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Hope by darbeelicous(f): 3:29am On Jan 11, 2019
Hey everyone, its been a while!
Have a little something to brighten y'all day.
Its a story I've been working on for sometime now.
Correction, criticisms, and comments would b much welcomed.

All characters in this story actually do exist, and storyline is based on true events.
Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 4:08am On Jan 11, 2019
Mum always says I have an overly hyperactive imagination, this might not be how it really happened, but its how I remembered it.

It was a usual Saturday in my house, uncle T. Our lesson teacher was talking to my brother.... Something about mathematics when I drifted, it happens to me most of the time, I began to think of how it would feel if God decides to give us just a glimpse of what heaven looks like...... Miss bee, our Sunday school teacher says the streets are made of gold, I haven't seen one but I know its precious. I mean, God wouldn't use it if it ain't. Mum said that there's a lot to learn about heaven, but I think I'm doing just fine with the golden street idea.
"Gift!!!" My name resounded in my ear like something I've never heard before. Uncle T. Yelled at me to return from a journey only I can venture into. Oh, my name is Gift Enyojo Abuh. I was named after my mother Ele which also means Gift in the middle belt region in Nigeria.

At this moment Victor, my brother just sat there staring at me, I hate it when he does that.... I know he's up to his usual tricks, but I ignored and focused on the teacher. "Enyo, please give me water I'm thirsty" Victor said, I knew he was up to something, so I snubbed him and looked at the teacher, "Enyo please na" he continued, still snubbed. Aunty Unugwa always says that if there was a competition for the greatest snob in history, I'd definitely get the price. "Gift get water for your elder brother okay?!?.." It was more of a command than an appeal, I could see that little mischievous smile on Victor's lips as I reluctantly stood up and obeyed uncle T.

Going into the house during lesson hours is never as difficult as coming out! Even if I don't want to come out today, mum and Aunty unugwa who are busy in the kitchen would force me out, I just know it. Barely opened the front door when I heard the screaming followed by wailing then the worst sight I have ever seen.......
Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 5:05am On Jan 11, 2019
Delight and desire (the twin) are the best things that ever happened to my family, I remember when mum had them, I asked God for a baby sister, and he gave me two... It was the happiest day of my life!! While delight has always been calm and easygoing, desire on the other hand has been a little too curious and adventurous.

I entered the sitting room to get victor a glass of water only to see desire in the worst state ever, her skin swollen and water gushing out... "Jesus.... Jesus... Somebody help me o" "ewooo.... Ajifa oo, omami, help ooo" mum kept screaming, Apparently, desire she turned the electric kettle filled with boiled water on herself, she stood there and stared at me... I saw fear in her eyes, but not a trace of tears. Mum and aunty unugwa ran everywhere in the house calling for help. At that moment I knew that things will never remain the same. I got closer to her but she just stood there motionless.... Finally, mum grabbed her by the hands and led her down the staircase where some neighbors offered to drive them to the hospital.... "Chaii, that poor girl" "ehyaa.... Na she be fine pass o" "ewooo..... See this small pikin ooo" everyone downstairs kept saying even after they drove off. I had so many questions like,
what was she doing there?
How did it happen??
Where was mum and aunty unugwa??
How come no one saw her?
Will she be fine or is she going to...?? No...
Sadly, I'm not going toget answers to any of them...I went back to the house and met aunty unugwa seated on the floor crying.....this time, I could feel tears running down my cheeks as I recalled the sight of my beloved sister, I couldn't fanthom why something like that would happen to her, victor and delight sat on the chair too, I guess trying to provide answers to their own questions.
I carefully found my way to a seat close to aunty unugwa as I try to avoid the eggshells, flour, kerosine and other remedies mum used to help the situation....

"Victor" my aunty called...
"Ma" he answered
" please take your sisters inside I need to clean up this place" she said as she stood up
"OK, ma"
"Aunty" I held her..
"What will happen to desire??" I asked...
She looked at me sadly and said, "nothing, she'll be fine"
"Will they come back today?" I continued
"I'm not so sure about that but I'll call your mum to find out, for now go inside with Victor" she gave me that assuring smile that makes me call her mum sometimes.

I joined victor and delight in our room, the atmosphere was a bit tensed and I couldn't wait for aunty ojonugwa to join us so she can lighten it up with some of her captivating histories from Edo... Aunty ojonugwa is very brilliant and the best story teller I know, probably the reason she got employed as a teacher in my school... I heard her talking on the phone, I think its mum, or maybe dad but I'm very sure she began to cry, louder this time....
Re: Hope by Nobody: 8:21am On Jan 11, 2019

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Re: Hope by Nobody: 9:20am On Jan 11, 2019
derbi boo don't stop please it's getting interesting

your description gave me goosebumps I can literally feel what was happening,Jesus! you are gifted dearie.

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Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 11:09am On Jan 11, 2019
I sight u dear...
Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 11:10am On Jan 11, 2019
derbi boo don't stop please it's getting interesting

your description gave me goosebumps I can literally feel what was happening,Jesus! you are gifted dearie.
thanks sweery.... Update soonest

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Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 12:09pm On Jan 11, 2019
She continued crying, sobbing and muttering words like "no na..... Jesus.... God oo.."
At that point, I became confused, I could see the same confusion in victor too, what could be worse than what we just saw.... Delight just sat there lost, probably doesn't get the gravity of the event and what's yet to unfold.

In my curiosity I walked back to the living room and found my aunty moping the floor like nothing happened... I could have sworn I heard her crying.
"Aunty, did you call my mummy" I asked her
"No.... Your daddy called" she replied still busy with her chore.
"What did he say??"
"Nothing, he's with your mummy and desire in the hospital.... " then she began to sob again..
"Aunty its okay na, nothing will happen to desire, She'll be fine, let's have faith"
Sincerely, I didn't know where that came from... I don't know where it all comes from.... The strength and assurance all at the same time, Ogechi my best friend in school nicknamed me hope. I never give up.... Just like when the French teacher decided to punish everyone, I insisted that she wouldn't and she didn't, and then there was the time Lara and chinedu got caught outside the school fence, I told them they wouldn't get suspended and they weren't.

Mum calls it the gift of hope and its found somewhere in the bible.
"I know dear," aunty unugwa's voice brought me back this time.....
"Please don't tell anyone I told you this" she continued
"Your sister was taken to solid rock hospital previously, but they were referred to the teaching hospital...."
"So... Only critical cases are taken that way, and they are usually not well treated"
She said choosing her words carefully...
"Aunty what is critical?" I asked innocently...
"Oh, forgot u are still seven years, critical means very serious"
"Hmmm..... It can't be more serious than what God can do right??"
"Yea you are right dear... Go back to your siblings, I'll join you soon"
So I left with a sense of fulfilment.....

* * * * * * *
The voices never stopped, I thought I was dreaming but I wasn't..... It was mum's voice, it became clearer.. It never stopped, argument, and screaming... I turned and saw aunty ojonugwa lying close to us, she does this all the time. Whenever mum and dad are absent, she lies with us...... I heard dad asking mum why she wasn't careful with the electric kettle...
"You can do your role as a mother properly, then what else can you do??" Dad quarried
"I was there one moment, I gave her food the next thing she left the table and I don't know...."
"The point is that you were not careful enough"
"I'm sorry" she said.... She kept saying it then aunty tapped on my back to go back to sleep, she quickly left to her room while my parents argued... Soon the argument seized, or I drifted to sleep, however I knew I found peace....

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Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 12:26am On Jan 11, 2020
It felt like I just woke from a blockbuster movie.... The dreams lasted till Dawn. I kept seeing desire being taken away by strange looking beings, I fought and struggled to help but there was nothing I could do. Finally, the most weird looking creature I've ever seen appeared from no where and stood there staring at me. It had two horns, very black and blended with the darkness that amassed itself around me..... And the smell... God the offensive odour that emanated from it's nostrils was horrible.

And it stood there staring at me, piercing into me like a dagger, and all I could do was stand like a helpless deer standing face to face with it's predator, knowing that this is it's last moment, but chose not to escape as it would be pointless.

Finally, it made a move. It reached out to my tummy and touched it lightly, which is weird for an oddly horrific creature. I kept staring till my eyelids opened to the break of dawn, and I could have sworn I saw the creature standing close to my bed even as my eyes are opened.

I wasn't scared... Instead I was thrilled!! Mom always says that dreams are part of our supernatural existence, having dreams at this age is not common so I cherish the few I manage to remember, but I know I won't be forgetting this one in such a hurry. I kept wondering wat it meant, so I resolved to telling aunty unugwa later, maybe from one of her ancient tales, she must have heard of the monster with two horns who chose to visit me last night, whose touch I can still feel on my abdomen, and whose stench I can still perceive.

I noticed that the house was empty, it wasn't just empty, it felt empty, where did everyone go to?? I kept asking until I heard the distant clanking of plates from the kitchen and I know aunty unugwa must be preparing breakfast.
"Good morning aunty" I greeted her
"Hey sweetie... You're awake, how are you?" She smiled and said....
Hmm.... Things must be fine today, I thought to myself...
"I'm fine... Aunty did you hear from desire and my mummy? Has my mummy gone to the hospital? Did my daddy go too??
"Is she awake now?" I asked randomly and eagerly too like a desperate baby bear waiting for
a fish to just jump out of the fall.

"Hmm.... Well, yes I've heard from her, yes your mum is there with her, your dad has gone to work and desire is awake now and doing better... I'm even taking breakfast there right now" she answered as she rushed to the bathroom.

I knew she'll be fine, somehow I just knew it! Then I asked... "Aunty what's for breakfast?"
"Potatoes" she replied
"God I hate potatoes"

*AN* so I know what u guys are thinking, after such long time right?

My sincere apology for the abandonment, I promise to finish this book ASAP!

For the meantime, this chapter is yet to be edited!

Thoughts and theories are fully welcomed.

Who else hates potatoes??
Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 1:03am On Jan 11, 2020
It's been two weeks since the hot water incidence.... Things have never being the same. Dad still blames mom, mom literally lives in the hospital now, Victor burries himself in his book and all delight says all day is "aunty I want to follow you to the hospital to see Desire" I mean, when she was around, all they do is fight and argue about some stupid doll. I bet Desire will still fight over the dress delight will be wearing to the hospital claiming it's hers. Sometimes I wonder how they ended up as twin.

I do get the urge to visit her too. The house is not lively like it used to be. Desire is fun.... She's funny and reckless too. Not to mention stubborn. She always wants to be the center of attraction which is annoying and alluring at the same time.

"Aunty Ojonugwa" I called out
"Gift what is it?" She replied
"Please let us follow you to the hospital this evening na"
I gave her that look I know works each time and she can't refuse.
"Ok, sure but on one condition"
"Aunty what condition?"
"That you people will not disturb on the way"
I knew she was going to say that, I also knew by disturb she meant no dirt carrying and no jumping on the road. Kudos to Victor and delight for winning the official dust carrier and highway jumper of the century respectively!!

After much promises and pleading, she asked us to go get dressed. Deep down, I know delight is already thinking of bricks to climb on the way... I just know!

The journey was not smooth as my siblings made sure they never kept their promise of staying calm, delight kept jumping from one brick to another, while Victor was busy spreading dust with his feet like the gospel. It felt frustrating... And I felt sorry for aunty unugwa as she kept screaming after them.

The entrance of the medical center was one I've never seen before. FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTER was boldly written on it. There were security personnels all around the gate. And then the doctors in that really amazing uniform... I've always wanted to be a doctor since my first visit to a hospital.

Aunty unugwa deeped her hand in her purse and brought out some wrapped sweets she bought at the entrance, she shared some for us and kept the left over for Desire. We got some beautiful flowers which we all hung on our hair, we ran around d road leading to the children's ward like four kids eating sweets with flowers on our heads.

It was an experience we haven't had for a long time. I remember she used to take all four of us out to just take meaningless walks around the area, and we'll end up buying sweets, gums and biscuits. We would play non stop till it's dark. It wasn't quite the same, but the feeling is. I felt bad that Desire had to be confined on a sick bed.

When the door to her ward was opened, I saw Desire first, then my attention drifted to other kids around who are going through the same ordeal or even worse. I felt really bad and I felt like throwing up. Well this is not entirely the only reason why Im feeling sick. I've been having this strange feeling in my stomach for about two weeks now, probably from the fact that I've not been eating as I'm supposed to, or maybe from the touch I received from the creature from my dream two weeks ago.

*AN... I know that this is short. But I'm trying to upload the last chapter for today.

Thoughts and theories??

Corrections and criticism??

Plz if you are following, comment your favorite character so far... Mine is Aunty unugwa.. lol

*Still unedited*
Re: Hope by darbeelicous(f): 2:53pm On Jan 12, 2020
"mummy good evening" I greeted my mom
"Enyo how are you?" she answered
"Fine ma" I replied
"Did aunty give you people food?"
Like there's anytime she doesn't, I thought... "Yes ma"
"Victor pass me that bag over there" she said standing up to adjust her dress. We all got the hint that she's going home, it has been a routine for the past two weeks, aunty goes to the hospital, mom comes home, mom goes back to the hospital, aunty comes back home... Just like that.

"Ehen... Madam, the plantain you friend yesterday was uncooked" mom said gesturing to aunty unugwa...
She looked at my mom quite confused as the rest of us in the ward who heard it.
"B.. bu... But... I don't understand" she stutters..
"Maybe it's the oil, it was not enough, I even had to use my money to get extra, but I managed all the same" she calmly said obviously trying to avoid the conversation that'll follow.

"Unugwa how many times will I tell you that whenever you're frying plantain, reduce the heat!" Mom said almost screaming.
Silence. Aunty didn't respond. She knows better than to respond. It would have been the husband house lecture that'll follow.
"That's how the other day you brought fried eggs without pepper, day before yesterday you also brought yam pottage and you didn't add vegetables! What is wrong with you?"
Silence again.
"Does it mean that when we're not around these are the things you give to my kids?"
Still silence....
"You know what, I need to go home and settle myself, take care of them... That's if you can still do that perfectly without complain" she finally added before disappearing through the door.

Aunty unugwa finally raised her head up... Looked at me and smiled. I don't get it, why won't she be angry??

Don't get me wrong, mom has not been this hard on her before... I guess the incident has it's effect on each of us. The tension sometimes can be unbearable.

"Desire how are you?" Aunty unugwa finally spoke, "have you eaten today"
"Yes aunty, mom gave me tea and bread in the morning"
"Ok... How about this evening?"
No... I don't feel like eating anything"
"How about I feed you?"
"Yaaaaay....." She screamed exitedly sitting up from the hospital bed... "Delight aunty is feeding me" she said sticking out her tongue..
I just rolled my eyes at Desire cause she's about to start a major war..
"But aunty if I tell you to feed me in the house you will say you are tired.. but now you are feeding ajifa" Delight complained..
"Don't worry I'll feed you when we get back to the house" she replied.

While feeding Desire, I got myself busy with her phone playing games... While Victor and Delight just watched till it gets to their turn.

By the time she finished, it was dark outside, she wrapped the plate in a bag, stood up and turned to us. "Victor" she said, "look after your siblings I'm going outside for a while"
"Aunty can I follow you?" I asked honestly wishing she says yes, this time, the magic eyes seems not to be working.
"No you can't" she said
"But aunty what are you going to do outside"
"I'm going to process things" she said... She was staring at us but I could see she just wants to be alone, then she left too. Leaving us with some burnt kids and their wards.

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