, to suggest that the APC is just a misadventure in governance.

So, the questions to ask are these: Are we safer now than before? Are we richer now than before? Do we have better electricity supply now than before? Do we now organize free, fair and credible elections than before? Are we as a people, more united in tribes and tongues or in faith? Are our rights and freedoms better protected now than before?

Let me call in aid Pastor Tunde Bakare, to answer some of these questions, through his recent statement:

“What many people are saying is that there was corruption under Jonathan, yes, but life was better. At least we were able to get this, but this man cornered all the money, locked it up…. The allegations by the Nigerian public is that those around the president are also stealing, and some names have been mentioned. You cannot be a clean man surrounded by rogues. If you don’t deal with those rogues, they would colour you with the same tar.”

That is APC, a complete power failure.


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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by kabayomi(m): 10:47am On Jan 09
Problems of inflation
Problems of corruption
Of mismanagement
Stealing by government
Nothing we no dey carry
All over Naijiria

Na dem-o-cr-azy be the deal
Na dem-o-cr-azy be the deal

Crazy demo
Demonstration of craze
Crazy demonstration
If it no be craze
Why for Afrika?
As time dey go
Things just dey bad
They bad more and more
Poor man dey cry
Rich man dey mess
Crazy demo
Demonstration of craze
Crazy demonstration


Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Deivid10(m): 10:48am On Jan 09
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by alawi5k: 10:48am On Jan 09
PMB till 2023.

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by timilehing(m): 10:48am On Jan 09
This article summarized the whole APC regime. Too bad zombies will still shout Sai Baba until they are kidnapped or killed by insurgents

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Ningi2020(m): 10:49am On Jan 09
But you didn't expect me to read all this crap that Op put on here, Next level please.. these op is really mad


Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by easynetsms(m): 10:49am On Jan 09
2019 election will shock a lot of people ... Am just watching

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by OkaNaUbe(m): 10:49am On Jan 09
Clueless Party.

The military was corrupt but built quality infrastructure, Jonathan was corrupt but the economy was better and initiated most of what Buhari has been commissioning.

Now, we have a dullard with forged WAEC that fights corruption, yet corruption thrives and the masses suffer even more

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Exponental(m): 10:50am On Jan 09
People have different definitions for APC...... One thing common in all Politicians is the thirst for power always, that is why they shamefully migrate.

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by LordCenturion(m): 10:50am On Jan 09
Say no to Tribal war

I have said it on several occasions that Igbo and yoruba suppose to unites,igbos suppose to follow the way yorubas handle things, yorubas are not arrogant,they are very calm, wise and intelligent, yorubas has helped igbos in the past if not,I don't think they will still exist, because yoruba knows the plans of hausa and fulani towards igbos during the civil war,if not yoruba brilliants idea that government agreed that let them surrender, if not,they would have wiped them off, because ojukwu that leads the front has already fled with his family when he realised that things are getting out of hands for his people, because there is no way they can defeats Nigeria(Britain will eventually support Nigeria) .. But igbos see what yoruba did as something else,They call them traitors,is it not yoruba man that let the government paddoned ojukwu and allow him to enter the country again...

We just need to reason with each others, we can't let politicians destroy the country , because tomorrow, you can see Reno omokri decamp to APC, El Rufai to PDP.

hausas are very friendly people, they are very nice to yorubas because they see yorubas as a very calm, friendly and accomdating people,igbos suppose to mingle with yorubas so that they will understand how to deal with other tribes.

Please let stop this tribal war,everybody have right to vote for any party they want..


Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Shugabanqasa: 10:51am On Jan 09
Sai baba
Sai next level

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by omonla10(m): 10:51am On Jan 09
Ni kukuru ede, We should not vote for Buhari again abi..
And vote for another season of endless looting abi.. OK o.

As for me and my family it's Sai Buhari.. And by the grace of God, gradually, everything will begin to take shape


Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Hotfreeze: 10:51am On Jan 09

They should print this trash out, take it to Wadata plaza and add it to Atiku's manifesto.
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Bizmagnet: 10:51am On Jan 09
APC is just an affiliate marketer of PDP's failure. The same folks using different identities.
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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by able1993(m): 10:52am On Jan 09
APC is just a bed of strange fellows. They all have selfish interest they look up to, everyone is carefully there to take a bite at the national cake. If APC didn't get the presidency again, in few weeks, they will scatter. People see PDP as thieves and decided to take them out only to bring in liars and propagandists at the highest level. The two major parties would currently not solve Nigeria's problem, however, Nigerians are not looking in the direction of the other parties which makes it bad. Unless Nigeria restructures, our stupidity not gonna end soon....

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Boyooosa(m): 10:52am On Jan 09

I just mentioned hmm ni, I did not read.
After the third yawning, I gave up the reading.
@op, I'm sorry for that.

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by jakandeola(m): 10:52am On Jan 09
I know is ibo DAT write this.failure and baby factry

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by helinues: 10:52am On Jan 09
Paid article.

So Nigerians should return to era of no meaningful projects or social amenities programs for the masses.

Ko jo
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Pulsenaija: 10:52am On Jan 09
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by manlikeboss: 10:53am On Jan 09
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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by crazypresident2: 10:53am On Jan 09

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Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Daniel058(m): 10:53am On Jan 09
3 Important words





Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by sukerefakere(m): 10:54am On Jan 09
Enough of all this bull shyt this morning
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by iamJ(m): 10:55am On Jan 09
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by mojojesu94: 10:55am On Jan 09
The blind can see and the deaf can hear that this govt has failed... Very simple as ABC, but Nigerians wait o.... when u make a man president without evident school cert were u expecting anything better?

He even tried.


Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Ohibenemma(m): 10:56am On Jan 09
Do we listen? Do we even read?
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Mccullum: 10:56am On Jan 09
I know is ibo DAT write this.failure and baby factry

Me too know the flatino writer from P. I. G. region also known as Biafra.
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by biosilicon: 10:59am On Jan 09
This article deserves an award.


Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by Mccullum: 11:01am On Jan 09
Rubbish... This write up!, full of prejudice.

Mtchhh... Buhari till 2023 as

Next Level rigging bell like never before.
Re: APC: Adventure In Power Failure by ArmaniUhuru: 11:05am On Jan 09
Rubbish... This write up!, full of prejudice.

Mtchhh... Buhari till 2023 as

Next Level rigging bell like never before.

Na one of dem be this

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