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SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 10:05pm On Sep 26
Hi, guys. I've been absent for quite sometime, but it won't be so anymore. This line will be all about short stories and I'll try my very best to be posting any idea that comes to my mind. Missed y'all
Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 10:06pm On Sep 26
In a distant land, lived a white, young swan. So elegant and poised;her beauty melting the face of the earth. And her smile captivating the heart of every man who beholds it.

Not so far off, lived a fine, young lad, whose very features captured the heart of every maiden into his charming den. But out of all the maidens, he chose the one lady whose beauty was such a gazing sight; the legendary belle as they called her.

He longed so much to have her in his arms, and alas, he won; his joy knowing no bounds. He loved her so. Not just any kind of love read in books and heard in tales. It was real, passionate, burning and could light even the darkest path ever come across. Having found such an amazing woman pleased him so, and he vowed never to love any woman besides her.

On her part, she saw him in many ways; a whole different ways only she could tell . And just as he loved her, she did in abundance, promising herself never to leave his side, but to forever cherish him until her last breath is drawn.

And thence from nowhere, came a mighty wind blowing everything in its path: shattering every single dream she once had. Only she never gave up loving her beloved as she hoped that someday she would see him again...

Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 10:23pm On Sep 26
And oh, the first story was the first thing that came into play, so I had no option but to scribble the lots on a paper. The other stories after it will be, let's say fantastic. Bet you love those kinds, don't you? Lol. Of course, you do. Have a lovely night, pals. Love you.
Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 12:30am On Sep 28

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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 10:22pm On Oct 12
Saint And Mary Louise

His eyes, dark brown...

Hair, gorgeously smoothed and milky hot!

Cheeks, dimple marked...

And voice as soft as the wind...

Oh, my imagination is really something, I thought, staring at Saint Seville as he walked past us.

"Dude, your eyes are seriously going to pop out if you don't quit giving snazzy punk that look." Molly whispered to me.

Molly was my best friend, and classmate of course. I was literally the nerd of the class, and no one wished to be my friend, apart from Molly Sans. We met in fourth grade and ever since then we've been best of friends.

I was more of an introvert, really, the shy girl who had lots of pleasure staying behind closed doors...all by herself. I was average in height and had really huge, bulging, gray eyes, and a brunette fitted on my head. I won't say huge, though, but they weren't small, either.

I gave Molly a naughty wink, and she gave me a slight spank on my butt. "Silly girl," I added, "Did you notice Seville's hair? It grew longer...and hot!"

"Oh, it's just your eyes playing tricks on you, Mary Lou." She laughed, stealing a glance at the hallway clock. "OMG!" She exclaimed. "It's almost time,"

"Time for what?" I asked.

"Ah, please tell me you didn't forget," She raised a brow at me.

"Forget what?" I questioned again. "Oh!" A low moan escaped my lips. "You mean..."

"Practice...you know, for the musical that's coming up next month." She cut in, shaking her head. "Ugh! How could you forget?!"

"Don't blame me. I've got a whole lot of things going on in my mind."

"Like Mr Hot?" She joked, shutting her locker.

"Oh, he's so cute." I blushed.

"Ha! Fifty strokes of the cane for forgetting my musical." She frowned playfully.

"Awe. Not me," I whimpered.

"Oh, I'm just teasing."

"I know, I know." I said. "Oh! Can't actually believe you're gonna leave me here," I stared with puppy eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry, baby," but practice calls. You know how Ms Susan is. She sure doesn't miss her period."

"Ugh! Tell me about it." I said, and we both laughed.

"Did someone mention my name? Hmm?" A feminine voice came.

"Ms Su!" We shouted in unison, turning around.

"Uh-huh? You know Miss Sans, you ought to be in the grand hall by now, and not wandering the hallway! " She said to Molly.

"Oh, um, I was just about to -" Molly stopped, her head bowed, as she scurried off.

"And Miss Houghton," She turned, eyeing me. "Off to class...now!" She commanded, walking off.

I felt lonely, and I had no option, but to go to class, without Molly by my side. I shrugged, pulling my locker open again m, taking out my Math textbook, as a note fell freely from it, onto the neatly, mopped floor.

"What's this?" I stared, eyes wide open.

I picked it up, carefully slipping it open, as the words flashed before my eyes.

Locker room...lunch time. Come alone!

It read. I stood dazed, reading the words over again. "Could it be -" I stopped, shrugging the silly thoughts off.

I shut my locker back, placing my book under my armpit as I headed for class.

"Ooh, Frog eyes' looking good today." I heard Jackson's crew say, as I walked past them.

They were the bullies of Beverly High, comprising Jackson Morrison, Colin Laurent, the Heathen twins (popularly known as the Stomping Slitters) and Fernandez Wilson...the Wacky Four, like I called them.

They'd definitely kill me if they heard me say that - If they ever will.

I kept on walking, trying not to be nervous like Molly had taught me, taking a glance over my shoulders, as I saw them make silly faces at me...the Heathen twins blowing kisses in my direction.

God! That's gross, I scoffed, taking a final peek at them and walked into class.

"Oh, there you are, Frog eyes," Sally Shay sang, rushing towards me. "I've been looking everywhere for you."

"What for?" I asked, confused.

Sally Shay, the head of the cheer leader team, and the grumpy, spoiled daughter of our school principal was pretty much a pain in the ass. She had everyone at her beck and call, and not even the Wacky Four dared cross her path.

No wonder...

"So, like I was saying..."

"You said something?" I looked at her.

"Oh, don't give me that, or you'll be in detention!" She scowled.

Ugh! The only words in her vocabulary...

"Now, come with me! I've got something for you."

To the blonde mobile, I scoffed, following her.

An hour passed, and the lunch bell rang. I got up from my seat, remembering the note I found in my locker, taking a quick pause. "What if it's a trap, Mary Lou?"

"What's a trap?" Molly's voice came startling me.

"N-nothing," I smiled nervously.

"Huh? You hiding something from me, Lou?" She asked, a suspicious look emerging on her face.

"N-nah,"I replied.

Her lips curved slightly as her brows arched upwards. "Oh, you're one terrible liar, Mary Lou. Your nose is twitching...I can tell."

"Oh, fine. You got me." I finally gave in.

"So tell me. What was that about?"

"I'll tell you all about it when I get back, I promise. " I said to her, hurrying off, not looking back.

I ran through the hallway, into the empty locker room, as I rolled my eyes around, heart beating without pause. I walked quietly, hoping all this wasn't for nothing, as I heard footsteps not so far off.

"Who's there?" I shrieked, my ears twitching in the direction.

I listened quietly, trying not to panic, as I moved backwards, stopping abruptly at the sudden feel of my hands against something...not a thing!

Gasping, I turned.


"Oh my God!" I said aloud, my heart thumping. "Saint, what are you...?"

"Shh. Someone's coming." He alerted, his fingers coming upon my lips.

He signalled to me to come with him, as we went behind one of the yellow lockers, his body, rubbing against mine.

"Too close," I breathed, shutting my eyes.

"Scary kitty." He teased quietly, as we heard no one again. "He's gone." He spoke, pulling away. "Must have been one of the guys who forgot one thing or two."

"Guess so," I managed to say, trying to relax.

"Man! You're beautiful." I heard him say. "No wonder why those losers always pick on you."

"Heh, I guess." I said, a blush coating my cheeks.

"You know, if there's anything I'd like, is to have you, and by that, I mean..."

"I'm sorry, did you just say "have me"? I mean, I probably didn't hear you well, right?"

"Oh, you heard me right, baby girl." He grinned, giving his lips a slight lick. "So what do you say?" He asked.

"I...I...I don't know,"

"Just say the word." He whispered, nibbling at my left ear.

"Saint, I...I don't know. I'll have to think about this first." I swallowed hard.

"All right, baby. By the way, I'll be having a party at my house tonight and I'd sure love to see you there." He said to me.

"A party? I'm sorry, I can't...you know, party. I've got plenty of things to do, you know."

"But I insist. C'mon, one party won't hurt." He said, rubbing my arms.

"Oh, I don't know..."

"Please don't say no," He begged.

"Well, all right. Just this one." I faked a smile.

"Aww. What a darling you are. I'll see you at 8." He said happily. "Come on now. Let's go eat." He said to me, as we went out.

We walked together, all eyes focused on Saint and I, as I felt the smoothness of his hand in mine, giving me some tingling sensation in my tum.

"What are you..."

"Don't ruin the moment," He hushed, and I said no more.

We headed straight to the counter, and we ordered for deep fried cornbread balls (popularly known as hush puppy) and two lemonade drinks, as we sat down, numerous eyes centered on us, making me more nervous.

"Why are they all staring at you?"


"I mean everyone," I said in a hushed tone.

"Oh, heh," He laughed. "Believe me, my lady, they're all staring at you, and not me." He winked, sipping his drink.

Great! Totes great!

I got home early, rummaging through my wardrobe for the perfect outfit. I couldn't say why I was doing this, but I knew there was no way I could go back on my words, even if I wanted to.

"Mary," My mum called. "I'll be leaving now. Mary?" She called again, as my room door swung open.

"Oh, mother."

"Oh, sweetheart. I was looking for you." She said to me, drawing closer. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, nothing, mum. I'm just looking for something for Molly and I sleepover." I lied.

"It's today? Gosh! It must have skipped my mind." She said.

"Oh, it's nothing to worry about, mum. I'm good."

"You sure, baby? Ah, well if you say so. Just make sure you lock the doors properly when going. Okay?"

"Sure, Mum. I will." I affirmed, as she graced my forehead with a kiss.

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Mum." I replied, seeing her out the door.

I came back upstairs, taking a deep breath, as I slumped onto the bed, a frustrated sigh eluding my lips. Oh, gosh. What I'm doing? My conscience pricked my mind. Having told no one about this, or even my own mother, made me feel so worse. But like they say, it never hurts trying something new.

"Whoo! Found it." I said delightedly, taking out the strapless yellow gown.

I admired it for a second, carefully laying it out on my bed, as I quickly went to wash up.

"Almost 8," I smiled, stepping into my shoes, having worn on a light makeup and one of my mom's expensive perfume.

Pray she doesn't notice...

I walked downstairs quietly, pulling the door open as I stepped out, having no second thoughts about what I was about doing.

The Seville's residence was no different from what Saint had described to me. It was richly loaded, and had two swimming pools gracing its front.

I felt my stomach rumble, and my legs quivered, as I stepped inside. The place was pretty noisy and the house shook with the loud bang and screams of ecstasy that went on hovering inside. I still wasn't sure if I belonged here, but I didn't let my mind overrule me this time.

"Hi, baby," A half-drunk guy in baggy trousers said to me, as I made no utterances, increasing my step.

"Come on, Saint. Where are you?" I winced at the sudden inhale of smoked pot.

"Ooh, another pretty face in the house." A girl in a black, skinny gown said to me.

"Hi. I'm looking for Saint Seville. Do you know where he is?"

"Oooh, Saint. My man." The girl at the party said to me. "Come, let me take you to him." She offered, taking my hand, as we made towards the back, the stench of smoke almost choking me. "By the way, I'm Sybil." She introduced. "Sybil Krieger. What about you, cutie?"

"I'm Mary Lou." I said to her.

"Hot. Anyway, we're here." She said to me, as we approached a hallway.

"We're here?"

"Yup! If only you knew," Her voice came as I felt a napkin across my face, knocking me out instantly.

I woke up to the chirping sound coming from right out the window, as I felt pains all over body, my head spinning so bad. I had no idea where I was at, until the previous night came crawling back in pieces. The house was quiet and void of people...the room stenching so badly of masculine sweat, and whatever that smell was.

What happened? Why am I here? I muttered weakly, feeling my head. I was completely bare, my clothes scattered all over the floor, beckoning to me to come pick them up.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed, feeling the burning sensation in between my legs.

I remembered Sybil and how gentle she was, and not to talk about her partner...the devil in disguise!

I felt so miserable, trying to get up, but to no avail as I was completely worn out. I cried so much, my tears wetting the sheets, as I thought about the next thing to do. My eyes scanned the room, as I caught a glimpse of a note on the pillow right next to me.

Reaching for it, I read. "You're such an amazing girl. Thanks for giving me a chance."

I couldn't believe my eyes. It felt as though my world came crashing right before me, and I began weeping again.

The one I had longed so much to be with, turned out to be nothing...but a ruthless beast!

My hate for men grew stronger, and to crown it up, I never got to set my eyes on Saint Seville...ever again...


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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 10:23pm On Oct 12
And oh,for my first story, it's not "alas", but "AT LAST". Please, take note of the words. Sure hope you love this one
Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 12:26pm On Oct 13
Martha And Mary Louise

Girl × Girl

Don't read if you're not yet 18


"Beverly Hills." I uttered, inhaling the nicely, cool breeze and admiring the beautiful scenery.

It's being thirteen years. Thirteen years since I left this city, and now I'm back...back to where it all began!

"Mum, will gran be coming to see us?" Louisa asked.

"Of course, baby," I replied. " She's definitely gonna."

"But you know, Mum, I miss Italy, already. You know, Diego, Theresa..."

"Oh, I know, baby. But you know mum's on duty. And you know how making this film is pretty important and all,"

"Yeah, I know," She frowned.

"Come on, baby. You're gonna love it here, trust me." I said to her, brushing her loose hair strand off.

"Of course, Mommy. I trust you." She giggled, wrapping her arms around me.

"That's my girl. Now let's go inside." I said to her, clasping her hand. "Oh, be careful, Sir. That is pretty fragile." I turned to the Chauffeur, as he moved our things inside.

"Wow, Mommy, this place is really big." My daughter remarked.

Louisa was the exact replica of me, but had her father's eyes, which sometimes reminded me of him....if only he could see what his daughter had become.

"Louisa...baby. Please be careful."

"Okay, Mama." She giggled, rushing out the door.

I breathed a sigh, rolling my eyes around the living room, as a name struck my mind.

Oh, my baby's gonna be mad, I said inwardly, searching for my phone.

"Louisa!" I groaned, making for the door. "Baby? Baby -" I stopped, remembering where I had kept it.

I quickly got it out, putting my girlfriend's number on the dial, as her voice came from the other line.

"Knock, knock,"

"Who is there?" Candace spoke.

"Your favorite girlie," My voice rang.

"Oh, how much I've missed you, baby." Candace said.

"It's only being a day, Darling." I said to her.

"I know, but a day seems like forever to me. Gosh! How's my little baby, though? I bet she loves it there, already."

"Oh, Louisa's fine. She's out playing."

"Aww. That's cute. Well, have you eaten?"

"Just had coffee on the plane. Didn't really feel like."

"Awe. Bad mood?"

"Oh, no. You know I'm trying to maintain this hot figure here." I laughed.

"Oh, so true. Well, baby, I'll call you later. Then we can talk about our wedding prep and all."

"Ooh, can't wait. Love you."

"I love you more." She said, as the line went dead.

I tossed my phone inside my bag, as my eyes went to the ring on my middle finger. Candace was one amazing woman. Met her in my first year at Harvard, and now, I just simply couldn't wait for us to be together, without anyone getting in our way!

The next week was gonna be really stressful and I knew that for sure. I had an appointment with the director, who turned out to be Martha Fox...the one and only.

"Ah, you must be Ms Houghton," She said, as I walked into her office.

"Yes. Louise Houghton." I said to her, as she beckoned to me to sit down.

"I've heard so much about you," She started. "Your movies...everything. They're really fascinating."

"Oh, thank you. Thanks so much."

"Oh, my pleasure. In the mail I received some days ago, it read you were going to be working with us, and I'm pretty sure you're the right one for this great project that's coming up." She continued.

There was something in her voice that was captivating, the way her lips moved, and those big sized boobs wanting to wiggle free from their cups. It was enthralling, my eyes focused on them as she talked.

"So do we have a deal?"

"Um, yes, Ms Fox." I smiled, looking back at her.

"You're not married, are you?" Her question came like a blast. "You know you're such a beautiful lady and I bet every man would love to have you for themselves."

"Heh. Every,"

"Yes," She got up, making towards me. "I see you want this." She grinned naughtily, sticking a finger in her lips, the other one pushing her dress down, as her enlarged babies came in sight.

I could feel the wetness in between my heat now, as I tightened my legs so I wouldn't burst. I watched as she sat on the table, parting her legs, as her neatly shaved kitty stood open.

She's got nothing on, I gasped, feeling my hot juices rush onto my panties.

"Come on, bitch. Have at it." She motioned, as I grinned.

Now I knew I wasn't straight, but I've never made love to any lady, apart from Candace, and I knew she wouldn't mind, even if she saw me right now with another.

Martha Fox was one hot lady, and I could say we had such a great time together, no one knowing what was really going on behind the door.

"Would you mind finishing this at my hotel?" She asked, her breath coming upon my neck.

"Oh, I sure don't. Anything for my seductive mistress." I replied, giving her a final kiss, as I quickly got dressed, and then bid her goodbye...

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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 9:50pm On Oct 13
A Love Once Foreseen

I don't love you, Julian. I don't love you anymore! Just please, let me go! I don't wanna have anything to do with you...ever again!

  Anna's voice echoed loudly, as Julian held on to her.

  "Annie, please. Please, don't do this to me," Julian begged endlessly.

  "I'm sorry, but it's over. It's over!" She cried, letting go of Julian, as Julian pulled her into his bosom.

  "Babe, please, don't do this. For my sake...for our baby's sake."

  "Our baby's sake?! Our baby, you say?!" She barked, eyes wide open. "How many times have I endured everything you did to me? How many times did I stand and watch you break my heart over and over again, without caring if I got hurt by everything? How many times, Julian? How many times?!" She questioned tearfully.

  "I know. I know I hurt you so much, but please forgive me. Please, baby. I can't stand losing you..."

  "Oh, you can't stand losing me?!" She laughed. "Now you're bothered about doing so. Well, sorry to burst your bubbles, Julian Nielsen, but you already have. Goodbye!" She said, pushing him aside, as she grabbed her things, stepping out into the dark, cold night...not looking back!

  It was one blissful morning. The sound of children chattering happily heard in the street, and the snowy air filled with such wonderful fragrance and the smell of Christmas cheers.

  Christmas was mostly everyone's favorite time of year, but not all took delight in celebrating it. Some just wanted to be left alone...not with anyone coming their way.

  "Mmm," Anna moaned, rubbing her belly, as she sat upright. "Merry Christmas, baby," She said to her husband, pecking his cheek, as he laid, back still turned.

  "Don't start!" He sighed, getting out of bed.

  She smiled, ignoring him, as she rolled the duvet off of her. "I'll go shower now." She said to him.

  He gave a slight shrug, making for the door, as he pulled it open and stepped out.

  Anna looked down at her belly, giving it a slight rub, as she made for the bathroom. "Hang in there, baby. All this will be over soon, I promise." She snivelled, a tear rolling down her face.

  She knew there wasn't anything that'd change her husband's attitude, but she still didn't give up on him. She loved him so, despite the fact he always maltreated her and did all manner of things, even in her presence state. Once, she had threatened to call the cops on him, but she didn't dare, as Julian threatened to rip her throat out the moment she went doing such. So she was left with no choice.

  "Annabel! Annabel!!" Julian bellowed.

  Poor Annie walked slowly, her body shaken with fear, as she made to answer.

  "Now tell me! Who took the money I left on the counter?!" He boiled with rage.

  "I...I have no idea. Believe me. I knew nothing about it." She shook.

  "You knew nothing?!" His eyes grew wider. "Then who took it?" He questioned.

  "I swear, I knew nothing. Please, believe me,"

  "Oh, you're calling me a liar now, 'cause I'm quite sure I left it here!" He went on, drawing closer.

  "Julian...Julian, please..."

  "Oh, don't "Julian me", you shameless thief! Now! Come with me!" He ordered, dragging her roughly, his finger nails bruising her wrist.

  "Julian...Julian, you're hurting me. Julian!" She cried, as he pulled her with him.

  "I'll teach you some manners. Next time you won't try stealing from me!."

  "J-Julian...Julian, stop! Julian!" She cried bitterly, trying to wiggle free, as they climbed the stairs.

  "SHUT UP!"

  "Julian...Ow-oww!!" She groaned louder.

   He jerked the door open, ignoring her, as he pushed her in, slamming the door.

  "Julian...Julian, please, open the door. Julian!" She banged so hard, but all pleas fell on deaf ears.

  It felt as if the world had turned its back on her, as she felt so alone, with only the thought of her baby to comfort her, and to dry those bitter tears.

  Her cries grew faint, and her legs weakened. Not taking it anymore, she slumped onto the floor, wishing that when she'd wake up, everything would be normal...again.

This is a full story, but it'll be in the short section for now 'cause I haven't prepared it yet. So y'all place your comments here. God bless.

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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 2:41pm On Oct 16

By the time I stepped outside, the leaves were on fire. The air reeked of deadly smoke as it hovered in the air, almost wanting to suffocate me like a firm grip around one's neck. I coughed endlessly, trying to push forward; vision blurred and almost without breath. I tried to yell but no words came out. I was trapped...trapped amidst the burning brushwood, a place I knew nothing about, or even how I got there. And if ever I was going to be free, I wasn't certain it would be in one piece.

I looked to my right as a light shone amidst the darkness, rooting my legs to the ground as it seemed it was beckoning to me to come closer. It felt as though I was in some kind of trance but this was real...everything was .

I heard a voice...no different from a whispering wind.

"Roland," It called. "Roland...you have to move. It's not yet your time. Keep moving..."

My eyes widened, recognizing who's it was, "Roslyn?" I inched closer. "Rose is that you?" I asked, still not sure.

"Give me your hand...give me your hand, Roland."

I swallowed hard, making towards her. "Almost there...almost there," I spoke breathlessly, the heat seeking to consume me without mercy.

I staggered, a loud cough eluding my lips as my breath got thinner, my legs unable to urge me on as I slumped...remembering nothing again.

"Wakey-wakey. You're gonna be late." A cheery voice rang, the sound of swinging curtains ringing in my ears.

"Mama Pea!" I squinted, burying my face in my pillow.

"Get out of bed, Roland. Roslyn's been waiting for you." She urged, tugging at my feet.

"Roslyn? Oh, shit! Roslyn!" I panicked, getting up. "Did she say anything, Mama?"

"Ooh, look who's worried." She laughed.

"I'm serious. Oh, God!" I breathed, taking up my pants. "Had the weirdest dream last night," I continued. "It was dark...burning bushes...and-and..."

"Yeah, yeah, baby. There's Jesus. You can tell me all about it later." Mama Pea hushed.

"But ma..."

"Come on. Hurry. You gotta get the girl." She winked and wiggled her fingers, as she walked out the door. "And one more thing...freshen up!"

"Oh." I laughed, shutting the door.

I was such a handsome fellow...the blonde type and was quite naughty. One fact I was well known for, making everyone in our neighbourhood nickname me "the Grabbercino."

"Whew! What took you so long?" Roslyn asked with a frown.

"Not gonna give me a kiss?" I teased, looking at her.

"Oh, you bet I would." She chuckled and plunged her lips on mine.

"Mm...vanilla," I complimented with a grin.

Roslyn was one hot lady you'd wanna be with. Our relationship was a bit complicated, really 'cause she saw me as some bad ass who didn't stick to one girl, which by the way, it's my thing.

"Love it?" She blushed, running a finger on my lower lip.

"Now you two quit doing that on my porch," Mama Pea interrupted.

We turned, giving a slight chuckle. "Sorry grams."

"Oh, I didn't see anything. Time, Roland. Time." She signalled to me, a finger on her wrist.

"Right. Come on, baby. We gotta go." I said to Roslyn. "See you later, Mama." I turned to gran, pecking her senile cheek.

"All right, baby. See you at dusk. And be careful." She called to us.

"Don't worry. We'll take care."

"Grams' always worried about you," Roslyn said, as we walked to the car.

I laughed, pulling the door open for her. "Here we go."

Covington was really a nice city, though not very large, but was still the best...one of the best among all the cities situated in LA. The downtown streets were lined with boutiques, galleries and restaurants of all sorts, making it such a gazing sight to whoever came by. I could say it was far better than Nachitoches...a place I once called home...

"You okay there?"

"Mm?" I played dumb.

"Yeah. You've been...I don't know...mute." Roslyn spoke.

"Yeah...yeah, I'm fine." I shrugged and focused on the road.

"You're not tensed, are you?" She asked.

"About what? The game, huh?" I asked. "You don't think I can beat those losers ass, do you?" I scoffed.

"It's just a game, Roland. Whether or not you win, it doesn't matter." She smiled and rubbed my knuckles.

I scoffed again. " 'Cause Lucas' playing?"

"Lucas?" Her eyes widened. "Why'd you mention him?"

"Saw you two some days ago...at Stalvey's," I frowned, taking my eyes off the road.

"Roland, wait,"

"Bleep, Roslyn!"

"I can explain..."

"Like I actually need one?!" I laughed. "You still love him, but I act like I don't see it,"

"I don't love Lucas, Roland! Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?"

" 'Cause I'm sick and tired of you going around with that asshole!" I shot back.

She made to touch me, "T-the road..."

"Don't you dare!!" I huffed.

"Baby?" She gasped, her forehead glistening with sweat.

"If you two ain't doing nothing wrong, then why are you sweating? No, answer me!"

"I swear, Roland. Lucas and I didn't do anything. We just ate, that's all." She tried to explain.

"And I saw you two kiss!"

"N-n-no," She stuttered. "No, we...we didn't."

I boiled harder, my rage getting the best of me, as I banged the steering so hard. "Screw you!"


"Don't! Don't, Roslyn...!"

"T-the road...Babe...!!"

She screamed but it was too late...too late to turn back the hands of time and make things right again.


"Call EMS.”

"Start CPR...”

"CPR! Turn on the defibrillator...”

“Put the pads on the patients....pads on the patients! Pads on the patients...”

The yelling went on; Roslyn and I lying helplessly, our bodies covered up in blood.

Amidst the utter haze, we struggled...a struggle only I was able to overcome, as she slipped into the welcoming embrace of death...

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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 2:53pm On Oct 16
Please ladies and gents, like and comment. I'm really putting everything effort I can in all my stories...for months now, I'm still seeing nothing, but few comments. Like one or two...it isn't like that in literary writing. I'm not forcing anyone but please in your own free will, put down one or two things...like an appreciation or anything. It'd encourage me and not make me feel like I'm the only one in this. God bless...
Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 2:56pm On Oct 16
Please ladies and gents, like and comment. I'm really putting my effort and time in all these stories...for months now and I'm still seeing nothing, but few comments. Like one or two...It's not supposed to be like that in literary writing. I'm not forcing anyone but please in your own free will, put down something...like an appreciation or an advice. Any thing that'll boost me. We learn everyday and we won't be able to do that if we don't communicate or even throw some encouragements. I'm not an Arts student but I enjoy doing this more than anything. But if this goes on like this, I might just lose interest in posting here. Have a nice day.

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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 8:27pm On Oct 16
If you're looking for a writer or a poet who can write 1000 plus words per day: romance, horror, children's fiction...anything. You can feel free to contact me, please. I'll be really glad to accept your offer...

P.S: Not for free.

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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by lahrra(f): 10:31pm On Oct 16
Thank you Op for the update. #Olivertwistmode#

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Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 11:36pm On Oct 21
Re: SEPARATE HEARTS: A CIARA'S SHORT FICTION LINE by Ciara9251(f): 11:36pm On Oct 21
Thank you Op for the update. #Olivertwistmode#

Lol...what's an OP ma'am?

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