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Divide. by millieademi(f): 8:48am On Oct 01, 2019
Hi guys. It's me. I know you're probably wondering what on Earth this girl is doing. So I decided to flesh out an idea I had. Please look at it and let me know what you think.


Emotions sparked and venom flew around the room. Hatred was having a field day in the living room. If you listened close enough, you'd probably hear the noise of cheerers and jeerers and of course the commentators commenting on the showdown about to take place.

One would never have thought that they were once friends. Dolapo stared Ashley down, hating herself for being so stupid and gullible and hating her friend more for being a traitor.

She stared at the manipulative woman standing before her and wondered how she could have been so blind, how she didn't see her plots and plans and schemes and where they were headed.

She returned the slap her friend gave her seconds before, with enough venom to break her friend's neck. "You're nothing but a manipulative b**ch. You were such a careless mother. It's your fault my son is missing and my daughter is in the hospital, fighting for her life.", she spat in Ashley's face

"You have no right to say that to me, you LovePeddler! He is my son. Emmanuelle and John are my children! Do you hear me? They are mine. I gave birth to them, I carried them in my womb for eight and half months. I gave up myself to undergo a Caesarean when the chances were either them or me. I gave them life.", Ashley yelled in the throes of anger.

"Shut up! You may have given birth to them, your name may be on their birth certificates, the entire world may know you as their mother, but we both know that it is my blood that flows through their veins. It is my DNA they share. You may have given birth to them but I am their biological mother!", Dolapo yelled back.

They turned back upon hearing a gasp from someone.

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Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 8:52am On Oct 01, 2019
Chapter 1

Ashley's heart plunged into her pelvis and skyrocketed into her throat. She had to gulp it back into its position in her ribcage. She began to perspire in the air conditioned room. Her brain crashed and went on reboot at the sight of her husband.

"Ashley, what did Dolapo just say?!", her husband questioned in shock.
Her heart raced in fear as her secret was discovered. She never wanted him to find out this way. Truth be told, she never wanted him to find out at all.

"Charles, I - it's…", she stuttered in fear, fear of the man she loved hating her, fear of losing the man, she had lied, schemed and deceived for.

"Dolapo, did you mean… Are you really the biological mother of Manuelle and - and John? Were you saying the truth ?", he turned to ask Dolapo, the woman that swung a wrecking ball through everything he knew about his children. Ashley could hear his voice quivering in fear that what he heard was the truth.

"Charles, it's not my place to tell you what is the truth and what isn't? Ask your wife, Charles.", she answered still fuming.

"After yelling so loud that half the boulevard knows the maternity of my children is uncertain, it sure as hell is your place.", he deadpanned.

Ashley turned to look at her. Someone left her tear gland on as streams flowed down her cheeks. Dolapo could not affirm what she had stated earlier, else her marriage would be done. She pleaded with her eyes not to tell him the truth. Dolapo shook her head, and then she knew Dolapo was done helping her.

"The truth is I am the biological mother of Emmanuelle and John."

"Dolapo, stop lying!!", Ashley shouted amidst sobs.

"Ashley shut up and let her talk."


Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 8:54am On Oct 01, 2019
Ashley suffered a major infection after the miscarriage due to the doctor's negligence. The infection affected the fertility of her eggs. Invariably, she can not have children of her own.
She asked me to be an egg donor for the IVF you guys wanted to do. After rejecting her so many times, she tricked me, set me up with a guy who drugged me and she had a doctor forcefully harvest my eggs for the IVF. The rest you know."

Ashley crumbled to her knees, weakened by the truth her friend just told. She knew Charles would never forgive her.

An 'oh my God' escaped Charles' lips as he slumped onto the nearest sofa.
"Charles..", she called, unsure whether to apologise or justify her actions. Hell, she'd kill Hitler again if that was what it took to remove the look of shock, hurt and disgust on his face. She'd do anything, anything.

"That explains why Dolapo donated blood to Manuelle after the accident. You claimed to be on your period but the truth was your blood types didn't match. And the strange birthmark on John's back…I was so shocked when I saw something similar on Dolapo's shoulder blade.", he whispered in shock.

"It's my family's birthmark.", Dolapo explained.

"I can't believe you kept this from me, Ashley. I can't believe you deceived me for so long. God, I can't believe I was so stupid and so blind.", he croaked

"Charles… I", she walked on her knees to the sofa he was sitting on.

"So many lies and secrets and… God!", he exclaimed.

"Is there anything else? Tell me. Are they my flesh and blood or did you get a sperm donor too?", he shouted.

"Charles, I'm sorry...", she whispered as she tried to touch him.

"Don't you dare touch me!", he shouted and jumped out of the sofa as if she were a carrier of a deadly disease.
"Don't touch me.", he whispered in pain."I can't believe you. I don't know you. Who the hell did I marry?"
"Charles, what I did I did for both of us. I wanted us to be happy. I wanted our family to be complete…", she cried out in anguish and desperation as she latched onto his leg and continued sobbing.

"No. You did everything for your own selfish reason.", he countered turning away as much as he could.

"Charles, I didn't want to lose you. I thought you wouldn't love me anymore, that you'd grow tired of me if I couldn't give you children. I didn't want to lose your love. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Charles, I can't live without you. Please forgive me. I'll do anything. Please forgive me. I love you.", she sobbed on, staining his black slacks with her tears and snot.

She looked so pathetic and messed up but she didn't care so long as he forgave her. He could never stay mad at her for long before, now she hoped and prayed it would be the same.

"Like I said, selfish reasons. You demeaned my love for you, deceived me and now you tell me you love me.", he reiterated as he tried to pry his leg out of her clutches without hurting her.
"I can't stand to be in the same room as you right now. I need to think. Ashley, let me go.", he deadpanned.

His words were a blow to her and if anything they encouraged her to tighten her grip on his leg. She'd die if she lost him.

Dolapo shook at her head at the sight of Ashley.
Crocodile tears. She had known Ashley for over a decade and she knew her like the back of her palm. She had been on the receiving end of those tears for years and back when she thought it was real, she'd do anything and everything Ashley asked for.

She watched Charles pull Ashley's arms off him with a force she never thought he could use with Ashley and walk out of the living room. Ashley whimpered in pain and seconds later the front door was slammed and heavier sobs racked her body. Ashley sat there on the floor weeping. If it were possible to drown herself in a pool of her own tears, Ashley was making a headway in that direction at the rate she was crying. And then she knew Ashley was not faking her sorrow. Dolapo almost felt pity for her.


Re: Divide. by KpagoGIN(m): 10:19am On Oct 01, 2019
Let me spread my mat......

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Re: Divide. by Tridroid(m): 11:50am On Oct 01, 2019
.....One word....... Awesome

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Re: Divide. by Tridroid(m): 11:52am On Oct 01, 2019

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Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 1:18pm On Oct 01, 2019
The only time she had ever seen Ashley cry this hard was when her she had to tell her grandfather she was pregnant with Charles' baby and he told her he was disappointed in her. Her grandfather was her idol. After her parents died in a plane crash when she was 8, he took her in and gave her a father and mother's love. He gave her his everything, showering his love and affection on her. He didn't let her feel she lost her parents. And she lived her life to make him smile, to make him happy. She got excellent grades, obeyed him and spoiled him with all her cooking experiments.

To have him disappointed in her was a blow she could not recover from. She bawled her eyes out for days, refusing to eat or speak to anyone. She fell sick not long after. Dolapo, who couldn't stand it anymore, dragged her sister and her sister's husband along to beg Ashley's grandfather. On hearing she was in the hospital, the old man rushed out of his chair and begged them to take him to see his granddaughter. He was so afraid of losing a child again.

She was torn from her thoughts by Ashley's spiteful voice. Ashley had turned back to face her with red eyeballs, twin waterfalls on her face and a small lake under her nose.

"Why are you still here?", she asked sniffling. "You've succeeded in telling my husband the truth. He knows and now he h-hates me."
Fresh sobs hit her at the realization that her husband hated her.

"What more do you want?!", she yelled amidst sobs.

"Ashley, it…"

"Get out of my house!", she interrupted standing, enraged by Dolapo's presence.

"Gladly.", Dolapo deadpanned, remembering Ashley had not been a total saint and was unworthy of her pity and empathy. She strolled out of the living room and turned back to see her friend's image of strength lasted only as long as she was in room. Ashley had sunk back to the floor and continued weeping hard.

Dolapo hoped the maids would take care of her as she did many years ago because now, Ashley ceased to be her problem.


Five years ago

The sound of the doorbell like a bellow fanned the flames of excitement in her heart and her stomach backflipped in tandem. She stilled the urge to run out to meet him but the wave of excitement was unfightable. Here it was, after four years they were finally expecting a baby. She couldn't be more elated. She adjusted her dress and half-ran down the stairs. She rushed past one of their maids who had collected his jacket and briefcase from him.

Like he was expecting her, he caught her and twirled her around. Ever in character, a kiss followed the hug.

"What's the rush? I was coming upstairs, already.", he said after releasing her lips from a long and tender kiss.

"I have a surprise for you. That's why. I've been waiting for you all day, you know.", she answered like a petulant child overcome with excitement.

"I'll take it your trip to the doctor didn't result with a bunch of drugs or a couple of injections. And you're feeling a lot better than this morning.", he answered and put her down. He tilted her head up so he could examine her face as if he could detect any traces of ailment.

"Well, the doctor said I'm fit as a fiddle but he gave me an appointment.", she replied all smiles.

"Ok? Why are you so giddy ?", he asked suspiciously.

"That's my surprise.", she answered.

"Are we having guests? Is that the reason for the Alexander McQueen?", he asked as he began to loosen his tie.

"Is that the only designer you know?", she asked in between giggles.

"Well, he is the only one I heard throughout the time you guys were planning Temi's wedding. So we're having guests?", he said.

"No and no. We're not having guests and no, the dress isn't Alexander McQueen.", she said. "It's one of Dolly's designs."

" Oh, how is Dolapo by the way?", he asked taking off his cufflinks and stuffing them in his pocket.
A sigh escaped her lips and gave away the agony lurking within her.

Dolapo or Dolly as she called her for short was her oldest friend. Since secondary school, they had been as close as a banana sucker and its mother plant. Her friendship with Dolapo was one she cherished. But she had wronged her friend in the worst way possible and was now hanging on to that friendship by a thread.

"What happened?", Charles asked, catching on to the feelings she had tried to suppress.


Re: Divide. by jayextra(m): 3:22pm On Oct 01, 2019
More smiley

Re: Divide. by xaviercasmir(m): 3:25pm On Oct 01, 2019
I have to comment on this. You are a good writer, your other work Ocean of secret is awesome. Although I tend to be confused a times because of sudden introduction of some characters, i usually understand it after reading it again. Thanks for your incredible work.
This one will be great. Keep it up


Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 4:12pm On Oct 01, 2019
I have to comment on this. You are a good writer, your other work Ocean of secret is awesome. Although I tend to be confused a times because of sudden introduction of some characters, i usually understand it after reading it again. Thanks for your incredible work.
This one will be great. Keep it up

Awwwn!!! Thanks love.

I dedicate this comment to Temiloluwa Olaposi. Thank you for being an amazing roommate. I never would have garnered the courage to share my work without her. Thanks girl.
Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 4:23pm On Oct 01, 2019
She tried to fake a smile and hope he wouldn't see through her lie. " We argued again. I confronted her about a fight she had with her aunt and she went ballistic. She told me to mind my business and stay out of her life.", she lied, crossed her fingers and begged all the angels and saints that he wouldn't poke holes in her story.

"But what did she fight about with her aunt?", He asked.

Unable to come up with a lie, her best bet was to change the topic. Hopefully, her big news was distraction enough.

"Baby, I don't want to talk about it. Mentioning it alone brings to mind all the hurtful things she hurled at me that day. Like I was saying, before we digressed into designers and all what not, I have a surprise for you.", she answered.

He held her hands, trying to forge a connection to her soul. She loved that about him. How he could just look into her eyes and it was like he was inside her head. How with a look, he could make her tell him all her burdens. She often teased him that he could be a psychoanalyst but he always claimed his gift only worked on her.

But now, she despised that, especially when she was not only lying to him but keeping a dreadful secret, one he might hate her for, if it ever came to light.

"Ashley, are you sure you don't want to talk about it?", he asked softly, his face etched with lines of concern.

"I'm a hundred percent certain. I don't want anything to dampen our mood. Like I said I have a big surprise for you. Why don't you go get changed? I'll ask the maids to set the table.", she answered.

"In that case,who am I to refuse a warm meal and a big surprise? I'll go freshen up. I'm dropping the issue for now but if she hurt you so bad, I'm going to have a word with her.", he said in a note of finality and planted a kiss on my forehead and left the living room.

At any other time, the kiss might have been a gesture of endearment but now it was like karma's laugh in her face and a reminder of what she might lose.


Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 4:31pm On Oct 01, 2019
He took in the table's contents and was awed. One would think gourmet food and marrying a professional chef was a blessing but he had to work out twice as much as he used to ever since they got married. .She spoilt him with food and he couldn't say no. Once when he refused to eat, she threw a tantrum and kept sulking for a whole day.

He loved her to a fault and had to concede. He wasn't sure if there was anything he could deny her. Funnily enough, they had just been friends. They weren't the cliche friends- who -harbored- secret- feelings -towards -each -other- turned- lovers. They were just friends, close friends at that. But then, a drunken one night stand was all it took for things to change.

At first, they had avoided each other, unable to face themselves. But she got pregnant as a result of their sexcapade. She told him and he decided to own up to it. They got married simply to give the baby a home. During that period, he began to see her not just as his friend but as a woman. She miscarried and yet his feelings persisted after she lost the baby.

He didn't expect to fall head over heels in love with her. He didn't believe he could ever love her as much as he did now. Now, he could give himself up for her if that was what she needed.

He looked at her and found himself smiling. The undertones of her skin were gleaming like 24 karat gold by the flickering candlelight and pearly white teeth beaming at him as her lips were spread into a smile. Her eyes bubbled with uncontainable excitement.

"Are you sure you can keep this surprise to yourself till dessert?", he teased as she giddily ladled a serving on his plate. "You look like you're about to explode."

"If that's your plan to get me to tell you, then you've never been wronger, Mr Aston.", she answered.

"I've been guessing since I came back. Take pity on me and tell me. Curiosity is tearing me up.", he begged.

"Nope, till dessert. The patient dog gets the fattest bone.", she answered.

"That's if he doesn't die of hunger first.", he sassed and pouted.

"Stop that!", she piped and burst into laughter. " You look like a child when you do that.", She managed to say in between guffaws.
"Then answer me, na. I've been begging you since morning.", he responded.

"Let's talk about something else. I had been meaning to ask you. But I got so caught up with your guesses that I forgot. How did the pitch go?", she chippered.

He straightened up and returned to his normal self. "The board seemed to love it. At least, that was what mum said. We'll know their decision on Monday. I hope they decide to do the project.", He answered and started eating.

"They'll have to be insane not to want to do the project.", she assured him.

"I hope so. It'll be nice to be seen as something more than the CEO's London- returned son with nothing between his ears than crammed notes and chowder.", he said defeated.

"They can't still be saying that.", She gasped.

"No, they don't say it. Not since mum intervened at least. I have never been more embarrassed. Not only do they see me as incompetent but also a Mama's boy who can't fight his own battles. It's evident in the way the board members and staff look at me; despite the clients I've been bringing in and the contracts I've won. I'm not expecting them to roll out the red carpet but I deserve some repect as a person. This is it. If this project works out, I'll finally earn that respect..", he explained.

She reached out and held his hand. "The project will be approved. You can bet with me on that."

" You sound so sure about it.", he laughed.
"I am sure. Wanna bet? If I win, I take your BMW for a whole week and you take my Venza.", she wagered.
"I'd really hate to win but if I win, you tell me what you fought about with Dolapo.", he answered.


Re: Divide. by Ann2012(f): 5:11pm On Oct 01, 2019
Seat claimed, I'm not missing this for anything grin
Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 6:54pm On Oct 01, 2019
"You'll never know cause I'm going to win.", she bluffed.

"I really hope so.", he smiled and continued with his meal.

Minutes later, the maids cleared the dishes and he beamed at her in excitement- not for the dessert but for her big news. They had gone through four courses and he was stuffed. A maids brought in a tray with two martini glasses filled with something brown.

"Alcohol?", he asked with an eyebrow raised. They had both sworn off alcohol after their drunken one night stand. They were limited to a glass of champagne or wine at functions.

"No!", she corrected. "It's a Chocolate Martini. Zero alcohol. It was actually supposed to be a chocolate mousse but I saw this on a cooking competition and decided to try it out.", she explained as the maid dropped a glass each in front of them.

"Phew, ok!", he said in relief, releasing a breath he didn't know he was holding and she giggled in response. "So the surprise?", he asked in a singsong manner.

She smiled at one of the maids and the maid handed her a sleep mask. Charles watched the exchange and the maids in the room began tittering and grinning from ear to ear. He knew then that they knew what the surprise was. She stood up from her seat and walked to stand behind him.

"How am I the only one in the dark?", he complained and pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.
"Not for much longer.", she whispered gleefully. He indulged her by letting her blindfold him.
He heard the maids giggle and scamper out of the room. He heard Ashley laugh in response and call after them, "Don't let it fall."

"You know this isn't funny.", he muttered, irritated with the suspense.
"Don't worry. You'll know sooner than later.", she whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. He heard the sound of approaching feet and laughter and knew the maids were back. He felt Ashley move to stand beside him and clear something, probably the mousse and cutlery from the table.

He heard the soft thud of something being placed on the charger. He heard the maids' giggles get louder as Ashley shooed them out of the dinning room.

"Honey, you can take the blindfold off now.", she whispered.

"Finally!", he said in relief and took the sleep mask off his face. He blinked a few times before looking down at the table. He saw a white cake with 'we were two, now we're four', written on it in red icing. He went from confusion to realization in seconds and looked up to her to confirm his guess. He met her beaming at him with a 10000 watt smile

"Are you…?", he managed to whisper as tears pooled in his eyes and she nodded ecstatically grinning and giggling.

"I'm going to be a father?", he asked with his voice breaking.

"Yes honey.", she confirmed.

The next thing she knew she was in his arms being twirled around. She laughed hard and held onto him for support. He let her slide down his body and claimed her lips in a kiss of gratitude.

"Thank you.", he whispered. "Thank you!", he shouted, looking up to the ceiling, supposedly talking to God. Her laughter was short-lived as he captured her lips with his again and pressed his forehead against hers and cupped her face and ran his thumbs across her soft cheeks.

"I love you.", he said breathing heavily. "You have no idea how happy I am."

She giggled and said "I can guess."
"You can't, baby. After the miscarriage and the operation, I thought I was going to lose you. When the doctor said we might never have children again, I'd accepted it. I was content so long as I had you. When you suggested the IVF, I was scared that your hopes would be dashed. And now, and now, all I've wanted is to start a family with you and you're pregnant!", he said. "With twins!"

"Yes!", she confirmed. He kissed her forehead and pulled her into his arms and hugged her


Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 6:56pm On Oct 01, 2019
Chapter 2

He sat at his desk, twiddling a pen in his right hand and stared out the window wondering what names to give the children. Peter and Paul were so last century. He wanted something nice, something meaningful. He laughed at himself for fantasizing about baby names but why wouldn't he?

For someone who never expected to have a child and then got blessed with twins, fantasies and reveries were the order of the day. He understood the reason why children were called bundles of joy. The last time he was this ecstatic was at the first ultrasound Ashley had done for the baby they lost. Now they were expecting two babies. Two! He wondered who would look like who.
If they were boys, he'd want them to have their mother's colouring. Ashley's caramel skin glowed naturally. She didn't need to go to the spa or use a lot of body products to get her skin to dazzle radiantly. She was the definition of dark and lovely.
If they were girls, he wanted them to have Ashley's dark, long and luscious hair, her honey coloured eyes and her long beautiful legs. They were both tall, so he didn't have to worry about the children's height. And..

"Earth to Charlie, earth to Charlie.", his mother's voice pierced through his musings.

"Good afternoon mum.", he greeted.
"What smacked that mega-watt smile on your face?", she asked and took a seat.
"It's not my place to tell but it can't be hidden for so long, anyway. Ash is expecting a baby. Well, two actually.", he explained.

" Oh my Lord!", his mother gasped and burst into laughter.

"Come give me a hug, dear.", she said and got up. He came over and she pulled him into a bear hug.

"Congrats darling. I'm so happy for you both.", she said and released him. “How long were you planning to keep it a secret?”, she quizzed and sat back in her heat and crossed her legs at the ankles.

"I just found out on Friday.", he explained.

"I'm really going to be a grandma?", she said smiling brightly.

Charles scoffed and laughed, "Mum, stop the theatrics. You already have eight grandchildren!"

"Common Charles. Your sisters' children are my grandchildren quite alright but they belong more to their respective husbands' families. These are your children. They'll be Astons."

“Mum, you're kidding.”, he scoffed and shook his head.

"Charlie, you'll understand when you have children and grandchildren of your own. And I pray you don't get a son like mine, who wouldn't have tied the knot if not for a divinely orchestrated happenstance.", she said.

"So, what brings you to my office mum?", he asked as he straightened some papers on his desk.

"Well, it's good news, great news in fact.", she chippered.

"Your dad was going to tell you tomorrow but I decided otherwise and let you know now. I know how well you hate being left in suspense. The board met last night and it was decided that your proposal was absolutely brilliant. Those are Mr. Inyass' words, so don't you think I'm flattering you. The board voted unanimously to authorize the project. UNANIMOUSLY.", she announced.

"Oh my God!",he exclaimed astonished at his success. "I can't believe it." His lips spread into a smile.
His mother giggled and said, "You better believe it because it's real."
"I want you to come over for dinner tonight with Ashley. It's going to be a double celebration.", she put in, hoping her son would say yes.


Re: Divide. by Ann2012(f): 7:40pm On Oct 01, 2019
Well done OP
Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 9:17pm On Oct 01, 2019
His smile dimmed as he shook his head.“ No mum. I told you before.”
She sighed in exasperation. "Common Charlie, it's been two years."
"I told him I won't return back to that house and I mean it. Not unless he apologizes to Ashley for what he said to her.", he insisted his voice laden with irritation.
"Charles, please. He wants to make up.", she said softly.
"Then, he knows what to do. He should apologize to Ashley.", he stated plainly unwavering.

"But, I've begged Ashley and she has no problem with him. She said she's forgiven him. Why don't you do the same and let's bury the hatchet.", she suggested.

"No mum!", he stated as he stood up.

"Of all the proud men in the world, I had to get the most obstinate ones. Do you want me to kneel? To beg? If that's it, I'll do it. You don't know how much it breaks my heart to see you and your father like this. Forgive him, please.", she cried out in frustration and joined him on her feet.

"Mum, this isn't about forgiveness. It's about honour and protecting my wife's dignity. If someone had said half of what he said to Ashley to you, he wouldn't take it. Dad would have knocked the wind out of such a person. And I'm supposed to take it because he's my father? Hell, no! I won't ever step foot on that property if he doesn't apologize.", he ranted.

"Like hell I will!", he father said as he burst through the door.

"Good evening sir.", Charles greeted stoic.

"Anthony, I told you I could handle this.", the woman said at her wit's end.

"Mr. Aston, is there anything I can do for you?", Charles said to his father. To him, this man was just his boss.

"You will have dinner with me at home and you'll bring your wife.", the older man said through gritted teeth. His jaw ticked with anger at how his son was treating him. His wife grabbed his hand and squeezed pleading with him not to ruin the chance they have at reconciliation.

"Who's asking? My boss or my father?", Charles said with his back straight, refusing to bend, refusing to be intimidated.

"Charles, don't be like this.", his mother begged.
"Your father.", the man said with his jaws clenched.

"Then, you know my terms. Apologize to Ashley and I'll come back home.", Charles reiterated.

"Apologize for what?…."

"Anthony please…"

"Tomi, I've had enough of his childish tantrums. I never said anything that wasn't true. She was careless and that's why she lost the baby. The only child she was ever destined to have. And now she's barren."

Charles glared at his father as he hurled those spiteful words. If it had been anyone other than his father, he would have made him regret it.

"Ashley's expecting.", his mother whispered.

"Is - is that true?", his father stuttered and he nodded reluctantly.

In his thirty four years, Charles had never seen his father embarrassed and flustered. The look on his father's face now was worth a picture being taken to serve as a memento. The older man broke into laughter and left his son confused.

“i can't believe it.”, the man bellowed. His wife gave a weak, nervous smile as she noticed Charles' unwavering gait.

"Will you apologize, now?", Charles deadpanned. Mrs Aston looked from son to father, hoping the older man would swallow his ego and pride and agree to apologize.

"Congratulations, Charles. I'm happy for you. Your family is growing. It brings me so much joy. I retract my statement that your wife is barren but I refuse to apologise.", the man said matter-of-factly.

"Anthony!", his wife shouted in shock and exasperation.

"Then I suggest you inform your cook to make food for two.", Charles said.

"Charles, please.", his mother begged.

"Mr Aston, if there's nothing else, I'd like to get back to my work now."

His father huffed and stormed out of his office. His mother at him and at the door and decided to go with her husband.

He huffed and swirled in his chair and face the window, trying to calm himself down enough to concentrate on his work.


Re: Divide. by Ann2012(f): 9:30pm On Oct 01, 2019
Izaray, skubido, Emex100, prudysara, toyhin123 come and read oooo

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Re: Divide. by Ann2012(f): 9:32pm On Oct 01, 2019
FantasticJ Adesina12
Join me

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Re: Divide. by millieademi(f): 9:48am On Oct 02, 2019
He stormed out of the closet and into the room with his wife hot on his heels.

"Charles, please.", she whined.

"Ashley, no. I'm not going to that house. I'd rather die than go there. If he doesn't apologize, he can as well forget he has a son.", he spat and sat on the king size bed turning his back to her.

"If this is about what he said, it's water under the bridge. I mean I don't even remember anything he said…"

"Well, I do. I will not have him disrespect my wife. If not for mum and grandma's pleas, I would have resigned the following Monday. You're my wife and I won't let anyone use you as a doormat, do you understand? Not my father, not anyone!", he snapped.
She smiled and went to kneel in front of him. She was ecstatic that he was so protective of her but two years had passed and he was still feuding with his father. She didn't want to look like the kind of wife that created rifts in families. It was time to bury the hatchet and mend fences. She'd do whatever it took. Even if she had to result to African Wife tactic 101

"Honey!", she called and took his hand in hers and kissed it.
"Ashley, get up.", he said knowing where she was headed.

"I'm comfortable like this. Oko mi, olowo ori mi, ife mi, ayo mi, idunnu mi, enibiokan mi, ololufe mi…"

"Ashley, stop this. I'm not going there and that is final.", he said snatching his hand out of hers. He knew he'd do whatsoever she asked if she kept that up.

"Charles, I beg you.", she begged.

"Ashley, I have work to do. Let me know when dinner is ready." With that he walked out the room.

There are more tricks up my sleeve, she thought and went straight for the kitchen to change dinner plans.

He opened the dishes one by one and looked at her smiling at him, trying to play innocent. While he practically grew up abroad, he loved traditional food. Seeing all his favorites on the dinner table in one night made him know just how serious Ashley was.

"Really? Efo riro and pounded yam, Chicken pepper soup and abacha? Emotional blackmail is what you're resorting to next.", he accused.

"Of course not. I just made my husband's favorites, that's all. I don't believe I did anything wrong.", she said and began to dish his food.


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My baby Am with you till the end.

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Thanks for the update, abeg, I fit get more? I go buy una ice cream.

Should I send my address so you can deliver the ice cream?grin
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He looked at her suspiciously and didn't say a word. He knew where she was headed or so he thought. He was confused when she said nothing even after dinner. He eyed her curiously but she gave nothing away. He thought she had forgotten about it.

She didn't bring it up until later that night after she had sated his hunger for her.

"Charles?", she called from where she laid on his chest.
"Yes, baby?", he answered as he ran his fingers back and forth her arm with one hand behind his head, lounging in post-coital bliss. She had taken him to the edge of paradise and back with her mouth. He had set out to make love to her but she taken control and pleasured him in every way possible. He wished he could lie in bed with her till kingdom come but he had to go to work. He wanted to sleep. They were up for a while and he had to wake up early if he was to beat traffic. But her dainty fingers running from his chest to the top of his V were keeping a certain member of his body waiting on standby, ready to keep a vigil if need be.

"Ash, go to sleep. I need to wake up early.", he mentioned when she didn't answer him but kept moving her fingers like the temptress she was.

"Honey, I need a favor.", she said softly.

I knew all that wasn't for nothing, he thought.

"I'm not giving you my BMW for two weeks.", he put in stifling a yawn, thankful she had stopped her ministrations.

" That's not it.", she said smiling.

"Ok? What is it?", he asked.

"Promise me you'll say yes.", she said.

"No can do, madam. The last time I made such a promise I was highly embarrassed.", he mentioned.

"Come on, karaoke at our anniversary was not such a bad idea.", she answered giggling.

"Sure, it's not. You weren't the one who had to sing Whitney Houston's I will always love you.", he commented, making her laugh harder.

"Charles, I'm asking for something really important to me.", she begged.

"Ok, I'll try as much as to grant you this favour, if I can.", he said feeling a lot like the biblical King Herod. He really hoped she wouldn't ask for someone's head.

"Ok, fine. Charlie, can you make up with your father? It's been long enough." She felt him stiffen under her and continued before he could refuse her

"I love you and respect you for fighting so hard to defend me but my reputation is at stake. People will see me as a horrible wife who stands by and watches as a son keeps malice with his father. I'll be branded a confusionist. I beg you Charles in the name of God, in the name of the love you have for me and in the name of our unborn children, please make up with your father."

"If that is what you want.", he said sighing.

"Yes, it is my love.", she smiled thinking she had gotten her way.

"I'll do it. I'll go over to the house and apologize for being stiff-necked…"

"And pig-headed", she contributed.

"On one condition.", he added.

"Let's hear it.", She added and rubbed herself against him.

"Ashley, no distractions.", he said and stilled her provocative movements. She smiled at getting caught. "Since we're preaching reconciliation, I'll go over to my parents' when you make up with Dolly. When not before.", he said and kissed her good night and rolled over to the other side of the bed before she could tempt him to go another round.

Ashley's world shattered around her. How was she supposed to make up with Dolapo?

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Chapter 3

"No, I don't want chiffon. I want crepe. Yes crepe. Nothing else will do. This is haute couture, not some low end mass production.", Dolapo explained to the textile dealer on the line.

"Obviously.… I know….. That's why I do business with you.… Thank you so much! Have a lovely day. Bye.", she sighed and put the receiver back in it's cradle.

She sighed again looking at the incomplete designs on her death and grunted in displeasure. This was the Lagos fashion week. Designers and critics from all over Africa and a few expatriates would be in attendance. She had to make an impression. But inspiration was playing hide and seek with her. She turned and looked at the waste paper basket heaped with crumpled paper. She grunted and groaned. She'd pull her hair out if she grew it long. She ran her hand through her short hair and sighed. She needed a trim, and probably she'd have the barber shape her edges. Unlike most ladies, she loved short hair and left her hair all year round in Anita Baker. She loved that she could get it wet and dry anytime she wanted.

"Inspiration, where are you?!!", she groaned. While she had designed the silhouette of some dresses and she couldn't decide on a fabric, she was unsure of others. She lifted one design of her desk and held it to the light. Unsatisfied, she crumpled it and tossed in the direction of the waste bin. The crumped bolus hit the heap of paper and toppled some rejected balls just as her secretary walked in.
She stared at the mess and then at her boss and friend.

"You know that crumpled up paper might have been the cornerstone design.", the secretary said.

"Lydia, I'm so not in the mood for your jokes.", Dolapo groaned and put her head on her desk.

"Well, the day just got worse. Ashley's here to see you."

"I don't…."

"She said and I quote, 'Tell Dolly I won't leave until I see her. If she doesn't come out, I'll create a scene. I'll get the boys' brigade and have them play all night and all day till she decides to see me'. End of quote.", Lydia recited.

"I'm not in the mood for Ashley's drama right now.", Dolapo answered rousing from her desk.

"Me neither. But if she leaves and returns with the boys' brigade. Noone will want to know she was in the wrong. Everyone will assume you stole her husband or something. And this close to the LFW, you don't need bad press.", Lydia advised.

"Fine. Let her in." Lydia turned and left. Dolapo tried to arrange her desk but gave up when she was making no headway.

She relaxed in her seat and tried to look unfazed by Ashley's visit. They hadn't seen each other in months. Not since Ashley proved she was a unreliable friend.

Ashley had treated her to a fashion show in Johannesburg as a late birthday gift. She hadn't even been expecting such a gift. At least, not since she refused to donate her eggs for the IVF Ashley wanted. The trip was a shock and a reminder of Ashley's selflessness in their friendship. Ashley didn't despise her refusing to donate her eggs and she was grateful because she didn't know what she'd do without such a friend.

Bile rose to her throat as she thought of what Ashley did to her. The most annoying part of it was that not did she not apologize, she also justified her actions. These last two months had shown her what she'd do. She'd live her life like nothing happened and probably get recognized by a renowned designer and/or fashion magazine.


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Come and take pizza with coldstone ice cream


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