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The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 7:02pm On Feb 16
Hey fams. I wrote this love story on valentine's day (you know because I am in love with love). It is a short story though but short and sweet. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 1:48pm On Feb 17

Sandy was pretending with her book again. Staying late in the ICT lab, long after classes have ended. While the entire school was out partying, dining and drinking in the euphoria of that lovers’ day.

St. Valentines’ Day.

That dreadful day was here again. With its chocolates, flower bouquets, romance, love songs and that annoying baby angel: cupid. It was all so absolutely revolting. Revolting, because she was always ignored. Valentines’ day is everything a love hopeful could ever ask for. But Sandra Uchenna was not a love hopeful. She, a plain-looking girl with large eyes and hair like pineapple that defiantly stuck out from her head no matter how much relaxer she dabbed onto it. And worse off she had a nearly flat chest and backside, so sexy is out of it. Sometimes when she wore her jeans or pants people often mistook her for a guy from behind. So as far as valentines’ day goes she wasn’t a bull eye for most guys.


Her best friend Yetty, on the other hand, was a bombshell. Yetunde Amoo is every Romeo’s dream love and every Casanova’s dream catch. She had a busty chest and a hot ass, with small sexy cat eyes to die for. And hair that gracefully falls in submission across her perfect oval-shaped face whenever she adds only a touch of relaxer to it.

These two have been best friends since high school with Yetty, who didn’t care much for boys initially, getting all the romantic attention since her ripening in J.S.S.3. While Sandy, who has been dreaming of boys and romance and marriage since her primary school days couldn’t even get a “hello” from guys, not to mention a date.


She became so ignored that she by their senior years she had lost all confidence in talking to guys. So when she’d eventually fancied a guy, Yetunde offered to do the talking. That backfired though. Because then all the guys Yetty talked to, eventually ended up fancying Yetunde. She would never forget when Yetty offered to talk to Seun on her behalf. Seun then the newly transferred student with quiet half-caste features. So Yetunde walked up to him and they talked for longer than necessary and later she came back saying:

“It is done; he will see you later.”

But he took his time to ‘see her later’ and so she summoned up the courage to meet him herself and when she did he said:

“Oh, I’m sorry but I changed my mind. It is your friend Yetty that I like.”

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 8:45am On Feb 19

That was when she believed guys would never go for her. Because she was not pretty like Yetty.

Their University days were much worse, even after putting more effort; like makeup and stylish hairdos and clothes, it just never seemed to attract guys. While Yetty just seemed to be swimming in her Mecca of men.

But still, they remained friends and when Yetty found her pouting that fateful Val’s day she asked:

“Babe, what is the problem now?”

“Woh, leave me jare. It is nothing.”

“Ahn Ahn, tell me now.” She insisted.

“Look, Yetty, you won’t understand so just leave it.”

“Hey, I don’t like it o! You are obviously upset and I want to know what’s wrong, as your friend, and you are telling me that I won’t understand. Are you saying that I am not smart or what? Even if I’m not brilliant at IT like you. why wouldn’t I understand?”

“Ahn Ahn, Haba Yetty. I didn’t mean it like that now…”

“Then how did you mean it, ehn? Bookworms like you, are always looking down on the rest of us.”

“Chei, Yetty. Wetin bring that one now?” Yetunde was pouting now and said

“I was asking you what the problem is and you were…” Sandy interrupted her.

“Okay, sorry sorry. Come on now. I said I’m sorry. Oya I will tell you. What I meant was... Yetunde, I am lonely.” She said despite her embarrassment.

“Ahn Ahn, but we hang out all the time now?”

“That’s not what I meant. I mean I don’t have a boyfriend. Even years after high school. And now, we are in our 3rd level in Uni but still no boyfriend for me. While you are always having one guy or the other. And I am not saying that I am jealous. It’s just that, it reminds of how lonely I am. Because when we hang out, it is you and me and some guy or guys that are toasting you at the time. But for me? Still no one.”

“Awww, babe! Why you no talk since now? Anyways, there are so many guys on this campus. What of our classmates? That one! That guy in the V-neck shirt.?

“He’s married, jor!” she hissed

“Really, he’s so young! Okay, what of that guy in the turkey neck?”

“Yetty, Julius wears a turkey neck because he has body odour.”

“Ewww!” she squinted her nose.


“Well, you know what I mean. There’s still plenty of nicer guys on campus that you can just take any guy you want.”

“No, point of correction! YOU can take any guy you want because you are pretty and sexy. I obviously can only dream of taking any guy I want.” She interjected

“Calm down, Sandy,” said Yetty laughing “hey, I’ll help you. I can talk to a couple of guys for you…”

“NOOOOO! NO NO NO!” she screamed “If that didn’t work in high school it definitely will not work here. So forget it”

“Hey, How can I help you if you don’t let me help…”

Just then their ICT engineering tutor walked in.

“Hey, babe! What about him!?” asked Yetty

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Re: The Loveless Night by purity23(f): 12:24pm On Feb 19
And the love story begins. grin
Keenly following ops

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Re: The Loveless Night by Ifypresh(f): 12:29pm On Feb 19

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 12:44pm On Feb 19
Thank you fam.

The story will surely continue
Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 10:42am On Feb 21
Chapter 1: Loveless part 3

Sandy looked up to see Bamidele. Their ICT senior by two years in 500 level. A gentle guy with easy manners and temperament. But Sandra immediately knew why Yetty would pitch Bamidele to her. Bamidele wasn’t Yetty's type. He wasn’t handsome or tall or loaded. He was just another brilliant guy who is only good for lessons to her. But Sandy did like Bamidele because he was the only guy who would help juniors by giving tutorials and answer tough questions. He was a nice guy. The problem was; she wasn’t attracted to him. Sandra was attracted to tall handsome lean guys who were charming and could sweep girls off their feet with flair. Like in the romance novels. She grew up reading too many romance novels.

Even though Bamidele wasn’t short, he was of medium height, with an obvious fat body and a little potbelly. He kept his hair; afro and full and it was usually shaggy like he couldn’t afford a good barber. And he was almost always badly dressed in oversized long-sleeved shirts and jeans. With oversized glasses that gave him an owl-eyes look.

“Hey…um good afternoon guys,” Bamidele said greeting the class of about one dozen students gathered for the regular tutorials. He immediately zoomed in on Sandra as if he could sense her thoughts about him. When she looked back he just as soon looked away in shyness.

“Sorry babe, but I am not interested in our tutor.” Yetty just shrugged and Sandy sighed.

Bami would have been perfect but she wanted one of those guys that she’d read about in Mills & Boon and Harley Quinn novels. The tall muscular handsome princes that would sweep ladies off their feet. She was all about passion. The heat.

The most Bamidele seemed to be passionate about was programming. He would only glance at her occasionally in class. She sensed that he might be interested in her but she couldn’t be sure. Who knows what goes on in egghead's brains. Besides she wasn’t interested. She wanted someone who would light up the fires of passion in her. Someone who would make her head go foggy and unable to think clearly. Someone whose breath would make her skin go goose-pimply, her hair stand on end and her nipples perk up. Someone whose slightest touch would send heat waves rushing through her veins and converge between her legs and moisturize her in between.

Not someone who would only smile at the whiteboard whenever he successfully treated a question that lecturers failed at answering. No. Bamidele wouldn’t do at all.

“Yetunde, you know what? Why don’t you tell me about your plans for this evening?” she asked changing the subject.

“Oh, you know my friend Michael?” Sandy rolled her eyes because Yetunde always called her guys ‘friends’ like there was a boyfriend hidden somewhere that she was hiding them from.

“He says he’s taking me to that new eatery that just opened opposite our school: Richies! Afterwards, we would go to the school’s Valentines’ bash for some mingling and from there we will spend the rest of the evening at the seaside, for some late-night ocean breeze romance.”

She said gleefully thoroughly excited and forgetting about Sandy’s loneliness instantaneously. It was a wonderful plan and Sandy immediately regretted asking her about it. It made her jealous.

“That’s nice,” she said finally “now, let’s listen to Bamidele tackle this question. It will come out in the next test.” And she totally ignored Yetunde.

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Re: The Loveless Night by michael123pelemo(m): 9:33am On Feb 22
Update oh

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 11:04am On Feb 22
Ahn ahn bros wait now, lolz.

But the update is still coming sha.
Re: The Loveless Night by Ann2012(f): 6:26pm On Feb 22

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 10:21am On Feb 24

Try as she might she could never get a nice guy to notice her on regular days and valentines’ were the worst because she was practically invisible that day. Cupid never had any arrows for her and it hurt her, more than she cared to say.

Well, since Valentines’ Day had rejected her, she would reject Valentines’ Day. She would boycott it.

By staying in class long after everyone else had left, as long as she could. Till she was safe from bumping into any happy couples; holding hands in the street, smooching in the halls or caressing in the corridors. All of which would only remind her of her chronic loneliness and send her into another pillow-hugging depression.

Long after Yetty and Bamidele and the rest of the tutorial class had left Sandy stayed behind, with her books. This was going to be her new tradition on Valentines’ Day. Just her, alone in class, hiding from the romantic world that has always ignored her.

After many hours of studious work, she heard a faint sound. She went to the window and noticed that a rain cloud was gathering. She silently prayed for heavy rain to ruin Valentines’ for everyone even Yetty. She imagined her bestfriend running, trying to escape the rain but slipping and falling flatly in a puddle of mud.

“Ah! I must be a bad friend” she laughed to herself.

Just then, through the window. She noticed a figure. The faint figure of a man by the lamp post at the bottom of the building. She became scared. It could be a cult member, or even a kidnapper loitering around for victims. And so she left the window and went back to her studies trying to forget her fear.

“Hello, is Racheal here?” a head said poking into the lab.

Startled! Sandy looked up from her table to the perfect face of Mr Sola the hot new young ICT lab technician.

Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 10:24am On Feb 24
Hey fam, how you doing this fine morning? I hope you enjoy the latest update.

You can also check my stories and poems at

Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 10:28am On Feb 24
Re: The Loveless Night by sly12345: 11:24am On Feb 24

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 9:06am On Feb 25
Thanks fam, you can also check out other books by adeabdul on okadabooks.


Re: The Loveless Night by Ann2012(f): 8:20pm On Feb 25
Hey fam, how you doing this fine morning? I hope you enjoy the latest update.

You can also check my stories and poems at


Doing that right away

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 10:59am On Feb 26
Chapter 2: UGLY 2

Startled! Sandy looked up from her table to the perfect face of Mr Sola the hot new young ICT lab technician.


“I’m sorry if I scared you. I was just looking for Racheal.” He said.

“No…erm, she’s not…nobody’s here except me.” She said stuttering, flustered to be alone with the university’s hot new recruit.

Mr Sola was young, very young. Maybe five or six years her senior as opposed to most technicians who were old enough to be her father or grandfather. Most of the girls had a crush on him. He was good looking in a magazine model kind of way, with a lean athletic physique and a chiselled chin. Most of the girls, including Sandra and Yetty.

“Babe, babe… look at the new lab assistant! Isn’t he hot?” Yetty had once told her “Oh, yeah, he’s dreamy!”

“Too bad he works here. I would have given him the eyes but dating school staff is just, not a good idea.” And Sandy had been surprised at Yetty’s good sense. She thought her friend would date anyone.

But now, Mr Hot and Dreamy was with her alone, on a cold Valentines’ night.

“That’s too bad, I can’t find her anywhere.” He said and Sandy thought to herself

“What?! Is Mr Sola, already dating a student on campus?” and she smiled at him mischievously thinking “Can’t really blame him though. Girls must be throwing themselves at him.”

“Um…sorry. What did you say?” he was talking to her but she hadn’t heard him.

“I said: Are you here alone?” he asked again.

“Yes, I am. Just me…nobody else.”

“Oh, what about Valentines’ Day?”

“Ugh, erm…I don’t have a Valentine this day.”

“Ah, too bad! Well, at least you didn’t get blown off by the person you’re supposed to spend your Valentines’ Day with.” He confessed and she furrowed her brows wondering who in their right minds would blow him off and for whom? They had more small talk and she hardly notices as he edged closer and closer to her desk. But when he sat on her desk with his right buttock, she definitely noticed.

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Re: The Loveless Night by purity23(f): 2:02pm On Feb 26
Thanks for the update

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 2:51pm On Feb 26
My pleasure dear! �

You guys are so wonderful to write for.

Thanks for the update
Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 4:26pm On Feb 28

But what about Valentines’ Day?"

“Ugh, erm…I don’t have a Valentine for today.”

“Ah, too bad! Well, at least you didn’t get blown off by the person you’re supposed to spend your Valentines’ Day with.” He confessed and she furrowed her brows wondering who in their right minds would blow him off and for whom? They had more small talk and she hardly notices as he edged closer and closer to her desk. But when he sat on her desk with his right buttock, she definitely noticed.

He chattered her up, and she was so flattered to be the object of his attention. A guy that most girls desired. For once, she was with a hot guy who was with her and just her and not talking to Yetunde or asking for her room number or directions to the room of some other girl. She felt positively giddy and even began to flirt with him a little. She couldn’t help herself. He was the kind of guy that could ease any girl into a conversion within seconds. And so they talked and talked.

“So, why are you without a date on this special day?” he asked

“Oh, it’s a long story. She said flirting and blushing.”

“That’s alright, I’ve got all the time in the world.”

“I guess Mr Right, just wasn’t here.”

“Then maybe you should choose Mr Right Here.” He said placing his hand on her shoulder and she instantly stiffened.

“And you’re not going anywhere, are you?” He continued, trailing his hand down her shoulder to her side almost touching her breasts.

Uncomfortably she brushed his hand away saying: “No, please don’t do that.”

“But why now?” he said teasing.

“Ah, its too fast jare. We’ve only just met!”

“Too fast?! But we have been talking for a long time!” he said incredulously “Besides you know me, don’t you? I am your lab technician, you said so yourself.”

Puzzled she looked into his eyes and said “This is a lab! That kind of play is not appropriate here…someone might see?”

“No, that’s alright. There’s no one else in any of the labs, I’ve checked. There’s no one even in the corridors, they’ve all gone out to party. We can just move to the back and no one will see us.” He said hinting at sex.

She stared at him incredulously. “Move to the back?” she thought. Did he think she was the kind of girl that would have sex in a classroom? With a guy, she’d only just spoken to for the first time? Just because she was lonely on Valentines’ Day? She had heard that students did all sorts in class but she never imagined that she’d get a proposition for such. And from someone that she thought was responsible like Mr Sola, a lab assistant at the school! Well, she may be lonely but she wasn’t desperate.

She suddenly regretted talking to him or even flirting with him and said. “Please excuse me, I have a test to prepare for. I need to study!” He didn’t get up.

“Ahn Ahn, don’t be like that Susie!”

“My name is Sandy!” she interjected pointing.

“Sorry, Sandy! You don’t have to worry, it will be quick and I have a condom right here. And after the first round, if you want to go again, I still have another one.”

“Oh my God! Does this guy go round carrying condoms?” She wondered but then remembered that it was Valentines’ night. Now she understood his predicament. He was blown off by the girl he was planning to have fun with, and finding her alone, he wanted to use her as a consolation prize to soothe his raging urges. She wondered if he was usually so forward with girls or maybe he had taken sex pills that were now driving his urges crazy. But in any case, she didn’t care.

“I am not interested please.” She said but he still just sat there on her desk, stubbornly. She then remembered what Yetunde had once told her about stubborn guys who wouldn’t take “No!” for an answer.

“Look, babe! When you are telling a guy ‘No’ and the guy is forming stubborn there is only one thing to do: Enter craze mode! Shout for am well well, scatter your hair and throway anything for your vicinity; book, table, chair. If not the guy no go wan leave you o!”

Entering Craze Mode!

“HEY! I SAY I NO DO! ABI YOU NO DEY HEAR? LEAF ME NOW O! LEAF ME O!” she screamed and pushed him off her table along with her books too.

“Hey, hey! Please take it easy. Calm down. I have heard you!” he said staggering on his feet.

“LEAVE ME O! LEAVE ME O!” she said scattering her hair to its utmost bushy level. Mr Sola shocked at the sudden transformation quietly walked to the door. But when he was at the door he turned around to face her:

“You no dey happy say I even dey talk to you? An ugly girl like you! Hiding for class because say you no fine reach for any guy. Ugly thing! Mtchew. Abeg get out and lock the door for me. The lab is closed to students after eight o’clock.” he hissed and slammed the door.

Sandra got up slowly and knelt down to start picking up her books from the floor. As she was picking them up. Tears began welling up in her eyes. She couldn’t believe the first guy to ever show interest in her, only wanted her on rebound sex. And she was alone in the lab on Valentines’ Day because if she went out. She would still be alone, because she was unwanted and unloved by anyone because she was not pretty. Mr Sola’s words hurt like a dagger to the heart. She really did feel like an unwanted and unloved ugly thing. And the tears began, she was crying out of misery. She then gathered her books to leave. She didn’t want to be in class anymore. She just wanted to be alone in her bed, hug her pillow and cry herself to sleep.

Just then, the sky suddenly cracked open with lightning and thunder strikes and then it started raining outside. She went to the window and sighed. It was raining heavily.

“Serves me right for wishing for rain to ruin other peoples valentine.”

She looked more closely from the window, the faint silhouette man was running towards the bottom of the building. But she didn’t care for her safety anymore. Determinedly, she picked up the rest of her books and began to leave. If the man was a cultist she didn’t much care. She closed the lab's auto-lock doors and with tears in her eyes began running through the corridors. She was almost outside when she bumped into someone. It was the silhouette man. He startled her and her books fell and his objects fell too and he said.
“Oh, I'm very sorry.” And he bent down to help her"
It was Bamidele.


Re: The Loveless Night by Ann2012(f): 12:11pm On Feb 29
Thanks for the update

I just hope Bamidele is good sha

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 2:18pm On Feb 29
Uwc fam. Let's find out! �

Thanks for the update

I just hope Bamidele is good sha

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Re: The Loveless Night by Missmossy(f): 2:29pm On Feb 29
Aww interesting cheesy keep it coming adeabdul2

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 3:23pm On Feb 29
Thanks fam.

Sure thing. Stay tuned

Aww interesting cheesy keep it coming adeabdul2
Re: The Loveless Night by Moura7(m): 6:41pm On Feb 29
Finally... something new and not stereotypical.
Nice story


Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 7:29pm On Feb 29
WOW... If I catch u. I will hug and kiss you.

Thanks fam.

You just made my year! ���

Finally... something new and not stereotypical.
Nice story
Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 3:10pm On Mar 03
Hey fam!

So sorry for the delay on the update. Here you go!

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 3:10pm On Mar 03

Surprised! "Bami? Ah, what are you doing here?"

He didn't answer her immediately, but instead, he began picking up all her books and handed them to her. His hands were shaking and cold because he was completely drenched by the rain.

What Sandra didn't know was that Bamidele, the shy bookworm tutor had been looking for her, all evening. He had even made Sandra popular in the entire school. Because it was the first time anyone had ever seen or heard him show even the smallest interest in any girl on campus.

He was wearing an ill-fitting suit and formal shoes and carried a box of chocolates with a valentine’s day love card. He had looked for her in the girls’ hostel. She wasn’t there, but all the other girls came out to see for themselves; Bamidele the efiko, who did not look at any girl all through his first year. Till now, in his final year to be playing Romeo because of Sandra.

“Sandra of all girls”, they thought. Because much prettier girls were available on campus. Just by being interested in Sandra, Bami had unknowingly raised her level on campus. After all, any girl that can interest an egg-headed bookworm like Bamidele, must be pretty special, not so?

Afterwards, guys and even girls on campus would look twice at her to try to find that X-factor that made Bami like her.

Bamidele was already nervous to begin with but then all the fuss he got from the girls in their hostel had made him somewhat terrified.

"Bamisco" they jeered him "you look fine o! Ehn, but this suit is not proper now. It is valentines' day not a job fair. Go and wear another suit please." one girl advised as if he had another suit.

"Hmmm, so Bami, you sef dey like girls? Wetin com happen wey you no talk since?" another asked.

"Hey, Bamidele as for me o! I no think say Sandra like boys o.”

“Lara, why?" one girl cautioned.

"I’m just saying now.”

“Keep quiet!” she retorted

"Ahn ahn but Bami, it is not fair o. Laide my friend was eyeing you for three years. Three good years and you didn’t do anything. It is Sandra, ordinary Sandra! That you like. It is not fair o!" accused another.

“Nkechi, wetin be your own now?" retorted another and soon enough a fight broke out.

“Are girls always this confrontational?” Bami thought.

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Re: The Loveless Night by michael123pelemo(m): 11:18am On Mar 04
Update op

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Re: The Loveless Night by Ann2012(f): 2:48pm On Mar 04
Thanks for the update but e short oooo

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Re: The Loveless Night by adeabdul2(m): 3:05pm On Mar 04
Ah, I am very sorry about the length. Please pardon me. Longer update loading!

Thanks for the update but e short oooo

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Re: The Loveless Night by Ifypresh(f): 5:52pm On Mar 04

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