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Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 8:05pm On Mar 11
Chapter 5
The ride was slow, doing it to buy more time, Mirabel too wasn't complaining, she wish the ride never to end
"So romantic novels or mystery" Mr Uba asked, for the past minutes they have been getting to know each other,
"The two can be one, but I love romance, most girls do" she answered with a smile, it made Mr Uba smile back, from the rear mirror he can see his daughter sound asleep, nice, for he now feels he is alone with the cute teacher,
"Happy endings or sad ones" she asked, she found herself playing with her bangle, its a character she have when nervous, and no guy have made her do it.
"Hmmm, sort of sad ones" he said and she gasp "hear me out first, happy ending is what everybody wants in life, but at the end we get sadness, cause we all die eventually leaving our love ones, sad stories, makes us prepared for that, and remind us that the world is not a bed of roses and also not our resting place" he concluded unknowingly showing Mirabel a little thing about life
"And besides tragedy last longer than comedy" he said.
"I don't believe you" she said looking at him, and was marvelled npby his looks, its night already but the little gleam of the moon can make her see him
"Tell me one happy ending story you know"
She thought for a while "Safe haven" she said,
"Then tell me a tragedy you know"
"Romeo and Juliet, a walk to remember, me before you" she answered and gasped realizing she just proved his point
"You see, you thought for a while at first, but for tragedy, you answered even before my question landed" he said and giggled
"And I even answered 3" she said knowing she lost, but she is baffled that she is happy to lose to him.
"We are here" she said sadly as she stare out the window looking at her apartment, it was a 3 storey building, she leave on the second floor with her mom.
"Seem so" Mr Uba said with equal sadness.

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Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 4:01pm On Mar 12
Chapter 7
Mr Uba considered himself lucky to have Amara, her mother died at child birth, he train Amara alone, though with the help of his mother and sister, they have all brought up the issue of him getting a new wife, he turned them down. But after seeing Mirabel, he is now thinking of it.
Mirabel have expertly avoid her mother's questions about the car, she just pretended to be super tired and went to sleep. While Mr Uba is almost certain of his feelings, Mirabel is not, its all new to her, 'I think its better I avoid him and not make a fool of myself' she thought to herself, she remembered how the parting of his lips made her hot. 'I will just focus on being a good teacher' she went to sleep with her mind made up.
Mr Uba brought his daughter to school, gently looking around hoping to see a particular face "come on dad, don't make it so obvious" Amara said smiling, her grandma always blame Mr Uba for making Amara so blunt.
"Really" he asked and she gave a small nod, he then crouch down to her level, and fixed her already fixed dress
"Be a good girl, don't give her too much trouble" he said to her, seeing her father this happy make her happy too, so she is also cooking up ways to help her dad. So when she entered her class, she put her plan in motion
"Good morning Aunty" Amara greeted her teacher, Mirabel gave a smile
"How are you" she asked
"Am fine, my father was looking for you" she said, again with her bluntness, Miss Mirabel won't deny the fact it sweetened her to hear that, she didn't know when her lips curves in to a smile.
"What's funny" Amara asked, no matter how smart she is, she is still a kid
"Nothing, just remembered something" she said as she felt her face heat up "go to your seat, lesson is about to start" she dismissed Amara, then started the lesson.

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Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 8:09pm On Mar 12
Chapter 10
As they get to the floor, he drew her close to him, as they started their slow dance, her heart was beating frantically, but she is not the only one,
"Look at me" He urged her, she did so which surprised her, how could she be so weak against him.
He is taller than her, so she have to look up, immediately he was lost in her eyes, it was a normal brown eyes, which almost every African girl have, but why does non affect him like hers.
"You are beautiful" he said to her, she is happy he think that, but she is angry, why she is having this feeling for a widower, who is at least 10 years older, and also a stranger.
They are so close its causing havoc to her, she wants him more, every beat of him invites her in, he is strong, his scent is intoxicating, she finds herself leaning closer, the dance floor is dark so people won't notice anything.
She hates this feeling, a feeling of dependency, feeling that make her knee weak, make her throw away her reasoning, never knowing her first move, feeling so self consciousness. She know she is helplessly falling in love, but she still fight.
"I have a boyfriend" she said as her last resort, and this simple words, stopped Mr Uba from the kiss he almost took.
"Oh" he said the only thing that came to mind "am sorry" he said with a smile that didn't reach the eye, he then walked away, as Iyke also come to started dancing with Mirabel, but she couldn't for it felt nothing like Mr Uba, so she also left the dance floor.
She came outside on time to see Mr Uba drive away, she couldn't shake away the feeling she have now, she feel not only did she destroy someone happiness, she also destroyed her own. It was too much on her as she felt tears left her eyes, as she decided to take the long walk home, she didn't even tell Iyke, she is not in the right state of mind, her tears keep dropping as she sob, she so hate this new feeling.

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Re: The Sacrifice by Ann2012(f): 11:21pm On Mar 12
Thanks for the update
Re: The Sacrifice by izaray(f): 11:08am On Mar 13
Well done op
Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 5:06pm On Mar 13
Chapter 12
When, Mr Uba came home, Amara is not at home, she is staying with her Aunt, the Aunty is Mr Uba elder sister, so Amara always go to stay with her and her family. Mr Uba to sleep but the house is too lonely and its worse with what happened today, so he decided to go sleep in his sisters house too.
After a while of driving he got to his destination, he called his sister to come open gate for him, he knows he is being a pain to her but he really needs Amara right now.
"Sorry sis, I really need to see her" she apologize to his sister who is angry for the disturbance
"How is your husband" he asked as they walked inside
"You know he is out of town" she answered as she yawned, he actually know, he just want to get on his sister's good side
"You know her room" she said as she left him to continue her sleep, Amara also have a room here, its her second home, he slowly walked in other not to disturb his daughter. He removed his suit and shoe then climbed on bed and held his daughters hands, that's his normal way to sleep
"My sweet little girl, dad have disappointed you again, I thought I could get you a mom, but I failed" he said in a soft tone, careful not to wake her
"She is beautiful, her tiny frame fits my perfectly, when I touched her it was like velvet and fire, she is a living breathing temptation, is only a man with no pulse that won't react when she pass" he said with a soft giggle.
"Unfortunately she have a boyfriend, and I know no man will leave such a girl for another, am sure I won't, so as a gentleman, I plan to avoid her henceforth and not complicate things" he said with a weak smile, Amara stirred a bit now facing him.
"Its still you and I against the world" he said to her, he slept off after kissing her forehead, Amara is going to make fun of him tomorrow morning for being a scardy cat that can't sleep alone, if only she knows how her father need her to breath.
Re: The Sacrifice by izaray(f): 10:17am On Mar 14
Amara baby, little but smart girl

Thanks for the update op
Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 2:29pm On Mar 14
Chapter 15
Regardless of being outside she have a boyfriend
"Am single" she said barely above a whisper then turned and rushed inside. Mr Uba stood there shocked, she just admitted she is single, that fact changed everything, he have a chance, he no longer have to feel guilty for having such thought.
"Yes!" He screamed, not caring how passerby looked at him. He rushed home with new found energy to plan his tomorrow date.
"Amanda" Mr Uba said surprisingly as he saw Amanda in his house, he knows she's been making advances on him but he is zero interested in her.
"I just came to see my little angel" she said staring at Amara who is least amuse
"I will be in my room" Amara said not giving her a glance, clearly she don't want Amanda here
"Well I came to ask you if you have chance tomorrow" she asked stepping forward, her whole cleavage is in display, but it have no effects on Mr Uba, for his pulse only react to a certain Miss Mirabel
"No, I already have plans" he said truth, and expertly avoiding Amanda's advance. With the way things are going, Amanda decided to say her feelings out
"Am in love with you" she said with a glassy eyes, Mr Uba pitied her for her misplaced heart.
"Am sorry, I already have another" he said bluntly, and he wonders where Amara got it from
"I don't mind if you still love her, I won't competite with her, she is dead so I can keep you warm" she said thinking Mr Uba was talking about his late wife.
"I don't mean my dead wife" he said then realization hits Amanda, that he now having another girl alive in his heart, with that been said, her formal gentle and pitiful look turn to anger
"Not while am still alive" she said then stomped off, Mr Uba wanted to stop her and explain things to her, but he stopped for he have no explanation to love, it just happened, instead he focused on his date tomorrow
"Angel, papa have a goodnews" he screamed as he ran upstairs to her daughters room.

Re: The Sacrifice by Ann2012(f): 5:31pm On Mar 14
Thanks for the update
Re: The Sacrifice by izaray(f): 10:53am On Mar 15
Not when you're still alive shocked

To love person na by force ni
Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 8:28pm On Mar 15
Chapter 18
But something changed as they locked gaze. The desire they both have for each other is burning more
"You are fastly becoming my addiction" Mr Uba said smiling, Miss Mirabel thought so too, she smiled.
After the date he drove her home, Mr Uba is feeling like a teenager all over again, he wanted to go say hi to the mom but Mirabel stopped him, she first want to explain everything to her mom before he meet her.
"When next can we get together again" he asked as the both stand beside the gate
"Whenever we are both free" she said, actually she wanted to say tomorrow but it will look too cheap and school starts tomorrow
"How would I know when you are chanced" he teased
"Your phone" she said stretching out her hand, he gave her the phone she then typed in her number
"Am now phone call away" she said smiling
"Thanks" he saved the number
"Goodnight then" she said, knowing her mom will be anxiously waiting
"Goodnight" he said, he waited like a gentleman and watch her go upstairs, he wanted to stop her and kiss her, but kissing on the first date will only show his carnal side, so he left her walked. Little did he know Mirabel want that too
Her phone rang as she entered her apartment, she picked up
"Hello stranger" Mr Uba said on the phone
"Hello there" she said as her lips curves into a wide smile
"Thanks for the date" he said
"Glad we had fun"
"Goodnight" he said, waited for her to return the gesture before hanging up and drove home
"Tell me all about it" Mirabel eyes widened as she stand face to face with a very curious mother, they don't keep secret from each other, her only fear is if she will accept her dating a widower.

Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 10:00am On Mar 17
Chapter 23
"What" she asked touching her lips and suddenly feeling hot under his intense gaze
"This" he said claiming her lips, and it was nothing he ever felt, he realized how truth it is that we don't often know what we are missing until it arrives, he missed the kiss he never had.
A don't have a virgin lips so she have kissed before, but non have made her feel so much pleasure like this, it made her brain numb. When he broke the kiss they both felt hot, like they were standing too close to a burning fire.
"Is it gone" she asked, then licked her lips to taste him more, and it maddens him
"Not yet" he answered claiming his lips for the second time, this time more furiously, they kissed like their life depends on in, their tongue search each other lips in a ferocious pattern. He dragged her impossibly close, they are letting all their feeling pour out in a kiss.
"Am smitten" he said as he broke the kiss, breathing heavily still in each others embrace
"So am I" she said, with her eyes closed reveling on the feeling "I wish I can pause time and spend forever with you" she said, though they have not said the word love but they both know what they feel
"That makes the two of us" he said, goodbye is definitely the saddest
"Bye stranger" he said and moved back
"Bye there" she said reluctantly.
Mr Uba left her finally still feeling her lips on him, he went home and knowing Amara is staying with his sister, he went to bed alone, he no longer want to disturb her sister again. Something unexpected happened, for the first time since her wife died he slept off without Amara or her teddy, it was a miracle. Amara is going to have an earful for that, this night his dream was filled with Mirabel not his wife things are changing, hopefully for the better

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Re: The Sacrifice by izaray(f): 3:17pm On Mar 17
Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 4:47pm On Mar 17
Chapter 26
He came back home feeling dejected, he already called his sister to bring back Amara, he felt so lonely.
"What's wrong" Amaka his sister asked, Amara is currently having her dinner
"I found a girl" he said and her face lit up, she have always wanted that
"So when can I meet her" she asked eagerly, he smiled, knowing it might never happen with the way things are right now, but he still have hope
"Pretty soon I hope" he answered and she smiled
"No problem, my husband is back I have to leave I already miss him enough" she said and gathered her things to leave, "bye Amara" she said
"Buyi buyi" she replied with food in her mouth, it earned a laugh from her father and aunt.
Mr Uba came back after seeing Amaka to her car, she don't want to bore her with what's happening now and she hope things will get better
"So how was your day" Amara asked after he tucked her in
"Fine" he answered and lay beside her holding her hands, a habit he have right from time, he always hold the hands of who he love when he sleep, it started from his mom, then his wife now his daughter.
"You like her" she asked, her father smiled as he wondered how she knows things like this, but he is glad he have such a matured daughter
"Yes, but in my own goodness I might have lost her" he said remembering how she walked away, it tuck his heart
"Don't worry things will be alright, that's what you always tell me" she said yawning showing how tired she is
"Eventually" he answered as he watched her daughter slowly sleep. Even with Amara beside him, his very own sleeping pills he is wide awake, he miss Mirabel, he always miss her since the day he met her, but he is afraid things might be difficult now after today, it saddens him and kept him awake.

Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 8:53am On Mar 19
Daddy's Little Girl

Chapter 29
He then kissed her, gentle but full of emotion "I forgive you" he whispere, he could taste the salty taste of her tears on her lips, he pulled back but she pulled him close and reclaim his lips.
"Stop" he said holding the last thread of control, but it seems she no longer have any so she continued. He pulled her up and she wrapped her legs around him, its been long he felt a woman touch like this, every bit of him wants her like she is his other half
He could feel her breast pressed against his chest and he liked the feeling, he ran her hands down her spine and she moan, he felt powerful knowing he is making her feel like this. Still in his hands he took her up to his room, knowing what's about to go down he is glad that Amara is not home.
He lay her on the bed and took in her features, he wants to remember her like this, she is indescribable, he once said nobody is perfect and he believed it, but seeing her in a state that calls only for him he can't think of anything more perfect
"Perfect" he said and get down on her but careful not to put his weight on her, she lean in kissed him, every fiber that makes him a man is already on high alert,
He kissed behind her ear, she moan and suck her nails on his back, she don't want barrier between them so she made a move to pull his cloth, he helped her out, she ran her hand on his bare chest and the hardness arouse her the more, in his situation, one don't need word to communicate. Sensing what she want he removed her cloth and now in their birthday suit, Mr Uba have never seen anything more beautiful.
"You are beautiful" he said,he could see the desire in her eyes, a fire that can only be put out through eternity of pleasure, she screamed to his carnal side
"Stop the torture" she whispered as she felt she can't hold it anymore, he smiled and went on to oblige the both of them, knowing after tonight no turning back sweetens him.

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Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 6:26pm On Mar 19
Chapter 31
Mirabel came home early to prepare for school, Mr Uba dropped her off, she saw her father knowing they have a lot to talk about but little time she told him she will see him when she comes back, she wondered if her father slept over.
Even after her whole rush she came late to school, thankfully she was let off easily, seeing Amara made her remember what she did last night, she hope she won't be angry knowing she now date her father. Her teaching went quiet well today, Amara still a good girl to her and they are both bonding, other teachers noticed the bond but didn't talk much on it.
Mr Uba at work place can't seem to get her off his system, she really fulfill his fantasy he is really lucky
"Mr Uba" Amanda called him, he turned to look at her, really not interested in any of her conversation
"Yes" he answered in a business tone
"Have you thought about what I said" she asked, Mr Uba can play denial but knowing that will prolong the conversation he decided to be blunt
"There is nothing to think about" he answered and went back to his work, he will soon leave to one his site.
"Don't underestimate a woman when she desire something" she said in a low threatening tone, he gave a glance and packed up his file leaving her alone in the office, they have different office but she always walk into his, and its annoying.
"Dad, I found another woman" he said to his dad over the phone, he heard the scream from his mom, he just giggled
"When can we see her" he heard her mother from the background
"Soon" he answered then got another incoming call from Mirabel
"Cut the call I will call back"he told his dad, he picked Mirabel's call immediately his dad cut off
"Hello stranger" he said but surprisingly heard his daughters voice
"Dad, its me, our teacher just had an accident, we are at Hopes Hospital" she said and Mr Uba heart picked abnormal pace

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Re: The Sacrifice by Ann2012(f): 9:05pm On Mar 19
Thanks for the update
Re: The Sacrifice by azeezat22(f): 7:46am On Mar 20
plssssssss update us on sacrifice we are waiting and pls not one episode plss
Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 11:26am On Mar 20
plssssssss update us on sacrifice we are waiting and pls not one episode plss

K boss will try updating today thanks

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Re: The Sacrifice by kingokoh(m): 11:27am On Mar 20
Daddy's Little Girl

Chapter 34
He could see the bandage on her head, her leg was tied hanging with bandages, she have some visible bruise but she is breathing, he now sat beside her
"Hello stranger" he said "you gave me quite a scare" he chuckled "Amara will give you an ear full, I also think she will stop eating short bread for now, at least she can't resist the temptation" he smiled and touched her hands
"They say who you think of before sleeping and after waking up, is either the source of your joy or pain, you are my joy Mirabel" he said with a deep breath, he then noticed the parents come in
"Its getting late son, you should be going" her father said, he smiled as he heard the word son
"I actually want to stay the night with her" he said, he never stayed with someone in the hospital since his wife died, but with Mirabel he don't care, it will be worst if he doesn't stay.
Mrs Ugwu, noticing they can't argue with him urge her husband to leave him with her and they will come back tomorrow to clean her up and stuff
"I hope she is in good hands" he asked
"Certainly" he answered and the two couples left leaving him alone with Mirabel.
"Even with all this bruises you area still a darling" he said, yes the bruise did very little to mask her beauty. He stayed the night and occasionally check on her to know when she wake up, it was nearing dawn when he fell asleep.
Not long he slept off Mirabel woke up, she was in pain but endurable, she felt the hands holding her and instantly she knew who it belongs to, it helps sooth her pains away, she turn to see him, trying to get comfortable in the hospital seat
"Hello there" she manage to say, and Mr Uba eyes snapped open
"You ar awake" he said "let me call the doctor"
"Not yet, let me be the patient with her lover alone, just a little longer"she said smiling and he returned the smile
"Then how are you love" he asked
"Swell" she answered and endured the pain that comes from talking, she is so in love with him, she can't leave him, not like his firs wife she is determined.

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Re: The Sacrifice by izaray(f): 12:57pm On Mar 20
Thanks for the update

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