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Ways On How To Promote Your Business In Nigeria by eyems: 12:39am On Mar 17, 2020
Ways on How to Promote Your Business in Nigeria – When you are done opening a business, now the next phase is who do you get people to know about it. How do you win and retain your customers? A very crucial and important question. The answer is promotion. Yeah. Promoting your business. And how do you do that? First of all, what do we mean by business promotion? This is how we make ours business known to the generality of the populace.
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That is our targeted audience. And how we do this, is very key and important. We try as much as we can to make our products or services appeal to our targeted audience whose main purpose is to sell it to. Most of us must have heard the popular saying that picture creates a lasting memory and that’s the truth. When you make your product look so appealing and fine in the eyes your customers, they are aroused by it and want to give it a try. Some people are not convinced only by what you say but the quality of what you show them and this will lead them from being a potential customer to a lead customer and then your customer.

Don’t just advertise because others are doing so. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. People don’t just say a yes to your advert because they are adverts nope. There are factors to be considered in advertisement that needs be done that will make your potential customers turn out to be yiur eventual clients. And we will be discussing them extensively

Some years ago, I asked my friend in Ogwashi-uku what bike have the best engine because he was a mechanic. He called a name for me. And I told that I don’t even know them. He said because they don’t run adverts. You see? Just because your product is quality doesn’t mean it will hit sky rock In sales. A thousand times nope.
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Marketing as it where is among the three pillars that makes up a successful business. A friend one mine puts it this way and I kind of agree to it. ” When we say marketing, it means you are producing a quality PRODUCT, in an attractive PACKAGE, for an affordable PRICE, at the best PLACE for easiest access by your customers, doing everything possible to make it appeal to them by a means called PROMOTION. Marketing). You can’t do all these and still fail. Success in business is a principle matter.

This publication is all about helping you to promote your business the right way and the right time. So we will be giving you a comprehensive analysis of what to do to be able to promote your business the right way so that you can stand an edge in the business market. Now, carefully read and follow all my instructions.


Ways on How to Promote Your Business in Nigeria Before you start a business, you must have thought of a name to give it. It’s very important but we will discuss more on it later. Design a beautiful logo for it. A logo that can easily be captured in heart of men. Also locate a site of Operation or office space. Dona sign post for direction purpose. Get a complimentary card for your business and add to it handbills. As you can see, these are the first point of contact and should be taken care of in a very appropriate manner. Creat e a first and lasting impression. Remember there is no second chance to make a better first impression.

While choosing a name for your business, please choose a name that is not an obvious one or that which have been used before. Let the business name be very simple to pronounce and easy to remember. Your business name should be able to create some form of wondering in the heart of your clients. Let it be so worth their time thinking about and want to come see what’s the business all about. Don’t give a business name that doesn’t have any meaning except you are gonna spend all your life running adverts telling and reminding people of what you do. Am currently working on a topic that will address this issue. It’s titled “Qualities of A Good Business Name in Nigeria”

2. Design a logo that will represent what you stand for and leave a great and memorable impression in the minds of members of the public. In designing a logo for your business, you must be very creative because when you miss it here, it has a way of damaging the outer image of your business. Don’t make it too cluttered. Make it as simple as it can be. If you are not creative enough to create a logo, then meet people whose job it is. They can create simple and unique logo for your company. Have you noticed that major companies today that have been in existence for years now have a simple logo that have stood the test of time? Examples are Mercedes, Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, Toyota, Puma, Google, Yahoo, HP, Dell, Ford, Facebook Apple, Samsung, LG etc. so on have stood the test of time. Like I have said before don’t cluster it with many irrelevant stuffs. Make it simple, creative and very attractive.

3. location. You don’t want to situate your business that deals on computer importation in a community where they don’t have means to electricity. A community where majority of the citizens are illiterates. Whose gonna buy them? Who are your target audience there? Now you must be able to locate your business in a suitable place that can attract people. In locating your business in an environment, your business type matters allot. You have to place your business in an environment where such an operation you carry out can be easily accessed by your potential customers. Locating your business shouldn’t be difficult at all else your customers will look for a place very easy for them. Your environment must be neat, must be secured and must be easily accessible. Now let’s take an example.

A restaurant business must be neat and cozy, cool and secured with a form of privacy. This kind of business must be located in a populated place. But a poultry Farming business can’t be located in such a place. Infact it must be located far away from people populated environment because of it’s offensive smell which could be very hazardous to the human body. Health wise it is mot ideal and good to keep it close to residential areas.

4. Sign Post. If there is need to do a sign post, then do it with creativity. Don’t just do anything put do something that can create an impression in your clients mind when they see it. Make it bold and very conspicuous. It should be beautiful at first sight. Many people make the mistake of crowding their sign Post with lots of stuffs and the message at the long run is not passed. Remember that not everyone has a clear eye sight so you will have to make your sign post visible from a good distance. You could be add pictures if need be. But it’s not compulsory. Don’t add it when it will be very crowded.

5. Print complementary cards

There are people who don’t live around you. Or are too busy to see sign posts or whatever reason may not know about your business, now you have to print complimentary cards or flyers. These complimentary cards and fliers should carry your business name, your contact phone number(s), address and your name too. Remember to add your logo. Always take them along with you. Because you will need to give them to your colleagues, workers family, business partners, friends, drop the flyers in restaurants, in public buses etc.


Please don’t bring the “I don’t care what people say about my business” just into your business career because what they say actually do matters. The impression people have about your business has to do alot with how you should go about your business. At times, what they may think about your business may not be true but whatever they think or their opinion about your business is more important than yours. Am talking about your customers and your potential customers. Do all you can to listen to their criticism and apply their advise.

7. You have to create an enabling environment for your staffs. This is very important. They are the ones to be more catered for because if your business must grow, they have to be properly treated. You have to create an environment of love, trust, friendship, team spirit, and a proper way to deal with conflicts and intimidation. Let everyone in your team feel like the business belongs to them. Give them an open hand to express their creativity

7. Create a good business relationship with the public.

Ways on How to Promote Your Business in Nigeria – When you probably have set up your business, your first customers sure will be those who are around where you stay. They are probably gonna be your customers if you give them the right environment to flourish. These are the people who are going to sell you out to the public if they are given the right treatment. So you don’t joke with these ones. It’s been advised that when you start up, get your staffs from your environment jts always better that way for a start.
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8. you are to ensure you Provide standard quality products and services to customers. What a customer pays with is money while they get value for what they pay for. Quality stands you and your business out. Don’t be like those who provides substantial products. It’s just a matter of time, they and their businesses will fade out. Quality products and services will naturally promote your business. This is the truth. Though it may be very capital intensive to do that but trust me, when you produce a quality product people will pay anything for it.

9. You have to deliver to your customers what they need and have paid for as at when due. Avoid disappointment. Don’t promise them and fail them because they won’t trust your services again. You want to kill a business, then don’t be reliable enough to deliver your products and see how your business will crumble. When they know you are a person of time, they will stick to you and even ensure they keep paying you for your goods and services on time too.


Lack of creativity have caused many business to lack clients and eventually they folded up. This is one area every business persons have to look out for. Be a man of creativity. Think deeply how you can improve your services, how you can outsmart your competitors etc. Without creativity, your business becomes stagnant and that’s where it’s eventual death starts from.
I will share some tips about this now.

10. You ought to make your environment feel the presence of your business. Yeah that’s the idea. You have to saturate everywhere around you with your brand image. Your name and the logo on your business should be placed on your stationary, business cards, calendars, T-shirts, email signatures, brochures, merchandising materials, etc. Give these materials out to people. By so doing, you are creating an environment for your business inside an existing environment. These are some of the stuffs these big companies engage in.

11. Build an online presence for your business/product. The world is becoming more and more global which means all I need to reach a man in Lekki while am in Ikorodu is must via the Internet. If you open a business, i will advise you create a website for it. A uniquely designed website that can represent you while you aren’t there. Make your brand known on all available social media handles. Give your business an online strong presence that tells people what you are into. You can reach a customer base of 200 thousand daily on your social Media platforms. Place adverts of your business on the following social media handles: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, pocket, buffer, etc. Like I have also said, create a website for it and ensure everyone who gets into your site will able to understand all what you do. You can also place your adverts on forums like nairaland, nairametric, etc. Also visits interactive websites like football and fashion websites, and make comments that promote your business. Work on your business to be on online and enjoy the ending flow of ending streams of customers. For those who have a Facebook account, create a page about your business, then keep advertising your business on it. Don’t get tired of doing so. Talk to your friends on Facebook to help you promote your business. I will recommend that you go for a banner ads and then use the search engine optimization techniques to promote your online presence on Facebook and your site.

12. No man is an island of knowledge. Nope. The world is evolving every day. What you knew just yesterday is no longer a recipe for today’s success. You must always seek to improve yourself. Go for business seminars, trainings, meetings. When you get to these meetings, introduce yourself by the name of your business. That way, you are selling your business out and people tend to take people like that serious and want to do business with them. A colleague friend of once siad that, he is so sure that the wife’s family knew the name of his business more than his name. I layg do but that’s the best and that should be our goal.

13. Engage in some promotion exercise for your business. Organize exhibitions and promotions for your business. This will cause your business to be known. While on this promotions, you are to make your products cheap and affordable. These exhibition and promotions are supposed to be done periodically not every time. If you have a restaurant business, have promotions that says, buy a pack of food worth $2500 and get a pack of. #1500 free. This will attract everyone to your business.

14. You can decide to adverts on Bill boards on roadsides. Just contact the contact numbers younsee you see there. They aren’t really expensive. It’s all about paying for free space for a little amount.

15. Do you know the effect adverts play on people? It has a very strong effects on their psychology. And you have to take the positive advantage of it. Run a an advert that is humorous in nature and also very on point too. Do little kit, and little videos on your products and services and place these adverts on the appropriate quarters. This will sure cost you some money but it will be at the long run pay off.

16. You have to engage the services of bulk SMS. Yeah. Very crucial. But how do you get these numbers of potential clients? Simple. Get them from friends and families as well as co-workers. Then send them SMS about what you do. These SMS could be twice a month or once a month. Also get emails from people too. As you share your flyers and printed cards, get their numbers and their email address. Send it to their mails too. At least twice a week. I have seen this work for me. It has increased my sales and also increased my client base so so much. It works like magic.

17. Walk up to seminars, training meetings and offer to speak. If you are permitted to introduce yourself, do that by introducing yourself by your business name. Don’t forget it. Always be known by your business name each time. But don’t just go up there and introduce your business name. Ensure you take permission from the organizers and if you are given such a permission, then fire down. Talk with Wisdom about your business as you are talking regarding the seminar Orr training meeting. Remember what I wrote earlier on. You can also organize your own seminar and promotions.

18. Make good use of social handle like YouTube. You can do a very short unique video of your business and place it on YouTube. It will pass a strong and important message about your business.

19. You can promote your business in other people’s business environment. Recently i walked into a sweet sensation restaurant to bet cake for a birthday of a prominent personality, I saw on the receptionist table some flyers of a keyboard school. I was impressed. I took some and gave some to those who I knew where interested. I wasn’t because I could play very well. But I have created a an opportunity for them. So you too can engage in it too. Place your flyers on big stores that you feel could attract your kind of customers. Negotiate with the store owner and if need be that you be paying a monthly fee, then let it be so. Your business will fly.

20. You can organize some fun filled activities people love. Programmes that could pull crowds to a particular place. You could make a sports contest or any other kind of contest. But be mindful that you are gonna spend money on this. During show, you will have to showcase your products and talk about them. You can give them out at a promotional rates during the program
Source >>> Best Nigeria Business Plan

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