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Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 6:55pm On Jan 13
Beautiful Love❤Song

©adesola adeomowole. m.

what do you think beautiful love song is all about?.

Beautiful love song is about two brothers; ‘Romeo’ and ‘Royal’ also called ‘Double-R’.

The Double-R are the most skillful and talented dancers in the whole of India. Double-R popularity became something that no one could bring down when Royal composed a song titles ‘beautiful love’.The song was solely written by royal but romeo claimed it out of greediness and transferred 99% of the fames to himself, leaving just 1% for Royal.

The Double-R brothers lives in the most luxirios mansion whose worth can make,fifty peoples young billionaires. History made it clear that the luxurious mansion belongs to a multimillionaire Chinese family who once seek refuge in India……No one could explain how the most luxurious mansion suddenly becomes Marley Suga’s property. Even the Chinese family of three was no where to be found.

Although Romeo is a year older than royal,but the eldest in terms of handsomeness and song writing is no other person than Royal.
Royal is the maker of holy hotness, his swags are greater than the spirit in him,not to even talk of his dancing skills.
This always made the whole of India always wish they can see this god in human clothing but royal’s parents won’t allow.

New protocols were set up…..
Royal was not treated equally as Romeo. He was not allowed to move out anyhow,royal was not allowed to see the outside world, he was made to see himself only.
seeing girls was termed ‘disaster’ for him.

Fans never saw him in person.
the only privilege was TV.

Royals loneliness and over secured lifestyle got to a point that he had a memory loss.He couldn’t remember a single thing.
Wicked villains saw it as an opportunity to switch his destiny with Romeo’s own.

who is Krishna??

Krish is the only surviving daughter of a widow who suffers a lot of sexual abuse and harassment from any guy that cross paths with her.
She’s just too sweet and sexy for any guy to resist.

She have a sweet talent of dancing and was dared never to show it…so as to protect herself from the lustful gazes of guys.Krishna only dance for closed friends in a very secured place that no one will know.

circumstances made her hidden secret known…
(by who?)

Circumstances threatened her and brought out the sweetest thing in her till she had just one option…..

what could it be

extraordinary everyday.

source: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=beautiful+love+song

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Re: Beautiful Love Song by Ann2012(f): 10:37am On Jan 14

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Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 12:04pm On Jan 14

happy new year

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Re: Beautiful Love Song by Khriztarl(f): 1:47pm On Jan 14
so now i leave zee-world on tv and you bring it here..
Re: Beautiful Love Song by Ann2012(f): 2:33pm On Jan 14

happy new year
Same to you boss
Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 10:41pm On Jan 14
Same to you boss
longest time ma u hearing from lightqueen

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Re: Beautiful Love Song by Ann2012(f): 7:05am On Jan 15

longest time ma
u hearing from lightqueen

Yea, she's fine
Will join us soon
Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 7:15am On Jan 15

Yea, she's fine Will join us soon

hope she still dey nigeria sha

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Re: Beautiful Love Song by Ann2012(f): 10:54am On Jan 15

hope she still dey nigeria sha


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Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 3:36pm On Jan 15
Beautiful Love❤Song

©adesola adeomowole.m.




my mom and I had been standing outside our doorstep for the past 2hours, wondering who might have kept expensive gifts at our doorstep.

Everybody in the,neighborhood now knows Krishna to be the guys ladies.
Suitors are always coming to seek my hand in marriage at this my tender age of 19.
what is this world turning into?
I smirks and shake my head at the wrapped presents.

“Krish, let’s wait a little bit” my mom said.I nodded and sat upright,resting my soft jaws on my knee cap.

“how long will this continue
“guys here and there all around me like flies,with there eyes sending me lustful gazes.

“mom,it’s dark already!
I cautioned. She sighed and pour all the gifts away.She poured them on the space beyond our door step,then she took me in.She locked the doors while I shut all the windows.

We don’t even have a single idea of who kept the gifts there,it had always been on and on.

“Krish, maintain your worth. I never pray to see you out there like those girls without vision,don’t copy their foot steps,don’t look up at those niggas,ignore their whistles because once they get your body,they will leave you alone for good” my mom said with a strict face.

“I know….I promise not to forget”
I replied,knowing fully well that we are gonna see more gifts by the time the day break.
I took my phone on the low three sweater couch and walk straight to my averagely decorated room.
we are not poor neither are we rich.

I got to my bed and opened my window a little bit.Shatai’s window was opened also.
She saw me from her window and waved.I waved back and opened my window widely.

� can you come to my house now?
I wanna share things with you!.
Shantai sent.
I checked time,it was 10:30.

� my mom…you know she is strict” I sent.
� then,I will come” she replied.
I watch her insert her phone into her pink pajamas pocket then she left her veranda.

� just open your window” she sent.
I swallowed into nothing and,opened my window wider.Shantai appear almost immediately and shucks in thought my window.

“I gotta show you something about my high school” she said. I grinned and joined her on my bed.

“what is it all about I asked innocently and peeped into her laptop.
Shantai is my only close friend who knows about my secret of dancing and singing.She is so bent on getting me admitted into Dice training high but I rejected the offer.
Dice high is for verrrrrrrry rich teenagers. Even if I can afford it,I won’t still go. I prefer the one my mom registered me in..You and me know that Dice high is a real hell”
I said, Shantai frowned and did her mouth in an angry manner.

“what do you Indians see opportunities as Krishna this is a great chance for you to become a star” shatai said.

“only the almighty can make us stars, not mere humans” I replied.
“will the almighty come down to help you?? Shantai asked and showed me some videos on her laptop.

I watch keenly as the three girls danced with hot techniques. We read the comments under it and it was damn thrilling and encouraging.

“what’s the name of the band leader?
I asked Shantai while pointing to the sweet looking lady on the laptop screen.

“she is Han Lily,dice high role model and first runner up dancer” she replied.I widened my eyes and admired the lady on the screen.

“you’re lucky to attend the same high school with her” I smiled and read many more comments.

“Han Lily’s impacts in Dice high” I browsed on shabtai’s laptop.
The screening headlines that came up signifies fire.Everyone have many bad things to say about Han Lily.

life is not a bed of roses. I think Han lily should learn from my saying because practically everyone that attend Dice High trainers have nasty things to say about her.Han Lily makes life miserable for the middle class masses,she only favour the people that befit her standards.This is soooo bad.If this could be done to the middle class set,then how will the poor masses be treated as
maybe like trash!!!!!.” the commoners that tried their luck were swept out with a common saying….
“Dice high is for kings and queens”
a girl commented.

“it was my best high school as a dancer,I always daydream to be there, I see myself there in my sleep but I never knew it was hell because it only belongs to king and queens.”
a boy rated Han lily 1 out of 5 stars.

“is Han lily this rude
I faced Shantai.
“what do you expect she is the only daughter of dices founder,she always get whatever she wants and she hates seeing people who can dance and sing.
The two of you might become a thing if she finds out about you”
Shantai said and shut down her laptop.

“do you know about double-R
she asked.
“I don’t know” I replied,she smiled.
“Krish,you are a brilliant girl,I just wish you can leave your dummy high school and attend mine. I’m very sure you will become a star overnight because you a better than Han Lily”
Shantai said.
“sorry,I can’t” I replied.
“still stubborn” she said and sneak out of my window. I bashed my lashes and went back to bed.

Next day

I woke up as early as possible since I need to do some laundry work with mom.I picked my black overalls and tied my hair in a upper pony tail.
I left my room and packed our laundry materials.

“you don’t need to take anything” she said.I dropped down what I picked and followed her out..We both took a cab and drop at a very beautiful closed estate.
The Gate was signed Dice,everywhere was just sparkling wealth.

“are we washing cloth in this house?
I asked with surprise.
“yes,they paid already” she replied.
We got to the gate,it was more of the word magnificent.
The gates slide open by itself,it closed back.The guards scanned us with a beeping detector before signalling us to enter.

I admired everything as we entered the two storey building mansion.
“mum,do you know this place before? I asked,surprised with the way she moved in quickly.
She smiled and opened a particular door. On one side in the room was a heap of used clothes while on the opposite side were lots of laundry machines.

“Krishna,let’s start” my mom said.
We started using the machines to wash the heap of expensive clothes.

We’ve not even gotten to quarter of it when a girl of my age entered the section while chewing gums in a lousy manner.

She had on a skimpy bumbshort with a bra top.Her hair was dyed gold while her fingers were painted red.
The anklet she had on her feet was signed “Royal”.
I kept my head low and concentrate on what I was washing. I was warned not to speak anything by my mom.

“wash this also!!!
she fling three g-string panties on my mom’s head while she throw two bra on my face.

“be a little bit nice” I was tempted to talk.
She chewed the gum more lousy. I looked at her and carried the washing spa mix.

I slipped and the contents emptied on her body.
The lady flinched back with visible fury in her eyes.

“sorry, I didn’t mean to….”
she shut me up with a glare,then she brought out her phone and called securities.
I looked at my mom who was signalling me to go on my kneels.

“am I really in trouble?

“aunty sorry,I didn’t know” I said and made an attempt to touch her gold hair.
Krishna what have you done!!!!!

Is she wounded by just an ordinary water

extraordinary everyday.
authored by adesola adeomowole.

like and comment on this.

Note: this is the most romantic story that I have.
Don’t miss it.

Don’t forget to comment and share.

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Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 3:37pm On Jan 15
Beautiful Love❤Song

©adesola adeomowole. m.




I stayed quiet the moment she called securities but I don’t think an ordinary washing spa will wound or hurt her, she is just taking this too far.

“Krishna we are in trouble,just kneel down and apologize, she will let go of it” my mom tell me through an eye contact.

“why should I kneel down for her?? she is my age mate,it will never happen! I returned back the eye contact.
my mom sighed and knelt down instead.

“Sorry,she is still a small kid,do forgive her” my mom said.
The lady scoffed and showed off HSR new manicure, then she pushed her hairs backwards.

Securities rushed in with maids.
She was covered with a thick white colored robe with an inscription.
The inscription was labeled “Han Lily”.

I swallowed,into nothing and was pissed off with the way my mom knelt down for her.

“can you believe this silly thing spilled dirty water on me?? Gosh, I need to treat my skin” she exaggerated while pointing her index finger at me.

I was shocked at her gravity of lies.
Firstly,I didn’t pour the water intentionally and secondly,the water was not dirty.
why is she acting like I pour potassium hydroxide on her

I looked in awe.
The next thing I felt was handcuff on my wrists.
“is this for real

my mom was signalling me to stop looking directly into Han lily eyes,I didn’t heed ,instead I looked at her in my most purest face.

“aunty why do you like putting the innocent in the wrong?? he was there when the bowl slip off my hand” I said,pointing to the watch man at the entrance.

Han Liliy shook her head and made a look that scared the hell out of me.

“hey,did she not do it intentionally??
she scorned the watchman who only had his head bowed.

“speak!!!! she urged with command.
“she poured it on you on purpose!
the watchman changed everything.
Han Lily scoffed and left with maids flooding behind her.

immediately they left,the chief security faced the watch man and confirmed what he said earlier but it seems the watchman was scared of Han lily threats.

“young lady!! he cleared his throat and unlock the tight handcuff from my wrist.
it hurts a lot.
My wrist suddenly turn red,almost close to blisters.

“you’re lucky Han Lily didn’t give orders.So,I will advise you to leave this premises within 6min” the man said and offered my mom some money to treat my wrist.

We left the mansion and went to other mansions to wash clothes before heading home at exactly 4pm.

I was really exhausted.
“Krish,why didn’t you kneel down for Han lily my mom questioned.
“seriously,I can’t.She doesn’t deserve seeing my kneels on the floor…” I said and walk into the kitchen..

We ate both breakfast and lunch together and kept the money we made that day in our save drawer.
That money will be used to pay my fee and other tokens.

I wonder when the money will be complete.It would have been easier if I had accepted the admission dices high gave me because I won’t pay a dime but the rumors about the school is enough to cause me death so my mom and I decide to try a smaller training school.
I just pray the money in the save will be up to what the school require.


I got dressed on a simple free dancing outfits and took one of my notepad and a single pen. Though I was tired but I already promised to dance for Shantai in her house.

I got to her house and entered without much street and questions from the guards.
I checked well before pressing the elevator button because shantais mom is an obstacle to our friendship.
She does not want Shantai to roll with me,she prefers her daughter making friends with her fellow rich.

“Mrs Brown is not around” one of the maids chuckled and helped me with the door.
I entered and met Shantai and two other girls in the golden tiled living room.

One was wearing a crazy jean bumbershort all over a pink top while the other was wearing Dice High uniform all over a classic sneakers.
I don’t need a prophet to tell me that they are wealthy and affluent.

“hi” I bowed, still standing at the entrance.
“you’re Krishna?? she smiled and came forward to touch my hair.
“come on,dance for us” the other girl said.

“Dance!!!!! what about our assignments? Shantai helped me out when she saw the stress in my eyes.

“excuse me” she said and came closer to me.
“Krishna,did you eat did you fight? she asked.
“no” I faked a small smile and followed her to sit.

“I’m Dora Banks” the one in uniform said.
“I’m Eve” the other girl said.

“now,help us with our assignments” Dora said and brought out her phone and laptop.
I admire the way she speaks fast and fluent.

“100marks.I can trust you with 99.9 because Shantai said you’re intelligent” she winked and started operating her laptop.I wonder how their school will look like.

“here,have a look” Eve brought out a very nice pink apple laptop.
“umm I can only do it in a book,I xajt really operate a system” I blurts out and quickly tear out a paper.
I was done with the assignment within 10min.

nice headlines

“Double-R just came back from Korea!
“Double-R finally settle in luxurious mansion!!!
“when will we get to see Royal without securities pushing us away!!!
“it’s like he gets more handsome each passing day!!!
Dora jump up and was screaming her lungs out.

“is royal human? Damn he is soo sweet looking” Dora continued.
Shantai hijacked the phone.

“my phone,give it back!! don’t take my Royal away!! Dora started chasing after eve and Shantai.

“Dora,hide your excitement. Royal won’t have the chance to notice any bitch.He might not even attend Dice high” eve said.
“yeah,that’s true. Royal was almost killed two times in that place almost close to the dorm and since then,his movement was kinda restricted” Shantai said.
I just sat on one side and listen to their conversation. It sounds so interesting and lively.

“i don’t think that’s the reason” Dora replied.
“so what’s the reason eve asked.
Dora looked at me and saw the confusion look on my face.

“ever heard about double-R she questioned.

“no,what does it stands for? I asked..
“Romeo and Royal. They are the two heirs of the Suga’s family.Apart from that,they are the most wealthiest.
Romeo is known to be a sweet mouthed guy and a frivolous spender while Royal can be termed soft and gentle with a verrrrrryyyy accurate brain bigger than calculator.

I don’t think there’s something he does not know.More reason why I love him.
Gosh, he is very talented and gifted with plentiful of handsomeness.
Yeah,I think you will faint of you hear his voice. I saw him once and you see that once,it is the most memorable day of my life.

Most importantly, Royal is betrothed to Han Lily. Another reasons why I made my feelings sealed for Royal.

Han Lily is very dangerous whenever it comes to Royal case.She doesn’t like seeing girls close to Royal.
Whenever you meet her,avoid her”.
Dora said with over excitnent and carried her very flashy colored empty bag.

For a seconds,I wonder if she is really a student coming back from school.
why am I even thinking?
Dice high students are children of kings and queens. A training school meant for the politicians and powerful law makers.

“so,which training school do you attend? Eve asked.
My jaws dropped down,my body felt cold.They all noticed my expression.

“hmmmm” I stammered and look at Shantai for help.
Just then,we heard cars horn,like multiple horns from downstairs.

“Shantai,your mom,she must not meet me here!!!! I rushed words and took my notepad and pen.I rush towards the direction of downstairs.

“she’s pretty and innocent” was the last thing I heard.
I got to the main door and was scared of opening the door.
Shantai’s mom is wicked.

The door opened by itself,I shifted back.The guards entered first,then Shantai’s mom cane in.
one could spot the look of a politician on her face.
She saw me and stopped walking.
My beautiful face changed into a scared innocent look.

“you again!!!!!!!!!!!
extraordinary everyday.
authored by adesola adeomowole.

read more here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=beautiful+love+song
Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 4:27pm On Jan 16

Adesola Adeomowole.m.



my whole body system became totally disorder,I could not breath in more air because I already froze on my spot..

“you again!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Brown shouted in a very high tone.Her shout made my legs and hands shakes till my notepad and pen fell off my hand.


“I am not your mother!!!!!
she fumed detestedly and looked at me from head to nails of my feet.
“who open the gate for you she scorned.

“mom..I’m…not….” I starmmered.
“on no condition must you call me mom.And besides,is that how to answer the simple question I just asked you she pointed out.

“no,ma!! I nod negatively.
“I opened the gate myself” I corrected and quickly bend to pick my notepad and pen.She shut many dangerous gazes.

“im sorry,I won’t come near here again” I said lowly with my hands on my ears.
“you better not!! she said and walk out on me.
I walk out of the mansion tiredly wondering why Mrs Brown hate,me so much.
well,it is,not her first time shouting at me.


I walked home tiredly and met expensive gifts outside as well as new saree’s and many luxurious jewelry. A note was handing in the middle of the gifts.
“marry me and you will taste real wealth” was written boldly in the note

I admired the gifts and went inside.
I slump into a chair and weaved some mats.I was able to weave 2medium sized mats within 4hours. I was on the fourth mat when my phone started ringing.I left the mat and went to answer my phone that was lying on the average furnished counter.

� will you be my house help for an hour I have lots of visitors,I don’t think I can handle the cookings alone” Mrs Claudia,the second most popular woman in my neighborhood said.

� am coming.Am already in front of your gate as you speak” I rushed words and ran out of our house to the,eleventh house. I was allowed in immediately and was taken to the,kitchen.

� macrons and beef
� pasta and meatballs
� wash the plates
� mop the floor
� package the gifts
� count the petals!!!!!!!

Claudia gave orders and left me alone in the royal wide kitchen.
I started with the foods first,I was cooking and using one hand to mop the oil stained kitchen as fast as o could do.

“Krish,have you washed the plates Claudia shouted.

“no mom,am still moping. it is not easy but am almost done” I replied and set the pressure pot in the right way.

“are you tired of the work?? she asked.
“no,I will wask the plates now. in fact, am almost done! I replied and stopped mopping halfway.I rushed towards the sink and started washing the plates carefully with lots of care.They look pretty expensive and I don’t want to cause any damage.

“is this your first time of washing a plate? right now,you look like you’ve never touch anything expensive” a six years old girl with a beautiful set of teeth cane into the kitchen.

“I’m washing it and as you can see,am not playing” I replied her,she scoffed and roll her cute eyeballs.

“what if I make my mom mad at you? the little girl scoffed.
I stopped what I was washing and stared at her with lots of affection and care.I smiled at her and continue washing the plate.I turn off the cooker and rinsed all the plates carefully and went back to the mopping.

“where did my mom see you?? You look like a witch!!!
she grunted,I felt like slapping her mouth.

“a witch I’m a human” I replied and was done with the mopping.

“liar!!!!! only a witch will be as pretty as you are.And only witches have hairs covering the base of their bumbum.Well your long lashes make you look real like a witch”
“now, what powers do you have
the little girl questioned.
I widened my eyes.

“I’m not a witch.I am like you” I said.
“liar!! if you’re like me,then why am I not pretty like you?? why is my hair short and not long like yours she replied and came to my back.

“I’m not a witch.I’m like you.
“You’re beautiful tooooooo!!! I exagerated.
She scoff and rolled her eyeballs.

“i need you to feed me water with spoon” she rolled her eyeballs again.
I sighed and said “how can a little girl be as rude as Bleep” in my mind.

I filled water from the flask into a glass cup and feed her with spoon. knowing fully well that she’s only doing it to delay me.

I fed her warm water for 2hours before going back to count the loads of flowers.
“can I help?? she said.This time,she didn’t scoff.

She didn’t wait for me to answer, we counted the flowers together.
She even made it more faster by helping me to package the gifts.

“Aunty,I want to be like you” the little girl whispered and hugged me unexpectedly.
Claudia came in and met her daughter hugging me.I quickly disengage and pretend as if nothing was wrong.

“am done” I bowed slightly.
She nodded and gave me a black nylon. I collected it with both hands.

“bye” I waved at the little girl and started walking away.

“Krishna, you can come here whenever you’re hungry or in need of anything, I will gladly help” Mrs Claudia said and smiled at me for the first time.

“are you sure I asked,unbelievable.
“I’m sure” she replied. I smiled and knelt down to say thank you.

“namaste!!! she waved and left.
I got home and hide the nylon under my cloth.My mom must not know I did the job of an house help.
I rushed into my room and lock the door before opening the nylon.

“waoow!!! I smiled and brought out the pure white Saree with tiny gold bar design. I smell the cloth,it smells like their mansion perfume.
And the money…..
I kept it in my save.

� girlfriend,am sorry about my mom. let’s talk outside” Shantai sent.
“sorry,I can’t. I already promised your mom I won’t come near you” I sent.
“pleasssssseee I need your help” she sent. I sighed and went outside through the back door.

“in the white car!! she sent.
I spotted the car and entered it immediately. She was there with Dora and Eve.

“hmm Krishna, we need your help and it is also going to be an opportunity for you to see how dice high look like” Dora speaks,fluently without mincing any word.

“you need my help?? I speak back slowly.

“yes,in dice high” she replied.
I became confused.
“there won’t be a problem,no one will find out,it will be between the three of us.Remember I have the money andy dad is also a lawmaker just like Han Lily’s dad” D said.
“okay” I nodded.
She smiled.

“well,we need you to dance with us on dice high stage.You don’t have to worry,we will provide what you will wear and no one will find out” eve said.
my lips shakes a little bit at what she said.

“I can’t dance there” I replied.
Shantai pressed my palms softly.
“girlfriend,your face will be covered in a mask” Shantai said.

“why do you need me to dance?? I asked,confused..

“Krish it is because dice high will be welcoming Double-R and you know each band will want to catch attention.So there’s a party tomorrow and each band will show up on stage. Listen, you’re not the only one that will dance.Me,Dora,Shantai and eve will join you” Shantai said.

“I still don’t understand!
“do you go to school to get attention? I taught school is for learning and not for attention” I said.They kept quiet and look at each other.

“and besides,I promise not to dance. Guys will be pestering me.They will all want me on their beds” I replied. They kept quiet.

“Just help us,we will cover your face” Dora said.
“how will I join you when my name is not registered in your school.Am not even a student” I said.
“like I said,I get whatever I want” Dora snapped her fingers and pointed a purple pass card that already my name written in italics.

“Krishna,this a game for the survival of the fittest. Don’t act too much like a commoner,ignore rumors and gossipers and if people pester you about your identity,if guys want your body badly,run for your dear life. Krishna run….” eve said.

“what will happen if I get caught as an intruder I asked.
“I don’t know but we will help you seal your identity since it will just be for a day.” Dora said and handed me a shopping bag.
I collected it and sneak back into my room with a mixed expression of fear and happiness.
well it’s just for a day.

Next day

I woke up very early,
I bath early and wore the white royal looking Saree.
Shantai had already lied to my mom that I am going to help her with some thing so she allowed me go out anytime I like.

within few,minutes, I was already in the place Dora said we should meet. I was astonished at what she wore. I made use of her car since she’s the master planner.

“Remember that you should run away of it get hot and never remove your mask” Dora said and drove straight into dice high.

Kings and Queens was written boldly on the gate.
Someone should hold me!!! I smiled and look around.

I was more than scared as students gathered on one side beside Dora’s car.It looked as if she’s a celebrity.

� waooow what am I seeing… Dora Banks bought a new car!! the latest model omg!!! well let’s watch out for Han Lily’s own”
� hmmm who is that girl sitting inside Dora’s car?
� another pretty girl!!!
� waoooow,her hair is,long!!!!!
I heard little rumors.

� beauty without spots.Awwwn she looks almost like Han Lily’s match but why is she rolling with Dora!!!
� Gosh,she will seduce all the guys. look at how pretty she is in a mask. How will she look like without mask!!
I heard rumors as I followed Dora.

“hey,hi,who are you
a girl stopped is.
for a start,I asked myself if this is really a school.

“hmmm I’m….!! I stammered.
“She’s Krishna,my cousin”Dora said.

“when did you got a cousin!! the girl interrupt.

“who are you? an intruder in our party the girl raised an alarm.
“I’m Krishna” I replied.

“Krishna, the daughter of who
she asked.
I pouted.I don’t think I know how to lie.

“why are you asking about my surname?? I asked her and quickly spotted Han Lily coming to my direction.
She might recognize me as the daughter of a laundry worker.
I looked away and run through a long hallway but I made matter worst by running into a crowd.

I never knew my mask fell with the way I got pushed.
in other to prevent myself from falling,I held the tip of someone jacket,we both fell on each other.
I felt his hairs falling on my forehead.
Our lips were just few inches apart.

everywhere became silent.
I couldn’t even open my eyes.
Each time I try opening it,I will be forced to close it back because of the strong flashlights.

“whattttttt!!!!! I’m in trouble!!!
I started shaking.
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Episode 4✍��



I gulp and swallow nothing immediately his hairs fell on my forehead. He wanted to stand to stand up but his nose pressed my lips softly and gosh!! it felt cold.I was scared to death because I know I am in a zone filled with rich teenagers. daughters and sons of kings,queens,lawmakers,politicians and even presidents are the people schooling here.
I’m not suppose to be here,if they should find out about me,my punishment will surely be death.

what have I gotten into!!!!!
Poverty is a thing that made me lost my self esteem and then,I started shaking.

� gaaaaaaaad
� she hurt Royal.She hurt him!
� she wound him.
� how mean?? how clumsy!! I think she is a commoner!!!

I listened to the fluent records.My eyes forced open and met with the one that I bumped into. He look like a total definition of handsomeness.
He was helped up by his guards but his hairs were still falling pretty on his forehead. I stood up and could never fathom how and what I did. The back of my white Saree was stained a little bit. I just had my head down because I couldn’t stand the sights of the spoilt brats and gossipers.

I was expecting him to slap me for making him fall on me but he did not do any of that.
“miss long hair,be careful” he speaks softly and walk away. I was surprised I was dragged to him….
no one noticed that the tip of my saree had tangled with his bracelets not until he moved.
He rolled his eyeballs and unhooked his bracelets instead of touching my Saree.Well,it might look poor and dirty to him.

I turned into a fool overnight.
Half of the students surround me and started asking me silly and embarrassing questions….some are even making it real by adding emotions.
“aaaah,I don’t think this is a school!
“I dont think this people are seriously here to learn because as it stands now,60% of the girls are into that guy that I bumped into. if only I have that opportunity of being a daughter of a wealthy woman,I swear I will use that opportunity very well because dice high certificate is not a cake to joke with.It will change my life totally.

� have you met with royal before??
� did you steal a kiss when he fell on you tell me how it felt? cold or warm or sweet like honey?

I listened to the embarrassing questions.If only they know that I am a poor girl, they won’t come close to me,certainly.
They disperse one after the other when I did not answer their silly questions. I sensed Han Lily coming from the opposite direction with three other girls.
I better run.I’m screwed already since I don’t have any mask on and I can’t even find Dora nor eve nor Shantai.
“maybe I should go home then!!! I shrugged and started looking for a way out.

“hi,am Yifei Dollars. I’m a Chinese and my dad is a governor” a girl smiled at me and forced my hand into her own.I took it away in a polite manner and bowed slightly,telling her indirectly to let go of me.

“you’re pretty in the outside with a curvy and sexy shape. I want to enlighten y

ou about Dice High” she smiled and took my hands again.
I still don’t get why rich people like being friends with beautiful people. I’m very sure she won’t talk to me if I was ugly.

“Dice High is really a zone of hell,a battle filed for the survival of the fittest, you know why it is like that??
Every students you see here might looks spoilt in one way or the other but they all have where they are good at and that is where the word “Competition” sets in.
in other words,Dice high is also called “competition high”,a school for talented rich brats” Yifei said.
“I know” I bat my lashes and wanted to remove my hand from her own.
“I’m not through” she said and held me back.

“There is a great opportunity for pretty and sexy girls like you because attention will find you and that’s the first goal of every student in dice high.Attention might make you explore the world. Another thing you need to be cautious off is guys!!! The guys you see here gets whatever they want.Watch out And don’t be a victim of RAPE like Adesola was raped.
Adesola is a very beautiful Nigerian girl whose father was poor,she got an opportunity of sponsorship to be here, but she suffered RAPE because she couldn’t secure her body,she lost her self worth because of this same “poverty! remember “dice high” is also called “competition high” Yifei said.
I was more than scared.I feel like running away.

“you didn’t tell me your name” she requested. I look at her in my purest look.
“tell me,I mean no harm.At least I was Adesola’s friend before she was raped to death” Yifei said.

“who raped Adesola?? I asked,really concerned about the Nigerian girl.
“I don’t know but am sure Romeo was the first to enter her” yifei said.

“what about Royal is he among too? I asked.
“I don’t really know.The only thing I know about Royal is that he only roll with “swags”,”dance” and “songs”.
He is also gentle and the most handsome too.You see the reason why everybody likes him.
My dear,be careful in this place!!
Yifei said.

“so what’s your name she asked.
I felt my heart beating.
“I’m Krishna Knights the only surviving daughter of a laudry woman” I told her the truth.I have never lied in my life.
She gasped.

“what are you doing in this battle field meant for wealthy dream chasers you’re between the deep blue sea and the dark devil.Romeo won’t spare you if he finds out.He might rape you too like Adesola,the innocent poor Nigeria girl.He doesn’t like seeing the poor and I don’t know why! Yifei ended.

“thank you!!! I nod my head and ran out as fast as my legs could carry me. I ordered a taxi and drop home.

� Romeo�Romeo……

I was in our private place,scrolling on my phone while sipping in wine in a classic glass cup.
my manager and record keepers dare not sit in the place that I sit.They stand.I’m not like Royal who is always being soft with everybody.

I stopped what I was doing and checked why my other phone was buzzing nonstop.

I read the heading of the 6mins video before opening it.

The video was in Royals and and it has actually got up to 320k viewers within 45min.
I opened the video and watch it keenly. It was all about a girl bumping into Royal and they almost kissed.The sight was damn beautiful and hot.I didn’t get to see the lady face but I was able to see her from her lips side to the hips.Royals hand already block her sight view. I checked the comments and still didn’t find the lady name.

“Royal, why must you get beautiful and rare things to yourself damn it,you’re selfish!!!
I said in my mind and sipped in all my wine. The lady has the shape of what I wanted in a lady but she’s lucky I didn’t see her full face.
if I should see her,I will have her on my bed right away.
Royal came in immediately and listened to whatever the lawmakers were saying.

“being here does not mean I will attend class everyday.As it stands now,I’m only attending dancing and singing class and it is only on Wednesdays” the remaining days are for my private classes” Royal said and dismiss the lawmakers with just an eye signal.
“such superiority!
I watch as they walk away.

“Royal,you bump into a girl, who is she I asked.
he slam his forehead and said “how am I suppose to, know

“oppps!!! I forgot he had a memory loss. He can’t even remember a single thing from his pasts,then I don’t think he will remember who the girl he bumped into few hours ago.

“Keep your eyes off ladies.You’re already betrothed to lily.Han lily you shall marry” I said,mockingly.
“idiot,you can marry her for me.and I don’t even remember those shits!!! he shut me another superior glare and stood up.

“I hate you!!!
“I dislike Han Lily!!! he scoffed and went out with guards following him.

“don’t push it too far,Romeo” he stopped halfway and smirks at me. I smiled inwardly because the doctor already confirm it that he won’t remember anything about his pasts.


I joined my mom in the kitchen and helped her in preparing dinner. I don’t even think I will be able to go to Dora’s house because it is already getting late.
I did the finishing of the cooking and cleaned everywhere.
Suddenly,my phone started ringing and it was Mrs Claudia.
hmmm my mom must not know I’m working as her house help.She might skin me alive.

“Krish, let me have your phone” she commands.
“mom,please don’t see it” I replied.The phone rang persistently. My mom hijacked the phone and placed it on loud speak.

�Krishna,come to my house, I need you to make, juice for,my daughter” Mrs Claudia said.
my mom ended the,call and look at me.

“when did you become a house help? did I tell you to work?? did I tel you I can’t feed you she starts asking.
I couldn’t even answer one of what she asked.
“mom,she is a nice woman, she likes me just like you like me” I said innocently.
She hissed and placed her hands on her waist.
“when will you have sense?? she asked,anger in her voice.

“mom,should I go I asked,stupidly because I really needed money to go to school.
“go!! go go and learn your lessons” she said.
“okay” I nodded and wanted to go.
“if you dare move an inch!!! she gritted. I ran off to Claudia’s house. I will beg my mom if I’m done.

As usual,I entered Mrs Claudia’s mansion and helped her with every single thing. I cooked her daughters night food since she refuse to eat what the,makes cooked.
She ate what I cook and drank the juice that I made.
I lay her to bed and sang for her.

“it’s obvious my daughter likes you. Ask for a thing and I will do it right away” Mrs Claudia smiled.

“ma,I want to attend dice high school” I imagined myself saying that but it wasn’t coming out.

“I don’t want anything” I played slowly with my fingers.
“are you sure?? she asked.
“yes” I nodded sadly because it was,my first time lying.

I waited in her house for 7min while Mrs Claudia did some things on her phone.
“follow me* she finally said.
I followed her,innocently to the living room that looks like paradise.
Mrs Claudia exchanged greetings with two men who were busy looking at me in a manner that I can’t interpret nor fathom.

“she is the one!
Mrs Claudia pointed at me,making my heart to skip a beat.
The two men looked at me again then back to Mrs Claudia.
“we will do it perfectly” the two men said.

“what are they talking about?
I stared in a confused manner like I’m not understanding!!!!
what do this two men wants from me and why are they smiling at me

read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=beautiful+love+song
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Oghenekome51 oya come lets heat up this place

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Beautiful Love❤Song

©adesola adeomowole. m.



The stares were unbearable, it made,me felt as if all the part of my body are exposed.For a seconds,I said slow words into my mind. Slow words like; “if I should come back in my next life,I swear I will choose to be ugly so that people will stop looking at me like I am a food”.

The two men noticed my confused and uncomfortable look and so,they stop staring at me. I moved back and pull my Saree pretty well so that they will stop staring as if they’ve never seen a lady.

“she is the one” Mrs Claudia said again and point at me.
“ma’am,did I do anything wrong?? I asked with an uneasy mind.
Just then,a woman entered holding five shopping bags.Another lady moved in with a transparent thick nylon. I was quick to, sense an apple laptop that have the same color with my lips while a new pack of phone was on the other bag she was holding.
I look at the woman then back to Mrs Claudia but she was busy signing files with the two mens who still had lustful gazes on me.

I think I.should go so that she can have privacy with her visitors” I pouted and moved back but she called my name.
She handed me a white file and a black pen.

I glanced into the file.

I don’t know if I should start jumping up or shouting.

“won’t you fill it?? it is not for staring! Claudia expounded.
I opened the pen with some nervousness and filled the form.
“why is she helping me out I sighed and handed her the filled form.in turn,she gave it to one of the men and made payments to them through transfer on her phone.
immediately she made payments, the mens dismissed with the ladies.

“ma,why are you helping me?? I asked Claudia, still in shock.
“don’t you feel like going to school? she asked with a smile.
I couldn’t answer.instead, I transfer my gaze to the apple laptop.
“do you like it she asked.
I felt tears on my eyes.I move my hands into my face so that she won’t see my tears.

“but ma’am, what if they find out that I am a commoner?? I asked.
“they won’t find out.You are the only one that can make them find out. And let me tell you something; Krishna you can’t change where you come from or what you’ve been through…but you see this opportunity, I will urge you to hold unto it tightly and never let it slip away.Vision is not for senseless people” Mrs Claudia smiled.
I became happy and rush to hug her.
“always take lectures with your phone,then read with your laptop whenever you’re less,busy” she concluded.
“umm thank you…” I wiped my tears while her guards helped me in carrying the heavy bags to my doorstep.

jeeeezzzz,another problem!
“how will I explain to my mom??
“she won’t agree.She might not accept the offer Mrs Claudia is giving me.

“how do I explain?? how do I convince her I tap my head and thought of an idea but none was forthcoming.
after several fruitless thoughts,I pushed the heavy bag backwards and covered it with a big basket. Then I went back to our door and knock softly.
She opened the door immediately.

“why did you stay long at Claudia’s mansion she asked with a strict face.
“I’m sorry mom” I replied while rubbing the back of my neck.
“that does not answer my question! she frowned the more.
“well…actually… I was…” I starmmered, wishing I know how to lie but I guess lying is not in my character.
“you’re hiding something” she said and look in the direction of the basket.
“what do you hide there?? she raised her brows in the direction of the basket. I felt miserable and dragged my sluggish feet to the heavy load.
She opened the bag and brought out dice high uniform.
I was scared of what her next reaction will be.
She might burn it!!!

She saw the laptop and some other expensive stuffs,she look at me,I looked away,pretending to be removing something from my fingers
I know she will burn everything.

“Krish,you want to go to school?? sgr asked in some strict manner..
I dare not answer or else,she will get more angry.

“Do you want to go to school or you want to go there And be dancing and singing she asked,almost in a shout that made tears drop down my cheeks.
“no,I don’t want to go” I shakes my head.
She soften her face.

“mom,please let me go” I begged.
“no,way” she objected and made a sad face. I wonder why my mom is so strict.

“if you go there,you will start dancing and singing, then you will get attracted to guys,other dice high students will be jealous of you… some light go through a long journey by finding out about your background….
Krishna,if your background is known, what do you think is the next??
she asked.
my heart shanked.

“mum, I promise I won’t dance and sing” I said,still in tears.
“are you sure she asked.
“certain” I replied.
“you will go but you must never dance” she finally gave in.
I moved in totally and hugged her from the back with a smile replacing my tears.


I was up early,
I dressed up with nervousness and took my bag with a shaking hand.
“Krishna,Dora is waiting outside”.
I rushed outside and entered her car.
She stared at me for a while before telling her driver to drive.

“Don’t forget the rules!
“Run away whenever you sense Romeo and don’t give anybody face” Dora said as her car drove into dice high.
I swallowed nothing and stared at the exclusive school building.

“what about Han Lily
I asked.
“the only way to protect yourself from crossing Han Lily’s boundary is to stay away from that guy you bumped into the other day.if you see Royal coming,run away. You understand the type of running I mean?? Dora asked.
“yes,I understand” I bashed my lashes.

Dora is already a celebrity already and I think that’s why students are always shouting her name and taking pictures of her whenever she drives in.
At least,I will be protected with Dora, Shantai and Eve on my side.

� she is cute…..
� she changed car again. Ummm is it only me that is seeing that Dora is more wealthy than MIRA….Gosh,Dora hold hands with me….
� Dora,who is this new girl?
� can she dance like you

was all I heard.
Maybe this is what it means to be so close to a celebrity.

� whattttt!!!!
� Han Lily and Mira”
more,paparazzi came up.
I just pray Han Lily won’t recognize me” I pout And hold hands with Dora till lily passed us with her friend.

“could it be that she did not recognize me I pout again and glance back at them.
Aaaah,am sooo lucky.
I left Dora’s hand out of nervousness and headed for the lecture room. Sinr I’m having class that very morning.
I was able to find the ‘numeracy’ lecture room with the help of the map application on my phone.
Everything in the lecture room was either shining silver or diamond.
I took a seat at the middle roll and thank God it was a one seater with a desk for laptop.to be placed on.
Not quiet long,a man entered with two big textbook.
He dropped the textbook on the stand almost close to the smart board.

wait,is he going to teach only me!!!
I was surprised because I was the only one in the man’s class.

“Sir what about other students?? I asked politely.
“in dice high,coming to lecture room is by choice and not by force.Mine is just to teach and go I don’t care if it is a single person” the man replied and started solving very hard geometry on the board.
I took videos of very difficult aspects with my phone. I don’t really know how to take notes with laptop so I used my note pad instead.

~~~Romeo p.o.v����

“we don’t have any information yet and as it stands now,we can’t say if she is a commoner or not..” my private investigator gave reports.
“how can you not say if she is a commoner or not don’t you know how to do your work!!!! I scorned with deep jealousy in my veins.
“yes sir,they are many hindrances affecting my observations!!
he bowed at my feet.

“what stupid hindrance
“is there anything you can ever do?
I fummed in anger and wore my rings.

“yes sir…
“firstly,we don’t know her name…
“secondly,she did not give anybody face,and her hair is long enough to prevent people from seeing her face not to talk of knowing her name”.
he gave full reports about the girl Royal bumped into.

“so what are you telling me indirectly that you can’t do the work?? you’re not up to the task of a private investigator I asked with a snap.

“I will try finding out,sir” he begged.
“gosssshhh,you’re horrible!! I puffed out air and took my phone and car key.
“since you can’t find out about her, I will find out about her” I shot him a ‘you will soon be fired’ look and went out of my penthouse to my car.
I took just a guard and drove into dice high.

I think the first class should be ‘Numeracy’ but students don’t like attending that class.Sir Davidson is so difficult to understand.His lecture sounds so tasky.Only Royal understands his method of teaching.
Even though he understands it, he doesn’t attend classes because students will stalk him.
“just always drooling on him as of he Is the only guy” I rolled my eyes in jealousy.

“check if there is someone in lecture room 115” I commanded my guards.
“ohhh I’m coming sir” he said and connected his phone to lecture room ‘115’ projector.

“yes,only a girl”.
“she’s pretty too” he commended and showed me the phone.
I peered into the phone and saw,the girl my investigator coykdbt find out, about.

I was able to see her full face of a fucking face through the help of the projector.
“do you understand” sir Davidson came up from the projector.
“I’m trying” she replied.her voice came out more like an angel.
“she could know how to sing” I said and gave back the phone.
I positioned my face cap and took my phones in my hand. I went for lecture room 115.

“waaaooooww!! escaped my mouth.
Her hair seemed to be the,most pretty thing I have seen in my life and her lips looked as if they’ve never been kissed before.Her skin was soo pure looking.
“can she be a commoner

“sir Davidson, can you repeat that part you just solved,its confusing” she pouted,making my eyes to glitter
I joined the class and pretended as if I came for lectures.
After what seemed like eternity,it came to an end.Sir Davidson went out. I turned back immediately to the direction the lady was sitting and discovered that she wasn’t there anymore.

how smart??
Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 10:24am On Jan 23
Beautiful Love❤Song�
©adesola adeomowole. m.




“how smart” i said and turn back only to realize that she has left.
“soooo fast!!! I glared and face my front silently.then I stood up and walk out of the lecture room,I didn’t think twice,I walked into the administration office and ordered Miss Chloe to give me the newest student record.

“here it is” she replied and handed me a file with a bow. I open the file and went through it.
“Is this Krishna Knight a commoner? I asked Chloe with a killer look.
“I don’t think so” she replied.
“why won’t you know?? don’t you know how to do your work? I shot her a glare.
“well,she does not look like a commoner and she was registered like a normal rich student” Chloe replied. I smirks and throw the file back on her.
“that’s not enough for a prove” I.said and walk out.


I moved away from my hideout immediately sir Romeo passed by the classic linking hallway.
Gosh,he almost find out about me. I breathed out and used my long hair as a shade to cover my face.I had not even walk much when I saw students talking about an update on the billboard.


“who is Krishna Knight If you know her, report your information to Han Lily!. signed by Romeo.
I read what was on the billboard myself. Does he knows about me I turned away immediately and acted as if i am not the one bearing Krishna

“maybe I should run away” I startled and made a funny expression and dialed Dora’s digit on my phone. She picked on the first ring,I moved to a
more quiet place and told her what’s on my mind.

“Krishna,run away from that side” she said and asked if Romeo actually saw my face.
“yes” I replied.
“then, you’re in trouble” she replied, making my heart to beat faster.
“do you tell anybody your name? she asked.
“yes,I told yifei” I told her.
i ended the call when I noticed some students are already suspecting my moves.

� Umm I pity this Krishna. What business can she have with han lily and Romeo?? hope she won’t end up like Adesola?
the nasty comments made me more scared.
I walked hastily to where i kept my bag and pack my laptop inside it.
“it looks stupid and illegal.This is almost the same thing as physical abuse” I sighed and walk out dejectedly. I still have one lecture left but I need to go in other to prevent myself from suffering physical abuse from my mates. I walk fast and was almost close to the gate when.two spoilt looking girls stopped me.

“miss,do you have an idea who Krishna Knight can be one of them asked in a sassy manner.
“no,I don’t know her” I shakes my head.
“but you look like her” the other girl said and unlocked her iPhone.
Ohhh no,she already have my picture but how come?
okay,this is confusing.

“we’ve find her!!!! the sassy girl shouted. my heart stopped beating for a seconds.
“I’m not the one.Okay!!!
“get out,you’re blocking my way!!!
I managed to speak and force my way out.

“where’s your car
“another prove that you’re a commoner” the sassy girl said and draw the attention of paparazies.

I felt my mouth glued together.
Luckily for me,Dora’s driver drove in with another car.

“that’s my driver” I rolled my eyeballs

“gosh,she’s not the one.She’s rich too.I guess we combacted with the wrong person” the sassy girl said immediately I entered into Dora’s car.
Such a narrow escape!

Han Lily’s p.o.v~~~~

I took Mira and Angel along to spark entertainment since the double-R will be showcasing an open stage dance. Apart from that,it was filled with many dignitaries.
in no time,the place was crowded and was filled to it’s brim.
Many artist performed on stage till it was finally double-r turn.
The cheers increased but it died away when only Romeo came up on stage.Everyone wants to see Royal and not Romeo. Some where even adding emotions by crying while half of the people that came left simply because Royal was not there on the stage.

“Royal didn’t come” Angel whispered into my ears. I felt tears dripping down my cheeks.only me know the reason why he did not come.
“lily,you’re crying? Angel asked and quickly wipe my tears.
“ohh no,I was not crying. my eyes are scratching me that’s why tears keep falling off” I replied.
“sorry” Mira consoled.
The show ended. It was only interesting but was not too lively. I stood up and walk out of the place in my silver heels to Romeo’s side on the stage.
the place was dark,it was only a red light that was shining on the stage.

“Romeo,why is Royal not here I asked.He shrugged and made a “he is busy look”.
“did he hate me this much?? I asked and couldn’t help the tears dripping down my cheeks.
“common,he likes you so much. He always mention your name in sleep” Romeo said and also wiped my tears
“I have been calling him since but he didn’t pick.Just tell me,did I do anything wrong I asked romeo.
“You didn’t do anything. Stop crying, you’re a pretty girl” Romeo said.
“okay” I forced a smile and walk out to my car.I told my driver to drive me to luxurious mansion.

if Royal does not want to see me,I think I should go and see him myself.
We got to his mansion within 2hours.
I was allowed on without any questions.

“is Royal in I asked the guards.
“yes” they affirmed.
I ran in and banged into the slivery built living room,I met him coming downstairs in an expensive blue tux all over a black suit cover. He also had on a black classic foot wear with just a single blue ring. He saw,me and slam his forehead.

“I came to see you” I said and stared at him with a lot of affection.
“I’m listening” he gestured and maintained a wide distance between us.He stood very far from me and twitched the ring on his index finger.

“Royal,stop moving away from me” I said,he scoffed.
“I’m not moving away from you. Say whatever you want to say and get lost” he pout.
“you’re betrothed to me” I said.
“where’s your evidence he asked in a voice that means seriousness.
He has not even regain his memory and he is acting like this. how will he now act if he gains back his lost memory??

“stop staring at me like I am a food. And on no condition must you come here again without an evidence” he said. I felt my whole body system the
tearing apart.

He walk out on me with his lashes bashed together. I followed him and block him by standing in his presence.

“don’t you think we should start spending more time together so that
we will get to know each other” I seduced him with my exposed cleavages.
“is there any sense in what you just said he asked and ignored me.

“Lily,I will advise you to quit this game with my family if you don’t….. ” he stopped his statement halfway and entered his car.
He made me look like a fool.
He made me look like an idiot also.
My tears just keep pouring the more.

“no matter how you push me away, we will still be together!! I screamed my lungs out.


“Dora,thank you for saving me again. I promise to be more careful” I said and adjusted my seat and watch how she’s tranfering notes to my laptop.
“I’m not taking thank you.Sing and dance for me and I will be okay” Dora replied.
“Not now….not this place.I will sing and dance for you when next I visit your home” I replied.

“why not sing for me here and you will dance for me in my house?? Dora suggested.

“I think we should do the two in your house,it will be better that way” I replied. Dora rolled her eyeballs and asked me to follow her. I followed her innocently not knowing she is taking me to Dice high stage.

“sing it here,no one will see you here” Dora urged and took a sit on the audience place.
“are you sure no one will see me I asked.
“no one will see you and as you can see,there’s no student available” Dora assured.
“I don’t have a song of my own” I told her.

“sing lovely by Billy Eilish” she said.
“okay” I nodded and loosed my long hair in case someone is coming. with that,I won’t be recognize easily.

I sang.
“thought I found the way”
“but you never go away”
“so I guess I gotta stay home”

I changed my low voice to a very high pitched angelic voice

“ohh I hope someday I will make it out of here even of it takes all nights or a hundred years….

“waooooow!!! I heard an unfamiliar voice applaud from afar. I stopped singing and ran off the stage.

“who sang just now
the face became more visible and appeared to be royal.

I kept quiet and look at Dora for help.
“who sang just now Royal asked.
wait,is it that he doesn’t remember things quickly or what? could it be partial amnesia

“who sang between the two of you he asked again.

“well it was……..” Dora paused.
I was sweating in the inside already.
“it was her!!! I said and pointed to Dora.

“no,it was her!!! Dora pointed to me.
“what,I can’t sing,it was her!!! I pushed it back to her.

“who exactly sang it? Royal asked again with a look of confusion.

“it was her!!!! me and Dora said together.
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Beautiful Love❤Song�

©adesola adeomowole.m.
Episode 7❤



“she is the one!! me and dira said together and pointed at each other.
Royal bashed his lashes together in confusion while Dora and I recompose each other. We felt like crying but we were able to compose ourselves so that Royal, won’t suspect us.

“she is the one! Dora said.
“she is the one! I said back.
Royal widened his cute eyes and slap his forehead slightly.

“the two of you did well by giving me headache but I will find the owner of this voice one day” Royal said and play the song I sang on his phone.
I was visibly shaking from the inside.
“is my voice sooo loud that he was able to record it from a far place

He paused the recording and gave me and Dora a,long last look before leaving.
immediately he left,I breathed out.

“that was too close” I touched my chest and fidget slowly with my fingers.

“ummm this thing is like a pregnancy, it can never be hidden for forever” she said and breathed out a “you’re the reason for your poverty.You have all what it takes to be wealthy but you are not using it.You’re making it look like a waste.Assuming I have a body as perfect as yours and a voice as angelic as yours,I would have gone more far.I mean no one will even remember Han Lily” Dora relaxed on her speech.

I kept quiet and pack my laptop and phones in my bag.
“I’m not in for competition. Singing and dancing is not made for me” I said,Dora scoffed.

“you of all people know what happened the last time I followed Shantai to a dancing show. I almost got raped by some wealthy drug lord who did nothing than to place dangerous bets on me” I told Dora.
She smiled and stared chewing whatever was in her mouth loudly.


I got home and met my mom weaving mats at the backyard. I didn’t bother taking off my uniform, I just remove my bag and joined in weaving.

She stopped halfway and started attaching golden bars at the center. We were done within an hour.

“who are you selling to?? I asked.
“I’m dashing one to Mrs Claudia while the other one is for sale to Mrs Suga” she replied.

“who’s Mrs Suga I questioned.
“I don’t know her too but Claudia will give you the address to her house”
I breathed out “okay” and took my bag inside. I settled for a white free gown all over my sandals. I dashed to the backyard and carried the mats.

I delivered Mrs Claudia’s own first and collect the address of where to deliver the next mat.
The next mat is to be delivered at the most popular estate while the name of the mansion is “Luxurious mansion”. I took a cab and gave him the address. I was dropped off few meters away from the estate since cabs are not allowed in. I paid the cab man and entered the estate. All houses in the estate are extremely beautiful but only one was unique and that’s exactly were my mat is to he delivered.

I stood dazing at the mansion and pressed a particular button on the gate, it opened by itself.

“waoooww!!! I gasped and admired the glassy designs.Everywhere was clean and sparkling silver.

“who do you ask for
“Sir Royal or Sir Romeo one of the guards snapped.

“Mrs Suga” I expounded with my heart grinding against my chest. Right now,Romeo is my fear.

“Mrs Suga is not around but you can wait for her” the guard said.
“why waittt I exclaimed.
the gate opened automatically by itself almost immediately while four cars drove in consecutively.

I saw Romeo in the third car.
“what a big mess? I snorts and kept my head low.
The door of the first car opened. I can sight the guards rushing towards the third black Lamborghini that Romeo was in.

� welcome ma
� welcome sir
� welcome first lady…….

“where’s Royal Mrs Suga stopped the greetings with a question.
“sir Royal went out! they replied.
“did he go out alone?? Mrs Suga asked with fury and I could send the jealousy in Romeo’s eyeballs.

“why the…. Romeo clenched his fists.
“Bleep must you allow him out!! Mrs Suga completed in the most inhuman voice I have ever heard.

“are they this dangerous
“why are they mad just because Royal went out.
“I heard Royal is 22…why the securities??
I wondered and admired the building they live in.

“you all are fired for allowing him out!! Romeo seethed and look in my direction. I quickly hide myself behind the chief guard.

“if he doesn’t get here within 53min, you all are dead!! he glared and bounce walked in angrily.
I heaved a sigh of relief immediately he went in.
I showed myself from my hideout and held the mat.

“good evening ma,my mom asked me to deliver this to you” I bowed and stretch the mat to her with my two hands.

one of her guards collected it and handed me an envelope.i didn’t wait at all,I collect it and ran out.
Another difficult escape from Romeo!


~~Han Lily p.o.v

I moved into my pent house,
Mira already went out for a party while Angel was busy with her phone.

I entered my room and slump on my bed with my head buried in my pillow
Mrs Samantha is the only person that can handle Royal but he is not making any amendment in whatever concerns me at all.
His attitude towards me get worst each passing day and I don’t think he will ever find someone better than me.

Royal does not want anything to do with me!
even when Mrs samantha threatened to remove him as the band lead voice, he told Mrs Samantha and the board openly that he is not interested.
I recollect those hurtful words he said last month.

He even disappoint dice high by not participating in the last competition just because I am a participant.
I wonder why he hates me!!!

my phone starts ringing,
it was a call from Elliot( Royal’s manager). I pick the call immediately.

“lily,Royal is missing for the past 6hours” Eliot announced.
“waaaaat! I gasped and ended the call. I rush out and drove to the places I hope I will find him but I didn’t find him there.

“Royal!!!!! I screamed out and entered the last place on my mind.
He might be in the school’s stage.
I rush into dice high stage,
he wasn’t there.

I retraced my steps down the opposite building and met him sitting on the fourth stairs.

Now,he wasn’t wearing the blue tux anymore. instead he had on a bad boy dressing.
He was putting on a black jeans and a navy blue cardigan.

it will he soo difficult for him to be recognized with the way the oversized cardigan cap covered his eyes.

I frozed on my spot and admire the way he did his things.
He was penning something down into a jotter.

he stopped and turn back,
I quickly move back and hide.
He smiled like a new born baby.

“ohh my royal smiled!!!. I smiled also.
Then he played a recording on his phone.

“thought I found the way”
“but you never go away”
“so I guess I gotta stay”

he smiled as he listened to the song. Slowly,he shut his eyes and removed his cardigan cap like he is trying to remember something.
“what if he remember?

“ohhh I hope someday I will make it out of here even if it takes all nights or a hundred years!!!!
the song stopped,his voice came up.

“who sang the song he asked in the recording.
“it was her!!! I heard Dora’s voice in the recordings.
“whatttt I can’t sing,it was her!!! an unfamiliar voice came up again. Her voice sounds amazing even when it was in a low tune that she speak.

“who exactly sang the song royals voice came up again.
“it was her!!!! Dora and the unfamiliar voice said again.

Royal took his lips in and paused the recordings. if he keep listening to that song,he might regain his memory.

“Han lily do something!!!! reality got me. I watch as Royal gently drop his phone beside where he sat,he brought out another phone and called Eliot,his manager.

“don’t bother looking for me!! he said and ended the call.
He clasped his fingers and shut his eyes.

“is he sleeping? I lamented, thinking of a way to get his phone so that I can delete the recordings.
I tip toed to his back on the stairs and slowly bend to pick his phone.

Too bad,it was locked.
His phone was finger print.

How do I unlock?
or should I take the phone away I smirks.

I was lost holding his phone when he raised his head. I quickly hide the phone in my purse. I was about zipping the purse when he turned back.
he slap his forehead immediately he saw me.

“Who are you? he asked. I was surprised.
“I’m…… I’m… I’m….” I stammered.
“I sang that song” I lied.
He stared at me with a plain expression without saying anything.

I moved closer and brushed my hands into his waists,he scoffed and removed it.

“Han Lily,where is your evidence he asked.

“hunnnnn!!! I gasped.
extraordinary everyday from ADESOLA GOLDEN STORIES.
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Beautiful Love❤Song�

©adesola adeomowole.m.
Episode 8�.



“hunnn!! I gasp and inhale nothing in particular.How can he tell me to bring an evidence??
Royal unveil his cardigan and maintain a curious but cute face. He is best describe as handsomeness whenever he is angry.

“where is your evidence he glared.
“umm I don’t have an evidence but I am the,one that sang that sing that you played” I lied,thinking of a better way to confuse him.

Slowly,his cute expression turns cold with his brows, more prominent.

“tell me the truth” he paused and slap his forehead lightly.
I was not even listening to him instead I was wondering how he manage to be sooo freakingly wealthy despite how Romeo and his mom brought him down times without number.

what will now happen if he is not brought down?
Probably he might be ranked as an over-god since Indians ranks are based on whatsoever wealth you acquire.

“tell me the truth!! he beckoned and flapped his lashes.
“even if it will be once,just tell me the truth” he said again and deep his left hands into his jean pocket while his right hand slowly went for the black bandana that was tied underneath the fringe of his hair.

This,might be my chance!
I smiled and move into him.
I touched him,I touch his flesh..I felt sweetness mixed with coldness the,moment I touch him.
He shift back and made my hands hang in the air.

“Royal, you’re ignoring me again!
I felt tears on my cheek.
“tell me the truth” he requested.
His handsomeness got me and made me forget my self.

“Royal,am not the one” I confess
“have you perhaps meet with the person that sang it he asked with seriousness but my mind was on another thing.

“no,I don’t know the person” I confessed again.
“thank goodness it was not you” he said and look down to where he kept his white phone then back to me.

“my business phone,did you take it??
he requested and shut a glare my body and soul won’t ever deny.
“your phone is not with me! I lied.
He scoffed and hijack my purse.
He opened it and took his phone.

“Lily,I only lost my memory,I did not lost my brain” he smirks and throw my purse to me like it worth nothing.

“Royal,I love you” I sturlted and hug him from the back.He remove my hand but I wouldn’t stop. I kiss his neck unaware,he got irritated and push me away.
“you disgust! he mouthed and walk out. I followed him till he got to the school compound.
Ten guards are already standing there with four cars.He scoffed and entered his blue Lamborghini.

Elliot rush to my side and was surprised to see tears on my cheeks.
“Lily,get into the car” he said.
“no,I don’t want to go,let me stay here.Just follow royal, he needs attention.I’m scared he might do something crazy” I replied.

“what about you Double-R agencies asked me.
“I’m okay.Just take care of Royal” I replied and bite my lower lips.
They nodded and left me.

I breath out immediately they left and sat down on the glassy edge of the field.
“who can that girl be
“Is Royal regaining his memory or is he in love?? questions filled my lobes
I was still lost in fantasy when Angel sat beside me. I didn’t even notice her presence because I’m not close to her.We are just band mates.

She sat beside me,I stood up.
She stood up also and stand by my side.

“what’s happening I saw royal pushing you away! she said.
“how do you know?? are you a monitoring spirit or what?? I asked.

“yes…I can’t just bear to see the queen of dice high moving around all alone” she replied. I made a fake smile.

“don’t you think Dora might know the owner of the voice?? she asked.
“it’s certain” I said and chewed into my lower lips.

“what is really between you and royal?? what do you share in common angel asked.

“my business, not yours” I put her in her place and sat down back.
Everyone know me to be Royal’s, girlfriend. I can’t just watch him be for someone else.

“are you blackmailing him exactly the way romeo and Mrs Suga are doing?? angel asked.
“my business ,not yours” I cautioned her with a scoff.

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I didn’t wait at all,
I ran for my dear life with a mind filled with fear of the unknown. My legs started shaking but I manage to make it to Mrs Claudia’s mansion.

I stopped in front of her gate and adjusted my dress.I stopped panting and lose the scarf I tied around my hip bone.Finally,I entered and met Mrs Claudia waiting for me in her paradise looking living room.

“Krishna my dear,why are you panting she asked.
“I don’t know ma.I think I am having cold” I replied with a drop of shoulder.

“I think you should go now. you might not be able to work today if you have cold” Claudia said.

“ma,I can work” I protested.
“are you sure she asked.
“yes” I nodded.
She cleared her throat and gave me an address.

“my friend need an immediate house help for just an hour. She will pay you 30,000rupess.Can you do it she asked.
“yes ma” I replied and checked time, it was getting dark already but I need to save some money.It is not every time I will be asking Mrs Claudia, money.

“okay,I will go” I said.
“no wait” Claudia said and,handed me a nylon.
“thank you ma” I collected it and started heading to the house address she gave me.
I got to the,house,it look exactly like Mrs Claudia’s mansion.

“are you the house help a woman asked.With the,look on her face,I think she should be a real political money.I just pray she won’t be harsh like Mrs Brown.

“yes” I nodded and followed her in.
She told me what to do,I did it within 40mins.

“wash those plates!!! she said.
*okay,ma!! I replied and did it within 10mins.

“hey,clean my room!! a guy said from behind.He looks rude.
I look away instantly and bowed.
His face looks familiar.
“I will clean it,where is the way?? I asked.I noticed him lick his lower lips and he was looking down there both in between my legs and my chest.

“sir!!!! I said. He nodded and gave me the directions.
it was easy to find.
I entered into it with a pure and innocent mind.I moped the floor,I arranged his closets,I prepared his bed and arranged his severally scattered phones and laptops on his bed stand.

I replaced the curtains too.
And,breathed out on what I have done.
He entered the room and rested his back on the door.
Now, his stares was nothing that can kill.

“sir,I’m done” I fidgeted and rested my back on the curtain.
he nodded and stretch me my money. he poured them on the floor. I quickly bend and pack the money.

“you should visit here some other time” he said and left the door.
“never in my life will I visit here” I imagined saying that.

“you said what he asked.
“stop looking at me sir,I am not a food” I replied and quickly ran out.

I took a cab home and met my mom standing outside as usual.
“you’re coming from where she asked.
“you went to work she asked.
“tell me one reason why you’re working she asked asked.

I opened my mouth to say a word but nothing was coming out.
“I won’t forgive you if anything should happen to you” she said.
“okay mom” I replied.
“you’re saying okay she turned back,I flinched and ran outside.

“I didn’t say anything. I love you mom” I teased her.
“okay” she nodded. I entered and locked the door.
������� next day��

I smiled from sleep.
I dreamt about me and Royal holding hands…I dreamt we danced together. I can’t even remember all the dreams but I know it can never come true.

I sighed and opened my wardrobe. I closed it back and opened the nylon Claudia gave to me yesterday.
I found a pair of white cover shoes with silver on the base. it was really pretty.
Then I saw a thick leggings that will stop few,meters away from my kneel cap with a very pretty white tux and a long sleeved black and white patterned track suit jacket.
sometimes,I wonder why this woman like me so much.

I rushed into the bathroom and had a 10min bath. I creamed with a peppermint balm and change into what I picked. I wore the cover shoe and did I quick review of the last lecture I had.
After that,I greeted my mom and rushed to meet Dora in her car.

“Good morning! I greeted the driver and joined Dora at the backseat.
“hi Dora! I smiled with a slight bow.
“how are you? she smiled and took my left hand.

“where is your earring?? she asked.
“I don’t have one” I replied.
“how about the one I got for you? she asked.
“I lost it” I replied,a little,bit embarrassed.

She use a black magnet earring on both my ears then she helped in wearing a tiny gold bracelet on my left hand.

“we are,having a combined class with the double-R.Baby girl try to doge any form of abuse” Dora said.
I watch her in awe and asked her about Shantai and Eve.

“remember you promise to dance for us today” she reminded.
“I know” I breathed out and walk with her to the lecture room.
I pray Han Lily and Romeo are,not there.

Dora wasn’t scared, she opened the classic door and cat walked in.
I huffed and held the door knob. I entered and received the most alluring glares.

� those killing legs….gosh�
� soo hot….
� I heard she is a governors daughter.
was all that I heard.

“miss,get a seat” sir Davidson smiled at me.
“thank you sir” I nodded and found a seat at the back. I brought out my laptop and phones.

I don’t think Han Lily is here!!!
I smiled happily.We got to the,middle of the class when Lily came in with her maids.

Well she got many lovers and fans too and I think I am among.
Han lily is my secret admire. I still like her despite the bad thing she did to me and my mom.

I was the first to sight the double-R coming in through the glassy door and so I quickly bowed my head instantly,using my laptop to dodge my fucking face of a goddess.

� ohhh my Royal!!!!!
� Royal please,touch me!!!
� Royal hold me,I love you!!!!!
� sit beside,me!!!!
the lecture became totally disordered
it died down slowly.
“thank God! I breathed out but I felt something cold touching my neck.

“ohhh my………!!!
I started panting from the inside.
“why must he sit at my back and why the hell must his blue ring tangle with my hair

He made a sweet sound and removed his fingers,leaving his ring tangling with the base of my hair.
“common ring,he can’t untangle!! I nodded and slowly went for where the ring was and untangled it myself.

“Sir Royal ……your….your…..!! I stammered and passed the ring.

“tell me who you are he requested in a low voice.
“write it in a piece of paper! he said.
“be fast!!!! he commanded.

“I don’t think he is talking to me!!!
i mouthed and face front.
or is he talking to me??
I think I am still dreaming!!!

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Beautiful Love❤Song�

©adesola adeomowole.m.

Episode 9❤

now enjoy

I think I am dreaming.
How can he be talking to me
I made a quizical look and concentrated more on my laptop.

� Gosh,I wish he I’d sitting beside me or my back.it has been so long I percievd the scent of his perfume.
� I wish he will touch me one day.
� I wish he will speak to me.
� Does he even talks?? ooh no,he hardly talk but it will be a very great honour of he can talk to me in the public!!!!

mummurs brewed up.
Students were not using their phones to take, lectures,instead they were using it to take,several shots of royal.
Sir Davidson couldn’t comprehend it, he couldn’t complain about his class being divided because,it looks exactly as if he is teaching sticks. No one was probably listening.

Han Lily was chatting with her crew.
They were talking about trending gists,trending clothes,trending heels and all other unnecessary stuffs.

I sensed Romeo’s presence,
he was busy scrolling on his phone and I thank my stars he is sitting very far from where I sat.

“maintain absolute decorum!!
Sir Davidson ordered.

� please,move,out we are not interested in your boring subject!! Lily protested and look in my direction..
Just then Royal mistakenly touch my hair. This time it was his bracelets that tangle with my hair.

I saw the look on Han Lily’s face,
it look scary!!!!
It looks murderous….
it made my panting increase.

Lily,don’t think otherwise! I said in my mind and squeak my phone in between my hands.

“ohhh my,let this not be the beginning of my doom” I sweated from the inside.
Royal finally succeeded in untangling his bracelets.
I think he wanted to tap me to deliver what he asked me to write but my identity is a thing that I dare not reveal.

Royal breathed out “have seen those faces before but where?..
I don’t think he is talking to me.
I turned slightly and noticed he wasn’t doing anything.He didn’t take a single lecture. He didn’t bring his laptop too.

“Royal,did you take lectures sir Davidson asked and turn off some parts of the smart board so as to hide some solved answers.

“what business do you have with my lectures?? Royal puffed out.

❤ ohh my,he can talk!
❤ I thought he can only sing.
❤ Gosh… I need to admit he is best handsome whenever he is pissed off. Gosh, blessed be to those that spotted that his actions are similar with one of the,most wealthiest Indian hero!!!!

I think those statement made Romeo jealous.He suddenly stood up and walk out of the lecture room.

“Royal, come and solve this. You need to be serious with your studies. you’re dice high most rated ambassador” sir Davidson complain

“ambassador my foot!!! royal breathed out and took his car keys.

� ohh my,Royal don’t leave!
� pleaseee me,baby!!!
� don’t go!!!
� wait!!!!!!

“Royal,come and solve this or I will report you to Mrs Suga or Mrs Samantha or I put you in 7hours detention” he threatened.

Everyone are now quiet,
waiting patiently for royals action.

Royal stood up and pick his keys on his hands.Some had the chance to take his full pictures but he was so fast to have bounce walk to the smart board. He turned it on and took the writing piece.

“solve this!!! sur Davidson said and displayed a very hard geometry on the board.
The sight of the hard work made two girls faint.
they were rushed by the nurses.

Royals look at the,geometry without much stress then back to sir Davidson.
He faced the board and used just eight lines to solve it.
“such brains!!!!!

He scoffed and faced sir Davidson.
“you’re fired!! he glared and throw the writing piece at him.With that,he walk out.

� aaaah Royal, you’re the best
� it is as if you know how I hate,geometry. Thanks for sending this man away.At,least someone brain will relax.
❤ Royal, I love you!!!!
students dispersed one after the other.

But a particular girl never left.
She catwalked to my seat and talk my desk.

� what was my boyfriend telling you?? she glared. I was puzzled. I thought Royal is for Han Lily.

“no,he was not telling me anything” I replied.

“really,but he was touching your hair his ring is with you right she asked.I was speechless and at the same time infuriated.

“follow me!!!! she glared and showed off her hotly polished nails.
She smells political money.

“can’t you hear follow me!!! she ordered.I shivered at her voice.
I took my laptop in my bag and followed her.

I wonder where she is taking me to.
“stay away from Royal, he is mine!!!
“and mine alone!!!! she glared and pushed me into something deep. I didn’t noticed it,I didn’t see it coming or else I would have escaped.

I fell into a cold floor.
My head spinned and hurt a little.
I tried standing but my nerves failed me,I fell back. I resulted into crawling..
I opened my bag and saw that my iPhone screen was scratched a little.

I winced in little pain and stood up.
It pains but I managed.
I stopped immediately I felt the presence of Royal……

My jaws dropped.
He was sitting very far. I think the song he is singing made him not to hear the sound that I fell with.

Gosh, I got pushed because of him.
I pouted and started looking for a way out but of I really want to go out,I will have to pass,besides him but my identity!!!

I was pushed just because he mistakenly touch my hair.
what will now,happen if he see me in person
maybe I will get killed.

I waited till it was night.
Royal didn’t leave. I moved back and,hide.

Suddenly, he started singing.It was a romance filled song and a sensational song

�I will be your silver
� I will be your gold
� I will be your bronze
� love me, love me….

he sang and waited.He might be thinking of the best chorus but I think a very simple line chorus will make,it more sensational.

He sang it again.I don’t know what happened, I find my self helping him with a very simple chorus that looks likes a back up.

� loveeee meee now ohhh baaabyy will can be brooonze……
I made it more sensational by making it so loud.
he turned back,I moved in totally into my hideout.

“Please,come out!!! he said……
I froze into my spot.
extraordinary everyday from Adesla Golden stories.
authored by adesola adeomowole.
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Beautiful Love❤Song�

©adesola adeomowole.m.

Episode 10�.



“Please come out!! he said….
I froze into my spot with a dauntless heart.
Krishna,what have you done
Krishna,you’re in trouble!
Krishna but I thought you promise mum that you will never sing or dance! my inner mind taunts me.

“where are you?
I heard persisting foot steps around.
I moved into my hideout very well and slowly went for my hair.I unweave the longness and straighten the length till it stops on the base of my buttucks.
My body kept shaking.
I still can’t believe what I had just gotten myself into.

Royal did not leave!
that simply means I won’t leave.
There is no way I will pass without him seeing me plus he was standing close to the hallway gate.

“I must find out about you,I just see you today. I don’t care if it will takes a hundred years” royal said in a cold superior voice but very sweet and pleasant to the hearing.

I shanked into my hide out and cry silently.
6hours passed,
Royal was still sitting.
ohhh,I can’t pass.
Another 4hours passed,and then night coupled up with darkness came
He was still not leaving,meaning I can’t leave also.

“Royal,please leave!
I prayed and wished silently but it seems the spirit in him is greater than mine.
The darkness hovered,
I cried silently…my mom must have been sick worried.

“okay,I will allow you leave…I promise to close my eyes,I won’t look” he said and stood.He faced the beautifully painted wall and slowly shut his eyes by flapping his lashes.
“you can leave now” he said and made his brows more prominent.
I took off my cover shoe in my hands because I am planning to run pass him.

“have you passed already he ask.
“No,I’m planning to do” I replied and clutch my shoes in my hands.
“are you as pure as your voice he breathed out.My body drop down cold.I didn’t think twice, I move out of my hideout and ran pass him.I was just 6 stairs away from him when he opened his eyes.He didn’t get to see my front view but he had the opportunity to see the back view.

I felt cold airs,
I don’t even know if I am breathing,I just keep running.

“wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he beckoned and ran after me but I was a way too fast. I’m very sure he would have catch me to see my face if and only if he drag me by my cloth but no,hr caught my hair and end up catching the hair chain Dora bought for me.

I so much like the chain,
but I can’t just risk my identity to get it back.I’m not even sure if I can talk to him.
I ran out and found my way…..

“Royal, I’m very sorry, I would have shown you my identity but I don’t really belong here plus your standard does not allow seeing people like me” I said in my mind and took a cab
you’re reading Beautifullovesong at #adesolagolden

in the cab,I started thinking of what to tell Mrs Claudia and my mom but I’m not really good when it comes to lying.

“trouble!!! I sniffed and paid the cabman and rushed to our doorstep.
I knocked,the door was opened almost immediately by my over possessive mother all in anger.

“eeeehhn eeehnnn miss woman,why are you just coming….
“you sang
“you went to dance she furrowed.

“no,mom….” I replied.
“is it not obvious you’re holding your shoes on your hands and that simply means you are just coming from a dance show” she guessed.
The shoe fell off my hand.
I pick it up hastily and drop my head down,waiting for my judgment.

“Krishna speak!!!!
“when did you turn out to be like this?? or have you start seeing guys? she asked.

“what mommmm!!! I sniffed and lost my emotions.Hot tears pricked down my cheeks.
“then why are you just coming?? she glared.

I couldn’t speak.
She might turn it into another thing of i should explain.
“what happened then?? she asked.
“nothing” I swallowed nothing and wipe my tears.
“you just decided to stay till night! she smirks.I pretend to be removing something from my shoe.

“I pity you!!! if you’re not careful,they will just use you!!! she shouted in a scary manner. I rushed in, straightaway to my room.
I went ahead and lock myself inside the bathroom.

��Elliot’s p.o.v

“sir,can we go home
I bowed slightly for royal who was busy handling a female chain in his hands.

“I know but I don’t think I am ready” he replied.I sighed and left him.
I commanded like four guards to stay with him and I warn them strictly to watch over him while the remaining six followed me.
I remembered something and quickly excused myself.I went back to where Royal was and squatted beside where he sat.
I don’t just know why I felt pity for this handsome young guy. if and only if he knows the type of battle in front of him, I’m very sure he will do anything to regain his memory….
I would have helped him but it is not in my hands to do it because I’m a slave to Mrs Suga and it might cost my life.

“what again he pouted nicely.
“I fogort to tell you that the lawmakers will be coming over today” I said.
“I’m not coming” he replied.
“are you sure?? I asked.
“I’m sure your ear is not deaf” he said
I bowed slightly and left with the six guards.

We reached our destination within 2hours…different cars where packed in the garage.that simply shows that the lawmakers are inside.

Gosh! Royal I wonder why you don’t want to come” I clenched my fists and sat beside Romeo’s manager.

“where’s Royal?? Mrs Suga asked.
he doesn’t want to come” I replied.
Romeo smiled in victory.They only try to be good when royal is there but they are real devils behind his back.

“well,I will be representing Royal” I speak on royals behalf.
We then faced the lawmakers just to hear whatever they have to say.

“the two brothers were tested in many ways and both are found skillful. They are both competent in all ways,they have the same vote count and as a result of that,the post of the president will be considered sealed for now”. Mrs Samantha said.

“I object!!!! Mrs Rose intercepts.
“this is total partiality!!!!
“psychology says that it is never possible for two brothers to be;
“brain work skilled”
“and have the same,leadership traits rate!!
Two brothers can never be all this at the same rate. One must be greater than the other.
Mrs rose said.

“and as a result of this…..” Mrs rose said.

“as a result of what??
“wtf!!!!!!! romeo scoffed in rudely.

“you’re the one doing partiality. Royal is not here and you’re speaking on his behalf……..
Royal is arrogant!!!!!!!! Romeo said in a deadly smirks.

“he is not” I replied.
“he is not arrogant then why is he not here? Romeo asked.
I kept quiet.

Just then,Royal walked in…….
Gosh, it was not by mouth but his presence was felt.

“is Royal really human
I pouted….wondering why everywhere became silent all of a sudden.
extraordinary everyday.
Authored by Adesola Adeomowole.

read more here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/page/2/?s=beautiful+love+song
Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 3:36pm On Feb 03
Beautiful Love❤Song��
©adesola adeomowole.m.

Episode 12��


“Royal!!! Lily screamed with a teary face.Her tears got me hardly. I noticed Royal tighten his hold on my waist,Royal doesn’t want to let me go. My heart was grinding faster on his chest.
I was engulfed with fears,
but Royal wasn’t at all.He even smelt my lips by pressing his nose on it in a very romantic way.

I swear,I didn’t wish this should happen but it was Lily’s fault.She push me into royal.
The media’s rushed me and Royal on the floor and took several shots of us

Lily cried out in tears,
guards rushed her.
What else can I do?

“Jebal,let me go!! I bow still on Royal who was holding tightly unto me.
“who the hell are you why are you making me fell like there is something that I don’t know,you’re making me feel like someone is keeping something away from me?
Royal whispered into my ears in the most manner I can ever thought of then he brushed his ringed fingers firmly on my bare waist on the edges of my Saree.
“tell me,who the hell are you he asked. I became dumb.
I don’t know what to say….
“hmmmm…..! I started shaking and touch his hands on my waist.
He opened his eyes,
our gazes met with each other.

“I think I am high!!!!
I closed my eyes instantly and recover from the sweetness that I was lost in.
I stood away from Royal and bowed. I grabbed the envelope Claudia a
asked me to deliver.
The guards rushed Royal and help him up.
I fidget the moment he took his lips in.

“who the hell are you he asked again.
Just then,I sensed Mrs Suga and Romeo surfacing from the crowd.
I didn’t wait at all,I fled away ..
Thank goodness the gate was widely open.

� She hurt him
� how can she be this clumsy??
� Gosh! you touched him with your stinking hands.
� Did you also kiss him with your shameless lips!!!
was all that I heard.
I couldn’t think straight,I just keep running.

“my dream is to read my book,get a good job and be wealthy too so that I will stop.running errands for Claudia just because she is paying my admission fee.I want to do many things. I want to be wealthy so that I will stop fearing my teammates, so that I will stop leaving a life of a liar who is always making her identity clandestine! I stop running and said admist my panting.
It started raining heavily.
Everything I had on was soaked but I manage to keep the envelope that contain Mrs Claudia’s gold jewelry under my cloth.
I started running in the rain till my footwear slipped me.
I tripled and fell.
somehow, the envelope fly into the nearby water that contain fast moving dirty water.
“The gold!!!!!
I ran but the gold was gone.
what will I tell Claudia??
what will she thinks of me?

BLS�Krishna by adesola omowole.

I rushed into Claudia’s mansion in my already dirty cloth.
I should have known already that she doesn’t play with money.
“did you deliver the gold jewelry to Mrs Suga?? she asked.
“well….I did…..not…..” I stammered.
“my goddddd,that gold is a very big money. Tell me you’re joking” Claudia exclaimed.

“it wasn’t my fault,it fell off my hand into a gutter.I’m very sorry ma” I said and quickly kneel down while holding her legs.
she shake her head and breathed out “poor girl”.

“did you really kiss Royal? she ask
“I did not” I said and fidget still on my kneels.
“you better admit it…and,mind you,the video is already on the internet” Claudia said and show me the video,it had already gotten 1.9M views in just 45min that it was posted.

“Krishna,your admission in dice high is shaking already. It is no more stable… you might be lucky if Han lily doesn’t recognize you but I’m very sure Mrs Suga will find out about you” Claudia said. I started crying real tears.

“Well,you will pay for my gold!!!
Mrs Claudia said.I already know she does not play with her business.
“I will tell you how to pay in the future” she said and help me to sit on the chair.
Her maids served me pizza and juice then I went home afterwards.
I’m really happy my mom is not an internet person.if not,I will have been dead.

~~~Elliot’s p.o.v~~~~

Royal kissed her for real by mistake!
What was he thinking about?? I bashed my lashes and watch the video again.It had already rise up to 89.9M views in just 6hours.
The views will only add to his fames but I really pity that innocent girl because as it stands now, Royals fans that are girls are up to 40M and as for Lily,the video will only burst her ego and make her like a liar in front of those people that admire her.

“waoooow,when I first saw this video, I fainted for real” 5.3k reactions on just a comment on the videos.
The replies are as follows;
� why did you faint? Alexa replied
� I fainted because of the way the girl look like in Royal’s arm,I mean it looks real and adorably pretty!

� Han lily was there,why did she not do anything Lily,I’m disappointed in you!!! a fan of lily commented.

� she dare not separate them.The truth is that she can never continue keeping Royal like a,toy in her closet*


“sir Royal said you should cancel all his schedule for today” a maid interupt the video comment I was reading.
“where is he I asked.
“Luxurious sitting room part B” she replied.I nod and raced up the stairs to the particular place that Royal was

“Boss,are you okay??
I rush in..
“Fine…but still feeling little pains in my forehead.it’s alright anyways,I have seen the doctor” he replied , fluency in his voice.

He smiled and turn to me.
“Ely, will you do me a favor?? he ask, chewing bubble gum slowly in his pretty mouth.
“sir….what favor I ask.
he has not even start speaking when Mrs Suga came in.I think she already overhead our conversation.

“what are you talking about?? she chirped in.
Royal, closed his eyes.
“umm have forgotten what I wanted to say” he said.I felt relieved.
Mrs Suga made a disappointed look.

“can you please go and see Han lily for my sake?? she has been crying since morning.Please,help me” Mrs Suga said.
“is that what you want?? royal asked.
“yes” Mrs Suga smile
“I will do it” Royal said.
what an humble son
I sensed something fishy but I watch royal select a white,Lamborghini out of the numerous cars in the parking lots.

Han Lily’s p.o.v

“wait,Royal held her waist and Kissee her!! has he ever hold you like that before?? angel asked.
I scoff and slump into one,of the available chair.

“I miss,Royal… I miss the sex…I miss his touches and everything.
We made love three good times and those times,his mom lured him with alcohol for my own good. I don’t know if he will forgive me if he remember his pasts…it’s been so long but he was good to me then but Now that he lost his memory, I expect him to see other girls as disasters because he is mine and mine forever!
I said.

“did Royal really lose memory? Mira asked.
“well,he is mine.other girls are just dreaming” I rolled my eyeballs and went upstairs.
“well,I’m trapping him into my pant and breast again” I yelled and went into my room,I took off all what I was wearing and tied a very short towel.
I smiled immediately I sensed four Lamborghini drive in.

“tell him to come into my room! I shouted to Mira who was twerking downstairs.
I heard a knock on my door 6min after.

“come in” I fake a sad voice.
Royal opened the door and enter. I stood up and rush to lock the door.

“Royal,let’s take a short video.Let’s tell the whole world that the first video is a lie” I said and brush my fingers around his waist.
He move back and remove my hand from his waist.

“I know you phoned my mom and cry your usual fake tears just to get me here” he smirks.
I moved into him from the back and pressed into him softly.
He push me away.I intentionally allow my towel fall.
He didn’t look at me,
instead he divert his cute face to my wall. I bend shamefully and tie my towel back.

“do you know that girl that I bumped into he asked.I felt air in my private part.I should have known that Royal is a no nonsense guy.

“I’m that girl!! I lied.
“how can you be the one I saw the girl with my two eyes” he replied.

“well,I’m not but………..
extraordinary everyday.
Like,comment and share.
Authored by Adesola Adeomowole
Re: Beautiful Love Song by emperorblog21(m): 3:36pm On Feb 03
Beautiful Love❤Song��

©adesola adeomowole.m.



“Royal I’m not the girl,I have never seen her before.Is there any problem? I asked…while making seductive moves.
He tried leaving.
“Royal,don’t go” I said.
He came back and tap his head sweatly.
“Lily everyone know I lost my memory but do you think I will lost my brain exactly the way I lost my memory!! okay fine! I’m finding it hard to remember my past but my mind tells me you did something bad to me in the past.That means I will soon remember everything” he pouts
I locked the door in fear.
“I will be very ready to deal with all of you by the time I remember” he said.
“how many of us?? I asked.
“I don’t need to talk too much…just get out you this bloody liar.You irritate me” he said.
“royal,sorry.I promise,I won’t lie anymore” I replied and wanted to touch him but his cold superior look made my hand hang in the air.

“mind you,I have torn the goddam betrothed statement paper that is joining us together” he said and brought out many pieces of paper. he poured them on my body.

“Royal, I want you” I said.
“because I’m rich” he completed.
maybe I should lure him into my pants again.
I allow my towel fell off and played with my waist chain while my index finger went deep into my wet pussy. I twerk nakedly but Royal faced the door and unlock it smartly.
I was ashamed he didn’t look at me and so,I bent to pick my towel again and tied it.That was when he turned.

“Lilly, I’m very sure that you know who that innocent lady really is….if anything should happen to her,you will be hold responsible for that” he said and turned his back at me.
“if possible,let’s not see each other again” he said and walked out.

I fell into my bed.
Royal is not always comfortable with girls.In the past,he sees other girls like disasters.The only girl he is comfortable with is me,Han Lilly.
Despite all my bad attitude and arrogant character,despite all the bad things I did to him,he loved me dearly in the past.Then suddenly,he lost his memory….
Royal couldn’t remember anything.
Royal didn’t know anything but he was over smart in the mind.
He couldn’t remember but he can smell the difference between good and bad with his eyes.
Nobody knows who injected him…
because the doctor confirmed that he was injected with a very powerful vaccine that can cause a long lasting amnesia.

If he should find out about who he really is!!!!….if he should remember anything,me,Romeo and Mrs Suga will lose.

I think that girl is the owner of that hair chain and it is obvious Royal is still searching for her.
whosoever you are,
I hope you don’t have a nice voice,
I hope you don’t know how to dance because you can’t come and ruin my life.
I think I need to find out about you before Royal will do.She might make Royal regain his memory. The psychologist said true love will make Royal regain his memory.
I will find her first and make life a living hell for her.
♚ ♚ ♚ ♚ ♔ ♚ ♚ ♚

~~Royal’s p.ov
I drove myself into the newest mansion I just built,I stopped the guards who were following me and walk alone into the glassy wide bedroom that looks more of a relaxation center.
I sat down on a white hairy chair and brought out that hair chain.

“though,I don’t know who you are but I feel so relaxed and comfortable with you.I know you will show up someday and I wonder why you’re always running away from me.
Better show up fast because my body and soul needs to see you again…….and my silly manager just kept on saying that your identity can’t be traced.That means you don’t want me to find out about you.

Please show up before things will get extremely difficult for me because as it stands now, you’re the only one am comfortable with.
Thank you for giving me a tips on how to form a chorus of “beautiful love song”
I smiled and kept the hair chain in the most safe place.

My phone started ringing, I turned sideways,it was my mom.
“too much security” I said and pick the call.

“Royal,where are you?? she asked.
“you don’t need to ask that.If you keep monitoring me with securities, do you think I will remember my pasts?? I want to be free,bye” I said and hang up on the phone.
I switch off all my phones apart from my business phone.
Right now,I need to find out about that mysterious girl who keeps running away from me.


~~~~Krishna’s p.o.v~~~~

It is morning again!
I groaned on my prayer mat.I didn’t even sleep on bed.I prayed all night for Han Lilly to forget about me.
Have not even use up to 40days in dice high, my admission is already shaking and I might get evicted.

Today’s dream about me and Royal was worst. I dreamt that we were dancing together on stage. I really need to stop myself from dreaming those stupid things.
I comport myself immediately I heard my mom footsteps, I quickly rush into the bathroom.

“Krishna, hope you did not dream today?? she asked.
“good morning ma” I answered another thing.
“did you dream today?? she ask again.
“no ma…I didn’t dream,I didn’t sing and I did not dance” I replied.
“good” she replied and left.I felt relieve and step out of my bath.
I took my phone and checked the girls group chart since Han Lilly is the queen.
She is the one in charge of anything partaking to dressing.

all dice high girls should put on anything classic but must have a touch of black~~signed,queen Lilly.
I read and drop my phone.
I went to my closet and pick the most classic black leggings alongside with the black top Shantai bought for me then I added a yellow sweater with a girly yellow sneakers.
super classic!!!! I clapped and quickly put them on.I took an empty bag and package my phone and laptop into it.

Dora and Shantai didn’t come,
I had to take a cab halfway and trekked to school.
I was only at the gate when rumors started blocking my ears.
� did she really kiss Royal
� ohhh waooowww,Lilly must be mad.How can she watch her boyfriend being kissed
� swears,I have watch that video several times and it looks like the best video and maybe the best kiss!!

“where’s your car?? the security asked me.
“well….I…you don’t need to know” I replied and enter.I roll my hair into two funny donught so that I won’t get recognized by my long hair.

I was happy no one noticed me.They were all carried away by the video.
some girls were even dreaming they are the one!.

“the admin manager sent for you”
a girl said to me.
“okay” I replied and started following her but little did I know it was a trick.
“where is the admin manager’s office?? I’m tired of walking” I said

“will we soon get there” she replied and opened a particular door.
she moved in,
I did the same.

omg! Han Lilly!!!������
“how did she find out about me
I look at the girl that trick me into coming,then back to the remaining girls. They are like six.
Sooo wealthy looking and spoilt.

“finding out about your identity was damn hard” Lilly smiled death.
“what do you mean? I asked,purely.
“you don’t need to act innocent, I will go straight to the point” she said.
I was surrounded immediately by the remaining six girls.
They should be like Lilly,I guess.

“what….did…I do I asked,looking really scared.
one of the girls loose my long hair,
more than enough prove to show that I’m the one In the video.

“turn around” Lilly said.
“whaaaaaaaatttttt!!! I gasped but did it immediately i got slapped.Though, I’ve never been slapped before. This very one is my first one.

“turn around!!! Lilly said again.
The slap I got made me do it quickly.
“you can’t imagine this idiot seduce Royal into kissing her with her big bumbum!! Lilly said and slap my other ear.
I held it in pain and look at her.

“stop lying….I didn’t seduce anybody. I’m not a prostitute,you are the one that push me into him and I never kiss your boyfriend, it was your boyfriend that kiss me” I said the truth in tears.

“you can imagine this idiot!!!
Lilly push her hair back and made me fall down.The other girls starts beating me..

“stop!! she ordered, they stop.
“can you dance and sing? she asked.
“No….I can’t” I replied hurtfully.
she rolled her eyeballs.”whenever you see him,run away….I might do something worst than this when next I catch you” she said and gave the girls a look meaning “they should leave me!.

Then she started slapping me many times……..
just then the two opposite doors were opened by one of the girls. I was already seeing double.

when next i see you withRoyal,you will be raped here! she made an inhuman and lustful gaze.
“yes ma!! I nod and ran out.

well,Lilly said I should always run away from Royal if I want to stay safe”. I remembered and took another direction……..but instead I ran into him again in his private place.This time it was not a kiss,it was a very tight hug.

“is it that I’m not seeing or what

read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/page/2/?s=beautiful+love+song
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Re: Beautiful Love Song by BlessedNiel: 5:24pm On Feb 14
Officialphilz BlessedNiel , Alberttahir
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I don show ooo Bros
Mek I hurry go enjoy wetin dey gran

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Re: Beautiful Love Song by BlessedNiel: 9:15am On Feb 15
Wow wow wow
Very Interesting
I want more please........
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Officialphilz BlessedNiel , Alberttahir
leesamyoung Divepen1
I went to your blog to read the remaining episodes there, nice work, am short of word to describe it. please more update
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Awwwww.. Really nice buh ur updates re damn slow

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