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Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 8:00pm On Nov 28, 2019
Ever experienced having to pretend to follow a dream just to satisfy your parent? Tobiloba had
to abandon his own dream just to satisfy his father. All that ended,at least when he got a new
stepmother. What do you think will happen at the end of the brewing storm?.....Watch as Tobi
takes you through a journey of his trials as an upcoming artist.
Book One..........
Without his content
Book Two..........
New wife,New life
Book Three.......
He has to leave
Book Four........
Making a mark in the industry
Book Five........
Winning an award
Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 8:03pm On Nov 28, 2019
I'll post the updates on Thrice in a week,
Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.....
I hope you'll help with your criticism and Corrections......
If you want to copy the story, please always put something that will indicate me as the writer....

© Henry

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Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 8:07pm On Nov 28, 2019
P. S: I'll post two episodes today as the first time..

Book one.......
Without his consent
Tobi paused and looked at the car he was washing, he was really careful as he knew his father would not take any mistake from him. His father loved the car, even more than his own life and the last time he went as far as scratching it, his father nearly killed him. You can virtually do anything wrong and Will be pardoned by his father but harm the car and you've earned one ticket to hell. Playing his favorite Dakolo hit-wish me well, a song in which he derived much inspiration from, he readily washed and scrapped any particle of dirt he could lay his eyes on. Even though he wanted the car to be neat, he was still time conscious as he knew how much late coming was hated in his school.
Remembering the School brought his mind to the fact that school was actually resuming that Monday. He was regarded as a celebrity in his school as he had high sense of fashion coupled with the expensive gadgets his father purchased just to make pure easier for him. He was resuming senior secondary school two and he was determined to be more popular. Despite his popularity, he still had no girlfriend as he was always shy to approach girls. Girls were floating around him quite alright, but he was too shy. The only advantage he had was the he hid his shyness under his popularity.
He had many followers on instagram, plus twitter. His popularity in school coupled with the fact that he was a talented singer with various recorded videos of him singing posted on instagram, he had over 200 thousand followers on instagram. For a secondary school student,that should be classified as plenty if It can.
He wrapped up with the washing of the car and head of to his room to prepare for school so he would meet up with his father and his father would drop him off at school.
He went to his room, one which he had enjoyed since they moved out of the rented apartment they rented. He hurriedly left for the bathroom, one which gave him the opportunity to spend a lot of time without people asking him to leave the bathroom. He took his sponge and soap, left the shower on and hanged his towel on the door. He rubbed the soap on his body and started washing his body with sponge. After having his bathe, he went to the wardrobe and took out his neatly pressed white shirt, with the black trousers and laid it on the bed. HR brought out the legendary blaizers and spread it, any issue with the blaizers can virtually result into suspension in his school .

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Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 8:09pm On Nov 28, 2019
He packed his books and carried his school bag, joining his father at the dining table, to eat the bread his father bought due to the fact that they rarely cook early in the morning. He took some margarine and spread it on the bread and ate it. He ate until he was full and drank a fruit juice his father left in the freezer and they went into the car.
His father dropped him off at the school gate after giving him his pocket money and he head towards school. He met some of his seniors who were crushing on him and had approach him, but due to his shyness, he had to say no. They all started hugging him tho he was really afraid people would see him. He saw gift, the girl who always contested with him on who was more powerful and popular in school. But he was a thousand followers better than her. Their school was built on their success on social media and whoever had the most followers were treated like a king. Tobi became so famous because of his dress and the clips he took while taking Singing. He was so talented but was afraid to pursue any musical career because of his father's hatred for music.
Tobi knew that the talent show for the school was a day after and he was planning on entering. The talent show was built in a way that various labels would be invited and they would sign anybody that has the talent. He already readied the entrance fee with a lot of songs he has composed.
Entering his class, he saw femi, his best friend and seat mate and they began to gist about the event of the vacation. Femi was a boy from a rich family with a baby face, this gave him a lot of girly attention. Tobi sat down and femi began his usual gist of the amount of girls bye bleeped during exams and Tobi sometimes wonder if femi will ever change. He knew femi would never use protection making him vulnerable to all sexual related disease .
Tobi heard femi scream nut he intentionally ignored him hoping to skip his usual fucktales. When femi saw that Tobi was preoccupied with something else, he was forced to keep mute and watch what was going on. Tobi watched and saw the girl he had always admired and hoped in his heart he could walk up to her, Juliana. She was also talented in music and was hoping to also join the school talent show. Tobi knew she was a great obstacle to his own dream of winning the talent show and he was prepared to make a group of him and her as a single contestant.
Am gonna fly so high....
In little or no time
Though it's hard to make a rhyme
Tobi felt the flow of his rap disturbed by the scream of a girl, and he angrily looked up to say something nasty to the culprit. He saw the most annoying person in the class, at least to him as everyone always treated her like a fairy princess and that has gotten into her head making her predisposition to act be very annoying. She had two silly idiot who always acted like they were her slaves or something else. The girl herself was named Angel, a name he always wondered where she got as her behavior was a replica of that of the devil. The two idiots that followed her always called themselves precious and Stella........ Two stupid names.


Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 8:16pm On Nov 28, 2019
So that's it for today.....
See y'all on Sunday
Meanwhile, criticism and Correction are being anticipated
Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 6:01am On Dec 01, 2019
The bell was rung and it was time for them to assemble together inside the hall. The famous principal of Stars high school, SHC as it was popularly called, Mr Patrick stepped on the podium and started speaking with his British like accent.
''Good morning boys and girls, am happy to welcome you back to school after the long third term holiday. To all students, this is another class and hurdle, but not the end of the journey. The Senior secondary school students should beware as this is the most delicate part of senior secondary school. I'll be back for announcement''
The national anthem was sung and the pledge followed. Before they recited the school anthem. After that, they prayed and Mr Patrick came back for the announcement. He mentioned that the next three weeks would be used for extra curricular activities as they have always done. The talent show comes first before the football inter classes competition which will then be followed by quiz. Tobi, who was an ss2 student knew he could do virtually everything, but always avoids doing it because he knew how hard his father would be on him. Mr Patrick asked each student to acquire the form from the receptionist if interested. The assembly ended and each student marched off to his class.
The day was a class free day, as everybody was preparing themselves for either the quiz competition, football competition or talent show. Tobi sat down at corner of the class and he mimicked Shawn Mendes' treat you better. He was sucked on what type of song to sing, whether to rap or sing blues. He wondered what type of song he could sing that would capture the interest of the judges. He decided that he would go the NF way. The issue he now faced was which one he should choose, Let you down, Remember this, Outcast and a lot more.
School ended with a lot of climax building towards the talent show that would come up the next day. There were natural favorite for the show, underdogs and over rated. Tobi ensured no one knew that he was obtaining the form, he knew he would become the favorite Outright.
Feels like you on the edge right now
I wish the I could say am proud
Am sorry that I let you down
Let you down...
Tobi laid on his bed with his head set jamming the NF's hit song let you down. He sat down down as he considered the type of song he could use for the talent show. He knew that a lot of agencies are always invited to scout and sign artists for the show. He carefully considered how he could appear on stage without revealing his eyes to avoid any problem with his dad. It was a problem that has stopped him from performing in all the previous musical talent show.
Times without number had he thought of wearing mask but it was a little bit difficult to find a suitable mask to use. He kept pondering on how he could appear but his mind couldn't conjure any solution.
While he was still thinking, he heard the horn and went to open the gate for his father. His father had bought food from a restaurant and after they finished eating, they went off to sleep.


Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 6:49am On Dec 03, 2019
Waking up early the next morning, Having being unable to make use of a mask, he decided to damn the consequence, appearing on the stage without considering the fact that his father would talk. He walked to the bathroom, brushed his mouth and then had his bathe before finally dressing up for school. Getting to the sitting room, he met his father who asked him to sit and began
'' I have noticed that Ever since we moved here, everything has been down, with me having little or no time for you. For this reason, I have decided to marry another wife who would be like a mom to you ''
Tobi knew a decision has already been made and so his father wasn't seeking his consent. They had a big house, one that would accommodate anybody, but the fears Tobi had is the issue of maltreatment from step mother's. He decided that he would Not let that weigh him down And started preparing for school. His father drove him to school and off he went to class.
The talent show was designed in a way that there was sub performance, a system which divided the school into 6 zones. The classes were shared into zones with each class as a single zone. Each zone would start a qualifying series and the winners would proceed to the theft round. The next round was also divided in a way that the junior secondary students were grouped and the senior secondary students were also grouped. Making two groups which would then hold another sort of qualifying series. The winners would the go into a final stage and contest against each other with the top three winners being chosen. Though the system was kind of long, the various musical organizations and record label could sign anyone who pleases them, thus making it possible for the talented students to be signed regardless of the stage the were beaten out. In the first qualifying round, which was supposed to hold, all the branches of each class come together and form each region.
' ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to the eccentric talent show of our great school, this is the 4th region and we have the total of 10 contestant In this region. A projector projected each contestant's name for students to see and after each performance, you are required to log in to the school site and choose Your favorite contestant you would like to appear at the next round'
The show had started and every SS one student sat concentrating on the names being projected. Murmurs were heard from students and when everyone concentrated, they saw an unlikely name among the contestant, Tobiloba Adams, the mini celebrity in their class. He was to perform as the last person and so everyone looked forward to his performance in his first ever entry.
After each candidate had performed, it was Tobi's Turn, and he climbed up to the stage before introducing himself. He was performing the NF's lie track and the beat was played for him.

'I heard you told your Friends that am just not your type, if that's how you really then why do you call last night, you said all I ever did was just control your life, why you gonna lie like this you....

The chorus itself was given a large ovation as Tobi had the talent of changing his voice

Yeah, I heard you said I ain't the type for you

I don't regret it though, I learned from it

They should have you locked up for all the time you stole from us (Woo)

Took you out when I had no money

Only person that you ever cared about was you, that's why it's so funny

Tobi kicked on the full rap and it felt as if it was NF himself that was directing the song. He captivated everybody's attention as it was the first time he would sing in a talent show. The various musical labels present had their eye on him ready to poach him after the talent show was over.

''Why you playin' with my mind, huh?

Why you playin' with my time, huh?

Told me, "We should let it go and put it all behind us"

That's what I did, now you askin' me what I done, I was

Waitin' for this day, I saw it comin'

I think you just like attention, tryna tell me all your problems

I got issues of my own, I ain't got time for all this drama

You told me that you don't really wanna talk—then why you callin', huh?''

Tobi was yet to finish this part when everybody stood up in applause for his NF like rap style. The applause was so overwhelming that he could not be heard finishing the song. It was as if everybody else did not perform up to expectations and he was the only one that filled the audience with what they wanted. Shots were flashed at him and he momentarily felt like he was already a celebrity. After the applause died down, the students were given the link for them to actually vote for the contestant of their choice. The results would be announced on the official website for the school. With this,the closing bell was rung and every student departed to his house.


Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 1:33pm On Dec 05, 2019
Book 2
A new wife, New life....

Tobi sat on the chair outside his classroom, preparing to wait for his dad to pick him up, but he had barely waited for a minute before his phone rand, picking it up, his dad informed him to head home as he was already at home, and he was busy preparing as his wife to be would be visiting for the very first time, this shifted Tobi's attention to the very problem he left at home, the issue of having a step mother. He thought about many of his friends being mistreated by their step parent. All this were his thought as he clutched to his bag and made for the school gate. He was very worried about the step mother issue, and now still had to worry about his father getting to know about him appearing on the talent show to sing. He took a taxi home and sat still reminiscing about the problems he was about to face.
He got home rather exhausted and was ordered to go into his room to have his bathe in preparation for the visitor. He understood how important it was for his father to remarry after being pestered by his granny for several years, but the concern he had is if his father would still pay him any attention like he has always done. Tobi had faced a lot of problems regarding people not paying attention to him or hating him. His own mother himself hated and paid little attention to him, before she left for another man. Due to this reason, he was hated by his grandparent who still consider him as a bastard an illegitimate son. Even his father sometimes ignores him, leaving him with only music as his companion. That was why Tobi favoured the headset, earpiece, and speakers a lot. The only person Tobi found it easy to go with is his uncle who was a very busy person.
Tobi joined his father in the kitchen as they dished the food in anticipation for the arrival of his father's wife to be. As if she planned it, she arrived immediately they finished serving the food and joined them at the table. The woman told Tobi that she preferred to be called aunty joy than any other name. She looked around the house and followed his father one tour of the house. Tobi was forced to follow them around do as to prove that he was cultured. With the way the woman was talking, it was very obvious that she also hated music thus ensuring that Tobi would officially be in hell. After her departure, Tobi went to his room to check the results of the talent show and he logged in to the school site. The results confirmed his fears, Juliana came first while he came second with one other student coming third. The next round would kick off the week after the current one and the rest of the week would be used for other zones.
As he prepared for a new song, a lot of things happened. First Aunty joy moved in and things changed a lot in the house, he hardly spoke to his father again and he totally ignored aunty joy like she never existed. Bare the morning greetings, it was as if they never lived in the same house. Aunty joy, to him was a lazy woman. She resigned from her work immediately his Dad married her. The excuse she gave was that she wanted to take the full responsibility of the house. She said she wanted to take care of the house and furnish it to her stage. But all she would do daily was just to sit, eat and watch television all day long. Tobi and her had little or no conversation till the weekend,Thus Tobi knew he was going to have a rough time at home. He decided to ask his dad to allow him join the school hostel.


Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 1:33pm On Dec 05, 2019
I guess I'll stop at this point....
Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 1:34pm On Dec 05, 2019
Since it seems no one is reading the story
Re: Tobiloba by Nobody: 2:02pm On Dec 05, 2019
I guess I'll stop at this point....
. pls continue
Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 6:35pm On Dec 05, 2019
. pls continue
For your sake, I'll continue for a few days but if there isn't any improvement then I'll delete the thread

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Re: Tobiloba by oloyedprince1(m): 11:23am On Dec 06, 2019
baba I gbadun ur story oooo.... abeg no stop at all
Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 3:15pm On Dec 08, 2019
Tobi hardly slept overnight, and most of the reason was because he felt a little bit anxious about the next round of the programme. He was playing beaten by Juliana, and it made him feel uneasy. He marched towards the bathroom holding his towel, and took his toothbrush with the toothpaste. After he finished dressing up, he went to the dinning room for his break fast. The food that was cooked was bread with Egg sauce. He ate the food hurriedly, as his father only packed his own to office. He didn't want to miss the ride in his father's car. After the food, he went inside his father'scar and sat beside him in front with the anticipation of having the usual silent atmosphere. While sitting, he drifted off into the world of imagination and....

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Nigeria headies, it's time to award the prize to the upcoming artist of the year and the winner is...... Tobiloba!!!. Tobiloba flew up from his seat and dusted tge suit he wore, a black suit and a bow tie with his Italian shoe. He walked with pride towards the stage. One of his hit songs were played and a lot of people sang as if they were the song writer. He felt a little accomplished, and as he was given the microphone, HR help it with pride.........

"Your smile says you enjoy your new life"


Tobi jolted from his thoughts and came back to his real self, his father's torcherous gaze were on him askingly

"Do you enjoy your new mum's company "

"Dad..... We have little or no relations.......

"So what does that mean?

The tone his father used to ask the last question startled him, and he knew his father has gotten angry. This was the type of strange father he has. He would try to be caring in a minute and before the next minute, his mood would have completely changed.

"Am sorry dad, but I certainly don't enjoy the house as I used to "

His dad's silence confused him, and he was unsure of how his father would react.

"fine, so what do you want?

"Dad, I want to transfer to the school hostel......

"Never!!!, you have to stay and get familiar with your step mom, and I certainly don't want you to join that place where they pervert your dreams"

"But dad!!!

"No but...... I certainly hope you are still very much chasing after your dream of becoming a lawyer Luke I am? I don't want you to pay any attention to the stupid talent show they are holding, the only talent you have is to become a lawyer..... And that's final!!!

Tobi knew that with the concluding remark, he dare not argue or say anything again so he just nodded to say a yes. Some minutes later he was dropped off at school and his father left for the chambers. Tobi was fed up with his father. His father knew very well that his dream has never been to become a lawyer. The idea of being a lawyer was entirely his father's idea and he was only going to live his father's dream. The main talent he has was music, and how to live by that Is currently an issue for him.
Tobi walked clumsily as he headed towards the direction of his class. He was very much troubled, and he wondered if he could ever make it in the Music Industry. He was concerned, because he didn't want his dream to be over, even before it started.

"It's not that easy with you, but I know I want you to stay....

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Re: Tobiloba by oloyedprince1(m): 12:46am On Dec 09, 2019
bro I no fit read without comment ooo, buh abeg I need 2 update
Re: Tobiloba by Todetayo(m): 11:07am On Dec 10, 2019
Compared to the last the round, the current round seems to be competitive as there were various talented singer, and their song drew many attention. The most worrying for Tobi was Juliana because she never look as if she would slow down. It made him frustrated. To make the matter worse, he was still registered as the last contestant, a position that is very disadvantageous due to the fact that by then, most people would have decided on who they were going to vote for. Tobi knew he still has no choice, so he clearly began anticipate for his performance.

"And finally, we have a rapper from the fourth zone, who is the final contestant, in person of Tobiloba. We urge you to listen to his performance and anticipate for the opening of the voting site. Thank you..... "

Tobi's lungs was working as if it stopped working already, this is the career determining event. His victory here will allow him to live his dream. In his scary thought, he started with his chorus.

"How could you leave us so unexpected?

We were waiting, we were waiting

For you but you just left us

We needed you, I needed you"

Tobi caught their attention with the chorus he sang, and he knew If NF himself was there, he would be impressed. The song was a sort of retaliation and complaint for the departure of his mom.....

"Yo, I don't know what it's like to be addicted to pills

But I do know what it's like to be a witness it kills

Mama told me she love me, I'm thinking this isn't real

I think of you when I get a whiff of that cigarette smell, yeah

Welcome to the bottom of hell

They say pain is a prison, let me out of my cell

You say you proud of me, but you don't know me that well"

Yeah..... That was the bottom of hell he was in. The prison he lived and dwelled in, ever time hi grand parent called him a Bastard, every time his father neglected him just because his mother left. The cell his thoughts were, whenever he remembered that none of those things were never his fault......

"Sit in my room, tears running down my face and I yell

Into my pillowcases, you say you coming to get us

Then call 'em a minute later just to tell us you not, I'm humiliated

I'm in a room with a parent that I don't barely know

Some lady in the corner watching us, while she taking notes

I don't get it mom, don't you want to watch your babies grow?"

Yeah, hasn't she ever felt like watching her baby grow?, why has she never returned to look for him, was he that wretched, was he actually cursed like people do say?
I got this picture in my room and it kills me
But I don't need a picture of my mom, I need the real thing

"Now a relationship is something we won't ever have

Why do I feel like I lost something that I never had?

You shoulda been there when I graduated

Told me you love me and congratulations

Instead you left us at the window waiting

Where you at mom? We're too young to understand where you at huh?"

Yeah.... Where the hell is she, he was too young to know where she went, and his dad never told him anything her. He never even saw her picture to know how worse it was.

"Don't know if you hear me or not, but if you still watching why"

At this point, he was nearly crying, now he understands how NF felt when he was crying while singing. At first he had always labeled NF as a weakling who couldn't keep his emotions in check. But know he understand how pained NF was.

"Why would you leave us? Why would you leave us?

How could you leave us here?

How would you leave us? Why would you leave us?


At this point, tears were freely flowing from his face. People thought it was just a winning strategy but the songs and tears were very sincere.
"ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of this zone, now it's left with you to choose the Six contestant you want to join other contestants in the final. The link is posted on the projector, log in and start your vote. "
Re: Tobiloba by oloyedprince1(m): 9:33pm On Dec 10, 2019
thanks for d update..... d guy love Nf ooo, what z d name of d alst song I want to download it

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