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ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 9:44pm On Jul 05
Before i begin to drop my contents, i want y'all to know that i am a writer in embryo, so any one with idea that will help nurture this skill should drop em. Constructive criticisms are also welcomed, cuz some grammatical errors are gonna show up.

I wanna send a big shout out to RuEl( Nephilim)you've been a massive inspiration bruv..
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 9:56pm On Jul 05
As she ran through the faculrex, drenched in sweat the new fibre material that had been hand picked by the chief from the NANO LAB was now drenched in sweat. The professor's last word came ringing
"Make sure ,you survive and come back to us........no matter what" he had said. Prof johnvex was one who doesn't show empathy, trained in the old ways of the Humangas. The very same she had been raised not until she met Yinkmin and everything went ding.
The mission was suppose to be a two man infitration but the council of HEMANS had deemed it fit to be a lone operation, citing diplomatic and whatever administrative reasons they could come up with. Finally they resorted to a one man mission, choosing the best of the best, and who else could be more worthy, if not TANTI the dagora, the daughter of Zumo who had defeated sire Solosco son Fata of the house Sonora in the grand battle of Ziphon in the ages of Dunomos
_Alrite arifa, infiltrate the techulum, drop the virus , easy and out_ . She surmised as she took a furtive glance at the little bottle containing the virus concealed in her breast pocket. The scar that ran across her face a product of the brutal training of Lord Odogles, added to her fierce look. As she approached the mountain of anaculum, her changing attire and the story lady dollygish once told her about the evil and darkness walked the foot of the mountain put her on edge for an imminent danger. Instinctively she reached for her sword, threading cautiously walking at a steady pace............
First, she thought she picked the sounds of debris, cut off rocks and stones hauling down the mountain then the temperature around dropped to a deadly, freezing poin......t ....then from the darkness the shadows aret out.....
....., . _remember the words of the prof, the training of odogles_ she told herself as she stood her ground among the shadows.........,..
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 10:24pm On Jul 05
Aspas...its beauty wasn't just about it's. Spread not the ingenious planning of it's structure but in it's technological attainment. The mighty city of Aspas was architecturally divided into four sections . Each section had their own peculiarity. The north sphere as it was famously called by the Asparian stood as the most quintessential part of the machine called Aspas. The south sphere was the economic center of Aspas. The west sphere buzzed with it's social and fast life, recording the highest death rate in the whole of Aspas. The East was beautifully isolated from the other three spheres, saddled with administrative functions and home to the high names
In the middle of north sphere stood the scary translucent B.E Bio lab. Obvious to a familiar eyes but lucid to a total stranger. The lab served a multi-purpose function, from weaponry: advanced and deadly to medicine to pharmaceuticals to clothing, all nano based.
As Dr Emox thitus dashed out of the elevator beaming with an infectious smile, the success of his latest experiment was about to blow his infernal enemy to bits. Dr Bellox stood at the centre of the conference room, dressed in her usual all whites, dragging her black hair to a low pony tail, keeping aloof from her prestigious colleagues as she fumbled with the thought of Dr Emox new findings
_Could it be that he has found the answer the emperor has been_ _seeking all this while or_ .....
" I have found it " Emox announced as he slammed the door open in a sweet frenzy with his long hands that had obviously undergone a little work from the machine, something that happened to be very common with the Asparian.
" Then you had better speak, or forever remain quiescent " legmor Timox thundered angrily.
"Ooh, i will speak" Dr Emox announced heartily as he made for the podium
."and here we go again, " Dr bellox added deridingly as she dragged herself to a seat
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 3:42pm On Jul 06
Abeg, some comment will go a long way to encourage us na biko cool
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by PRE4(m): 4:23pm On Jul 06
The grammar is too much,abeg small small
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 6:58pm On Jul 06
The grammar is too much,abeg small small
Thanks mate, I'll see to that
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 10:03pm On Jul 06
.............Dr Emox reached to the back of his neck, inserting his chip, seconds later a blue ray travelled from his eyes to the electronic board, then he began.
" after our last failure, my team and I decided to recheck our data. Then we discovered that the sequence had been altered"
" then we adjusted the modullus from the age of Dunamos for proper fitting" he said gleefully pointing to the prototype on the screen.
" now, not only did we get the seaquence, the ultrasonic emission from this beauty right here, gives us an edge with it's blending electromagnetism.
" I will hear none of this scientific jargon, Dr Emox......now tell us what exactly we've been dragged here for " The furious legmor Yinkmon blasted.
Dr Emox adjusted his standing then continued.
"Say we now have a weapon than can infiltrate Asfas....creating a loophole that allow all kinds of weapon to enter while from the inside out, the illusion still stands "
Dr Bellox, couldn't quite shake the wave of shock now travelling through her body.
_A beautiful camouflage she_ thought, but was never going to admit it. The ultrasonic emission alters the air pressure around the dome, the electromagnetic wave then blends perfectly with the domes force field..........why was she not the one with such brilliant idea, she winced.
"The old world � was destroyed by a similar mechanism, a loophole in the ozone layer that gradually detoriated over a long period of time, now we a weapon capable of a large scale destruction, a large loophole within every seconds.." Dr Emox said.
"It's dangerous " Dr Bellox countered.
"The whole planet is at the mercy of the returning wave..say we successfully get anywhere near the dome before they get ticked off*
" That, we don't know of, but based on our data and calculation we forsee a minimal destruction travelling hundreds of perimeters from the point of impact"
" I will call a council with the emperor Alabox, and the two of you must be there " legmor Yinkmus said as he stood and headed for the exit.
Turning abruptly he asked
" how soon can we get this thing working"
" in no time sir" Dr Emox replied cheerfully as Bellox stormed out of the C.R with rage.

Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 10:06pm On Jul 06
. *Chapter Two*
He wore a black shawl that stopped at his knee. _A perfect blend with the darkness_. He thought, as he stepped out into the open. The seasonal _algust_ breeze was violently threatening to reveal his wicked face to the world. He made his way through the lords quarters, then came around the quarter of igmouth. The gigantic silent building spoke of history and class, serving as home to Asfas elite houses. The pleasure house was bubbling with pleasure givers seeking out pleasure seekers, drunks who were singing sorrow fully as they made their way out of the pubs. He meandered through a maze of buildings then the high fence of the sanctuary came into sight . The sanctuary was heavily guided, yet to men of his type, they were easily penetrable. He approached with caution then the moment he was sure no one was visible, he limped into the air and with the deft and skill o f men of darkness he made it over the fence to the other side, landing softly as a cat. Stealthily, he made his way past the first group of guards
At the left armor wing of the sanctuary, sire Soloco stood at the balcony. His uniform was making a light work of the stubborn breeze as the thermal sensor sent heat all over his body. _Dr josevus had done a nice job, well a job that took all the time in the world had better come up as nice_ he thought as he began to study the moon and the surrounding stars. The beauty, the serenity, everything was soon about to be thrown into chaos. THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES . Since he had sworn allegiance to Asfas, he had come to love this place although he knew this wasn't his place, Tanti the dagora still must be dealt with.
The shadow crept up behind him wielding it's slum; the double edged sword formed from vibranium, possessed by a limited selection of warriors. The night couldn't conceal its beauty as the moon reflected on it, showing smears of blood around the edges; innocent guards gone down.
" you are late" sir solosco said, drawing his gun neatly as he turned.
" I see, you haven't lost your whiff ....." The shadow commented, as he dropped the sword.
"It will take a zillion, for that to happen...a sonora never looses his touch"
"That's what they isn't it......mutif sharles, what brings you to Asfas"
" he needs you to take a message to Lord Odogles....." Mutif sharles answered.
"Lord Odogles, I loath that man, you know...after the battle of....."
"You need to keep your sentiment aside, its urgent as it is. He is never the person. You wanna keep waiting. We need you just as you need us"
"What's the message all about " Solosco asked.
" I was never told and I never asked" the shadow said, as he handed a chip to Solosco.
Solosco examined the chip all over. How a tiny metal carries a vital information baffles him.
"Once and terminal" sharlez added.
"You question my motive" solosco questiined indignantly
"I know you too well , old friend....... Word is, Tanti your sweetheart is in danger"
His face tightened at the mention of Tanti,
"Is this....i mean the message.......about her" Soloco asked glancing around for a nervy ear.
"I'm only, but a messenger " he said, stepping away.
"Say me hello to lady lady ojelyrics" he added as he moved and became one with the darkness
"Come say hello to the devil yourself " Solosco slammed into thin air as he tweaked his body for life.
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 10:30pm On Jul 07
lady ojelyrics excused herself from the council of the HEMANS, escaping the scathing look coming from her lord husband, Lord samson. stumbling out of the room, she took the left turn that led to the library . The guard who was supposed to be her escort had received a serious warning to stand by. Getting to the library she located the shelf, that concealed the spiral stairs that led to the cellar
Lord odogles walked swiftly, silent as the wind, embracing from behind the beautiful figure that stood in the scarcely lit room with him. He sniffed the sweet smell of her hair. A lady's hair needs the best oil, an oil which happened to come very far away from Ashgo; skilled warriors they are, but had shunned the prospect of technology and civilization.
"Odogles" she moaned softly, as his hands came about her.
"Is this why you have summoned me here........to have me" she teased mockingly as she turned to face the greatest warrior that had walked the land of Asfas.
"Oh not that, although I can barely hold back from kissing you but i have summoned you because of a more pressing matter " He stepped back with a look of confusion.
Lady ojelyrics stepped closer, reaching for him, reaching for those bruised and callous hands that had caressed and traced every line of her body, her comfort.
"What is it, " she asked planting a kiss on those rough hands, every scar counting. He withdrew abruptly from the tingling sensation. _Not the best at this moment_ he thought.
"They found Tanti's beacon" he said through gritted teeth.
"So what does that mean" she asked looking for those blue eyes that held steady and true but all she found was darkness and anxiety.
"Does that mean she is alive" she added.
"We can't say for sure although every indication proved she might still be alive, but......." He trailed off as he walked past her .
"We can't be sure of what.......odogles, i need to talk to me........"
"Those are dangerous paths......not only was her beacon found........we also found some untraceable foot steps...........and more terrifying is......" He was saying as he quietly spun away from the window.
Lady ojelyrics urged him on, with a gentle nod
" few days ago we received a feed from her cam.....the prof had advised against taking every storm for granted.....but the tech guys had passed the feed for a wild storm.....two days ago when we ran a heck......we also picked up....... shadow knights blood and some dismembered body. _Shadow knights_ she thought. Shadow knights they were know to be the deadliest creatures that roamed the darkness. Few years ago when the whole planet was at.peace king hogunlex had chased them out on the account of trying to usurp the ruling house. Before the uprising had started leading to the division
" but her body wasn't found, right?"
"More confusing, but yeah.........." He trailed off as sounds of running foot steps defeaned them. instinctively they towards the door then made for open air; odogles, alertly; ojelyric, terrifyingly as the siren sounded above them. They thundered upstairs towards the control room.
Lady dollygish stood at the entrance to the chancellor bed chamber. The shock was making her shake violently. _It could have me,_ she thought. She glanced towards the bedchamber as the professor worked to check the chancellor chip.
Lady ojelyrics and odogles came running down the hallway.
"What happened, " she asked lady dollygish on getting to the chancellor"s chamber.
"An assassin infiltrated, us......." She was saying amidst sob when the professor interrupted them.
"It wasn't an assasin......i think this is the handwork of the Asparian the machine was made from nano particles.....the deadliest i have ever seen" he sniffed.
" then how we're they able to penetrate the dome" odogles asked. Baffled.
" my question exactly but I'm right on it" the professor answered calmly .
"Tell the dagorians to meet me at the base.......we need to give a reply to this question" odogles added, adjusting his elegant military uniform as he walked off..
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 9:25pm On Jul 09
Dr Bellox had received the empress summons, and was now driving through the south sphere. The south sphere was the busiest of the four spheres. The architecture was simply ingenious. The buildings were built in stratas. The shortest buildings we're located right in the heart of the sphere, gradually they ascended till the tallest buildings formed a fence-like structure around the sphere portraying the look of the old Roman Colosseum.
She drove her way through the wide, often isolated channel that connected the busy market to the legmores quarters. Bittersweet memories of her time at the legmors quarters came rushing as she peeped at the clusters of tall buildings. And now she remembered.
_The sun was blazing hot, threatening to burn any exposed skin. The always full and busy market was scanty as she looked through from their apartment dressed in a lingerie with a cup of coffeee in hand The air coming from the EMITER was soothing as the pores of her skin were penetrated. Her lord husband was stepping out of the shower .when the crash came, then came the fire and the whole south sphere broke into chaos. Her lord husband was screaming her name when a shard of glass when through him, cutting his stomach open, intestine gushing out. As she to rushed to him, she slipped, her head hitting the edge of a metal stool and then everything became a blur.
When she came to the present moment, she was almost at the empress quarters._
Inside the empress quarters, lady Deyisole was having a chit chat with the empress. The round table was filled with assorted drinks, but they had ended up having tea. A servant rushed in, to inform them of Dr Bellox arrival.
"Oh yes right on time, usher her in" empress thaiwore commanded softly.
Lady Deyisole leaned over the table and saying
"My lady what do you want with that" when Dr Bellox entered. She walked shapely to the round table.
"Your grace" she said curtly greeting the empress then turned
"My lady"
"Dr Bellox, come sit with us" The empress asked her over to a chair.
Lady Degisola followed her every step with a mischievous look. Dr Bellox sat herself down as the Empress poured her a drink.
"Alright, I will go straight to the point" the Empress began.
"After you told me of what you saw after you last time travelled, I spoke with my friend here, and she said that the prospect of the future you saw is subject to change.......as you know lady Deyjsole is the only daughter of zdoka the spiritia "
_People of darkness, haters of science_ Dr Bellox surmised.
"So I want you to tell us everything you saw Dr Bellox" The empress pleaded.
Dr Bellox began, narrating of all she saw from her _time travia_ . She spoke of the blood, the monsters the destruction, the violence, death, of men that were as weightless as nothingness. Then she spoke of the familiar face that was called yinkmin.
Deyisole listened but didn't utter a word until the end.
"The idea of travelling to the future is an abomination, everything you might have seen had been the work of the _spiritia mignolei_ . The evil spirits that control the border between the physical realm and the spirit world........if I may ask.....did u by chance travel through a bottomless darkness"
"Yes, an unavoidable sequence necessary for Introduction to.......when the human body travels through time every single nano second counts......." Dr Bellox was saying.
"Did you feel lightening travel through your body" Lady deyisole asked.
An encounter with the spirits _mignolei would leave the victim with a chunk of darkness. That aside the prophecy of zo phreciius from the dark ages didn't speak of a yinkmin but of Jai blade who was to unite Asfas and Aspas. The prophecy had predicted no destruction, no violence. Then what the hell is the talk of death, of war then of a certain yinkmin. The spiritia mignolei must have gotten this deluded fellow, she thought as she eyed the confused fellow sitted opposite her.

Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 9:27pm On Jul 09
............ For the past few days, she had been shifting in and out of focus. The intervals were what scared the priest the most. They had tried everything they had. The shadow knights weren't the kind of people to stick to a dying man, but her case had been different. High lord Obanij had refuted every call from the elders to do away with her before the HEMANS begin to trace her disappearance to them, although they've made sure to destroy every evidence tieing them to her whereabout.. The last two days had shown what a tough son of a gun she was. She had zipped into focus and lasted a few minutes before she went into oblivion. The scouts sent to both cities had come with great new albeit with some disturbing ones. The scout from Aspas had come with the news of a new weapon, and a troubling news of an impending massive attack on Asfas. The other scout from the other end had come with the news of rising agitation and a missing Dagora.
Lord obanij, was having a quiet meeting with the elders about where to stand and whom to stand with as ASFAS AND ASPAS prepare to battle each other when his right hand man mutif Sharles appeared through the walls. Approaching the lord they spoke quietly for a minute, then lord obanij excused himself from the council beckoning on mutif sharles to lead the way to the ospedale.
As they approached her cell the supposedly dark room was lit with a blue light. It wasn't until they got into her room that they noticed the blue light was emitting from the back of her neck: her chip was modulating sending frequency to her mother base. She was shaking violently as life surged through her.
"The soonest we put an end to this my lord the better for everyone" motif sharles adviced. Lord obanij delayed for some minutes, weighing his option, checking out the consequences. A dead Dagora in their coven will attract the wrath of Asfas but not if they do away with her body.
"Do it " he commanded as he turned away
Immediately, sharles drew his slum, aiming for her heart as he took a swing. Hand moved into place to block the cut, the other to her waist reaching for dagger as she rose. Mutif sharles staggard back in shock.
"What in the seven hells" lord obanij exclaimed as Tanti the Dagora, daughter of zumo took in her surroundings, her clothes turned red, ready for battle. Then the questions came......
"Where am i......and where is my virus?
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by silverlinen(m): 7:47pm On Jul 18
Continue, am loving it
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 1:38am On Jul 20
Continue, am loving it
Thanks man
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 1:42am On Jul 20
The sleeping city was waking up with every passing minute and so was the pleasure house. Sire solosco shook violently as he rose from another nightmare, sweating profusely. The LovePeddler from last night was sleeping soundly, snoring sweetly, ignorant of the troubled beast beside her. Sir solosco reached down into his pocket to withdraw the chip. He examined the silver piece, his thought on the message the chip carried. Mutif sharles was right after all he thought. It would be stupid of him to just hand the chip over to Lord odogles without having a look.
Once and terminal motif Charles had warned but he knew the lying bastard so well just the same way motif Charles knew him, he wouldn't have said the truth even if it had been the other way round. He recalled how they had grown up together, roaming the forest, toying with the force field. Then one day in the forest as they hunted. Mutif sharles had presented the idea of joining the force. And it was during one of their training that mutif sharles was discovered to possess the dark blood of the knights.
Commander josh, was shouting at the boys to run faster. Although everyone of them were struggling to fill their lungs with air as they dragged their tired body towards the commander who stood at the finishing line. Determined to make an example out of the little boy who led the line . _The military ain't a child's play the_ commander mused. Balancing himself, he aimed at sharles as he threw his deadly boomerang. Like he could tell what was coming for him, his body went into shreds, scattering around as the boomerang went through a void then came around taking the commanders neck. The boys stood, watching, as his body returned as it was. As he turned around still surprised at what had just happened. From the look on their faces he knew, _I'm an abomination_ he thought. And the look on his friends face confirmed his fears. He had betrayed his only friend when he needed him most, what kind of friend does that make him, solosco mused,
As the LovePeddler stirred behind him, he came to the present moment. He glanced back at the sweet creature behind him. His body responded to every detail of her body. _Not now_ he thought as he held tightly to the chip, threatening to crush it.
The dagora is in danger, yes and if this message is about her then he must surely know. Nobody insults the son of Fata and goes scout free, and its never going to start with the dagora who brought shame to his fathers house.
He reached up for his jacket that hung over his head at the nearby wall, He dressed up quietly, lacing his boots then marched gallantly towards the door. As he stepped outside, he surveyed the alley. If this chip has a message for odogles then it's worth seeing . Then he took the right part that led towards the black hub.
The black hub was located underground. It was called the pit of Herdes by the Asfarians. A place meant for those with heart of steel. A mothers nightmare, for not everybody that goes in comes out. He was going about his businesss doing the Two things he does well; ;make beautiful gadgets out of scraps from the black hub, engage in any fight with a huge stake. To others the black hub might be a dark place. But the darkness had given him the light he needed to find his feet. He was at, momoa ijex space searching for the latest weapon, their market rating and value when the huge figure entered, headed towards the desk after scouting his environment.
As momoma ijex drew her gun under the desk, he adjusted where he sat. A man in uniform, in the black hub always mean trouble
" i need a private time" the huge man said.
"For what if i may ask" momoa ijex asked.
"Something confidential, " the huge man replied, placing the chip on the desk.
"It's urgent......if you don't mind" he added.
"I hope it's no trouble" she asked
"None at all"
After a while, .momoa ijex pointed him over to where he sat. He shifted. Something about this man doesn't bode well, he thought. As the huge man approached where he was sitted, few metres away and he saw the tattoo. A huge dragon, the zeal of the house of sonora. It was then it' dawned on him that he was on the wrong side of town.
He tensed as the warlock sat beside him inserted the silver chip, then clicked away. He re-coordinated his visuals, adjusting his range to cover two screens a trick he had mastered on his own. It was just five minutes and he wished he could unsee all he had seen. First, he had seen the flag of Aspas then came a cryptic message, then another message before a prototype of a huge weapon came into focus, that caught his attention being a sucker for gadgets but it seems the man wasn't interested in those cuz he was clicking away rapidly. Then when he was about to normalize thinking he had seen enough. The image appeared. At first it was blurry, then gradually it became sharp. As yinkmin shouted her name, the warlock struck him with the speed of a lightening, he didn't see the blow coming. As he slipped into oblivion he saw the huge man draw his gun, the stand, the agility and speed at which he moved he instantly knew who he was. Solosco the son of Fata. Then he fell into the hands of darkness
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 1:45am On Jul 20
Legmor Thimi dragged his old body along the Emperors quatrers. He took the right turn when he got to the Green house, At the little playground were kids who were being taken around on a tour of the emperors garden. What he saw of the children drew a smile on his scrawny face as the gentle breeze swept at his grey hair. Taking the dark moon a shortcut that led to the kings chamber, climbing the twisted stairs, from the room above him, in the quiet, a voice echoed. Now, that was strange he thought since the death of the last Emperor, a close friend of his. As he climbed higher the echoes became whispers. The new Emperor who wasn't a friend of the council had upon his coronation ceased every consultative, accusin g the council of being a bunch of slow and unpragmatic old minds who are better left in the past
. He approached the consortium, Curious. Although the Emperor had retained his service as the counsellor based on the friendship between him and the late emperor, a decision the other member of the council had frowned at. Except legmor yinkmon who had congratulated him and wished him all the best. As he got to the first door, looking into the large hall that was scarcely lit by the hanging blue lamp.
"We have an incoming assault from Asfas and yet the emperor sits idly by, doing nothing" a masculine voice that seem oddly familiar .echoed.
"Remember when i told you, he wasn't supposed to be sitting on that throne" another male voice came.
"Of what use then is the old cow, who stands as the counsellor" the man added.
Now, on a closer look, he recognised the man as Lord smalhz, the limping little man of the house of petyr, somewhere from the south sphere.
"We need to thread softly here" an elderly man dressed up in white adviced.
"If we don't strike now, we might forever regret it, i advice we get our hands on the emperor most priced possession........." A lady whose hair folded back in a low ponytail was saying when the first elderly man countered her.
" most priced possession my foot, what did you do with all the info, i got you........nothing absolutely nothing..........and now you open your mouth to tell me about.........after Dr Emox........"
Lord thimi, stood dazed in the dark as he finally made out who the familiar voice was. What in zeus name is he doing the dark with a group of evil minds.
"Now... Since the first heir who was taken away by his mother to God knows where won't be coming back anytime soon..........we will do the needful.......the throne wasn't his in the first place, so what do you say about seizing it from him........before it's too late" legmor yinkmon said emphatically stirring into their faces.
Within and without war is coming, destruction looms, Lord thimi surmised as he walked off hastily as fast as his weary legs could carry him.

.................Tanti stood, eyes blazing as he took in what the fellow with the funny mustache just told her. Could it be true she thought. Believing this people of darkness would mean going against her instinct and everything she was taught. Dropping her blades would be even more foolish. Balanced, calculating her moves. The best decision was to disarm the man with the dark sword or probably kill if possible then get the old man to lead her to the virus she was thinking when mutif Charles swung the slum cutting from the right, she blocked with her blade dancing to the right. He turned around aiming a fast one at her head, she somersaulted, dodging the swing, rising up she swung into air jabbing his leg into the wall then turned abruptly aimed at the knight with the point of her blade. For a moment she thought she had a clean cut. Then _whoosh_ the sound came from behind before could think it throughf, she felt the cold of edge of the sword cut through her. Then blood came dripping from her side. _A weapon thatcan cut through her fabric, the professor needs to get his data right_ , she was thinking when Mutif sharles came stronger, coming down on her, the blade glistened as it came off, dividing into two she parried, twisted her body from the inside out, her blade followed as she slashed through the knights' flesh before he could disappear......
" nice cut " the knight commented
" I bet you didn't see that coming" she replied mockingly. Holding her gaze on the knight
A clang at the gate and lord obanij was gone. Thinking her attention had been diverted. He stepped in from the left side with a deadly cut. She stepped out with the agility of a dagora, she went down with a neat slide then stabbed his thigh. She stood up, she approached him with a mischievous grin where he sprawled, blood spilling. Lifting the slum, going for the final blow. With his last strength he summoned the element then _voom_ he vanished..............................
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by Lakesc(m): 9:09am On Jul 20
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 11:07pm On Jul 22
The twelve select elite dagorans headed towards Aspas. Infiltrating Aspas with a space car would be a death sentence passed with a gentle smile. As the troupe trudged through the facurex. The command of the council of HEMANS sounded in the ears of the lord commander.
" Whatever you do, make sure you secure the virus. "
"If Aspas should get their hands on a droplet. Believe me.......we are all doomed" the crazy professor had warned
. The troupe had been divided into upon getting to the spot where where Tantis' beacon was found based on Lord odogles command. The lord commander stood in the middle of the valley twirling his sword as blue rays bounced off mountains and penetrated dark openings. First, a voice echoed in the cloudy mist upfront.as he reached into the most with his rays the earth beneathe him shook gently.
Steadying himself for what was to come, he called out to the troupes. As they made their way out of the dome, Lord odogles last command that had come more of as a favour ,was
"Make sure you locate Tanti no matter what,she will definitely be of help if you are counting on this mission to be successful".
His mission record was a testament to his prowess and nothing dares to tarnish it. The lord commander shouted into the darkness in an alarming dread. The troupes came running out of the dark crevices upon their lord commanders summon with nothing relating to Tantis' disappearance. Seeing their lord commanders' battle ready posture they fell in line behind him, unsheathing their weapons, getting ready for actin.
A soldier flanking the lord commander on the right shot in the still night after he got the signal from the commander. Then the voice echoed from behind them with a soul piercing screech that deafened them. As the lord commander called out for composure, the mountains answered with a violent shake, then the earth quaked. As they staggered In apprehension, green glows that had begun to emanate from the opening beneath them ,came with a fierce cold that defied their nano fabric. their suit reacted to the fallen temperature with a glowing red as they stayed put waitig for the lord commander next line of action. Backing each other they starred into the darkness, searching for the evil around them.
" up there" a soldier at the rear end shouted in the dark. Frantically their eyes went searching in no particular direction. Atop the mountain at the left, two pairs of green moving towards them at a rapid pace. As it descended two pairs of green eyes appeared at both sides.
Sensing what was coming, the lord commander shouted his troupes into battle formation. Uniformly their suit went up their head to form a brain bucket. Then the lord commander began.
" Tonight, the darkness questions your resolve.......tonight Asfas calls for your sword "
The mountain came alive with more green eyes cascading down heavily

"And tonight you shall answer with blood and victory" he added empathically. Then
"Yeeeeeeeeeeh" battle ready, the troupes shouted, as green men fell upon them. Clangs of swords, moans of pain, smell of blood went up in the air, the mountain answered with a mocking quake as blue and green rays lit up the darkness............

Hundreds of miles away to the west, in the dark desert of shimza, a mighty wind was caressing the surface of the dry land, leaving in it's wake a deafening silence as animals and wanderers scurried for shelter. Acroos the terrain, behind a boulder, a man was sitted in a camp made from a woollen fabric and whatever resources the desert could possibly provide. His mech horse parked silently beside resonated as he gnawed down on an almost rotten beef. Done, he reached into his pocket for the package.His green eyes went searching in the dark as a desert cat ran across
"Make sure you get this to Dr Emox, and only to him alone must you deliver it" the shadow knight had warned. _What's so important about a little bottle with a greenish content ..........well one thing he didn't say was that he could not have a look,_ he thought. Licking his hands clean, he uncorked the bottle, bringing it closer to his nose. Then inhaled deeply, just as he was about to withdraw his nose a woeful impression, a greenish smoke escaped from the bottle along with it came an acrid smell.
"Thieeeeeeeem" he sneezed, as he rushed to cover the bottle. His eyes set as flint,. His head went dizzy, his hands numb as he fumbled with the cover. His eyes turned,the bottle slipped from his grip. Then he fell back unconscious, i
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 11:07pm On Jul 22
After checking herself for the umpteenth time in the standing mirror, the image she saw made her shrink. Since she managed to escape the deadly attack on the chancellor, she had spent the last few days staying indoors, scared of what might happen if she stepped outside. Turning her side to the mirror, her seemingly owl-like eyes bore a dark hole in her head with dark crow's feet . Her once chubby figure had emaciated to a fragile pile of standing skeleton. Her robe hung down off bony shoulder dejectedly as she walked out into the parking lot. The gust of wind threatened to blow her off, but she reached for the nearby rail for balance . As she glanced at the busy street before proceeding, the hot sun screamed at her, bli ding her with hot rays. She winced as she adjusted by making a block with her arm.
Amidst well parked dirigible, she approached hers with less concern. Her automobile,SCMG2 designed as a beetle with some laudable specs. The beetle, one of the few auto cars handed to the council of HEMANS by the chancellor for a job welldone when he went visiting the surrounding provinces. The SCMG2 was arguably the best according to market values with a crazy horsepower of 430MPH, hidden weapons for close combat on air. Seeing her, her pilote stepped out to open the back seat for her, then she stepped in.
AS they journey in the sky, surrounded by space cars making their own rounds, she looked down, from on high. Scattered around, some in clusters were people who were trying to make ends meet. She felt nothing but pity at the innocent folks who went about their business, As she looked down to the west, she saw kids racing each other in an open field beside the BESIGL tower. She laid back on her seat as the thought of the dieing chancellor came rushing. Who will step in as the chancellor, chancellor samson was dying as a childless chancellor........the thought of going through the old ritual of seeking out the chosen blood with the council of Hemans turned her stomach. Lord odogles and the prof would have been a better replacement instead of some young rascal probably messing around in God knows where. Her fears was if mankind failed to bring an end to warfare, warfare would bring an end to mankind. As her thoughts drifted. She remembered the doctors statement .
"I'm so sorry my lady, you lost the pregnancy"
A potential chancellor, she mused. She jolted out from her reverie as her pilote announced their arrival at the Quarters of the HEMANS, for the council meet. The fate of Asfas hangs on a scale.

At the infirmary, in a makeshift room, a young man who was brought in few days ago was being a handful. From the initial test conducted He had been tagged bipolar but was later labelled normal after some questionable behavior . Three nurses were pressingdown on him from both sides as he struggled to be free.
"Tanti needs help", he shouted, jerking up only to be knocked down by sweating faces..
" sire solosco wouldnt go through the trouble of locating Tanti, if........" He screamed at the thought only to be slapped back by the physician standing over him who was already loosing it.. The physician who wore a strict face tapped at the syringe he took from a nearby tray. The sight of the dubious syringe seems to juggle his memory . Immediately he remembered who he had to meet. And that, he must do quickly.
Relaxing his muscle, he laid back, thinking he was giving up, the nurses relaxed their hold on him. Then as the doctor bent down aiming for a deadly shot, he jerked up,twisting his arms out of their hold. Reached for the nearest nurse.
Then a shout echoed, as the nurse sizzled in pain. Planting his foot, he side stepped some nurses. He stooped as the doctor threw a fist then replied with a jab that caught the doctor in the stomach putting him on the floor. Without looking back he ran out the room............
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 12:41am On Aug 01
Emperor Alabox walked into the control room, looking smart as usual, his white tooth glistened from a dubious smile plastered deceptively on his face. The two soldiers that came with him were steps behind him, with their stern demeanour complementing their bald head. The council members shifted uneasily as they saw him coming from behind.. As the Emperor walked to his seat, his eyes asked a question from every furtive glances from the council. Collecting his robe, he sat down before asking for proceedings. After a soft whispering from legmour yinkmon who was seated at his left hand, he roared out in laughter.
"Thats the crasiest thing i ever heard". He said, as tears rolled down his ageless botox filled face. Steadying himself he motioned for a handkerchief from the standing soldiers. Seeing that he had made an impression legmor yinkmon gathered himself, sat up with an innocent smirk on his face.. Lord thimi, who had been watching them all along, shook his head gently in righteous contempt.. Lord thimi motioned to Dr Emox who had stopped spaeking upon the Emperors' entrance, to continue.
On the big screen at the right side was a picture of a Major Nuclear Power. To the left were more pictures of more scary weapon. Inserting his chip to the back of his neck, he stood up and made for the the screen.
" my lords......" He started.
" After our first trial and the news of its success. The Empror pressured for more specification, so my team and I dug further for more information"f
As he spoke the surrounding 5D wall came alive with simulation of Asfas in chaos, people running around in panic, the dome destroyed was nowhere to be found. The whole of Asfas was filled with the bald men of Aspas in uniform.
"We discovered that , with the right frequency....... We can bring down the dome making room for our full force " he said with a straight face.
With rapt attention the Emperor listened, stroking his perchy beards yet twitching uncontrollably as he took some cursory look around.
" getting the right frequency will only mean one thing " Dr Bellox said casually with a wave.
"Which is?" the Empror inquired with indignation.
"Expending more than half of Aspas energy.........thereby leaving us more vulnerable than those we seek to attack."
Although Dr Emox knew she was right, but to him, science is all about data, calculation and probability, hence the probablity of Asfas attacking them when they are low on energy seems far fetched.
Dr Bellox walked to the screen and with a wave the images on the screen cleared, inserting her chip. She began her scientific analysis, drawing , calculating, as datas began to appear on the wall. As the map of Asfas suddenly appeared on the screen, the Emperor shouted from the far end.
" Dr ...........i will have none of your counter-productive ideas, ......i expect you to come up with projects that will enhance and move us forward but what do you do.......from our collective experience, you've done such a wonderful job dragging us back."
" your father would have considered his option" lord smalhz said with a placid tone.
"A wise ruler he was"
"And a wise lord, will watch his tongue, while he speaks before his emperor" the Emperor replied with a cold,mocking laughter while fumbling with his beards.
"I say we attack now" legmor yinkmon said turning around to the Emperor with a look of support.
"No, we wait, im sorry my lord, but lord smalhz was right , your father ......" Legmor thimi was sayng when the Emperor interrupted.
"Another word about my father......and i'll have your heads on a spike"
"...........ready the MNP......we attack on my command" he said directly to lord paue sholar, the miitary leader of the bald.
We sit on a time bomb, legmour yinkmon winced excitedly as the emperor exited the C.R.

She was struggling to keep her eyes open. The cut from the knight had left dangerously exposed, loosing a lot of bloods. After the knights vanished on her, she had made a thorough search for the one who had exited through the bars. All she had discovered was an empty mazy coven. As she stormed outside of the coven. Four unearthy green eyed creatures with blades that glowed with evil ran towards her slashing and shrieking.she had dealt so well with the first green eye but as the others circled in on her, she knew the best thing to do was to run, and run she did leaving the evil green monsters to follow in pursuit.
The forest birds were chirping away with sweet melody. Forest creature with nose for blood were crawling not far away from her. As she steadied herself against a mahogany tree, she began to feel it, the death moment. Every drop of her blood seems to shoot wave of memory that made her nostalgic. First it was the memory of the woman that had raised her, then it metmorphosed into her chidhood memories. Despite her pain she smiled as the memory of the boy from the black hub came into focus. Tears trickled down her face as she remembered every moment, how they had met, the casual walk around the hub, the trip to the beach, their first kiss.
"Aaaah" she winced,Clutching at her bleeding side. She twirled in pain biting down on her dry lips. Dragging herself down to sit, she saw a wollen, long stripe of cloth. As she reached for the piece with one arm, she felt the wetness. Immediately she spun reflexively . A dogoran never forgets herself . A wet cloth only means one thing, there is someone around and definitely not far from here . As she contemplated a lupus wailed in the dark. Then just before the moon went into the clouds , she saw at tthe bottom of the tree what seems like a mans' foot, as she tried to reach down on the spot, she lost hold of consciousness.
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by trybe(m): 12:42am On Aug 01
Dawn was already setting, when he got to the market. Looking back, he was glad to have made it this far. Gingerly he trudged on with his hooded face. As he walked through the back of the pleasure house he stiffened at the sounds of pleasure coming from it. He wondered at himself, how he had come to loathe this place. He remembered how he had been a frequent visitor. A place he and his friend had almost turned into a home. As a young soldier, he hard been trained to be hard, ruthless and brutless yet he had failed to place under discipline his raging hormones. He had the agility that defied his age. As he made it past the screams and giggles, he shook his head at how reckless he had lived. Pleasure, they said had been his crime.The commander who saw and picked him from the tournament had labelled him a daredevil, recklessly bold and confident yet the commander had managed not to be sentimental, pointing out his short comings and his "yet to be's". With time he had proved himself a valuable asset , rising and taking his place in the council of HEMANS. Playing a pivotal role in the freedom of Asfas from the old worlds.
Taking the alley, he walked down before getting to the cutters quarters, he branched towards the left. As he came into the open,he headed straight to the path that will bring him to the sanctuary. The very last place he had wished to step his foot on.
Two days ago , a miserable young man had approached him with an unpleasant message that left him mulling and stupefied. Thinking of possibilities to the story of the young man as he walked through the gate. As he walked on, he wasnt bothered by the disturbing quiet.
In the middle of the praying room, a priest bent over on his knee,praying. Scattered around were different colours of candles with choking flames. To the left was the statue of the four armed god, Huesa god of fertility. Beside it was the platter of sacrifice tainted with animals blood. As he walked into the unfamiliar room, choking from the unfaimiliar smell. The priest suddenly stood up drawing a stand from the intruder. After a thorough check to make sure he had the right person, he waved at him to come along as he disappeared through an unseen backdoor.

Circumspectly he followed, keeping his distance for an imminent danger. Word is " you cant be too carefull when dealing with creatures who had or believed in spiritual attachment" he thought. Although, over the years there had been some form of revolt concerning the spiritual house ,But surprisingly the council had refused to listen to it. As they walked down ifrom a spiral stairway into a sparsely lit room. Gathered around a table were men in white hood with greyish long beards that folded on their thighs as they sat. Some feets away from the strange group was a man, perched up in bandage, braced up in a chair mounted on large strange wheels. Getting to the group, the priest asked him over to an empty seat.
"Lord odogles" the sanctuary welcomes you, a voice rang out from no particular direction.
" i am Hologbonyoe the chosen patriach of this sanctuary"
Hologbonyoe, lord odogles shifted uneasily at the moment he realised whom he was dealing with. The same high priest that played a crucial one, betraying his kind in the war of Dunamus.
Lord odogles noticed one of the strangers vibrating and he guessed that was Holongbonyoe speaking. After the sitted priests, had taken turns , vibrating, introducing themselves. The fellow on the wheelchair was summoned to narrate his experience with the dark knight.
W rithing in pain,the injured man started, narrating how they had come across the fellow as he was exiting the dome. Six friends of he's who were returning with him from their special visit of the surrounding provinces. T hey had raised a cry on seeing his slum, exposed by the wind. His freinds who were soldiers had tried stopping him from getting away but had met their deaths from the swift movement of his slum.
'"So now you know we have a commom enemy " Hologbonyo exclaimed.
"And is that why youve summoned me to this dark hole" lord odogles asked feigning interest.
"Not just that," another voice answered.
" we had the dark knight in our sacred ground shedding the bloods of revered men.............but we no not who he met with" the patriach was saying.
" he came to meet with sire solosco" lord odogles answered, wiping off the sweat that had mysteriously appeared on his face. The strange looking men fixed him with a questioning gaze making him to narrate his meet with a young man from the black hub.
" I can get your troupes into Aspas if you wish........" Hologbonyo suggested.
" i will be counting on that but first we need to find sir solosco and find out whatever he knows about the Dark knights" lord odogles retorted with a look of friendship underneath was doubt and contempt.

...................Three days now since they had left the falcurex. The lord commander had made for the best alternative with what was left of his troupes. The gate of bidden would be a tough test for a weary and tired group of dagorans. During their fight with the green men, from the dark crevices around the foot of the mountain, he had seen images of men appear and disappear. He was watching at this bizzare occurence, when a green slashed dangerously at him, he sidestepped and returned a vicious back cut of his own that left the green man rolling down the mountain. As watch the mountain with keen interest . It dawned on him that he had been too late, his shoulder trugded in pain as his adrenaline came off. T hat moment another figure in a familiar outfit emerged from a large hole at the foot of the mountain pursued by four green men.
As they tramped along the valley of the Benites, the lord commander called his troupes to stay away from the highway but stick to the upperlands to avoid troubles. If luck should shine on them, barring unwelcomed cicumtances , making it to the western sphere only be a matter of one week. As they approached the forest loosely they heard a shriek .........on impulse, the lord commander drew his sword shook his sword. They'd be luckky to get one man alive to the western sphere. A signal from the L.C two soldiers flanked him as they walked off steadily but quietly sword in hand to the where the sound came from.....................
Re: ASHPAGAD- The War Of The New Worlds by iamgprince(m): 8:16pm On Aug 01
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