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Victims Of Passion / Pursuit Of Passion, Act1 Scene 2 Continuation / Story Pursuit Of Passion By Ayodeji Oyekanmi (2) (3) (4)

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Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 10:15pm On Jun 05
So I decided to start with this short story, am not a writer, this is just a medium to pen down my thoughts.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 10:21pm On Jun 05
Kamsi as fondly called by family and close friends is a law student at unilag, she is the first child of her parents amongst four other siblings. Her family was below the average Nigerian family and could barely afford the necessities of life.

Coming to Lagos to study law was a challenge to kamsi as non of her close relatives resides over there. After her second year in the university, things got really hard for her, and her parents could only afford her school fees because her brother had also gained admission in unizik to study pharmacy.

It was a cool Sunday evening and kamsi was returning from a program hosted by the catholic students association in surulere, she was short of transportation fair, so she decided to trek through the street, before she got to the junction to take a tricycle, she saw a notice "house keeper needed, apply in person" she thought to herself, "I could do this and get little money to take care of myself and also send to ekene my brother".

She went into the building and asked the gateman that she wanted to apply, "we no de take again" the gateman shouted at her, "so why is the notice still there? Please can I see the owner of this house" she pleaded. "na me you de blow grammar for?" the gateman shouted at her. Just then a young man in his mid thirties came out, "what is the matter" he asked the gateman, "oga this girl say she want job" he replied. Gozie came towards kamsi, and she felt butterflies in her Tommy, the same feeling she felt the very first day her secondary school crush held her hands, "nne did you come for the job?" Gozie asked, bringing her bCk to reality. "yes sir, good evening sir, my name is kamisochukwu Nwoye a native of Uruokwe Enugu-ukwu in Njikoka lock government of Anambra state. I saw the notice and I came to apply" will you be able to come three times a week? " Gozie asked her, " I will be able to come on the evening on weekdays snd in the morning on weekends" she said shyly. "why ?" Gozie asked? "I am a student" she said with a pleading tone. "what and where do you study?". "I'm a law student at unilag" she replied with a slight frown. "how will you cope with school and work, considering the nature of your course and anyone who's sponsoring you in school should provide everything, you don't have to work", he looked at her in disbelief. "I can be able to cope sir, just give me a try" she begged. "do you have any form of identification to ascertain that you're a student? “. Kamsi brought out her I'd card and should him." okay I will pay you 20k per month and you can start right away, hope that's okay by you? ". " thanks so much sir" she said with tears in her eyes.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 10:24pm On Jun 05
Constructive criticisms are highly welcomed and appreciated... Let's see if I can put my wild imaginations into use.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 10:41pm On Jun 05
I wouldn't be posting again, unless I get some encouragement.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Ann2012(f): 2:08pm On Jun 06
Keep posting

Comments will follow
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 11:23pm On Jun 07
It's been two months since kamsi started working for Gozie, and all she has got and dealt with is the constant harassment and inhumane treatment from Gozie's girlfriend Ronke.

Ronke is a beautiful girl in her late twenties, she has the appropriate curves in the right places, but she lacks manner and compassion and have never ceased to let kamsi know that she hates her.

It was Friday evening after lectures and kamsi left for

Gozie's house to go and carryout her work. She had already gone to the market because she also cooks for Gozie as part of her job. "I wonder what Ronke does for Gozie" she thought aloud as she adds water to the pounded yam. Just as she put the food on the table, Gozie came in with his girlfriend. "good evening sir, good evening ma" kamsi greeted the couple, "nne kedu" Gozie replied, "so you are still here, it's past 7pm and you are still here, you have to leave now, I will finish up whatever you where doing"

Ronke sneared angrily at kamsi. Kamsi went into the guest room where she changed from her work to her casual dress, she came out and met the couple at the dinning table, "this soup is tasty, daalu" Gozie said d to her, with missed feeling of guilt and pity. "you are welcome sir, goodnight sir, goodnight ma" she said as she headed to the door. Just them it started raining heavily. "kamsi you can sleep over, tomorrow morning you go back to your hostel" Gozie said to kamsi. " I can manage sir" kamsi said, scared of Ronke's questioning eyes. "no I insist" Gozie said. "okay sir" kamsi said. As she made to enter the guest room, Ronke started shouting on Gozie, "you have not told me what you have with this dirty girl, it's either she leaves or I leave!" she roared. "then suit yourself, she's not leaving, don't you have human sympathy" Gozie shouted back.

Ronke took the plates of which they where eating from and broke them all, before leaving the house.

"kamsi please come and clear this mess" Gozie called out. "yes sir" kamsi replied. Kamsi cleared it all out and did the dishes before she retired to rest as it's been a long day.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by DemiKOL(f): 11:15am On Jun 08
Nice piece.
keep it up OP!
thanks for the update!
waiting for more updates�
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Ann2012(f): 3:27pm On Jun 08
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 1:09pm On Jun 12
Nice piece.

keep it up OP!

thanks for the update!

waiting for more updates�
thanks, will update tonight. Been sick.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 1:10pm On Jun 12
thanks dear
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by DemiKOL(f): 1:56pm On Jun 12
thanks, will update tonight. Been sick.


sorry about that!

hope you are better now?
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 9:28pm On Jun 15
Kamsi woke up the next morning to see a lady leaving Gozie's room, and no, it wasn't Ronke, the lady looked more like a call girl. "so oga lives this kind of lifestyle, all because of sex" she thought to herself. She intercepted Gozie at the kitchen door and he reaked of alcohol and looked sick. "can you get me some aspirin" Gozie said and immediately vomited on the kitchen floor.

Saturday has been far spent as kamsi has been helping the alcohol sick Gozie. Around 4pm,kamsi left for her hostel, just as she laid in her corner to sleep, a call came through from her mom, "hello mummy good evening ma" kamsi said tiredly. "kamsisochukwu kedu?, how is school, how are you, hope you are reading well" mama kamsi asked, without giving her chance to answer, "anyways I called to tell you that oge your younger cousin is getting married next month, she is just 23 and you're 3 years older than her, please I hope your plan is not to be an unmarried lawyer" she asked with a mocking tone. "ngwanu take care of yourself and rember that a woman does not blossom for ever" she ended the call and kamsi sighed and dozed off, only to be woken up by the call of Gozie her boss. "hello sir" she said sleepily, "kamsi please can you come and prepare jollof rice for me, my guys are coming over to watch match," he pleeded, "but sir I...... ", "just come, I will pay exclusively for it," Gozie said, cutting her short from any excuses.

"guy this your new babe is hot, and most importantly she's a good cook, not like Ronke and the rest of them" Dami said while chewing a sizeable amount of meat.

"kamsi is not my woman, she's my house keeper" Gozie said while pressing his phone. "so you want us to believe that you haven't tasted her yet" Steven threw in, while laughing mischievously..

Later in the night while kamsi was clearing and cleaning the dinning, Gozie looked at from the sitting room, then for the very first time, Gozie noticed that kamsi was indeed beautiful and sexually appealing, the thought of having her under his skin gave him an erection.
kamsi can you join me for a drink when you are through" he said slowly, "okay sir" kamsi answered him, "I wonder what I may have done wrong" she thought to herself..

"sir am through" she said shyly.. "sit down" he said to her while looking lustfully at her. She made to sit on the chair adjacent to him, "come close, sit with me" he said calmly, she came closer, and sat by his side. She needed this, she had longed for this, at 26 she can't remember ever feeling like a woman, but those feelings where there, she craved for masculine touches and long night talks. "tell me about your self" Gozie asked, bringing her back to reality as he also poured her some red wine.

"there's nothing interesting about me sir" she said while sipping her wine, "hmmm she thought to herself, this wine is good". " I want to know the uninteresting things" he smiled at her,..

She took another sip and talked as if she was reciting a poem "I am the first child of my parents, I have four siblings, a sister and 3 brothers. My mom is a petty trader and my dad is a primary school teacher, I am in my 4th year as you know" she sipped again and this time she was loud, " that's all to no about my boaring life"

"so no friends, no lover?" Gozie asked. He was beginning to enjoy her company. " wow she smells nice" he thought to himself.

"no friends or lover" she said with drink in her mouth.

"won't you ask me of myself" Gozie asked in a childish tone. "sorry sir, tell me about you" Gozie smiled, "please do away with the sir, just call me my name or simply skip the sir" "okay sir.... Sorry I mean Gozie" she said shyly,

" my name is chigozie Echezona as you already know, I am the last child, I have two elder sisters, I work with an oil servicing firm, I'm also into agriculture, and I love intelligent ladies like you" he smirked at her, and "guess what" he said, "what?" she asked. "tomorrow is my birthday, I will be 38" "wow so you are a scorpio" she Saud excitedly "when is you own birthday he asked," 3rd of July " she said loudly," I'm already 26 years old" she added. "so that makes us completely compatible, scorpio man and cancer woman" he said, winking at her. " yes I like scorpio men she said," without notice to his wink. " you like scorpio man, tell me about your previous relationships" he asked inquisitive tone... "I have never been in a relationship" she said. "oh I see" he added, not believing her.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 9:31pm On Jun 15
He looked at her lips, it looked so clean and inviting as she parted it while seeing a movie with all her attention. He cam close to her, held her chin and planted a kiss on her lips. She didn't reject it, so he went further to kiss her deeply, she reciprocated very well considering the fact that it was has first time. He was hot for her and never felt so connected with a woman from a mere kiss.... He proceeded to rub her back, she was wearing a sliky gown, and it turned him on the more, his hand found its way to her breast.... She was endownded with full firm breast, her nipples were hard and enticing... He kissed her deeply and creased her breast with so much emotions. She couldn't understand what was happening to her, she felt as though she was in heaven, her feet became weak and before she could realize Gozie's hand was almost in her womanhood.... The passion was intense and she wanted more but then not this way, not to night she thought and jerked off from Gozie's grips. "Am sorry he, I was carried away, I never knew such passion dwelled in my heart for you" you are only saying it due to the heat of the moment ". Allow me to make you mine" he said, with lust in his eyes and he even sounded unbelievable. "Goodnight sir" she left and entered into the guest room and then for the first time in her adult life she felt wanted.

Gozie has never felt so much emotion for a woman before, "could I be falling for her" he thought to himself.. He was so hard and Hot, he couldn't sleep with his erection, he thought to call Ronke, but then they where through. He thought to call his regular fling uche but she wasn't in Lagos. His only option was oge, but she would cause troubles. So he restored to jerking off, once he's done he lay down and slept while bearing kamsi in his mind.

Early Sunday morning she woke up to leave, but Gozie intercepted her in the threshold leading to the kitchen, they both felt weak, the feeling was mutual. "could this be her, my wife " Gozie thought to himself. "good morning sir" kamsi said, bringing him back to reality. He held her hand, and he knew instantly that she was the one. "Good morning Nwanyioma, my wife" he sounded crazy but he meant every word he said. He kissed her and she reciprocated, he gently lifted her and took her inside his room, and on his bed.
he looked at her and kissed her deeply while his hand wandered all over her body, he kissed her neck down to her breast. He undressed her, leaving her only cald in her undies, she was beautiful, a type of woman that could make a man a keeper, he revealed her breast and ducked her hard dark nipples as though his life depends on it, she moaned with pleasure, she couldn't understand her body and feelings, but she felt good, he kissed her navel and down to her womanhood, she clinched her legs, he understood her fears... He gently parted her thighs and buried his tongue in her womanhood, he was gentle and steady, soon she climaxed and he kissed her the more,... He slowly guided his manhood into her, "wait, i....." "shhh" he interrupted her, "I know, trust me I know I love you, I sound crazy saying it, I will be gentle, accept me into you, it's all yours" he said while looking deep into her eyes, he went in slowly, she grasped in pain and soon she moaned as he rode her slowly with every passion.... It was bliss and the felt so at peace.

Gozie was woken up by his alarm, it was Monday morning and all this while he has been dreaming, it was all a wet dream. He got up to freshen up, he felt like he had met her already, his soulmate was near, he thought to himself. "I will go to law faculty in unilag and look for my kamsi" he thought aloud.

He closed his doors and dashed out to his car " Ayuba open the gate he shouted"

He reached the junction that leads to his street, it had already started raining, "road go bad today o" he thought aloud, just as he was about turn, he saw a girl on withe shirt and black skirt, she was drenched. He pulled over and her face looked familiar, "hello can I give you a lift" he offered, " yes sure, I have no option" the girl replied while entering his car, " this voice sounds familiar" he thought to himself. " NNE where are you going to, by the way my name is Gozie".... "my name is kamsi, I'm going to unilag, law faculty to be precise, but I don't think the lecturer will come, he's a visting lecturer form ibadan " she answered, while trying to conceal her breast as it was visible due to the rain.

Gozie smiled to himself and said aloud, "behold the woman of my dreams" he began to Humm in ecstacy, kamsi looked at him as though he was mad.. "I'm not mad nne, my chi has brought to me a pleasant gift, soon you will understand" he smiled at her, she smiled back too.
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 9:33pm On Jun 15


sorry about that!

hope you are better now?
yes, thanks so much
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by EmjayDeeBoss(m): 12:32am
I'm present
Re: Dwelling Place Of Passion by Chithejoyfulmom: 12:12pm
I'm present
thanks for reading

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