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The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 12:57am On Jan 28
The girl who cried blood.

Alice sat alone on her dormitory bed chewing gum as she tried to finish her artwork before lights out. This was the only time she had to really be herself as she was always busy pretending to be cool during the day to everyone. Her stomach grumbled and she rubbed it in partial pain and disgust. Every night, she gobbled up her meal as fast as she can,snuck out of the dining room to her room before others come in.
"Can't believe she would fall for that." Maya laughed with two other girls as they were moving into the room.
Alice quickly packed her stuffs and pretended to be idle as they came in. She had never been able to tolerate them as she found them weak and chatty.
"Alice,hope you are good?" Veronica asked.
Alice grumbled a reply and wondered why the girl is hellbent on being friends with her.
"Try being less rude, Alice. It is almost a month that we all got to this school and yet,you still can't afford to be polite to us." Caroline hissed.
Alice just stared at them without really seeing them. She also wanted a normal life but she was a girl with a mission. If only they knew.

*To be continued*

© Temidayo Olaleye.

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Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by Georgekyrian(m): 1:32am On Jan 28

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Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 5:34pm On Feb 10
She waited for them all to fall asleep before she climbed out of bed, dressed in her favourite black hoodie, leather pants and sneakers.

Sneaking out and lightly closing the door behind her, she walked briskly to the back of the school where there was a wall she had spent the previous weeks drilling a hole into.

Removing the grass she had used to cover her acts, she crawled out of the school and ran as fast as she could until she was out of sight.

The house was built at the end of the street which made it easy for her to spy without being noticed by another neighbour. From her position where she was perched on the nearest tree, she observed the flurry of activities in the house and noted the time and compared with what she observed the previous days.

The man arrived home everynight by eleven in the night, spent at least twenty minutes in his son's room and stayed in his study for an hour to do whatever heaven knows. The main thing Alice was concerned about was that all lights went off by one in the morning.

Not later and no sooner than that. Well, she could work with that. Now, all she had to do was to start planning. She hoped she could be free after completing this mission. She didn't want to think it was a mirage this time. She had to be free. She was tired of always being on the run.

Walking back to the school before the hall mistress came to do her pre-dawn checks to ascertain that all students were in bed. She had spent the nights of her first weeks observing when the hall mistress got to their room and she was able to roughly estimate that it was around three in the morning. She never could forget how grumpy she was that due to lack of sleep which probably added to her roommates not liking her.

"Shit." She cursed as she realized she had just fifteen minutes to get to bed before the hall mistress got to her room.

She broke into a run and hurriedly crawled into the hole and was surprised and shocked when she felt a hand on her back.

She had finally been caught without even starting her mission. She was done for. The master would rather kill her than risk her getting exposed. She would not die. She had a lot to protect.

Turning, she flipped the intruder on their back intending to slit the throat only to be shocked to realize it was Veronica. She always looked at her victims in the eye as she ended their lives.

Cursing and quickly releasing her, she sheated her knife and scowled at her in annoyance.

"I could have killed you." Alice stated still trying to control her anger.

"Glad you didn't." Veronica gave a shaky laugh.

"What were you doing out here?"

"I had to know where you always sneak to at night. I follwed you out here but I couldn't see you again after you crawled out so I decided to wait for you here."

"That was a stupid decision. You could have gotten into trouble. We have just seven minutes to get to the room before the hall mistress gets there."

With that, she ran leaving Veronica to follow.

She was thinking of how to avoid answering Veronica's questions because she knew she already had a list. Veronica was thinking on who exactly Alice was, why she was dressed like that, where she always sneaks to and why she had to be armed.

For a while, she thought she was about to be dead.

Both girls managed to get in a minute before the hall mistress got to their room. They pretended to be asleep as the mistress checked in on them all with her flashlight.

Exhaling a sigh of relief as the hall mistress went out, they both wished it would be dawn quickly as they knew there was no how they could get back to sleep.

*To be continued*

©Temidayo Olaleye

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Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by Alexis410(f): 7:23am On Feb 12
Keep it coming

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Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 5:24pm On Mar 18
To all my readers, I am very grateful and also very sorry for the break.
Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 5:27pm On Mar 18
Avoiding Veronica's eyes as they all dressed up for classes the following morningd
Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by priestchurch(m): 9:09pm On Mar 19
Nice story, more update pls..
Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 10:55pm On Mar 22
Avoiding Veronica's eyes as they all dressed up for classes the following morning, she stormed out of the room faster than usual. She had pretended to not notice the slight smile Veronica gave her as they got onto their beds safely and ignored the hurt look that flitted across the girl's face as she didn't smile back.

Classes were the same as usual with teachers trying to teach disregarding the obvious fact that the students hardly gave a damn. Wondered why the she had to come to this place out of all schools? The master didn't really want her to be exposed to other things than the stupid life she was living now, she guessed.

"Hey, girl." Larry said as he sat next to her. She had made a show of acting above the other students in hopes that they will leave her alone. She pointedly ignored him.

"Why disturb yourself everyday when you know she will never reply you?" Caroline hissed.

"She is cute." Larry beamed.

"She is proud and silly." Caroline shook her head.

"Will you two leave the poor girl alone?" Veronica hissed.

"I seriously don't get why people like this girl, I wonder why I am the only one that can see through her and see what she really is." Caroline scoffed and walked away.

"She just really is a private person."

Annoyed, Alice stood up and packed her books and walked away from their midst. How dare Veronica act as if she knew her?
Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 11:21pm On Mar 22
She went to the dormitory to focus on her art before the rest came in to the room. She decided to write a letter to her brothers before planning her next step in fulfilling the master's assignment.

Weeks later, she found a way to infiltrate the man's house. There was a vacancy for a maid and she applied. She went to her class teacher and asked for permission to go visit her sick brothers. The teacher agreed as she thought it must be serious for Alice to open up to her and never suspected that it was all a lie.

She went back to the room, donned her favourite gown and went for the interview. She got there thirty minutes before the interview and used the excess time to survey the house unnoticed as she got in.

"So tell me why you want this job, Miss Price." The man asked her few minutes after the initial introductions.

Because I need to kill you to get my life back, she thought. " I need to support my family and I love cooking. I figured I might as well make money doing what I love." She replied.

"Such honesty is rare but I must confess I really feel uncomfortable about employing a girl a year younger than my son."

"And poorer, sir. This can be a way of relieving your conscience as this is a way of helping me."

"I can decide to give you money and send you off rather."

"I don't collect charity as I refuse to believe I am that pathetic."

The man smiled. "You are really an interesting little one, Miss Price."

Alice just stared and gave a tiny smile in response. She watched in confusion as the man gave her a form.

"Fill the form and drop it with the security on your way out."

The man stood up and she hastily did likewise, they shook hands before he left the room.

Alice took a while to gather her thoughts about the man. She had been watching him all along but couldn't see why the man had to be killed. Maybe he was good at pretending like her. After all, Alice Price wasn't even her name.

She couldn't even remember the truth about herself anymore. The only truth was she was a very good killer who hates what she did and she was very damn hungry.

*To be continued*

© Temidayo Olaleye.
Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by Ultimategeneral: 4:10pm On Mar 25
this, I must confess will be very interesting.

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Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 10:30am On Apr 01
It was already a week after the interview and it seemed like the man was not going to call her anytime soon so Alice began working on a new plan to enter the house and do the job without getting into trouble. She was no good to her brothers if she landed her ass in jail. She would have been a very good sniper and her life would have been a lot easier but she refused to carry guns no matter how much the master insisted. She feared she might lose all her humanity if she became a pro at shooting guns.

"Alice, wait up. " Larry shouted as he ran up to her.

"Larry, how many times would I tell you I don't need a friend? "

"They all say that before they became Larry's girlfriend. " Larry boasted.

"You wish. " She scoffed and tried to walk away. Larry held her hand and she flipped him on his back on instinct.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, " Larry held up his hands in surrender. "Easy there, tiger. I meant no harm. "

"Don't you ever do that again." She snarled at him.

"I think I just fell in love with you. See you later, my love. " Larry laughed as he walked away.

"The boy is crazy and there is no doubt about it."

Alice turned to see who the speaker was. She gave a little smile when she noticed it was Veronica before she finally walked off.
Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 11:06am On Apr 01
Finding a spot in the bush, she whipped out her phone and dialed the master's line.

"Hello, Elena." The master's voice was laced with fatigue and Alice knew the call wouldn't be long so she quickly cut down to the chase.

"I want to speak to Derek and Drake. "

"They are not here."

"You always say that. They either have assignments or not yet back from school anytime I call." Alice's voice broke.

"You call at the wrong time, young lady. That's not my problem. "

"Exactly why I called today. It is a Saturday and yet there is another excuse why I can't speak to my siblings. Are you really going to let me talk to them at all?" She yelled in anger.

"Mind your tone, young lady."

"But I want to talk to them."

"They are being taken care of. Just focus on the assignment. " With that, he ended the call.

Alice felt like she was losing her only living family day by day. Sometimes she wondered whether her brothers would even recognize her after she was done being the master's hunt dog

She bent down and cried bitterly.

"It's okay to cry out and scream if you want to. That doesn't mean you are weak." A voice said as arms went around her.

Alice didn't have to glance up to know it was Veronica and strangely, she welcomed the embrace. She leaned in and cried as she let down all her pretenses and allowed Veronica to soothe and whisper some nonsense sweet words to her.

"No matter how much I try to be rational, I can't just stop feeling like I've lost already. I can't leave this life. I'm trapped. For life. Forever. "

"You are safe now though. "

Yes, she was safe now. The master can't see whatever she was doing unless she made him suspicious. She was going to start living for herself and be who she wanted to be. She was no man's hunt dog or assassin.

Just then her phone rang. She ignored as Veronica jerked in surprise and picked the call. It was from an unknown number.

"Hello," she said cautiously. "Who am I speaking with?"

"Mr. Brad Specter. "

"Does this mean I got the job? " She quickly jerked to attention.

"I think so. Could you come over by six in the evening if it is not too much to ask? " He chuckled.

"Not a big deal"

She stood up abruptly which shocked Veronica, muttered a few words which were to be assumed as thanks and walked off without a backward glance.

Guess the questions in Veronica's eyes were not to be answered today.

Veronica shook her head continuously to assure herself that she was not dreaming. She had followed Alice hoping to know where she went to only to find her crying bitterly. She had been shocked when she allowed her to comfort her, more shocked when she got better after a call from a person she initially didn't know. She shouldn't have been shocked when she just brushed her off and sprinted off but she was.

If she was going to be friends with Alice, she had to get a thicker shock absorber. Just the look in Alice's eyes was as if a game just began.

She just hoped Alice didn't hurt herself playing a game she might not win because she knew Alice was willing to go down just to win. That look didn't look like a girl who just cried some minutes ago.

Damn the tears, this girl was out for blood.

*To be continued*
© Temidayo Olaleye.

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Re: The Girl Who Cried Blood by horeofe(f): 3:19pm On Apr 07
"Harry, will you hurry up?" Brad shouted at his son. He shook his head in exasperation. Alice was bound to arrive in few minutes and yet here his son was, still not ready to receive the housekeeper he chose by himself.

"Dad, you are still angry at the prank I did." Harry chuckled at his old man.

"Of course son, I'm mad. How could you?"

"Dad, you are rarely home. I'm the one who gets to stay all at home with the housekeeper we get so forgive me if I chose someone I can at least relate with." He said unrepentantly.

"Are you ready to meet her?"

"You are kidding, right? I will be ready to meet her - no matter how she looks - than the rest of the applicants old enough to be my grandmother.

"I agree she was the youngest of all the applicants." Brad sighed but still, he would have preferred anyone other than her. He had delayed deciding who the new housekeeper would be and his son had stumbled upon the applications and called Alice because the others were older and he felt they wouldn't mind their business and pock nose in his. He had gotten home for a rest long due only for his son to tell him he had made an appointment with the 'new' housekeeper.

"Well, let's watch a movie while we wait for her, shall we?"

Few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Brad went to open the door and politely ushered Alice in. He ignored the look of surprise on her face as she saw his son.

"Miss Price, this is Harry, my son."


"This way, please."

He led her on a tour of the house, showed her where she would live and briefed her on what she had to do. He ignored as well Harry's blank looks as he followed them all around.

Well, he hoped the looks meant he didn't like her so he might just quickly send her back because he wasn't feeling particularly eager about having a housekeeper who might have a crush on his son. Harry was a naughty boy and Alice might get hurt if she liked him as he suspected when she saw his son.

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