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Forbidden Love (the Ultimate Sacrifice) by Omaisabella(f): 7:59am On Aug 07, 2019
Coming Next:

Forbidden Love.

Hell can't hold him, demons can't stop him, the god's can't scare him, and Love.....ha love can't bind him.

In a school filled with all types of Supernaturals (Vampires, witches, wolves, fairies, etc), everyone is afraid of the Millennium Wolf Prince (Jason), all Alphas Wolf obeyed him.

Ria a new student who was transferred to the school, fall in love with Jason who doesn't even notice her, unknown to her, she was the last mermaid and a half demon. She doesn't know who are parents are and her grandmother forbids her from speaking of them.

Something happened which made Jason started seeing Ria in a new light.

Jason has just two rules.

Rule 1, Don't mess with him





Rule 2, Follow rule 1
Re: Forbidden Love (the Ultimate Sacrifice) by Omaisabella(f): 8:01am On Aug 07, 2019
Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


Jason POV (Point of view):

I was born with a diamond spoon in my mouth, let me rephrase that, I was born into wealth. Being an only child and son to my parents, I was given anything I desire. The BloodMoon Pack is the strongest Wolf pack in the entire Wolf Clan, we rule the clans. My father, King Roen, is an Alpha Wolf and my mom, Queen Rosa, is the Luna of the pack. And I....I am Jason, the Only Millennium Wolf.

I am a Tribrid. A tribrid, is the combination of three supernatural species.

I am a vampire

I am a phoenix &

I am a Millennium Wolf.

My father once told me why mermaids were wiped out. I can't tell you because the writer who is about to tell you my story, will tell you the whole story for me.

I was also told, that an evil child will be born to end the supernaturals. Once she is found, she will be used as a sacrifice to the god's.

She will be the Ultimate sacrifice to close the gate of Darkness.

The Millennium wolf will be the one to end her, and give her dead body to the god's.

But I ended up, falling in love with the Ultimate sacrifice.

I going to meet Jason now, so that he can tell me why they killed the mermaids, lol.

This is a pure work of fiction, please this story shouldn't be pirated by anyone without the writer's permission or name.

Re: Forbidden Love (the Ultimate Sacrifice) by Omaisabella(f): 8:02am On Aug 07, 2019
Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 1

‘Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.’

A thousand years ago (1,000) at the Gate of Darkness:

“You betrayed me Tharollin, how could you do that to me?” Avonmora, the queen of mermaids, asked in a teary voice at the man she had once referred to as her lover. She was just in time from stopping him open the Gate of Darkness.

“For powers my love, to open the Gate of Darkness I have to sleep with you and collect your blood, which you gave me the two willingly.” Tharollin, the demon king answered her with a smirk.

“I thought you were the one, the god's made you my soulmate Tharollin, you are my soulmate and whatever I did for you was out of love. I gave you myself and my blood thinking you want to use my blood and heal the wounds you had last when you fought with Roen, but I was wrong, you only collected it to use it and open the Gates of Darkness.”

“You've forgotten something sweetheart, I am a demon, in fact the king of demons, we don't have feelings. Opening the Gate of Darkness will make me the strongest of them all and I shall rule over the supernaturals.” Tharollin said. “And even if I want to have a lover, it wouldn't be a fish girl, now if you excuse me I have a gate to open.”

“I was warned to stay away from you, but did I listen? No. Tharollin, you still have a chance to change, do not open the Gate of Darkness, please I beg you.” Avonmora pleaded, hoping to god's that they change his heart.

Tharollin laughed at her foolishness. “You're a big fool Avonmora, you were blinded by love that is why you couldn't see my main motive.”



Tharollin, a very handsome and tempting demon king, lost his rights as king when he went for war against King Roen and the rest supernaturals except the mermaids, they were healers. King Roen who has the backing of the god's, was the one who had defeated him and they killed all his demon warriors and imprison the ones alive.

He ran away from the battlefield with serious injuries. He ran into Avonmora who was heading towards the battlefield with some of her healers.

Seeing him for the first time, was like seeing the sun. Her crystal necklace shone a little bit and she knew the man bleeding profusely was her soulmate. Avonmora quickly ordered the rest to go without her as she teleport Tharollin to her cave to treat him.

Their love story began…..

“Did you know what you ask for Avonmora?” King Roen asked the beautiful mermaid standing before him.

“Yes, I know what I am asking Roen. Help me and plead with the rest of the Kings and Queens that they shouldn't harm Tharollin, you know they listen to you.”

“This is difficult and you know it. Helping the evil king of demons who went rebellious against all Supernaturals, is different, saying we should give him a second chance is another thing.”

“He is my soulmate Roen, you know what that means. Please stand with me, he has changed. We should give him a second chance.” Avonmora pleaded.

“I am only supporting you because of what we had in the past, do not come back to me when he betrays you. I won't listen then.”

“Thank you so much Roen, he won't betray me.” Avonmora said with happiness.

“I will set a meeting with the rest of the Kings and Queens soon, bring him with you when you are coming to the meeting Avonmora.”


The Meeting:

“This is outrageous! How can we trust a demon who want to rule over the supernaturals.” Queen of the fairies, Flora, spat out with venom as she stared at Tharollin with disdain.

“He isn't the same person you once knew, please he's Changed and I can swear on my life. He is my soulmate, my better half. Queen Flora, you got married to the king of globins didn't you even when we kicked against it. My fellow Kings and Queens, I am also a queen and I know how you want our people to feel safe, but believe me, Tharollin isn't evil.” Avonmora said.

“Roen what is your intake in this?” King Davea, asked the Wolf King. A Davea is a creature of shadow, a special type of demon, which is periodically used by others demons, similarly to hellhounds.

The room where the meeting was held became quite as they all want to hear Roen’s opinion.

“Let's give him a second chance as she had said.” King Roen told them finally.

“Are you supporting her because she was once your Bleep mate?” Darin, the King of Vampires asked as he started picking invisible dirt from his nails.

The growl that came out from Roen shook the whole room they were in. Standing up to his feet in anger.

“I dare you to repeat what you said AGAIN.” Roen pronounced each word with a growl as he stares hatefully at the Vampire King.

“But I was saying the truth.” Darin said with a smile.

“That's enough from the both of you, we have heard from Avonmora, and since the Wolf King had given out his consent, so we shall. Tharollin has been forgiven, but Avonmora take note, if he tries to bring harm to any of the kingdoms, you know the consequences, don't you?” The Queen of Witches, Lillian, said.

“Yes I know the consequences, thank you all.” Avonmora said with a smile.

End of flashback.

“You played me all along, but I won't let you open the Gate of Darkness.”

“Too late for that my love, you came too late, I have already done the sacrifices, mixing the blood of a powerful mermaid and my blood together, and you are just a mermaid without any fighting skills, should I remind you that as a demon your powers doesn't affect me. So very soon, all Supernaturals will be mine to rule. Join me Avonmora, let's rule all of them together.”

“Over my dead body will I do that.”

“Your choice, my gain, goodbye Avonmora.” Tharollin said, turning his back to her and going towards the Gate of Darkness.

“You will die in there, do not open the Gate Tharollin, please. the evil behind that gate will affect everyone, for the sake of our child I am carrying, please don't open that gate.”

That stopped Tharollin who then turn to face Avonmora with the coldest look she had ever seen. “Using those lines doesn't work for me, a demon king like myself can't have children.” With that he walked over to where the Gate of Darkness was, stood in front of it and utter the words that had been Forbidden.

The Gate of Darkness, was said to be the inhabit of Lucifer, an evil being who was killed and his bones were locked up by the god's, whoever that opens the gate of Darkness and possesses the bones of Lucifer shall have the powers of the once powerful being.

Lucifer bones weren't the only ones in it.

Tharollin smiled as he finished casting out the spell.

The Gate of Darkness began to open slowly. Inside the Gate were pure darkness.

“Do not move any further Tharollin!” King Darin shouted at demon who stopped once he heard his voice.

Tharollin turn and saw all the Kings and Queens of the supernaturals before him.

“You alerted them Avonmora.” Tharollin said without any surprise as the gate behind him continue opening, just one step and he is inside the Gate.

“I have too, I am sorry.” Avonmora replied.

“Well, great Kings and Queens, I don't have much time to discuss with you all, but I will get to see you all in the next 1,000 years to come. Be sure you are still alive when I return, for I shall have my revenge on all of you standing before me.”

“That is if you enter the gate.” Roen said but it was already too late.

“Too late, you all are always late. I shall return with my armies to defeat you all and rule over every supernatural.” Tharollin said as he finally moved back, one of his feet entering the gate. ”Goodbye to see you all in 1,000 years later.” with that saying, his second feet enter the gate. As soon as his two feet was inside the gate, a dark hole opened beneath his feet and he fell down. The dark hole closes.

Lillian used her magic to prevent the gate from opening further.


Meeting Room:

“This is all your fault!” Queen Flora shouted. “Now the Gate of Darkness is opened, it won't take much time before it starts to turn everyone into evil.”

“I am sorry, I didn't know he would do something like that.” Avonmora said softly.

Darin wanted to say something hurtful towards Avonmora when a bright light shone before them before it vanish.

A beautiful lady stood where the bright light was, all dressed in white as the Kings and Queens all stood up and bowed to her and sat down again. Her eyeballs were white and her forehead bore a circle.

“The priestess is always there whenever we need her.” King Davea said with a smile.

“I did not bring good news, the gods are angry. The Gate of Darkness is opened and it will cause a great war if it is not closed in time.” The priestess said.

“What then should we do?” Lillian asked.

“The only way to close the gate of Darkness is to sacrifice the one who had caused it.”

All eyes turned to look at Avonmora, some with hate, others in pity.

“Then Avonmora shall be sacrificed to avoid whatever evil that want to befall on us.” King Darin said.

“Not only her, you know what it took the god's to lock down the Gate of Darkness after they defeat Lucifer. Her people, every single mermaid and merman, shall be sacrificed to close down the Gate in two days time.” The priestess said and vanished.

“You all heard her, in two days time, Avonmora and her people shall be killed.” Queen Flora said with a smile.

“But killing them all, won't that be the end of mermaids?” Roen asked.

“The god's have spoken Roen, and there is no going back.” Darin said and stood up to meet Avonmora. “Enjoy your last days with your people.” He left the meeting room.

Soon everyone began to leave the room except Roen and Lillian.

Standing up to his feet. “I warned you, but I can understand since he was your soulmate. But this time around, I can't help you, the god's are now involved.” with a sad smile, Roen left the meeting room leaving Lillian alone with her

“Lillian, I am pregnant with the demon child, what should I do?”

“Shhhh, the walls have ears, teleport us now to my Chambers.”

Avonmora nodded her head and teleport them to Lillian lairs. Casting a magic spell around the wall to prevent anyone from eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Repeat what you just told me a few minutes ago?”

“I am pregnant for Tharollin, I told him but he thought I was joking, help me, I don't want my child to die with me. Please my sister, save my child.”


Two Days Later:

All the supernaturals gathered to witness the execution of the mermaids race in front of the Gate of Darkness.

The priestess stood before the Gate as she gesture with her head to the Vampire warriors to begin. They started killing the mermaids.

Soon all mermaids and merman lay dead remaining Avonmora.

The priestess walk over to meet her. “Your punishment will be so different, the god's want your soul, but your body shall be placed at the front Gate of Darkness to warn anyone who has your fish brain.” She told Avonmora and touched the mermaid forehead.

Her soul in a smoky form began to come out from her mouth, the priestess brought out a diamond stone and her soul went into it.

Avonmora body slumped as her eyes were wide open, her lifeless eyes, looking straight to Lillian. It was as if it was reminding her of her promise she made to her two days ago.

The priestess smiled and levitate Avonmora body and made it stand at the Gate. Avonmora body immediately turned into ice.

The priestess said some words and the gate started closing. It stopped before it will shut finally.

“What happened? The Gate isn't shut completely.” Flora said.

The priestess who was equally surprised closes her eyes briefly and opened it. “There is still one more mermaid missing.”

“Impossible, all the mermaids clan has been killed, so which one are you talking about?” Darin asked.

“A mermaid yet to be born. Her blood shall be used in shutting down the Gate of Darkness completely.”

“How is that possible?” Roen demanded.

“I don't know, but it wasn't reveal to me, I shall consult the god's and get back to you all.” The priestess reply and vanished before anyone question her further.


Lillian entered her Chambers and made sure she locked the door, saying a spell, a door appeared and she entered it.

The door opened to another hidden room, at the middle of the room was a ball, which looks more like nylon floating with a very tiny fetus in it.

She had promised Avonmora she would take care of her child.

“Promise me Lillian nothing will happen to my child, you're a very strong witch, I know you can do something to prevent my child from dying with me.”

“I will help you because you once helped me before.”

“Thank you, but you must promise me Lillian not to tell her who her parents were, I have a strong feeling that it's a girl. If it is a girl, please do name her Rae, because she is my Rae of light, but if it is a boy, you name him. And one more thing, please hide her powers, especially if she carries the demon blood”

“Of course Avonmora. Come one, we don't have much time.” Lillian said and say a spell. The same door appeared and they entered inside.

Lillian smile as she went over to where the ball was floating.

Since the child has a demon blood in him or her, it will take almost 1,000 years before the ball burst.


The priestess appeared on top of the mountain where she lived.

She didn't see that coming, killing off the mermaids and using their blood at the gate was for a purpose. She couldn't tell the people that the yet to be born mermaid she saw will be born in a thousand years to come, but who will give birth to the mermaid?

To Be Continued
Re: Forbidden Love (the Ultimate Sacrifice) by Omaisabella(f): 8:03am On Aug 07, 2019
Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 2

'There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.'

She sat down at the mountain top and started meditating searching every nook and cranny of each supernaturals kingdom but to no avail.

The priestess was livid as she tried to see if something was hidden away from her, but no matter how hard she tried, nothing showed up.

She stood up as a door opened right there in front of her, mid air.

Entering it, it closes behind her. She found herself in a room, a big bowl of red water appeared in front of her, as she started to make some incantations. "Water, water, show me what is being hidden, who is the last mermaid that is yet to be born? Show me her face or mother?"

The red water started swirling around the bowl, and a mouth was seen opening. She peep inside the opened mouth only to see darkness. The mouth vanished and the water became still.

"Something doesn't feel right." The priestess said staring at the still red water.

"I know that Tamara." A deep male baritone voice said behind her.

The priestess now known as Tamara, wasn't frightened when she heard the male voice.

"You shouldn't be here, I am taking care of everything." Tamara said and turned to face him.

Standing before her was a man made of water.

"Just because I gave you enough powers to become the priestess of all Supernaturals doesn't mean you should talk to me in such manner." The water man said.

"I am sorry my Lord, forgive my manners. I just thought you should be resting as you had drained all the blood of the mermaids clan. I wasn't expecting you." Tamara said as she lowered her head.

"I already did that but I am still thirsty for that last blood. Our plan worked out from the beginning. I made Avonmora soulmate to the demon king, Tharollin. She had thought that the gods had blessed her with Tharollin, but she didn't know the truth. I have Tharollin where I want him, for I will need a strong body for me to occupy when it's time." The man in a water form said and laughed out. "And again, I shall need Roen's blood to complete the ritual, he is the strongest Wolf."

"Why his blood?" Tamara asked not getting it.

"I mean, someone that will come out from his loins, set him up with a maiden that he will impregnate. And once it's time I shall have that child." He said as he already mapped out his plans.

If only he knew the child will be a Tribrid supernatural, he wouldn't have suggested the plan.

"Of course my Lord. But what should I tell the Kings and Queens when they asked what the gods has said. We still haven't found out where the last mermaid is."

"I will tell you what to do, for now, your focus should be on finding out where the mermaid will be born so that you can bring her to me. I on the other hand, shall keep on blinding the god's. And once Tharollin gets my bones from the Gate of Darkness, I shall reveal myself to them."

Tamara nodded her head as she handed the diamond stone which held the soul of Avonmora to the water man who vanished immediately.


The Meeting Room:

"Queen Lillian, since we haven't heard a word from our priestess since yesterday after the slaughter of the Mermaid Clan, what are we going to do since the gate is still open?" Queen Flora asked as she fling one of her fingers upwards and a rose flower appeared in it, which she started playing with.

"I can't really answer you Queen Flora until the priestess comes." Lillian answer with a smile.

Before anyone will speak, Tamara appeared before them. She didn't come alone, she came with a beautiful lady who looks a little bit like her.

Standing up to their feet, they greeted the priestess and sat down.

"Without wasting much time, the god's has not yet revealed who will give birth to the last evil mermaid that will close the gate of Darkness. But, they have given us a solution." Tamara said with a smile.

"What solution priestess?" King Davea asked.

Tamara turned and pointed at the lady standing beside her. "She is the Solution."

"She is beautiful." King Darin complement as he stared lustfully at the lady. "Did you bring this damsel for me?" He added.

"Not for you Darin, the gods want Roen to marry Rosa, who is my cousin. The child you both shall bear will be the one to know where the last mermaid is and sacrifice her to the gods. She is the ultimate sacrifice, only when the mermaid is sacrifice, can the gate close forever."

King Roen, a very handsome werewolf, was surprised when he heard the news. He raised up his head to refuse the offer when the words frozen mid way. Standing before him was a very beautiful maiden, his soulmate, he has imprinted on her.

When a shape-shifter, a Wolf, imprints on a specific girl or woman, he becomes unconditionally bound to her for the rest of his life. When it happens, the experience is described as being gravitationally pulled toward that person while a glowing heat fills him, and everyone and everything else in his life becomes secondary, and only the imprintee is left to matter, leaving the shape-shifter with a deep need to do anything to please and protect his soulmate. It's not like love at first sight, really. It's more like… gravity moves… suddenly. It's not the earth holding you here anymore, she does… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a friend.

He had hoped his imprint would be Avonmora, but the gods couldn't grant him his heart desires, and now, she is dead.

King Roen stood up to his feet quickly and went over to meet Rosa, he hugged her smiling. "I have found my imprint at last, she is my soulmate!" He shouted to their hearings.

The rest of the Kings and Queens all helped a smile except Darin who was sulking. The Wolf King has finally found his soulmate after three thousand years of searching.

"Congrats." Filled the room.

"But how did you know your cousin would be his soulmate?" Lillian demanded suspiciously.

"That's because the gods revealed that my cousin should be brought here for King Roen to see. And thanks be to the gods for their knowledge." Tamara said. "The gods also demanded that Wolf King be made as the King of all Supernaturals, since his lovely wife to be will give birth to the one who will save us all. A school shall be built where all the children from each clan, will be attending." With that she disappeared leaving her cousin behind.

Lillian felt something was amiss but let it slide. Tamara didn't made mention of how to prevent the blackness from the gate from spreading out, anyway, that's the work of a witch.


1,000 years later:

"I am sorry Queen Lillian, but I cannot take back your grandchild, she will be transferred." The proprietor of the witch school told the queen sitting in her office.

"Ash, just give her a second chance she will change, I promise." Queen Lillian pleaded on behalf of Rae.

Rae who looked less concerned about the discussion they were having right in front of her, was blowing whistle as she placed her legs on top of the proprietor table.

Ash was already used to Rae's behavior.

"Even though you rule us, with all due respect my queen, I still maintain my stand. Rae beat up her seniors badly, they are still in the hospital recovering, she is so stubborn and do whatever pleases her, she is getting out of our control. So I have no other choice my queen. I am transferring her to the supernaturals school and that's final." Ash said and brought out a letter. "This is a recommendation letter that you will give to the Principal of the supernatural. It talks about the behavior of Rae so that he can warn his students to stay away from her."

"I will talk to her, but try and reconsider your decision." Lillian said

"I, in fact all the teachers, have had enough of her, there is nothing I can do."

"Grandma, can you excuse us for a minute, I want to speak to Mrs Ash alone, please." Rae said as she stopped her whistle.

Getting up to her feet, "I will be outside, do not do something stupid." With that Lillian left the office.

"What is it Rae? If you want to beg me to allow you back into this school, am afraid my answer is still No."

"I am not begging you Mrs proprietor. The letter in your hand, change it and write how wonderful and helpful I am to your school."

"You don't tell a five hundred years old teacher what to do."

"You seem to have forgotten who you are talking to, I am Rae, wherever I go I causes trouble. And also I know what side of the bed you sleep at night, don't allow me to visit you tonight. Change that recommendation letter at once."

To Be Continued
Re: Forbidden Love (the Ultimate Sacrifice) by Omaisabella(f): 8:05am On Aug 07, 2019
Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 3

'Being stubborn can be a good thing. Being stubborn can be a bad thing. It just depends on how you use it. I'm a very stubborn person, but not so stubborn that I can't learn new things and meet new people, but I have a one-track mind.'


"You can't tell me what to do Rae, I am the proprietor of this witch school and you are my ex student." Mrs Ash told Rae. "Now take this letter and leave my office right this minute."

"Oh I see. This is very interesting." Rae said and then proceeded in placing her hand under her chin stroking her invisible long beard she doesn't have. "That reminds me, Your only daughter normally goes to the witch library every evening, by 6pm on the dot. She doesn't miss a single day. She sits at the last row of the library chair which faces a window. Is not that I am a stalker or something like that, please do not get that idea, but she normally follows the shortcut you secretly have behind your house. And today, I guess she told you ready that she will be coming late, she and her friend, Amila, has a project at hand. If you don't want to see your only daughter half to death, change that recommendation letter right now."

"I will report you to the Witches authority if you dare lay your filthy hands on my daughter." Mrs Ash said in anger to Rae who looked less concerned about her outburst.

"Go ahead Mrs Ash, report me and let us see between you and I who they will believe. Even till down, they didn't believe I beat up those students and rather accused you and the students for framing me. Once I cry, a stone hearted person will melt and believe me, so it's your choice madam."

Mrs Ash quickly opened her drawer and brought out a new piece of paper and started writing how wonderful Rae has been in her school:

Principle Jake, this is to inform you that your new transferred student, Rae Fey, is our best student so far in the witch school. Her brilliant brain doesn't have to be caged in this witch school, so that is why I am transferring her to you. She is of her best behavior and a down to earth girl, who help a lot.

I can assure you Jake, you will enjoy her stay in your school.

With lots of love ❤

Mrs Ash signed under it and gave the letter to Rae who read it with a satisfied nod, she gave it back to Ash who then put the letter in another envelope and gave it back to Rae.

Collecting it with a smile. "I never knew you love me so much Mrs Ash."

"Who will love someone like you, with your character, no one will ever settle down with you or think about loving you in the future. I only did that because of my daughter." Mrs Ash said as Rae laughed out. "Your brilliant brain is so full of evil, if only your character is nice, it would have suit that brain of yours, but no, the god's made you brilliant and gave you a nasty character."

"It is called wisdom Mrs Ash." Rae said and also take the other recommendations letter and smiled sweetly. "If I later get to know you sent a letter apart from this one with me to Mr Jake, your daughter is a goner. Have a bountiful day, Mrs Ash." With that, Rae left her office.

She met Lillian who was waiting for her, she was concerned about what Rae might be doing to Ash. When the two minutes Rae had told her had elapsed, she wanted to go in, but stopped when she couldn't hear any shouts of help from Ash, so she concluded everything was going fine. If it was before, Ash would have screamed for help.

"Is everything okay?" Lillian asked as soon as she saw Rae emerging out from the office.

"Yes granny, everything went normal." Rae answered and gave her the recommendation letter Mrs Ash has re-written. "Here is the recommendation letter, she asked me to give you."

"Aww, that's so sweet of her." Lillian said as she collect the letter from her. "Come on, let's go home." She added and made a portal open, she waited first for Rae to enter before she did. The portal closes behind her.


Two Days Later:

Lillian who just came back from the witches meeting met Rae in her room, dancing. Rae was more of a tomboy than an actual girl. Her appearance appeared boyish.

Seen her jumping up and down on her bed without a care, brought back old memories which had long been buried.

Thanks to the 'Invisible Spell of Hidden' she had placed in her body that hides her true identity. She looks more like Avonmora when she was born, and carries her father Gene, she just hoped and prayed to the gods that Rae shouldn't encounter the priestess, if not, her true identity will be revealed. She also made a bracelet for her to wear always, the bracelet made her perform magic, which made everyone truly believed Rae was her granddaughter.

Her pregnant daughter and husband, who was a hellhound, were attacked by some sea monsters on their way to pay her a surprise visit, her time for birth was drawing near. Before Lillian could come to their rescue, her daughter, husband and unborn child were dead. Magic could not revive the dead. It was at that time, the ball which held Rae also burst open.

She made everyone believed Rae's was her late daughter child, which she saved before her death.

Lillian cleared her throat which drew Rae's attention to her. She jumped off the bed and landed near her.

"How did the meeting go? Did someone talked to you any how?" Rae's asked immediately.

"Nothing happened, I have submitted the recommendation letter to Jake, and you're to resume the new week coming by." Lillian reply her.

"To tell you the truth granny, I'm no longer sure whether to go or not, I will be the new transferred girl." Rae said with a sigh.

"Come on. You're just afraid. That's normal. After all, it's a new school and I know how you must feel." Lillian said trying to assure her granddaughter. "You'll never find out if you love the school or not if you don't try first." Lillian said slowly as she brought Rae's closer to her and hug. "The idea is to experience something first, and decide if it makes sense later. If you found out you don't love the school, tell me and I will see what I can do about it."

“Yeah,” Rae said returning her hug and staring thoughtfully at the ceiling. “I guess you're right.”

"So I have got everything that you would need for your new school." Lillian said as she cup Rae's face tenderly with her hands. "This is a new school, there will be others Supernatural people going to that school. You will see fairies, hellhounds, vampires, wolves, etc, stay away from them and mingle with your fellow witches, and most importantly, stay away from a Wolf called Jaso- are you even listening?" Lillian asked as Rae began humming a tune.

"Yes granny, I know what you want to say already." Rae said as she kissed the side cheek of Lillian. "You don't have to worry about me granny. I am not looking for any ones trouble."

"I hope so."


On The Mountain Top:

Tamara, entered her cave and proceeded to where her magic books are kept, she barely made it inside when she stopped in her tracks. Standing in front of her was the man in water form. She bow before him.

"Enough of your bowing Tamara, it's been a thousand years when the search for the last mermaid begun, and still yet you have not come across her or the one who gave birth to her."

"My Lord, it is not as simple as you think, I don't know where to find her, but I can assure you, that I am going to find the last mermaid before this year runs by." Tamara assured.

"That was what you have been saying each year. Tharollin has almost gotten to where my bones is being kept, so I need to drink the last mermaid blood before Tharollin reaches the bones."

"I will try harder my Lord, I just know this year won't pass without me finding where the last mermaid is."

"Better, for I am losing my patience with you."


School Day:

The day for Rae to start her new school has arrived. She quickly took her bath and made her food appeared before her from the kitchen and ate it fast.

Putting on her favorite black leather trousers with a white vase. Talking her black jacket and wear it, putting on her matching black boots. She came out of her room and went to meet Lillian.

"I am ready granny." She announced as she saw Lillian in her study table.

"Don't cause any trouble Rae, today is your first day in school, first impression matters a lot." Lillian told her and make a portal opened.

"Of course granny, have faith in your granddaughter." Rae said as Lillian kissed her forehead tenderly.

Lillian shrugged her shoulders. "I am just telling you. Now go, I want you to be among the early birds."

Rae smiled and entered the portal.

"I will be checking on you from time to time. Don't forget to alert me when school has closed." Lillian said before the portal closes.

The portal opened at the front of the Supernatural school gate and closes once she stepped out. She saw others witches doing the same.

First impression matters.

Removing her jacket she wore, she flip it over to her left shoulder and screamed out loud. "I AM STARTING A NEW SCHOOL!"

To Be Continued

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.
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Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 4

'I'm unpredictable, I never know where I'm going until I get there, I'm so random, I'm always growing, learning, changing, I'm never the same person twice. But one thing you can be sure of about me; is I will always do exactly what I want to do. I'm not stubborn. My way is just better.'


Her suddenly screams draw the attention of all the students outside the gate to her. The students around her started whispering amongst themselves. Rae felt satisfied.

Feeling like a princess now that everyone's attention has been drawn to her, ignoring the whispering going on around her, she kept her head high and entered the school compound as if she owns it.

The school was large with various separate buildings in it.

She scanned the environment and noticed some few students were looking at her and others were ignoring her. Raising her Jacket upwards and rolling it round her head, she screamed out loud once again. "Hello People, I said I am new here!"

She smirked when she finally got all their attention.

"We don't make such noise here, didn't your parents or guardian told you that?" A male voice said behind her back and made to grab her on her shoulder.

The unexpected happened.

Before his hand would made contact with Rae's shoulder, without turning, she held his hand and twisted it and with inhuman strength she doesn't even know she has, she flipped the man to her front, who landed on the floor in a heavy thud.

Still twisting the full grown man hand hard, no matter how hard the man tried to remove his twisted hand from the iron fist hand of the girl, he couldn't, the sound of a bone dislocated was heard. "I don't like people touching me unless I permit them too." Rae said her voice coming out in double.

By now, they have attracted the whole students and teachers attention to them, some teachers who tried to separate them, couldn't when Rae made eye contact with them. The sudden fear that shook those teachers coming made them rushed back and someone, a female witch, quickly teleport to tell Principle Jack what happened.

He soon came out and was shocked by what he saw, the vice principal of the Supernaturals was pinned to the ground by a student. He saw how his vice principal was trying to get away from the girl who held him but to no avail. He was helpless against the girl.

"What is going on?" Jack asked as he advanced towards them. He nearly halted in his footsteps when Rae turned to stare at him coldly, nearly, but he is the principal of the school and a werewolf to top it all. "I asked a question, what is going on!?" He asked again when he was standing in front of Rae.

"If you don't mind your business, you will soon join him." Rae answered twisting the man on the ground hand the more.

"Did you know who you are talking to?" Jack asked folding his arms behind him, her character reminds him of two people. But her eyes when she had looked at him earlier on, reminded him of someone he knew from the past, someone who he couldn't remember.

"And who the hell are you!?" Rae shouted ignoring the loud gasped coming out from the students and teachers round them when she asked that question. By their shocked look display on their faces, they know who the man asking her stupid question is, does she care? Hell no.

"I am Jack, the principal of the Supernaturals." Jack introduced himself "And you are?"

It was as if the words he said was magic to the girl in front of him, because she quickly leave the man she had pinned down, stood up and smiled at him.

"I am Rae." She answered.

"Rae what?" Jack asked to be sure it was not the student he was expecting. He silently prayed to the gods that this shouldn't be his new transferred student. But it seems the gods were against him when he heard the next words omitting out from her mouth.

"Rae Fey, the one who was supposed to start this school today." Rae replied smiling widely.

Meanwhile, the man she had thrown to the ground, stood up, cleaning up the dirt from his clothes as he stares at the girl who just disgraced him in front of the whole school, holding his twisted hand and trying not to show his pains.

"If she is the new transferred student we are expecting, then we don't need her, the two we have is enough for us, we don't need a third one." The man grunted out.

"She's Lillian granddaughter Rick, we can't chase her out when her previous school gave her such a good recommendation." Jack said shaking his Sandy brown hair head. He faces Rae, "Apologize to Rick," he added.

"Why will I? He touched my shoulder, so I am not apologizing." Rae responded boldly.

"He is the vice principal of this school Rae, so yes, it is necessary for you to respect him and this should be the last time it repeat itself."

"Fine, sorry, jackass." Rae said rolling her eyes at them.

"Rick I don't know why they love picking on you, she is just like them, at least she apologized unlike those two." Jack said almost smiling. "Go and see the school nurse to set your bones, everyone should go back to what he or she is doing!" Jack shouted the last part to the students, who went back to what they were doing, he faces Rae. "And you young lady, you're coming with me."

Without waiting for a reply, Jack left going back to his office.

Rae snorted at Rick and quickly hurry up to meet Jack.

Entering his office, she sat down and place her legs on his table.

Jack stared at her in surprise, the girl has some guts. "Let's start with the school rules, first remove your legs from my table."

"Why Mr Jack? I love keeping it like this, got a problem with that?" Rae asked with a raised eyebrows at Jack.

"You sounded just like them, but anyways, Mrs Ash didn't mention that you are a fighter, she only made mention of how good you have been to her school."

"Yeah, that's me, full of surprises."

"Okay." Jack said and clapped his hands once, a female teacher who's a witch, appeared right next to Jack.

"What can I do for you Jack?" The witch asked.

"Please give Rae a copy of the school rules."

The witch nodded her head and whisper some words silently, a large scroll appeared right in front of Rae and landed on her lap. "That's your own copy of the school rules, go through it and abide by it." The witch said to Rae who took it and opened the scroll. The witch disappeared.

A frown appeared on Rae's face when she opened the scroll and roll down towards the principal door. "Are you kidding me, this is so fucking long and has plenty rules." Rae said with wide eyes as she stared at the scroll in her hands.

"Yes, there are 1,000, rules in it that you must go through it and obey every single one of them, every student in this Supernaturals school has a copy of that in your hand."

Rae didn't say anything, she quickly use a spell to refold the scroll back. "Is there anything else you want to bored me with?"

Jack smiled at her. "This is not your former school where only witches and wizards attend, we have all kinds of Supernaturals in this school." He added still smiling.

"Anything else I need to know?" Rae asked less concerned.

"Just keep out of trouble." Jack said and stood up. "Wait a minute, I will be back." He told her and left his office, he soon returned with a girl of Rae's height. She was beautiful, her hair was dark brown and her eyes were deep brown in color. She looked like the shy type.

"Who is this?" Rae asked as she saw the girl with Jack who was trying not to stare at her.

"She will be the one taking you to all your class until you are familiar with them." Jack replied.

"Did I asked you that I need a babysitter oh high and mighty principal?"

Smiling. "Yes, since today is your first day in this school, I don't want you to get lost so yes, Sarah will show you to all your classes and luckily for you, you are all in her class. Class will soon start, hop out of my office right now."

Rae didn't say anything, she got up and went out of the office with Sarah following behind. She stopped and turned to face the silent girl following her. "I thought you were the one to show me my class and not me showing you?"


"Now lead the way."

As she followed Sarah, she noticed how the students kept staring at her as if she has two heads. Stopping in front of a student. "Why are you staring at me, is there something on my face you wanna tell me?" Rae asked the boy she caught staring at her.

"N--n..no, sorry." the guy stutter at his response.

"Good." Rae said and continue with Sarah.

"So Sarah, what kind of Supernatural creature are you?" Rae decided to ask the quiet girl.

"Umm..am a Centaur." Sarah answered.

A Centaur is a creature which is half-woman and half-horse.

"Wow, a Centaur?" Rae asked, Sarah nodded her head.

"Yes." Stopping in front of a class, which was noisy. "This is our first class, history."

"Okay Sarah."

They both entered the class together and the noise stopped once they saw who stepped in with Sarah.

The news of how she nearly beat up Rick, has gone round the school.

Ignoring them all, she quietly made her way to the back of the class which surprisedly seem empty. Surprising because all of them avoid the back sits.

Seating in one of the empty chairs and making herself at home, she waited for the stupid history teacher to make his or her apprearance. Placing her hands at the back of her head, she closes her eyes and start singing an old witch song her grandmother had once taught her.

The class suddenly got quite once again.

Rae heard someone coming towards her but she did as if she didn't hear it and continue humming her song.

"What are you doing here? Can't you see that I am the only one who sits in the back row?" A male voice demanded.

Opening her eyes to see who is it, she saw a very handsome guy whose nose kept flaring out in a funny way in anger as he stares at her. Is that red?

"And who are you?" Rae asked the handsome guy.

"I am Jorkallun and you are sitting in my territory. I will advise you to find another row and occupy." Jorkallun said with anger laced in each word.

"Last I remember, you don't own the school so you have no right in telling me where I should sit pretty boy." Rae said. She suddenly find it strange that everywhere became quite, the once noisy huge school all went silent as if waiting for something to happen.

"You!" Jorkallun snarled furiously. In perfect counterpoint to his anger, his already brilliant red hair went from hot to flaming - literally.

To Be Continued

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All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.
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Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 5

'People think I am strong. I am not strong. There is a difference between a strong person and a stubborn person who just won't put her sword down. I am the latter. Again and again and again... pick the sword up, pick the sword up, pick the sword up. I'm hard-headed not hard-hearted. I may be stubborn, sassy and rude at times, but I have a big heart and care about others more than I should.'


"Wow, your hair's on fire pretty boy, do you want to use the fire to cook?" Rae said not bothered by the angry look she was getting from Jorkallun. His red hair ignited fire the more.

His expression reminded Rae of an angry, dangerous wild animal about to maul someone, probably not her. A sane person would have fled by now from the glare she was receiving, but she isn't a sane person.

"Get up from that row and go and find somewhere else to occupy, do not force me student." Jorkallun said his mouth not moving a bit. His red eyes began to slowly show little flame.

"May be you haven't heard what I did to that stupid Rick few minutes ago because you are not the only one with anger issue, besides, this is not only the sit in the back row, there are two more empty chairs beside me so I don't know what your problem is. I am staying in this sit and there is nothing you can do pretty boy." Rae said with a huff in the air.

Jorkallun sudden anger melted away when he heard what Rae said, his hair that was on fire quickly dissolve. "So you were the new student who twisted that idiot Rick hand?" Jorkallun was in school when the incident took place, he felt less concerned then and walked pass the duo.

"Yup, that's me, he should be lucky I did not break all his bones." Rae said proudly. "I don't like that vice whoever."

"You should have tore off his whole arm, Well, you can have that sit all to yourself, any enemy of Rick is my friend, so let's start all over again. I am Jorkallun." The handsome red haired guy said stretching out his right hand towards her.

Rae stood up and shook his hand. "I am Rae pretty boy, the new transferred student." Ray introduced herself to him.

"First of all, don't call me 'pretty boy'. I just told you my name." Jorkallun said and detach his hand from Rae's, he went to sit in one of the empty sits beside Rae in the back row.

Those who were expecting a fight were disappointed, but they were surprised when they saw Jorkallun and Rae shaking hands. Jorkallun had never shook hands with anybody in the school and seeing this was a surprise, no one has ever mentioned his full name without getting a fetal injuries. Mr Jack will have to write it in their School Book of Achievement.

Jorkallun who has sat down glanced up and noticed the quietness of the school, especially how his classmates kept looking at him and girl beside him. He doesn't like being stared at and he had made that point clear enough for everyone.

Rae saw the stares they were given at them and turn to look at Jorkallun, she saw anger in his face and she knew he was going to explode soon.

Right as he opened his mouth, Rae touches his shoulder briefly stopping him. "Don't worry Jorkallun, I got this."

Jorkallun looked confused and curiously, what was she going to do?

She turns facing everyone in the class, her face changes to anger just like Jorkallun, before shouting at the top of her lungs.


Everyone froze in shock at what Rae had said, their classmates jaw hit the floor.

Jorkallun who was the first person to recover from his shock, smirked at them.

"DIDN'T YOU HEAR WHAT SHE SAID!" He yells at them causing them all to snap out of their shocked state and getting back to what they were doing.

The quiet school became noisy once again.

Satisfied with the result, Jorkallun placed his head on his desk, ignoring Rae and everyone completely.

Two minutes later their history teacher, Serena Birdrock, a fairy, flew into the class. Her fairy wings were pink in color and her hair matches with her wings.

"Good morning students." Serena Birdrock said greeting her students.

"Good morning ma." They all responded except Jorkallun who still kept his head on the desk.

"Before we proceed, we have a newly transferred student in our midst." Serena Birdrock announced with a smile before focusing on Rae. "Rae will you please introduce yourself to your classmates."

It was because of the please Serena added that prompted Rae to stand up from her seat.

"I am Rae Fey, and I don't look for trouble." Rae said sweetly.

"Okay, that was the most nicest introduction I have ever heard Rae." Serena told Rae. A magic book and magic pen appeared in front of all the students. "Today, we are going to talk about the history of Witches. Witches are people who used their magic spells and called upon spirits for help or to bring about change. Though there are two types of witches, we have the black witches, they use their magic for evil and the white witches, they use their magic for good. There are many types of witches, but the main two are the white witches and the black witches. And all the witches we have in our world are white witch." Serena explained with a smile to her students.

1 hour later.

"That will be all for today's class, but you are going to tell me the name of the first witch Queen we have tomorrow, by tomorrow, am sure you must have done your research and come up with an answer. Have a wonderful day." With that Serena left the class.

As soon as Serena left the class, everyone started preparing themselves to go to their next class.

Jorkallun stood up from his seat, everybody came to a halt as Jorkallun stood up, they all waited until he left the class before they started leaving with their friends.

Sarah quickly went to meet Rae and without a word Rae followed her.

Sarah took Rae to all her classes until it was time for their lunch.

They entered the school cafeteria and saw it full with students eating all types of food. Sarah took Rae to her table. Rae kept looking around to see if she could see the red-haired boy, but she couldn't.

"This is where I normally sit whenever I want to eat." Sarah said and claps her hands, a plate appeared in front of her with a little bag beside it. She opened the little bag and sprinkled the sawdust from the little bag on the empty plate. A full size fried chicken appeared on the empty plate. "Are you not hungry?" Sarah asked as she started eating her chicken.

"I am not hungry yet, but have been wanting to ask, who is Jorkallun and why do they fear him?"

Sarah almost choked herself to death when Rae asked her, steadying her breath. "Jorkallun is a..." She draws closer to Rae as if she wanted to tell her a huge secret. ".... Dragon."

Rae eyes widened in disbelief. "A Dragon? I thought dragons don't usually come out from their lair talkless about one going to school."

"You could say Jorkallun is different. His father is the King of Dragons and still yet, he is so stubborn. Everyone feared him except for one."

"Because he is a Dragon, no wonder Miss Serena didn't bother to wake him up during her class."

"I just told you he is a dragon but apart from Miss Serena being afraid of Jorkallun, dragons are knowledgeable, they are wise creatures and are very old. He knows all the answers to all questions. My guess is that he loves coming to school because he likes it when we tremble at his presence." Sarah explained. "He wasn't like this you know, he was this sweet charming and handsome looking guy every girl dream to have, but all that changed one day when he fought with his best friend, rumor said they fought because of a girl. We don't really know what had happened but we saw Jorkallun becoming like this, the girls still admired him but in a distant, he doesn't allow anyone comes close to him except you Rae."

Rae wanted to reply but stopped the words from coming out when she noticed four beautiful girls heading towards an empty table with four chairs.

The cafeteria went silent as the four girls entered and started walking over to their table. No one dares sit on it.

Rae couldn't deny the fact that the four girls were extremely beautiful. They all carried themselves high. The most beautiful of them all was the tallest girl in the midst.

Her sun blond hair was long passing her waist. Her eyes were like the sun, her smile was like the morning sun. And she was proud, you would know when you see her.

"Who are they?" Rae found herself whispering to Sarah.

"Oh, they are the Amazon's warriors. The one who thinks like she owns the world is betrothed to the Wolf King Son, Jason." Sarah answered whispering back.

"Jason? Who is Jason?" Rae asked.

"Oh, you haven't met that spoilt brat yet, Jason is the only son of the Wolf King Reon, the King who rules all Supernaturals. Did you know Jason and Jorkallun were best of friends once until they fought and went their separate ways. One day, we hope to see both of them as friends." Sarah said going back to her food. "That girl who thinks she owns the world, is the reason why Jason and Jorkallun separated."

To Be Continued

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.
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Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 6

'Stubborn people get themselves in a lot of trouble, but they also get things done. I'm very determined and stubborn. There's a desire in me that makes me want to do more and more, and to do it right. Each one of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It's our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit.'

❤️❤️❤️❤️ THE AMAZON'S WARRIORS❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rae eyes widened up a bit when she heard that. "You mean to say, Jorkallun fought with his best friend for that girl over there?" Rae whispered asked as her eyes were steady feast on the four girls chatting and laughing away, especially the beautiful one who was the cause of Jorkallun and Jason fight.

"Yes, but like I said, it was a rumor which we don't know if its true or not." Sarah said lowly. "But since you have become friends with Jorkallun, maybe you can get him to talk to you." Sarah suggested.

"Maybe I can, I will try my luck." Rae said "So how do your foods works?"

"You picture what you want to eat in your head and then clap, whatever you picture will appear." Sarah explained.

Rae smiled to her and did exactly what she saw her do earlier on.

The empty plate in front of her was filled with meats. "Wow, I LOVE THIS SCHOOLl!" Rae exclaimed with loud excitement as she saw her plate filled with what she had picture in her mind.

"Shhhh, keep your voice down." Sarah caution her.

"Why should I keep my voice down?"

"The Amazon's Warriors doesn't like noise if they are here, so please lower your voice down."

"Oh, I see." Rae said and stood up to her feet. "I said I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!" She shouted loudly this time and sat down on her chair, looking at Sarah who was suddenly afraid. "Let me see what they got."

The cafeteria became quite immediately.

"What have you done, Lolly and her friends are the best Amazon's Warriors and she is their leader, you are asking for a lot of beating."

"As if---" she was cut short when one of the four girls walk up to their table.

"You are being called to our table by the queen." The girl said with confidence.

"Well as you can see, I am eating, tell your queen to come here herself or better still get me there herself."

The loud gasped coming out from the cafeteria was filled with shocked, even the girl that was sent to bring Rae was shocked.

"Do you know who we are? Who you just insulted?"

Rae glance at the table where Lolly and the remaining two girls were and shrugged her shoulders. "I see three students trying to eat and a stupid fool standing in front of me. In case you have forgotten, I have my own rights." As Rae spoke, she saw at the side of her eyes, the three girls making their way over to her angrily, Lolly seemed to be the angriest of them all.

"Oh, more crowds, in the end you came to meet me.." Rae said with a smile as they surrounded her table.

"Stand her up and beat her." Lolly commanded.

"If I were you, I wouldn't dream of it."

"You are lucky we didn't come with our swords." The girl that was sent to her table first, said.

"You can't beat me even with your weapons."

"You think you can take us on?" One of them asked in anger.

She smiled lazily, stretching back and relaxing. "I know I can."

That did it, for they laughed. "Try us then."

Rae stood up, made a show of stretching, and replied mystically. "Looks can be deceiving, my dear." She smiled innocently, "Who's first then?"

The three girls with Lolly attacked at once, but they didn't stand a chance at all, Rae kicked the three of them at the same time, very fast. They all flew and landed on their backs with a crack of bones.

Lolly saw red and rushed to her, her pride wounded as the crowds surrounding them started whispering Rae's name.

"Lesson one: Never take your attention off your opponent." Rae emphasised this point strongly. Lolly swung a punch aimed for Rae's jaw. She ducked under the blow and danced around behind her. "Lesson two: Don't hesitate. Every second you wait is a second more for your opponent to react faster than you."

Lolly swung at Rae again, more seriously this time. Rae saw the muscles in her right shoulder tense and prepare itself to put force behind her hit and ready her body for the jar it would give her. Rae leaned back, laying below the ground, at the last second and grabbed her forearm.

"Lesson three: Watch your opponent's body language to anticipate their next move." She gave the beautiful girl a quick grin and twisted her wrist inwards, immobilising her arm. In a flash Rae turned around and used her efforts to escape to flip her over her shoulder. Lolly landed in a stunned heap on her back at Rae's feet.

Every student in the Cafeteria mouth were opened wide.

"Lesson four: Even strengths can be used against people. Use their momentum to gain the upper hand. It's not about being the strongest; it's about being the smartest. Sarah, I hope you're listening."

Sarah nodded her head still surprised by what she was seen, did Rae beat up the three best Amazon's Warriors and their queen?

Seeing that none of them was getting up any moment, she sat down to continue her meal. She happened to glance up to see Jorkallun smiling at her from the cafeteria door, before it vanished to be replaced with a deep scowl.


Going home, every student were staring at her until she touches her bracelet and a portal opened almost immediately, it was her way of telling Lillian she has closed from school.

"How was your day dear?" Lillian asked immediately she saw her granddaughter stepping out from the portal.

"It was good, I really love that school, I can't wait to go back tomorrow granny."

"I am glad you liked it, hope you didn't fight or caused any trouble?"

"Not at all granny, I was silent as a graveyard throughout today."

Lillian smiled and nodded her head. "Okay, go and shower, your food will be ready."


Lillian was coming out of the witches library when she met Jack about to enter. Jack smiled immediately when he saw Lillian. They greeted themselves.

"What are you doing here?" Lillian was the first to ask the werewolf principle, she was surprised to see him at the witches library.

"I came to see a very good friend of mine who invited me over to see her here." Jack explained his reason why he was there.

"Okay, so how was my granddaughter today in school? I hope she didn't cause any problem in her first day?" Lillian asked with a smile on her face.

"Well your granddaughter is something else, she created a scene with Rick and nearly beat up my vice principal." Jack said and saw the surprised look on Lillian face. "Judging from that look of yours, I guess she didn't tell you that."

Lillian nodded her head. "Yes, she told me that she loves the school and didn't cause any trouble."

Jack laughed out, "She did a lot today Mrs Lillian. She beat up the Amazon's Warriors today, all of them, not one was spared, Lolly inculded."

Lillian eyes were like socket right now as she listened to the shocking Revelations that Jack told her.

"She didn't tell me any of these, I am very surprised hearing this from you."

"I think Rae is a special kid." Jack said all of a sudden.

"How do you mean?" Lillian asked fearfully.

"I mean, look at the way she beat up the four best Amazon's Warriors in a twinkle of an eye and became friends with Jorkallun, all in one day." Jack pointed out. "And not to mention of how she flipped Rick form behind her, a thousand years old wolf, it is as if she has a kind of secret powers she is hiding. Because I know witches aren't that strong when it comes to a fight, but Rae is an exceptional." Jack finishes with a smile on his handsome face.

"Yes, she is exceptional, you know Rae was trained, due to the sudden death of her parents, I had her trained secretly. I am so sorry for what she did today." Lillian lied with ease.

"It's okay Lillian, I am just glad that she made the school more lively than before."

"Thank you Mr Jack for your understanding, sorry to ask, did you say she was friends with Jorkallun? The Jorkallun that we all know?"

"Yeah, she did. Sarah the girl I assigned her with told me everything. Rae being friends with the Dragon, came as a huge blow to us, I never thought to see Jorkallun having a new friend."

"Thank you Jack once again, let me start going." Lillian said as she made a portal to open right there in front of them.

"See you some other time Lillian." Jack said and Waited until Lillian had entered the portal, which closes, before he went inside the library.


The portal opened and Lillian stepped inside her house. She quickly teleport herself into Rae's room, and saw Rae sleeping.

"Don't pretend to sleep Rae when you're not, I know all your tricks." Lillian said. "Seriously we need to talk."

Rae opened her eyes and smile to her grandmother. "Hey granny, what did I do this time?"

"Stop pretending like you don't know why I am, when I asked you how your day was, you replied to me fine. You never told me you had a fight with Rick, or the Amazon's Warriors. Haven't I warned you never to fight." Lillian said in an almost teary voice, she was worried sick that one of these days, Rae is going to expose the truth. Tongues will start wagging soon, Rae was a witch and witches don't go about looking for trouble and beating up people.

"Oh, I didn't do anything wrong, they told me to come and meet the queen because of the noise I made, I refused and they attacked me, so I had to do something that minute, I am sorry if that hurt you, I promise not to fight again." Rae said sincerely, she hates to see her grandmother cry. "I will stay out of trouble from now onwards."

"Promise me that?" Lillian said in fake tears, it was the only way for her to have Rae agree to keep her promise without failing it.

"Promise granny, now please go, I need my beauty sleep."

"Okay, sleep all you want. I love you." Lillian said and kissed Rae's forehead before she left.

Rae sigh out in bliss as she remembered the brief smile she saw on Jorkallun face today when she beat up the four best Amazon's Warriors, she felt proud when she saw him. She wants to see Jorkallun smile again.....for her. She made a vow within herself to make Jorkallun smile.

To Be Continued

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.
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Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 7

'People are guests in our story, the same way we are guests in theirs. But we all meet each other for a reason because every person is a personal lesson waiting to be told. Life is a journey we will meet a lot of temporary people,
But we will meet a person who will be with us till the end of the journey,
Even they enter our journey in between yet they will be sharing the ups and downs in our journey.'


King Roen Palace:

King Roen and the fairy Queen, Flora, were seen coming out of the Palace throne room. He was escorting the queen out, who came to discuss some important issues surrounding her kingdom. Her fairy maids and guards were behind them.

They stopped walking once they were outside the palace compound. It was here queen Flora will have to depart.

"Thanks for your suggestions King Roen, I will apply them wisely." Queen Flora said in gratitude.

"The pleasure is mine Flora, I love helping my fellow Kings and Queens as much as I can." Roen responded with a smile on his face. "Send my regards to your husband."

Nodding her head, Queen Flora made as if she wants to fly but stopped in her tracks and turned once again to face the handsome Werewolf General King.

"That reminds, have you not heard the news going round this afternoon?" Queen Flora asked.

"What news Flora?" King Roen asked confusedly.

"Oh, you haven't heard then. I was told that Lolly and her friends were beaten up by a newly transferred girl in school today." Queen Flora finally revealed, she wasn't only here to discuss her Kingdom issue.

"Which of the Lolly are you referring too?"

"Lolly, Jason bride to be. She was disgraced by that new girl. I find it hard to believe that Lolly being one the best Amazon's Warriors, and their queen was beaten up by a single girl, the four of them, including Lolly." Queen Flora said to Roen.

"Impossible, how can Lolly, the future queen of the Supernaturals, let herself to be disgraced, if she knew she couldn't beat up the said girl, why then engage her to a fight?" King Roen asked angrily.

"I wondered too, the news of how Lolly was beaten is everywhere, am even surprised you didn't know of it." Queen Flora said and shrugged her shoulders.

"Who can that girl be? Do you know her name, or what kind of Supernatural she is?" King Roen demanded.

"My sources told me that she was a transfer student from the witches school." One would have realized by now that she didn't come only to the Palace for her kingdom issue, but to gossip as well.

"Thank you for your message, I will see what I can do about it." King Roen said.

"Of course my King." Queen Flora said and bowed before him. "I shall take my leave now." With that she flew out, with her maids and guards behind her.

Roen quickly went back into the palace and approached his son chambers. He knocked twice before entering the room, closing the door behind him.

"Yes father, what is it?" A male voice asked followed with a deep growl.

Today was the ending of the Full Moon, Jason always hate it when the Full Moon arises. He was the only werewolf in the entire Kingdom who will stay in his werewolf form whenever the full moon approaches, the rest changes into their different wolves and changes back to their human form, but him stays a werewolf throughout the week of the full moon. Tonight marks the end of the full moon, by tomorrow, he will be a whole human again.

The air brushed through its short fur, as condensation escaped its cringed snout. Saliva coated its tongue as it brushed against sharp, ivory canines; the occasional drop hitting the floor. Its ears were pulled forward and its lips tucked up. Two white paws stood firm to the floor, the beast lowered it's head while its ember eyes watched every motion his father made.

As much as Jason abhorred the self he became every full moon he could never bring himself to hate his wolf.

King Roen, smiled at the large Wolf in his presence, he felt smaller when the Wolf towered over him. He was very proud that this towering Wolf was his son.

"Lolly was beaten up by a new girl in school today." King Roen said going straight to the point.

"What? Who in the supernaturals doesn't know Lolly is my bride to be?" The Wolf asked out in anger. Even in his werewolf form, he could still talk.

"I guess this new girl doesn't know who Lolly is to you."

"But isn't she the leader of the Amazon's Warriors, why will she allowed a new girl to disgrace her publicly?"

"I thought so too my son, that's what you're going to find out tomorrow when you resume school since tonight ends the full moon. Find out who the girl that beat up Lolly is, I need to know who her parents are." Roen said. "And one more thing, do not use force on her."

Jason wasn't even listening.


Early the next morning, Rae woke up before Lillian. She quickly took her bath of hot water and got dressed. She warmed up the leftover food from yesterday and quickly ate her fill. She wants to be among the early birds in school.

She was still eaten when Lillian walked down the stairs, her face that was filled in worries slowly show a sign of relief. Greeting her grandmother.

"I went to check in your room and I couldn't find you, I thought maybe you have been kidnapped." Lillian said as she walked over to where Rae was and kissed her forehead in a motherly way before sitting beside her waiting for her reply.

"Sorry granny, you have been the one waking me up, so I decided to wake up very early and go to school today."

Lillian folded up her arms and stare disbelief at Rae, "Is that it or there is something else you are not telling me?"

"Grandma, I am not hiding anything from you, I really want to go to school early today, that's all." Rae said, how can she tell her grandmother her reason for going that early was to see a particular pretty boy.

"Are sure Rae because from now henceforth, I won't be waking you up for school."

"What if tomorrow morning I get tired and can't wake up early, won't you wake me up grandma?"

"No, I won't Rae, today has shown me that you are capable of waking up yourself, which makes me to realize that, all these years that you have been attending the witches school, I either wake you up or you wake up late on purpose."

"No granny, the witches school was boring, but this new school, is so exciting." Rae said in a happy smile.

"Was that the reason why you decided to beat up Lolly, do you have any idea who she is engaged too?"

"And I don't really care who she's engage too, all I knew was that, she is rude and I have to teach her a lesson." Rae said

"Don't forget the promise you made to me yesterday, that you will never engage in a fight again."

"I remembered granny." Rae said and finished eating her food, she touches her bracelet briefly. "Grandma, why do you want me to wear this bracelet always?"

"I have told you that once you touch it, the bracelet tells me that you are coming home. No matter what you do, do not remove that bracelet from your wrist, as long as you wear it, I will know where ever you are." Lillian said as finish explaining. She couldn't tell Rae it was a half truth, the bracelet hides her scent and made her appear as a normal witch, it also enables her to perform magic like a witches does. And she wasn't lying when she said she would know wherever Rae is.

Deep down her, she wants to open up to Rae about her parents but couldn't, telling her now might even put her in danger, she will tell Rae when it's time, for now, Rae will still be left in the dark.

"Okay, if you say so." Rae stood up from her chair and made the plate disappeared, wash by itself before settling itself amongst the rest clean plates. "I have to start going granny, see you later in the day." Rae said as a portal opened right before her. She stepped into it.

"Be careful and stay out of trouble Rae!" Lillian shouted behind her as the portal closes.


Stepping out of the portal, she noticed that every student, including some teachers had stopped and were staring at her as if a princess just arrived.

Feeling less concerned about the stares she was getting, she quickly made her way into her first class, history where she can't wait to see the pretty boy.

She entered the class and realized she was the only one there, she was crestfallen when she couldn't see Jorkallun.

She barely sat down in her seat when she saw someone entered her class. He was very handsome and his long white hair suited him. His eye balls were purely white.

Rae mouth was wide open when she saw him. Who is he? And why is her heading her way in much anger?

"So you are the new girl that beat up Lolly?" Jason asked in anger once he stood in front of the girl he has been told about.

Rae nearly melted by his tone, her heart was beating faster. Her eyebrows raised up as she stared at Mr handsome, she remembered what he had asked her.

"Yup, that's me, I beat their lazy arses especially that girl called Lolly, she was too proud." Rae said in pride as hoped she looked presentable in her clothes, does this school has handsome guys that keeps appearing everyday? Yesterday was the pretty Jorkallun and today another handsome boy. "And who are you, weren't you there yesterday to see the fight? They were rude to me and I have to teach them a lesson."

"I am Jason, and Lolly is my bride to be, how dare you lay your filthy hands on her!" Jason shouted as he introduced himself to the stupid girl.

By now, every student stood near the window and door to see what Jason would do, they were scared of entering the classroom.

Rae eyes widened a bit, this handsome guy that looks as if he wants to kill her was the Jason Sarah spoke about yesterday? Her Granny's warning came to her. "Like I said handsome boy, they were very rude to me, I mean how can someone not make noise in the school cafeteria because they are there? It doesn't work that way, I follow my own rules." Rae said without any inch of fear. "And if they tried that again, I will deal with them again." She added as she flipped her black hair out of her face.

"How dare You!" Jason shouted and made to drag Rae out from her seat but was stopped by a voice.

"I wouldn't try that."

Jason turned to look who spoke and saw Jorkallun who was inside the class no one dares entered.

He silently made his way to his back seat, he placed his legs on the desk. "She is my friend, if you have a problem with her, face me and not her."

Rae blinked her eyes a multiple times when she heard those words from the pretty boy. She could see the hate they had for each other through their eyes.

Two hot guys in her front, one saying she was his friend and the other one angry because she beat up his rude girlfriend. At least she has the pretty boy to her side, once again, Rae hoped she looked more presentable in her choice of clothes now Jorkallun is here.

She smiled and moved closer to Jorkallun, placing her legs on the desk as well, she smirked at an angry Jason.

"You heard him handsome boy, Jorkallun is my friend, face him and not me."

To Be Continued

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.
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Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 8

'Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up. Success comes from stubborn perseverance and the tenacity not to admit defeat.'

❤❤❤❤ AVONMORA ❤❤❤❤

Jason who has been staring heatedly at Jorkallun turned his gaze on Rae.

"What did you just utter?" Jason asked in anger, his eyeballs changing from white to pure red. His skin going pale the more.

For the first time in her whole life Rae felt afraid. She was grateful that she was sitting down and Jorkallun is right next to her, she prevented her fears from showing in her face and opened her mouth to answer, but Jorkallun beat her to it.

"You heard her, so stop pretending as if you didn't. Just because you're the son of the king doesn't mean your bride to be should be rude. She doesn't have any right to give out any rules that are not in the school rules." Jorkallun said calmly. "Under the circumstances, I will forget what I swore to do if I ever set my eyes on you, but get the hell out of my sight before I change my mind."

He said in anger, the school knows that they don't see eye to eye, and they made sure Jason and Jorkallun part never crossed each other.

In a blur of movement so swift that Rae couldn't follow it. Jason raised his arm and hurled a knife made of fire across the room. It sliced into the desk, a quarter inch away from Jorkallun's feet. The pretty red haired boy wasn't even scared, rather he raised one of his legs and pushed out the fire knife away from his desk.

"You don't fucking tell me what to do!" Jason yell.

"Unless you want to fight with me and repeat history itself, I will advise you to tell your bride to come and fight for herself, they are both ladies, this situation doesn't concern you. So I will say it again, if you have a problem with her, face me and not her, she is now under my wings, the same way Lolly is under yours." Jorkallun said in a tired voice as he stretches out his arms.

Jason turned to face Rae with the most ferocious look. "You are just lucky he got involved in this, stay out of my way if you don't want to DIE early, because if you don't, even him can not stop me ." Jason said in a stern warning to Rae and vanished into thin air, before he vanished, Rae briefly saw a pair of fire wings.

Rae had to blinked her eyes twice to confirm what she saw, did Jason just disappeared? Was that wings she saw? He is a wolf and werewolf eyes doesn't change and they don't disappear. How come Jason wolf is different?

A lot of questions that needed an answer and she doesn't think Jorkallun will tell her.

She turns her head towards Jorkallun who has already shifted to his seat, ignoring her whole existence, he was already placing his head on the desk when he suddenly stops and he faced Rae.

"Don't cross his part as he had said Rae, I am not as strong as he is, I might be a Dragon, but there are certain limits I can go. The only reason he didn't fight with me is because of our past friendship, so to avoid trouble, stay in your own lane." Jorkallun said with a cold voice and finally place his head on the desk.

Rae had noticed throughout their entire conversation, they didn't mention their names, whatever causes their separation was really deep. She made up her mind to find out what had really happened and maybe try to bring back their friendship between them once again.

Starting from Jorkallun, she was going to make the pretty boy smile and be friends with that handsome white haired boy.

Rae has forgotten the audience they had, it wasn't until Serena Birdrock voice spoke to the students outside that she remembered them.

"The show is now over students, go back to your various classes." Serena Birdrock announced as she made her way inside her class.

The students quickly disperse as they went into their various classes. Some entered the class Rae was.

Only one thing runs through their minds. Jason didn't fight and Jorkallun stood up for the new girl.

"So, that went well, at least the two pair didn't fight or destroy the whole school again." Serena said referring to Jason and Jorkallun. "So yesterday I asked you all to find out who was the first witch Queen, so who has the answer to that?"

All the students in the class turned to look at Rae.

Rae wondered why all her classmates were staring at her including Sarah.

"Why are those big heads staring at me?"

"You do realize that you are the only witch in this class, so my guess is that they are looking at you to tell me the answer." Serena answered.

"Oh, I don't know either." Rae said with a wave of her hand.

"But I thought your grandmother is Lillian?" Serena asked.

"Yes you are right, but I still don't know. You can ask Jorkallun, he knows everything and will gladly answer you, but me, I am still learning." Rae added with a wry smile.

Serena didn't press the matter any further as Rae mentioned Jorkallun.

"The first queen of the witches, her name was Queen Barb, the great grand mother of Lillian." Serena told the class as she flew around them.

"So today, we are going to talk about different kinds of creatures we have in the whole Supernaturals." Serena told her class. "Who can tell me the type of creatures we have?"

A male student raised up his hand.

"Yes, Al."

"We have the Arachnes creatures." Al said.

"And what are they?" Serena asked.

"Arachnes are supernatural creatures who have abilities similar to those of spiders." Al answer.

"Correct Al, who else."

Another male student raised up his hand.

"Yes James."

"We have the Crocotta creatures."

"And what are they?" Serena asked.

"Crocottas can mimic any person's voice to lure their victims out so they can feed. They feed on souls." James answered correctly.

"Very good James, who else again?"

This time around, a girl raised up her hand.

"Yes Joanna?"

"We have the Rakshasa."

"And what are they?"

"Rakshasa are creatures that eat the flesh, they sleep on a bed of dead insects and are great at shapeshifting." Joanna said.

"Correct, we all have different types of Supernatural that King Roen rules, we have, Fairies, Hellhounds, Witches, Centaur, Leviathans, Wolves, Vampires and a lot more."

Rae suddenly raised up her hand.

"Yes Rae what is it?"

"Why haven't any one of you made mention of Demons and Mermaids, or did they not exist?"

Serena shook her head painfully. "We can't mention them Rae, it is forbidden."

"Why? If they can't be mentioned then why are their histories and evidence of their existence not destroyed?" Rae asked intelligently, she had read about them in books.

"The mermaids and Demons did something bad in the past and the priestess made the rules never to mention their names, so let's discuss about others things." Serena said with a smile.

The rest of the day went by smoothly, even in the cafeteria, Rae avoided the Amazons warriors as well. Her mind wasn't there and Sarah noticed it.

"What's bugging you?" Sarah whispered asked since they were still in the Cafeteria and the Amazon's Warriors were eyeing their table.

"Thinking about a lot of things." Rae said not bothering to lower her voice.

"Shhhh, keep your voice down."

"Yes Mom." Rae said rolling her eye balls as she remembered her promise she made to her grandmother.

"So can you tell me what you are thinking?"

"Actually there are two things running in my mind that needs an answer, one is Jason, what type of creature is he and what did Jorkallun mean when he said 'Unless you want to repeat history itself'? What history was he talking about?"

"Well Jason is a Tribrid, and also, didn't I tell you they once fought, the cause of their fight is still unknown to us till date, it took a whole year for the school to be rebuilt again. And since they don't see eye to eye, they made Jason and Jorkallun their own different special class, that's why you hardly see Jason, but Jorkallun, still comes to his old class which you met him." Sarah finished explaining.

"I see, I have to make them friends again, they are too pretty and handsome for them to be keeping malice." Rae said after a while.

Sarah laughed slowly that you wouldn't hear it, "And you think you can achieve that?"

"I know I can."

"Okay, I am not running or going away anytime soon, so what is your second thoughts?"

"Demons and mermaids." Rae answered briefly. "I want to know why they aren't mention and what they did."

Looking around them carefully before Sarah whispered lowly, "Follow me."

With that Sarah stood up from the chair as Rae did the same, together they walked out of the cafeteria. Rae saw Lolly staring at her with heated eyes which she returns with a smirk.

Following Sarah, they walked out of the school compound and Sarah took Rae to the back of the school where another gate is, it was heavily padlocked.

Sarah removed one of her boots and collect the keys from it. Seeing the looks Rae was giving her, she smiled and told her. "My grandmother is the gatekeeper of this gate, I have the keys because she normally forget where she kept it."

"I didn't ask you." Rae said with a smile.

Sarah, with the keys, opened all the padlocks they used on the gate. Opening the gate she entered.

"Follow me." Sarah said and they went inside the gate.

Going further and further, Sarah stopped in her movement when she saw what she wanted to show Rae.

"Where are we?" Rae asked as she saw herself facing a Huge gate that was not closed completely, and has nothing holding it, it stood alone. Standing right in front of the gate was a frozen lady. She felt drawn to her

"We are at the Gate of Darkness, the gate I had unlocked when coming suppressed the dark powers coming out from this Gate of Darkness, since it hasn't been closed permanently." Sarah explained.

"And who is the lady frozen at the front of the gate?" Rae couldn't help but ask.

"She is Avonmora, the queen of mermaid. Her mate was a demon King. Her lover was the reason why there are no mermaids."

"I don't get you? What did the demon king do?"

"According to my grandma, he fought against the entire realm but lost the battle and the demons were seized, we don't know where the rest of the demons are kept. Avonmora pleaded on his behalf but he betrayed her and used her in opening the Gate of Darkness. The gods spoke to the priestess and they demanded the blood of all the Mermaids, which they use in closing the Gate."

"But it is not closed fully, why?"

"The priestess said that it remains one mermaid blood to close the gate forever, up till now, no one has ever seen any mermaid." Sarah said. "Wherever she is hiding, I hope one day she is fished out."

Rae couldn't say a thing, she saw herself going closer to the frozen lady, standing right in front of her, she raised up her hand and touched Avonmora face.

Where she touched shone.

Sarah gasped out in shock when she saw the light coming from where Rae had touched. She went over to where Rae stood.

"That's strange, Avonmora has never shone like this whenever she was touched." Sarah said aloud surprised.

"Really?" Rae asked in surprise as well as Sarah nodded her head, "Because I also find it strange that this lady I just touched, is still alive."


The water man stares at the crystal stone that helped the soul of Avonmora in it as it was moving around it aggressively, as if it was trying to break itself free.

"Be patient Avonmora, is just a matter of time before you will be finally laid to rest." The water man said to the crystal stone in his hands.

The water man could feel Tharollin almost reaching where the gods had kept his bones. His only hindrance now was finding out where the last mermaid is. Without her blood, all his plans he had laid out will fail.

He knew she had been born, he felt it, but when he tried to search for the last mermaid, somehow, he couldn't find her. It was as if an invisible force was hiding her, as if a witch was behind it.

Something suddenly clicked in his mind. Perhaps it was a witch that is hiding the mermaid, a very strong witch.

If what he thinks is true, then, who might be the witch hindering him from achieving his aim? Who?

The water man thought.

To Be Continued

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.
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Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 9

'Secrets are like scars. The cut may no longer be there, but the scar’s white line tells a story. Unless you share it, it’s like you’re hiding a part of yourself the whole world can already see. They may not know the how or the why, but they see it just the same. And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.'


Sarah turned to study Rae before turning back to Avonmora.

"Why do you say so?" Sarah asked curiously. "Avonmora had been like this for the past 1,000 years." She added.

"I don't know why I said that, but I am very sure that this frozen lady here, is much alive." Rae sounded so sure of herself. She could feel the strange tingles in her fingers, when she touched the woman's cheek, it wasn't icing as she had expected it to be, it was very warm. And her eyes, it speak of someone who had lost something. Rae leaned nearer to the face and stare at frozen eyes. Something doesn't seem right here and she was going to ask her mother to tell her more about this frozen woman.

"She is really beautiful." Rae said slowly studying the lady's face.

"Yes she is, my grandmother once told me that she was the most beautiful maiden in the entire Kingdoms." Sarah responded. Truly, Avonmora was beautiful.

Removing her hands from Avonmora cheek, facing her friend. "Come on, let's get out of here before someone sees us." Rae said.

"I was just waiting to hear that from you?" Sarah said with a smile as they walked out of there towards the gate. Rae turned for the last time to look at the frozen lady, she felt as if it was calling her to come back, her eyes said it all, for a moment, Rae had sworn that she saw a brief light that came out from the lady's eyes when she had touched her. Reaching the gate, Sarah locked it exactly the way it was and put the keys back inside her boots.

As the gate was locked, Rae felt as if a part of her were locked inside, she shook that feeling away and started thinking.

Sarah saw the look on Rae's face and decided to ask.

"What are you thinking?"

"Tharollin." Was Rae simply answer.

"Tharollin? What happened to him?" Sarah asked confusedly.

"Didn't your grandmother told you anything else concerning this demon king?"

"Nope, only that he betrayed the queen of mermaids, he broke the trust he had from Avonmora, I told you my grandmother forgets a lot of things so she couldn't remember." Sarah answered. "But I will tell you something, ask your grandmother, she was amongst the few who witnessed everything. My grandmother only heard hers from rumor, so if you want to know more about the demon King ask your grandmother, she is in the best position in telling you." Sarah added and they continue their journey back to the school.

"So where does this priestess of ours lives?"

"At the top of that mountain." Sarah answered and pointed at the highest mountain surrounding them.

Rae followed Sarah's finger and saw nothing at the top of the mountain she voice out her thoughts. "But I see no house or tent on it."

"Yeah, the priestess comes and goes like she wants. No one had actually know where she lived, we only know that she appeared from that mountain and disappeared at that same mountain." Sarah replied. By this time they were about to enter the school compound when Rae stops.

"I don't feel like going back in there today, I want to go home. Everything I saw today seem to overwhelmed me and going back to school would make me took for trouble, which I have been avoiding." Rae told her.

"Okay," Sarah said.

"Oh and you must not tell anyone what you saw, you know placing my hand on that frozen lady."

"I won't, I promise." Sarah promised and smiled. "So since I have memorized your rules about fighting when you beat up those Amazon's, when are you going to teach your new student how to fight?" She added.

"If you're ready I will know, but for now, I know you're not ready to learn." Rae said with a smile as she remembered how she had kicked their ass. "I better start going home and not delay you for your next class." She added as she touched her bracelet and a portal opened right in front of them.

"Take care Rae, see you tomorrow."

Rae waved and entered the portal, once it closes, Sarah quickly entered the school compound and made her way to her next class.


Tamara who was sitting inside her cave, felt the presence of the water man heading towards her.

"I haven't figured out where the last mermaid might be yet my Lord." Tamara said with her back facing the water man. She stood up and knelt before him. The water raised up his hand which signified Tamara to stand up.

"I know that Tamara, but that is not the reason why I am here, you see, a thought just crossed my mind and I came here to share it with you." The water said.

"My Lord, what then do you want to share with me?" Tamara asked with her head bowed.

"I think a witch is hiding the last mermaid."

"A witch? Why do say so my Lord?"

"My instinct told me so, if not, where can she be hiding. I told you I once felt that she had been conceived and suddenly, I couldn't feel her aura again, it was as if she was killed, but today, I thought differently. What if a witch is the one hiding the last mermaid away from us. Avonmora soul moved aggressively today and stopped, her soul hasn't done that for the past 1,000 years ago." The water man said. "And you know my instincts never lie."

"Then I will check in the witches school and the supernaturals, and will have to come up with an excuse from the gods, telling all the witches and Jack that they were the ones who had sent me to check on them." Tamara suggested.

"Perfect plan Tamara, no one hasn't suspected a thing for so long. Tharollin is closer and will soon collect my bones, we don't have much time." The water man said.

"Of course my Lord."

"What about your sister's son, ask Rosa to get ready."

"Yes my Lord."

The water man disappeared leaving Tamara to her own thoughts.


Rae stepped out of the portal and wasn't surprised when she saw her grandmother standing right next to her.

"What happened, why are you back so early?" Lillian demanded.

"I was down and became homesick, so I decided to come home straight." Rae answered.

"Okay, why don't you go to your room and change then come back to eat." Lillian said as she entered the kitchen.

Rae didn't reply back, she quickly walked up the stairs and entered her room, showered and change her clothes to the ones she normally wear at home.

Coming down the stairs, she sat on her chair awaiting her food.

Lillian came out of the kitchen and gave Rae her food.

"I called Jack and told him that you are home sick, so he said you should take the whole week off and resume school next week." Lillian said expecting Rae to start eating which sh didn't. "What is it Rae? Did something happen in your school that you are not telling me?"

"No grandma, nothing happened in school. I came across a lady today when I was taking a stroll." Rae said cutting off Sarah.

"What lady, was she the one who had offended you?" Lillian asked worriedly.

"No, I saw a gate behind the school compound and climbed inside it. Then I saw the lady, she was frozen and was standing right in front of a gate called the Gate of Darkness."

Lillian eyes were filled in shocked.

"You saw Avonmora?" Lillian whispered asked.

"Yes, and I touched it, grandma you won't believe that where I touched shone brightly. And I felt within me that Avonmora is still alive. Why was she frozen?"

"She was betrayed by her lover and has to pay the consequences of her actions. She was warned but she was blinded by love. I wouldn't blame her, who wouldn't do anything for your soulmate. She paid with her life." Lillian said sadly.

"So tell me more about Tharollin, the demon King."

"He was Lucifer son, the Prince of Hades. Back then, Lucifer was the ruler over us before it was taken forcefully away from him. Tharollin helped the gods by defeating his father, he gave his father's bones to the gods who then throw it at the bottomless pit behind that evil gate. Tharollin was then given the King of Demons, he was a very good person, but all that changed one day, the Tharollin we know, changed into a cold hearted person. He kills and doesn't feel remorseful. He became greedy for powers and started a war with us, just like his father, he wants to rule over us again. He was defeated, later on, I realized that was his plans to fake his defeat and meet the healers, and when he met Avonmora, the gods made them mates. And he betrayed her and opened the Gate of Darkness, and entered it, he wants to bring out his father's bones." Lillian explained.

"Why then Avonmora didn't try to persuade him to stay back?"

"Avonmora tried and even told him about his child she was carrying, Tharollin still left."

"That's so selfish of him."

"Yes, you wouldn't blame him, Demons hardly bear children."

"So what happened to Avonmora child, did they killed the child?"

"The child is saved, but you must not tell anyone that I told you Avonmora has a child. One day, she will be revealed." Lillian said with hope in her voice.


He was so close to where the bones were. Tharollin landed at last on the bare floor of the bottomless pit he had entered many years ago, coming out of the pit was simple. His feet the matching bones that lay on the floor as started going further.

His had father came to meet him and asked Tharollin to forgive him if he had wronged him. Tharollin had forgiven him.

"I will make you the king of all Supernaturals if you will do as I say." Lucifer had told him in the new form he took.

"King of all the supernatural." Tharollin had mused. He was suddenly interested.

"Yes, you shall be great and powerful and have all the powers of the supernatural, think about this my son."

"Even if I want to agree, I don't want to kill.

"You will not kill but killing is necessary, just bring back my bones that was thrown in the Gate of Darkness, and I shall help you be the King." Lucifer lied.

Tharollin had agreed to do it not knowing his father had a plan. When he fakes his own defeat, he ran knowing fully well he was going to run into one of the Mermaids, his plan was to kidnap one of the healers, their queen, and take her with him, and forcefully rape her and use her blood. But he met Avonmora and found out she was his soulmate.

"I can't continue anymore father, Avonmora is my mate and that changes everything, if I do as planned, she and her people might ger killed, which I don't want."

"Don't worry Tharollin, none of them shall be harmed, I assure you, no harm shall come to them, I will make the priestess cover them up so that they will live." Lucifer lied.

And Tharollin went along with the plan.

He walked on, and saw the bones of his father in midair and walk towards it. When he was within arm reach, he heard the snapping of bones and turned to see all the bones scattered around had began to form as a complete sekelon.

"You can not take the bones of Lucifer away from here." They said together and attacked.

Tharollin roared as black wings stretch wide behind him, two black horns coming out of his forehead, his hand began to form a sword. He charged at them.

His mind was on Avonmora, he hopes his father had kept to his words.

To Be Continued

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.
Re: Forbidden Love (the Ultimate Sacrifice) by Omaisabella(f): 7:57pm On Aug 13, 2019
Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Chapter 10

'The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.'


Continuation from Rae and Lillian:

"By the way granny, how come you know Avonmora gave birth to a daughter?" Rae asked. "Because you just told me not to tell anyone, which means you're the only one who know."

"That's because I don't want anyone to know about her existence therefore putting her in grave danger." Lillian responded. "Start eating your food before it gets cold." She added.

"You speak of Avonmora daughter as if you knew her whereabouts grandma." Rae said going back to her food and started eating.

"I don't know her whereabouts and even if I do, I won't revealed that to anyone."

"And why is that? If I were to be Avonmora's daughter, I will reveal myself to everyone. By my calculations, she is the last mermaid and a half demon, it's not everyday you see such species." Rae said

"What if she had found out her life would be in danger if she revealed herself, and decided to keep herself hidden." Lillian said. "If you are in her shoes won't you do the same Rae?"

"Well that depends on the kind of danger I find myself in which I am not at the moment, but if the danger is bigger than me, then I will hide ." Rae answered. "So what of danger can Avonmora daughter be hiding from, that would prevent her from showing herself?"

Lillian took a deep breath as she tried to come up with something intelligent, knowing Rae, she won't let the matter rest until she had gotten her answer. Rae was as stubborn as her father.

"You know that gate you saw, the Gate of Darkness." Lillian said to which Rae nodded her head. "Well, if Avonmora daughter is found, she shall be sacrificed and her blood used in closing the Gate Of Darkness forever. Tamara the priestess told the council of elders and everyone has been on the lookout to find the last mermaid. Though no one knows she is Avonmora daughter, they all assumed that they're looking for an ordinary mermaid."

"If that's the danger Avonmora daughter is, surely I will hide. But why would she revealed herself to you, I mean there are others out there she can choose to reveal herself to, why you?"

Another intelligent question.

"Well that's because her mother and I were good friends, that was why Avonmora confided in me when she was pregnant and perhaps, her daughter felt that same connection with me."

"Oh, so when I can see her?" Rae asked with hopes high, she would like to make friends with the last mermaid.

"Soon I guess, it's been long she revealed herself to me." Lillian lied quickly.

Rae didn't say anything afterwards, she continued her food and finished it at last.

"Don't worry about the plate my child, I will wash it, go and rest, you need." Lillian said as soon as Rae reaches for her empty plate.

"Thank you granny." Rae said, stood up from her seat and started going towards the staircase but stopped, turning to face her grandmother. "What happened to the mermaid kingdom?"

"It's still there but isolated. By now it must have grown into a forest since we were banned from going nearer to it."

"I guess it's the Priestess who also said that."

"Yes, it was a message from the gods."

"So how can one find their way to the mermaid kingdom?"

"It isn't far from here, just follow the part that leads to that forest behind the witches kingdom, and follow the right road, you will see the caves where all the Mermaids once lived but….." Lillian started to describe the place and stopped. "Why are you asking about the road to the Mermaids kingdom? Don't tell me you plan on going there?"

Rae laughed out loud as if what she heard was hilarious.

"Who wants to go there before, I wouldn't even dream of going there if I was paid." Rae said with a disgusted look on her face and then pretended to yawn.

"Okay, go and rest, you won't be attending any school till next week." Lillian said.

Rae nodded her head and quickly climbed the stairs and entered her room, collapsing on her bed she started setting her plans.

She only said that so that her grandmother won't suspect a thing. She planned on going to the mermaid Kingdom later on, and since she won't attend school for now, she will use one of the days to go to the mermaid Kingdom.

Rae closed her eyes to sleep, for now, she needed her beauty sleep.


Lolly snarled at whoever that stood in her way as she match to Jason class. When she got there, the door was closed and she entered it without even knocking.

Jason was at the center of the class, reading a book. He was the only one in that class.

"Yes, what can I do for you Lolly?" Jason asked without lifting up his face from the book.

"You didn't punish that stupid girl for what she did to me." Lolly said in anger.

"And why should I punish her?" Jason asked absentminded.

"Because she disgraced me in front of the whole school Jason, and I am your bride. Whoever offends me should be punished!" Lolly yelled.

"Well said Lolly, what's stopping you from punishing her then?" Jason asked and this time, he stares at her with his coldest look that makes people tremble in fear whenever they stare at him.

Lolly quickly removed her eyes from him and faces another direction. She was terrified whenever she saw that look.

"Because you are my husband to be and since everyone feared you except Jorkallun, you could have at least shaken her a little bit."

"I see, it's all about your reputation. If you had really cared about your reputation, you wouldn't have engage her in a fight with your three best warriors. You should be ashamed that as my bride to be that she beat the four of you together." Jason said calmly and return back to his book.

His mother that has been bedridden and couldn't speak for years was the actual reason he accepted to be engaged to Lolly. It was her wish, she wrote it out for him and his father to see, when Tamara had gone inside her chamber to speak with her.

He doesn't love her, but he would do anything for his mother. Tamara had told him once that Tribrid species doesn't have a mate. He doesn't believe in the gods and cared less about what they say, but this was his mother.

And his decision has cost him his friendship with Jorkallun.

"So are you trying to say you won't do anything to that stupid girl?" Lolly asked, she was not that surprised.

"Fight your fight yourself Lolly, now get out of here, don't make me repeat myself." Jason said quietly.

Lolly left the classroom faster than her shadows.

She will have to deal with the new girl herself.

A plan began to form in her head.


Two Days Later:

It was evening.

It has been two days since she had left the house. Rae had tried all her technique on Lillian to allow her to go outside but to no avail.

"I don't want you to go outside Rae, don't ask me why, if you love your grandmother like you claimed, you will do as I have instructed." Lillian had told Rae.

She doesn't want her to meet with the priestess. Tamara had made the announcement that she would be visiting all the witches school and the supernaturals to check their gifts, every single one of them as long as you're a witch.

Allowing Rae to go out there is a possibility that she may meet Tamara and that is what she is avoiding.

Rae was still in her room- sulking and disappointed that her grandma won't allow her to go outside- when she heard someone knocking at the front door, she didn't move an inch since she knows Lillian will answer the door.

She soon heard voices and she was curious to know who was that.

Her curiosity won, she left her bed and tip toe out of her room and down the stairs, she followed the voices to their living room. She was surprised when she recognized a voice speaking with her grandmother, she hid herself and then started eavesdropping on their conversation.


Opening the door, Lillian was very surprised when she saw her visitor. She had to clear her throat a multiple times before she could say anything. Opening the door wider for her visitor to enter.

"Jorkallun, what a very surprised visit." Lillian said with a smile as she usher the dragon boy in. "Please sit down."

Jorkallun had sat down on one of the chairs he saw, making himself at home before Lillian had even say 'Please sit down'.

"What can I offer you Jorkallun?"

"I am okay, thank you."

"So why are you here?" Lillian said going straight to the point.

"I came to check on Rae, she hasn't been to school for the past two days now." Jorkallun said and made some notes appeared and floating in front of him. "These are what she missed in school for the two days she stayed at home."

Surprised but collected the books. "Thank you. She was sick that is why she couldn't make it, but I can assure you that she will resume fully next week." Lillian said with a smile.

"Okay, I also came here to discuss something important with you." Jorkallun said.

"And what can that be?" Lillian demanded.

"I don't know if you're aware of this, but there is a hidden spell in Rae. My dragon sense the magic the first day he saw her. The spell makes someone appear what they are not, and hide their real identity."

Lillian was very shocked, as much as she tried to keep the shock away from her face, she couldn't.

"By your look, I am now certain you know about the hidden spell. If you are trying to hide something away from her, then you better double up the spell. If I can be able to sense it, whosoever that you're hiding it from can also sense it." Jorkallun said.

"Thank you Jorkallun, I really appreciate. I will double the spell on her. I hope you won't tell anyone." Lillian said in fear.

"It's not my secret to tell, so I won't." Jorkallun gave out his word.

What secret and why would her grandmother place a hidden spell on her. She decided to make her presence known without pretending.

"What secret?" Rae asked as she came out of her hiding place. "Hello Jorkallun." She added as she went to sit right next to him.

Lillian was surprised when she saw Rae. "No secret dear, I thought you were sleeping?"

"Yeah I was but I decided to come down for a drink, and I overheard you talking."

"Why didn't you use your magic to teleport water to your room."

"Stop changing the topic granny, I heard everything." Facing Jorkallun she asked. "What hidden spell are you talking about?"

"It's not my place to tell." Jorkallun said, he also wanted to know why Rae had that spell in her.

Rae faced her grandmother. "I am now old enough to keep secrets too granny, so what spell did you place on me and why would you do that?"

"Like I said, there is no secret Rae, get it out of your mind."

Standing up angrily. "Grandmother, I am not a little kid anymore. Why would you put a hidden spell on me? What are your reason exactly?" Lillian couldn't answer. "WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO SAY IT!" Rae yelled.

Lillian stood up and slap Rae hard on her face. "You do not speak to me in such manner young lady, I am saving your neck and that is it. You can't force me to say what I don't want to say in my own home. THERE IS NO SECRET."

Without saying a word back, Rae ran out of the house that night, ignoring the calling of her name from Lillian.

Lillian started crying.

"Crying won't solve it. I will bring her back, but you have to tell her your reason, letting her know will remove a lot of burden from your shoulder." Jorkallun said and went after Rae.


Rae didn't know where she was going, she needed to find a place and clear her mind, she didn't mean to shout at her grandmother. The moon helped her in seeing her way.

She was running when suddenly a very huge red dragon blocked her path. She wanted to scream but stopped when she saw the dragon transformed back to the pretty boy she knew from school.

Rae hasn't seen that she was heading straight to the Mountain where the Crocottas lives, if Jorkallun hadn't blocked her, she would have fallen over the mountain and get eaten together with her soul.

"Come with me." Jorkallun said and started leading the way, turning briefly to see if Rae was following, which she was.

Higher they went until they reached the top of the mountain.

Jorkallun sat down over the edge of the mountain and didn't say a word. Rae sat down beside him. They sat side by side, looking over the mountain below, blanketed by the night as they faced the horizon.

"So, is this your super secret thinking spot?" Rae asked with a side-long glimpse at Jorkallun, her anger forgotten.

"Yes, I stumbled on it by accident one day when I was alone and upset, and looking to escape."

Rae looked out into the distance, but it just looked black to Rae. Bleak. She could barely make out the Crocottas she knew lay below.

"Escape from what?"

"From everyone and everything. That night, I left and ended up here. I sat right where we are. I looked out on the horizon, and tried to figure out the best time..."

Jorkallun's words drifted.

"Best time to what?" Rae ventured.

Jorkallun looked at Rae who was staring at him, then he looked away and swallowed.

"To jump."

To Be Continued

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.

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Re: Forbidden Love (the Ultimate Sacrifice) by Ann2012(f): 9:58am On Aug 14, 2019
Thanks for the update ma'am

Is this story completed? If yes, how can I get a copy?

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