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Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 3:17pm On Oct 09
Hello friends this is my new Novel .
Hope you will enjoy the write up.

The chapters/scenes will be posted daily

Visit my Facebook page; Ghost Writer to read it up.
I will also being dropping it here.

Warning: The Story narrative is not to be used or duplicated without the permission of the author.
some of the characters are already owned by film/comic companies which I acknowledge and won't publish/sell for commercial purpose, but the goal is to take the opportunity to write such a make belief story and crowd fund to raise some money to buy a laptop.


Happy reading

Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 8:54pm On Oct 09
Chapter 1

Two male like figures entered an underground warehouse and steadily approached a man in white lab coat that stood a distance off waiting for them. The two men coming and walking side by side were Batman and Flash; their hearts were beating with pace, and their mind was in shock and pondering uncertainty, a grave incident has just occurred and Superman has gone AWOL.

"Professor Stein where is he ?" Batman inquired
"I couldn't stop him, he went through it"
(Batman grips him on both arms)
"He went through what ?"
Professor pauses
"He went through the portal gate"
"What do you mean he went through the portal gate ?" Flashed inquired
"Batman I thought it was destroyed"

Batman steadied himself shocked even more and now in sudden deep thought momentarily, he let go of the professor while taking few steps back.

"It wasn't destroyed" he voiced in a deep bass tone.
"And let me guess you had something to do with it " Flash gesticulates unsurprised
"You won't understand"
" Well I clearly do Bruce, a smart man like you couldn't just destroy a time travelling machine that humans are light years of inventing"
"It was to be kept a secret"
"Bruce and secrets, wow that never gets old"
" I don't have time for this"
"What happened Bruce ?, Clark wasn't himself I don't understand, I saw a terrible wrath and a broken man in him, he threw me aside without a care if I was hurt"
"Professor something horrible just happened we need to find Clark" Bruce was sad and couldn't find the courage to say anything further
"Tell me what happened ?"
"I will tell you what happened" Flash answered with a furious look coming forward.
"Lois lane is dead"
"What ?"
"The Joker killed her, he played all of us yet again, in trying to stop the nuclear bomb he planted and other bombs shelved at numerous supermarkets and schools across the city, we didn't know that Lois was his target all along, none of us could save her in time, not Superman, me or anyone"
"But why Lois lane" the professor asked in a baffled tone
"He knew that the strongest man in the world can be shattered if he failed to protect the woman he dearly loves, Lois lane was Superman's other kryptonite" Batman pointed in a stern look towards the professor.
The professor quietly sat on a desk as his legs grew weak to terrible news, his mind went pondering for while.
"Apparently Bruce you know what this means"
The Professor indicated, flash looks at them unaware of what he was implying.
"Take me to the portal gate" Batman requested

All three men walked in haste towards where the machine was

"What do mean that something else bad could likely happen" flash asks while they walked
"If the Joker did all this to get Superman out of the picture" The professor voiced
"Then it implies he has another sinister plan up his sleeves" Batsman interrupts and concluded while he was thinking to capture everything unfolding

(They reach the location where the machine was)

"We won't be in all this situation right now if you had done what was needed"
"Watch your mouth boy" Batman squares him on.
"Am not afraid of you Bruce Wayne, if you had taken out the Joker with their so many times you had him you won't have lost Rachel back then, and now Superman has lost Lois"

(Batman grips him at the tip of his chest and yanks him an inch of the ground, the professor tries to separate them but couldn't)

"When will you ever stop deceiving yourself with your so called principle and eliminate your most deadly enemy, your decision is hurting a lot of people, rectify it dark knight"

(Batman let's him go and goes away from him)

"Clark will hate you more than he hates that mad clown running lose in the city"
"Professor can we find him ?" Batman inquires, choosing to ignore what flash said
"That's the problem"
Batman and Flash both look at him
"I don't know where he went to in the time travel, we only have the time period, but it will take hours/days even to locate his particular location within that timeline"
"Well get to it professor"
"I will speed things up, open the portal gate professor, I will try to cover more grounds while you do your thing over there prof, how about you ?" Flash curiously asks Batman.

(The Prof was busy booting up the machine, pressing some buttons and pulling levers)

"I will assist the professor here and think about what you said"
"I hope so... you do that"

The portal gate was opened, flash looks at both Batman and the Professor one last time and quickly zooms off into it.

A call was coming through on a giant screen TV; it was Wonder woman calling, Batman takes some lite steps forward towards it and pushes a button thereby picking it.
"Where is Clark Bruce, his comm is responding?" Wonder woman desperately asks

Batman sees an ear comm on the floor and believes it must be that of Superman that he must deliberately left behind.

"I can't say, he.."
"Bruce he needs us now , we all need to be with him now, he is hurting badly and I know how that felt like losing someone close to your heart" Wonder woman sadly speaks
"I know that to" Batman calmly replies wit sober remembrance of Rachel, both paused their conversation and momentarily looking at each other.

Flash was running through the time hole in electrifying super speed "Clark where are you ?" he subtly said to himself, zooming off.

To be continued tomorrow at 9pm

by Prince Kabal

Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 9:26am On Oct 10

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Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 8:24am On Oct 11

Across bountiful lushes of forest, spread with rivers and plains lands lies a glimmering far away kingdom surrounded by many falling hills. It was a glorious place to behold, having an enchanting castle, satellite villages, tarvens, cottages and mystical ruins. Right in the kingdom; at the very heart inside the king's palace was an ongoing event, the charming prince and son to the king was set to wed his heartthrob, a lady he was drawn to ever since the ballroom dance, a 19 years old kindhearted and humble maiden with strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion, her name was Cinderella. Many people far and wide had gathered for the wedding ceremony, some from various occupations, towns and kingdoms.
The cousin of Prince Snow White was present with her envoy representing her husband a king from another far away kingdom. The interior structure and decoration were of high standard class (French like to say), classic music was being played, lots of movements from the guests who also were interacting with one another.

The King was escorted with son and some Knight guards making their way into the ballroom, they received warm cheers and ovations from the people gathered. The king was extremely happy and momentarily met few guests he was familiar with and some others he got acquainted with along with his son, the prince was happy to see Snow White as both exchanged mutual pleasantries, the Father and son continued on their way towards their royal reserved thrones. As things got going, everyone was calmly waiting for the soon to be wedded bride to come.

Far off from the palace was a quaking march through a wide path in the forest that was leading to the kingdom, it was an order of chilvary in dark armour uniforms making their way through the forest, they were led by a rider leading in front; a Knight in a solid black plate armour with mystic engravings and horror looking dark helmet; he was called the Dark Knight, riding on their own horses accompanying him on his left and right was a revered wizard by name horoth, some of his best murderous generals and a medium giant muscular beast. It seemed as if even dark clouds followed them as they drew near to the palace which was their destination.

Arriving already inside the castle in front of the palace entrance was a beautifully decorated carriage that Cinderella carried in accompanied by calvary knights that were sent to protect and be her escorts. After the carriage stopped the door was opened from the outside by a palace guard, stepping out of it was the blue eye maiden, her subtle grace and purity was written all over her glowing in great glory.
following from behind and coming out from the carriage was her step mother; lady Treimane and her step sisters; Drizella and Anastasia who were her ladies in waiting, the two sisters were bickering as usual, while their mother was filled with contempt, utter disdain towards Cinderella that she couldn't help expressing; boldly written on her face and an eye twitching annoyance stirred by her daughters occasional banter but yet she showed a cold decorum. Cinderella pooled at them with a dying smile and a wave of the head unsurprised by what she saw, she however looked forward up the stairs with an awakens smile knowing its her day. Following behind they accompanied Cinderella as she made her way up the stairs and into the palace. lastly coming out of the coach was two of Cinderella's mice friends named Jaq and Guus, who could talk, they were immensely excited to be in big castle and hurried upstairs to hide and attach themselves under Drizella's cloth in order to witness the wedding of their friend.
The eloquent adviser to the king; Sir Timothy was the one who welcomed and greeted the ladies at the entrance hall and was to serve as their guide to the ballroom hall. On reaching the hall, Lady Tremaine disciplines the bickering sisters to keep quiet, the doors were opened by two standing guards standing outside, Cinderella was suddenly faced with a multitude of guests who on hearing the blowing trumpets quickly turned to the entrance door to see the new bride of the prince. Amazed by all the guests that were in attendance that had stood waiting for her arrival and now watching her earnestly with mixed faces, she resolved in her mind to be calm, there was a cleared path in the ballroom, at the end she could see her prince and father-in-law who were happy to see her. She smiled back at them and boldly began to walk before them with eloquence, grace and a beating expectation onwards to her charming prince, her ladies in waiting followed, Drizella and Anastasia dared not do anything silly with their mother following them from behind, as they made their way through the ballroom. Many of the guests especially her friends and many others from poor backgrounds began to applaud her even little children, she drew courage from this while walking, her smile towards them was all they needed.
She finally meets up with her prince who takes her by her hand and kisses her, even adding a few complementaries in a whispering tone, both shared smiles as they'd were standing before the presence of the king who had gotten up and drew close to them.
He was very happy and proud, there was a lessening silence in the hall

"Today as a father and your king am proud and excited just like many of you to witness this union between these two love birds, my son the heir and next ruler now will be having a future companion right beside him when he rules.
Its with great privilege to be the custodian to wed them both
It doesn't matter to me what her class is or which people she associates the most but just as Cinderella won my son's heart, she is also won mine with her deep compassion for the poor, humility, hard work and composure. She is a true princess and in the future a worthy crowned Queen, bless you dear
And now as I wed you both let this be for your happily ever after"

Before he continued, the king was suddenly interrupted as his attention and that's of many others were drawn by some noises made behind the closed door, every guest were curious to know what's happening outside the ballroom. It appeared that something was busy tearing things about.

"Stop right there, Stop, in the name of the king"

They all heard, and a silent fear crept in amongst them and murmuring visited many lips.
Suddenly they could hear sword clashing, the royal adviser beckoned on the knights present in the ballroom who quickly rallied round to guard the royal family where they were, while some went and stationed at the door with hands anxiously reaching to their swords, The prince drew out his sword.

"I said stop Sir"

Suddenly the door was blasted, one of the doors flew from its hinges and landed over some guests who a few got injured in the process, the entrance was wide open also throwing in an unconscious Knight across in the centre of the ballroom floor having been bashed by the medium giant beast, even the stationed knights at the door lost their balance, some even falling to the floor. The people were terrified on what was happening, and all the more seeing the horrible beast that stood outside the ballroom, it made many take some steps backward.

A man appeared boldly clapping sarcastically making his way in the ballroom, it was the dark knight, the king's knights stationed near the door, found their balance, some getting up stood and lined up stopping the unknown person from further taking any steps forward aiming their swords towards the threatening figure, the dark Knight stopped and calmly removed his helmet, a facial look of the man was that of a blonde brown eyes young man wearing a sinister smile.

"Not today father" he loudly voiced out
This stared up wild murmuring amongst the crowd.

"Stephano" the king reacted subtle
"Brother ?" says Prince Charming

Stephano stretched his vicious smile

To be continued......

by Prince Kabal

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Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 6:22pm On Oct 11
NB: Please as you read this novel am soliciting for financial help (Crowd funding) to help me buy a laptop to enable me to be more effective in my writing career and other endeavors.
So if interested to help the guy out, you can email me or reply at quote to give you my account details. Any amount from you will do and be very much appreciated.

sorry for the late update..

also don't forget to like each scene/chapter to help me know those following the story.
Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by iamgprince(m): 1:21am On Oct 12
thanks for the update

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Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 8:44am On Oct 12
New Update!!!


"Miss me father ?" Stephano asked rhetorically

Murmuring grew like quick weeds in the ballroom. Prince Charming momentarily looks at his father as he was in shock. Cinderella was uncertain what was going on, she trembled at heart and tries to learn what the problem was.Suddenly the seven knights that stood on his way were mystically air lifted and were being strangled in mid air, the people were shocked, some anxious and petrified at the sight. Quickly they were dropped hard to the floor; all were instantly motionless and dead. The dark prince smiled with no care, the figure that had done this came forth slowly and joined the dark prince right by his side, it was his wizard Horoth, this increased the peoples murmuring.

"Wasn't he banished" a voice amongst the people aired
"Why has he come back" another whispered
"Evil has befallen us" an old Lady muttered

The king was shocked to the bones, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Surprise surprise father, I am back"
"What are you doing here you evil spawn and you bring back a banished murderer for wizard to this kingdom " the king countered

Prince was shocked from his father's reply. The king in fury takes demanding yet slow steps forward towards them walking pass his son and daughter in law, his guards followed him.

" Am not surprised by your utterance you retch of an old man, but I think am surprised at their faces, they seem to have seen a ghost, even my younger brother over there, let me guess you lied to the entire kingdom what you did to me that very day"

"Keep quiet you child from hades"
"Father!!!!" Prince Charming beckoned drawing his attention
"That's your eldest son and my brother you are talking to in such a manner" he walks up to him leaving Cinderella behind
"Brother I thought you were eaten by the wolves, we all did"
"Be silent Prince Charming, don't talk to him" The king ordered
"And why is that father, doesnt he deserve to know the truth, don't they all deserve to know the truth old man ?" He walks forward to the centre of the ballroom looking at everyone with an arrogant and sadistic expression.
"This despicable short dwarf I call a father and you called a king took me out when i was a teenager for the royal hunt, the game was to hunt wolves but this time I was the one to be hunted, I was the animal he sought to kill that very day"

Again the murmuring increased, there was confusion and mixed opinions.

"Finding out that he wanted to kill me, I ran for my life, his guards chased after me in horses through the woods, they weren't the only thing chasing me, as I constantly ran and his, vicious wolves trailed me, I was in their territory and was surrounded by them and my their eyes were unforgiving, afar off I saw this man on his horse with his guards who saw my predicament but did nothing, I called out to him severally to come save me but turned his back on me and left me"

All eyes were gazed at the king, some questioning whether what the dark prince said was true, others already assuming that he must have done.

"I wasnt killed by wolves if thats the story you were told rather this wicked dwarf I had once loved and cherished with respect fed me to the wolves"

The king felt caved in, a secret he had buried for years had escaped and now here to ruin him.

"Father is this true ?" Prince Charming skeptically asked
The king paused reminiscing for a while, sad yet angry

"Yes I did it"

There was a lot of gasped from the crowd

"He is cursed, an evil spawn that would bring darkness into the land, this was foretold by the great white wizard, I couldnt help but do the needful to kill my son that I loved so much. I put the safety and love for you all standing right here today because he was to bring sorrow and darkness, alas he didn't die, but has returned with the evil foretold, and look he is in league with that child killing wizard we all banished, what..

"Yes father you are right, am here to bring sorrow and the great darkness to this kingdom, I am here to ascend that throne that rightfully belongs to me, I am here to rule, to end your life old man, and nothing or no one will stop me and why because leaving me out there, abandoning at my immediate peril gave birth to a hungry beast inside...."

He wickedly smiled

"And this hungry beast will be satisfied and bear this in mind old man, it was all your fault, he separated us brother, he broke mom's wishes, he left me out there to die, he lied to you, anything you want to say ?"

Prince Charming was filled with mixed thoughts and emotions, he stood motionless and confused, his father watched him and knew the heart break he had caused to his dear son, at that moment the sword from his sons hand fell which caught everyones attention,

"Father you brought this upon yourself, upon all of us
Our Mother died because of losing my brother, you lied to her, she will ashamed just as I am"

The prince was very angry and gave a stern look at his father as he walked away from him, he made his way out the ballroom not caring what would happen next, even forgetting his bride who tries calling after him but didnt answer. the dark prince gave the permission to his men to let him leave. Outside the ballroom he stopped and looked back at his father once again and then leaves. the king was deeply troubled and quickly drew out his sword.

"For this Stephano you will die by the sword"
"No old man
He slowly puts back his helmet on
"It is you and anyone in this palace that chooses to support you will die in mercilessly in my hands" The dark prince countered with a deep bass voice under the helmet and draws out his long sword which he momentarily admired.
"No one should interfere" he commands the wizard and his troops outside
"I will enjoy slaughtering you"
The king and his knights positioned themselves ready, the people in the ballroom were drawing back widening the centre of the the room. The dark Prince began to approach them without an iota of fear, the symbolic mystic ruins in his dark armour glowed and his eyes glowed red. The king knew that his son was empowered with dark magic.

To be Continued....

by Prince Kabal

Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by iamgprince(m): 11:08am On Oct 12
nice 1 more grease to your elbow

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Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 6:42pm On Oct 13
New Update!!!!


As he came nearer to them with a deadly intent, the knights half round the king seemed jittery, one knight summoned courage and ran speedily a few steps towards the dark prince to strike him with his sword but Stephano in one arm swing strikes him, sending the knight flying and crashing on top of one of the guest tables, other knights didn't hesitate and charged to confront him, sword clashes erupted, a swing or strike by the dark Prince felt like giants force that no normal human could handle, he seemed to also have an incredible high instinct and flexible speed to maneuver swords swinging at him from left to right, he chopped off heads and arms, gave massive blows and kicks to a few and terribly killed the rest. In slaying last one in a flash he had swiftly ran to his father striking his sword forward against him but the king blocked the strike fiercely with his sword and powerfully repelled the dark Knight with a strike of his he countered blocking but it subtly forced him to take some steps back and seemed a bit surprised, so did the wizard behind him some distance off.

"You aren't the only one empowered with magic" the king pointed out

His sword glowed seamlessly with engraved mystic symbols as he wielded it up close to his face. Quickly the dark Knight ran to him again bearing up his sword as if enraged, the sword fight began, Stephano was merciless as all his strikes was with intent to kill his father in a cruel way, the king maneuvered, blocked and swinged his sword with any chance he could get, being old he was more on the defensive as his son's diabolical strikes were severely heavy and dangerous, even when taking the openings and striking at him his sword rebounced off from his son's armour that was magically warded, it pleased horox whom wore a mischievous smile, Cinderella was helpless as she didn't know what to do even though she wanted to help her father-in-law. The clash of swords continued and in extension it was getting to the old, who was forced to be going back towards where his throne was. the dark Knight made another near death kill which his father blocked forcing him to his knees, without a second thought stephano kicks him hard sending him roughly tumbling and rolling on the ground, no one could interfere, as some were afraid and others hesitant or hiding. Cinderella was a few distance close to where his father in law laid, she hesitated a bit seeing that the dark knight was walking slowly towards the king, but then she ran to help him up while taking momentarily caution at the incoming dark Knight behind her, the king earnestly pleaded to her to stay away from from scene in order not to be injured or killed. Cinderella was introvertly looking at a man who was gasping anxiously, with a battered face and damaged left eye, flowing blood from his forehead and sorrow that gripped him, she could feel the trembling of the man and was full of pity and tears. He kept insisting that she leaves him and be safe amongst the crowd but she stubbornly refused and was trying effortlessly to help him up, and she was succeeding at that but the dark Knight drew closer and now almost close to her slowly raising his sword up, the king saw what was about happening at her back, in getting up he pushes Cinderella away from him which made her fall to the ground, he blocks another lightning strike that seemed to be meant for Cinderella, his strenght was failing him but he he managed in fighting back but his attempts exposed he was weak, Stephano realized this and countered with full sword striking assault, his sword severed his flesh with sliced cuts making him bleed, a tactical sword skill implored by Stephano in process made the king to drop his sword to the floor, this made Cinderella's eyes pop wide open fearing the worst, as with some others. Stephano strikes his father with a swing of his back left arm on his face which threw him unto his throne in a dreadful seating posture, quickly the dark Knight flew from where he was and struck his sword cutting right inside his father's chest and passing through his heart making him squeal and vomiting blood, he sorrowfully looks straight on towards his son's eyes and uses his right hand to grab his sword that he continued to plunge into him. Cinderella called out to him screaming in tears.

"You deserve this...'

Stephano uses his left hand to cover his father's nose and mouth in order for him not to breath or say anything. Only his eyes watched him begging for mercy and his other hand holding unto his shoulder repelling him off but to no success.

"I hate you....
Die old man" he forces his sword further into him.which lit the king's eyes and suddenly he died. Knowing his father was dead he looks at him with no remorse and removes his sword out from him, he stands erect momentarily still looking at him and suddenly uses his left hand to grab his father's lifeless body on the shoulder and throws him out of it onto the floor. He then sits down, facing the people watching he smiled

"All hail your new king"

To be continued....

By Prince Kabal

Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 10:09pm On Oct 22
Back at the underground warehouse, professor Stein was being engaged with running some analysis and pushing a couple of buttons here and there while Batman was watching the latest news on the wide big screen to know what's currently happening in the city that was almost notoriously wiped out by the Joker and his goons that had earlier planted many bombs even a nuclear one but thanks to the justice league the terrorist attack wasn't successful but there were places a few bombs did go off and some random shooting at some public places. No sooner Batman receives a call from Flash.

"Have you found him ?" Batman desperately asked
"No not yet still searching"
"O! my"
"What is it professor"
"Superman didn't go back in time"
"What, what does he me he didn't go back in time ?" Flash inquires out of frustration
"Professor Stein please explain"
"The portal isn't just a time machine but also a portal that can transport you to another universe, I didn't see it before, flash you aren't in the past but another earth like universe dated in a past, i must say its like Clark Kent didn't want to be found"
"Yes he knew what the machine was and travelled to a different universe and worse still a period that's in the past which will make it harder for you Flash to find him"
"That's just great"
"Only you flash can do this, even if some of us were to carry out the search with you..."
"Yeah ! Yeah ! I know it will be impossible to cover such ground, & with the Joker still running loose all over Gotham. Alright I will keep you all posted"
"Good luck"

Batman was really worried and seemed dazed, the professor looks at him momentarily before going back to what he was doing. Suddenly a breaking news report emerges on the big screen attracting their attention. The female news reporter at the scene was reporting that a bomb had gone off at the east section of a company building and that there appears to be a hostage situation, before she could continue, up above at the middle floor of the building a window frame suddenly shatters; a man was being thrown out through it with something that appeared to be a long cloth tied around his neck, the man was left hanging by the cloth that strangled him to death very quickly.

"My word" the professor gasped

In turning to see the reaction of Batman, the professor could't find him, as he was now alone in the warehouse, although taking unaware he wasn't too surprised in the way Batman had left. Batman was already on his way to the location driving his super military vehicle, in the process he calls Wonder woman.

"we have a hostage situation"
"I know on my way there with the others"

He hangs up, and speeds off to his intended destinations

Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Vulcanheph(m): 10:45pm On Oct 22
As a hardcore dc fan ....r love the story, please continue

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Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 12:50pm On Oct 25
Chapter 2


Meanwhile at the kingdom's palace, Stephano proudly stands staring down at his father's lifeless body with no remorse, he walks over it and calmly drew nearer to address the people that were in attendance in the ballroom, it was already surrounded by his men and some of them were busy carrying out the dead corpse of the slain knights. Many people were gripped with fear, making them only mutter silently amongst themselves. Cinderella was on the floor weeping with her eyes constantly looking a distance off towards where her father in law's corpse was lying.

"Now that the old man is no more, each and everyone of you in this hall and the rest of the people out there in this kingdom will from now on bow to me,.... obeying my every command"

he folds his hand tight gesticulating to them

"Your lives I will do as I please, no rebellion will stand, any conspirator will be beheaded and no unauthorized gathering anywhere within this kingdom. Take note my rule will be that of an iron fist"

He takes slow steps as he said these things and at times momentarily stops to boldly look into the eyes of a few he suspects that might have some resentments to what he was saying.

"So spread the word of my decrees; in every street, tarven and marketsquare; this kingdom in my hands with flourish, we will conquer the west kingdoms; live fat on their riches which we will plunder and enslaved their people. My word is law in this kingdom and your loyalty from now on is at the toes of my feet"

Horox smiled in satisfaction while standing near the throne seat, Stephano walks up to his cousin; Snow white, having recognized her amongst the guests.

"Dear Cousin" He uses one of his hands and grips her by the jaw
"Fair as ever, Queen of the Spanish lands, Ah!, Yes i do have a little gift for you I got from Spain"

He directs her attention pointing towards one of his generals carrying a sack who immediately brought out a decapitated head. Snow white quickly recognizes it as her husband's the king of Spain, she was shocked in disbelief.

"On my way here, I just had to pay your husband a visit, such an easy kill he was" The dark knight smiled satisfied seeing the look on her cousin's face.

The general holding the head tosses it forward at her position, Snow White let out a sorrowful crying scream, falling down on her knees weeping as she peels her eyes at her husband's head on floor, the people greatly mumbled and were disgusted, Stephano notices but continued his wicked smile.
He came across lady Tremain and her daughters for a moment, the mother wore a cold face of pleasure that seemed to agree with Stephano's gruesome actions, the dark Knight seemed to fancy Drizella as he lusted after the attractiveness of her body which made the young maiden blush a little but Anastasia wasn't pleased. lady Tremain notices the lust in the his eyes and an idea started to hatch up in her mind. Stephano then continued in his walk.

"Now if there is anyone here brave enough to challenge my authority and decrees or think that my actions are wrong you are free to leave this hall right this moment and forever banished away from this kingdom,
.....so anyone?"

The people looked amongst themselves, murmuring, hesitant and suspected that it would be a trap and perhaps he would kill whoever dared stepped forward to leave. Cinderella looks towards the grand advicer who appealed to her not to by a slight wave of his head, she didn't seem to consider it and then again looks at the weeping Snow White immensely crying, she rises up from the floor right behind the dark Prince, filled with emotional trauma she summoned courage to step forward, it attracted the attention of many in the room.

"What is Cinderella doing ?" Jacq ask rhetorically
"She wants to leave palace" Gus replies
"Gus I can see that, it was a rhetorical question"

The Dark prince turned to see who it was that compelled the peoples attention away from him, there he saw the innocent and bold princess that was standing her ground indicating her disdain and rebellious expression in tears. Lady Tremain smiles as she predicted within herself like many others in the hall that Cinderella's action will cost her life right there where she stood.

"How brave of you, what's your name fair maiden ?" Stephano complimented and asked
"I am Cinderella, and I refuse to stand loyalty to you"

On hearing this statement the hall broke out in more louder murmuring. this amazed the vicious prince who's facial expression changed into that an angry man while glaring at her and pondering her audacity.

Horox deemed his facial expression to one who was suddenly curious to what a type of woman she was. In taking a step towards her and slowly drawing out a dagger having resolved in his mind to kill her where she stood, Prince Charming steps into the ballroom, Horox gesticulates his head towards Stephano that prompts him to turn to see his younger brother walk in. The prince was surprised to what had already happened, even shocked to his father's lifeless corpse on the floor and his attention towards her cousin's cry on the floor right next a decapitated head. He walks forward, his eyes observed the scenery as he saw the fear, disdain, cries, apathy and anticipation expressed by the people as he moved, he walks pass his brother and then as well her bride who didn't even want to look at him. He reaches to where his father's corpse is and was sad and mute, his brother went to him and stood by his side. Prince Charming was fighting back to hold his tears. Cinderella watches them in raging hate.

"Why brother, why ?" He whispers as he looked at him face to face
"Like you said, he brought it upon himself"

Cinderella walks out, leaving the hall in sorrowful pain, Prince Charming watches her leave knowing that she was hurting and would hate him for abandoning his father. She left with no one stopping her because of the princes' presence.

"Do not freight dear brother" his places his hand on his brother's shoulder to bring back his attention towards him.
"It was never your fault"

To be continued....

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such a captivating story you got op, but the updates are slow in coming and kinda short too
Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 4:10pm On Oct 25
such a captivating story you got op, but the updates are slow in coming and kinda short too

am sorry dear..
guess laziness and being busy
but I will improve on that
Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 8:18pm On Oct 29

Batman arrives at the building reported to have a hostage situation going on, he parks his batmobile at the underground parking garage of the building, he contacts Wonder woman to inquire where they were; she informs him that she, Aqua man and Cyborg were are the tenth floor of the building and that they need him to get there as soon as possible as they were taking down some bad guys, he ends the call and paused in thought while looking at the elevator, in not wanting to waste further time he decides to take the elevator which would be taking him to tenth floor. Right outside of the passage hall where the elevator was to stop there stood three armed thugs wearing cartoon masks surveying the scene, there was a ring from the elevator that drew their attention indicating that someone was about to come out from it, they pointed their automatic rifles towards it as the elevator doors slid open but no one came out of it. They were curious but on their guards, even the elevator doors refused to close, all three slowly walked towards it to check if someone was in it, one of them took the lead in approaching it, in trying to see if anyone was in it, immediately Batman swings out from the elevator knocking him down with his two feet straight at the face leaving him unconscious on the ground, he quickly rolls on the floor as the others started firing at him, he flings one of his bat blade in the process dispossessing a rifle off from the hands of one of the thugs, the bat blade returns back to him as he takes to hiding himself behind a wall while the remaining armed thug fired ceaselessly at his location, the other thug picked up his rifle and joined in the shooting, both were gradually coming close to where he was, the shooting was intense and loud; it was ear aching for Batman, he draws out two hand smoke grenades from his equipped belt.
In noticing that the two thugs were temporary loading back their guns with fresh magazines while taking cover, he quickly flips and throws the the grenades at their location, the smoke emanating from the grenades covered the halls obstructing their view, the armed men couldn't help but pause and shoot aimlessly at that moment, Batman was in a better position to see them through his heat vision mask and wore a smoke counter device over his nose.

the thugs were walking blind; hardly seeing anything, the smoke seemed to be choking them as well forcing them to momentarily cover their nose, one of the men felt a movement by his side he turns around being startled and was restrained to fire because he might shoot his fellow thug he just couldn't see anything.
The thugs communicated with each other agreeing to pause in their shooting so as to allow the smoke clear, they were aware of each other walking side by side and were on their guard. At that moment Batman takes the advantage and suddenly appears right behind them; he taps at the shoulder of a thug who sensed that it might be him but in wanting to react by turning and shooting Batman dislodges the gun from his hands with a hit and so to the other one who quickly noticed what was now happening, a fierce physical fight ensued, Batman was doing much of the punching and kicking to his foes, the thugs found it difficult to successfully hit him back with all the smoke and difficulty to breathe, Batman's assault was intense as every punch and kick inflicted serious damage to the two thugs, right there the fight was over with Batman knocking out the thugs who were helplessly unconscious on the floor. The smoke in the hall way cleared, Batman's full dark figure appearance can be seen standing and looking down on the thugs he had just defeated but then a sudden emanating clap came right down the hall that attracted his attention, the person that this and came forward standing some distance off from him was the Joker, accompanied by Harley Quinn wielding a base ball bat and two of his thugs who were holding a lady hostage with guns pointed at her. The Joker kept clapping sarcastically wearing a cold look on his face and then stopped.

"If you don't mind Batman would you care join us over in the next room ?...." He echoed and tries to wear a smile on his painted clown like face.

Batman looks straight at him angrily but composed. He observes the situation and believes that the Joker was up to something not good. Joker and his merry band then left leading way, Batman had no choice but to follow them from behind. They entered into a wide office room, having entered as well he could see more hostages, he stops and was now standing behind the entrance door; guns were being pointed at him by some of the goons there, he was surprised to see amongst the hostages; Wonder woman, Aqua man and Cyborg lined up and were kneeling down at a secluded corner, with hands behind their head at gun point. The Joker takes a seat behind a desk that was close to a glass frame wall and places his two legs upon the desk. Harley Quinn wielding her bat crosses it over her shoulder and stands right behind him.

"Now this is the perfect scenerio" he declared feeling somewhat satisfied with himself.

Batman was left mute and standing there trying to figure out what to do

To be continued.....

By prince Kabal

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Back at the palace, an argument ensued between Prince Charming and Cinderella at the outside balcony of their room chamber.

"How can you leave your father at such moment, what's your excuse ?" She criticized
"Don't blame me, blame him Cinderella.....he lied to our late mom and me about Stephano's death, how else would I have reacted ?" He comes forward and holds her by the arms with an expression of confusion, sadness and denial
"He was your father, you couldn't have abandoned him at that point in time, he needed you" Cinderella frees herself from his hold looking angrily at him
"Am sorry I do regret not being there, but I was..."
"Don't apologize to me Prince Charming....." She turns away from him and focused her eyes towards the scenery before her with her tears escaping from her eyes
"Go and apologize to the man that loved you so much, gave you all you need but you....you broke his heart without standing right there to demand explanations to his side of the story"
"What explanation ?, of the lie he told everyone" Prince Charming turns his back at her "Stephano is my elder brother that I looked up to when growing up only to now hear my father was responsible in attempting to kill him...." He argued momentarily raising his voice
"It was that very tragic news that got my mom's heart broken; she became pale and ill" Cinderella turns head and looks at him
"After some months battling the illness that kept her in bedridden she died, and I knew it was because of Stephano's alleged death that caused it. She loved Stephano dearly just like me and father lied to our face all along"
"Are you done ?" She replies turning to face him, Cinderella was now motionless and was taunted with mixed thoughts with her eyes staring down, Prince Charming turns back and looks at her, surprised by her response
"I saw the brokenness in his eyes" (She was having a flash back)
"He died a miserable death right before us all, and we couldn't do anything.... He fought for his life and needed you, yes he may have committed a vile wrong but what was his reason ?" she asked a begging questions while looking up at him with her piercing blue eyes
"He loved everyone, you knew of your father's generous love, so if he did that to your brother then there must be a genuine reason, but no...you couldn't wait to hear him out" her facial expression froze with disappointment and not wanting to listen further to his excuse
"But you left him there, I blame you my prince because if you hadn't left then maybe he wouldn't have died and would have given you the answers you need"

Prince Charming was mute and plagued with thoughts of guilt and reasons to justify his action while still staring back at her.

Meanwhile outside the King's chambers that was closed and guarded by two of the dark knight's men; a loud moaning and back forth pounding could be heard emanating from within the room, the activity kind of made the guards look at each other with smiling expressions but kept mute. Approaching towards room was the white bearded wizard who's intention was to speak with the king, standing outside the door he could also hear the sound coming from the room and looks at both guards who could see his cold reaction, he proceeded to knocking at the door, and he knocked the second time, the loud moaning lowered, what was going on behind the closed door abruptly stopped.

"Who the bloody heck is there ?"

"My Lord its is Horox, I seek your audience now, its a matter of importance"

After some minutes the door half opens, Horox's eyes clashes with that of Stephano who was standing naked before him but the now king didn't seem to care wearing a serious look added with a little smile, The wizards eyes moves away from and out of curiousity roams to see who else was inside and sees Drizella who covered herself

"What is it Wizard ?"
"A suitable tower has been found at the east side of the palace and we need to make hurry of our plans, the time is nigh and we must have everything needed to be put in place"
"I see, inform one of the guards to send for the councillors, give me a minute to put on my dress, I would like to come take look at the place"
"Alright my lord"

Stephano then closes the door, and Horox did as he was instructed.

To be continued.....

By Prince Kabal
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"You know Batman playing games with you is a lot of fun, parts of the city are destroyed, lives are even lost in this back forth scenerio we constantly find ourselves in" he turns aside his mobile seat looking out the glass view that captured some parts of the city.
"I look out there and see a city fallen at its knees, but because of you and your merry band they cling to a foolish hope of some delirious better tomorrow"
"Batman he shot a child" Aqua man voiced out to him pointing his head towards where the child laid dying but attended by few adults trying to keep the child alive while in their hostage situation, Batman sees it and was overwhelmed, this also gave a clear explanation to him why the Joker and his goons were able to subdue his fellow superheroes.
"I didn't tell you speak" The Joker countered, giving a signal to Harley, who got the message and walks forward to Aqua man with a vicious smile, she suddenly strikes him with her baseball bat and did it like three more times, the rest could do nothing.

" Your madness will be stopped Joker"
"Don't flatter yourself or sound tough, am the one with all the cards at this moment sadly to say again, am guessing pretty boy has run off somewhere far crying because he couldn't save his woman, that reminds me of another I killed the same way"

Batman tries restraining himself, he tightens his fists and wanted to deal with the Joker right there but couldn't as the situation wasn't in his favour.

"And yeah what about your speedster, he isn't here as well, I assume he is the errand boy searching for the crying pretty boy" he laughs and then stands from the seat, He climbs up the desk drawing out a short gun.

"And here the rest of you are, right before me, minutes away to die, and no way this time to get out of this one"

Couple of his goons show up right behind Batman with pointed rifles towards him, some entering the room while few others stand outside the office, Batman noticed this and was a bit uneasy but stayed calm. The Joker jumps down from the desk and walks up to him, in a near face to face confrontation with his gun he holds up close to side of his face.
"Your death especially will end whatever hope this city is clinging unto, and yes my madness is only but a priceless enterprise that is very endless and senseless" he said with a psycophant glare into Batman's eyes
The Joker turns and begins to take a few distance steps away from Batman with this sense of feeling that he will finally get rid of batman, defeating his biggest threat.

"My death is not today....but yours" Batman replies him

This momentarily paused the Joker in his movement, his eyes pops up reflecting a sudden inkling surprise to Batman's audacious reply, with a creeping feeling that the dark knight might be trying to attempt another escape in his trap he quickly turns back to him and points his gun straight at his forehead in anxiety to shoot him but then realizes that few of his men outside the office were on floor barely moving as someone had attacked them, it draws everyone's attention, one remaining goon outside was momentarily fighting with someone that they couldn't quite see because the mystery person was at the wall side which hid its identity, the Joker was curious and anxious to try see who it was, the goon was now receiving fierce lashes whips and a following whip that curls right down around his foot, he was then pull down to the floor wiith it and suddenly dragged off out of sight while he screamed. in that split moment of distraction Batman knocks off the gun that was pointed at his head by the Joker, immediately grabbing and twisting the Joker's arm and gets behind him taking him hostage and using him as a shield which made his goons inside the office hesitant to shoot, some were pointing their guns at Batman that was now holding their boss while a few others close at the entrance door were pointing their guns towards the lobby.

"Big mistake Batman, shoot the hostages" The Joker ordered

The goons were about to do what they were just commanded to do suddenly a round beeping object rolls into the office room and stops; getting everyone's attention, Batman sensed what is was and frees the Joker; leaping over the desk for cover, the beeping object quickly explodes; the blast knocks out many to the floor, it even sent the Joker flying and crashing on his back at the glass wall and then falling on the floor, leaving a cracked glass frame. Entering into the scene through the fading smoke was a female figure wielding a curled whip, wearing an all black tight overall and putting on a cat-like mask; it was Batman's long time friend Catwoman. Batman gets from behind the desk he took cover.

"It took you long enough" Batman tells her

One of the Joker's goon was getting up right next to her, and tries to point his gun and shoot her, she stops him by holding back his arm and immediately knees kicks him on his loins, which left him dropping his gun and quickly holding his loins wailing in pain while in a bowing position, Catwoman then elbow knocks him down to the floor.

"Yea! cats do take their time"
"Somebody shoot them, kill them all..." The Joker ordered while struggling to get up
"You evacuate the hostages away from here" Batman informs her

Three goons at a side trying to find their balance with guns draws the attention of Catwoman and Batman, in wanting to shoot her Batman throws his batblade that quickly disarms three of the Joker's goons before returning back to him, Catwoman lashes her whip towards one of goon which momentarily curls around his neck, she pulls him forward towards her, uncurls the whip and takes quick steps climbing a foot on the goon's knee and then knee kicks him on the face knocking off his mask, now on the air she pounces another goon; bring him down to the floor, she quckly removing his mask and slashing her claws on his bare face defacing him, the third goon tries confronting her but she flips side ways and lands a kick on his face that sends down to the floor. Noticing a goon that was getting up from behind, with an hurrying attempt to shoot at them Wonder woman easily breaks free from her ropes, along with the others who spread out to confront other goons, she then stands facing the goon; whom started shooting but she defends herself with her gold bracelets on both wrist and super leaps to giving him a fierce punch that makes him crash on the wall and falling to the ground. Batman was was busy fighting three other goons, seeing that he was outnumberred and distracted, Harley Quinn slowly sneaks up behind him and quickly tries batting him but a hand from nowhere stops and grabs; it was Aqua man looking angrily at her.

"My turn"

He headbutts Harley leaving her dazed and staggering trying find her footing.

"Everyone follow me, right this way" Catwoman loudly directs the people that were held hostage to leave the office room with her. And the hostages did as they were told with haste, taking along the injured as well.
The Joker staggeringly shoots at the leaving hostages but Cyborg comes in between quickly automechanically fashioned a shield from his arm to protect them from the bullets. Aqua man grabs and takes away the gun from him right there and throws it away somewhere in the room, The Joker feeling a bit intimidated by the muscular figure, draws out a knife while drawing back and then attempts to stab him, but Aquaman docks a few times in the attempts made, while attempting again in anxiety Joker's opponent disarms him of the knife in a flash and gives him a deserving punch leaving the Joker holding his jaw why staggering a distance away, Harley Quinn from nowhere swings her bat to strike Aquaman but yet again he stops and grabs the bat.

"You never learn do you ?" he tells the multi colored pony tail girl who was trying to free her bat from his gripped hand

He quickly headbutts her again sending Harley Quinn into daze again and this time falling to the floor.A goon badly beaten leaves Batman with his fellow goons to fight Aquaman; whom dodges his swinging arm and gives him a fierce kick that sends him down to the floor. The superheroes were almost done trashing the goons, in the midst of that Harley Quinn leaves the office room staggering without anyone taking notice. Catwoman was already leading the hostages out from the building, fighting her way out as she encountered few of the remaining Joker's goons that were stationed at some places.

The Joker was on the floor crawling as he was trying to find a gun, fortunately he finds one but in wanting to pick it up, a foot from nowhere seized it, looking up he saw it was Wonder woman who them lifts him up and super punches him making fall and tumble hard on the ground. Surprisingly he begins to want get back up on his feet, all his goon now were defeated, leaving only him now with the four superheroes that individually stood at distant positions and facing him.

The Joker laughing out became bewildered by everything that has just happened in the past 25 minutes; and now standing trying to find his feet he was next to the cracked glass wall behind him, his eyes looked aimlessly at each and every one of them, realizing that he has been cornered, he started clapping, smilig and cheering at them sarcastically. His behaviour felt strange to the superheroes except Batman who narrows his eyes unto him recalling the atrocities the Joker committed not only to the city but to Superman and him but chose to remain calm.

"So you have done it again Batman" the Joker lowers his clap and his expression suddenly changed to that of a remorseless man as he focuses on Batman that was standing at a left side corner

"Now what ?..." Wonder woman momentarily looks at Batman fearing that he might do something.

"You see, I will continue hunt this city till its no more, I will continue to crush all that you love, you will die by hands Batman and no one will stop me" he begins to laugh again, the superheroes found it unsettling.

"We can't keep handing him over to the police, he will just escape and cause more harm to everyone" Cyborg reacts
"What are you suggesting ?" Aquaman ask
"Am suggesting we be the ones to keep him prisoner, we are more capable to keep him under lock and key"
"No...I rather we choose to end him right here and now" Wonder woman savagely counters with a revengeful look towards the Joker; momentarily drawing his attention to her
"Am with blue eyes on this"
"We shouldn't take matters into our hands, we have laws" Cyborgs walks up to Aquaman as he explains his view. Wonder woman curiously watches Batman that seemed frozen up and deep in thought. Even the Joker took notice of his calm position while trying to figure out what he might be thinking

"Pipe it metal gear, if we let this psycho live, more people will die, is that what you want"
"Look its all about doing what is right, like I said we are in a much better position to..."
The two started bickering.

"What do you suggest we do Batman ?" Wonder woman echoed
The question also paused the bickering between the other two who earnestly watches him to know what his reply will be.

To be continued.....

By Prince Kabal
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Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 10:40am On Nov 08

"We will have to hand him over to Gordon and from there deliberate on his confinement"
"But Batman....?" Wonder woman cries out in disagreement in his decisionttt
"Are you mad black bird....?" Aqua man walks up and confronts him demanding his reason for such a decision
"You said right in this room that it was today he dies, what changed your mind all of a sudden?"
"Look in as much as I want to I can't, we can't, we mustn't stoop to his level"

Aqua man wears a disappointing facial expression from his reply and just restrained himself

"All we have before us is a lunatic always begging for his death"
"And you are just playing with the lives of millions of people if we let him live and he walks out of this room with the police" Wonder woman counters looking at him head on
"Just know this deep throat, if Superman returns and hears you fail to end him this day, it will be your funeral" Aquaman noted
"Why won't you understand, even for me this decision is difficult but we must follow the law, we must be better"

Joker laughs waywardly and claps sarcastically for a moment attracting their attention

"Sometimes tragedies are keys that open ones eyes to the hard brute realities of life, but in your case Batman you are as deranged as I am; catching the viper and letting it go is the game here and my have you played it so well, no wonder that brown hair girl, uhm...what's her name again..Rachel, yes Rachael died in sweet rivers of tears (he laughs) and the list goes on if you could remember" he laughs again while making Batman have a momentarily flash back that people that have died with his refusal to end his life.

"this echoes a fact that there is no difference between you and me, while I openly accept and exercise my flaws viciously, you hide yours and exercise it sadistically, there by promoting that truth which says that every human has that inkling, that scratch of madness in them, yes!....the locked up raging animality in us all" he takes a look at Wonder woman and then Aqua man who sensed he was also referring to them.

I am happy Batman that you still want us to keep playing this game with people's lives (he laughs), so who really is the lunatic here ?...you rest should tell me...

Batman was furious and narrowed further his eyes towards the Joker; he slowly and calmly walks up to him with a tightened fist.

"No one started this game but I will end it..........now" The Joker's deeming expression and popped up eyes reflected the sudden realization of what Batman was about to do next but quickly replies laughing back at his face. Batman quickly raises up his right leg and kicks him, the force from it sends the Joker breaking through the glass behind him and falling down backwards from the building, he kept on laughing as he fell, Batman watches him as he descended, both of their eyes met in the proceess.

"But I win" He loudly tells him

Batman sees him reaching to his watch on his right wrist and there just realizes that something was about to happen, he scurried and while trying to inform the others to take cover, immediately the Joker presses the button on his watch and boom !!!; there was a furious bomb blast from that particular office room which got everyone that was on ground outside of the building terrified while scampering and looking upwards, the Joker swiftly came down crashing unto the top roof a car followed with glasses and other debris falling down after the blasts. Catwoman had successfully lead the hostages out of the complex building; some of the people got reunited with their love ones while few others were attended to by the mobile paramedics in place. Catwoman was at a secluded corner outside the building and sees the explosion that had just occurred, she even sees where the Joker had just crashed; Catwoman curses under her breath realizing that something bad could have happened to the superheroes, she quickly goes back into the building to rescue them.
On getting there she should see a totally destroyed room; debris, smoke and dust everywhere and the superheroes were nowhere in sight, she walks in, making her way through the littered rocks and searching to find any of them. She locates Cyborg under a pile of rocks and started removing the rocks of him

"No...find Batman, I will be ok"

She leaves him upon his plea and continues searching for others especially Batman, a struggling grunting sound emanated from the open outside wall view, hands were seen gripping on the floor edges; it was Aquaman who hanging on in order not to fall from the that height just like the Joker, he gets Catwoman's attention.

"Some help here.....please" he glares at her and then momentarily looks down
"Gladly" she replies
Catwoman squats and stretches out one of her hands to him which he promptly grabs onto, she then pulls him, it was difficult and a struggle, she was now on a bended position gradually standing straight while pulling him up and into the building

"Thank you..."
"Your welcome sexy"

Aqua man reacts confused at her reply while she walks away from him. An outburst from the pile of debris followed; it was Wonder woman getting herself out of the death trap, Cyborg was struggling to get up as most of his auto robotic parts were damaged. Emerging from the rubbles Wonder woman approaches Catwoman and Aqua man demanding if the whereabouts of Batman. Catwoman spots a piece of Batman's cape underneath a heavy pile of rocks, this drew the attention of others, Wonder woman quickly rushes to the spot and started removing the rocks, Aqua man and Catwoman joined in, Wonder woman calls out to him, fearing the worst. They succeed in removing all the debris piled on him but he was motionless, hardly breathing and bleeding.

"We need to take him to the hospital and fast" Aquaman points out as the looked down watching him

Meanwhile, lots of movements were happening on ground in front of the office building, there were bystanders observing from afar what was happening, news jounalists busy reporting to the media on the current incident, also firefighters were making their way into the building, the paramedic team was present attending to the victims, while the police maintained order. Passing by before Gordon and his fellow detective was mobile stretcher carrying the body of the Joker that was covered with a white cloth, he stops the two paramedics that were moving it and lifts a part of cloth that covered the Joker's face; he stares down looking at the smiling frozen face

"His finally dead" Gordon's partner echoed behind him while stepping forward by his side
"That's some relief, don't you think" Gordon replies with a glance at him

His partner nods his head in agreement. Harley Quinn was hiding at a corner and sees the dead body of his boss on the cot and hatches a plan while monitoring the stretcher. Being appalled Gordon quickly covers back the cloth over the Joker's face and allows the two paramedics to take him away.

"Hey officer" Gordon calls out to a police officer standing by
"Join those paramedics in their ambulance to escort that body they are moving to the morgue.....I don't want another twist in all of this"
The policeman obyed followed them. Gordon and his partner then channeled their focus to the building as another outburst mildly erupted from another office area right above the other office where initially the bomb exploded.

"god damn it where are the fire fighters"

Having put the stretcher conveying the Joker into the back of the awaiting ambulance, one of the paramedics (a lady) opted to enter at the back along with the police officer to monitor the body. The other paramedic whom was a driver and a male hurried to go drive the ambulance, he opens the car door and enters in and closes it before he could turn on the ignition the passenger door was opened, thinking it was his fellow paramedic or the officer he rather meets the multi colored pony tail villain; Harley Quinn who pointed a small size gun at him while entering in and taking a seat beside him, the paramedic was afraid for his dear life and surrenders both of his hands in the air. She hushes him to not make a noise and drive so as not to alert the policeman that was at the back of the ambulance. The paramedic complied with her instruction and started the ambulance, the siren on top of it started whirling loudly as the ambulance was leaving the scene, Gordon takes a look one more time at the ambulance for a short while, Harley looks at the side view mirror and was able to him watching the ambulance but then turns away. She felt at ease but still kept the gun pointing at the paramedic driver.

To be continued.....

By Prince Kabal

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Re: Superman & Cinderella By Prince Kabal © by Inteltower: 9:26am On Nov 19

The new king and his right hand wizard marched on their way to the castle tower for a meeting with the council; they were also engaged in a discussion that seemed important. In reaching pass a chamber room that was of his brother's they calmly slowed down in their steps as their attention was being drawn to a fierce argument going on from inside, the door to the chambers was slightly open which enabled them to also see what was going on. The argument had quickly ended and Prince Charming was already making his way out of the room, Cinderella no longer wanted to talk to him facing away with an aching heart from the balcony where she stood.
Prince Charming meets his curious brother outside his chamber who was still looking to get a glimpse at Cinderella he savagely scorns at. Prince Charming consciously closes the door behind him while facing them.

"Brother!!!" Said Prince Charming which brings Stephano's attention to him
"Pity not her sorrow brother, women are but objects of pleasure, incumbators of our children and keepers of the family, between us brother" he holds him by the neck
"No cunt of a woman should come between us" he lets him go, Cinderella cries silently as the king's words was loud and could be heard inside the room, she turns away looking out to the natural scenery before her with rolling tears on her cheeks.

"Come with me, there is a meeting at hand, a greater purpose beckons on us all"

Stephano walks away from him with a few seconds glare, Horox shortly follows right behind after mischievously looking at Prince Charming. Many thoughts crowded the prince mind, he looks back at the closed doors and then reluctantly follows them.
In the tower room, the council heads were already there waiting for the king while standing and clustered together. Also there was a lot of arrangements being carried out by hired workers, an altar was being put in place. One of the King's commanders along with a few other knights manning various positions were overseeing the arrangements

"Ah! The members of the council glad to see you here, is this everyone ?" The king said aloud while entering into the scene along with Horox and Prince Charming.

"Yes...my king" A commander replied
"Good, good" Stephano responded with a little smile while taking a seat
"Why has the king summoned us to the tower" one of the council heads asked
"Wizard, do enlighten our council heads"
"Yes my king" The wizard takes a brief walk to face them
"for some of you that don't know this is the year of the fallen stars, the gate of Harlan will be opened unleashing a celestial power that will make any man immortal and to weild control over the dead dark warriors of Harlan"

This sparks murmuring amongst the council heads

"This is madness, that power my king which you seek is an evil power and it carries a curse upon whoever tries to wield it"
"Not only that why the interest, if that power isn't harnessed that dark warriors of harlan will not march across the gate for they need a leader, and..."
"It's like you old hags didn't get the message, I want that power, and I will harness it" Stephano gets up from his seat.

The Council heads and Prince Charming were surprised and lacked words to counter him.

"My kingdom will be all but powerful once I gain it and then i use it to trample on every other kingdom I despise or want, I will possess that power and become immortal. I will control the dead dark warriors of Harlan and every land will tremble for I will be a god...."

Further muttering ensued amongst council heads who were definitely against his plan.

"If you have a problem with this agenda you can leave now "

None wanted to oppose any further lowering their voice and they couldn't leave either because they knew the king would kill anyone that dared tried it.

"Good, Wizard tell them the requirements" the king orders his wizard while seating back on the chair.

"The year of the fallen stars will be taking place in the next 4 days, now this tower will be used as the altar for the necesaary sacrifices to be made to draw the Harlan's power as you can see in the arrangements being made"
"Why involve us since we have no say in what you want to do" A council head tells the king
"Yes you have a purpose, go to the districts you oversee in my stead and collectively bring 12 newly borns..... they will be needed for the sacrifice" Horox explains with a wicked glare at them
"My king the people may revolt against this" another council head points out
"Then they will be slayed...., my commanders and army will accompany each and everyone one of you to your districts, make the announcements of my decree and make sure you bear positive accounts of this task less your heads will be all put on a pike"

"Prince Charming don't you have anything to say about this"
"You need not the approval of my younger brother, I am your king, now all of you should leave my presence and go carry out my orders"

The council heads obeyed and discussed amongst themselves while leaving. Prince Charming approaches before his brother with something to say as exposed by his facial expressions.

"Brother this isn't right, why after innocent babies ?"
"There is no other way"
"But nothing brother, it is a sacrifice that will benefit the kingdom, even if it required half of the people in this kingdom for the sacrifice to happen, I will not think twice"
"You are mad, what would have mother said Stephano, i won't support you in this"

These words made the king angry while he glared at him, Prince Charming begins walking away from him and on his way out of the room. The King quickly gets up from his seat. Horox just observed what was happening without anything to say.

"You can stay out of this brother" the king shouted getting his brother's attention who momentarily paused and looks back at him.

"But don't in anyway interfer because it can be consequential" Stephano stated while pointing towards him.

Prince Charming was disappointed and sad, he leaves the room. Stephano seats back on the chair and then looks at his wizard who looked back with no one saying anything to each other.

To be continued.....

By Prince Kabal

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