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The Lost Ghost / Ghost Of The Past / GHOST READER And RIDDERS (A Paranormal Anecdote) By Emperical Ink (2) (3) (4)

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Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 7:27pm On Oct 13
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“The best graduating student for the School of Biblical Studies of this session
goes to Adeyanju Badmus!” That was my darling husband being referred to .
You should have seen that proud look on my face.. I noticed all the other
wives looked my way in envy, but it didn’t mean Jack to me, because I was
the woman of the moment... My husband was the best Graduating Student
of Biblical Studies... meaning my husband was the most Spiritual of all
husbands! Gosh!
Was I expecting it? Sure! And that was why I dressed to kill that Sunday. My
designer shoe was the one my favorite aunt sent to me. My hat was the one I
bought with my one month Salary.
My dress! Actually cost three months’ salary. It was pure cotton...
I knew my husband would be the best graduating student, so my look and his
Look was deliberate that Sunday!
Towards the end of the ceremony, my day took another turn, an unexpected
sudden turn, a catastrophic turn, a twisted turn, a turn of the century, a turn
that could actually slaughter someone.
“Like we all know, Our Mission Church in Mororo has been without a Pastor
for 6 months! We are therefore still making this announcement once again.
Anyone who feels led to pastor the Mororo Church should please Let us
know! God is passionate about the Mororo people!” The Parish Pastor said
towards the end of the service.
“I will go!” I obviously did not expect such a word from my husband, so it
didn’t register with me, but I knew the voice must have sounded like my
With the slow movement of my head, I turned to Adeyanju and asked the obviously stupid question...
Did you say something?” I asked Adeyanju
“Me? Did I say anything?” He said
Susan, Josh’s wife took it upon herself to stand up and make it official... She
started clapping....
“Bro Adeyanju has decided to go... He just said...” Susan said and everyone
joined in the clapping...
“Wow! wow!”
Different words were popping out of people’s mouths from different corners..
“Adeyanju, say something...take back what you just said!” I said between
closed teeth...
“I mean.. I would love to go, If I am Led!” Adeyanju said and the whole
church went silent in disappointment
“Aww, I thought as much, I am sure you quickly realized book knowledge is
not the same as field experience!” Susan said sarcastically. I knew she was
angry her husband did not get the award for the best graduating student, so
she was looking for every opportunity to spoil the day for my husband!
“He will go!” I said without thinking... Susan couldn’t deflate my Husband’s
honor. He was to be celebrated that day, so I was not going to stand and
watch Susan turn it to a day of mockery for him out of envy...
Followed was a round of applause by everyone and a session of thanksgiving to God for raising Adeyanju for Mororo.

Bro Adeyanju is the best man for Mororo...!

His Bible Knowledge will really work in Mororo!”
“Not only that, his prayers will set Mororo on Fire!”
I heard those words as I catwalked towards My Father’s Office. My Father
was the General Overseer of our ministry, but Church was Church and Home
Affairs was Home Affairs... I had one intention....
“Dad, Adeyanju can’t go to Mororo. It was a slip of tongue.” I said
“A slip of tongue? From who?”
“From me, From Him!”
“Dad, please use your good office to say that you don’t have our blessings.
Tell the church it is because we are still looking up to God for the fruit of the
womb and I need to be in the city for my routine medical checkup.!”
“Adenike, I cannot do that! You cannot tell the Angel of the Lord who was in
the service that we were Joking. He must have taken the report of the service
to God. We have offered thanksgiving to the Lord on Adeyanju’s behalf...
How do we go back to God and tell him, we were joking?” Father said and I
knew I had to win this battle another way...
“What did he say?” Adeyanju asked
“We are going to Mororo, but don’t Worry Adeyanju, we will be back in not
so far away time from now!” I said smiling knowing how I was going to
deliberately fall sick in Mororo and get my father to pull me out of there in
less than a week....
The road to Mororo was terribly broken at different spots.. A journey that
should have taken 6 hours ended up taking us 9 hours. We eventually got to
Mororo around 4pm. Unlike most villages we had passed, Mororo appeared deserted. No one was outside.
“Are you sure people live in this village?” I asked very terrified
“Well, The Map tells us this Is Mororo...” Adeyanju said
“Maybe we should try knocking on one of the doors?” I said
Suddenly a Lady ran towards our car... She had blood all over her body!
“Help me!” She said
“What is wrong? Are you okay?” I said very concerned, though afraid
“I am a witch and I just killed someone... The people want to burn me alive!
Please help me...” the strange girl said and as she did her black pupil turned
I froze on the spot and I am sure Adeyanju died on the spot as well...
To be continued....
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 7:14pm On Oct 14
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Adeyanju! Step on the gas! Step.... on...the...accelerator" I screamed but
Adeyanju held the steering like It was his very own life...
“I don't think we should!" He replied shaking like a leave in the cold...
“Adeyanju, this is not the time to be Afraid, step on the gas!" I said as I
wanted us far away from the witch girl
" I think we should help her, This is what God expects of us, Bible states that
if your brother or sister comes to you for help and you tell him to come back
the next day, it will be counted as a sin!” Adeyanju said unbelievably as my
jaw dropped but I knew I had to salvage the situation again before we both
became the witch’s next target...
“Adeyanju, you are quoting the wrong scripture! What about suffer not a
witch to live?” I said as the witch girl kept knocking at the car window...
“Adeyanju, she is a witch!” I screamed one more time, but I couldn’t tell what
devil came over him. He pressed the release button of the car lock. The witch
girl saw it and opened the front door, pushing me and sitting in the front seat
with me... Her smell was choking... I could smell evil exuding from her, the
cloud of darkness around her was thick!
“Why don’t you take the back ...seat!” I managed to say
“I have no time for that... Adeyanju be a man and move this car!” The witch
girl commanded.
Adeyanju answered immediately.... I could read Adeyanju’s thought... I am
sure he was wondering how she knew his name. Adeyanju and I exchanged shocked looks.
“Actually, we don’t know where we are going, we are ....” I said
“Missionaries...” The witch girl cut in
We knew the best thing for us was to be silent. We had picked up a wrong
passenger, all I was thinking was how, where and when she would alight....
“Take the next turn....” she commanded
“Take the Left turn!”
“Take the right bend!”
She kept giving the directions and we followed obediently.
After about 15 minutes of driving in circles, the witch girl said...
“Stop the Car!” She said and Adeyanju halted immediately
“That is your new house, but for Adeyanju’s sake, I will give you this advice..
Mororo is not for you! You won’t survive one week...and you Adenike, I
believe the reason you don’t yet have a child is because you are heartless. You
should be grateful I am not in a terrible mood, I would have punished you for
what you just did.” She said and like a scene from a horror movie I have never
been a fan of, she turned into a black bird with purple feathers before flying
Our lives paused for few minutes that felt like time stopped for centuries.
“Adeyanju, reverse this car and get us out of here!” I managed to say while
feeling out of breath, but unfortunately the least of the thing I expected to
happen suddenly hit Adeyanju and I.
The car unexpectedly broke down....
“What just happened?” Adeyanju said as he kept trying to get the car engine
to respond...
Then followed was a sudden whirlwind, a wind that felt like the gods of
Mororo were angry...
To be continued
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 6:03pm On Oct 16
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Wow!” Was what dropped from my mouth? What we met in the house was
a far cry from what I was expecting. The place looked like a mini palace...
This was not the picture of the kind of house I would have imagined
missionaries would live in Mororo....
The house on the outside didn’t look anything like a good place...
When the whirlwind had almost turned our vehicle upside down, Adeyanju
had screamed...
“Adenike, we need to get out of this vehicle!”
“To where?” I said because I was not planning to set my foot on the ground
of Mororo. Mororo didn’t look and feel like a good place...
“To the mission house! Adenike, Listen we need to be alive to be able to get
out of here, if we die in this vehicle, it is our dead bodies that will be carried
out of here. I believe it is better safe than dead....” Adeyanju said and his
words made sense....
With unsteady feet, I alighted, but the wind that embraced me was very tough
and violent. I ran towards the mission house the witch girl had pointed to us
hoping to escape the wind. The picture of the interior of the house I was
expecting to see was a dirty, dusty and archaic interior but what we saw made
me say wow!
“Who did this? Or is someone living here?” Adeyanju said. The living room
looked beautiful. It had beautiful wall paintings, beautiful curtains. The
interior design was really Looking amazing, with deep buttoned Plush
upholstery, the floor was a sparkling wooden surface...
“We were duly informed, you will be coming!” A Voice said from inside the
Two ladies walked out of the Kitchen, they were identical twins, there was
something definitely strange about them but I couldn’t place it.
Adeyanju stepped back in fear and surprise...
“We are the Adegbile Sisters, we are members of the Mororo Church. We had
received a message from your father that you both will be coming, so we
decided to make this place look a bit like the city house you are used to!”
One of the sisters said
“Oh! “ I said but I wasn’t convinced about the truth of what she had said
“Oh Thank you my sisters ... This is really beautiful and very thoughtful of
you! We appreciate it!”
“We will be leaving, by tomorrow the other members will be happy to come
for early Morning prayers!”
“Oh! Where is the church?” I asked
“Here! We hold our services here...”
“What?” I asked in shock. I never liked mixing church affairs with home
affairs. I didn’t like the idea of members coming into the house of their
pastor, it had a way of making members unconsciously lose respect for their
“Ok, thank you sisters!” Adeyanju said obviously dismissing them. He knew
I didn’t like the idea of hosting the church in our house.
The sisters left or better still pretended to have left because as soon as we
devoured the food they had prepared for us, the two sisters appeared in the
room from the wall.
“Really, so you babies were the ones that was sent to Mororo...We just gave
you a simple test and you failed!” Said one of the twin...
“No discernment of Spirit in you! Well lucky you, the food wasn’t poisoned.
You both would have been dead...so we have a deal for you... Do not trouble
us like the last pastor and we won’t trouble you. Do your church thing without
attacking witches and wizards. Give the people false hope and whenever we
have punished someone, don’t try to pray for them. Are we clear?” The mean twin said
Adeyanju and I nodded our heads like primary school babies. I could see the
baby look on Adeyanju...I was beginning to think of how to get us out of that
town when the friendly looking twin said...
“You are thinking about running away... I don’t think so... We like you and
we want you to stay! Feel Welcome!” Said the friendly twin witch
“ For God has not given me the Spirit of Fear, but of Love, power and of sound
mind” Adeyanju was saying under his breath as he could not look up into the
eyes of the witches...It was obvious my husband was a physical and spiritual
babe, despite knowing so much of the scripture.... The witches saw through
him and they both exchanged looks saying...
“ Omode o mo ogun, o npe ni efo ”
(When a child does not recognize a deadly herb, he calls it a vegetable"wink...said
the mean twin witch
“Baby Pastor! Welcome to Mororo, Happy pastoring!” The friendly twin said
laughing before they disappeared and no one told the other before we both
burst into tears.
To be continued
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 6:03pm On Oct 16
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
Adeyanju and I could not sleep throughout the night. We sat on the floor
cuddled like scared Babies. What added to our fear was the disappearance of
all the beauty of the house the moment the witches left. Obviously it was all
a facade, it wasn’t real. The house returned to what I expected; smelly, dirty,
“Once it is daybreak, we leave” I kept saying to Adeyanju...
Adeyanju wouldn’t say a word. He just sat cuddled up very quiet.
A rooster crowed and I knew it must be around 5am...
“We should leave...!” I said
“We will pray and the vehicle will work!”
“Ok” Adeyanju said
I pulled him up as I felt guilty. I allowed my pride drag him to Mororo.
We carefully walked out of the house and got into the car! I held Adeyanju’s
“God, we are sorry for trying to show off in church. We know we have not
been sent here. Please forgive us!” I prayed
“Amen!” Adeyanju replied. With a careful hand and a skeptical look, he
inserted the key into the ignition..,
“Have faith!” I said in encouragement
He turned the key and at just one turn, the vehicle responded...
“Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord....” I said almost screaming..,

“Keep it low, you can shout all you want when we get out of here...” Adeyanju
Adeyanju stepped on the gas, and the vehicle moved forward. At the sound
of the vehicle, doors and windows of houses started opening. It was obvious
we had woken the people of Mororo up.
“Don’t stop, this is the first time I will ever encourage you to drive over 100,
infact increase your speed to 150 right now!” I said as I noticed Adeyanju was
getting confused the moment the doors and windows were opening...
“Adeyanju! Adeyanju!” I screamed at him...
Adeyanju was a pathetic case. A brainy without a heart. He was just
intellectually sound, but emotionally he was a baby; One of the errors of his
parents. His parents had made Adeyanju exert his energy and reasoning on
reading only. He had no human relationship. Their relationship was the only
thing Adeyanju acquired on his own, which was not totally by his power
alone.. I was the one who forced him into asking me out. He was always
around me, smiling at me, buying me gifts and whenever he saw other men
around he would be so devastated... The day I helped him out of his misery
was when I forced the words out of his mouth...
“Adeyanju, why are you always angry when you see other brothers around
me!” I had said after church
“Me! Angry?”
“Yes! You like me? You want me to be your girlfriend and you don’t know
how to say it!”
Adeyanju had kept quiet, for a brief second before saying...
“Actually, as a wife not a girlfriend... I don’t want you temporarily, I want you
permanently... You know the word girlfriend is a term...” Adeyanju was
already saying too much as he was about to give me the dictionary meaning
of “Girlfriend!” I decided to cut short the long story..,
“Yes! I will love to be your wife” I said and Adeyanju laughed still not looking into my eyes...
This was the same Adeyanju that was about shutting down on me, he was
slowing down the car in fear.
“Adeyanju! Stop the car!” I said and he did immediately.
“Move! “ I alighted from the vehicle and turned to the driver’s seat. Adeyanju
moved to the passenger’s seat quietly. I got into the car and moved at top
speed...No Devil was going to stop me from leaving Mororo!
After driving for few minutes, I could see something that looked like a
roadblock ahead. I told myself, no roadblock was going to stop me. I was
going to drive past the roadblock, not minding any damage it will cause on
the car.
“I will fix the car in the city” I encouraged myself, but as I drew closer to the
supposed roadblock, I realized what stood on the road was not a wooden or
iron roadblock, but it was a roadblock made by humans...
“Adenike!” Adeyanju screamed in fear as I also halted at the sight.
There were about 8 men, 10 women, 15 teenagers and a lot of children
standing on the road with arms akimbo...
“Who are they?” I asked Adeyanju who replied with a blank look.
To be continued
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this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 9:21pm On Oct 19
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
I took my leg off the gas as trying to go past the roadblock would be homicide.
“Who are they and what do they want?” I said in fear.
“Probably another set of witches... and by the look on their faces, these ones
look very mean and unhappy...” Adeyanju said.
As we looked on with no intention of stepping out of the car, one of the men
who appeared like their spokesman walked towards the vehicle. Every step
he took towards us created serious fear in us...
“I come in peace and so do my people!” The heavily built man who was
handsome looking said.
I only responded by nodding...
“I am Oluwaseun, Formally Orisaseun. We are the members of the Mororo
Church. We were more than this before, but after the death of the last pastor,
some members left. We don’t want to leave, but we need someone to feed us.
How can we be saved if we haven’t heard or be preached to?” He said...
I looked towards the group and I felt pity for them. If what this man was
saying was true, then it was a pity that the villagers wanted the genuine Word
of God, but unfortunately they were starved...
However, I suddenly remembered the Adegbile sisters. They had also
deceived us into believing they were members of the Mororo Church...
“I am not going to fall for this again!” I said as I engaged the reverse gear
hoping to deceive them, thereafter pull a very fast one on them..,
“I think they are genuine!” AdeYanju said to me in a whisper
I rolled my eyes in irritation at AdeYanju.
“Would he know what was real or fake even if it was stuck into his nose?” I
thought silently... I rolled down the glass and with a release of air, I spoke to
the man...
“Sir, the thing is... We are the wrong people for Mororo. We are not
spiritually matured to lead or preach to you people. We came here thinking
Mororo was a child’s play but with what we have seen in less than 24 hours,
we are taking the report back to the parent church to send a more equipped
couple to you!” I said hoping the man would understand my point...
Instead of giving an answer or showing a sign of acceptance or otherwise, he
stepped away from the car to return to the “roadblock” group.
There was a distant chatter going on, I tried to read the response from the
“They are not buying it...” Adeyanju said and it was obvious. I felt irritated
that he was speaking out the obvious
“Adeyanju, I need positivity right now and if you are not ready to give it me,
please just keep your words to yourself!” I said
“I think we should stay!” Adeyanju said again “The man quoted a sensitive
scripture moments ago.. He was quoting from Romans 10:13-14 which
says....For whosoever call upon the name of the Lord shall shall be saved.
How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how
shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they
hear without a preacher?.... Adenike this people need a preacher!” Adeyanju
said and if he was my brother and not my husband, I would have treated him
to a nice treat of hard slaps on his face....
“Adeyanju, it amazes me that despite knowing the whole scripture, you speak
the wrong one at the wrong time... this same scripture you just quoted, you
quoted the wrong verse... The verse that concerns us is verse 15a which says
dear Husband...”And how shall they preach, except they be sent?”....
I noticed Adeyanju still did not get my point...so I decided to help him
“Adeyanju, we were not sent to Mororo, we only came here to prove a point,
I brought you here to make you look like a real man!” I said with the tone
that said we were going back home...
The handsome heavily built man was walking back to us, but this time with few of the group members...
“They want to speak to you” the man said
A teenage girl of not more than 12 years said...
“Please sir and ma’am, don’t go, I want to know more about Jesus. I love
Jesus and want someone to tell me more about Jesus, so that I can also tell
others about Jesus especially my Sister, Sade.” She said pointing towards the
I followed the direction of her hand. I saw the witch girl that had stopped our
car the day before. She was hiding behind a tree...
“Your sister?” I said
“Yes, my elder sister, she is a witch but she tells me she doesn’t want to be
anymore! And I know it is only Jesus that can help her... but Aunty I don’t
know Jesus enough to be able to help Sade... Please stay and teach me about
Jesus so I can help my sister..” the girl said and the soft part of my heart felt
her pain...
To be continued
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this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.
Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 9:22pm On Oct 19
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Two weeks? AdeYanju why did you do this to us!”
I couldn’t believe what AdeYanju did few minutes back...
Although I had felt a bit emotional after the little girl’s talk but I wasn’t
moved to the point of wanting to stay back.., however AdeYanju said out of
the blues...
“We will stay with you for two weeks! I am a Bible graduate, so I will see what
I can do in two weeks...!” AdeYanju had said to the group that had walked up
to the car...
My world stopped! I looked at AdeYanju with a look that said
“Are you crazy?”
Then AdeYanju decided to put me on the spot by saying...
“Unless my wife says otherwise!”
And then I had over 8 pair of eyes looking at me for a supportive answer....
“Sure! Two weeks! He just said it, Two weeks he will teach you all you need
to know about Christianity, and after all he is the pastor!” I said sarcastically
“Thank you ma’am, thank you for being a good mother!” The spokesman
“Ma, we can help you clean up the house!” One of the women said
Before I could turn down the offer, they all had marched towards the house...
Tears flowed down from my eyes...
“Adeyanju why? Why did you do this to us! Two weeks in this God forsaken
place... Adeyanju, this town doesn’t need a Bible student who just graduated,
it needs a pastor who is grounded in the word and has the fire of God in his
bones and you know you don’t even have a nerve in you talk less of Fire!

I poured out my tears in frustration in the car! I kept hitting the car steering
very hard... For that moment, I regretted being the wife of a baby husband...
“Adenike, I am sorry. I couldn’t just watch us leave them. I promise you, just
two weeks...I will do a crash Bible course with them! Please at least let me do
something for myself...” Adeyanju said and I knew I had to stay back with
That day was probably the worst day of my life as I watched how over 20
people kept walking in and out of my new home. I didn’t like people trooping
into my house...At night, I would always feel the presence of those people like
their Spirits were hanging around...
Therefore, when it was time to sleep, it was very impossible. I decided to sit
outside the balcony and with the solar powered lamp I brought, I tried to
read the scriptures....
Instead, I slept off
“They are staying back...” A voice said
“I told you they cannot be easily scared away..” Another voice replied
“But they carry no fire!”
“But they know the word, they just don’t know the power in it...”
“Well, let’s hope they never wake up to the power in the word... they won’t be
a problem!”
“What if they teach our people the Word and our people discover the power
in the word, then we are finished? What we have been able to achieve all
these years is because the people do not know the word, once they know the
Word, they will grow to have the Power!”
“So what do we do to stop this children from teaching them the word...!”
“Well, my suggestion is that, since we have tried sending them out and they
didn’t listen, let’s uproot them”

Uproot them?

I snapped out of that trance... I couldn’t remember the faces of those
speaking but the words were clear...
“What did they mean by uprooting us?” I reasoned as I walked back inside
the house...
After a week of staying in Mororo, Adeyanju fell sick and I was beginning to
suspect this was what “Uprooting” meant...
“AdeYanju, we need to leave... You need to see the Doctor!”
“No, I know this is not a mere sickness, so I won’t be threatened by the devil
to stop my two weeks Bible study with this people... Adenike, if I die, I die!”
His words were exactly what happened...
Adeyanju died exactly 10 days after we stepped into Mororo....
To be continued
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this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and
details. Let's be mindful of others.
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 10:22pm On Oct 20
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
Days went by.
I didn’t want to believe Adeyanju was dead, so I told the members of the
Mororo Church, he was indisposed.
By the fourth day after his death, he was beginning to stink terribly, despite
cleaning his body every three hours and spraying our room with my strong
Members who came to the house for evening Bible Study which I had started
taking were beginning to complain of the offensive smell... Few of the men
asked to see Adeyanju, but I told them, he was fine and didn’t want the
members seeing him the way he was.
“Ma’am, can we at least pray with him?” Seun said
“We can pray here without disturbing him!” I said and I could tell from
Seun’s eyes that he wasn’t satisfied with my answer.
Few hours later as I was taking the Bible Study, Seun came out suddenly out
of our bedroom weeping...
“How did you get in there?” I said in fury
“He is dead too!” Seun said to the other church members crying
“They have killed him!” Seun said..
The church members rushed to the room and saw a swollen Adeyanju...
There was an outburst of cries and tears...
“Adeyanju is not dead, I know he will wake up..,” I said in denial as I moved
to Adeyanju’s body, his body had turned darker... Tears flowed on its own...
Reality was beginning to dawn on me... I had lost Adeyanju because of
My parents, My In laws and few elders of our church had come to Mororo in
a rush. Some of the Church elders had gone to the city to send an email to
our parent church. The church had come with an ambulance to carry
Adeyanju’s body...
His mother was a mess, I couldn’t bear to look her in the eye...
“My son died without a child!” Was all my mother in law was saying...
“At least, if he had a son, I would have had someone to look at...” Adeyanju’s
mother said wailing.
My father had walked up to me as I stood lost ...
“I am sorry Adenike, I should have listened to you! Forgive me!” My father
said to me... I felt his pain
“As soon as we leave here, we will never send any other person to Mororo!”
My father said
My father held me by the hand and asked me to get into his vehicle...
“I am not going!” I said
“What did you say?”
“Father, they cannot take my husband and expect me to bow my head in
shame ... No, I want to confront them..” I said very angry as I looked around
hoping the Adegbile sisters would show their faces...
My father succeeded in getting me out of Mororo...
Adeyanju was buried and I returned to my parents’ house....
“Please save me!” Said Sade the witch girl
“We need you in Mororo!” A man said
“Save us please!” A pregnant woman said crying as she labored to give birth
These were the words that haunted my sleep for weeks... I had disturbing
dreams every night.
“I need to go back to Mororo, Father send me back there!” I said to my father
during breakfast one Saturday morning...
“What?” My father said as his hand which he used in carrying his tea cup
became suspended
“The people need someone who is ready to help them! I am ready!”
My Father did not utter a reply, instead he picked up his phone and made a
“Anne, how are you? A very quick one... I will be sending Adenike to you, she
needs a change of environment...” My father said as he continued speaking
to his sister who was living in Dubai....
“I am not going to Dubai, I am going to Mororo!” I said with a loud voice...
My father turned sharply and ended the call with my Aunty...
I saw him pressing another set of digits, I knew whoever he was calling was
going to be a strong force to contend!
“I need to find a way out of here!” I concluded in my heart.... “Mororo, here
I come!”
To be continued
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this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 10:23pm On Oct 20
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Am I meant to run into a hole to hide after what the devil and his agents did
to me? Dad, Dubai is not what I need right now! What I need is to settle the
scores between the devil and I... I lost what is most precious to me, I lost the
man that could have given me children and grandchildren, yet the devil
wants to have Mororo to himself... No, he has to lose what is in possession
too! The devil is highly inconsequential for me to run away from... He is a
Ghost and I cannot be scared of a ghost!
Dad, Mum, I am sorry, I have to run away, but that’s what the best is for me...
I am returning to Mororo!”
I dropped the letter on the living room table and left the house around 11am,
after my parents had left for a special church program.
I left for Mororo that same day with my mother’s car. I got to Mororo very
late when the entire Mororo had on obviously gone to sleep.
I could sense the Adegbile Sisters knew I was around. As I drove past the
Mororo bushes, I felt two invisible figures running alongside my car on the
two sides.
“You can’t scare me, if that’s what you are trying to do...!” I said with strong
I literally could feel them around me and possibly fuming in anger...
I got to the mission house in one piece! Surprisingly, I met Seun there...
“You came back! Something kept telling me to come here every night since
you left. The thing kept telling me to pray that you come back and finish the
work God has sent you to do in Mororo
“That thing is called the Holy Spirit!” I said smiling. Seun moved closer to
me and with a pleading voice, he said
“Ma, please don’t leave us again. I have realized my mistake with your
husband and the other pastor who died, I wasn’t praying for them... The
thing... I mean the Holy Spirit was telling me that we the church members
ought to be praying for our pastors... I promise to pray for you every day so
the evil ones of Mororo never touch you!”
I looked at Seun intently for the first time. He spoke English Fluently and he
didn’t seem like someone who should be living in Mororo...
“What are you doing in Mororo, you speak well...” I said
“I am not from Mororo, My wife is, I mean my Wife was... I met my wife in
the City, but she loved Mororo dearly. She had come to the city to work as a
maid in my parents’ house as early as 7 years old. We literally grew up as
siblings. My parents gave her an education, so this made it easy for my
parents to accept her when I said she was the one I wanted to Marry..
We got married 12 years ago, but couldn’t have children for four years. This
made my wife start searching for solution everywhere and anywhere. It was
on one of these searches, she met Jesus! My wife became sold out...
My parents were not Christians, so they couldn’t get along with my wife
anymore... They asked me to leave her, but I couldn’t because I loved my
We lost everything as, we were both working with my parents....
My wife and I moved in with the Pastor who had led her to Christ, and though
it wasn’t comfortable, I had to manage that new life because of the love I had
for my wife. In the midst of these, by hearing the word of God in the Pastor’s
house, I was gradually becoming converted.
About 6 years ago, my wife had woken me up in our little apartment the
Pastor later helped us to get...
“Seun, I have a burden for my village, I want to go back to Mororo. My people
need Jesus! And maybe if I served God in Mororo, God may give us children!"
I followed her here, but I guess we weren’t prepared enough, I knew only a
little about Jesus from what I had heard the pastor preached back in the
city... My wife was just zealous as well...”
“What happened to her that made you refer to her as “Was”. Is she dead
also?” I asked in fear.
“Dead? That would have been better, because unfortunately, She is now the
priestess of Mororo, the head of all witches in Mororo....!”
“What! How? I mean what happened?” I asked obviously bewildered
“It is a long story!” Seun said looking heartbroken...
To be continued
To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @
this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and
details. Let's be mindful of others.
Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


Re: Ghost Run! by lahrra(f): 11:51pm On Oct 20
Thank you ma for the update. God increase you richly. But i cant seems to find the ghostrun on your wall. Perhaps there is a link you can drop for easy access.
Re: Ghost Run! by Zara20(f): 12:05pm On Oct 21
wao, so glad to ve found dis thread. I ve bn reading this tru gospel breed link but has nt bn able to go past episode 4. pls keep it flowing, we r wit u
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 8:43pm
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“You should be hungry after the Long trip!” Seun said obviously trying to
change the direction of the conversation...
“No I am fine... I bought few snacks on my way...” I replied stating him in the
eyes with the silent conversation that I wanted to hear his Wife’s story.
However, we both became quiet...
“You haven’t...” I was saying when he also started speaking
“When we got...!” He said simultaneously
We both laughed at the simultaneous talk...
“Patience! I need to learn it... I always want to get to the root of an issue!” I
said laughing, defending my impatience
“It’s fine... “he said, but after a short pause, he continued...
“After my wife and I got to Mororo, we rented a mini apartment very close to
her parent’s house...She started preaching to little children, teenagers and
youths. The Christian story was intriguing and interesting to the young
Gradually, mothers started following their children to the services.
Husbands started following their wives... The Church became more of a new
social society. It was more of My wife telling Bible stories and afterwards ,
the members would eat and drink...
This didn’t sit well with me, because I remembered how Pastor John’s service
used to look and feel like back in the city. It was always filled with singing,
reading the Bible and drawing out revelations from the stories. I knew
prayers were always said. However, the church my wife was heading was
more of a party than a spiritual place...
I remember calling her attention to it...
“Dear, can we invite Pastor John to have a weekend program with us in
“Why? Are we not doing enough?” She said
“We are, butI feel there are some aspects of Christianity we are yet to include
in what we are teaching the Mororo people!”
“I really cannot place it, but I have that feeling something is not totally right!”
My Wife had hissed and walked out on me. I had to later apologize for
doubting her spiritual competence.
Months later, My Wife’s mother summoned both of us to her room!
“Orisabunmi, the time has come!” My mother in law had said and My wife
and I exchanged looks.
“Time for what?” My wife asked
“To enter into your destiny!” My mother in Law said
“What destiny? Maami, what are you talking about?”
“You are a product of the kindness of the river goddess. When I was barren
for 11 years, the river goddess was the one who came to my rescue and gave
you to me...and ever since you got married, we haven’t heard the cry of a baby
in your house. I decided to go back to the river goddess through the cult I
belong to, to ask questions.
“Adesewa, you came to pick one of my daughters, and made her a messenger
of a foreign God!” Yeye the head of the Witchcraft cult had spoken on behalf
of the river goddess.
“Ha! Goddess ooo, I am sorry, Orisabunmi is still your daughter, and she only
brought a new way of life for the people, the lifestyle of the city people!”
“The Lifestyle that does not allow her to serve me...!”
"I am sorry!"
"Well, let her continue, that’s your choice, at least you are comfortable with
not having grandchildren!”
“Ha! Is that why she has been unable to bear children?”
“She needs to be married to her Spirit Husband, then he will give her
permission to give birth for the physical Husband!” Yeye had said
“My wife and I had looked at each other very shocked and confused... My
mother in law meant business...
“ I am not asking you to stop what you are doing, I mean the Christian thing,
but you need to remember your source, you need to be indoctrinated back
into the cult and thereafter a Spiritual marriage will be conducted, which will
give the permission to have physical children!”
“Never! I am the only husband of my wife!” I had said furiously, but my wife
sat very quietly looking very lost....
“Bunmi won’t you say something!” I said expecting her to refuse the offer...
“Maami, is that all I have to do?” I heard my wife saying unbelievably....
I looked at her very shocked and what she said to me that got my eyes popped
“Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and Give unto the Lord, what
belongs to the Lord...!”
To be continued
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 8:43pm
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“What? She said that?” I was beyond shocked.
I knew what it felt like for a woman to be childless. I knew desperation could
set in. I had been in those shoes so I knew how well it hurt, but I wasn’t sure
wanting to have a child could push me into witchcraft.
“I know she was desperate to have a child, especially since my parents were
placing serious pressure on her, but I tried encouraging her to be strong, but
she would not have it!”
“Seun, God is the one who gave the witches the power they are also using...
Can anyone do anything If God does not give the power to them... They can
also create children!”
“No BUNMI, they cannot create children, my mother once told me that some
of the children gotten from wicked powers are sometimes animals or demons
projected in women’s body who through incantations take the form of
humans. That is why you see some children behaving like certain animals...
Mother also said some children are actually from God, but the moment you
go to the wrong places, they deceitfully claim the ownership of the child and
in a bid place evil restrictions on that child! Besides, you are a pastor, doing
this will be a disgrace. Don’t do what will not make you fit to be a pastor
Bunmi had clapped...
“Not fit? I knew this was your plan, you want to become the pastor in charge
of the church, take it, Seun, take it...”
“Bunmi had said that and I thought it was just an empty threat. The next day
during the Bible study. She had stood up in front of the group...” Seun was saying to a perplexed me.
“God is the same in all religion, My Husband and I have decided to serve you
people better. He will be leading you in the Christian way, while I have
decided to go the traditional way. This way I am able to correct the evil in
that religion!” Bunmi said
“I knew that was not my wife speaking, so I pulled her aside asking her if she
was alright, but instead I got a slap. Things went from bad to worse, and from
worse to Terrible. It felt like she was under a spell. What was baffling was the
fact that she was doing all she was doing to have a child, but yet she wasn’t
friendly with me; the man she ought to have the child with.”
I maintained total silence as I was lost for the right words...
“So she joined them and the rest they say is history. To me she is good as
dead. Though I am not fully rooted in Christianity, I can and will not dine
with evil!” Seun said finally
“But why did you decide to stay back in Mororo?” I asked
“To prove a point...!”
“Which is?”
“Christianity will survive in Mororo without Bunmi!”
I looked on at Seun dumbstruck.
Was Christianity just a competition to him?
No wonder Mororo was the way it was! The foundation of the Christianity
practiced there was weak... They were not serving God for Who He is, But
they were trying to prove a point...
To be continued……………….
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 8:43pm
Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
I didn’t need anyone to tell me, Mororo was a tough village and it was rather
unfortunate that those who needed to bring Light into the village through
Christianity had the wrong motives...
“God, if only you can give me Spiritual power, I will turn this village around
for you, delivering Mororo from the hands of the evil ones!” I thought silently
to myself.
“You will do no such thing...” Seun and I jumped back as we heard a female
voice say...
“She is around?” Seun said while looking around. His voice had a bit of fear
mixed with irritation...
I wanted to ask who that was, but I obviously was able to do the math’s. His
Wife, Bunmi was definitely the She, he was referring to....
Like a scene from a horror movie, she gradually started appearing bit by bit,
starting from her hand that held a white beaded short staff, which signified
authority. Next, half of her right body was revealed. She tied a white feathery
wrapper around her, with a beaded neckpiece done like a cape on her neck....
“Adenike, this is not a game for fashion oriented girls, not a game for girls
who stay all day talking, not a game for Daddy’s girls. !” She said as her fully
body was revealed...
“I am not here to play a game, and since you know me so well, you should
know I hate playing games...” I retorted
After few seconds... Seun was about to talk when Bunmi shut him up...
“I am not here for you! When you are done deceiving yourself you will leave
Mororo. You should be grateful you are my husband, that’s why I Haven’t
killed you!"
“But you could kill my husband!” I said angrily
“That was not me... Your husband was an easy prey for me to waste my
powers on... He was a spiritually lifeless being... and killing him would have
been an insult. If you are grieved about that, Speak to the Adegbile sisters”
Bunmi said as she moved around..
“That however brings me to the reason why I am here today!” She said
“Which is?” I said
“Get out of here, before I personally kill your parents! I know your parents
are quite spiritual, but I also know my way around. I know some of their
secret misdemeanors that will give me the access to strike them both dead in
one day. What a pain that would be!”
“Adenike! Adenike! Adenike!” Bunmi called out with her eyes shining with a
touch of red flame in her pupil...
“I give you two days to leave this village, or else you will have no choice to
leave after you hear their sudden demise” As soon as she ended her words,
she disappeared without waiting for my reply.
“She will do it” Seun said looking defeated... “I advise you return home, she
doesn’t kill her victims, but she kills the loved ones of her victims, in other to
cause her victims pain.
That was the point of decision making and I took the best decision for me,
which was.....
To be continued
Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Re: Ghost Run! by graceola001(f): 8:44pm
©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Adenike, please Marry Me!” Nonso knelt in the common room of the
Embassy during lunch in front of an embarrassed me...
“Nonso, what are you doing? Please stand up.” I said as I stood visibly
“Say Yes! Adenike Just Say Yes!” I heard the loud cheers of the other staff
“Say Yes to what?” I stood there completely blank. The suddenness of
whatever Nonso was doing got Me Numb. We had just met, precisely 5
months before the weird proposal...
This was six months after I left Mororo. I left that night after my discussion
with Seun and his Priestess wife. I wasn’t ready to lose my parents. My
husband was dead and I didn’t have the heart to lose another person.
Mororo wasn’t worth it!
I had returned to my parents’ house who surprisingly were very welcoming.
My mother was particularly happy stating she had been praying all day for
me to return back. I settled back into my life, but I was too broken to return
back to my Father’s Church. I couldn’t bear to look the other women in the
face. It was going to be hard coping without Adeyanju by my side.
How I missed Adeyanju, my best friend, my lover, my friend, the perfect man
for me!
I had told my father I needed a secular job also. I apologetically told him I
couldn’t continue with my present job of working at the church.
By what I felt was divine Providence, I met an old friend who got me a Job at
one of the embassies in Nigeria.
My Job was a well-paid job that came with its juices that perked me up. In
Just three months, I had traveled to 5 countries for different trainings. I met
new friends, I was becoming more exposed and I cursed myself for wanting
to lose all of that for Mororo.
Nonso was my colleague who couldn’t get over me, but I wasn’t ready for any
emotional entanglement. From the first day I stepped into my office, Nonso’s
time stopped ticking. He looked at me like I was an angel that just dropped
from the sky. He was discussing with Tamuno at the time, but my entrance
into the office got his mouth wide opened... I had to double check if I wasn’t
stained in anyway....
While everyone came to say hi, he didn’t come and for days he avoided me
like a plague.
After about a week of resuming the office, I took the boldness and walked up
to him...
“Good Morning Nonso, I am Adenike, I just resumed this job a week ago and
I think we haven’t met officially!” I said stretching my hand to him and I can
say that probably was the mistake I made. Nonso started blushing. His face
turned red and with obvious excitement he accepted my handshake...
What I expected him to say was “Nice to meet you!, but instead what I heard
from him was...
“Oh my God! Your palm is so soft!”
“What!” I literally screamed..,
Nonso had glued himself to me for the next five months. It was hard for
anyone to believe I wasn’t dating him, even my parents were always beaming
with smiles anytime he came around.
Nonso was the kind of “Boyfriend” that you couldn’t hide. He wanted to know
everyone and anyone related to me. He wanted to go with me to family
functions. He started attending my Father’s church.
My mistake which I believe prompted the unexpected proposal was probably
what I said to him the Friday before the Monday he proposed...I wanted to get him off my back.
"Nonso, when am I going to meet your girlfriend or your fiancée?” I asked
out of the blues at the restaurant where he forced me to have dinner with him
that Friday night.
“My girlfriend?” He asked looking shocked.
I nodded...
He rested his back in his chair and didn’t say a word as I continued eating...
“Don’t tell me you don’t have a girlfriend at this age, Nonso you will be
turning 40 in the next two months!” I said laughing
He sat still looking at me... At that point I knew I had gotten him where I
wanted. I wanted to define the relationship between us...
“Nonso, what’s wrong, this is the first time in five months that my bestie will
be without words...Hmm... Nonso I am sorry if I invaded your privacy....”
Nonso still kept mute...
“Nonso! Are you okay?”
He recovered from whatever shock he was in and faked a smile...
“I am fine! “
“Ok, so when do I meet her?”
“Soon!” He said and that was probably the first time Nonso ever answered
me with a one word statement...
After about 5 minutes we left the restaurant and Nonso was quiet throughout
the ride. He didn’t call, or reply my calls during the weekend, so you could
imagine my shock when he threw a proposal at me on a Monday in the
“Adenike, please Marry me!”
To be continued

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