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We Recommend Nano Energizer by IamOguamalam(m): 4:18pm On Sep 30, 2020
The Basics: Your Engine and Engine Oil!
The engine is essentially the ‘Heart’ and ‘Soul’ of a car and the engine oil is the blood in the engine. The engine oil works to keep the engine working continually; however, as the years roll by on your car, it’s not uncommon for the engine to begin to fail. Symptoms of a failing engine includes; oil leaks, dark thick smoke, strange noise, unusual smell, abnormal vibrations, rough drive, hard start, reduced performance, higher (than normal) fuel consumption, high temperature, frequent breakdown, etc.
Though your engine oil is designed to protect your engine, the reality remains that standard oils lack essential elements to FULLY PROTECT your engine or RESTORE a failing engine. The market is full of quite a number of products to protect and fix a number of such issues without going to visit the mechanic. However, Nano Energizer is a superior solution with consistently proven results. See WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT NANO ENEERGIZER!

What Is Nano Energizer?
Nano Energizer is an advanced engine treatment formula for the protection of engines and restoration of failing engine. Consider it as medicine. If your car is “ill” with noise, smoking, over consumption of oil or fuel, decrease of power and compression level, then Nano Energizer could “heal” it.
Nano Energizer also works as a preventive agent, so your car does not get “ill”. Treatment of failing car parts will protect your car from serious problems in the future.

Nano Energizer:
…Over 12 Years in the international market
…With over 1.4 million units sold EVERY MONTH
…Sold In over 70 countries including Asia, UK, India, Africa, etc.

1. Big Savings on Replacing Worn Engine Components: Nano Energizer restores/ repairs worn engine components (like pistons/ bearings/ valves/ seals/ etc). Worn engine components are the cause of most engine problems and such wear/ tear is actually inevitable as you use your car. However, Nano Energizer provides a coating to repair worn engine components, thus saving you thousand of cash that would otherwise have gone into changing/replacing such components. Just like the medicines that works in your body without your efforts, Nano Energizer ‘heals’ worn out parts without any disassembly or effort.
2. Reduces engine breakdown/ down times: In addition to repairs of worn engine, Nano Energizer provides a protective coating to your engine- a coating that is smoother and up to 20 times better than the original engine surface. This result in less engine breakdown, less time at the repair shop and big savings on repairs costs.
3. Makes For A Smooth, Quiet And More Powerful Engine. BRINGS ENGINE POWER UP TO 100%.
4. Reduces Fuel Consumption (Fuel Saving Of 8- 21%).
5. Reduces oil consumption
6. Restores engine compression to improve horsepower and torque
7. Improves engine response (especially at start up)
8. Reduces operating temperature
9. Reduces engine noise and vibration levels
10. Reduces exhaust smoke
11. Extends oil change interval/ service time – thus, your oil serves you for longer.
12. Protects the engine under extreme/ unfavorable conditions like in traffic, rocky/ dusty areas, extreme hot/ cold conditions, etc.
13. Provides a temporary protection for the engine in the event of a sudden oil loss: This gives you some time to fix your oil loss, thus saving you a catastrophe resulting from oil loss.
14. Significantly Increases the re-sale/market value of your car.
Nano Energizer Works ….GUARANTEED!
Find Out More on Nano Energizer for Improved Engine Performance and Solving Your Engine Problems: Call/ chat 08145558009 or 07012857647

Re: We Recommend Nano Energizer by diportivo: 4:19pm On Sep 30, 2020
congratulations to you people on your recommendations

e finish?? undecided

number 1 and 8 tho..... grin grin grin

Re: We Recommend Nano Energizer by IamOguamalam(m): 4:21pm On Sep 30, 2020
Is Nano Energizer Similar To Engine Treatment Or Oil Treatment?
Much More! Conventional engine or Oil treatment basically only provides an additional layer of lubrication between the Engine Cylinder Wall and Pistons for extra protection during Engine Usage. They do not coat or restore worn out engine cylinders. However, Nano Energizer provides a protective coating and repairs worn out surfaces.

Where Can I Apply Nano Energizer?
Any types of Petrol or Diesel engines (Cars, trucks, busses, heavy duty/ off road machinery, motorcycle, tri-cycles, boats, Generators, etc).
Nano Energizer also works amazing wonders when added to other mechanical systems that uses lubrication like gear boxes, compressors, transmission, power steering, etc.

Will Nano Energizer Help My Kind Of Car Engine?
Yes! All kinds of engines can be improved with Nano Energizer ceramic metal coating, as long as the engine is operative. Whether the engine is gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel, biofuel, along with high-powered ones, with direct injection, multivalve, or equipped with turbo-charger, Nano Energizer will help.
In order for Nano Energizer ceramic coating to help, the engine must be in an operable state. Nano Energizer shows its restoring effect even when the engine is in critical condition. However, in this case, the full restoration of the engine’s operational parameters to original values may not occur.

How Fast Will Nano Energizer Take Effect?
You may start to feel some difference as soon as 200-500km but full coating (and effects) occurs after reaching 1000km for petrol engine and 1500km for diesel engine.

Is Nano Energizer Guaranteed To Perform What It Claims?
Yes. Nano Energizer has been extensively tested by various testing facilities, car manufacturers and individuals. There are thousands of results from over 70 countries that prove its effectiveness. See the testimonials and certifications that proves Nano Energizer works!

How Do I Use Nano Energizer?
Nano Energizer is poured into the engine right after an engine oil change or not more than 3000km after the most recent oil change. No Disassemble Of Engine, No Technical Knowledge, No Observations. …WARM UP YOUR ENGINE FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES …SHAKE IT …POUR IT …DRIVE AROUND A LITTLE …FORGET IT! Nano Energizer will work on its own with the regular movement of the engine.
Nano Energizer comes in two packaging *Nano Energizer ‘Small Engine’ poach * Nano Energizer ‘All in One’ poach.
- For engines of 600cc oil & under such as motor bikes, tricycles, small generators, land mowers. etc, use one poach of Nano Energizer ‘Small Engine’. Also for mechanical units like gear boxes, compressors, transmission, power steering, etc.
- For engines of 4- 10 liters oil capacity (most cars), use one poach of Nano Energizer ‘All in One’.
- For engines with bigger oil capacity (such as truck), use 2/3 poaches of Nano Energizer ‘All in One’

Do I Need To Reapply Nano Energizer After Each Oil Change?
No! You just need to ensure that Nano Energizer has completed its coating cycle (approximately 1000-2000km) before you replace the oil. You only need to reapply Nano Energizer after every 30000 - 40000 km to maintain the optimum benefits.

Where Can I Buy Nano Energizer?
You can make further enquiries and buy directly by chat or call any of these numbers. 08145558009 or 07012857647. If you plan a bulk purchase as a re-seller or to treat a large fleet of vehicles, do contact us for special discounts.

Some Aftermarket Additives Are Clogging Up Filters...Does Nano Energizer Do The Same?
No. Nano Energizer easily dissolves in oil leaving its viscosity and other physicochemical properties unchanged. It easily goes through the filter elements directly to the working friction surfaces.

When Is It Best To Start The Application Of Nano Energizer?
Nano Energizer is effective at any stage of car operation and is always useful. The most important thing is that the engine or system must be in an operative state. However, an early use of Nano Energizer can save you thousand in cash by preventing wear and tear of engine components.

Is Nano Energizer Compatible To My Engine Oil?
Whether you use synthetic or mineral oil makes no difference because Nano Energizer is compatible with any type of oil.

I Am The Second Owner; I Have No Idea What Kind Of Oil Was Used In The Engine. Can I Use Nano Energizer?
Even if some additives have been applied to the engine earlier, they will not cause much effect on the Nano Energizers’ action.

While Idling, The Oil Pressure Indicator Blinks. Will Nano Energizer Help?
There are many reasons for reduced oil pressure, ranging from a failure of the sensor to serious wear of the oil pump, bushings or crankshaft journals. If the reason is wear (and not a damage), Nano Energizer will help.

Will Nano Energizer Help In Case Of Increased Oil Consumption?
There are still more reasons for increased oil consumption, such as wear of parts in the cylinder or -piston group, bedding, gumming-up or breakage of the piston rings, valve stem seal failure, or oil-leaking through seals or PCV system failure, etc. If the reason is wear (and not a damage), Nano Energizer will help.

While Undergoing Maintenance, There Is A High Measure Of Toxicity In Exhaust Gases In My Car. Will Nano Energizer Help?
Increased emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere could be due to the quality of the fuel used, adjustment and operation of the fuel outfit. The most frequent reason for harmful emissions is engine wear. If the reason is engine wear, Nano Energizer will definitely help. The application of Nano Energizer reduces the emission index by nine times and some parameters by a hundred times.
How Will I Feel The Effect Of Nano Energizer On My Car?
The driver will feel an increase in engine power, acceleration, flexibility and change in the sound of the engine operating in different modes. Drivers will notice improvements after a 500–1000 km run from the product’s application. These improvements are the result of Nano Energizer’s restoring effect, as it increases and equalizes compression in cylinders.

I Have The “Common Rail” Injection System, Diesel Engine. Has Nano Energizer Been Tested For Use In These Engines?
Yes, it has been tested, and regularly undergoes testing for new constructive innovations. Modern systems of diesel engine fuel lines with the high-pressure generation, such as “Common Rail” and “Pumpe-Düse” (pump-injector) types, have plunger pumps where the plunger and sleeve wear the most. There are no technical restrictions in applying Nano Energizer to these fuel supply systems. The coating formed on the plunger’s surface provides protection for the complex mechanism from low-quality fuel, that can contain mechanical fouling or water, and from fuel with bad lubricating properties. This includes non sulfurous fuel, or “dry solar oil”, biofuel with a high ethanol concentration.

If The Gear Box Is Droning, Will Nano Energizer Help?
There are two main reasons for the increased noise from transmission mechanisms. Droning can occur gradually, as it is connected with the wear of gear teeth, bearings and shafts. Nano Energizer always helps in such instances. However, sometimes the gear box drones from the beginning of its operation as a result of production deficiency, causing problems in the gear teeth changeover or causing the teeth to come together too tightly. Nano Energizer will work in this case too, but if the deficiencies are substantial, the noise may not disappear.

How Can Gear Shifting Precision Be Improved?
The Gear shifting provision can be improved with a new coating formation. The distinguishing feature of Nano Energizer is to form a protective coating not only on the ferrous materials, but on the nonferrous metals as well. This is especially evident on the synchronizers, which are manufactured from bronze alloys, or nonferrous metals, and are responsible for gear shifting.

Can I Use Nano Energizer With Modern Robotized Gearboxes, Mechanical And Automatic Gearboxes?
Robotized gearboxes and gearboxes with dual clutch, or dual clutch transmission, are improved automatic gearboxes. Nano Energizer is recommended to use for all gearboxes and reducers wear even for modern mechanical gearboxes, where liquid for automatic gearboxes (ATF) is used.

Will Nano Energizer Harm The Performance Of Friction Clutches In Self-Locking Differentials?
No, it won’t. Nano Energizer can be used without any hesitation in axles with self-locking differentials. The assembly is designed in such a way that the torque transfer of the friction clutches occurs through the oil and depends on its viscosity. Nano Energizer has no effect on the viscosity properties of oil.

The Automatic Gearboxes (CVT) With The V-Belt Variable Speed Drive Unit Differ In Their Capriciousness. Will Nano Energizer Help?
Yes, it will. The weak point of the variable speed drive units is the contact of the wedge-like surface of the belt with the pulley, and it is this contact that is effectively protected by Nano Energizer. Nano Energizer also protects other metal parts such as gears, bearings and couplings.

My Scooter Has Separate Oiling System. Where Should I Put Nano Energizer, In The Oil Or In Fuel?
During the treatment of the four-cycle internal combustion engine, the Nano Energizer is applied directly to the oil system of an engine.
Scooters with two-cycle engines can have separate and mixed oil system. To treat a two-cycle engine with a separate oil system, Nano Energizer is added into the oil tank of the scooter. In scooters with a mixed oil system the Nano Energizer, after dissolving in small amount of oil, is applied directly to the fuel tank.

Find Out More on Nano Energizer for Improved Engine Performance and Solving Your Engine Problems: Call/ chat 08145558009 or 07012857647
Re: We Recommend Nano Energizer by IamOguamalam(m): 4:25pm On Sep 30, 2020
Over 1.4 million units of Nano Energizer units are sold EVERY MONTH and has helped people improve their car performance. See reviews from some of our many happy customers.

This product works well! Just adding this product made my car less noisy and better on fuel. It’s a brilliant product and I highly recommend it.

My car was a bit noisy, but after using this additive the car is quieter and starts a bit quicker. Most important to me is that it’s halved its oil consumption. I recommend this product to everyone.

It made a big difference on my old diesel engine ...now an amazingly quiet engine, I will order again, thanks.

Absolutely brilliant, have used it before and will use again, It did what its label says .

I would recommend Nano Energizer in a heartbeat. You feel the change on the engine after a while.

Good product! The product is good as it considerably reduces friction in the engine. Well worth the price. This thing is amazing!!

Used this on my 2003 Mazda Rx8, I can already feel the difference! You can hear and feel the difference. Will use it on all our cars now.

Very good product. Of the 10 sachets from you, we have used 6 sachets. 4 of our drivers said there's a noticeable difference as regards smoothness and less engine noise and the other 2 have reported extra fuel economy and quieter engines. It seems like it really works...

It Does Work. Took my car Fuel Consumption from 8.9 liters per 100km to 7.2 liters. I give this product a 5 Star Rating and would recommend to anyone.

My car runs like new after using Nano Energizer! Thank you!

Excellent product. Thanks a lot. It's great value for money. After using this, the car is quieter and starts a bit quicker but most important to me is that it halved its oil consumption.

I recommend this product to everyone. It made a big difference in my car. I read the reports and thought it couldn't be as good as it said, but now I believe it. .

I put in my Volvo that has 200,000 miles on it and now it runs like new.

An absolutely brilliant product that I would recommend to anyone.

Your product can single handily put the local garages out of business. I must say this product is fantastic and I will be ordering some more soon. I can recommend Nano Energizer as I used it in my previous x trail and see what a difference it made. The engine was a lot quieter and seemed more responsive after it had covered 169000 miles.

Did a service on my friend's car and added Nano energizer to the oil. Didn't tell him that I had applied it. He rang me up a few days later that his car feels great now with More power and is running smooth.

Very happy with your product. Used it on my 2003 Mazda Rx8, I can already feel the difference!

Very good product. The engine runs much smoother and It stopped the engine smoking after about 100 miles. We are so pleased.

My Engine does seem smoother and quieter. I have already noticed a considerable reduction in fuel consumption.

I use a Mercedes Coupe. I started using your product last week and noticed a big difference in engine noise and it’s a lot smoother. The car seems a lot quicker and cruising is silky smooth.

Thanks. I'm glad I've used your product. What a difference this has made to my engine!! Will order more. In my many years I have come across many products that claim to work but are a total waste of time. However, this Nano Energizer doesn’t only work it works exceptionally well. I can honestly say this is a very good product.

Nano Energizer... The Power of a New Engine in a Old Engine!
Find Out More on Nano Energizer for Improved Engine Performance and Solving Your Engine Problems: Call/ chat 08145558009 or 07012857647
Re: We Recommend Nano Energizer by IamOguamalam(m): 8:23pm On Oct 04, 2020
Nano Energizer for Superior Engine Performance!
Give us a call on 07012857647 or via whatsapp chat on https:///message/GXUNLTS3YSYXO1

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