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On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 2:40pm On Dec 17, 2020
Episode 1.
By Amah's Heart.

She stir the food up again for the second time with a full smile on her face.

she scoop little into her palm to taste with a wooden spoon.
She nodded happily to herself as she lowered the spoon and covered the pot.

Her stomach growls loudly followed by a movement.
She began to rub her stomach in a very sensitive way.

Just as she was about to turn, a strong arm grabbed her from behind.
She startled at first before relaxing.

"I was wondering where you might be and was told that you are in the kitchen, cooking. Opa you know you shouldn't be stressing yourself in this condition. Our son needs all the rest he can get right there in the womb and you too...

She smiled sheepishly as her husband lowered his head to her stomach.
She began to tease him.

"You can't feel anything yet Dre... the baby is still sleeping and doesn't want any disturbance. Beside we don't know if is a boy or girl, only God knows. you said that you wanted pottage, I decided to take the honor of preparing it just the way you like it. The maids can't do it like I will... and is not stress at all. I hate to stay idle and do nothing. I was raised differently... you know.

He didn't let go of her as he listen to her speak.

"Opa, I hate to say this but I actually enjoy your cooking more than any other person but I don't want you to go stressing yourself. By the way, the food smell so nice... can I have a taste?

Opa laughed out and just as she was about to turn she heard another tiny voice coming right in.

"And me too Mama...I also want a taste.

Their daughter Maya came to stand beside the Dad.

Opa touched her smiling soft cheeks before going over to the food pot so that she can give them some to taste.

That same night, as they sat around a table eating dinner. Maya who was very inquisitive at just 3years said.

"Mama, father said very soon I will have a baby brother. Is it true? Mama am I going to have a baby brother soon?

Opa looked from her husband to their daughter.
She dropped her spoon tiredly.

"Maya, is only God that knows what baby it will be. It can either be a baby brother or a sister. But anyone that pleased God also please us. Go ahead and finish your meal so that you can go to bed...no more talking.

After they were through for the night, they all retired to bed.
Opa decided to confront her husband

"I don't understand why you go about telling everyone that I'm carrying a boy...Dre. I did not really care all about that until now. You have also gotten into our daughter's head with the same idea. This whole thing is no longer funny and I want you to stop.

Dre cleared his throat calmly before saying.

"Don't say you don't understand Opa. I'm the only surviving son of my father and heir to the throne of zukumo land. I'm the next chief of our people. My reign as a chief will be cut short without a son to take after me. My father's brother Mario is eyeing the throne, i see and knows what's he's up to. I don't want the reign to stop in my tenure because no heir to succeed me and the crown will go to my uncle's house, Mario. I have prayed to the gods to favor me this time since it didn't work out in our first issue and it was a girl. The kingship will be taking away from my father's house if I fail to begeth a son. You of all people supposed to understand the fate we are in. Mario asked me the other day... that hope my wife will not be producing another useless egg this time, and I assured him that you are carrying a son for me....

Opa interrupted her husband.

"Wai...wait, you mean he actually refers to your own daughter as useless and you kept your cool and did nothing...all you were after is boasting to his face that I'm carrying a son. What kind of father are you Dre...

Dre gasped out harshly.

Opa, you are deviating from the main point. don't pay attention to Mario, he thinks women are useless... their only use is childbearing. He wasn't referring mainly to my daughter... that's just his generally believe and I can't start fighting my uncle over what he thinks. The main thing I'm after is having a son and that is why I tell those who cares to listen that my pregnant wife is carrying a heir to the throne. The chieftain will remain in my father's house because the baby in your womb will make it so.

"What if is...is another girl Dre...what if the...

Dre shut her up.

"Enough of "what ifs" I don't want to think of it Opa. Is time to start beseeching the gods, ask them to give us a son because that is the only thing that will keep our kingdom running in peace and our family together. A girl cannot wear a crown or knows how to rule a kingdom. women has no place in the throne. A daughter cannot make any difference in the thick soil of Zukumo land neither can a woman's name be inscribed in the heart of the people as a ruler. You see why your "what if" is not necessary at this time. Opa, I'm going to give the people of Zukumo what they want.... and they want a son...so be it.

Everywhere fell silent, the oil lamp burn quietly, crickets can be heard singing loudly to the quiet yet scary night.

Dre exhale loudly, time went by and he thought Opa was already asleep.

" What exactly do you want Dre?

Dre turned and stare at her with the help of the oil lamp. He wasn't sure he heard what she said.

"... what I meant is that what do you really want? You planned to give the people of Zukumo their wishes for a son to rule the Land and unit kingdoms alongside you. That is what the people want... which they feel is their right. How about you Dre? What do you truly want...

Dre remained quiet without replying her.

He sat up and watch as the lamp burns.

"Opa, my only wish is to be a good leader and please the people who are my responsibility. Father was a great Chief and has rule this kingdom from strength to strength. I want to pick up from wherever he stops and be a better versions of him. I want to please the people Opa. I don't want a divided kingdom...I want unity, respect and support from the people of Zukumo. The respect can only come when I have sons... even if is just one son it will equals thousands of daughter to them. Whatever the people want is also my desires... I want a son Opa. It will gladden everybody, make father proud, shut uncle Mario up and it will also gladden me too Opa. End of discussion. please sleep, if you continue to be awake, our son may not get the adequate sleep that is needed for him. Stop worrying over what the gods has already perfected. Goodnight Opa...a good wife should not argue, challenge or question her husband for any reason.

Opa did as she was told and remain quiet.
She shut her eyes and pretend to be asleep. One hand was placed on her protruded belle and her heart was filled with one particular prayer.


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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 3:58pm On Dec 17, 2020
Episode 2.
By Amah’s Heart.

Opa was supervising the workers at the field alongside her daughter.

A servant came to inform her that her husband requested for her presence.
She quickly left with the carriage that was sent.

As she got to the palace, she saw her husband, his father and uncle in a middle of a discussion.
She walked up to them, knelt in greeting.

Chief Pasi, Dre’s father gave her a warm smile before asking her to stand.

“How are you doing my daughter, hope the weather suits you?
He asked her cheerfully

“I’m well Chief and the weather is friendly.

Chief Pasi smiled.

“I’m please to hear that. Dre said you are carrying a seed to the throne…a son. He said the gods revealed it through dream to him. Although the gods has not revealed so to me but ‘m glad and very hopeful. you have all the blessings of this kingdom as you about to bless them with a great seed. Anything you need will surely be provided… all you have to do is to mention whatever it is…

All Opa could do was to bow, flash a smile and thank her father in-law, the chief of Zukumo.

As she was about to turn Mario suddenly spoke.

“And to add to what chief, my dear brother had said I hope is a boy like your husband is making us all believe. If chief Pasi will agree with me…this kingdom needs a strong ruler like himself. A real royal blood. A true son of the soil who will stand the test of time. It was supposed to be a first child…a male to be precise. only him has such full right to sit on this throne but unfortunately you failed in that aspect by giving us a hen for a first child instead of a son. The chief will pardon my use of words because I meant no harm but only want the best for this kingdom. Your first seed being a girl was quiet disappointing yet very pardonable since another chance for a male child is still available. We all hope you won’t fail the people of Zukumo kingdom this time…

Opa was infuriated with every of Mario’s word but for the sake of the Chief and her husband she swallowed up her anger.
She looked straight at Mario who has a mischievous smile plastered on his face and said with the most loving voice yet burning with rage in heart.

“I hope so too my lord.

She looked at her husband, he was looking back at her with anger in his eyes.
She returned her look to chief Pasi

“Your highness, can I leave now?

She asked politely.

Chief Pasi nodded.
She took a bow before walking away.

Opa entered the house, gently sat on a wooden carved chair.
Her head was relaxed back and her eyes shot.
After sometime her husband entered the house.
Opa opened her eyes and look as he pace up and down the room.

“two things I want to address and make clear so that it won’t happen again…

Dre started.
He drew a chair and sat close to her.

“…I don’t want you going to the field or anywhere until our son is born. If you need to urgently go to anywhere at all… then you have to let me know for approval. Do you understand the kind of baby in your womb Opa? Is not an ordinary child…is a heir, a royal blood, a strong seed to the throne…my first son who will be a Chief after me. He will rule the people of Zukumo land and unite kingdoms. Like my great grand father did, my grand father did, like my father is doing, like i will and the list goes on. This isn’t a punishment Opa, is to protect you and the baby from any mishap.

Opa kept quiet without interrupting.

Dre continued

…” Another thing is that I don’t like the way you answered uncle Mario. That wasn’t the answer I expected of you…

Opa quickly interrupted.

“Oh Dre, I forgot to give him a medal for insulting me with his word. Or maybe I should have prostrated and thank him for referring to our daughter as a hen…

“Opa…I will pardon this your arrogance and overlook your sharp unbridled tongue due to the ragin hormones of pregnancy and for the fact that you are carrying a son for me but be aware that I don’t like being interrupted when I’m speaking. I was expecting you to assure Mario that truly you are carrying a male child, a great seed to the throne of zukumo. Not “I hope so” such answers infuriates me…it makes it looks like I don’t know what I’m talking about. Such answer seems like we’re on a different page. Opa, I’m your husband, not only that, I’m also the next chief of our people. you are supposed to support me in everyway possible. Is that too much to ask? Do you understand the pressure on my shoulder? I expected more than “I hope so” kind of reply that you gave to uncle Mario. Please, let such not repeat itself again.

Dre left, leaving Opa to think over everything he said.

Opa decided to play along with the whole thing just the way her husband wanted.
She did everything he ask of her for peace sake.

She play along with the whole thing until villagers started sending in gifts for a male child her worries increased.

“Is being heard that the gods has favoured you by opening your womb to carry a prince for Zukumo kingdom. You are favored among women…here is my gift for the prince yet unborn. I personally handpicked this fruits so that when you eat them the son in your womb will also benefit from it.

Another villagers came.

“I took my time to knit this baby Shaw for the prince of Zukumo yet to be born. It has three different color. I started since the first sight of the new moon till the end of it just for you to know the energy I put into the work. Our prince deserves only the best. We’re all waiting patiently till when he will finally be born.

And another villager.

“This she goat has served I and my entire household for years. We use the milk gotten from her to feed the entire household. This she goat has also produce many children for my family. Is very special to us and that was why I brought her as a gift to the great seed in your womb. May the gods who gave you the blessing of being a mother to the heir of Zukumo also grant you safe delivery.

Many villagers troop in with different gifts for the child in Opa’s womb whom they believe is a male.

As the day draws near, Opa’s fear increased. Her husband was looking forward to welcoming a son
The villagers likewise.
Mario was hoping she will disappoint again and give birth to a girl.

Opa did not stop hoping and praying that it will happen as is generally believed.

Opa was walking around their flower garden with Maya her daughter when Mario’s 2nd wife, Tira came visiting.

Opa wondered why she came.

“I was told that you are resting here. How are you and the baby doing?

Opa took that for a good visit and replied her cheerfully.
She asked one of the servants to take Maya for a walk while she sit to talk with Tira.

“You and your husband has finally convinced the entire village that you are having a male child. Well, is all good if truly what you carry is a male child. But if not the wrath of Zukumo will decend heavily on you. I see the way they bring in different gifts and sing your praise. Is your time to be happy and rejoice if truly the child in your womb is a son like is generally believed. But if not… only the gods will save you from mockery and shame that will befall you. By the way my first son Romo is going to be a Chief someday. His father has been preparing him for such a great and royal task just in case you fail in that aspect. Salabi failed to produce a male child for Mario. She has three girls with no son. Mario was quick to action and married me. my first seed was a female but the gods didn’t disappoint me in the second. My second child was a true son of the soil. This is why Mario values me more than Salabi. I’m just here to warn you and to also let you know that Romo will be the next chief of Zukumo if you fail to produce a seed. Mario, my dear husband is giving him adequate training, preparing him ahead of time. The chieftain may probably come to Mario house…is just a matter of time. Enjoy your rest Opa…

She smile before standing up to leave.

Just as she was walking away, Opa spoke.

“I really don’t know the reason for your visit Tira but be aware that the chieftain will never come to your son because he’s not fit for a leader. Romo is just like his father, prideful and tricky. The people of Zukumo doesn’t need such leader. You and your husband should start thinking of getting a third wife who will produce a good seed or even Fourth if the third end up giving Mario hens for children. I’m not the type of woman you can threaten…. be warned.

Tira raised her two hands innocently.

“I meant no harm Opa. Pardon me if my words get to you but is still the bitter truth.

She walked away.

Opa decided to go and visit Dre’s mother who lives within the palace.
Bambira, the Chief’s wife has been quiet ever since the whole saga concerning her pregnancy started.

On her way, Opa felt a sharp pain.
She pause and held her stomach.
Her personal maid asked her if she was alright.

“Is just a normal contraction…. I’m fine.

As she was about taking another step the sharp pain hit her even harder this time.
She stood, held onto something as she tries to suck in the pain.
Her maid helped her into the house.

“Let me rush and fetch the midwife…my lady. I guess the most expected child is about to be born.

Opa’s maid rush out happily to call the palace midwife.

Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 6:30pm On Dec 17, 2020
Episode 3.

Before the midwife will rush down Opa was no more where the maid left her.

“She was here excruciating in labor pain… before I ran down to fetch you. She has probably gone to see the Queen mother like she intended. Let me quickly go and check her there.

The maid said to the midwife in a confused State.

” Maybe the contraction was not intense. Although her time is almost due but she will be fully due by the fourth teki market day which is towards the end of next month. Please keep an eye on her and let me know whatever happens. Remember the child in her womb is no ordinary baby.”
Said the mid wife as she turned and left

Opa was relaxing in an armed chair, holding her stomach in front of Bambira, her mother in-laws house when the maid arrived.
The maid stepped out to wait for her.

“I was thinking of coming over to see you but one thing or the other takes my attention. How are you doing my dear?

Opa yawned tiredly.
“, Let me get you something to eat… the yawning is a sign of hunger.
Bambi said as she stood up and gently touched Opa’s forehead.

“I’m not hungry… just tired. Tired of everything and everyone. Their high hopes for me and the child I carry sap the little strength left in me.

Bambira excused herself, She called her personal maid, said something to her as the maid left she shifted her attention back to Opa.

“I do understand what you are going through Opa. Having Dre was a blessing from the gods which I don’t take for granted. The Chief’s patient was running out. Although he was a very patient and loving man but it got to a time he was almost out of patient but he never blames me but he blamed the gods. I didn’t conceive in time and when I finally did it was a girl… Shira. I saw many disappointed face staring back at me after Shira was born, I was equally disappointed in myself too because I wanted a male child just to please Zukumo people and my husband. I weaned Shira and was still hoping for a male. Years kicked in and no sign of pregnancy. His Royal highness was asked to marry another wife but he turned down the offer and stood strong that I will give birth to a male child. He was and still a good man. I got pregnant but my joy was cut short after I miscarried few weeks later. It took another year for me to conceive and our wishes and dream came true when Drema was born. His father named him after the seventh chief of Zukumo land. His father shortened his name with “Dre” and we all got comfortable with it. Drema took shame and mockery out of our faces and returned the respect that I nearly lose. Listen Opa, a female child doesn’t count not just in royalty it also affected the mentality of the entire kingdom. Shira is married off to a chief in another kingdom and have three children for her husband. That is where the story ends for a female child. Maybe the gods will truly smile at you this time as they did for me… Be hopeful Opa”

Another contraction strike through her. She held onto the chair and try to avoid her mother inlaw noticing her pain.

She breathed it after the pain disappeared.
Opa sighed heavily before saying.

“I’m very hopeful Queen mother. Dre said in his dreams the baby in my womb wore a crown and was fierce looking. He is anxiously looking forward to welcoming a male child. I really don’t want to disappoint him or Zukumo people but I have fears….deep fears. He said his uncle Mario is eyeing the throne. Is probably why Lord Mario wanted a male child by all means and has to take another wife after Salabi failed him. Tira paid me a visit early today just to remind me that her son Romo is a chief in waiting just in case I fail as a wife to produce a male child. Lord Mario refers to girl child as hens who’s only worth is to lay eggs…

Bambi was silent. A servant girl brought something in a covered bowl. She uncovered it and hot steams can be seen going up.
She stretch it towards Opa.

“Drink this… drink it all. I asked them to prepare it with enough sissi seed. It will help you relax and also good for the baby.

Opa obeyed and took the plate of hot soup from her.

“Mario should be hiding his bones like a cat digs the ground to hid its feces. There’s a lot of scary tales about him that you and many people don’t know. Mario is an ambitionist. He has always has a feet in the clay…. give him enough rope because very soon he will hang himself with it.

Opa wanted to ask what she meant but it appears that Bambira was done talking.
She finish her soup and thanked her mother inlaw.
As she remain seated, she felt light headed and her eyes began to close gradually.
She told her mother inlaw that she was going home.
She want to be home before her husband returns from his journey.
He has gone for peace meeting in a neighboring kingdom on behalf of Chief Pasi, his father.
They bid each other goodnight.

Opa’s maid lead her into the house.
She went straight to sleep.

Dre returned late from his long journey.
He freshened up, had his dinner and when he came into the room again his wife was still asleep.

He bent over her, removed a strand of hair off her face.
He checked her feet and saw that it was swollen due to her condition.
He raised her leg up on a handmade knitted pillow just the way he has seen the midwife do.

“I know how hard this is for you Opa…is not easy on me either. I believe the gods will see us through and our child will be the chosen one who will find favor before God and man. He will be filled with wisdom and will rule with strength and might. The gods won’t shame us…no they won’t. And just a little time we will all be free from preasure, panic and worries…

Dre said more like a whisper so that he doesn’t wake Opa.
He bent over kissed her forehead and her stomach before standing up to leave.

As he walked away Opa who heard every word he said but still pretend to be asleep opened her eyes.
She breathed deeply before closing them up again.

As the birth of the child drew near, expectations remains high.

Opa went into real labour one evening, the midwives were quickly fetched and they were around attending to her till the following morning.
She laboured all through the night till the following morning.
The baby didn’t come out despite all the works of the midwives.

That morning, information has traveled round the village that Opa was in labor. She was about to give birth to the expected prince.

Villagers troop in, some of them were waiting outside.
Some took shelter at the palace meeting hall.
They were singing happily while waiting for the news of the baby.

Opa who was weak from all night pain couldn’t push as the midwife ordered her.

“You have to push harder my Lady. Your long labor is only a sign that the baby is a great seed. Just more push and you will have your prince, the most expected baby of Zukumo kingdom. You don’t know how happy we are that the gods chosed us for such a time to birth a Chief in waiting. Is a great privileged my Lady. The villagers are singing in chorus… your husband is not stable. He’s pacing up and down outside the birth house… everyone wants to hear the cry of a baby. You are doing great with all the contraction pain… you are a strong woman. The gods has already favored you… the people are waiting to see the new chief of Zukumo…

The first midwife was still talking when Opa gave in to another push and the head of the people showed forth.
The second midwife cuped her hand and the most sweet looking baby slipped into her palm.
Just as expected but the difference was glaring into their faces which left both of them speechless and in shock.

The baby’s cry filled the room and traveled out to where the people gathered.
They all started jubilating and jumping happily as they heard the cry of the new born.
Dre was happy yet anxious to see his baby boy.
The people did not stop jubilating as they waited for the true son of Zukumo land to be presented to them.

“Maybe we should strangle the baby with it’s code and tell the people that it was a still born…
Said the second midwife who’s face was covered with disappoinment..

Opa stared at her in total disgust. She felt like getting up to strike her heavily on the face.
She stretched out her hand ordering them to bring her baby to her.
The first midwife wrapped the baby and gave it to her second to give to Opa while she engaged in cleaning up the messy place.
The second midwife took the baby like she was an abomination to Opa.
She continued talking and did not pay attention to the angry look Opa was giving her.

“…is better than presenting another female child to them. If I knew it was going to be so I wouldn’t have come close. You don’t know what is at stake. Think of the people, your husband and even the Chief. No one will ever regard you again my lady. Is just three of us in this room… nobody else has to know what happens to the baby.

Lula, the first midwife was looking all confused, fear and tired said.

“Didi, we can’t possibly kill a strong, sweet healthy baby because of what people will say. I understand what is at stake but yet nothing justify killing a baby. Even the gods frowns at it. You saw what she went through just to bring her forth. You want all that suffering to be in vain? May the gods forbid such idea of yours…

Didi rolled her eyes at what the senior midwife said and kept talking.

“I have another good suggestion though. The town crier’s wife will be due today, she has two boys already and I know this third one will also be a boy. I can carefully exchange the baby. I will bring her baby boy here and take this baby to her. She won’t even know… all I’m trying to do is to save the day. I don’t want to be tagged along any of this disappointing birth. I want to still retain my honor and let the people accord me even more when they see that I also helped in birthing the most expected baby. We have to choose one out of the two suggestions I raised, either to end the baby here and now or to switch with a male child becau….

Opa interrupted.
“Because you still have a mouth to talk how lucky are you. How lucky are you that I’m still too weak to strike you real hard on that stupid mouth of yours. How lucky are you woman that I can’t get up and shuff your nose into your anus this instinct so that you will smell how disgusting your every word sound and smell. You are indeed lucky Didi…

The young midwife ignored her.
somebody was knocking hard on the door.
She went to meet her senior partner.

“We have to do something quick Lula. I’m trying to help her and she’s is not even appreciative maybe she doesn’t know the deep trouble she is into. Is better that baby was born dead than to present her to people. Think of how disappointing and sad it will be for everyone. Is probably her husband, the next chief of Zukumo that’s hitting the door. You have to try and convince her quick because we can’t stay in here forever. We have to tell the people something…we have to think of a lie. Something has to be done and fast. Lula… you are the only one that can convince her… Let’s not waste further time.

The knock on the door was becoming more intense.
Lula stood looking all troubled and confused.
While Didi was fuming angrily at Opa and the baby nursing beside her.

Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 8:34pm On Dec 17, 2020
Episode 4.

Lula thought of all the ideas that Didi was bringing but none was favorable.
And with the way Opa held onto her baby it won’t be easy convincing her.
She won’t buy into the idea.
Is quiet obvious that she wasn’t ready to trade her girl child for anything.

The knock on the door was becoming more and more intense.
It wasn’t just one person knocking, they were more than one on the door.

Lula moved closer to Opa’s bed side.
Opa who’s eye was fully on the baby looked up and said.

“I hope you are not coming to me with any filthy ideas?

Lula gasped out.
She looks tired and worried at the same time.

“,My lady, I only wanted to ask what exactly is your plan? I will stand with whatever you want… Despite how disappointing it is for the villagers who have been out there since morning singing while waiting for the new born whom they thought will be a male, despite it all I’m here for you and will stand with whatever you decide.

Opa looked from Lula standing beside her beside to Didi who was at a far end, with hand in akimbo style.
She was obviously boiling from either anger or from frustration.

“Thank you Lula for this, it means a lot to me. No harm will come to my child as far as I’m alive and anybody who dares to do otherwise will be contending with me. I will face the villagers, bear the shame. The shame is my full cross to carry. But I won’t stand down for anybody to make jokes with any girl child of mine. Please open the door. The several knocks is almost driving me insane…

“Alright my Lady. Remember… I’m with you on this.

As Lula moved to open the door Didi stopped her.

“You are worsening the whole situation Lula. I couldn’t hear everything she said but I heard yours. That wasn’t what we agreed on. Why will you even be encouraging her, she disappointed everybody with that child of hers and still proving stubborn to those trying to help out. She deserves every bashing and any awaiting trouble that she will face. I expected you to team up with me let’s make her comply to the ideas but instead you went there supporting her when you know she doesn’t deserve any form of support or encouragement. I wash my hands off everything that got to do with her or the baby…

Lula frowned at Didi. She did not hide her anger towards the tongue wagging young colleague of hers.

“You make all this seems like is her fault. Channel your disappointment to the gods because they are the ones that gives children and if they choose a female child instead of the expected prince… who are you to question them. Look, her decision stand and I’m supporting her every wish. Is very okay if you don’t want to be part of it…

Lula started moving to open the door.
Didi was talking but she ignored her.

“Maybe the gods did not find her worthy to be a mother to the next Chief of Zukumo land. All of this is her fault because if she was inwardly and outwardly clean the gods could have favored her but even the gods are disappointed in her. The moment you open that door Lula, all hell will break loose… everyone will know and darkness will befall on the whole land with the sad news of the birth… Is better I leave here before people start fussing and cussing. I will never be part of this… the blame will be on you and heavily on that baby girl and her mother who stubbornly refused to switch her baby for a male or buy into any of the suggestion I raised…

Didi kept talking and did not care if Opa can hear her or not.
Lula opened the door and Dre with his mother rushed in.

“, The opening of the door was almost taking forever. Where’s my wife and my son?

Dre asked rather in a rush.

Lula pointed towards the inner curtain where they are.

Dre rushed to where Opa lay, a beautiful baby was wrapped up beside her and sleeping.

His mother followed him behind.

When Opa saw her husband coming, her heart beat increased.
She tried to stay calm and strong for her baby.

Dre smiled as he caressed Opa’s arm in a loving way.

Bambira, Dre’s mother looked at Opa and said.

“Thanks to the gods for safe a delivery. Everyone was worried sick. I will tell the maids to prepare asen soup with dry black fish and enough sissi leaf for you…

Opa looked up at Dre, he was staring at the baby.

“He…he is so handsome. I could have say “very beautiful” but such expression are meant for a female. Thank you Opa for birthing the next chief of Zukumo. A great Chief who will rule after me. You made me proud and every person out there who has been looking forward to welcoming him into our kingdom. Mario will not have words to taunt me neither will anybody who never believed that a chief will come from my loin.

He touched the baby’s forehead with full smile.
Opa turned and looked at Bambira, her mother in-law.
Bambira returned the look, her expression was very obvious.

Opa knew that her mother inlaw knew even without being told.

Dre continued fantasizing over the baby.

“…I was almost loosing my patient as I stood outside knocking with no answer. Thanks to the gods for their kindness…They have blessed me with a son. I have a name for him already and I can’t wait any longer to bless him with his name. I call him Pasim Kuvi…I name him after my father. The 12th Chief of Zukumo kingdom…

Opa derived courage from her mother inlaw who was squeezing her shoulder gently.
she was silently telling her to be strong for the unforseen things.
Whenever she looks at her she smiled down at her with another firm squeeze.

Opa spoke up courageously, interrupting Dre, her excited husband.

“Why don’t we name her Bambi Kaya after your mother. Dre…is a baby girl… not a boy. I’m sorry…but this what God blessed us and the entire land of Zukumo with….we can’t question him but thank him for this precious gift.

Dre pause for a second.
His facial happy expression changed immediately.
He withdraw his hand from the baby.

“A whaaat… another girl??. No…no…no. this can’t be. This cannot be happening. It can’t be….no..no. tell me is a joke. Opa is a joke right

He looked at Opa waiting for an answer but Opa didn’t say anything. He looked up at his mother but she has nothing much to say either except.

“Drema just like your wife said, a child is a gift to mankind… every child is special. They come with different blessings….

Dre quickly spoke interrupting his mother.

“Mama, not a girl child. Every child is special indeed but what is really special about a girl to royalty. She can’t rule or be found among elders. I…I don’t know mother… this is definitely not what the gods showed me. The gods have dealt harshly with me. They have exposed me to my enemies…my face is in the dust. I have nothing to boast off…I…

Dre turned and stormed out of the room.
Didi gently followed him behind.

As he came out he went straight into the wood without answering the villagers.

His actions left the villagers wondering.
The singing and rejoicing died down.

Mario and his second wife, Tira with some other villagers who are supporting them, were sitting in front of the palace when Dre walked past ignoring all the questions thrown at him from the villagers.
Mario with his wife held back there joyous laughter.

They don’t know what the problem is.
Is either the baby is a girl or is a boy but dead.
They waited for more news.

The villagers were anxiously waiting for answer.
They wanted to know what was going on.
They looked up and saw Didi, one of the midwives coming.

She was the one that filled them all concerning the gender of the child.

The villagers were totally disappointed.
They started leaving group by group, one after the other with some gossip to go round the kingdom.

The laughter that Mario and his wife Tira with some of their supporters have been holding in burst out.
They went into their house to finish the whole laughter.
As they entered inside, Mario beckoned on Romo, his son..

“Son, prepare for your soon to be coronation because you will definitely be the next Chief of Zukumo. Dre’s wife gave him another girl which means the gods are looking at our end with smile. Dre wouldn’t want to marry another wife and he will be afraid to try again with his good for nothin wife…he will be really afraid because is obvious that is only female eggs that filled up her womb. The chieftaincy door is gradually opening on our behalf… may the gods be praise….hahahahaha…

He laughed and Tira joined him.
Romo sat looking at them.

“Why aren’t you laughing Romo? I said that Dre’s wife gave birth to another hen…a girl child. Which means that..

Romo interrupted his father…

“… which means that I may probably be the next chief of Zukumo land. I get it father…I know. Is just that I don’t find Lady Opa giving birth to a baby girl funny… pardon me but is not funny….

“May the gods strike that your stupid mouth for being an ungrateful child. Look at how the gods are paving ways for you and instead of you to rejoice with me, your mother and everyone giving you their full support you are here talking rubbish. I have worked so hard in preparing you to be the next chief of this land, don’t make me regret it. Don’t make all my efforts to be in vain. Don’t dare me Romo or you will regret it for the rest of your Life.Tira, talk to your son or I will talk to him in a way that he will hate himself…

Mario stormed out angrily.

Opa later left the birth house with her mother inlaw who stood by her side and Lula the midwife too.

She was surprised to see few villagers still waiting for her outside the birth house.
Among them was Salabi, Mario’s first wife.

Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 8:35pm On Dec 17, 2020
Episode 5.

“Kaya…. Kaya! where’s Kaya?

She ran down to her mother-in-law’s place but she wasn’t there.

“You worry too much about her, think about your condition my dear. Kaya is always running off to the wood… you should know that by now. She prefers being in the wood than this place.

Opa sighed heavily.

“I don’t know what to do again. I have done everything possible to make her act and behave like other female children… even like her sister but all my efforts are thwarted…

Bambira moved closer to her and sat down.

“What were you thinking when you named her after me? Hahahahaha…

Bambira laughed out hard before she continued.
…”Despite she has the strength of a man than I did when I was her age, but I always prefer to be alone. I enjoy my own company. She probably enjoys being alone… talking to those overgrown trees, birds, squirrel and other animals in the wood. That’s what I can not be found doing…. being alone in the wood. I will be scared to death. That granddaughter of mine is far more than any of us can explain. How are you coping with the pregnancy…?

Opa robbed her tummy , she breathed down before saying.

” If not for this protruding stomach, and few kicks I don’t even feel like I’m pregnant. This one is so easy on me just like Maya, unlike when I was carrying Kaya… That girl almost gave me a heart attack and she has not stop troubling me and the entire community ever since. Her wisdom is beyond what I can explain

Bambira laughed out as Opa continued.

“… something else worries me greatly. . Dre said he may likely get another wife if I fail again this time. He meant it my Queen. I don’t want to be bothered but I’m truly bothered…

Bambira looked stoned.

“Try not to get yourself worried over what Dre said. I know my son…he won’t do it. Is just an empty threat. Drema doesn’t have such liver…. or energy for another woman. He loves you despite he may not show it often but he won’t hurt you that way. Relax and focus on your condition…the gods will favor you this time.

Opa took courage from what her mother inlaw said.
They sat down talking until the sun went down and she left to her place.

Opa was not giving up hope this time. She ate whatever they asked her to eat that will produce a male.
She drank, she sang the song of the old that made the women to have male children.
She hang leaves and carved object all around the house
They call it gods of luck for a male child.
Everything she was asked to do she did while waiting for the time to birth her baby.

Mario was not giving up despite that Opa was pregnant and there is every possiblity that it will be a man this time.
He kept training Romo who was exhausted from his shrewd father’s orders.
He wanted to please him by all means but what if Opa gives birth to a male.

“Father…I do want to be the next chief of Zukumo kingdom but what if lady Opa gives birth to a male child this time… what will become of me, of us…?

Mario gave a long laugh before saying.

“Relax my son, there’s no male child in that woman’s womb. But if it happens that she gives birth to a male then we’ll think of other plans. This why I have a second plan if the first fails. You see that chieftain, is coming to us. Except if Dre marries another wife but I know he wouldn’t want to do that. He doesn’t have the energy for a second wife. Dre is not even fit for a Chief…he sometimes behave like a woman. So we are still on the winning side son. Fear nothing because you will be the next chief of Zukumo kingdom..

That night as Opa turned from the bed, she saw her husband sitting up and staring at the oil lamp.

“What is the problem Dre…?

She asked while sitting up too.

“Having a son is the problem Opa. I don’t want to get my hopes high like I did for Kaya… I don’t want to be faithless too. I kept beseeching the gods but they are silent. It was only in the dream during the time you were still pregnant for Kaya that they showed me a child of mine wearing a crown. I thought Kaya was the long awaited son but I was disappointed. We agreed to try again for another child after Kaya was born but right from the day one of your pregnancy I have fears Opa. Mario is trying everything possible to take the throne from father but I won’t let him. I swear it on the throne of my fathers. If you fail me again Opa I will be forced to marry another woman who will give me a son…so if you don’t want that to happen you have to do everything within your power to prevent mishap Opa… I’m trying to protect my line of chieftaincy and the story won’t change when’s it comes to me. No, may the gods forbid such…

Opa did not say anything.
Dre became silent. After sometime he spoke up again with a high voice.

“…. and another thing Opa, hold your daughter Kaya down. Teach her to behave like a girl. Let her learn how to tidy the house, cook good meal and care for the home because nobody will do that for her when she finally enters a husband’s house. I really don’t understand that daughter of yours running off the wood and sitting up high on a tree. She forgot she is a female royalty. She is a woman… she maybe small but she will have a home of her own someday so is high time you start cautioning her so that she will start helping out around here just like her elder sister is doing. Maya ask questions when she doesn’t understand but Kaya want to act bravery all the time. She is a woman, nobody will respect her if she fails as a wife. Her only gain on this earth is to marry, bear children and care for her home. Take up your motherly role seriously because I can’t do it for you. My whole focus is how to get a male child not how to saddle a female child…

Kaya was awake in the next room with her sister, listening while Maya was in a deep sleep.

Dre turned his back on Opa.
Opa responded.

“You are begining to sound like your uncle Mario. You make it seems like female child is an an abomination Dre… Dre…

She wanted to pour out her anger but the tears gathering up her eyes prevented her.
She sniff and wiped off her eyes.
This is not the time to cry because no amounts of tears will move Dre.

Opa time to give birth came just as expected and she gave birth to her third daughter.

She began to blame the gods for the continues disappointment.

Mario had another good laughter with his followers whom he kept convincing about how Romo will take over from Dre.

Dre moved to a separate room

He no longer share a room with Opa.

One day, he packed few things into a bag, and rode off the village with his royalty horse.
He told Opa that he was going to another kingdom to get a royal wife who will give him a son.

Opa wept as she held her third daughter, who she name Ivan.
Maya was consoling her mother in her room at same time crying too when Kaya returned home and saw her mother and sisters crying.

“Why is everyone crying, did somebody die…?

“Father has traveled to bring another woman home as a wife because mother did not give him a son that will be the next chief of Zukumo…?

Maya replied her sister.
Instead of crying with others she began to laugh.
Opa paused, clean her eyes and stare at her angrily.

“Are you happy that you will be having a stepmother? What is your main reason for laughing Kaya?

Opa asked. Kaya quickly apologized to her mother before saying.

“It appears funny how everyone was looking like they were in a mourning mood. Mama, if father wants to marry another woman then let him go ahead. Lord Mario married Lady Tira because Salabi the first wife couldn’t produce a male child for him. Salabi is still living, her cry did not stop her husband. She is living fine…. she is not dead because her husband took another wife.

Maya shouted at her.

“You never really liked father… that is why you aren’t bothered if he has another family.

“I love father, I only hate how he constantly remind me of my life span. How my only use is to be married off and have children. Is there nothing more for a woman than this already known facts Mama?

Opa didn’t replied her. Maya too was silent.

“…i’m going to change that narrative…I will prove to father and every other person in this village that there’s more to a woman than those ridiculous belief.

Maya laughed out first before saying to her sister.

“How do you intend to do that Kaya? Is it by your constant running off to the wood or keeping to yourself often? how exactly Kaya. Remember words are cheap and yours holds no water…

“As far as there’s seed time and harvest I will find a way to make it happen. I’m not the kind of girl that falls into their laid down list. Is only with time and I will prove them otherwise….

Kaya walks away leaving her mother and sisters.

“You are only bluffing Kaya. Stay home often and help out around here… quit running off to the wood. You will definitely have a family of your own someday. I wonder how you will do it. Mother and I won’t be there to help you remember that…

Maya said as Kaya was walking away.
Kaya did not reply her. She walked away leaving her mother and her sisters

Opa was hit hard by Kaya’s word.

There was an aura around her when she speaks.
She wasn’t scared of anything or anyone.

Opa wondered where Kaya got her boldness from and how she was going to make a difference in a man’s world.

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Episode 6.

As he tries to get up, another stronger and firm twisted tree patch hit him.
He fell to the ground and cried out in pain.

He suffered a keen darting pain on his arm. He remained still on the ground as he held onto his head.
Covering his face from whatever or whoever was behind the flog.

The young lady with him quickly held onto her cloth and she hurried away from him.

“What in gods name was that?

He said while looking around fearfully.
The lady was also scared as she looked from tree to tree

“Who are you or what are you…show your face. if you are a man..come out let’s fight man to man.

The man screamed into the silent bushes.
He managed to sit up, he felt serious pain on his arm.

The tree shock vehemently.
A strange figure appeared up on the branch of a tree, it stood still.
They couldn’t see the face of the person. The figure stood among branches that was crowded up making the top tree dark.

” Let’s leave here… I’m scared. I’m leaving…

The lady said as she tries to adjust her clothes.

“You can’t possibly leave me here, do you want to leave without me. Can’t you see that I’m in pain… help me up.

The Lady looked at him, she doesn’t know if she should help him or leave him there.

“I said help me up you fool. Do you have to think about it. You want whatever is in this wood to kill me. I’m your only means of survival remember that. I don’t want to repeat myself… help me up.

The lady stood for sometime, looking at him wreathing in pain.
She turned and started moving away slowly.

” Rigi…Rigi…are you leaving me here? Rigi…

The man was shouting. His harsh voice turned into a pitiful cry.

“…Rigi please don’t leave me here. I beg you in the name of the gods. Whatever attacked me will finish me up if you leave. Please give me a hand… please…

He cried out. The lady paused and turned to him.

” I’m surprised at you Uzan. I have never seen you beg ever since I know you. You do whatever pleases you without a thought or consideration of anyone. I never knew that you can actually say the word “please” you…

She was still talking when the tree began to shake again. The figure that stood among the crowded branches was gone.

The lady was about to run off when she saw the same figure swinging down with the help of a strong tree twine.
The figure kept spiralling around and later landed in front of them.

The man screamed out angrily.

“A girl…is nothing but a girl? By the gods…is even a girl…

Rigi looked disappointed as she saw the figure behind the whole scary evening.

As she moved closer, Rigi saw her face and the bead around her neck and wrist and knew she was a royalty.

“Uzan… she is the daughter of the Chief of Zukumo kingdom.

Rigi said to Uzan and he retorted more angry than before.

” I don’t care who she is, she is nothing but a woman…an ordinary untrained girl. Being a royalty does not change the fact that she is a woman… like you with little or no significant.

The man continued talking with anger.

“…What are you doing in the wood by this time of the evening. Aren’t you supposed to be helping your mother in the kitchen? What did you use in hitting me…? How dare you scare life out of me like that. An ordinary girl? oh may the gods strike you real hard. How old are you…how dare you? miscreants…

She picked up a dry stick from the ground and came right at the man.

” My name is Kaya, I’m 13years… I’m the “girl” that will flog you until you beg for mercy. Hope I have answered your question Mr pervert.

He was about to say something else and suddenly screamed in terror as a stroke of cane landed on his back.
Kaya began to flog him continuesly and each stroke comes hard and firm.

Rigi stood watching not knowing what to do.

She flogged him so hard, he was bleeding on his hand yet she didn’t stop. She continued until he started begging for mercy.
She stopped and said

“I didn’t flog you because you insulted me or women generally, I floged you because I saw the disgusting act you tried to do with that lady under that hidden tree. I saw it from up the tree and knew you deserve some beating….

Uzan quickly reply amidst tears and blood. his pride was broken.

“We… we’re lovers you idiot of a girl. She agreed for us to come here. I wasn’t trying to force myself on her it was a mutual agreement… you are in for a serious trouble for doing this to me.

Uzan said as he tried to get up from the ground but he fell back.
Kaya looked up at the lady, She was just standing looking so lost.
She returned her look to the man.

“Lovers indeed… don’t you have a house why come to the wood and defy the virgin soil? If she was your lover why didn’t she try to save you from my hands…

Rigi interrupted.

“He’s lying… I’m not his lover. I’m a mother of two…all girls. My husband abandoned me and my kids and got married to another woman. I couldn’t take care of my children, I sometimes go around looking for help whenever it becomes difficult. Uzan is a friend of my husband. He used to come to the house back then when I was newly married and I will serve him food and give him a take home meal. When things turned hard for me I went to him and he said he will only help me on one condition… which is to…to lay with me, I rejected and left. I went back again few weeks later to ask him for help hoping he will help without asking for anything but he still demanded to lay with me. He said without laying with me he won’t render any help. Uzan said since I have only daughters no one will want to help me and he’s right. After a long thought, I have to accept his offer. I don’t want my girls to dye of hunger. He said he can’t take me to his place because people may see us together and will start speculating. He then suggested the wood… where nobody will think of coming by this time…

Rigi started sobbing.

Kaya looked at Uzan without a word, he was looking all angry and swollen.
She then looked back at Rigi and asked.

“Does he have a wife or child?

“His wife left him, he was abusing her after her first child which is a girl…so, she left him and now she is married to another man and have a son for her new husband.
Rigi said as she wiped a tear off her face.

“I don’t know how much he promised to pay you before but let me assure you one thing. Uzan will pay you double of whatever your agreement was. I will make sure of that. If he doesn’t I will flog him for the rest of his miserable life. I’m the daughter of a chief… even as a woman, he dares not touch me. Don’t cry my lady, Uzan will give you everything you need to take care of yourself and your daughters and he dares not do otherwise or he will be in a serious trouble. After that I will like to pay a visit to your husband for abandoning you and his daughters. That will be later though… right now let’s focus on Uzan…

Uzan turned angrily and said.

“But I didn’t touch her. I was supposed to untill you spoilt it all. How can i pay for what I didn’t eat… even double?

“You will pay it either through your teeth or through your manhood. I don’t care. Lady Rigi and her girls must not complain and you dares not threaten them because I’m not done flogging you for insulting me. I’m not your everyday kind of woman Uzan. I don’t threaten what I won’t do. If Lady Rigi complains over your failure to do what I ask of you… oh! I will flog your skin off, you will wish our part never crossed… you deserved to be called miscreants.

Kaya asked Rigi to go.

Uzan was surprised as Kaya bent down and pulled him up.

“I don’t have the heart to leave you here… I know this wood and know that by morning you may become food for the animals. Let me help you get to the village… you have an obligation, which I don’t want to hear an excuse…

Uzan was speechless. He wondered where Kaya got her strength from.
She was strong and every of her words echos deep and scares him.

She is not an ordinary girl and he won’t want to go against her orders.
He will give Rigi whatever she ask in other not to get into further trouble.

Kaya helped him to the village and left him.

Kaya goes about resolving some issues in the village.
There was a period that some boys ganged up against her and she beat three of the boys up, injuring them in the process.

Little by little villagers started talking about her.
Some say she fights like a lioness, some say she is stronger than five men.

They wondered how she get to have so much strength.

Dre moved up and down the passage as Zain, his second wife was about to give birth.
He was restless while waiting for the news of his son that was about to be born.

Zain’s cry was heard as she was urged to push.

Opa was with her daughter, Maya and Ivan waiting for the news of the son that was about to be born when Kaya came inside.
Opa started scolding her.

“Where have you been to again Kaya? Your father said everybody should stay home because of the arrival of his son. Your stepmother is in the delivery house. The midwives are attending to her. Kaya… stay put. Don’t step out of the house untill your brother, the next chief of Zukumo is born. Since I can’t give him a son…I can only pray to the gods to favor him through lady Zain. Let the gods favor her so that she can become the Queen mother…

Kaya sighed heavily and said.

“I have told you before Mama, I also said the same thing to grandmother Bambi. I saw the new baby in my dreams several times Mama. Lady Zain gave birth to a girl… and father was really sad…

Opa and Maya said in chorused.

“May the gods forbids it.

Kaya responded immediately.

“Why will the gods forbid it? When do giving birth to a girl becomes an abomination? The reason why I didn’t tell father is because he may say I was the one that brought bad luck to his new wife but is just a matter of a little time and a cry of a baby girl will be heard. I’m going over to stay with grandmother Bambi…if anybody needs me I will be there.

She walks away before her mother and elder sister will say something harsh to her.

She was still on her way when the cry of a baby was heard.
Zain gave birth to a girl.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 7:21pm On Dec 18, 2020
Episode 7.

Opa moved uncomfortably on her chair as she watch Zain, her co wife feed her daughter who was already a year. She was ranting non stop and all Opa could do was to listen.

“…He makes it seem is my fault. He doesn’t look at me or come to me as a husband supposed to. What exactly is my offense…as if the gods put a son in my womb and I end up giving birth to a daughter.

“You don’t have to blame him, he’s going through so much right now. Give him time and he will come around.

Opa said, trying to calm her down. Zain snapped at her.

“I can’t believe that you will defend him. How will you defend his behavior? Is it because women aren’t valued or their feeling considered? My Lady, our husband is not the only one going through challenges. If he wants a son so badly then he should mould one himself. I just hope he isn’t thinking of marrying a third wife… because I hate to share my husband with another woman. If not that he is a Chief I wouldn’t have married him. When he told me that he has a wife back home and was only seeking for a woman to bear him a son. I almost said no to him but I have always wanted to be a wife to a Chief…it was that reason alone that made me accept. I thought the gods will favor me with a son so that I will be his favorite but they disappointed me. Sometimes, when I look at my daughter, Lili I start wishing for…

Opa felt she has heard enough of the whole talk.
She stood to leave.

“My lady, are you leaving already? Hope you didn’t take offense with anything I said? All I said is nothing but the truth and I hate to apologise whenever I’m right….

Opa interrupted her again before she could start another long talk.

“Lady Zain, no offense was taken. I need to run ahead now. I only stopped by to check how you and little Lili is doing. I’m glad you are coping through. Give Dre time, he may come around…

Zain was about to say something else but Opa was already at the door going out.

Opa decided to visit her mother inlaw.
As she got there, she saw her talking with Kaya.
Opa sat down after greeting her mother inlaw.
She listened to them without interrupting.

“… the day is near, I can smell it grandmother. The day were women will no longer be oppressed. I went round the village, did you know most women are unhappily married. You wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about grandmother only the gods does. Since Mama is here, let me go and look for father. He has not been seen almost the whole day…

Bambi pat her shoulder gently.
Opa said to Kaya as she was about leaving

” I suggest you leave your father alone Kaya. Go and help Maya select the clothes she will wear for her dhaki exchange of kola night before the main wedding. Remember after your sister is married you are next. Try to stay home, spend time and learn things that will benefit you when you are married.

“Yes Mama”.

That’s all she cold say as she ran off.

“That granddaughter of mine seems to have the ear of the gods. Haven’t you notice that she isn’t like every other child? She told me the week that chief Pasi fell ill that so will happen and it was exactly as she said it. The villagers say she fights like a man and none have been able to beat her down. There’s something unique and special about her. Pay a close look at her and you may see what I’m talking about.

Opa knew that her mother inlaw was right.
She did not want to pay attention to Kaya’s strangeness. She was more worried about her husband who desperately wanted a son.

Kaya checked on her sister Maya before going in search of her father.

When she found him, she walked quietly, and stood behind his back.

He sensed somebody was standing behind him and turned slowly.

Kaya smiled as he looked at her but he didn’t return the smile.
He was not in the mood for petty talks or smiles.

“Can I sit with you… please? You needed somebody to talk to…

He turned and stare at her surprised.

“,I needed some body to talk but not a girl… what kind of advice will you give me? You will only contribute to my worries. I’m better off alone. Beside…how did you know that I wanted to bare out my troubles with somebody? I never told anyone…

She didn’t reply. She stood waiting for his approval.
He turned again, looked at her and said.

“….Don’t you have better things to do, maybe helping your mother and sisters. I really want to be left alone…

She went straight and sat beside him on the log without him approving.

He turned and looked at her, breathed deeply before returning his look to the trees.

She didn’t say anything. They both remained silent.

After sometime he spoke.

“I wish I know the mind of the gods… I wish I can see what the future holds. I wish I can undo somethings that I did in the past. Hmmmm! I wish the gods never count on my wrongs to punish me. The gods punishment got into my marrow. They hate me for reasons I don’t know. That is the only explanation why they refused to bless me with a son…

She didn’t say anything as she listened to her father talk. Pouring out his pain and demonstrating with his hand.

She later spoke.

“, Father, the gods has placed a heavy task on your shoulder. Get ready to rule this land. Remember, you have to leave all your worries aside and focus on more important thing… because in two months from now you will be on the throne. They are giving you time to get yourself together…

Dre stare at her…

” Your mother told me that you usually say alot of crazy things. I guess is because you spend more time running to the wood, swinging from tree to tree like a monkey… instead of helping out in the house. What is more important to having a son who will rule this land after me?

“,I hope you are not thinking of getting another wife? Father…the gods forbids it. They said you already have what you need, you just have to open your eyes and embrace it. Father, you are blessed in disguise but your quest for an obvious blessings is blinding you”.
Kaya said boldly while staring at him.

Dre turned and looked at her before saying.

“Go back to your mother and leave me alone Kaya. You are not helping with my worries. Your sister is about to be married’ you have to stay close to her…

Kaya stood and left as she entered the royal hood, she saw Zain going towards the back house field.

“Have you seen my husband? I need to see him urgently…

Kaya responded.
“Do you mean my father or there’s another husband?

“You are a very rude girl. I don’t care if he’s your father or not. You don’t really count neither does your sisters. Your sister is getting married soon, you will be next followed by the last. All of you will be gone and I will remain here with my husband. That is why you don’t count. Back to my question… did you see my dear husband?

Kaya breathed out before saying.

“He’s thinking of getting a third wife who will give him a son because you don’t really count after giving birth to a daughter. And don’t try to convince him to get you pregnant again because it will still be a girl.

Zain became so angry.

“You are untrained child and your father is an ingrate. If he is truly thinking of getting a third wife then he is opening a can of worms in this family. I hate to share my husband with another woman. Sharing with your mother is still very annoying but I’m trying to cope with it. But I can never cope having a junior wife. where is he?…I need to see him urgently.

Kaya did not bother telling her.
She walked pass her.
Zain cursed under her breath as she went about looking for Dre.


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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 8:41pm On Dec 18, 2020
Episode 8.

Kaya sat with her grandfather after he sent for her.
She looked at him and smile as he said.

“Three times I had the same dream. The gods asked me to send for you my brave granddaughter.

“You fought well Chief, it may not be so well but you were a good man and the gods blessed your reign. They are proud of you for the reasons that you never soiled your hands with evil…

Chief Pasi was quietly looking at his young granddaughter who has the ear of the gods. He never realized it untill recently.

Could the gods be playing with everyone’s mind, confusing everybody with her gender.
They have showed it to him in his dreams that she was wearing a crown.
Could it be possible a woman will ever….ever rule Zukumo.

“, I’m about to join my ancestors. They beckoned on me to return home and is just a matter of time I will be going. Zukumo needs a strong and active leader. Your father will lead well, I can see that but not so well. He needs a strong guardian, I see danger in his front. But most of all I see you my brave granddaughter conquering the enemies and people’s disbelief. I see you uniting kingdoms and fighting with the host of your ancestors who will always stand behind you. When I join them…I will be your watch. My worries is how possible did I not see it coming…our zeal for a male child blinded us. I didn’t see it untill now that I’m about to kiss the earth goodbye. Your father is still blinded with a quest for a male, he hasn’t seen or even ready to believe.

Kaya listened without interrupting.

…. there’s something else I called you in here for that I want you to know Kaya. Since you have been chosen by the gods and I’m the only one that the gods revealed this to, I want you to be careful with your my brother Mario. He’s not the type of man that you can be flexing a muscle with. Mario is ruthless and very hungry for power. He won’t rest until you and your father is brought down. Trade carefully with him. One more important thing is, Mario is… well, let’s leave it at that. I took an oat never to refer to him otherwise but to always see and take him as it was meant to be. I’m not going to break such oat. If the gods chose to reveal it then let them but if not is still their wishes and not mine. All I wanted you to know is that is going to be tough… this is a man’s world Kaya. Women aren’t valued… men overshadow them. No place for a woman to be counted. that is how tough it will be but you are favored by the gods. You have the strength of warriors, a heart so brave, a fearless mind a relentless spirit filled with light. Your feet and hands are stronger than that of bronze, even irons breaks off but yours will remain standing. Your way is straightened and directed by the gods… even though I still have worries but your spirit is too strong for any man to deter. When I’m gone, I will join the host of other ancestors and watch over you…I don’t know the plans of the gods for you. But all I see is that you are highly favored…if they choose you, who are mine to speak otherwise. One thing I’m happy about is that i had this conversation with you before my departure. Another thing is by next week I will sit and watch your elder sister get married. It will be a good farewell to me. Zukumo people needs you Kaya, please don’t fail them. Your father needs you too, he may not know it yet but with time it will be dawn on him. You have a load on your shoulder, it will weigh on you heavily but the gods has given you strength for the battle ahead…

Kaya listened to her grandfather speaking to her. All she did was to listen and node.

The day of Maya’s marriage came.

As she sat for the final wedding ceremony with her husband, she looked from face to face wondering how her journey will be like.
She has fear, her mind wasn’t relaxed. She wondered what could be the problem.
Her husband is a fine young man who loves and adores her.
She also loves him despite it was a matched make relationship, courtesy of her father.

Could it be because she was going to a far away kingdom, leaving her whole family and starting a new life with her husband.
Her mother has prepared her well for such a time. There was absolutely nothing to be worried about but yet she was worried.

She gazed at her grandmother Bambi, she was looking all worried and uncertain her eyes keep traveling to where Chief Pasi, her grandfather sat on his throne.
He had been ill for sometime now, but recovering little by little.

She look towards her father, he was sitting beside chief Pasi on a small throne while her mother and step mother sat beside him.
She looked at her mother, she was smiling, she flashed her a smile and she returned it.

Lady Zain, her step mother was looking all bored and tired, something was distracting her.

She has been uptight lately, the other day she was exchanging words with her father. Whatever the problem is nobody knows.

Maya gasped out. Something was bothering her and it is not her parents or grandparents.
Ivan, her little sister was sitting with a very cheerful face.

Kaya! could it be her sister Kaya?
Kaya is always acting strange and saying strange things and it didn’t just start now it has always been ever since she was a little girl.

She was sitting beside a happy looking Ivan. Her face was uncertain. She was neither angry nor cheerful.

Kaya was looking at either her grandfather or father. Could she be seeing something that none of them sees.

Before a husband was introduced to her by her father, Kaya told her that soon she will be getting married to a certain man.
Kaya described her husband perfectly to her but she laughed it off untill father came up with the news and told mother before her mother came to inform her.

Kaya has said to her a night before the dhaki exchanging of kolanut happened and that was about three weeks ago.
She has woken up and said that her first child will be a boy and so is her second only the last will be a daughter.

She has laughed out because since mother gave birth to girls she wasn’t certain if her own will be different but it was a very nice thing to hear that morning.

Kaya has said that her marriage will flourish and her husband will cherish her but later her husband will fall ill and she will be heartbroken when the sickness worsen with days.

Kaya said is an enemy within her husband’s house that will curse such sickness.
The person will drop a charm for her but the gods will make her pass a different route.
The same person will drop for her first son but the gods protection will overshadow the boy.

“… Maya, the same person after seeing the charm failed twice will double and drop the last one close to your kitchen, since the enemy knows that you are mostly the person that goes to the kitchen often but that day your husband will want to help you out in the kitchen and will step on the charm unknowingly and will fall seriously ill afterwards…

Maya flashed back to the day Kaya was saying it and scaring her.

“The reason for the charm is mainly jealousy, is because of the way the gods blessed you with sons, a loving home and a husband who adores you….

Maya tried to remember everything that she was told.

“….The person will wish you barren, the person will want you to be unhappy in your husband house but you will defy that orders and flourish. This person who smiles happily with you but hate you behind closed doors for no useful reason will result to dropping charm and when she drops it, the gods will shed your path and your husband will step on it. Do not be afraid he won’t die but it will be a trying time for the entire household. You may even be accused but don’t freight. Stay strong because your enemy is watching very closely. If after the sixth week and the sickness progress, urinate into a Calabash, carry it to where your husband lay, put a drop in his two ear holes, use a fowl feather and take the urine and rob on his decaying leg. Do it three times consecutively and he will bounce back to health. Don’t panic the gods are with you and I’m with you. Your enemy will be exposed. The same person seeing that you have invisible strong protection from the gods will come to confess. Is now up to you to do whatever you wishes with your repented “friendly” enemy…

Kaya has said this things boldly to her.
Anytime she thinks of it she will be scared.
Like right now, maybe that is why she feels so bothered.
It was what Kaya said that was bothering her.
When Kaya told her, she has forbidden it all and try not to take her words serious but she was begining to notice that anytime Kaya says something it comes to past. It will certainly happen.

It could be a mere coincidence or she truly has the ears of the gods like grandmother Bambi has said.
Even her mother was begining to see that Kaya was a special child of the gods.

“She maybe bluffing. But Kaya hardly throw jokes. She was either in the wood, all by herself at home or with grandmother Bambi. I used to think she is a weirdo but I’m clearly seeing that she maybe more than what anyone could see…

Maya said within herself as she stared at Kaya.
She has prayed to the gods to cancel such evil prophecy from Kaya.
Her husband’s people are all nice and friendly who will want to hurt her?

Her mother inlaw is friendly and loving.

her sister in-law who her husband died and she was chased away by her husband people because she has only one daughter with no son is living in her father’s house.
Her sister in-law is very friendly, she even prepared a delicious meal during the period that she paid a visit to them.

Her sister in-law, Maran gave her a grand welcoming, not just because she was a princess from Zukumo kingdom but Maran is naturally friendly and a happy person.

Her father in-law is late and her husband is the only son with two sisters.
Maran’s second sister is in her husband’s house.
Her husband’s uncle and families lives as one according to Jumo, her husband.

Maya smiled as she thought of the loving home she will be going into.

“Nobody will want to hurt me. Kaya said is within my husband’s house but I can’t see how possible that will be. Everyone seems to be expecting me so that they can shower me with love. Kaya maybe bluffing this time or trying to scare me.

After the wedding was over, everyone wished her all the best.
She saw Kaya approaching her, and quickly went to her.
Maya spoke before Kaya could say anything.

“I thought of all you told me Kaya. Nobody in my husband’s house will ever want to hurt me. They all loves me! what you told me won’t be happening. Even if it was going to happen the gods has forbidden it already.

Kaya nodded and said.

“I just came to wish you the gods blessings in your home. Good luck Maya… because you will be needing it. Keep your eyes down, don’t be in a haste to speak. Stop calling everyone your friend because not everyone who laughs with you is truly happy with you. May the gods favor you and protect your home at all time.

Kaya walks away leaving her sister as other people came to congratulate her.

Maya tries to forget what Kaya said as she waved goodbye to everyone and rode off with her husband.

After few weeks, Chief Pasi joined his ancestors. villagers went into mourning.

Dre was later crowned Chief.
His worries to get a son after him continued to taunt him.

Mario believed very soon Romo will be on the throne since Dre doesn’t have a son.
He was the happiest man alive.

For more episodes visit www.dapalace.com


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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Phorlakemi001: 9:43pm On Dec 18, 2020
Wow, nice story

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Ciara9251(f): 10:41pm On Dec 18, 2020
Who am I to read this without commenting?
Gosh. I fell in love with this story the moment I started reading it. The writer really tried.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 7:06am On Dec 19, 2020
Episode 9.

After the second glance, she rolled her eyes disappointed.

“I know you? I thought it was something more when I saw the bushes moving… Maybe like strange animals. You are the Chief’s daughter. What in the gods name are you doing here by this time?

The baby in her hand began to whimper. She dropped the bundle on the ground filled with dry leaves.

“I was sent here to warn you. Desist from every form of evil and blood shed because soon your cup of wrong doing will be overfull…

The woman laughed it off.
She took another step closer to Kaya.

“In this village i do whatever pleases me. I have a higher authority. This strong Calibre of men will protect me if things goes wrong. Your father, the Chief can not do anything to me. What exactly will happen to me?? Why do you think you can come here and threaten me. Your father’s reign will soon be overshadowed by the man that we have been waiting for. Romo, Lord Mario’s son will take over soon and there’s nothing your father can do about it…is unfortunate he doesn’t have any male child to succeed him. Isn’t that sad for your entire family…

Kaya watched her talk but did nothing.
The woman continued talking.
Kaya later interrupted as she moved close to where the baby who has quiet down from crying lay.
As she looked into the weaved basket she said..

” Who’s baby is this? Where did you get the baby from?

Kaya asked angrily as she bent over to pick up the baby but the woman stopped her.

“How and where I got the baby is none of your business. I’m here to carry out my assignment and you are too little to stop me. I know the day that your mother, lady Opa, gave birth to you. I was there…I and one older midwife foresee the delivery. Your mother laboured all night till morning. You gave her a tough time. Everyone thought you were going to be a man. Villagers stood outside delivery house, singing and dancing as they waited for your arrival but unfortunately you were cursed from birth. After the whole stress and sleepless nights that you gave not just your parents but others too, you came out as a baby girl. I was as angry as hell…I told your mother that let’s strangle you with the cord because of all the whole disappointing faces that will greet you when they hear that you are a girl. She refused…I gave another suggestion that they should switch you with the village town crier’s baby boy, his wife also gave birth same day but your stubborn mother refused. She held you very close as if you mean anything to anyone. You were just another baby girl who doesn’t count. Your sister is married, very soon you too will follow her steps. Rumor has it that you are seen in the wood, resting on trees or settling an unsolicited score in the village. You are lucky that you haven’t crossed me, I’m not an easy meat to chew. I would have bury your pretty face to the wall and see what your father will do. Mario is my backing and he has given authority to all his supporters, he asked them to do whatever they want…no harm will come to them. So on that note… I’m very free to do as I please neither you nor your father can stop me.

Kaya smiled and began to stretch her arm dramatically.

” I wonder why mother or any one never told me this interesting story concerning my birth. I applaud you greatly for such a nice tale… mainly how you wished to strangle me to death all because I wasn’t what the villagers wished for. I guess that’s what you came to do to this sweet innocent soul… mainly because she was also a disappointment to you and her foolish parent… either to her mother or father who allowed this. I didn’t get your name my Lady.?

” My name is lady Didi. Your parents probably didn’t tell you because they were afraid that it will make you sad but who cares. You are still useless as when you were born… your mother failed you. She refused to give me the privilege of putting an end to you. You are causing more problem to the villagers. Some actually applaud your bravery while others like myself condemns the stupid thing they called bravery. Is mainly foolishness for a girl child to be acting like a heroin… like a man. Only men deserves such honor. Quit all this nonsense before it lands you into serious problem. Anyway, I’m glad we had this conversation…now, let me finish up why I’m here, the night is covering up the surface.

Kaya gasped out and said.

“Unfortunately… as much as I do not count in the world of men I’m still the female child who will beat a follow female for cruelly trying to dispose another female. Isn’t that ironic? Lady Didi I will flog you so long and hard untill you plea for mercy…

Didi sighed and ignored her. As she bent over to pick up the baby who started crying again something strong and hard hit her waist.
She quickly fell over and held her waist in pain.
Kaya didn’t leave, she hit her again with a stick and repeatedly untill Didi started screaming for help.

Kaya began to laugh sarcastically

“Oh…oh what was that? Are you in pain… do you need help? I should leave you here like you came to do to this baby but I won’t, you know why? Because I’m the first of my kind. I’m the kind of lady you should never mess with. Pass this warning round and let those giving you a backbone beware because I will soon get to them. Pick up the baby, wrap her up properly and Carry her like she is your only hope to life.

Didi try to protest but Kaya lifted the stick, threatening to hit her again.

“Her mother doesn’t want her. She already has a daughter and said her husband will be mad and may take another wife if he finds out that she gave birth to another girl. We have lied to the man that the baby didn’t survive after birth. His wife is enjoying his comfort as we speak. everything will change if I take her back…. I’m not doing this on my own accord, her mother approved of it. I’m only helping her save her face from shame.

Kaya looked at her angrily.

“Since you have already started with helping women save their faces from shame by disposing their female children, I think is time to take this”help” thing to a different level. My lady, you will help in training this baby girl since you assumed that her parents doesn’t want her. You will have to complete this whole helping plans by bringing up this child like yours. Carry the baby right now… and do it like she is the most valuable thing that you ever posses in your entire life. Do it now”

At Kaya’s command, Didi carried the baby up.
she stood and almost fell back as she held onto her knee.

“…Since you can’t carry the baby due to your almost broken knee, I will help you out by carrying this child to your house while you lead the way. I will keep a close check by showing up in your house surprisingly, when you never expected just to make sure the baby is doing fine. Mind you, if anything dares happen to her, you will have me and the gods to answer to. I will even expose your evil acts to the villagers after I must have given you enough dust to take as meal. Don’t worry over the baby’s supplies, I will be helping out with that.

Didi remain speechless as she lead the way.

After the encounter with Didi, Kaya began to keep a closer look on the villagers especially the female child.

She was able to save more children who were either about to be sold off or married off at a tender age.

She took some of the children to Didi to take care of with more supplies.
Kaya involved Lady Rigi and another woman who has no child of her own
She asked them to work with Didi in taking care of this children and they gladly accept.

Kaya continued to put the villagers in order.
Those who went against her were thoroughly dealt with.
She didn’t spare the men among them.
None could beat her down no matter how they tried.

Her news was flying round and even got to the chief of Zukumo, her father.

Her mother spoke to her one-day

“Kaya my daughter. You can’t be going round the village acting like a hero. Such title is befitting men. There have never been a female heroin that we know or can relate with. You are a woman not a man. Quit acting like a man and stop all this rumour I’m hearing every where…

“Mama, I’m not doing this to receive an applaud from anyone or to be a heroine. I’m doing what many failed to do. I’m doing what is required of me. I’m doing this because I can’t watch evil go unpunished or a girl child mistreated. Zukumo failed it’s people in the past, which is why a female is not valued. The gods put it in my heart to save the girls from further trouble roaming around them…. and that is what I must do Mama. Nobody can talk me out of this….not even father.

Opa was trying to hold back her smile, she gave in to it as she watch her daughter spoke out boldly

“I…I must say I’m very proud of the woman you have become. Relentless, bold, strong, kind and having the favor of the gods. I pray the gods guide you at all time. I will give you more supplies to take to the girls camp that you started. You are doing great Kaya but be careful or your father will give your hand in marriage to a man more quicker than usual…

Chief Dre called his daughter to speak to her

“What do you think you’re doing Kaya? Because I’m a chief doesn’t give you the right to go round the village doing what is not required of you. It has been brought to my attention that you are settling scores that doesn’t concern you and even has a girl’s camp. All of this your stories must have been caused by idleness… not having anything to engage yourself with. I’m still in search of a good man to marry you off so that by the time you start having children you won’t have any more time to waste…

He was still talking when Zain came and interrupt him.

“Her age mates are already in husband’s house. What is she still doing here… I thought by now you would have handed her over to a man for marriage. I hope the man that will marry her gives her a black eye because she is stubborn, stiff-necked, arrogant, disrespectful and the list goes on. Still seeing her here is begining to irritate me…I must confess.

Chief Dre turned to her and said.

“She is my daughter Zain. No Man dares touch her or give her a black eye. Having said that… please don’t get involve whenever I’m having a personal conversation with any of my daughters. Don’t interrupt me next time. I hate to be interrupted…

“But I’m your wife. What concerns you also concerns me. Since Kaya is giving the entire village trouble which you aren’t happy neither am I. is better we scold her together since her mother failed as a mother to bring her up properly…

Zain said while rollin her eyes at Kaya.
Dre cautioned Zain immediately.

“Don’t talk about Opa like that. She is a good mother and a good wife. She is your senior in everything….give her the respect that is deserving of her.

“I’m also your wife. And I feel hurt when you don’t applaud me like you do for opa. How can you even be scolding me in front of this spoilt brat when you know I’m carrying a son for you. I’m pregnant with a son and you don’t feel the need to mind what you say to me. I’m giving you a male child, what lady Opa failed to give you and the best you can do is to scold me instead of loving and supporting me at all times. I’m out of here…

She walked away leaving Dre and Kaya . Dre tried calling her but Zain ignored him.

Kaya also turned and was about going but her father’s voice halt her.

“Kaya… do you see how you are bringing problem between your step mother and I? She is pregnant and carrying a son… she confirmed that already. What your mother failed to give me, Zain is about to make it happen. All I require of you is to always make her happy until my son is finally born….

Kaya waited until her father was done talking before she took a bow and said.

“,…I didn’t want to say this before so that I don’t squash your little hope but let me tell you father. Lady Zain is not pregnant, she knew what will keep you gumed to her so she came up with this whole pregnancy thing with a male child. Few weeks from now she will claim that she suffered a miscarriage and will blame it on Mama. Father, you are a good man and will make a great Chief if you applied wisdom to your leadership. You can’t make a great leader when you fail to rule well as a husband to your wives or father to your children. Your home is where leadership start from. helping to organize things in the village is what is required of you father…. I’m only assisting you. If you are not strong or careful your uncle will kick you out of the throne with just a snap of his finger. He’s gathering followers and poisoning their minds towards you. Father you need to do more than having a large appetit for a male child. You have to rule well like your fathers did in the past. Your worries for a son distracts your leadership and you are begining to fail even in the little things. But the gods has favored you by bringing me for such a time as this. You may not understand all of this yet but eventually you will…. you will definitely understand soon father.

Kaya turned and left him standing.

Few weeks later, Zain started carrying face for opa.
She doesn’t greet her or respond to her greeting

She complained to few people that she miscarried few months pregnancy that was supposed to be a boy.
Zain said it was Opa that made her lost her baby.

Dre was begining to see that everything Kaya said was coming true.
He started paying attention to her more than before.

Zain didn’t fail to paint Opa bad with any given opportunity.
She continued to cry about miscarrying her baby boy that supposed to be heir to the throne of Zukumo kingdom.

Another interesting story morenikeji visit www.dapalace.com

And don't forget to drop a comment if you want me to continue


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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 5:20pm On Dec 19, 2020
Episode 10.

It was a cold evening, almost all the villagers were indoors trying to keep warm.
Mario and his son went out on a “royal” tour.
They made sure nobody was following them or around them.
They were quiet sure that they’re the only people along the royal part.
Only the guards and maids were few meters away from them.

Mario moved round the palace with his son, he was showing him plots of lands and structures owned by any man that assumes as Chief of Zukumo.

Mario wanted him to know where the land started and where it ended.

Kaya sat outside the palace on top of a crowded fruit tree.
She watched them in silence as they go around claiming ownership of the chiefs properties.

“Dre is as weak as his father chief Pasi, my dear elder brother. Drema’s weakness is like a person’s shadow…it follows him wherever he goes. He is so naive and doesn’t know what is coming for him. I will deal with him in a way he won’t see what hit him. He’s very lucky that he never had a son.

Romo interrupted his father.

“I still thank the gods that he doesn’t have any heir after him. If he does I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to the throne.

Mario laughed out hard.
He adjusted the thick cloth he wrapped around his neck just to keep warm.

“My son, Dre is indeed lucky that he has no heir. The gods turned their back on him and focused on us instead. Even if he had a son…I would have find a way and put an end to him. I will eliminate anything that poses as a threat to the throne. Anyone that wants to prevent your chance to the throne will be automatically removed from the way. He is very lucky that he has no heir, if not he would have been thrown into mourning the Lost of his son. There was a time I wanted to overthrown Chief Pasi but he wasn’t an easy target. I decided to wait for his son. I’m glad it has finally worked out is just a little time and we will be counting our gain.

There was silent as they stopped at a place.
Romo said after yawning loudly.

“Chief Dre needs to be removed as soon as possible so that I can start ruling. Is long overdue already father. His leadership is almost five years. The zeal to rule is burning hot inside me.

Mario smile. He was enjoying the way his son was vibrating to take over power. All his years of training him was well displayed.
He was certain that Romo was going to make the people’s life a living hell.

He will rule alongside his son because he will always dictate to him what to do and what not to do.

Mario began pointing at the lands.

“All this belong to you my son once you become chief of Zukumo, You have many things to enjoy. Not just the wealth of the land but many uncountable blessings entitled to you alone. The people will pay homage to you and you will be so wealthy. Don’t concern yourself with the kingdom’s problem, when you assume the throne focus on turning everything around, try to acquire more wealth and don’t spare anyone that crosses your part, be brutal, be a authoritarian, let the kingdom quake at the mention of your name, let them have great fear for you. The other Chiefs wanted the people to love and respect them… that is a total rubbish. My son, how will the people respect you if they don’t fear you…. how exactly? We have successfully gathered enough followers, Keep mercy, love, kindness and self pity out of your leadership skills. All this attributes are for the weak. Instil fear in people. Lead them with iron fist. Make their life miserable. Remember what i told you before, a great level of punishment for anybody that refuses to go in line with your orders…. anybody. Remember that.

Romo keep nodding to every of his father’s word.

“Father, I know all this already. You have prepared me enough. All your years of preparation is still intact in my memory. I can’t wait to take over what rightfully belongs to me from Chief Dre. Time is flying and my only desire is to be in that throne seat and ruling like I’m born to rule. Zukumo kingdom and many neighboring kingdoms, be it far and near will hear of me, they will smell my wrath, they will see my actions and feel the dust of my anger. People will tremble at the mention of my name. They will run into hiding, they will crawl up in fear of the unknown. I will unleash terror upon the land and nobody born of a woman will stop me…

The tree branches started shaking and suddenly somebody spoke very loud from up the tree.

“,I was born of a woman, sadly for you I’m the woman that will stop you.

Mario was startled, Romo was looking all around wondering where the voice was coming from.

All of a sudden, Kaya jumped down from the tree and started moving closer to them.

Mario burst out laughing, Romo joined his father in laughing.

Kaya stood and waited for them to be done with their laughter.

“Is this not the village royal monkey that moves from tree to tree. She practically lives in the wood and rumour has it that she went about threatening the life of those gullible villagers. What is your father waiting for before giving you over to a man in marriage. Look at how breast has filled up your chest? Is it untill it starts producing milk that your father will realized that you are over ripped for marriage? Your mates are nursing their babies in their husband’s house while you are here jumping from tree to tree and disturbing the entire village.

They started laughing again, Kaya said.

“Why is Romo, your son not married and please don’t tell me that he’s a man and can marry anytime it pleases him. A mare look at him shows that his manhood balls are begining to shrink, is just a matter of time it will flatten down like a roasted meat and by then he won’t be able to father a child. He won’t be able to have a child of his own because he wasted such precious time in your useless training while thinking there’s still time.

Romo looked at his father, as he lowered his hand to his manhood terrified.

“Son, don’t mind this useless hen who knows nothing but takes shelter in the wood, in the midst of the animals. She thinks and behaves like the animals. She is obviously part of them. Kaya or whatever your name is, you think you can always use your father’s influence as a Chief to threaten villagers like I have been told, don’t worry your father will soon be sent out from the throne. A new era will emerge, then you will have no choice than to address my son as chief Romo. I can’t wait for such a day to come. Be prepared because this kingdom will soon quake at his command… You will regret ever challenging us. You and your father’s house will know no peace.

Kaya began to laugh sarcastically.
She looked up at Mario and Romo and started making fun of them

“Lord Mario I’m so scared, I’m shevering all over at the mention of your son’s name, Romo. Look at how grounds are breaking, trees are falling, fire burning everywhere just by the mention of Romo. I knee before thee Chief Romo his royal majesty, the only Chief that will rule Zukumo in his dreams. What a night mare. Listen Lord Mario, you have wasted your time and your son’s time for far too long all in the name of training, try to focus in getting him with a wife before his manhood start malfunctioning. Is a little advice from me, you don’t have to thank me for it. Just run ahead or better still continue to show him possession that can never be yours or his. My father, Chief Dre needs me, let me return to him. By the way, I won’t tell him the part you mentioned about eliminating any son born to him or your whole insults to the chief which makes you a threat to the throne. I will start keeping a close watch on you two before you totally gets out of hand.

Mario was watching her angrily, Romo looks from his father to Kaya as he waits for his father’s command on what to do.

“Father, aren’t we going to do something. She just insulted us.

Maya took a step closer to Romo.

“I don’t have time for insults…I only returned back the jabs that you and your father threw at me. I also gave you a good advice which is to stop following your father’s counsel, he’s only wasting your time that can be put to a better use. You will never smell the throne Romo…my father may not have a son that you can see with your physical eyes, but he already has a heir. Don’t bother asking questions or going around looking for the heir because no matter how you search you will never find. your eyes are covered with a veil. But when time comes you will be surprised that what you seek so that you can squash was right under your nose all this while. The gods are wise, their ways are not our way.

Kaya tapped Romo on the shoulder gently to him and his father’s bewilderment.

She walked away leaving them to stare at her back.

“Just as the villagers said, there’s something about her. But the good thing is that she is a girl whose mouth runs like a stream of water. Next time I’m giving you a full permission to strike her hard and firm for all the insult she just brew at us. Chief Dre needs to be removed as soon as possible and I will see to that.

Romo nooded as he followed his father back to the house.
As thye got home, what Kaya said about his manhood shrieking off kept ringing in his head.
Romo decided within himself that he was going to find a way to tell his father concerning getting married for him.

Dre was begining to pay more attention to his daughter than before.
Her every counsel were fair and right. He was begining to see that she was indeed special and blessed by the gods.

He wondered why he was just realizing it now after all this years.

Some women in the village even brings gifts in respect to Kaya.
They sang her praises and thank her for fighting a just fight for them.
Some contributed greatly to the girl’s camp that Kaya started which was growing by the day and they have to build another extension to accommodate more children. Opa helped her in achieving it.

Dre breathed out as he watched Kaya sitting all by herself in another far end before Ivan and her step sister came and sat beside her.. she said something which made them laugh out real hard she joined in the laughter too.
Suddenly Zain came out of nowhere and drag her daughter away from them.

She started shouting in top of her voice.

“I have warned you severally to stop hanging out with this two especially this one that they call Kaya with eyes like an owl…I wonder why she haven’t seen husband to marry, is probably that men don’t fancy a weirdo like her. She and her mother have an evil heart. They killed my son and didn’t give him a chance to life. Like mother like daughter… evil women. Very soon they will be disgraced and put to shame then it will just be me and my dear husband…

Dre shakes his head pathetically as he listened from where he sat.

Kaya didn’t pay attention to her step mother as she continued to rant.
Zain walked away while still shouting.

As days went by.
One day a messenger from another kingdom came with a message that Maya’s husband was dying.
Maya sent for Kaya immediately.

Kaya rushed to the stable, jumped on a horse and rode off to see her sister.

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this story is captivating

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 8:12pm On Dec 21, 2020
Episode 11.

She hit the door repeatedly but no answer came.
She wasn’t going to give up until her husband comes out.

Zain continued hitting loudly.

Chief Dre was in Opa’s chamber with her. He ignored Zain as she kept hitting none stop.

“Please go and find out what she wants. She will tear down the door if you don’t answer her Dre.
Opa said calmly..

Dre replied.
“Zain drives me crazy, why can’t she respect the fact that I’m in here with you. Why did the gods even allowed me to get married to her. Opa, if I knew I wouldn’t have gone for a second wife. You were enough for me and still enough but my quest for a son drove me into her arms. I totally regrets it. She gives everyone problem and very unrepentant with her faults. Oh Opa… you make me so happy with your tolerance and maturity, the way you handles everything with Zain is beyond words. I envy your patience…Queen of my heart. I wonder how you manage to remain calm despite all her drama….

Opa urged Dre to go and open the door.
Dre went and opened the door.
Zain barged in immediately without care.

“Chief Dre why are you doing this to me? Did I force you to come and marry me? I’m young, beautiful, smart and think faster than lady Opa. What do you want in her that I don’t have yet you will rather bury your head in her bossom. I want you all by myself, I want you to spend every waking morning with me… you are my husband. I hate to share you with any other woman. Yes, it disgust me so much that I have to share my husband. I want you in my chamber tonight Chief, just like yesterday. the weather is calm and cool. My husband should be wrapping his arms around me in bed not leaving me to another woman’s chamber.

Opa sat on her bed watching Zain without a word.

Dre quickly cautioned her.

“Watch your tongue Zain. Opa is not another woman. Is because of all this your dirty attitude that made me stay away from you. you asked me to come to your chamber to help massage your waist yesterday night and did and even more. I did everything you asked of me Zain. Just this night that I want to spend with Opa…. and you came again troubling our tranquility. What do you want?

Zain clapped her hands together dramatically and before saying.

“I want you…not just yesterday but everyday. Lady Opa can’t give you what I will give to you. She is not what she appears to be. She killed our son due to jealousy. If you don’t take caution she may hurt you. Mark my words tonight. Come let us go to my chamber, if not I won’t move an inch from here.

Opa asked Dre to follow Zain but Dre refused.

“Okay, since you want to watch Opa and I in bed, I will be delighted to open the show in your honor. Watch how I will cuddle up Opa tightly in my arms and if you trouble me I will send the guards to drag you out.

Dre started moving towards Opa’s bed.
Zain angrily stormed out after swearing under breath.

The following day, she decided to go and visit Tira, Mario’s second wife who had become her gossip partner.

When Mario saw her coming, he smiled within himself.
He has seen a perfect tool to use against Dre.
Mario called Zain and she went to him.

Mario and Zain engaged in a silent talk.

They continued talking for days.

He made an interesting deal with Zain.
Mario gave her something wrapped in a brown paper.
Zain only needs to be dropping little by little in Dre’s food until he finally parks up then they will shift the blame on Opa.

Zain has finally seen a way to hurt Opa and Dre, her ungrateful husband.

Kaya was still with her sister in another kingdom.

“I tried everything I can, his sister, his mother and uncle tried also but is all the same. They look at me as if is my fault Kaya. They whisper within themselves, even lady Maran, his sister who used to be close kept a distance. I heard her telling someone that her only brother shouldn’t die or all hell will break loose in this family… Kaya, the gods sees my heart… They know I have never hurt anyone in my life. Why would I even do this to my husband, the father of my lovely children. The gods has blessed us with two sons and this beautiful daughter who is not up to two years. I remembered you told me that I will have two sons and a daughter, Kaya. I remember some of the things you said and is finally happening. I don’t know what to do anymore…my husband must not die…

Maya cried out.
Kaya looked at her sister sadly.

“, You took everything I told you in the past with a pinch of salt forgetting that it was the gods that were speaking through me. You forgot all the instructions and started living a care free life when you arrived here. You opened your heart up to everyone who smiled with you or acted as a friend. Maya, did you follow the instructions I gave you concerning your husband, The things I asked you to do immediately he falls sick? because you wouldn’t be crying heavily now if you di….

Maya interrupted.

“I did…. everything. I urinated inside a cup and sprinkled all over his body just like you instructed. But the sickness worsen instead. I urinated again and took some in my hands and even touch both eyes…I sprinkled repeatedly untill the whole place started smelling of urine I have to clean it up. I did what you asked me to do but It never worked. I can’t watch him die please, he can’t eat, he can’t speak, the wound on his leg is spreading fast to other parts of his body and is not a sight to behold. They think is my fault… they blames me for this. His mother brought a native doctor to check him but after few days the old medicine man said the sickness is beyond him. His uncle also brought another medicine man but no improvement. Three medicine men from both his mother and uncle has come and go leaving him the same way they met him. Everyone has given up except me. I have pleaded to the gods to spare his life but my plea fell on deaf ears. Everyone is against me even the gods. After doing all you asked me to do and no improvement, I decided to send for you Kaya. I’m sorry that I didn’t take you serious Kaya. I doubted how the gods could speak through you…I never believed that my younger sister has the ear of the gods and can speak things into existence. Please, is there another thing we can do… anything at all I will do. Plead to the gods on my behalf Kaya… my sweet loving husband can’t die…no, no. I’m too young to be a widow. I don’t want to be a widow and make enemies that will hunt me for the rest of my life.

Kaya bent her head in deep thought as her elder sister cries out.
She looked up at her and said.

“Maya… you did everything I asked you to do but in a wrong way. You didn’t follow the instructions. The antidote was just at your fingers tip but you got carried away and forgot everything I ever said concerning all of this. Your husband’s sickness has escalated and I pray that the gods will be merciful and not pay heed to your doubtful heart.

Kaya repeated the instructions to her sister.
“Urinate into a calabash, take a feather and sprinkle the urine on your husband’s leg where the unknown injury started. His leg was what he used to step on the charm, that is why you have to sprinkle on his leg alone and not every part of his body. Only his legs Maya…

Maya quickly did as Kaya instructed but there was no improvement.
Kaya who was supposed to travel back to Zukumo have to stay as she beseeched the gods for their mercies.

Kaya wake up that morning and knew something was not right.
Zukumo kingdom was calling her to return.
Somebody is in danger. She didn’t know who in particular but the person was calling her to come home.

She told Maya that she needs to travel back to Zukumo but Maya started crying while begging her to stay.

Her husband’s condition was still critical and Kaya was still waiting for answers from the gods since Maya’s mistake has caused so much harm on her husband.
She failed to follow the right instructions and now it seems late.

Kaya kept hoping that the gods will give her answer soon because her sister’s husband was drying off with each passing day and Zukumo kingdom beckoned her to return home.

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Episode 12.

“Stroke the dust…. stroke the dust until the sun settled in the tent of the reaper.

She said repeatedly.

” How do you mean?…I don’t understand.

Kaya walked round the room rather in a haste before turning to face her sister.

“That is what I was told in the dream Maya, I have been beseeching the gods to be kind and show us another way for your husband to get well so that I can return to Zukumo. It was until last night they dropped those words…

Maya shakes her head pathetically.

“Is confusing, you could have asked them what they meant by that. How do I stroke the dust, what is reaper… I don’t get any of this Maya. I’m exhausted from cries and worries as I waited for the gods to redirect but after such a long wait look at what they came up with, Is as good as nothing because I don’t understand what exactly it means…or how to go about it. Kaya you have to seek them. You can’t go back to Zukumo without giving me a solution to my husband’s sickness… please.

” Maya I just gave you a solution. If you had followed the first one correctly we won’t still be at this spot but you forgot all that was said and did everything wrongly. We’re still battling this whole thing because you failed simple guidelines that could have saved life, time and emotional torture. I’m going back to Zukumo nevertheless. Somebody is in trouble…I don’t know who yet but they beckons on me to return.

Maya went to Kaya, took her hands into hers and said.

“You have to help me Kaya. Please…ask the gods what they meant. If you return to Zukumo how will I cope through all of this? Howww

Kaya sighed heavily and said.

“Stroke the dust… until the sun settles in the tent of the reaper. It simply means that you should beat the dusty earth hard, with anger and pain untill the sun settles in the tent of the reaper….reaper means the person behind your husband’s illness. Once the sun settles there your husband will be well and you will know who is behind it all.

Maya opened her mouth as she thinks deep.

” So somebody is behind all of this? But who could it be. Everyone is nice here except during this hard period that they begun to react differently. Could it be Maran…oh! Is Maran. That woman is a bitter woman. She is probably jealous of me because I have a lovely family moving but she has no husband, only her daughter. Her daughter stopped coming here after my husband became ill. Is probably Maran that asked her to stay away from us. Is becoming clear now… there is nobody that can do this except Maran. I have no doubt about it. The gods will expose her, the gods will punish her, the gods will strike her hard as she has stroke me. It will never be well with Maran. She is only jealous of how blessed I am. Bitter woman…evil woman. May all her evil schemes be exposed. It will never be well with lady Maran…

Maya kept cursing and fussing.
While Kaya arranged her leather bag. She took her horse saddle in one hand and her leather bag in the other and said.

” I’m going back to Zukumo, I have over stayed in this village because of you. I’m glad the gods finally answered our request for a solution. Maya, please don’t make another mistake…and wait until the sun settles in the tent of the reaper before jumping into conclusion.

As Maya walked Kaya to her horse outside, she did not stop cursing Maran out loudly.

Kaya saddled her horse and rode off with speed.

She was pleading to the gods to keep her parents safe as she speed off.


Zain sneaked in quietly to the kitchen where Opa pot of food was kept.

Opa has finished cooking Dre’s favorite meal, she dished out his food, covered it up and left to inform Dre if she can serve his food right away or later.

Zain who has been very watchful, saw Dre’s food covered, she quickly opened it and closed it back as her hand began to shake.

She brought out the content but couldn’t put it in the food as her heart beat doubled up.

She tried again but suddenly heard Opa’s footsteps coming.
She covered it immediately and rushed to another corner. She hide the poisonus content in her cloth.
Zain pretend to be doing something else as Opa entered.

When Opa saw her, she greeted her kindly and said.

” …I made enough sweet porridge with smoked lamb. Will you like to have some lady Zain?

Zain didn’t bother turning to look at her.

” No, I don’t want your food.

She quickly rushed out leaving Opa in the kitchen.
Opa went ahead to carry the food to her husband.

The next time, Zain was watchful as Opa was making food.
She has made up her mind to carry out her mission without delay.

As she entered the kitchen, thinking opa has gone out.
She was shock to see Opa still in the kitchen.

Zain waited for Opa to leave as she stayed back while pretending to be busy.

After sometime, Opa left but she suddenly remembered that she forgot something in the kitchen, she returned back to get it.

Zain who was moving to the food plate was startled to see Opa coming.
The poison that was wrapped in a paper fell from her hand to the ground.

Zain was unrest, she was shaking all over as she left the poison on the ground and started rushing out.

Opa saw that something fell off from zain’s hand, quickly went over to the unknown content and picked it up.

She called Zain who was rushing out.

“Lady Zain, please wait. this brown thing fell off from your hand.

Zain paused as her heart beat kept racing.
Opa walked up to her and handed the content over.

“Is not for m…meee, I don’t know what it is. Is probably yours…

Zain stammered, she threw the content back at Opa before running off.

Opa blinked twice immediately Zain said that.
She could swear that she saw the content fall from Zain but maybe her mind is playing tricks.

Opa threw the brown wrap into the burning firewood and it went up in flames.

She picked up what she came for and left.

Zain later went back to Mario.

“I can’t do it Lord Mario. I can’t. I have tried but I almost got caught. I can’t… is there another way. I don’t want to kill the Chief. Opa is too nice to me. I don’t want to hurt her either. Please let’s think of another way. I enjoy been the wife of a chief. That was the main reason I’m still here and also happy. Killin chief Dre will only make me a widow to a Chief…

Mario laughed out.

” It seems all the assurance and promises I gave you once the deed is done means nothing to you. I want to make another offer. Since you like being wife to a chief, Romo has been talking to me concerning getting married. I will make you his wife if you play your role well. There’s no time. We have to strike now and take over the throne. Opa is your senior wife and she is only kind because she knows Dre have more love for her than for you. She only pity you Zain. You should be angry and deal with them. Don’t allow your conscience to play pity role on you.

Zain gasped out.

” As much as your offer is very appealing I still do not know how your son Romo will marry me. I’m his uncle’s… or should I say cousin’s wife. It won’t work Lord Mario. Villagers will talk and may even label me bad if such happens. And you may end up finding a younger Lady for your son and break all your promises to me. Beside, Romo May not find me attractive…

Mario shut her up and said.

“You are already into this, there’s no goin back. I’m a man of my word. I will keep to all the promise I made. Whatever I tells Romo that’s exactly what he will do. So if I ask him to marry you, he will. You are the wife of the next chief and as long as Romo is on the throne no body will ever bother you. I’m counting on you Zain. Don’t fail me again, don’t fail me. Killing Dre will be your key to a more better life, I promise you.

Zain smiled. Knowing that she was going to be the first wife and probably the only wife of Romo, that was enough push for her.

She will deal with Opa for taking all of Dre’s love and attention from her.

Zain was again charged for the task ahead and promised not to make any mistake.

She told Lord Mario that she misplaced the first content and Lord Mario mixed another stronger one and gave her.

He warned her not to misplaced the poisonus content again or make any other mistake.
Zain assured her that she won’t.

Kaya was speeding down along the narrow bush part that she decided to take.
It was a shorter way to get to Zukumo but very dangerous.

Suddenly an arrow fly pass her, it mised her and landed on the ground.
Kaya did not stop, she continued to speeding down.

Her horse began to neigh.
The snorting sound signify danger.
The horse couldn’t move front or back as it stood still.

Kaya sense strange movement from the bush and waited for whatever it was.

Hefty men with bare chest came out from the crowded bush.
Some jumped down from trees.

They were hoodlums that attacks travelers and steals from them.

They suddenly started laughing when they saw Kaya on the horse
One of them said while accessing Kaya.

“Is even a young fierce looking lady not more than 17 to 20 years. With the way the horse was speeding I thought it was something more. Look, we don’t fight girls. Give us your horse, all your possession and be on your way. If you refused, we will still take everything from you which includes your fancy apparel and do whatever we wishes with your smooth body.

Kaya knew it was time to fight.
Beating 10 strong, broad shoulder men will be difficult but she will fight with her last blood.

She drew her sword out to face them.
They began to laugh sarcastically.

Kaya only plea to the gods is to keep her people safe in Zukumo kingdom and give her enough strength for the battle that was staring at her.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 9:27pm On Dec 24, 2020
Episode 13.

Seeing she wasn’t willing to comply but ready to fight, they pushed the weakest of them all to beat her.

Kaya put her sword away and decided to use her hand instead.
And just with one hard blow to the man’s nose, blood gushed out.
She released another one which sent him crashing heavily on the ground.

The second man was sent to beat Kaya down since the first can’t get up from the ground with blood gushing out from his nose.

Kaya defeated him and also the third and fourth man wasn’t a match for Kaya’s strength.

A warrior who had pitched tent in a near by forest heard several sounds of shouting and sword as he was gathering bush fruits, he quickly jumped on his horse and followed the sound.

As he got close he came down from his horse and quietly ran down to where the whole noise was coming from.
He hide in between over grown plants and watch.
He was shock to see a young girl fighting hefty men.
She has defeated some of them and still has more to defeat.
He wanted to interfere and rescue the young lady but he saw the skilled way she fights and decided to watch.
If it becomes difficult for her he will jump in and save the day.

Kaya was breathing hard as the remaining six men paired themselves in twos.
The first two attacked Kaya and after a long fight she defeated them.
The second stronger pair attacked.

As Kaya fought roughly with one and was alert with the second one who seem to be targeting behind her back.
Suddenly something slashed through her arm.
The second man’s sword sliced her arm and she started bleeding.
Kaya continued fighting.
A blow landed on her eyes, darkening her vision.
She staggered but didn’t fall.

Kaya knew she was weak and was loosing so much blood. She still has two last stronger men to fight.
She does not know how long she will last in the fight but she won’t make it easy for any of them.

Kaya charged angrily at the one that sliced her arm with his sword.
She chopped of some part of his ear with her sword before beating the one that gave her a black eyes down.

And after a long battle they were on the ground.
She has defeated eight of them and was ready to face the last two men standing.

One of the men smile as he approached Kaya.

“We underestimated you young lady, you single handily brought down eight of our men and still standing, that’s something I haven’t seen or heard before. A woman who fight like a warrior. We have never heard of a female warrior because they don’t exist. But today, we have seen one. Who are you…or what are you? Are you sure that you are a woman? I saw the way you fought…is extraordinary.

Kaya was begining to bleed seriously, she needs to leave so that she can find a way to stop the blood.
She wasn’t paying attention to what the man was saying she was looking for a way to escape.
She was too weak to continue fighting after loosing so much blood.
She started moving towards her horse in a stylish way.
The other man was still talking when his partner suddenly threw his sword at Kaya but she dodged it to the amazement of the men

“… you beat our men… congratulations! but I promise you that you won’t leave here with your body parts intact. After dealing with you, we will take everything you have and take turns in visiting your honey well. I can see you are moving back… Are you trying to escape? oh you are weak and can’t fight again. Sorry lady warrior, is our turn…lets have fun. Just for you to know, I have a large appetit for women, I have dealt with some in a horrifying way, some couldn’t survive the size of my manhood and strength, they died and that’s the end of them because nobody cares much about women, others survive but their life is never the same again. I will give you triple of what I gave to them. Your breast is beckoning me forward, your body even knows my name. Is whispering my name in the most sweet melodious voice that I have ever heard. I can hear your sweet body calling me Peru… Peru come and eat me up hahahaha. My name is Peru, I’m a dangerous man and I will be the first to have a taste of you before every other person. I bet you will be so delicious….Hahahahahaha!

Says the man that threw his sword at Kaya.

Kaya was angered by the man’s words, he was looking at her with hunger in his eyes.
the man and his word disgust her and it energized her to angrily charge towards him before he can reach for another sword.

Kaya stroke his hand as he wanted to grab a near by sword.
He dodged few stroke and block some with his hand.
Kaya saw that Peru was indeed a strong man and won’t be easy to beat.

She thought of his words again, the women he raped and they died. nobody cares about them because they are only women.
Such thought was another strong drive for Kaya who went for his jugular.
Her sword slashed through it before something hard and firm hit her on the head.

She fell heavily to the ground.
It was the second man that hit her.

Peru rushed towards her while she was still on the ground and trying to get up.
The bush began to shake.
The warrior did that on purpose.
it distracted Peru which gave Kaya the chance to dive her sword into his abdomen.

Peru fell to the ground while his partner started running away.
Kaya threw a big tree trunk at him.
It hit him right on the head and he fell face down..

Kaya’s vision became blurred. She tried to get up but was too weak.
She forced herself to her feet but loosed balance as everything around her was clouding up.
As she was falling back to the ground a strong arm caught her and lifted her to his shoulder.

She passed out and didn’t know who or what carried her away.


Lord Mario, Romo and his mother, Tira couldn’t stop laughing.

“… she is heavily stuffed with decayed brain. She believed me when I told her that Romo will get married to her since she enjoys being a chief’s wife. Can you imagine the stupid woman? Thinking my own son will stoop low to have something to do with her. The look on her face was everything for me to laugh when I told her that Romo will get married to her.

They burst out laughing again.
Before Tira said.

“May the gods strike her hard for thinking my only son will descend to her level and make her his wife. I can’t begin to imagine having Zain as a daughter in-law, it will be earthquake in the entire kingdom.

“Father, of all the beautiful women, single and waiting for men to come for them and how they will wear their pride as peacock if I happen to pick any of them to be mine… single, beautiful women fill everywhere and lady Zain thinks I will marry her? May the gods forbid it for me to eat food another man remains. I’m a chief in waiting and women should be rushing me just as father told me..

Mario interrupted.

“Yes son, women will be praying to the gods for you to marry them. You don’t need to rush, once you become the chief, you can pick as many wives as you desire. You can’t sit on the throne without a wife, we will arrange one Young beautiful woman for you first but after you assume the throne you can marry as you wish. After all, women are meant to be used and dump. Zain is only day dreaming, I’m using her to clear the road for us to take over. Once Dre is dead, and Opa is framed for his death, everyone will be at our mercy which includes Bambira, late chief Pasi’s wife. We will do to them as we pleas. We’re only waiting for the good news that Dre is dead. That will be enough celebration for us…

They continued laughing without knowing that Salabi, Mario’s first wife was listening.
Salabi decided to go and warn Opa concerning Zain.

Zain kept on fantasizing how she was going to be Romo’s first wife.
The title that Opa was holding and feeling like the world was on her shoulder.

Zain laughed out loud because very soon she will be the first wife to a Chief and maybe the only wife which will be a dream come true for her.

She kept close watch on Opa. She has succeeded once in putting small content in the chief’s food without Opa knowing.
She still has like five more time to go before the chief will drop dead.
Chief Dre will died gradually and opa will be accused.
She will later become Romo’s first wife and make Opa suffer for years.

Zain also put the second time and the third.
After Salabi visited Opa, Zain noticed that Opa no longer leaves food in the kitchen.
She wondered why but didn’t give up.

The content she already added will be killing Dre gradually, it would have made it quicker if she has added up to five times but she will be looking out for any tiny opportunity to finish up what she started so that she can become Romo’s wife. the next chief of Zukumo.

When Dre became sick, she knew the poison was begining to take effect.

She just can’t wait to become the first and only wife of Zukumo kingdom.


Maya shakes her husband but he was irresponsive.
She has been so angry at Maran and even confronted her and they ended up fighting.
She has totally forgotten how many times she was supposed to stroke the earth and there was something else Kaya said about the sun.
Her whole body vibrates in anger after Kaya left.
Maya has been engulfed in rage and decided to confront Maran first before doing what Kaya said.
It was after the whole ordeal that she remembered and decided to do it but she can’t remember everything.

As she checked her husband he wasn’t responding.
She can see his chest going up and down and knew if she doesn’t do something quick her dear husband will die.

Maya quickly called a messenger and sent him to Zukumo to fetch Kaya immediately.

Kaya blinked severally to ascertain where she was.

“Sleeping beauty has finally woken up”

Kaya turned to where the voice was coming from.
She saw a tall, good looking young man with large bare chest staring at down at her and smiling.
Kaya’s heart skipped as she tried touching every part of her body to ascertain if something happened while she passed out.

Her previously bleeding arm was tied up firmly with string material.
She still feels pain in some parts of her body, her head aches heavily.
Kaya tried to get up from the wooden bed but fell back.

“Who are you, where am I… what did you do to me

The young warrior, added more wood to the burning fire.
He was cooking something that smells delicious which makes Kaya’s stomach to growls.

He took a small stool and came to sit opposite Kaya.

“I’m Yuri, you are right in the middle of the wood… the heart of the forest. And as for your last question of what I did to you…I saved your life and that of your horse.

Kaya’s stomach made another loud noise.

“I’m making herb soup with antelope meat. You will like it and it will help you heal up fast.

Kaya looked from his smiling face to his bare chest before looking away.

Yuri stood and came back with a plate of hot soup for Kaya.

Kaya tried to sit up but felt pain on her side ribs.
Yuri dropped the soup on a small table before coming to help Kaya sit up.

She hungrily started eating without paying heed to what Yuri was saying.

“I saw you bring down those men, I watched you fight and I was shocked to my bone marrow. Who are you and where do you come from… who thought you how to fight that way. What is your name. What kingdom breeds your type? I have fought for different kingdom and been to different places but I haven’t seen or heard of a female warrior… you are a warrior. Who are you…?

Kaya was done with her soup in no time. She forgot the courtesy of being a chief’s daughter and ate like a hungry Lion.
Yuri took her plate without asking and brought more food for her.

Kaya looked up at him and said.

“Thank you Yuri for saving my life. I owe you dearly. My name is Kaya and I really need to be on my way…

“Kaya, you can’t travel in this current state of your health. Stay few more days or till tomorrow evening let’s see how improved you are before embarking on a journey. Stay…I don’t bite neither will I trouble you.

Kaya drank deeply from the water he gave her before straightening.

“How will I know that you don’t bite? Men’s libido rise like a dough when a vulnerable woman is around them…

Yuri shakes his head and said

“Not all men. I know i can’t look past the fact that you are beautiful neither can i swear on other men libido but I can assure you with mine, I’m different Kaya. A man of my words is who I am. My only wish is for you to be okay Kaya… alright?

Kaya gasped out with a nod before returning to the wooden bed.

Her aching head was beginning to calm down.
She thought of her people and said a silent prayer to the gods to keep everyone safe until she returns.

Kaya later fell into a deep sleep while Yuri covered her up with his soft and long tiger skin flop.

He stood and stare at her for sometime before walking away.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 6:43pm On Dec 26, 2020
Episode 14.

She woke up with sweat pouring down from her body.
Kaya looked around the tiny room while breathing hard
Everywhere fell silent except for few grunting animal noise coming from far,
cricket chorused nearby.
The evening was approaching, the sun was almost going down.

This was the third day, a day she has made up her mind to leave but due to reoccurring of the headache making her uneasy, Yuri made a special root for her.
She drank and decided to take a nap but was awaken by another terrifying dream.

Maya’s husband was almost drowning and she couldn’t save him.
The chief of Zukumo, her father wanted to pull him out but the river swallowed them up within a twinkle of an eye.

Kaya knew that Maya’s husband and her father must be in a serious trouble.

Is probably that Maya didn’t follow the given instructions for her husband to be well again because if Maya had done the right thing she won’t be having the same dream repeatedly.

Kaya went outside the tent.
She stood looking round.

Yuri was nowhere in sight.

She can see two horses, one for her and the other for him which means that he didn’t go far.

Kaya needed a cold bath after sweating all over in her sleep.

There was a nearby stream that Yuri showed her.
She decided to stroll down and have a quick wash.

On getting to the river, she quickly went under the stream and allowed the cool water to run all over her.

She stayed under the water for long until the dream she had earlier begin to flash back in her mind.

Kaya shot her eyes and prayed to the gods to show her what to do.
She continued beseeching them for mercy and protection over her family.

She pleaded for another chance for Maya’s husband and for her father to survive whatever the enemy is throwing at them.

Kaya did not leave even as the sun went down and animals where returning to their different dens.

The gods showed her a leaf, Kaya was seeing a particular leaf which was called tekah.
She doesn’t know what it means or how to go about it. She doesn’t even know what to do with the said leaf.

Kaya was praying as she spreed out her hand begging the gods to explain what the leaf stands for but no answers came.

She suddenly pause when she felt a presence of someone or something coming close to her.

Kaya opened her eyes and looked up, there stood Yuri.
He was staring at her in total wonder.

Kaya felt cold as she stepped out of the water
She has been under the running stream for a while.

Yuri was speechless and didn’t know what to say as Kaya greeted him with a smile but he couldn’t respond he continued staring at her.

She walked pass him and walked back to the house.

“Are you a deity, a diviner, warrior, a…a…I don’t know. What are you exactly… Kaya?

Yuri finally asked as they got to their tent.
Kaya ignored him, she went straight to the fire place and to sit so that
She can warm up.
Something was cooking on the fire.

“….Why didn’t you take off your clothes since you wanted to bath..

Kaya turned and looked at him…

“….I mean not all your whole clothes… maybe you could have left the inner clothing that women usually wear…

Kaya ignored as she positioned herself well on the fire place…

“…You are cold… let me get you a warm to cover up

“No, thanks….I…I…

She was really cold and couldn’t resist the kind gesture. She nodded instead.

Yuri quickly covered her up.

“…I went to uproot more herbs for your health. I was taken aback when I didn’t see you around the tent after returning. I thought you might have gone to the stream, on getting down I was quiet shock to see you spreading out your hands and speaking something that I couldn’t hear well or understand. There was an aura, strange and strong feeling cycling the whole stream which made me wonder if you are kind of a spiritual person like a diviner. Who are you really Kaya…?

Kaya turned and looked at him
She can smell his scent and feel his warm very close to her.

She felt strange as their eyes met for sometime before Kaya suddenly stood and started packing her things.

“I need to leave this place. I have to go…I don’t know what I’m still doing here when everything around me is falling apart..

Yuri went to hold her hand.

“I understand that you want to leave, is your decision Kaya and I’m glad our part crossed. This three days that you have been here has been the best moment of my life. I wish it will remain so but you have other things doing not living in the wood with me. I will also have to be returning… maybe after you leave…

“Pardon me for not asking where you come from. The only thing I know about you is that you are a warrior and your name is Yuri who lives in the heart of the forest. Where do you come from…

Kaya asked Yuri as she removed her hand from his and sat on the wooden bed
Yuri replied with a smile.

“I’m delighted that you finally asked. You must have thought I live among the animals in the heart of this forest. Anytime I’m coming from war or any important assignment I usually pitch my tent anywhere I feel pleased with. My enemies maybe lurking around, I don’t give them a chance to know my movement or whereabouts. This is my second time of pitching my tent in this forest….the first was in a different location where I have to walk miles to find clean water, this is my first time around this side. I didn’t want to at first but some strange force pushed me into settling here. The gods are with you Kaya, they probably saw that you you needed a little help and sent me. I come from Fiji kingdom and I will be returning also. I should have been gone but for your sake I remained here. I don’t know how we will meet again but if it pleases the gods for our paths to cross for the second time then it pleases me too. Can you stay for another night Kaya…is already late and I will be worried sick if you leave in your current state of health…?

Kaya realized that Yuri lives in a village close to where Maya’s.

“I will stay tonight but early morning tomorrow I will rode off. The gods revealed to me that my father is in big trouble so also is my sister’s husband. I need to go and do something. As I was praying at the stream, a leaf was shown to me…I don’t know what to do with it or how to identify it. I guess it has answer to my prayers. The wind whispered the name clearly as “tekah” I really don’t know what to do or where to locate this leaf.

Yuri looked at her surprised.

“Tekah?…I know the leaf. Is a straight line plant that grows inside a dark cave. It’s found in the lioness den. That’s the only place it can be seen. You can’t go there is far too dangerous. I have a deep scar on my thigh, it was an attack by a lioness. They are angry and dangerous set of wide animals who protects their territory and everything in it. Tekah is a powerful leaf, is an anti-poison and works like magic. Once gotten you will need to open the mouth of the victim and squeeze a drop of the juice in it, just a drop and whatever is the sickness will disappear with immediate effect. if you have to get the leaf you have to first conquer this dangerous animal which is an enemy to man. You have to kill it first before being able to touch that leaf. If you check around the place you will see skeletons and skulls of men who were eaten up by the lioness after they attempted to get the leaf. No man comes out there alive…

Kaya was quiet.
She began to wonder that since everything surrounding the tekah was this dangerous why did the gods showed it to her.
Since they want her to get this tekah, it also means that they will protect her.

She was quiet for a very long time.

“My father can’t die…no…no. my father is a good man who has a pure heart for his people. Somebody has plotted to kill him just as the gods showed me, I just can’t watch it happen. My sister’s husband too…I have to do something quick. There’s no much time left to waste. I wish there’s another means but the gods only asked to use this tekah.

Yuri relaxed back on the wall, he gasped out heavily before saying.

“Since it means so much to you then I will help you Kaya. Even if it means risking my life for it then I’m ready. I will leave early tomorrow to the cave, I need to work on my weapons for war tonight because defeating the lioness won’t be easy…

“I’m coming with you Yuri, we can fight together and defeat the beast.

Yuri tried to talk her out of it but her mind was determined.

They arranged their things that night and early morning the following day they both jumped on their horses and left for the cave to retrieve the healing leave called tekah

Kaya silently thanked the gods for sending a man like Yuri to her aid as they speed down to the most dangerous place in the forest.

Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 9:23pm On Dec 27, 2020
Episode 15.

“The fourth girl started vomiting blood this morning. If we don’t do something now more people, especially children… girl child precisely will die off one after the other.

Didi ignored her and took another bite from her pork meat.

“Lady Didi, you are the eldest here and that’s why I kept bringing this to you. I don’t want to take decision without your consent. Princess Kaya…the chief’s daughter handed this camp to your care. She only said I should assist with Lady phiona. The children in this camp ate some poisonous food… I don’t know how they got it. The food items that Lady Opa, the chief’s wife sent to us was what we cooked and even ate out of it… nothin happened to me after I finished cooking and ate mine right away. I don’t know how the food was later poisoned and the rest of the kids that partook in it are either sick, vomiting blood or almost giving up. We are doing all we can to save them. It baffles me that you of all people feel so relaxed with all that is happening… How can you even have appetite for food in this present circumstance…?

Didi who was still focusing on her pork put the last piece in her mouth and began to chew.
She drank deeply from a grape wine that was in front of her before facing Rigi.

“Why exactly are you telling me, what do you want me to do? I shouldn’t enjoy myself again because some stupid female children are dying? Kaya is no more in this kingdom, She probably got married secretly or falls pregnant and her family whisked her away to avoid shame. She’s been gone for weeks. Chief’s Dre’s family, all that he owns are going to be destroyed… totally wiped out so that a new era…a new chief… chief Romo can take up his rightful place. I’m making way for that to happen. I warned that useless Kaya that Romo will rule this kingdom but instead she flogged me, oh Rigi… that good for nothin girl almost broke my bones into pieces. She didn’t stop there… she forced me into taking charge of this useless camp… leaving me with no choice. Chief Dre is at the verge of dying. Romo is already taking up what is rightfully his. All Lord Mario’s enemies will be destroyed so you better make a good choice now before you are tagged a traitor.

She was about to take another drink when Rigi slapped the cup out of her hand.

“You are so evil. If you hate Kaya or her family members why not face them…why destroy the lives of this innocent children that we are meant to protect. I guess Lord Mario asked you to do this and you agreed. Oh…may the gods have mercy. I know chief Dre’s sickness is not ordinary, lady Bambira’s sickness, Salabi and few other villagers who have always been nice to Kaya and her family is not ordinary. This children are not the only one falling ill… many villagers are not left out. I was thinking the gods are angry and wants to deal with some of us I don’t know is the enemy within. you will not get away with this lady Didi…the gods won’t spare you and your cohorts.

“Shut up your mouth Rigi. if the gods are so powerful why don’t they heal the sick villagers which includes the children here? I will forgive you for slapping a cup of drink from my hand but let this be the first time and the last that you will ever try such. You better watch your back because you are not safe. Once Romo becomes chief, I will do whatever I pleases with you…

Rigi angrily walked away.
She was going to try everything within her power to prevent further mishaps in the camp. She won’t fold her hands and watch Didi destroy what Kaya built.

She had hope that Kaya will return someday and her prayers is that it will be soon because she doesn’t know how long she will be able to stop Didi from destroying the girl’s camp and all the children in it.

Opa squeezed water out of the cloth again before placing it on her husband’s forehead as he lay on the bed.

The medicine man just left after attending to him but the condition isn’t improving much.
He was coughing out blood and his temperature was high.
Opa’s worries grew every passing day.

Zain cared less and haven’t even come to see him.
The only time she did was to accuse her for having something to do with his illness.
Salabi has warned her to be careful with Zain, Salabi did not say much only to warn her to always keep every food item away from Zain’s reach.
She was saying something about her horrible husband but suddenly stopped and said.
“He’s still my husband but I wish our paths never met.

Salabi has suddenly become sick after her visit.

Bambira too was ill and Ivan is over there attending to her with the maids.
More people are begining to fall ill in the village and who knows who is next in line.

Ever since Salabi ‘s warned opa, she was always mindful and kept all food in a safe lock that she alone has the keys to.

Zain had been looking for a way to get to her pot of food.

Mario urged her to try and wiped off all his enemy so that no one will oppose him.
Mario promise not only make her the new chief’s wife but also promised that Romo will accept her daughter as his and they will be well cared for.

Zain saw that Ivan was growing into a great beauty and far more beautiful than her daughter Lili.
Ivan was just as beautiful as Kaya who disappeared for weeks with no other information rather than her sister Maya requested her presence.
Is a good thing that she is no longer coming back because she was a big threat to Mario and his supporters.

Mario will destroy everything that chief Dre owes, everything that Kaya and her family had will be wiped out.

Zain has sent Lili to insult Ivan the other day and her daughter did exactly that but Ivan ignored her not until she pushed her to the ground did ivan retaliate by slapping Lili which made Zain to attack her.
Zain beat her up and was expecting Opa to come and ask her but opa never came and Ivan did not stop greeting her even after the whole incident

Zain was bitter anytime she sees Ivan.
Since opa no longer keeps food in the kitchen, Zain decided to act friendly with Ivan and give her something to eat.

After making the food, she added the potion of the remaining poison and covered the plate in her private room.

She decided to go and call Ivan to come and help her with something after which she will give her the food to eat and die.

While she was gone, Lili came inside her mother’s room and saw the plate of food covered.
She quickly took a sit and decided to eat out of it before her mother will return.


“Let’s camp here tonight, we will continue tomorrow. You are loosing too much blood Kaya…

Kaya turned angrily and said.

“You are also loosing blood Yuri… Your wound is far deeper than mine, Why do you think I deserve the rest…oh, because I’m a woman? You men think less of a woman who can’t do much in life. Did I complained to you that I needed rest? My house is burning down and you want me to go partying? My father is down and as of last night something more struck me in the dream. I saw half of the villagers wiped off…I told you about it Yuri and all you want me to do is to rest…how can I rest in this kind of situation….how exactly??

“Kaya, please don’t missunderstand me, I only mean well. We have been able to get some of the tekah leaves after sustaining deep injuries. But if you dye off on the way because of the wound you sustained how will your father and the rest get the antidote for their sickness. I’m fine and will heal up once I’m out of here, is you that I’m worried about Kaya. If you aren’t ready to rest let me examine your wound again, atleast rewrapped it again with another material. please, let me help you Kaya…if you don’t mind…

Kaya was breathing heard, she was indeed weak but do not want to admit it.

They have gotten to the cave and it was more than they expected but with the favor of the gods they were able to get the tekah leaf after having to fight with the lioness which leaves them both with deep injuries.
It was a huge fight before they could escape with only five leave that they got.
She was grateful to Yuri who fought like a true warrior.

Yuri was able to tie up her wound with a material and same with his.
He suggested they use one of the leaf they got but Kaya turned it down because it was only five pieces. If they use one it will remain just four and they can’t go back.

That lioness will just kill them both if they try to go back.

They journeyed all day until the evening came but Kaya wasn’t ready to rest.

She finally agreed with Yuri and they camped in a place.
Yuri looked for a running river and they washed off
he also attended to her injuries and his own too.

He left to look for some bush fruits for them to eat but Kaya does not have appetite for food

His kindness softens Kaya’s heart and made her ask.

“Why are you helping me… Yuri?

Yuri opened his mouth to talk but suddenly went quiet.
Kaya asked again and he said.

“Our paths met for a purpose Kaya. The gods are with you and they know you will be needing help to fulfil your purpose and they find me worthy for such a task. The whole thing is begining to make sense now Kaya. And aside that…I…I. hmmm! Nothin more than what I have already said…

Kaya nooded. She thanked him again for risking his life for a total stranger like her.

Early the following morning they rode off.

Kaya said she will go to her sister first then hurried back to Zukumo kingdom for her people.

Yuri asked her not to worry going to her sister, he will take the leaf to her instead.
Since Maya’s village is close to Fiji kingdom where he comes from it will be easy for him to locate it.

Yuri thought within himself that Kaya might not be able to handle the whole thing at once.

Kaya was grateful as she hurried away.
But not after inviting Yuri to Zukumo anytime he feels like visiting and asking him not to allow her sister attend to her husband with the takah or she may end up making another provoking mistake that may anger the gods.

Kaya trusted him to deliver the leaf to her sister’s husband.

Yuri speed off after Kaya left , and with the direction that Kaya gave him he was able to locate the compound.
He requested to see Maya and when she came, Yuri introduced himself and told her who sent him down with the cure for her husband’s illness.

Maya took him Inside and showed him where her husband lay motionless.

Yuri squeezed the leaf and gently opened the man’s mouth before a drop of the juice fell into his mouth.

“Please, squeeze the leaf again or give it to me to help you. One drop is too small…it won’t be able to cure all this whole sickness that he is suffering. Give him another drop Lord Yuri…

Yuri breathed deeply as he remembered Kaya’s warning.
He said to her.

“I’m only following the instructions and the myth surrounding this antidote. He only needs a drop my Lady. A drop for one person and no matter what the sickness is it will clear off. If I give him more than a drop it will be disasterious. Be patient my lady, tekah leaf works like magi…

Maya interrupted.

” There’s nothing that small drop will do for him. Can’t you see how sick he looks. Leave the myth or whatever and help my husband since that is what you traveled all the way down to do. Since Kaya sent you do the right thing then do it right. My husband needs more than just one leaf of the tekah but since you came with only one then squeeze more juice into his mouth…. I’m already tired of…

She was talking when the decaying wound on her husband’s body began to heal up.

Maya watched in amazement.
She screamed excitedly as her husband rose from the bed and for the first time in months he called her name.

Maya was still jubilating and didn’t even notice when an exhausted Yuri left.

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Episode 16.


“He’s dead… he’s not breathing. He’s dead…


She broke down in tears as she held onto him, shaking him vehemently.


“Let me check him one more time mother…


Kaya said as she try to move her mother aside.


“There’s no point Kaya. Is no use.. your father has joined his ancestors. Our enemies have finally succeeded. He’s dead… oh, let the gods give me strength, I don’t know how I will cope with his death. I…I don’t…kn….


Opa cried out in anguish.

She stood and ran out crying. Zain who went to call the medicine man to come and help her daughter, Lili who was also dying from the poison she ate which was meant for Ivan.

She saw Opa crying and going over to Bambira’s house.


Zain became scared, ever since her daughter ate the poisoned food meant for Ivan and fell critically ill, vomiting blood and drying up as each day comes, ever since then her fear increased.


She began to experience what Opa might have been going through watching Dre dye everyday.

She watched every part of her daughter dying off gradually and felt broken.


It was as if the gods decided to deal with her by making her lay on the bed she made.

Her eyes was clearing off and she saw the evil she has done backfiring.


She has rushed to call the medicine man and they came and gave Lili something to drink but she did not improved.

She has gone there uncountable times, begging them come to her aid and not allow her only child to die but they refused.

They said she will die eventually because there’s nothing they can do again.


Despite how broken Opa has been ever since the Chief became critically ill, she still find time to come over and see Lili.


She prayed to the gods to be merciful and not let Lili die.


Such gesture from her broke Zain’s heart.


And since three days now her conscience has been judging her

She wish she can undo her wrongs.


Just yesterday, after her daughter illness worsened up she decided to go and inform Mario that she was done and doesn’t want to have anything to do with hurting any soul again ever again.


Just as she was about to step into Mario’s visitor’s chamber she over heard him telling his son that a young woman was already arranged for him to marry since chief Dre is about to die.

Mario called her an unfortunate woman, whose use was only to help them actualize their plan.


She listened as they both laughed at her, it angered her greatly, she felt ashamed for even agreeing with Mario in the first place to carry out such evil deed on her innocent husband.

She angrily walked away with tears in eyes and promise to do all she can so that Romo will not become chief.


She doesn’t even know how to stop Mario.

Her daughter was dying everyday while Mario and his gangs kept increasing.


She has planned to expose Mario and make sure his plan for his son to become a chief will never come to pass not until now.

Seeing Opa crying and running towards Bambira scares her.


Her heart raced up as she drop everything in her hand and ran towards chief Dre chamber where he lay.


Mario who has been looking out for the awaited news saw Opa crying and knew the deed was done.

He ran down and straight to Dre.

He saw his long gone daughter kneeling with her head bent beside him.

Her eyes were close and she didn’t bother looking up even as he touched Dre’s body to confirm its coldness.


The entire room was terrifying. It seems like a strong being that one can’t see with an ordinary eyes was watching.

Mario couldn’t stay as he quickly said to Kaya.


“Your father was a nice chief, he lived a meaningful life. I will inform the other Lords of his death so that his body will be prepared for burial. I…he..let…


Mario stammered as he ran off from the room,

He almost run into Zain who was also rushing inside.

He whispered what only her can hear.


“You did a great job. He’s dead and ones he’s buried, the land will be entirely ours. Congratulations my lady…


He smiled as he hurriedly walk pass her to inform his supporters of Dre’s death.


Zain saw Kaya who disappeared for weeks kneeling beside him with her head bent.

Her eyes was shot as she continued muttering something that only her can hear.

Was she praying to the gods to bring her father back to live.


Zain started moving closer to Dre’s bedside.

Dre lay facing up, he wasn’t moving. He was indeed dead.

Regrettable tears filled Zain’s eyes as she moved closer.

she will confess her faults and ask his spirit to forgive her.


But suddenly Kaya spoke halting her.


“Stop right there Lady Zain…


Zain wondered how Kaya knew that she was the one.

Zain watched as Kaya stood from where she was, turned to face her.


“… where do you think you are going? You want to truly confirm if he’s dead. Listen…. the gods are not blind. They see the secret things we do and say that we thought no one sees or hears. Lord Mario was only allowed close to my father so that he’s foolishness will be exposed. Lady Zain, You have not only marked yourself as an evil woman you have become an alien…an outcast to this household. You are sorry because your leg has been caught in the trap that you set for another. Your conscience will judge you for the rest of your miserable life…That will be enough punishment. Please leave… right now.


Kaya commanded.

Zain ran off without looking back.

She was so terrified as Kaya spoke, she suddenly felt goosebumps all over her while Kaya was still speaking and it was as if darkness was crowding her up and wanted to choke her to death.


As she ran off, it dawned on her that Kaya isn’t an ordinary child.


Immediately she left Kaya turned to her father.

She continued pleading to the gods not to accept her father’s spirit yet but to send him right back.

Kaya kept pressing his thumb until it became warm

She waited and touched it again and it was still warm.

She brought out the tekah leaf, squeeze it before opening her father’s mouth.

Kaya waited until a drop of the juice fell into his mouth before she removed it.


She waited for sometime until her father sneezed out three times before sitting up.


He was well again as he stood on his feet, stretching his legs and hands as if he was never sick.

Dre felt so energized. He looked at Kaya and said.

“Kaya…how… what did you do? How possible that I was sick and was traveling down the most terrified dark road alone and all of a suddenly light hit my eyes bringing me back to my present state. What did you do….?


Kaya swallowed hard as she watch her father’s excitement.

Emotion clouded her eyes and choked her throat.

she was not the easy teary type but seeing her father again was something she can’t trade for anything.

She gave way for the tears to flow.

Dre came and drew her to himself as more tears falls off her eyes.


“I thought i won’t be able to see you again father. I pleaded to the gods to spare your life and give you another chance to Life before applying the tekah leaf…


Chief Dre interrupted.


“Tekah what…ho…how did you get the leaf,? Who gave it to you…? I haven’t heard or seen anyone succeeding in journeying down and returning alive with tekah. How did you do it my daughter…


Kaya explained to him how the gods helped her by sending a warrior to her aid.

and with the help of the warrior, she got the leaf.

She showed her father the injuries she sustained which was the mark of the lioness on her body.


“,Oh Kaya…I know you were special but never knew that the gods has blessed you with so much and also placed heavy load on your shoulder which I know they will help you to carry. You are not only strong and wise you are fearless and brave. I see a great leader in you Kaya. Maybe I was blinded in the past to realize how much the gods has really blessed me with. Before you were born, I saw you in my dreams wearing a crown…I had series of dreams like that. I thought you were the awaited heir, the next chief of Zukumo kingdom but I was totally disappointed when your mother told me that you are girl. I was angry at the gods and at myself. I thought they hated me by not giving me a son…I never knew they have loved me beyond words by giving you to me. Having you Kaya is a blessing that I can’t trade for anything. The gods are changing everything entirely, you are truly called into chieftaincy Kaya. It fits you and I can’t questions the gods but rejoice over their kindness….


Kaya asked his father to remain in his chamber which will give Mario and his fellowers time to rejoice.

She told him that only Opa, her mother and grandmother will be aware that he’s alive until the time to reveal himself fully comes.


Kaya told her father about her other assignments before leaving.


Kaya left to Inform her mother about her father.

Everyone was crying, it seems the entire kingdom has been thrown into mourning state as the news of her father’s death spreed like wide fire.


Kaya went to her mother who was crying on the bedside if her sick grandmother.


Kaya asked all the maid to leave, even Ivan her sisters left.


Immediately they left, Kaya shut the door and began squeezing the tekah leaf that she used for her father.


Yuri has informed her that one leaf produces three drops which expires after seven days.


Kaya opened her grandmother’s mouth while Opa watched in wonders.

After the drop got into her mouth, she was well.

Opa was shocked, Bambira couldn’t believe that she was strong again.


Bambira was praying for a quicker death immediately the news of her only son reached her ears.

Bambi felt more alive than ever.


Kaya quickly explained to them briefly


She also asked them to keep it all a secret. Everything concerning her father being alive should never be heard off.


Opa who was astounded by the news, ran off to confirm for herself.


Kaya climbed her horse and speed down to the girls camp.

She thanked the gods that none had passed away.

seven of the girls were critically down, exactly the amount of drop that she will get from the remaining tekah.


After each child got the drop they became well again.


Didi who wasn’t aware of Kaya’s return was over at Mario’s house rejoicing with others over the death of Dre.


Kaya needed more tekah for some other sick people in the village which includes Salabi and Zain’s daughter.

She can’t watch Lili die because of the wickedness of the mother.

Maya thanked Rigi and lady phiona for their care and faithfulness in taking care of the camp in her absence.

Rigi thanked the gods for listening to her prayers and bringing Kaya back at the right time.

Kaya went to Mario’s house and fetch Didi out.

She warned her not to go anywhere close to the girls camp ever again.


Didi was scared at first until she saw Mario and others coming out to listen to what Kaya was saying.

Didi saw opportunity to talk back at Kaya and used it.

she was taking aback when Kaya strikes her across the face and she fell with a heavy thud to the ground.


Mario on seeing that said.


“Kaya Why are you so angry at my visitor… lady Didi? Remember She is not the caused of your father’s death. Why didn’t your mother teach you that you don’t insult elders but respect them. Blame your frustrations on the gods. Your father is dead and there’s nothing you or anyone can do to bring him back to live. By tomorrow, his body will be prepared for burial and a new chief of Zukumo, chief Romo will emerge…


The people with him laughed and cheered him on.


… why are you still unmarried. I thought you disappeared off to become a man’s wife and continued producing hen… from where your mother stopped. Looking at you… you looked all wounded and will drop dead anytime soon just like your father..


Kaya ignored them, she was not in the mood to battle words with them instead she decided to visit Salabi and encourage her to stay strong because help was on the way for her.

Kaya found out that nine more people were critically sick within the village.

Which means she needed more tekah.


Kaya was very tired, but before she retired for the night she asked the gods to make way for the rest of the people to also receive their healing.


Kaya resumed work the following day.

She started setting things right and taking charge of her camp.


Zain wanted to visit Opa, so that they can mourn together but she was surprised to see that Opa looks different and appears happy

She wasn’t even putting on a mourning attire unlike her.

Zain was not only mourning for her husband but also for her only daughter who will drop dead any moment.


Her world has come crashing heavily.

The guilt continued eating deeply into her that she was almost going crazy.


Kaya was dressed the following day as she went from her girls camp to visiting the sick villagers.


She was later informed that somebody was looking for her.

Kaya rode off and saw that it was Yuri.

He looks different, more handsome and cheerful.


She was very happy to see him.

An excited Yuri almost draw her into a hug but he quickly controlled his raging emotions.

Kaya told him about the remaining sick people because the tekah she had couldn’t go round.


Yuri gave her the tekah he remained from Maya’s husband which still has two drop in it and haven’t expired yet.

Kaya planned to use it for Salabi and Lili.


she sat with Yuri close to her girls camp as they planned on what to do next to save the rest of the sick people.


Yuri couldn’t hold back his feeling anymore for Kaya.

But Kaya was more worried of how to save the sick which made Yuri felt the time wasn’t right for him to let her know of what he truly felt for her.


Mario came with the burial men so that Dre’s dead body will be embalmed and prepared for burial.


Opa was with Dre inside who felt it was time to shock his enemies.


Mario, his followers and the people who came for the embalment were waiting outside the room where Dre’s body was kept when Dre decided to appear in person.


Immediately he came out and they set their eyes on him everyone ran like they have seen a ghost.

Some were pushed down and climbed upon.

Mario fell down twice and stood again as he continued running for his dear life.

They were shouting ghost as they ran.


Zain was terrified with the whole noise and ran out only to join others in the ghost run immediately she saw Dre standing on his two legs.


Dre and Opa couldn’t hold back their laughter while watching the entire funny race.

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Episode 17



Kaya was worried of how to help the remaining nine sick villagers.

She intends to heal Salabi and Lili with the remaining tekah that Yuri brought back after using a drop for Maya’s husband to get well.


Lili was almost at the verge of giving up the ghost and Zain has totally loose all hopes.

She cried her eyes out as she watch her only child dying.

She was hopeless and had given up.


She had prayed to the gods to be merciful but even the gods has turned their back on her.


Everything was happening so fast, the shock that hasn’t left her yet is about Chief Dre.

The news of him coming back from the dead had not only gone round the kingdom but even to other kingdoms.


Chiefs from both neighboring and distance kingdoms traveled all the way down just to see and believe.

It was widely believed that his second daughter, princess Kaya brought him back to life with the help of a leaf called tekah.


They said tekah leaf is hard to get and anybody that is able to fight the lioness in the cave and get the tekah is a hero.


Kaya is mentioned by almost everyone in the village of how she did not only bring her father back to life but also healed her grandmother and all the children in the camp before the tekah finished up.

Now she is looking for cure for the rest of other villagers.


She has become the pride of the land.

A great Lady to reckon with.


Fathers and also mothers were begining to value their daughters because of Kaya.


They said “whatever a man can do Kaya can do better”.

Her bravery is incomparable.

Her kind of strength can’t be measured. She beats down five men that attacked young girls in the village and ever since then crimes and evil deeds has drastically gone down because most of them fear Kaya.

Any man that tries to challenge her or look down on her because she is a woman will be thoroughly dealt with.


She was beautiful and wise.

And the most important part that villagers are still in bewilderment is the way she was highly favored by the gods.

She was a seer and has the ears of the gods.

Even when she is away the gods reveal everything going on in the kingdom to her.

Kaya lashes out at both young and old. They say she has an unbridled tongue that cut deep into the skin of the offender.

She never lacks word to say when the situation arrives.


She has become a saviour to many homes, marriages and most especially women.

Her girls camp is the first in Zukumo kingdom and some parents who rejected their girl child before are coming to the camp to claim them back.


Kaya did not make it easy for such parents, she makes them go through different trouble before they could get their daughters back.


She made one of the men who was sorry for neglecting his family, by throwing his wife and two daughters out of his home.


Kaya made the man to marry his wife all over again, he has to buy a full box of materials for his wife and his daughters.

He also went on his knees to ask his wife and daughter for forgiveness.


It was after the man completed everything that Kaya asked of him did Kaya release his family to go home with him.


different tales as such which was why she has become the people’s heroine and a godsent to women not only to Zukumo kingdom but generally.


Kaya took the remaining tekah to Salabi and the woman became well again.


She went down to see Zain who was scared on seeing Kaya.

She has been hiding from everyone and does not even know how to look Opa and her husband in the eyes.

The chief’s presence scares her greatly just like Kaya also terrifies her.


Seeing Kaya now makes her crawl up close to a wall.

She wondered if Kaya has come to torment her for all the evil things she did.

Zain wiped a tear from her eyes.


Kaya didn’t pay attention to her as she went straight where Lili was laid and put the last drop of tekah in her mouth.


Zain was stretching her neck and watching from where she was.


After sometime, Lili sneezed out loudly and stood from the bed.

Zain screamed in total shock, she couldn’t hold back her emotions as she fell to the ground and began to worship Kaya.


“Please stand my Lady, thank the gods and not me. I only follow their instructions. If they decides not to spare my sister’s life because of your evil deeds neither I or anyone can do otherwise. And if the gods decides to punish us all for our bad deeds none will be spared. But beware that your iniquities will always stare back to you…it has become part of you and will remain so. Every evil deed against another soul will not be erased. The gods has favored you by giving Lili another chance to life. Is an undeserved kindness from the gods, the god of this kingdom deserves your gratitude and not I.


Kaya walked out after speaking to Zain. She did not stand from the ground, but cried her eyes out as she realized that indeed the gods has pitied her and sent Kaya to her aid despite how unworthy and undeserving that she was. her only child is well again and is something she cannot take for granted.


After then Zain made up her mind to confess her faults maybe she will find solace in her soul.


After days turned into week she approached Opa, since she couldn’t face her husband.

She knelt with tears in her eyes to ask Opa to forgive her and to also speak to Chief Dre on her behalf.

Zain also pleaded with her to ask Bambira to forgive her too.


Opa was baffled at Zain’s confession.

She knew Zain has a hand in the husband’s illness just like Salabi warned but she never knew Zain went so far in trying to also poison Ivan after succeeding with Bambira who never likes her

It was too much for Opa to take in at once. she couldn’t think straight or come in term with the reason Zain with Mario wanted to wipe the entire family out.


Opa asked Zain to give her time to digest her confession because it was too much to take in at once.


Forgiveness as such doesn’t come easy and she will be lying and deceiving her if she admit to have forgiven all her faults just like that.


Dre and Kaya were mostly seen together as he continued teaching her all the things she needed to know because the hand writing of Kaya ruling Zukumo kingdom was becoming very clear to him.


Kaya also visited Bambira, the elderly woman was the happiest person alive to see that Dre was considering Kaya for a chieftain.

It was a thing of joy to her as she showered Kaya with praises.


While still troubled on how to get help for the nine remaining sick villagers, she decided to pay Mario a visit.


Immediately Romo saw her approaching, he ran right back into the house.


Mario asked him why he was running and he told him that he saw Kaya within the compound.


Mario and Tira, his second wife rushed out to see for themselves.


“What are you here for? Did your father send you to come and beat me up because I have heard how you go about beating up people. Be warned because my son will deal with you if you try to mess up around here. You are only held in high esteem by some gullible villagers. This gullible set of people thinks you are a heroine. A woman heroine… please, spare me such pathetic tale because it has never been heard off. Is unfortunate that you brought your father back to life and he decided not to announce it but to scare us all to death. Tell me, what sort of a leader will do such…no leader will scare his subjects like your father did. It was generally believed that he was dead, immediately he recovered and bounced back to health the first thing an intelligent chief will do is to inform the entire village and to debunk the rumour of his death. Instead of doing that he appeared to us like a ghost and I almost broke my waist bone while running for a cover thinking he’s a ghost. Your father is not fit for the title of a chief, he has proven that already so, a new Chief supposed and will definitely take over and that chief is none other than…



Somebody interrupted from the background.

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice.

They were surprised to see Salabi walking towards them fearlessly.


“Kaya!! The next chief will be Kaya and it doesn’t matter if you agree or not but this particular hen, beautifully made in human form will rule Zukumo kingdom and if you are alive to witness that day you will become part of her subjects.


Mario began to laugh sarcastically.


“Salabi, you have indirectly become a bitter woman but I understand your plight of not having a child. Female children are not acknowledged so I won’t really count them in. You had three female children and I don’t recognize them as mine because they belong to another man ones they are married off. Romo is mine and he will rule Zukumo kingdom. A male child is the pride of the father and also of the land. May the gods forbids that a woman should become a ruler of any sort. Never seen or heard off. A woman has not be given the privilege to guide or rule even the smallest of kindreds in a village…not to talk of ruling an entire kingdom. I will rather die than to witness such ridiculous thing on earth…


Salabi retorted.


“Then prepare to die my lord because is going to come to past.


Mario boiled angrily at Salabi’s word. he turned to face Salabi


“For such statement, you from this day cease to be my wife. Park your things and your remaining hen of a daughter that is yet to be married. All of you should leave my house this instinct. Salabi you have dishonored me and took side with my enemies. You have washed your dirty linen outside whereby disrespecting me as a husband. I cease to have anything to do with you…. you cease to be my wife. The only wife I recognize is Tira. She is my one and only wife. Salabi return to your father’s house and never acknowledge me as your husband ever again.


Mario was expecting Salabi to start pleading but instead she began to laugh.


“You are just waking up from your slumber my lord. I have been a single mother for years and has already come in term with the fact that I have no husband. You ceased to be my husband long time ago, I didn’t want to make it official but I’m glad you finally did. After surviving from whatever you and your so called “recognized” wife did to me… all thanks to the gods who through Kaya brought about my healing, after coming out healed and hearty I have taken the bull by the horn to face whatever comes with a tightened fist. I curse the day our path crossed. Is better i had a drunkard for a husband than old evil man whose hunger for power has clouded his reasoning.


Salabi turned to Kaya and bow her head in greeting, spiting her husband the more.


“All hail chief Kaya, the great wise Chief of our time, the beautiful hand made of the gods, rightfully chosen to redeem Zukumo kingdom from evil people. Your days are long and may your leadership bring about the great change that we have been clamouring for.


Mario tightened his fist and bite his lips. He took two steps towards Salabi, Kaya came to stand in front of him daring him to take another step.


“I actually came here to give you a serious warning concerning my people, most especially my father. If by any chance my father cough, had a common cold or complain of headache I will hold you responsible. I joke you not my lord, I will tear your skin into pieces, dry it under the sun and throw it to the swine to feast on.


Kaya spoke every word with anger in her voice, scaring Mario who felt the heat.

He took several steps away from her.

Romo hide behind his father’s back.

Tira tried not to look at Kaya’s face because the whole atmosphere became scary as she threatens Lord Mario.


Kaya turned and looked at Salabi before saying with a smile.


“Thank you for honoring me my lady, you and yours alone is blessed of the gods. There is enough rooms in my fathers house. I will send maids to fetch your things while I speak to my father. That change you hunger for is around the corner. You will live to see it and I promise you this day that you will be among the people stationed in my right hand on that day. Evil will not prevail in Zukumo and any one intoxicated with power will not smell the throne of the great Chiefs of Zukumo kingdom.


Salabi turned and looked at Mario and Tira with a smile cornered on one side of her mouth.


As Kaya turned to leave Mario found his voice and said.


“This is not the end, don’t think you have won yet because the people with me are far more than those with you. No reasonable man will ever want woman as a leader. Kaya if you are that powerful and has the ears of the gods like is generally believed why haven’t you found a solution to the remaining sick villagers? Few days from now they will start dropping dead one after the other. If they die, every of your supporter will see how self centered you are. You came back with a mighty tekah leaf as is been heard off but instead of helping those critically down you used it only for your family and neglected the other villagers. How selfish can you be. And aside that, why haven’t you gotten married? No man will want to marry a woman with a razor kind of tongue. a disrespectful and rude woman in unmarriageable. No man will want a woman like you which explains why you will remain single for the rest of your life. And talking about ruling, you can’t be unmarried and assume the title of a chief. I have found a wife for my son. The only thing remaining is for him to officially be announced as the next chief of Zukumo kingdom. You won’t be able to beat that Kaya. Everyone will soon know how selfish you are by healing only your family and leaving the rest of the villagers to die. Nobody will want a leader as such. Go home and think about what I just said. I have you right where I want you Kaya…


Kaya ignored him at first but suddenly turned and said.


“Remember everything I said to you lord Mario. You will be digging your own grave if you dares hurt anyone close to me again, which includes Salabi, who has ceased to call you her lord from this day.


Salabi gave Mario another annoying smile, he made a fist to the air wishing he can lay his hands on her.


While Kaya went into deep thought over how to heal the remaining villagers, she continued praying to the gods to spare their lives like he did for others.


Chief Dre was busy making arrangements for men that will be suitable for Kaya. A good husband that will befit her was what he was looking out for without Kaya knowing.


One of the Chiefs from another kingdom visited with his second son, prince Dhaki.

After chief Dre introduced Kaya to them, prince Dhaki fell in love with her immediately.

He tried to get acquainted with Kaya. As they moved about talking, Kaya found him to be intelligent and caring which was one of the attributes she admires in a man but she was distracted during the whole conversation as her mind continued traveling back to the sick villagers.


While all this was going on Yuri was on a serious journey to the most dangerous place. The lioness cave where the tekah leaf is found.

He was going to pay the lioness another unwelcomed visit and he prayed to the gods that he won’t be torn into pieces by the beast.


He needed to prove to Kaya that he seriously loves her and will do anything to prove that.

He hasn’t told Kaya yet about his feeling due to how her mind was occupied.

Neither did she know that he was on a journey to get another tekah for here.


All she kept talking about during the little time they spent together was how to get a cure for the remaining sick people and it worries him greatly.


Yuri doubled up his weapon and journeyed down to the cave to get more tekah for Kaya’s people and he prays that the gods will favor him so he will return back in peace and not in pieces.

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Episode 18.

“…Like the soft beat of the first rain in winter. The cool sound from the hemispheric region of my heart. Like the breeze that graces the skin on a sunny day so are you to my soul Kaya…”

Kaya blushed and she listened to Dhaki showers her with praise.

“… your beauty is like undivided moon, it Shone so bright and full, giving light even to the darkest corner. Loving you feels so easy and cuddly. Your smile lit a spark that glows up like the shooting star. You are….

“Okay… okay. I have heard enough already Dhaki. Your poet is intriguing…

Kaya said while smiling.

“Is not just a poet Kaya…is the way I feel about you and how you make me feel too. I just can’t get enough of you my love. Open the door to your heart and let me in so that I can love you forever. We will have beautiful children who will look exactly like you. Both in braveness, in beauty and in wisdom. I want you Kaya.

Kaya gasped out heavily before turning to him.

“I like you a lot Dhaki and wants you too but there is a lot on my mind right now. Pardon me but I’m a little distracted at the moment. My people are dying Dhaki, they are critically ill. I’m thankful to the gods for keeping them till date but if nothing is done soonest they will all die. I won’t be able to live with myself if such happens.

Dhaki try to hold her hand but she withheld back.

“Death is certain Kaya. we will all leave this earth someday, this place is not our permanent home. You can’t possibly help everyone. You have done your best by praying to gods to still preserve them. Stop beating yourself continuesly over situations that you can’t change. I’m here for you my queen and I will always be here anytime you needs me. You are going to be the next chief of Zukumo according to your father, chief Dre. first woman chief in history and I’m the luckiest man alive to be called yours.

Kaya smiled sheepishly.

“Thanks Dhaki but is yet to be endorsed by the people. Everyone’s opinion matters towards chosing a leader that will govern them. If they find me incompetent to rule i will respect there wishes. Is not just about my father’s household but about the entire kingdom and beyond. And there’s a lot of requirements for any man that will become my husband…

Dhaki interrupted.

“I know already my lady. I’m ready to accept any rules. My father, chief Binu is also aware of it. Your father said any man that will marry you will have to settle in Zukumo kingdom. Since you are going to be the people’s Chief your home will remain here with your kind. There is nothing difficult in the terms. I’m the second son of my father, my elder brother will take up the chieftain after my father, his son will be after him and it continues like that.There’s no place for me in the line of chieftaincy. So leaving my kingdom and settling here with you, and maybe ruling alongside you is a great honor. wherever you need me to contribute or help out I will gladly do so Kaya. All I want is to always be by your side.

Kaya admire Dhaki’s intelligence but she needed to be sure of what she feels first before anything else.

after few days, a messenger from Maya came to inform her that her elder sister requested for her presence.
Her first son has fallen ill.

Kaya didn’t want to leave her people but Mario and his cohorts will not dare cross the line like they did the last time.

Kaya prayed to the gods for protection as she embarked on the journey.
When she arrives she sensed a strong presence around her and knew the evil perpetrator was around.

Maya rushed out to meet her breathing heavily.

‘ Kaya… Kaya… thank the gods that you are here. Is my son this time…my first son is down Kaya. My husband returned from the medicine man’s place few hours ago and the mixed herbal liquid that he was asked to give to him seem to have worsen the whole thing. Kaya… I’m tired. What did I do to people, Why are they hurting my family. It was my husband first and thanks to gods who used you with that warrior whom you sent down to deliver him. now is my first son. Why is Maran after me…is none other than her. I told my husband to confront her and he did but she kept denying it. She even swear by the gods that she has no hand in it. Kaya, that woman is a bitter liar. She is a chronic evil woman. Seeing me happy is like an arrow to her chest. If anything happens to my son this compound won’t contain us. She will be so dead. Kaya please do something… you didn’t tell me that my son will follow suit after my husband. Please, use that tekah leaf, like the warrior did for my husband. Please use the leaf and heal him. I can’t take any of this anymore…

She continued talking and lamenting.

Kaya entered the house and saw that the boy was in a critically condition.

“Maya, I don’t have the leaf again. If I do I would have used it for the remaining sick villagers since. I wish I can lay my hands on it again…I wish. We can only pray to the gods and wait for whatever outcomes it will bring.

As Kaya was still talking, Maya’s husband came in and greeted her.
He was happy to meet her and also thank her for restoring his health.
He was grateful but sounds so worried because of his son.

Kaya couldn’t do much, she bent and took the little boys hand, pleading to the gods for their mercies and healing.

Kaya told Maya that the evil person wouldn’t have been able to strike again if she has followed the given instructions during the time her husband was ill.
She said the person behind all of this would have been exposed through that means and her family will be free but she failed to do the given task correctly.

She stayed that day till the following day.
While at night, she sense the same strong presence patrolling around Maya’s building.
It was late at night, immediately Kaya felt it, she awaken and stood from the bed.
She quietly unlocked the door, with her sword intact she moved out.

She noticed the person shadow coming towards her direction and quickly hide.

Maya, her sister was confident when she mentioned Maran as the evil one, but what if she wasn’t the person behind all of this?
Kaya will have to find out who was hurting her sister’s family.
Where she was hiding she saw an elderly man chanting something quietly while sprinkling a liquid that was inside a small calabash around the house.
Kaya allowed the man to walk past the spot that she was hidding before slapping him with her sword.

The man out of shock dropped the calabash on his hand which broke into pieces spilling all the content inside on the ground, he staggered back.
Kaya stood watching him with the help of the night lampthan stationed outside.

“Who are you…?
Kaya asked the man who was still in shock.

” Yo.. you are only a young woman…a…

The man spoke with a shaking voice, he was surprised to see that Kaya was just a woman.

But before he could say something more Kaya slapped him harder this time with her sword right on his hand.
The sharp blade cut through his skin and he started bleeding
A silent scream left the man’s mouth as he fell to the ground.
Kaya pointed the sword towards him.

“I ask you one more time. Who are you and what exactly are you doing…?

He stammered and suddenly stood as he tries to over power Kaya
But just one strong blow from Kaya sent him crashing on the ground.
She hit him again more harder, he cried out in anguish.

He was bleeding on his forehead.
Kaya started speaking loudly.
The man began to plead for her to be quiet so that she won’t wake people up.

He started confessing quietly that he was behind all the trouble that his late brother son’s family was passing through.
He was only angry because the gods didn’t bless him like they did for his late elder brother.
He had children who are all girls, he was angry with his late brother which was why he killed him.
He planned to kill Maya for producing two sons for his nephew. He wanted after Killin her he will focus on the nephew and children but Maya was always lucky. No matter what he does Maya will always escape it unknowingly.

Kaya used the head of her sword and hit his shoulder and he screamed out, more loud as the pain became unbearable.

He pleaded to Kaya to keep his secret and not wake people up.
He was ready to do anything that Kaya will ask of him.

Kaya slapped him and he screamed out.

“You are the one waking up people. I want to comply with your wish to be silent but your scream is alerting people”

Kaya hit him on the head with the head of her sword again and another screamed left his mouth.

Sounds of doors could be heard opening around the compound as the noise traveled round the silent night.

Maya and her husband were the first to come out with an oil lamp.

They looked from Kaya to the man on the ground who was trying to hide his face.

Maya’s husband screamed.

“Uncle Niyor What happened… What are you doing here. What is going on here. Lady Kaya, that’s my uncle. My late father’s younger brother. He has been very supportive and kind ever since the death of my father. What did you do to him, Why is he bleeding all over?? Uncle are you alright…?

The man didn’t respond.
Maya’s mother inlaw and sister in-law ran out to know what was going on.
Kaya spoke out.

“This man is behind everything happening to you Maya. Your sister in-law is innocent. Your “uncle Niyor” is the wicked and evil man who smiles in front of you and stabs you on the back. He is evil. Is unfortunate that your son will remain sick untill the gods decides otherwise. but from this day onward, this uncle of yours will no longer trouble your family, he has a score to settle with the gods.

Maya and her husband pounced on him. Even Maya’s mother and sister in-law weren’t left out as they curse and beat him.
Niyor’a wife who was oblivious to the husband’s evil deeds cried in anguish as she watch.

Villagers troops out and wanted to set the man ablaze but the family pleaded.

The following day the man took poison and died.
Kaya asked Maya and her husband to continue praying to the gods for their son to recover.

She also asked Maya to go and apologize to Maran and she did.

Kaya returned to Zukumo because her people were already sending for her.

All the suitors that her father brought wasn’t appealing like prince Dhaki was.
She told her father that she may likely settle with Dhaki but she needed time.

Kaya thought of Yuri whom she hasn’t seen for long.
He may not be so poetic as Dhaki or a royalty but Yuri was a good man who cares not just for her but for others too.

All through the time they stayed together Yuri never said if he wants her or not. During the time they spent in the wood she felt so connected with him and had this unexplained feeling for him but she was not in a stable mind to acknowledge it. And Yuri never said anything about his feeling either.
She wish he has.
She is probably not his kind of woman which is very understanding.

Kaya wished she could see him again but wherever he maybe she wish him the very best in life and pray the gods will bless him.

Yuri skin was torn open. he lost a finger already.
the lioness almost disemboweled him but he fought with all his might and overpowered the animal.
He fought like he has never done before. He speared the beast on its leg and while the lioness was trying to recover back, Yuri had the time to gather enough tekah.
He tries to escape but was confronted again by the lioness.

He began to pray to the gods to strengthen him because he was too weak to fight an angry beast.

He threw his sword at the beast that was charging towards him but missed.
Yuri gathered a handful of sand and poured it on the face of the lioness.

The Sand blinded him and before she could recover Yuri picked up his sword and ran with the last strength in him.

Chief Dre was making arrangements for Kaya’s wedding which has gone round the village that Kaya was getting Married.

Decoration was already ongoing but Kaya’s mind was still unsettled.
She was not only looking for cure for the sick villagers but also for Maya’s first son.

Yuri arrives Zukumo’s stream on his horse.
He was weak and tired as he wash off from one corner of the stream.

He was greeted by women carrying bucket full of water from the stream.
They were happy and talking almost at the same time.

Another set came to fetch water.
While Yuri washed off at the stream he overheard one of the women mentioned Kaya’s name.
She excitedly said princesses Kaya’s wedding will be the talk of the century.
Another lady said she can’t wait for her to get married and become the first woman chief of Zukumo kingdom.

Another laughed out loud and said she wish she has a man like Dhaki, Kaya’s husband to be. Who sings Kaya’s praise with every given opportunity.

Yuri was astounded. He moved closer to the women and greeted them before asking them who exactly was getting married again.

They bow as they greeted him respectfully before telling him that the Chief of Zukumo second daughter was getting married and preparetion was ongoing.

The ladies began to admire Yuri’s body size and fine face which looks swollen and has a deep cut on his eye brow.

They whisper within themselves that he must be a stranger and probably coming from a distance war.
They wondered where he got all the injuries that filled his body from.
The wound made him looks scary.

One of the lady’s summon courage to asked him if he needs food or new clothing but Yuri said he was fine.
He thanked them for their kindness before mounting his horse and disappeared.

When he arrived Zukumo fully he saw for himself that the ladies were right.
Kaya was indeed getting married.

Yuri was broken as he sat on his horse wondering if he should proceed to see Kaya or give the tekah to somebody to deliver for her while he returns back to Fiji and nurse himself back to health.

He can’t bear the heart break of watching Kaya get married to another man.

It was too much for him to take in.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 1:30pm On Jan 02
Episode 19.

Bambi smiled after taking another scoop.

“… you haven’t even touched your food, is very nice, try it. What is eating you up, you are the most admired person in the kingdom, becoming a first woman chief of Zukumo kingdom and also the latest royal bride is something every lady will kill for. Dhaki loves you but I have my reservation on men with sugar coated tongue. Dhaki is one on such list but he appears nice and cheerful. The most important part is that he obviously loves you and you love him too right??… My child, what is eating at you?

She shifted uncomfortable on her sit before dropping the plate of untouched porridge on the table.

“Everything grandma. I wish I have answer to all the questions ringing on my head but sadly i don’t. This whole marriage thing excites father and he wants me to get married right away and start planning on her to become the next Chief. Mother too is very happy, They can’t wait to see me get married but something seems to be missing out in this whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dhaki…he is a great and intelligent man. I have asked and prayed to the gods concerning it but they seem silent. The only thing I saw two nights now in my dream was a riddle “patch the heart of the man who’s finger was eaten by the beast”. The word rang like twice before I awaken and up till now I still can’t fathom what it means. Aside that, I checked on the sick villagers yesterday and they are at the verge of death. I won’t be surprised if the death announcement comes up today or tomorrow. Grandma I have failed them. I feel like a total failure. Lord Mario is looking for what to hang on to and this will definitely be it for him. That is why this whole marriage thing doesn’t excite me one bit as it excites others…

Bambira drop her own plate too before facing Kaya.

“When you were born, your father thought you were a boy and named you Pasim Kuvi, his great grand father name who’s reign was outstanding and unmeasurable when he was alive. Your mother decided to name you after me… Bambi Kaya which I feel so honored to see that you are have turned out to be far more than I have ever been. Watching you do extraordinary thing as you grow makes me wonder how special the gods has favored your father through you. His quest for a male child made him end up with Zain. Opa, your mother is a good woman and truly enough for your father but he was too blind to see it and brought in that unruly ill mannered woman. I never liked her and after this last evil she committed I’m not sure I will ever acknowledge her. Now, my whole point is the gods has appointed you as a ruler, Mario and his cohorts can’t do anything even if they try. He’s not deserving of a chieftain, he’s not even worthy for such title. The gods probably would have considered him if he was humble but he’s quest for power and rulership had harden him and he continued to soil his hands because of it. The ways of the gods is different from ours. My child, if you are having double mind about the marriage or you aren’t sure of prince Dhaki speak to the gods about it. Is not late to have a change of mind… all that should matter is the gods approval and your happiness…

Kaya sighed heavily.

“Grandma Bambi, that is exactly what I’m trying to say, the gods are silent. The only thing they did was to give me a riddle to solve “patch the heart of the man who’s finger was eaten by the beast” I’m trying to figure out what it means but I can’t seem to get the logic grandma. You know Why all of this annoys me greatly is because the gods reveals a whole lot to me concerning other people. They speak to me in dreams and anytime they want to communicate with me even during the day, they also use signs, whisper like the wind to communicate to me concerning anything and everything cycling around me but now, now that is all about me they seem silent. They left me with a riddle that I still can’t solve. Grandma I feel so stuck and helpless…

“My child , don’t beat yourself up. Don’t be sad. If the gods gave you a riddle also plead to them for the answer. One way or the other the answer will be revealed, they are probably talking about Zukumo. Patch the heart of the man who’s finger is eaten by the beast… maybe the beast is that heartless Mario and the heart is Zukumo kingdom, it really needs patching. I don’t know my Child, I’m only trying to use my own description and idea. But I will also beseech the gods on your behalf…

Yuri saw a man coming and waved towards him to come forward and he did.

“Good day , I guess you are stranger around here. Do you need something or place to stay. My name is Uzan, you can stay at my house and if you need a woman for the night, that can also be arranged. In Zukumo we treat our visitors well and make the kingdom comfortable for them. Chief Dre our current chief and chiefs before him commanded it so and it has become a law. What should I call you my lord…

Yuri try to smile but he wasn’t really in the mood.

“Thank you Uzan, my name is Yuri. I have a message I will like you to deliver for me. Her name is Lady Kaya and she is…

Uzan interrupted.

“I know princess Kaya my Lord. Everybody in this kingdom and even beyond knows Kaya. I have a scar on my back she gave it to me please don’t ask me how! That Lady is fierce and unbending. She is about to be married and as you can see the villagers are preparing towards that. She is getting married to prince Dhaki, the son of chief Binu from Ogunzi kingdom. I will be honored to deliver your message lord Yuri or take you to the palace where she lives with her family. What is it that you will like me to do…

Yuri gave Uzan the bag containing the tekah.

“Kindly deliver this to her. I will be returning back to my kingdom, please send my greetings and good wishes to her as well concerning her…Mar… marriage to the prince of Ogunzi kingdom. Please, don’t stop anywhere, don’t open the bag or speak to anyone until this bag is delivered, take this straight to her is very urgent and may the gods bless you for doing me this great favor.

Uzan promised to do as he was asked.
Yuri watched him leave with the bag containing the tekah leaves.
A woman walked pass and greeted him.
He responded absent minded.

Yuri later turned and speed off on his horse.

Uzan was going when he heard somebody calling his name.
He turned and saw lady Tira rushing up behind him.
Uzan pause.
She was almost out of breath by the time she reached Uzan.

“You walk like an antelopes. I have been trying to catch up with you. I saw that strange man hand a bag to you. Who is he and what’s in the bag?

“He’s name is Yuri, marely looking at him is obvious that he is a warrior and maybe returning from a war. He gave me this bag to deliver to princess Kaya. I don’t know what’s inside the bag. Is probably a wedding gifts or some bounty that he recovered from the war. He asked me to go straight to the house. That is what I’m doing.

Tira wanted to see what’s inside but Uzan refused after telling her the warning Yuri gave him.

Tira thought of a way to convince Uzan so that he will open the bag.

“Let me just take a peep, I won’t tell anyone. Kaya doesn’t deserve this kindness you are about to render to her. Have you forgotten what she did to you, you told everyone that cares to know that she beat you with a stick, injuring some part of your body. She is heartless. My son will still become chief because a woman can never rule Zukumo. My husband is still planning a way to do that. What if is a weapon or some charm that you are delivering which is the only reason the stranger warned you not to open it…

Tira continued talking until Uzan decided that they should only take a peep.

Immediately they opened the bag, They saw many leaves inside.

Tira wanted to put her hand inside but Uzan covered the bag

Uzan began to laugh.

“I thought is some gold or jewelries that I carry. Is just a common leave. What will Kaya use a leaf for. Maybe is some special vegetable or medicine… whatever it is, I don’t care is none of my business. I don’t want Kaya’s trouble or the stranger. He already knows my name, if he finds out that this wasn’t delivered I will be in trouble. The beating Kaya gave me is small compared to what I may receive. Lady Tira I have to run ahead…

Tira wondered if that was the almighty tekah leaves that cures all manner of things.
She begged Uzan for just two or three leave, so that she can ask her husband what the leaf means.
Tira told Uzan she will pay him greatly if the leaf turned out to be what she was thinking.

She tried all kinds of techniques just for Uzan to give her some and promised not to tell anyone.
Finally Uzan allowed her to take.
She took three out. Uzan asked her to return one but she refused.

Instead of wasting further time Uzan left her and went straight to deliver the package to Kaya.

Tira rushed home to show lord Mario the leaf she got hoping it will turned out to be what she was thinking.

After Uzan delivered the bag of tekah he left to avoid being probed by Kaya.
He still felt guilty for allowing Tira to convince him into giving her the leaf

Immediately Kaya learnt that the bag was from Yuri she quickly opened it and screamed out her surprise when she saw the tekah.

Uzan told her that Yuri returned back to his kingdom after giving him the bag to deliver.
It worries Kaya, she wish she has seen him. She thought of going after him but knew she won’t be able to catch up.

She was one of the happiest person in Zukumo, having the answer to the very thing that have greatly troubled her soul.
She began thanking the gods for their kindness and for sparing Yuri’s life from the blood tasty beast that is guiding the tekah tree in the cave.
Yuri took the greatest risk of all for her by getting the tekah.
Such kindness was too much, it overwhelmed every fiber of her being.

Kaya jumped on her horse with the tekah and went straight to each villager who were sick.
She healed them all with the tekah.

The news of the healing began flying out.

The following day
Kaya informed her parents that she needed to rush down to see Maya. She quickly briefed them how the gods has cleared her worries and favored the land once more through Yuri, the same warrior that saved her when she was attacked in the deep wood.

Chief Dre wanted to also thank the warrior but Kaya told them that she couldn’t even see him.
He has gone back to Fiji kingdom where he came from.

They were still talking when Dhaki arrived.
He wanted to know how far the wedding plans was going and to spend time with his bride to be and the next woman chief of Zukumo kingdom.
But Kaya was not in the mood for poet or love songs.

She told Dhaki she was leaving to a distance land.
Prince Dhaki wanted to follow her but she told him it will slow her down.
She needed to rush and return on time.

Kaya left immediately to see Maya while prince Dhaki stayed behind with Chief Dre.
His soon to be father-in-law.

Maya was with Maran who has become a great help to her when Kaya arrived.
Kaya used a drop of the tekah for Maya’s first son and he became well.

She didn’t have much time to spend, she entered the road again straight to Fiji kingdom.

It was already late when she arrived at Fiji kingdom.
She began to ask every person she met about a warrior called Yuri after introducing herself to them.

Some of the villagers that has heard of her name and deed couldn’t help but spreed the news of her presence.
Even the Chief of Fiji kingdom heard of it and was ready to give her a befiting welcome.

Kaya was more after to see Yuri.

“Patch the heart of the man who’s finger was eaten by the beast.

The riddle came rushing back again to her mind as she was led to Yuri’s house.

Yuri had sixteen male servants and nine female servants. These were the people he captured in war. The whole villagers respects him, he was one of the strongest man in Fiji but never around.
He was hardly seen because Yuri was either sent out for war, peace keeping or he is enjoying the tranquility of the forest alone.

Many women in Fiji prayed to the gods to make him pick interest in them.

He was a good and respectable man.
He dines with the chiefs and great elders of the land

Yuri do not have time for women until he met Kaya.

He was being attended to by one of his female servants, who was washing his feet in a bowl of warm water to help Yuri ease his tensed and broken heart.

His head was relaxed back, his eyes shut as he kept thinking of Kaya.
A servant led Kaya to where he was.

Kaya’s heart skipped a little when he saw the way the beautiful lady was massaging his feet in the water.
Yuri was still, he appears to be sleeping.

Kaya thought probably that could be his wife or somebody who is in love with him.

Another servant was holding a jar of red wine.
His cup was filled and untouched.

The male servant that led Kaya to his relaxation spot clap twice to signify an important presence
He went over to whisper something to Yuri’s ear who didn’t bother standing

“Master, a young lady is here to see you. She is from Zukumo kingdom according to her. Her name is….

Before the servant could complete the name, Yuri got up in a hurry as the name “Kaya” left his mouth.

He sat up and saw her standing few feet away.
He blinked his eyes continuesly to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating.

Yuri stood and dismissed his servants.
The beautiful one that was massaging his leg, looked Kaya over before asking.

“My master, should I bring food and drinks for your visitors.

” Yes Leni, please do that.

Yuri replied without looking at her, his eyes was focused on Kaya.

Kaya looked at the one he called Leni, she was indeed beautiful and felt there is more to her and Yuri.

Kaya noticed the way Yuri’s palm was wrapped up with a thick cloth as he came to stand in front of her without a word.
His heart was racing as he stare at Kaya. She was looking so relaxed, more beautiful than he has ever seen.
Maybe getting married to the prince of Ogunzi did lots of good for her.

She was probably here to thank him for the tekah.

Kaya watched his bare chest and his racing heart beat.

He has scars and fresh wound which was neatly cleaned up.

Kaya found her voice and greeted him which he responded while still looking at her

“Your hand… what happened?

Yuri looked down at his palm before returning his look to Kaya.
He smiled as he responded.

“The lioness had one of my finger for lunch before I could retrieve the tekah. please, pardon me. Come and have a sit. I believed you received the tekah I sent which explains why you came… I also learnt that you are getting married and…I…i

Yuri couldn’t speak further.
Leni brought in a tray of meat and fruits. Another servant came in with wine and dates and dropped it on the table in front of Kaya.

Leni looked at Yuri with a smile, he wasn’t paying attention to her, he was too focused on Kaya.
She frowned before walking away.

The only thing Kaya was staring at was his hand as the riddle came ringing in her ears again.

“Patch the heart of the man who’s finger was eaten by the beast”…

Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 11:10am On Jan 04
Episode 20.

“Patch the heart of the man who’s finger was eaten by the beast”

This time it was like a silent whisper of the wind.
She startled a little while looking around her

“Are you alright…?

Concerned Yuri who had not stop staring at her asked.

“Yeah… I’m okay. Thank you Yuri for going out of your way, risking your life for my people’s sake just to get a cure for them. Thanks alot for the tekah, i had one of the best feeling when it was delivered to me. I really can’t thank you enough. May the gods reward you richly for your kind deed…

Yuri nodded, he look from Kaya’s eyes down to mouth while different things run through his mind.

Night has settled in, it was obvious Kaya can’t return to Zukumo that night.

A messenger from the chief of Fiji kingdom came to inform her that the chief will be pleased to have her pass the night in the palace.

Yuri frowned at the messenger.
He boils inwardly but didn’t react.

Kaya replied with a smile

“Tell him I feel honored, I will be…

Yuri quickly interrupted

“She will be spending the night here. Tell chief Utob that princess Kaya will be spending the night at my place but will come over tomorrow to see him before leaving…

The messenger took a bow and left.

Yuri tried not to look at Kaya, he went ahead of himself in dismissing the chief’s messenger without asking Kaya if she really wants to stay at his place.

He felt the need to apologise and quickly did.

“I’m sorry… Kaya. I didn’t even ask you if you really care to stay here before dismissing the messenger.

“Is fine Yuri, you answered on my behalf which was the exact thing I wanted to say. So is okay. We spent nights together in the wood, spending another night here with you will be a delight. By the way you got a nice place… quiet impressive and lovely.

Leni came inside with a burning lamp, followed by another female servant.

She looked unhappy as she placed the lamp on a lamp holder.
While the other servant left, Leni stood looking at Yuri.
He turned to her and said.

“Leni, what is it? And why are you the one bringing my lamp? Where is phtranaj and uleik?

Leni moved a bit back from him.

“Ranaj … hurt his toe while Leik is checking the animals with Jado…

“Go and fetch both of them. Tell them to report here immediately…

Yuri barked

Leni moved to the door and returned back.

“I’m sorry my Lord, I begged Ranaj to let me bring your lamp to you. I wanted to use the opportunity to ask if your visitor will be staying for the night so that I can prepare a room for her”

“Leni, never you lie to my face next time. Please leave and close the curtain carefully, anytime I decides for a room to be made ready for her I will announce it.

Leni quickly left after apologising.

Kaya noticed that a human figure was hiding behind the curtain but the person later walked away.

Is obvious that there was more to Leni than one can tell.

Kaya’s eyes returned to Yuri’s hand.

Yuri halts her wild thoughts

“Those days in the wood, alone with you were the most cherished moment of my life Kaya…

Kaya didn’t respond as he continued.

“I never knew you were the daughter of a chief neither did I care if you were the daughter of a piper. Your rich and famous status or being poor and unnoticed didn’t matter to me. Kaya…I…I..

He stammered and suddenly stopped

“Why did you do it?

Kaya asked, Yuri who didn’t understand the question and looked at her confused.

“….I mean why did you risked your life for my people sake or for my sake. You could have gotten yourself killed. The lioness will add your skull and skeleton among the piles of human remains in it’s cave. Yuri, it was too much of a risk you took for me. I can’t fathom why you will do all of that…

Yuri gasped out before replying.

“Because I care, you were so worried about your people dying and all you kept talking about is the sick people. I needed to do something, I care about you and about your people. Whatever saddens you affects me too Kaya. Your people are like my own people. I can do anything for them… even more for you. Because…I.. I’m inlov… well, that’s the truth. The reason is because I care…

Yuri bite his tongue. He almost beat himself up for trying to express how he feels for Kaya.
Been in the same room with her makes his emotions boil.

He wish he can hold her in his arm,
Cup her beautiful face in his hand and kiss her like he has always wanted to do.
Drink deeply of her until his taste is satisfied.

How can he even express the exact way he feels about her when her wedding to a prince is around the corner.
He will sound stupid and she may take offense and hate him.

Kaya noticed he was stammering alot and knew he had something he really wants to say but holding back.

She wish he can say it, is probably what she needed to hear and have always wanted to hear.

A man who took a whole risk for her is worth her every heart but Dhaki, her husband to be haven’t wronged her in anyway but showers her with love.

Dhaki may not be able to risk his Life like Yuri did but he will never stop singing beautiful poets to her… probably for the rest of their married life.

Dhaki is very eager to rule Zukumo alongside her, he never stopped fantasizing over how beautiful it will be to rule the entire kingdom of Zukumo with her.

Is a good ambition but it troubles her that when her heart was worried over how to get a cure for the remaining sick villagers Dhaki wasn’t really concerned. He was more into saying that death is certain, if the sick villagers doesn’t die now they will definitely die later.

which is a good point but there was no iota of human feeling when he makes that statement.

She didn’t count on that for his mistake but still focused on the good side of him because Dhaki wanted everyone to know how much he loves her.

Yuri on the other hand was right in the wood, alone , fighting the most dangerous beast in other to get a cure for her people.
He even loose a finger and deep wounds in the process of it all.

Could it be that Yuri is the man that the gods meant when they said “patch the heart of the man who’s finger was eaten by the beast”

Everything was begining to make sense but her marriage to Dhaki is in few days from now.
Preparation is far gone into the wedding. Turning it all round will be heart wrenching for Dhaki.

What if Yuri never speaks up and how can she even force him to say what he refused to say out.
How about Leni? What if Yuri has a thing for his beautiful slave girl who never stopped showing attitude since she came in…

The room was quiet, they were both silent as the night wears on.
People were retiring to bed and a cool night for couples to cuddle up.

Kaya lifted the wine glass jar placed beside her.
She wanted to pour into a cup when Yuri came to take the drink from her

“Please permit me to pour…

He said quietly as he began to pour into a cup which he handed over to Kaya.
He took another cup and pour for himself, he gulped it down at a goal as he tries to calm his heart beat and emotions running through his veins.

He took another cup of drink followed by another.

“Yuri… Yuri… take it easy with the drink.

Yuri didn’t respond as he drank deeply again.
As he tries to take another Kaya held his hand.

He paused and all he could think of was her fine smell that greeted his nose, her beautiful eyes, her attractive lips and soft palm holding onto him.

She was standing on her feet beside him.
All they did was to stare at each other.

Yuri slowly bent over and kissed her.
She didn’t resist, she responded and later break free from him.

“I have always wanted to do that Kaya. I’m going crazy because of you…I can’t think or do anything. I don’t even know how to express myself because I don’t want you to hate me. How do I tell you that I have always loved you… deeply far more than I can express and how much my heart was shattered with the news of your marriage. Kaya…is it too late for you to change your mind over this wedding? I don’t know how I will survive if you get married to another man. Please don’t think I need a reward for the tekah I gave you. No Kaya. Don’t think that way. The gods kept me alive and saw me through my journey because they knew my intentions are pure towards you. Tekah leaf can not enter the hand of a bad person. There’s a consequence for that. Kaya, getting the tekah, loosing a finger or my whole arm didn’t matter…all I cared about was your happiness. The gods sees my heart and bear me witness this day that I deeply love you Kaya and I love your people too…

Kaya took another feet away from him.

“Yuri…i wish you had say all if this before now. The gods gave me a riddle to solve, I just got the answers to it all. I don’t know what to do now that I’m getting married in few days…

“I don’t want to sound selfish Kaya but everything is up to you. If you are actually happy with this prince you are getting married to then you will always have my blessings but if you are not happy…is still up to you to settle where ever you find happiness. When I kissed you… you didn’t resist which means you have… feelings for me too. Please… let’s be happy together if you find happiness with me. I really don’t know what else to say. I don’t want to force myself and decisions on you. I will let you decide…

Kaya told him that she wants to go and rest.
He showed Kaya a room next to his.
As they stood at the door, he tried to kiss her again but Kaya walked into the empty room and shut the door leaving him outside.
She sat on the bed thinking over everything that just happened, while Yuri later retire to his room praying to the gods to be kind to him.

The following day Kaya was up early, Yuri was also ready and waiting for her.
They didn’t talk about the kiss or discussion last night.

Leni greeted Kaya as she was getting ready.

“, my Lady, Please, do not take my master away. I’m nothing without him. I love him so much. He loves me too because of the way he admires me. I mean he has summoned me to his chamber twice and I wish it to continue that way. But ever since he returned from his journey before this last one he stopped noticing me. I went to him but he sent me away…

She was talking when she hears Yuri coming.
She quickly left Kaya and walked away.
Kaya couldn’t digest all that Leni was saying at once neither did she ask Yuri.

They rode over to the chief’s palace together.
After spending some time, Kaya announce that she was going back to Zukumo kingdom.

She asked Yuri to go with her because her father will like to thank him for his kindness.
Yuri agreed wholeheartedly.

They left together.

Mario and Tira wondered how to use the tekah.
Tira decided to cook it so that all of them will eat and never fall sick through out their life time.
She prepared it, Mario was very happy as he also invited few of his supporters which includes Didi.

He told them of the good news. How his wife managed to get hold of the almighty tekah and how they have prepared it and is ready for consumption.

His supporters cheered at him and his braveness as they sat around a table to eat and merry as they strategies another way to take over chieftaincy from Dre.

Only Romo refused to join them, he’s father asked him to eat but he felt awkward the way they were misusing the healing leaf, with all the story he has heard surrounding the leaf he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

He’s father remained one leaf blade for him whenever he’s ready.
They went on laughing, drinking and eating.

Dhaki stood up from his feet when he saw Kaya return with a strange man.

He didn’t wait for Kaya to enter and greet her father, he pulled her aside and said.

“I waited all through yesterday for your return but you never did. Who is the stranger with you…

“He’s name is Yuri. A great friend of mine.

The way Kaya said his name annoys Dhaki.

“I was worried sick my lady. Did you sleep at his place… where exactly did you spend the night Kaya?

Kaya sighed with the way Dhaki was getting agitated.

“I slept over at his place Dhaki… but nothing happ…

Before she could complete her statement Dhaki angrily left to confront Yuri.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 4:13pm On Jan 06
Episode 21

He moved closer to him and began to shake him but he didn’t respond.
He decided to push him but still he didn’t respond.

He punched him harder on his chest expecting him to respond this time but all he did was to flinched in pain.

“Father…father… please wake up. The medicine man is here. Please don’t die…. please father. You and mother should stop scaring me for the sake of the gods…”

Mario felt dizzy but still couldn’t sit up.

“Move aside let me examine him. Since you mentioned he was vomiting blood and same goes with your mother and to the rest of the people…is either poison or something more.

The medicine man bent over him, checking lord Mario while Romo stood watching silently.
It continued for long before he went over to Tira who was lying in another wooden bed.
He continued examining them.

After sometime he straightened and turned to Romo.

“This one is beyond me, I have never seen such in all my years of expertise in medicine. i haven’t seen anything like this. It appears like poison but is something more than that. It looks like their entire organ is almost damaged, their heart beat decreases it’s pace with each shifting of the sun. Your father is aware of his presence but whatever he took is cribbling his activeness. Do you have an idea what happened to them…

Romo combed his hand into his head.
He breathed heavily before replying the medicine man.

“Mother brought a strange leaf that she happened to found. They called it tekah… It heals all manner of sicknesses and father instructed mother to prepare it for meal. She prepared it as instructed by father and garnished it with piglet brain and gizzards. Father invited his friends and they began feasting. They said it will enable them not to ever fall sick for the rest of their lives. They will never be ill again. It was after they finished merrying that different sickness began to occur on their bodies. I thought it will stop but it gets worst. Please you have to help them… don’t let them die..

“Why aren’t you suffering the after effects with them… or you didn’t join in the feasting??

The man asked Romo and he responded.

” Something held me back…I don’t know. But i didnt feel like joining them even after father tries to force me. I told him I will rather eat later and he put mine aside but I never touched it.

The medicine man began to pack his tools.

“You mentioned tekah… How on earth did it get into their hands? Tekah leaf works wonder but if wrongly used it causes many havocs. They said a lioness guards the tree inside a cave and if the gods are not with the person going to get it he will become meal for the beast. Many has gone but never returned. Whoever brought it must have gotten the favor of the gods and the last time I heard it was princess Kaya…the daughter of the Chief that brought it to this village which she uses to cure both her father and many others. Your mother probably stole it or forcefully collected it without knowing how’s it been administered. I can’t do more than I have already done. Find another solution for them, my work is done.

Romo begged the man but he didn’t turn back. He left without looking back.

Romo noticed his father was trying to say something and quickly went to him.

“Father, I’m right here. What are you saying… your words are not clear. Father… father…

Lord Mario was mentioning a name.
Romo listened closely and realized he was asking him to go and fetch Kaya.
He asked him to plead to her to come over quickly, She may have a solution to their illness and may even plead to the gods to show them mercy.

Romo wondered how he will go and meet Kaya after all that his father did to her family.

Which face will he use to approach her and ask for her help?
They are always at loghead with each other and never agrees on anything.
His father worsen it by going the extra mile to hurt her family just to clear way for him to become the next chief.
He has never been in agreement with his father’s ways but have to go along with whatever he says or do in order to please him.
Indirectly his father had always been afraid of Kaya after her great deeds went round the village.
He refused to show it mainly because she is a woman. He did not back down with his quest for power. He was too drunk with it and refused to stop pursuing this great curse.

It was obvious that Kaya has the ears of the gods and even serves as their mouth piece.
She was a woman with a difference and specially chosen to rule.
His father has scolded him severally anytime he tells him that he was no more interested to become the next chief.
He wants to embrace peace and not make enemy with people like Chief Dre’s family.

“As far as I’m alive and they remain in that throne, they will always be our enemy and we must try to eliminate our enemies before they do worst to us…

His father has said and he nodded in agreement but deep down he wish he can disagree with him even for once.

His father will skin him alive if he dares goes against his orders.
He feared his father greatly and comply with all his wishes.
He wanted to become the next Chief as his father pleases.
He became enemy with Chief Dre’s household as his father’s pleases.
He married the woman his father chose for him.
Everything he has ever done is for his father.
His refusal to partake in the meal wasn’t even in his own accord some kind of strength or forces he thought he never posses pushed him to turn down the whole thing that seems like enjoyment and the same strange force made his father not to push him hard further in feasting with them which is unlike him.

Despite that his father remained some of it for him to eat at his leisure but still he never did.
He was afraid of the unknown.

Going over to ask Kaya to come and heal his father is way too much.
What if she picked offense, what if she refuses, what if…

Romo decided not to allow his fear to get the best of him.
He decided that he will go over to plead with Kaya to come and help his father if is not too late already.
Whatever will happen let it happen but he prays the gods will be merciful to him through Kaya.


Dhaki was infuriated with the strangers calmness.

“…I asked you again. Who are you and what are you doing with my wife…

Somebody spoke behind him.
He turned and it was Kaya.

“Stop this whole madness Dhaki. Get yourself together. I’m not yet your wife and Yuri here, meant no harm…

“You are almost my wife Kaya, what is the difference? Our marriage is just around the corner… and in few days you will become mine. Yuri or whatever you call him shouldn’t be trespassing. His presence disgust me, there is a certain way he looks at you that makes me want to strangle him. I don’t like him Kaya. You shouldn’t have spend a night at his place nor bring him here…how exactly do you want me to feel over all this? I don’t care if he’s a friend, you are mine Kaya and your friendship with him should be limited. You can’t be friends with a man who looks at you with something more in his eyes…

Chief Dre and Opa came outside with the whole noise coming from an angry prince Dhaki

“What is going on here?

Chief Dre asked. And before Kaya could say anything Dhaki interrupted still boiling with anger..

“My wife to be… your daughter brought in a total stranger and when I enquired to know who he was she told me he was her “great friend” and even spent a night at his place. She undoubtedly said it without considering how I felt. I wanted him out but she saying that my annoyance is a total madness. She defends him right in my presence. As her husband to be who will without doubt rule this Kingdom alongside…i demand that this stranger should leave this premises at this instinct and never in his life come close to Kaya ever…again. before I open my eyes he should be gone..

Every where became silent as everyone looked on.

Chief Dre and Opa knows better to keep quiet. They knew is something that their daughter can handle and decided to only watch and contribute when necessary.

Dhaki opened his eyes and Yuri was still standing and looking at him.

“By the gods… this man is trying my patients. Why are you still here… why haven’t you go and hang your clothes where you belong. Are you daring to see what i will do to you

Prince Dhaki shouted angrily.

Yuri gasped out and shakes his head pathetically.
He looked at Kaya in a loving way infuriating prince Dhaki even more.
He said calmly while looking at Kaya.

“I will leave only with this condition, if the order comes from Kaya. Leaving here will only be at Kaya’s command or her parents…but none other than them.

Chief Dre curved a smile which he tried not to show. He likes Dre kind of person already and felt that prince Dhaki was overacting.

Dhaki turned to Kaya and said.

“Kaya… you heard him. Ask this man to leave here before i explode. He insults me when he said you and your parents are the only ones that has a say over him leaving or not. This is the reason why I wanted us to get married before now but you kept delaying the whole process. So, as your husband to be and the next prince that will be ruling Zukumo kingdom with you. I demand to be respected in the same measure and I want that respect to start now by asking this total stranger who knows nothing about you to leave right now…

Yuri stared at Kaya.
Prince Dhaki, Chief Dre and Opa looked at Kaya.
Waiting for what she will do next.

Kaya moved closer to Dhaki and said angrily.

” What right do you have to ask my visitor to leave? Dhaki, you have no right whatsoever to demand for respect when you insult me without thinking. If you are going to be my husband then having respect for others, minding the kind of words that flows out of your mouth when angry and also letting go of your jealousy and low self-esteem is included in the list. Not just leaving your kingdom, settling in this land and ruling Zukumo with me is the only thing in the list. Selflessness, not quick to anger, care for others, kindness, love for humanity and most of all respect is also on that list and you have failed in this major aspect which leaves me to think about this whole marriage thing all over again.

The whole atmosphere became quiet and tensed.

Chief Dre was proud of his daughter.
He spoke up to ease the tension.

“Kaya…I guess this is the man that I asked you to bring so that I can thank him personally for going out of his ways, risking his life in the process of getting a cure for our people.

Kaya turned and replied her father with a nod.
Chief extended a hand shake to Yuri.
He gladly took it with smile plastered on his face.
Chief Dre invited him over to his throne room.
He sent messages to the elders of the kingdom to come so that everyone can see the hero that save the remaining sick villagers of Zukumo.

Prince Dhaki was left standing as everyone deserted him.

He boils angrily but couldn’t do anything.

Kaya later came back to inform him to leave so that she will have time to think.
She said the marriage has been postponed because she wasn’t sure of him and the gods revealed something else to her which she refused to say.

Dhaki mounted his horse and left but hoping to come back.
Because it seems Kaya was very angry with him and he doesn’t want to offend her the more by staying.

Despite the good that the stranger happened to have done for Kaya’s people he wasn’t sure of him and doesn’t like him still.
He will lay low until everything is settled down so that he can return to claim his wife who will also be the next chief of Zukumo kingdom.

Yuri was celebrated in Zukumo.
He was asked to stay till the following day which he did gladly.

Kaya was about taking a stroll with Yuri to the girls camp when Romo came to her in a hurry.
Begging her to come and see his parents who are dying after feasting on tekah leave.
Kaya wondered how they got hold of the tekah.
She thought of Uzan, which may be the only explanation.

Yuri has warned that if the tekah gets into a wrong hand is far too dangerous.

She left what she was doing and followed Romo. She dragged Yuri along.

Yuri followed her without hesitating.

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Episode 22.

Yuri checked on Mario, he placed one of his palm on his chest, pounding repeatedly untill Mario coughed out a spasms.

“He doesn’t have much time Kaya, his lungs are filled with fluid clothing up to his heart. He won’t be able to survive this but thanks to the gods his fast breathing is begining to normalize. There’s nothing anyone can do at this stage. Like I have always told you, there is a huge consequences if tekah is misused. Is not an ordinary leaf and not easily gotten…if it gets into the wrong hand it can be disastrous. There’s no cure for such person. But how did tekah get into their hands? Could it be from the man…I still remember his name… Uzan? The man I sent to deliver the bag containing tekah that decided to give it out forgetting the instructions I gave him. Who knows how many others he might have shown or given to. Send someone to quickly fetch him right away…

Yuri said while going over to Tira who was moving uncomfortably and sucking in pain.

Kaya asked Romo to send one of the messenger to fetch Uzan and he quickly did..

Yuri placed a hand on Tira’s forehead, he placed it on her stomach that was rumbling none stop and causing her so much pain.

He asked for cold water and a single seed of alum. He dropped the alum inside the water, after it settled he opened Tira’s mouth and poured in a little.
Yuri asked her to try and swallow it despite how painful it will be.
She forcefully did and after sometime she was stablized.

Tira spoke as she felt alive again.

“Uza…zan is not at fault. He didn’t want to give the leaves to me. I forcefully convinced him and took it. He is not at fault…

Kaya moved closer to her.

“Lady Tira save your strength and remain alive. Uzan will be handled in any way we deem-fit. Relaxed back. Your son is worried sick and we’re here for you…

Tira nodded gently.

Kaya asked Romo to take them to all the houses of the people that consumed the tekah with his parents.

Romo did and Yuri attended to the ones he can. But two wasn’t lucky they were already dead before Yuri and Kaya arrived.

Yuri said the rest will not survive till the following day which includes Didi who was going through pain and crying for death to come faster and claim her rather than the kind of pain she was passing through in her body.

After helping the ones he can they returned to lord Mario’s resident.

Tira remained stable same goes to her husband.
Kaya asked that she should be moved closer to her husband.

Salabi came in unexpectedly to see them.
Mario felt a tear as he watched her praying to the gods to forgive their shortcomings and save them from death.

He wasn’t expecting such kindness from the woman he treated with disgust, her only sin was mainly giving him female children.
He looked at Kaya and the strange man she brought moving up and down to see that him and Tira survives.

Mario shot his eyes and began to wish he can go back in time and undo all the evil he ever did.

Romo moved closer to his father and mother.
“Don’t give up fighting this. You can survive father… mother, Please don’t die and leave me alone…

“My son, I deserve whatever decision the gods wishes to carry out. I wasn’t much of a good man and I’m glad you didn’t fully turn out as I wanted you to. Maybe that was why the gods saved you from all of this mishap.

Mario beckoned on Kaya and she moved closer

“I wish I’m saying this in your father’s presence, your mother Opa and your grandma Bambira. The quest for power got deeply into me, I decided to throw caution to the air and without care I pursued it by all caused and did not care who gets hurt in the process. The gods has given me a chance to speak up and seek for all your forgiveness. I know I’m not a good man. I’m an ungrateful person that tries to change the hand of power. I don’t even belong in the line of chieftaincy. Not by blood or by right which was why I fought so hard to take the rulership by force. My father died in a battle, before he died he begged his friend, chief Gumi your great grandfather. Chief Pasim’s father to take me as his and raise me up. That was his last very request before he died. Chief Gumi fulfilled his friend’s wish by taking me as his own. Pasim was around fourteen years while I was about eight years old when i started living in the palace. Pasim was a great elder brother. His father made him promise not to ever refer to me as an outsider or reveal my true identity to people who never knew how I came into the palace. Chief Gumi also made each elder… they are all late now. He made them swear an oath to always refer to me as royalty and it was so. I grew up knowing Pasim as my elder brother and he cared for me as blood. He was the only son of his father, having me around was very pleasing to him. Due to Pasim was the next Chief, his father made him marry earlier than usual. Chief Gumi later pass on and Pasim became the next Chief. He was married to beautiful Bambira who gave birth to your father. I guess the only person that knew the truth about me was his dearest wife Bambira, whom he loved very much and calls her Bambi. I was jealous over many things. I wish I was truly a royalty by blood, I wish I was loved by the people like he was, had a beautiful and loving woman who will give me a son too. Envy crept into my heart and settled in my soul, It begins to give birth to hatred and darkness that formed evil. I wanted to become the next chief after Pasim but I can’t beat the fact that Dre was his son. I took another wife when Salabi failed to give me a son, I needed to change the hand of power by all caused. I can’t miss out in everything. When Romo was born I became the happiest man alive as I begin preparing him to become the next Chief. I Know everything I did was out of greed, selfishness and jealousy. I was ungrateful to the fact that your fathers cared for me like their own, I wanted more and this is where it landed me. Forgive me Kaya… also ask your father to find it in his heart and pardon my wrongs. The gods are wise… by giving your father a chief in a woman body. You came in disguise… because if chief Dre had a son I could have done everything in and out of my power and strength to destroy him. Indeed the gods are wise, they did not only crowned you a Chief from the womb, they also bestowed so much strength, undefeatable one and made you a special mouth piece. I know without doubt you will rule Zukumo well even more than your fathers. You are truly the first of your kind and many female chiefs are going to come through you Kaya. Romo is a good son…I pushed him to do most of what you see him do. Please be merciful to him and don’t carry out vengeance on him…

Kaya nodded. She tapped Mario’s shoulder gently before Tira began to cry.

Romo moved closer to her, holding her almost cold hand

Kaya stood beside her with compassion in her eyes.

“I have a confession to make. Thank the gods for finally giving me the courage and strength to speak out.

The whole room fell silent.
Tira looked at Salabi tearfully.
Salabi thought it was because of the poison that Tira secretly added in her meal which almost killed her if not for Kaya. She asked Tira not to bother saying anything that she has forgiven her already

Tira started talking while crying.

“Salabi…I know you have. You are a good woman and did not deserve the ill treatment that you received from us. I’m sorry…I deeply regret everything. The Truth is I knew how much Mario wanted a son. I didn’t want to be like you Salabi whom he despise so much. I wanted his whole love and attention and the only way to do that was by giving him a son. I couldn’t give birth to a son…I gave birth to another daughter. I agreed with the midwife who attended to me to exchange with the wood cutter’s baby. His wife gave birth to a son almost the same time with me at the midwife’s house. Romo is not Mario’s biological son. He is the son of the wood cutter while their first daughter is ours. I usually walk pass their house deliberately just to see how she was growing. She is married with kids now. I wish I had a chance to let her know that I’m her real mother. I’m sorry for keeping this huge secret from everyone…I…I…

She started coughing out blood.

Romo stood up and walked away from her, he was shaking, his legs couldn’t carry him after realizing that Tira and Mario were not even his real parents.

Mario screamed out in shock at Tira’s confession.

The whole place became dead silent except for Mario’s painful cry.

Tira was quiet and cold.

When Yuri touched her he shakes his head.
She was dead.

Because of the whole shock, Mario went into a seizure. He was convulsing and before Yuri could do anything he was gone.

He died alongside his wife, Tira.

The whole confession was too heavy for everyone to take in at once.

Kaya and Yuri left after making arrangements for their bodies to be cleaned up and embalmed.

Kaya saw Uzan who was already on his knees pleading.

He explained that it was Tira that accosted him and forcefully took the leaves. he doesn’t know the usefulness of the leaf he would have done everything to stop her.

Kaya asked that he remains lock up for a week for disobeying the order that was given to him alone.
Many people died because of the consequences of disobedience.

He needs to be punished so that others will learn from his mistake.

Uzan was taken away by the palace guards.

The whole kingdom was thrown into uproar not just by the death of Mario, Tira and others but the alleged confession that Mario wasn’t Romo’s real father..

The people that died after feasting on tekah. The only leave that can heal and also kill went viral from one kingdom to another
The remaining of Mario’s supporters who finally knew that Mario is not a royalty gladly gave their allegiance to Kaya with their whole heart.

They wanted a change in rulership and a fearless woman as Kaya will give them all they needed and even more.

Is obvious that when Kaya becomes the chief evil will not go unpunished and every defaulter will be dealt with accordingly.

Mario, Tira and the rest were later buried and Salabi retuned to her husband’s house.

Romo had not been able to get his real self ever since he learnt of what his supposed mother did just to please his supposed father.

He was willing to do whatever Kaya ask of him, especially in making mothers and fathers inclusive to be proud of whatever child the gods decided to bless them with. Be it male or female.

Romo later found out that the wood cutter was dead and left his wife with a daughter and two sons.
Their daughter who they never knew isn’t there’s was married.
The remaining two sons helps their mother in taking care of their poor home

Romo visited them with many gifts for each brother and even more for his mother.
He became close to them and even invites his mother and brothers to the big house that Mario built and left for him not knowing he wasn’t his real son.

One of his brother took him to where his sister, Gwen was married to.
He was glad to see that she was well cared for by her husband and his people with her two children, a daughter and a son.

Romo knew that Tira will be happy wherever she is knowing well that her daughter was alright.

Tira may not have been the best mother but she did everything a mother will do for him and he grew up loving her as a mother.

Uzan was later released and he returned home to his family.

Yuri returned to Fiji kingdom and comes around often to see Kaya.
Kaya cancelled the wedding with prince Dhaki.

She realized that Yuri was selfless and cares deeply about others more than Dhaki ever did.
Dhaki came around to see her and she informed him of the new development.

Dhaki said he wasn’t going to let her go without a fight.
He challenged Yuri to a matched fight.

He was going to bring the strongest warrior from his kingdom to fight in his place.
If the warrior wins then Kaya will be his.
But if Yuri wins at the end of the fight then he will hands up and leave Kaya alone.

Yuri was informed he agreed to the fight which will take place in Zukumo kingdom.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 12:15pm On Jan 10
Episode 23.

Kaya paced up and down the room while Yuri continued wrapping up his hand.

“Calm down Kaya… stop getting all worked up…

Kaya came to sit beside him.

“Why do you want to do this? There’s no point in all of this fight. I want you Yuri and fighting to prove what has been ordained already is of no use… I

Yuri interrupted as he stood.

“You can’t talk me out of this Kaya. I will do anything to prove how much I love you and deserve to be in your life. If I have to earn it there’s no better time than now. I will be a coward if I chickened out. I can’t turn down the fight challenge. Despite I won’t be fighting prince Dhaki but a strongest warrior in his kingdom… I’m not worried one bit.

“What if you are defeated. Yuri… have you ever think about it at all? What if they defeat you…that will be far more shameful than turning the invite down at this point before the fight starts. You still have time to think about it…

Yuri moved to the room window.

“Prince Dhaki and his team defeating me is the risk I’m willing to take. Is better I get defeated in the battle ground which I doubt greatly than to cowardly turn down a fight challenge. Kaya haven’t i said it enough that I’m willing to do anything for you? Anything Kaya which includes fighting to secure your heart. I want to deserve you in every way possible and have you all to myself just like I have given all of myself out to you. Stop worrying about me…I will be fine. I have beaten men far bigger than them, I fought the lioness twice for your people and once for mine after the Chief fell ill and nobody was willing to journey to the cave and die. I took the risk and that was how I got to know more about tekah leaf. Each of this time I was staring death face to face and yet I scaled through. I fought, sustained deep scars but most importantly is that i survived. The gods saved me from the lioness tearing my flesh into pieces. Kaya, none of them have seen or done what I did so they can’t challenges me to a fight and I won’t feed them dust as meal. Everyone of them which includes prince Dhaki will go home both in shame and in pain after the fight is done. I want you to watch me fight…it will be a great honor and a whole boast of energy knowing you are among the crowded audience watching this fight challenge…

Kaya moved to hug him but he stepped away.

“I really want to hold you, kiss you and bury my head in your bossom but the fight is coming up tomorrow and I don’t touch a woman either a day to a fight or the main day of the fight. I purify myself and stay away from drinks, women and any form of distraction. I want a fresh flow of energy and to keep every bad energy at a distance. Please, take no offense but if you insist in hugging me I will have no choice than to break this self discipline that has in time turned into a law. Anything for you my queen…

Kaya smiled, Yuri returned the smile.

She stepped out allowing him to be and not caused further distraction to him.

Even without him wining the fight she was proud of the strong willed man that the gods has decided to bless her with.

The fight challenge was endorsed by the Chief of Zukumo kingdom, chief Dre and announcement was made all around the kingdom.

The following day people from Zukumo kingdom and other Kingdoms started filling up the arena where the fight will take place.
Hawkers brought in their wares to sell. It was a good time to sell all sorts of drinks, packed food and fruits.
Some of them were even selling costums for the big fight which was tagged “a fight for princess Kaya’s heart”

Dhaki arrived with his men and his father was also there to witness it.
King of Fiji kingdom was also around and well seated with other chiefs.

Dhaki saw Kaya sitting in between her mother and grandmother, she was looking at the arena, her mind seems to be occupied.

Dhaki smiled to himself, she will prove to her that he was the only man for her.

Yuri doesn’t have a chance to face the tick skin warrior he brought.
Jagwa was the strongest man in seven Kingdoms and has a lot of kill to his name.
He has never been defeated in a battle before.
He was too strong for a mare man like Yuri to challenge him.
Is an insult to his personality.

Yuri maybe a warrior and have the physics of one but he is nothing compared to Jagwa. Which is why he decided to pay any thing just to have Jagwa represent him in the fight.

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Dhaki watched Kaya closely hoping she will look at his end but she didn’t.
She later stood, say something to her mother before walking out.
Dhaki followed her with his eyes, watching to see where she was going.

Two servants followed her behind, she sent them back.
Dhaki saw his opportunity to talk with her.

She was going towards the hawkers square.
She purchased three packs of cold lemonade tea and some dates which was packed into a leather bag for her.

Dhaki suddenly showed up from nowhere.

“Hey Kaya… how’re you?

Kaya nodded without a word.

“… Kaya, I don’t know why you suddenly dislike me. Everything about us was moving on fine, we were about to be married and all of a sudden Yuri showed up and… things are no longer how it used to be. You cancelled our wedding, All the love we shared… doesn’t it mean anything to you? Don’t you want a man like me to rule alongside you? What is it you want me to do Kaya? This fight match is only to prove to you how much I really want to be in your life. Yuri doesn’t stand a chance with Jagwa… the warrior fighting on my behalf. I’m not a well trained warrior…I could have faced him myself. Kaya…I love you and want you to reconsider me. Yuri is not a man for you. He’s not even a royalty or has the ability to compose lovely poetic rhyme.. those love songs that sweeps you off your feet…he…

The announcement for the fight to begin was made.
Dhaki saw Yuri coming from one direction with his sword securely on his side.

Kaya haven’t seen him yet, is a good time to make him feel bad.

Kaya without replying Dhaki tries to move pass him but he suddenly held her hands.

The crowd of people were tripping in and out. People were buying different things. It was also a good moment for sellers.

A hawker selling chicken kebab almost pushed Dhaki down as she was rushing to attend to some ladies who came to watch the fight.
Dhaki cursed under his breath as he regain back his balance.

Dhaki waited for Yuri to get closer, he moved his body close to Kaya who took a step away from him.

Yuri saw him finally, standing and talking with Kaya.

He grind his teeth angrily, he was being led by the palace guards to the arena. He wondered what Dhaki was discussing with Kaya.
Yuri continued looking at them as Kaya said something probably harsh to Dhaki before walking away.

Dhaki turned and looked at Yuri’s direction and smile.

Yuri moved a facial muscle before looking away.

Dhaki felt satisfied that Yuri saw them.
Although Kaya has warned him off but he was happy that he had opportunity to speak to her.

Kaya had wanted fresh air which was why she took a stroll to the hawkers square and decided to purchase cold drink for her mother and grandmother too.
She wasn’t expecting to see Dhaki and wasn’t in the mood to listen to whatever he had to say but she listened anyway. Dhaki trying to remind her of the past or talk down on Yuri will never make her reconsider him.
He was boastful and full of himself.
She prays the gods will favor Yuri and he will beat Jagwa or whatever Dhaki called him.
She also prayed the fight won’t be too bloody.

The whistle began to blow for everyone to settle down.
And after the whistle blower stopped a loud bell rang as the two warriors were guided out to the sandy ground where the fight will take place and everyone will be able to watch from wherever they are.

Yuri looked up at where Kaya was seated with her people.
She was also looking at him.

He stared at his opponent, Jagwa was a foot taller than him. he appears like a giant who swallowed a stone
He looked too harden and mean.

Dhaki was smiling from ear to ear as he watched Yuri looking at Jagwa appearance.
Yuri probably didn’t know what he was put against. He doesn’t know the kind of warrior he will be challenging and seeing Jagwa appearance alone scares him off. Dhaki thought.

Jagwa looked at Yuri and knew the fight won’t take time.
Within a short time his opponent will be lying in a pull of blood because he will make sure he cuts him real hard and may even disemboweled him if he wishes

The fight started with another rang of the bell.
The two warriors pulled out their sword and started what they know how to do best.

Jagwa hit Yuri hard and he lost his balance and stumbled back.

Dhaki and his supporters cheered loudly and praise Jagwa.

Yuri was watching keenly to master all the weakness of his opponent.
He continued receiving both blow and dodging swords untill he finally knew exactly how to attack.

While he was quiet and allowing Jagwa to hit him there were cheers from Dhaki and his people.
He looked up at Kaya and saw how uncomfortable she was.
It seems that Fiji and Zukumo kingdom was also in his support because they were silently watching and hoping that he won’t be defeated.

Yuri suddenly charged towards Jagwa. His sword cut through his cheeks and he screamed out a warrior angry cry and came with full force at Yuri.
Yuri saw his opportunity and hit him hard, cutting through his arm.
Jagwa’s sword fell off from his hand.
Yuri allowed him to pick up his sword.

Jagwa thought Yuri will finish him up when his sword fell off but surprisingly he didn’t.
Yuri waited for him to pick up his sword and start again

They charged at each other.
The two warriors continued hitting and dodging from each others blow until Yuri suddenly went straight to Jagwa’s face when he less expected it.
Yuri hit him right in the eyes, blinding him.
Jagwa staggered but didn’t fall until Yuri dropped his sword and used a hand blow straight to his second eyes.
Jagwa fell to the ground and tries to get up despite having a two blackened eyes.. Yuri finally used his sword to cut through his face.
A pound of fresh skin fell off from Jagwa.
Blood gushed out and he screamed out in pain as he remained on the ground.

People cheered loudly. All Yuri’s supporters were singing his praise.
He looked up at Kaya and saw that she was neither smiling nor frowning. Her face was still as she watched him.

Dhaki seeing that Jagwa was defeated, called one of his strong guards to follow him.
They rushed out to the arena fighting ground with sword in hand.

People looked on wondering what was happening.

Yuri was about stepping away when he saw Dhaki and another man charging towards him.

“I challenge you myself, you son of a nobody that thinks you can claim what is fully mine. Yuri, I will show you that you are not worthy of princess Kaya and will never rule Zukumo kingdom with her. I’m the rightful person and nothing will stop me from getting married to my woman.

Yuri made a funny face as he cleaned blood from his sword.

“Prince Dhaki…I don’t fight boys. Go and challenge your kind or bring somebody far bigger than the warrior you brought. You came with a guard to fight me…how pathetic…

Dhaki wasn’t giving up even as Yuri made attempt to leave.

“You are nothing but a hungry dog. Bastard… fight me…I challenge you. Fight us and if you are strong enough to beat us I will hands up but I know for sure that you will be dead and is your dead body they will carry out of here.

Yuri ignored him.
the Man with him hit Yuri and ran back, while Dhaki packed sand and threw at Yuri.
Daring Yuri to fight. Dhaki continued jumping up and down like a frog as he dares Yuri further.

The crowd started shouting that Yuri should fight the two men.

Yuri looked up at Kaya and she shakes her head, urging him not to fight.

Yuri took another step to leave, Dhaki pushed his partner to go and hit him. The man slapped Yuri with his sword and ran back.

As Yuri turned angrily, Dhaki packed another handful of sand and threw at Yuri. Yuri closed his eyes to avoid it getting in. But it was too late as some entered his eyes and he began blinking continuesly.
Dhaki saw his opportunity and together with his partner they went straight at Yuri.

Yuri was able to dodge their several blows.
Yuri noticed that Jagwa has also stood from the ground and was angrily coming at him.
The sand in his eyes was distracting him.
Dhaki and his partner continued hitting from different angles which he dodged some.

Something cut through his arm and blood started dropping on the ground.

Dhaki’s partner cut him deeply.
Jagwa threw his sword at him which hit his shoulder slicing his skin.

Yuri was attacked on every side.

Kaya saw what was going on and asked the whistle blower to end the fight but it seems the crowd were enjoying the show.

Kaya ran off she has to go and help Yuri.
She doesn’t want the fight to end horribly or result in death which is what will happen if nothing is done.

Yuri picked up the sword that Jagwa threw at him and targeted his heart as he threw it right back and it entered the warrior’s chest.
He fell back, bleeding and struggling with his life.

Something hit Yuri, slicing off another part of his skin.
Another sword came straight at his stomach and he doged it.
Dhaki and his partner didn’t give up.

Yuri got hold of Dhaki and held his throat with one hand.
Dhaki began to struggle with his breath as he started begging for his life.
Dhaki’s partner came at Yuri
Yuri threw Dhaki towards where Jagwa lay bleeding.
Dhaki’s partner was about running away when Dhaki caught him and raised his sword to cut off his hand

He was about doing that when somebody suddenly hit him from behind and his sword fell off from his hand.
Yuri turned and saw Kaya. He was shocked.

Hefty men came to carry Jagwa out.
Their are medicine men on ground who will attend to him, they hope he will survive.
Dhaki who was thrown hard to the ground passed out was also carried away while his partner escaped.

“Enough… enough of the blood fight Yuri. The spectators has seen how mighty that you are…no more blood shed in Zukumo soil. Put yourself together. Go so that the medicine men will attend to your injuries.

Yuri’s heart was beating heavily ad he faced Kaya.

“You saw how I was attacked and how my body is covered with my own blood and you dares stopped me from taking my own pound of fresh? My desire was to cut his arm so that he will never forget this day. You shouldn’t have stopped me Kaya…my pride is bruised so badly…

Kaya angrily pointed a sword towards him.
“Then go after him and touch him Yuri and watch me take up this fight. You will then have me to contend with.

Yuri spat to the sand and said.

“I will never fight a woman… even if you are the strongest one alive, that doesn’t change the fact that you are a woman….I still won’t fight you.

The way Yuri said it annoys Kaya.

“You are a coward Yuri. You won’t fight me because I’m a woman or because you are afraid of getting whooped. I will break down your ego and make you see that you are nothing without the help of the gods. You saw me beat ten hoodlums in the wood, they are men like you. Don’t you dare challenge me…

Yuri saw the anger in Kaya’s eyes. Her eyes burns fiercely.

“Are you angry because I beat prince Dhaki down to prove how much of a man that I am? I saw both of you talking before the fight started. If you want him then go for him… I guess that is what you are trying to tell me…

Yuri started walking away. Kaya followed.

” All i said is that the bloody fight is enough. Everyone can see that you have won why do you still want to cut off his arms… Zukumo land is not a place for blood shed. This shouldn’t be about your pride getting bruised Yuri… you are forgetting the reason for the fight and allowing anger to rule your every being. I won’t have that in my kingdom. You have to go through me first if you are thirsty for blood…

Yuri ignored her.
He asked his horse to he brought to him immediately.
He mounted his horse and left Kaya without a word.

The crowd began to depart.
Hawkers continued to hawk their wares and didn’t give a care who won the fight or who loosed

Gradually everybody left.

Kaya told her parents that she was going after Yuri and they gave her a go ahead.

She climbed her own horse and left.
When she arrived at Fiji, she went straight to Yuri’s house.

As Yuri arrived, Leni saw how angry and bloody he was she quickly went into his chamber to attend to him and maybe he will want her in bed just to feel relaxed but Yuri barked at her to leave.

As she was leaving he changed his mind and asked Leni to come over and attend to his wounds
Maybe he will be able to feel relaxed after Kaya bruised his ego.

After she finished cleaning his wounds

Leni put off her cloth and stood naked, she seductively went to Yuri and began to touch him.
Yuri wasn’t relaxed even with the touch. He felt troubled as all he could see was Kaya’s face.
He suddenly asked Leni to stop but she didn’t, her hand was traveling down his manhood when Yuri caught her hand half way.

Leni refused to be discouraged, she saw that Yuri didn’t push her away and knew he wasn’t in his right frame of mind.

She grabbed the opportunity by planting a kiss on his lips, so tender and making him angrily wanting her.
Yuri roughly kissed her but suddenly stopped as all that he continued to think about is Kaya.

Yuri was about to shuff Leni away when the door fling open.

He turned while Leni was still in his arm and saw Kaya standing beside the door and staring at them.
A naked Leni and him together in his chamber

He was shocked and speechless as he stare at her.

Before he could push Leni away, Kaya turned and ran off.

Yuri pushed Leni and ran after Kaya.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 10:40am On Jan 12
Episode 24.

He caught her up before she could get to her horse

She slapped his hand off and pulled out her sword, pointed it towards him.

“Kaya… please listen to me first…

She lowered her sword and took a foot closer to him.

“How long…?

Yuri looked at her confused. He didn’t understand the question.

“I said how long have you been bedding your slave?

He breathed deeply.

“…Answer the question now!

She screamed at him.

“Kaya…Kaya…is about three times. But that was before I met you. I don’t touch a woman when I’m going to war or some other important task but whenever I return… Leni made herself available for me to ease off. Kaya…ever since our path crossed I have never being with another woman not until today. You are meant to marry as a virgin and I totaly respected that and has never demanded anything awkward from you. I have never touched a woman ever since the gods brought you into my life. I did nothing with Leni today… except for a kiss…I can swear on my sword.

Kaya stood, anger rising as she stared at him. She put back her sword.
Yuri made an attempt to touch her, she drew her sword angrily and hit him right on the shoulder where he had a deep cut during the arena fight.

Yuri winced in serious pain, he staggered back as fresh blood began to run down from his shoulder.

“If you ever touch me again with your filthy hand, I will harvest your manhood from it’s root and throw it to the dogs to feast on. Keep your distance and I don’t want to see you in Zukumo kingdom Yuri…

She put back her sword, moved closer to him and began to speak calmly.

“….i went too hot on you back at the arena. I didn’t calculate my words and spoke angrily because I did not want any further blood shed. All I wanted was peace and for the whole fight to end. You fought so well Yuri and I made me very proud, deep down I began thanking the gods for blessing me with your special kind. Your type is rare and I wanted you more than ever…

Yuri swallowed hard, he didn’t know where the talk was heading to. He gasped out hoping it will end well. Kaya continued.

… When you left angrily, I decided to come after you and apologies and also shower you your well deserved praise which I left out back during our misunderstanding. My parents gave their permission because they also cared about you. But getting here only for you to surprise me instead. How can you even have appetite to bed a woman with all this injuries on your body?

He didn’t utter a word or try to reply her.
Kaya turned and moved towards her horse when Yuri didn’t say anything.

Yuri bit his lips while sucking through the pain that Kaya brought back to live.
He did not even know what to say or do to pacify her.

“What do you want me to do? I will sell Leni off, I will travel down to abyss, the darkest place on earth for your sake, I will even return back to the lioness cave, accept any fight challenge, do anything for you Kaya. Please…all I ask is for you to forgive me. I have wronged you… I’m sorry Kaya.

“If you want to prove anything to me start by bringing me the head of your slave girl while I wait.

Yuri looked at her stunned. Kaya wanted Leni’s head? He has to kill Leni and bring her head to Kaya in order to prove how much he loves her.

He looked on, speechless and hoping Kaya was only joking but she shouted it like a command again.

Yuri swallowed hard, took few steps back.
Leni has done no wrong that is deserving of death except that she never hide the truth of wanting him.
Those cold and scary night that he kept dreaming of war and dead men rising to attack him in a battle, Leni kept him warm and her mare touch sent sweet sensation all over his spine.

“Kaya… please. I have known you to be loving and compassionate.. kindly reconsider your request. I will sell Leni, asked other slave to flog her until her flesh falls off, I will have her tortured if you want but killing a vulnerable woman who has no deep offense is not my kind of person.

Kaya didn’t say anything as they stared at each other. Heart beating thunderously.

Yuri later said.

“…. alright..I will have another do it if you want. Her head will be brought to you if that will make you happy…

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 10:41am On Jan 12
Episode 24 continuation

Kaya curved a smile and said.

“Nobody else, except you. You have to be the one to bring me her head. Whatever you have to do all I want to see is her head while I wait… the day is growing dark. I don’t have much time to waste here. Leni’s head is all I asked for and want it now. I have an idea… bring Leni here, right in my presence and cut off her head. I want to watch it happen and enjoy every show of it. You wanted to cut off your opponent arm and me stopping you from such a barbaric act was my only offence that brought us to this stage. Since you enjoys a show of human blood then I’m your guest this time. you claims to love me then do my bidding without further delay.

Yuri breathed deeply before nodding.

“Give me a little time…i..hmmm…I will be back with your request.

He turned and asked a servant to fetch Leni.
And in no time Leni was standing before Kaya and Yuri.

“Go ahead and cut off her head.
Kaya barked.

Leni hearing that fell to her knees. Crying and begging Kaya. She lay at Kaya’s leg with head bowed pleading seriously.

Kaya kicked her away and asked Yuri to cut her head off.

Yuri asked that his sword be brought to him and a servant came with it and handed it over to him with a bow before running off.

Leni screamed out in terror. Other servants came out to watch the horrific scene that was about to happen.

Yuri grabbed Leni by the hair and pulled her to her knees, he brought out his sword.
Leni shut her eyes and did not stop begging Kaya but immediately she saw her master brings out sword to slaughter her she went numb.
Only tears could be seen running down her face.

She has mistaken her master’s passion in bed for love. When she first saw the fierce looking yet beautiful mistress with him she knows she was trouble and has gone to plead to her to leave Yuri alone. One of the worst mistakes of her life.

When her master retuned earlier wounded, it was her chance to show how much she had missed his touch, the sweet taste of his mouth and warmth of his body. She has yawn for him for so long and decided to make good use of the opportunity.
She never knew it will lead to her death.
She wish for another chance to live.
A chance she will never misuse but it seems that such will never be hers again.
She remained still, waiting for whatever that will come next.

Yuri swallowed hard severally before raising his sword high.

Some of the slaves covered their eyes.

As he was about to lower his sword Kaya raised her hand, ordering him to stop.

“Let her go. You have proven your stupid point which means nothing to me. I don’t want you still…stay away from me Yuri. You are a harden man…

Yuri left Leni, she laid facedown crying and thanking Kaya.
She later scrambled away before Kaya will change her mind.

Kaya saddled her horse and was about to leave but Yuri blocked the way.
He beat his chest hard as more blood fell off from his wounded body, Yuri didn’t care about the pain or the blood.

“You have to run me over Kaya for you to be able to pass. My name is Yuri, the greatest worrior in eleven kingdoms. I have never loved or cared for a woman like I loved you and I won’t let you hurt me this way. You can’t leave me Kaya…no. I will never let go of you. Except you never loved me. You pointed a sword at me at the arena, challenging me to a fight… All I wanted was to fight and prove how deeply i loved you. I was ready to fight any man that tries to challenge that fact… I was emotionally wounded when you hit a sword out of my hand and dares me to go after my opponent that cut my body open and could have killed me if the gods has allowed it. Nobody born of a woman dares do what you did to me in a battle ground. I saw you speaking to prince Dhaki the man who caused all of this and i thought he was trying to win you over with his lullaby. I was angry for many reasons and returned home. I wasn’t thinking right and wasn’t in a good frame of mind when Leni came in. I do not blame anyone for my wrongs…I should have asked her to leave me alone but i didn’t. I wanted to forget what you did to me…get my mind together before coming back to Zukumo. I deeply apologies Kaya… please…for the sake of the gods… forgive me. Be merciful and don’t count on my wrongs…I will never in my life time wrong you again. Kaya, don’t leave me I beg you. I’m incomplete without you. But if you insist in leaving then run me over with your horse, kill me with your own hands, put a sword to my heart so that I will stop living…that is the only way I will be able to forget you…

Kaya made her horse to jump over Yuri who was shocked at Kaya’s level of energy.

She rode off quickly and as fast as she could.

She arrived Zukumo late. her father and mother were still up.

“How did it go? We got so worry for unknown reason and decided to wait up hoping you will return. Are you okay…

Chief Dre asked.

Kaya nodded.

“I’m alright father. I want to wash off and head to bed. My head is pounding…I need to rest.

Opa spoke.
“Kaya… what happened. You looked beaten. Is about the fight challenge or did Yuri upset you..

“No, is about me mother. I don’t know or understand the gods anymore. Maybe the fight shouldn’t have happened in the first place, or probably Yuri isn’t the right one. I just don’t know the ways of the gods or what exactly they mean with the signs they showed me. I’m exhausted from thinking…hmm! But i will be alright.

Chief Dre gasped out.

“I’m sorry Kaya…I don’t know what exactly you are passing through but the gods are wise and never makes mistake. They chosed you because they know you are the only one capable of overcoming any challenge thrown at you. They made you strong from the womb. I’m certain you will scale through. You will make a great leader for the people of Zukumo and beyond. I’m sorry that I didn’t stop the fight when the heat was on…I saw how uncomfortable you were. The crowd seems to be having the best moment and I wanted to let everyone enjoy the show because it was obvious Yuri was highly favored by the gods. I’m sorry Kaya. But remember… Yuri fought hard for you because he loves you…I know Dhaki too tries to show off his skills but Yuri has the gods favor for reasons i don’t know. If you don’t want Yuri…is okay. I’m still alive and will make sure you are happy and make the right choice for a husband. Since you are not sure of the present man…Yuri, should we start another search for a suitor ..by making announcement and taking messages around kingdoms in this coming week?

Kaya wasn’t sure of what to reply her father.
She was tired and needed to rest.
But what if she misinterpreted the gods riddle concerning a man who’s finger was eaten by the beast?
What if Yuri isn’t the one they referred to?

“Alright father!

That was her only reply as she bid them goodnight.

After few days, another search for a suitor began.

Messages were sent out to different Kingdoms and different great men started coming to see if they will be qualified.

Kaya wasn’t relaxed or happy even as fine, wealthy men came to seek her hand in marriage.
She didn’t find any of them appealing.
More men continued to come.

“Why is there another search for suitor? What happened to Yuri? That young man appears to be the chosen one and you were quiet taken by him. What is the problem?

Bambira asked Kaya
Kaya didn’t want to tell anybody about Yuri but she always feels comfortable talking to her grandmother concerning anything.

“Yuri…I caught him bedding his beautiful slave girl. Grandma Bambi…she was right in his chamber naked and they were entangled together… right in his chamber…

She quickly looked away so that her grandmother won’t see her troubled face.

Bambira saw she was trying hard to blink back tears

“Is okay to cry. You can’t be strong all the time my child. Tears doesn’t make you weak rather it refine our strength and shows that we’re still human. Let it out. You loved him right…?

Kaya for the very first time released herself and allowed the tears to flow freely.
She wiped her eyes.

“Grandma…I didn’t realize how much…I loved him until I saw him with another woman. Is a scene that I can’t wish for my enemy. Yuri broke me into pieces. I can’t stand him or bear him touching me. It will disgust me to the marrow. I will choose a suitor soon, I just haven’t found any one who is worthy of that yet. I will be fine…I hate unnecessary emotions caused by Yuri. I just can’t get him off my head…I feel so messed up. I can’t believe I’m crying over a man…

“Maybe you should forgive him and stop beating yourself so hard. I’m sorry that he hurt you. I’m not taking side with him but Yuri is a strong willed man who loves you passionately. I don’t know the reason why he fell into another woman’s arm. men like Yuri maybe egoistic but they can stoop low when their heart becomes vulnerable. I saw you child…i saw the way you jumped into the fighting ground and pointed a sword towards Yuri. I don’t know what he said or did that brought about such ill actions but it was clear he left angrily because of what you did. And ever since then you have been sad and none of the new fine suitor is appealing to you. Is either Yuri or you chose another. A choice have to be made sooner or later.

Kaya was silent as the grandmother was talking.
She later explained to her grandmother how she realized her wrongs and decided to go and apologies only to catch him in the arm of his naked slave girl.

Bambira spoke softly yet a word of wisdom only the old can give.

The last day came for her to finally make her choice.
Many men from different kingdom gathered waiting for Kaya.

Kaya saw Dhaki among the new suitors.

pulled him aside and began to question him on why he came.

“I came back again after getting another message that the princess of Zukumo kingdom, chief Dre’s daughter. princess Kaya is in search for a suitor. What of Yuri… you rejected me because of him. Did he hurt you?… you found out he isn’t right for you? I came back before another man will claim what is mine. Kaya…we are meant to be can’t you see? No man will love you like I do or be able to make a great leader like I will. I cherish you, you are like the first beat of the rain in autumn. The loveliest among all. You have the strength of many men, the wisdom of the old and the beauty like the purest sun. Your smile echos like the…

Somebody spoke behind them.
They turned at the same time and shock at who they were staring at.

The almighty Yuri looked back at prince Dhaki with a big frown on his face.

“I thought I beat you and your men during the fight challenge and you promised to stay away from Kaya .A royalty was meant to keep his every word… what sort of a man are you that breaks his promise..? Your poet sound like an over used line… why not get something doing with your life?

A disappointed Dhaki faced Yuri.
“Jagwa died after two days. He didn’t survive the sword to his heart. I wish you were the one dead and forgotten. You have become a big threat to me and the love of my life. You don’t deserve her which maybe why she rejected you in the first place… Kaya loves me and can never love you… never. Mark my words… you are mean, wicked and self centered and do not know how to love a woman. You can’t even sing a lovely poem to her. You can’t make a good leader neither will Kaya ever chose you. She will never be yours let’s watch and see….

Kaya interrupted Dhaki.

“That’s enough. Please excuse me prince Dhaki…I want to speak to Yuri in private.

Dhaki later left while Kaya waited until he was gone before raising a hand to strike Yuri.

“I warned you that I don’t want to see you in Zukumo. What are you doing here?

“I heard the news of you searching for a suitable man to marry and came as every other man here asking for your hand in marriage. I want to start all over Kaya. I was going straight to see your father when I saw you talking to Dhaki. If you want me dead then rejecting me is the fastest way to kill me because my life isn’t mine ever since you left me. I brought a small poisoned dagger knife… just in case you decide to kill me. I will rather die in Zukumo kingdom than back at Fiji, I will be glad to die in the hand of the only woman I ever loved… Kaya.

Kaya rolled her eyes as Yuri presented her with a small dagger.

“…is the fastest way to kill me. Take it and dig it to my heart because I’m not living Zukumo kingdom until you have truly forgiven me. Kaya…!

Yuri swallowed hard as he urged her to take the knife but she didn’t.

“If you are looking for who to kill you then go somewhere else and search. Zukumo soil is not for blood shed. And if you think you can use this format and return back to my life then you are a joker. I’m done with you Yuri…I don’t hate you. I forgive you outrightly but don’t want to have anything intimate with you. I’m still nursing my heart from the shock you gave me, there’s no place for you in it again…

She made attempt to walk away but Yuri stopped her.

“Is this how you are going to rule Zukumo because a ruler is meant to be compassionate and forgive truly. Is obvious you haven’t forgiven me Kaya. Do you want prince Dhaki or one of those men out there? Your reason for wanting Dhaki is it because of his enticing poet… I can’t compose like him but the only poet I can think off right now is “take this dagger, gurge out my heart and throw it to the dust because I can’t breathe well without you…I don’t know if any of that makes sense…I..I..

Kaya suddenly started laughing, a surprised Yuri paused and saw that it was a real laughter, she wasn’t being sarcastic.

“Your line of poet sound so horrible. Dhaki may be far better with that. Swallow your pride and go so that he can tutor you. Take lessons from him that you can use to woe your next woman.

She said it calmly and not in an angry way.

Yuri smiled. He stammered a little then kept quiet.

Kaya looked into his eyes for the first time since they started the conversation sending sensation all over his body.

Yuri moved uncomfortably. Not knowing what to say.

“I have miss you.

She finally admitted out loud shocking Yuri who stammered again. He wish she knew how much her absence within few weeks had caused him.

“I love you so much Kaya, beyond words can say. I thought I will never see you again…

Kaya moved closer to him and said.

“I was very angry with you Yuri and didn’t want to see you ever again. But seeing you now is a relief but don’t get your hopes up because that doesn’t mean that you stand a chance..

Yuri gently drew her to himself before she could speak further, she didn’t reject rather she wrapped her hand around him. Holding him tight.

He kissed her forehead while holding onto her like his life depends on it.

Somebody cleared throat loudly close to them
Kaya quickly loosen up from Yuri.

It was Bambira, her grandmother.

Kaya went to her and whispered something into her ears making the elderly woman to smile.

“Your father is asking of you. I decided to stretch my old legs in search of you. Prince Dhaki is with your father, and other suitors too. I guess is time to finally pick a husband.

Bambira looked at Yuri, who bowed his head in greeting.
She gently tapped his shoulder. She took Kaya by the hand and left, Yuri followed behind.

When Kaya got to where everyone was gathered, the men turned to face her. Yuri stood watching. Kaya looked over at Dhaki smiling.
Dhaki retuned the smile with full force and knew that Kaya probably wants him.

“I don’t think the search for a suitor should continue. Every man should return to his kingdom, I have already made my choice which will stand from this day onward. I have a big wedding to plan…

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Yuri looked at her puzzled wondering what she was talking about. Did he mistake her words, hug, and her actions. he thought he had a chance even though she has made it clear initially? Who did Kaya chose to be her husband? What is he supposed to do now… return to Fiji and then what next? His heart was beating uncontrollable. He looked over at a happy Dhaki then back at Kaya who was smiling at his horrible dance.

Other men on the same quest dropped their kind wishes to her as they turned to leave.

Dhaki laughed out loud. He didn’t need to be told that Kaya has chosen him.
Kaya didn’t mention any man’s name but he knew she chosed him by her action.

He laughed very loud so that Yuri can hear him and crawl up in shame. He was throwing a dance step around Kaya who stood watching him with a curved smile on her lips.

She looked over at Yuri who looked away broken.
Yuri wish he can talk to somebody who will plead on his behalf for Kaya to reconsider him but it already late.
Kaya hates him and will never be his.

His life is shattered in dust because of a horrible mistake.

A grown man like him can’t be seen crying. Definitely not right here because all he wanted to do is to wail out his soul.

Lossing Kaya was like loosing everything he ever valued. He may never be able to get over it.

He turned like other men, not knowing where exactly to go or what to do.

Yuri noticed Bambira watching him, he didn’t want the elderly woman to mistake his sad face, Yuri tries to smile towards her but he couldn’t cancel his sad demeanor

He will walk round Zukumo kingdom and pass a night somewhere around, probably Uzan will offer him a shelter. He just wanted to be close to Kaya. He may spend few days before finally returning to Fiji.

As he made attempt to leave, someone called his name.
It wasn’t Bambira who was still watching him but Kaya herself.

He turned back and looked at her, she was walking towards him.

Maybe she wants to give him either insult or a final goodbye words.

Whichever one that comes he deserves it.

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Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 9:20am On Jan 14
Episode 25.

He couldn’t take the disappointment and shame.
He paused and slowly moved to the couple who were still hugging each other.

Jealousy and anger pierced through his soul as he watched the woman who was supposed to be his holding another man.
He came back for her, hoping things will work out between them, hoping she will reconsider and now he is left broken and more angrier than he has ever been.

He stared at the man, wondering what was special about him and why in gods name will she chose such a man over him?
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Dhaki stood very close watching Kaya holding onto Yuri passionately, he bite his lips angrily, all the saliva in his mouth dried up.

His previous thought was that Kaya will choose him, she gave him a sweet smile that seems like an assurance. he has laughed so hard and began dancing in front of everyone to show how joyful he was.
His enemy, who is none other than Yuri stood and watch with sad face before turning to leave but Kaya halt him when he was about to walk away.

Dhaki paused from laughing and dancing as Kaya walks towards Yuri and declared him the man she wish to spend the rest of her life with.

Such act almost caused heart attack for Dhaki.
He wondered why will Kaya even smiled at him in the first place which he mistaken for love.

He was disgracing himself in front of everyone and Kaya was busy looking at him.

“I love you Yuri…

Dhaki suddenly heard her say, he was almost going crazy, he fold his hand into a fist and watch as they straightened from their hugs.

She has never told him that before, Kaya has not boldly declared her love for him like she just did for Yuri.

the only sweet words she ever said to him are things like
“I love your poet”
“I want you too”
“I’m still waiting for the gods to confirm to me that you are truly the one Dhaki.” “Since the gods are silent I guess they approved of you”
“I know you will make a great poetries and sweep women off their feet”

Those are her only loving words to him.
She has never said “I Love you Dhaki” like she just said to Yuri.

Dhaki wish he can kill Yuri right now but Yuri is way too strong for a man like him.

If Yuri can kill a great warrior like Jagwa, the greatest warrior in seven Kingdoms then he is to be feared.

The family of Jagwa came to the palace, crying and cursing him.

Thank the gods he was a royalty, no one dares touch him.
Thanks to the gods for his father who gave them a good line of consolation word.

“…Jagwa is a great warrior who died fighting. What a honor that he died as a warrior who fought for a just curse. We will all miss him but be rest assured that he died a happy man while holding onto his sword. The family that he left behind will be well compensated. Do not mourn rather go home and cerebrate a great hero of our time…

That was the words that his father, The Chief of Ogunzi used to dismiss them.

After a week his father fell ill and now his elder brother is taking charge of everything leaving him with little part to play. His brother is also teaching his son on how to also become the next Chief of Ogunzi kingdom.

Coming down to Zukumo and getting married to princess Kaya, the next Chief of this great kingdom could have been one of the best thing that ever happened to him, aside the reason that he loves her dearly… well who wouldn’t love such a strong, wise, mouth piece of the gods, beautiful, brave and the first female chief of their time, aside all this fact he will indirectly become a ruler too just like his elder brother.
He will rule the great Zukumo kingdom alongside his wife. And he will be a name other Kingdoms, chiefs and many great men will reckon with.
Kaya is everyone’s wish both as a daughter, sister, friend and wife but only men like him are specially chosen for her.

He was already making progress and would have gotten married to her within past few days until Yuri from nowhere showed up and spoilt everything. Yuri trashed all his efforts to marry Kaya.

After the fight challenge and Yuri won, Dhaki has beseeched the gods to make out another way for him.
He really wants to be not just a chief but a recognized one in many kingdoms.

Many kingdoms are already aware of the brave daughter of Chief Dre, who is likely to rule as the next chief of Zukumo.

They sing her praises to young girls and many women take pride with Kaya’s name. They said she came and paved way for the girl child to have a name and respect accorded.

She is the people’s heroine. She may not even know how much respect and greatness that is to her name and how far she is well recognized.

Getting married to such a woman will be a honor to his name and person.

“The husband of the first female chief… who also rule in might and honor during his lifetime alongside his dear wife”

Dhaki frown as different thought crossed his mind.

He has pleaded with Chief Dre earlier to convince his daughter to chose him but the man has said that he can’t do that.

“Kaya is a special daughter, she is not like every other daughter of mine. she knows what she wants and will go for it. She didn’t ask me to make the choice of a husband for her so I won’t get much involve. I can pray and hope the gods will direct her path in making the right choice. I’m sorry prince Dhaki, but Kaya will have to make that choice alone.”

That was what Chief Dre said earlier to him.

And now she finally made the choice and left him hanging.
No, he won’t accept such defeat.
Yuri came to steal, kill and destroy.
He has stolen the heart of the woman that is rightfully made for him, he has killed the only strong warrior in Ogunzi, Jagwa, his kingdom has to start training another warrior so that they won’t be left hanging in times of war.
Yuri has also destroyed his pride as a prince and his dignity when he trashed him like paper in the battle ground and now won over Kaya’s heart.

He won’t spare Yuri, he will kill him if he has to.

No man takes what is his and Yuri maybe a great warrior but he doesn’t know anything about ruling, he doesn’t even know how to compose a lovely poet, he doesn’t know how to love a woman tenderly.
Why will Kaya even chose him again? what did she sees in this beast of a man.

His temper was rising as he stared at Yuri.
Dhaki sighted a small knife like a dagger tugged by Yuri’s belt side.

He started moving closer to him.
He will take the dagger and dig it into Yuri’s body and hope he will die and never wakes up.

As Dhaki got closer, Kaya turned to look at him.
She sensed danger immediately she saw Dhaki.
Yuri’s eyes was too focused on Kaya that he didn’t seem to care whatever or whoever was around him

Dhaki rushed and went straight to the dagger, before anybody could realized what was going on it was already late.

Kaya saw what Dhaki was about to do and pushed Yuri hard and he fell back .
Before she could retrieve the dagger it was too late.

She screamed out in pain j as the dagger went into her body.

Dhaki was shocked at what Kaya did.
It was Yuri he wanted to use the knife for but Kaya pushed him off and before Dhaki could control his motion the knife was fastened into Kaya’s body.

Dhaki thought is Yuri and it was too late when he saw that it was Kaya that he stabbed.

He didn’t mean to stab Kaya but Yuri.

Kaya fell to the ground as blood gushed out of her like a river.

Without wasting time, Yuri picked her up from the ground and rushed out while Chief Dre ordered the guards to lock up Dhaki.

Yuri was ushered into a room with Kaya’s body.

His heart was racing as he gently pulled off the dagger that seems to be buried inside her stomach.
He tore off his clothes and began to tire around Kaya as the bleeding becomes much.

He kept muttering prayers to the gods to spare Kaya’s life.

The dagger was a poisoned one indeed and kills faster than one can imagine.

Why will Kaya push him away and took the knife stab that was meant for him.

She was the people’s hope, the next Chief of Zukumo, the female folk advocate, she was loved and recognized by all. Kaya is the pride of the land and nothing… absolutely nothing should happen to her.

Is just a matter of time and the poison will travel all over her body.

He does not know if there was still more tekah maybe it will slow the speed at which the poison travels.
The poison will destroy all her body system if nothing is done fast.
tekah would have neutralize the poison.

Everyone was gathered in the room as medicine men gathered around Kaya’s body in no time.

Re: On The Lioness Tail by Dapalace: 9:21am On Jan 14
Different smell of either animals or leaves were burning all around the room.
Deities were invoking the gods to intervene outside the house but no improvement.

Opa and Bambira were unstable, Chief Dre was panicking, his heart was racing as he watched Kaya. His beloved daughter.

Yuri stormed out with the poisonous dagger, he went to where Dhaki was being locked up.
But the guards safeguarding the place stopped him from getting to Dhaki.

Yuri was barking angrily as sweat pours down from his body that cold evening.
His body was socked with Kaya’s blood.
He pointed the dagger towards Dhaki

His temper rose with full force, all he wanted was to get hold of Dhaki and put the knife to his throat.

“…if anything…I mean anything at all happens to her. I will not only ends your life but also that of your father who gave birth to a fool like you. Oh Dhaki you have wounded me deeply, you have bruised my heart… and made me an angry man. I won’t spare you…no I won’t Dhaki if anything happens to Kaya. pray… Pray to the gods to help you out of this because it will be too bloody. I will cut you part by part untill you beg for death. When I’m ready all this guards can not stop me in getting to you.. nothing at will stop me. So.. you better pray to whatever god you believe in to help you by saving Kaya’s life.

Yuri left while Dhaki started pacing up and down in the cell as sweat broke out of his forehead.
Yuri terrified him with his every word and he meant it.
If anything happens to Kaya he’s life will be at stake.
The gods can bear him witness that he never meant to hurt Kaya. She took the stab that was meant for Yuri.

His target was Yuri but Kaya pushed Yuri aside and before he could withheld back the knife it was already buried inside her body.
He never knew it was even a poisoned dagger, it was while in the cell he heard one of the guards telling the rest that the dagger was poisoned and Kaya may not make it alive.
The whole kingdom will be thrown into deep mourning if anything happens to her.

His jealousy and anger for Yuri has landed him into serious trouble. He prays the gods to be merciful and save Kaya’s life.

Yuri and the rest of the people continued doing everything possible for Kaya to live untill the following morning.

Her eyes were shot, the only sign that she was alive was slow heart beat.

The poison slowed it’s pace, Yuri was surprised that she was still breathing fine the next day.

Yuri started regretting why he brought the knife along.
He usually takes it during a serious war or while camping in the forest.
He securely puts it away from reach whenever he’s home.

Coming with it to Zukumo kingdom to see Kaya, he thought of what he will use to prove to Kaya how much he wants to be in her life.
Giving her the most dangerous dagger is a risk he was willing to take but Kaya didn’t even touch the dagger when he presented it.

She still choose him over all the assembled royal and wealthy men that came to ask her hand in marriage.
She chosed him and boldly declared her love for him.

None of this could have happened if he had control himself and ask Leni to Leave after she was done attending to his injuries.
Instead he watched her go naked in front of him, caressed his body with her magic hands and he even held and kissed her.

He could have done more than that if not that he couldn’t get Kaya’s thought off his head.

And Kaya caught them in the act, ever since then his mistake kept breeding one problem or the other and it finally landed them here.
The only woman he ever loved is fighting for her life.

For the first time, he felt a tear drop and wiped it off immediately.

Yuri went to Opa and Bambira. The two women were seen unstable.
He asked them if they have an idea if Kaya remained any tekah.

They both said they don’t know, is not everything she shares with them.
Yuri asked a troubled chief Dre who has not stopped muttering words that only him can hear and pacing uncontrollably.

He also said, he has no idea if there’s any tekah left because Kaya never mentioned it to anybody.

Yuri wish the gods will spare her life for few more days so that he can journey to the lioness cave and see if he can get tekah leaf.
Even if is one blade of it, he doesn’t mind. All he wants is to bring back a cure for her, if the lioness doesn’t tear him into pieces

The medicine man applied some substance around the knife wound but no improvement.

Kaya suddenly beckoned on Yuri.
She whispered something to his ears and he ran off immediately.

Opa ran after him to know what Kaya said.

“Where’s Ivan, Kaya’s sister?
He asked.

“Yesterday morning, Ivan’s husband to be came to take her on a tour around his kingdom. He is a prince in another kingdom. She was supposed to return this evening but she is not back yet. What did Kaya want Ivan to do for her?

Opa questioned.
As Yuri was about to open his mouth, Opa saw Ivan climbing down from her horse.
Her step sister, Zain’s daughter was saying something to her which made her drop everything in her hand and started running towards her mother.

“Mother, what happened to Kaya…is she going to be alright? Can I see her…

Yuri took her aside and told her that Kaya asked her to go into her chamber, unlock the schaefer locker and get out the bag that contains the tekah which she secretly kept away.

She quickly ran off, Yuri followed behind.
She climbed up to where Kaya usually keep her secret locker key.
Only her knows about it and none other in the family.
Kaya has warned her never to disclose to anyone, a dark day may come and help will be needed then she will step in to save the day.

Ivan searched for the key but it wasn’t there. She searched all over but yet nothing
Yuri noticed a shiny thing that fell to the ground while Ivan was searching and quickly picked it up.
He showed it to Ivan, out of excitement she almost fell down but Yuri caught her up.
She quickly entered Kaya’s chamber, went straight and unlock the schaefer.

She brought out a bag, rushed out and showed it to Yuri who stood outside.
Pacing and waiting.
Yuri recognized the bag, he opened it and saw the tekah was still fresh inside.

There were more than five tekah leaves.
He took one and asked Ivan to quickly return the bag and lock it securely in order not to expose the leaves to much air.
She did that and return the key to where Kaya kept it.
Yuri ran off to where Kaya was kept.

He opened her mouth and squeeze in one drop of the tekah juice.

He waited, other people around kept watching to see if there will be improvement.

Kaya was breathing slow but steady. She was breathing fine but that was all.
It seems the tekah wasn’t effective at all.
There was no more improvement they thought.
Yuri’s heart continued to race until Kaya suddenly opened her eyes and tries to sit up but a sharp pain send her back to bed.

Opa came and wrap a hand around her daughter, same with Bambi and Ivan.
Chief Dre kissed his daughter’s forehead and smile.
He raised his hands thanking the gods for Kaya.

Zain was peeping from outside. Ever since her involvement with the Mario’s she acts all cold and doesn’t associate like before.
She still can’t look at Dre in the eyes.
Only Opa seems very friendly but the guilt of all the abominable things she did hasn’t left her soul.
Despite she asked for their forgiveness and everyone seems to have forgiven she still can’t let it all go no matter how she tries.

Her daughter was always seen with Ivan and associate well with everyone.
Her father, chief Dre loves her like every of his daughter and she loves him too.

Zain refused to go in but she was happy that Kaya was finally alright.
She plans to either return back to her own kingdom, maybe she will find solace.
Seeing the people that she almost killed everyday if not for Kaya’s intervention many could have died which includes her husband. Seeing them is a big torment to her soul.

Bambira noticed the wound was still fresh but Kaya was active.
She asked Yuri Why is like that
Yuri who had not been able to hold back his joy said.

“The tekah neutralize all the poison in her blood stream, so that the poison will have no effect on her. Tekah works for internal injuries, poisoned or other serious sickness that can leads to death. The dagger wound will heal up naturally. Tekah doesn’t work for fresh wound except one that is either decaying off or stayed up longer than usual.”

Kaya was transferred to her main chamber where she will get an adequate rest so that the dagger wound can heal up fast.An intriguing stories that you wouldn't want to miss click here to read from www.dapalace.com

Yuri stayed behind with kaya in her big chamber after everyone left.

“What where you thinking Kaya? Don’t you dare try such again. If anything has happened to you it would have been two bodies that will be lowered to the grave. You can’t die and leave me… what exactly am I living for? Watching you in that bed bleeding is like someone was choking life out of me. I was already dying watching you struggle in pain. Thanks to the gods that gave you wisdom to save some of the tekah securely. Kaya… please don’t do that next time. If the gods approved of my death is better I go… I’m not better than those who died younger than I am. Don’t take a blow meant for me next time. Is better I die, I don’t have much people looking up to me like you do. Kaya you carry the entire kingdom on your shoulder and nothing should ever… happen to you. It will be a great disaster. The gods be praise that I have you back. I feel like kissing you all over, I want to carry you and hold you close to my heart. I want to appreciate life and thank the gods for my every breath. your presence in my life means everything to me. I just realized that you are much more to me and to everyone… more than words could say…

Kaya looked at him and smile weakly.

“Your poet sounds better now than before. Far better than Dhaki’s! congratulations Yuri.

Yuri laughed out loud for the first time and Kaya joined him.

She winced a little before relaxing again.

“Have you truly forgiven me now Kaya…I had a lot of fears back there, watching you. Even as a warrior, I have never faced the kind of fear I faced while watching you dying. it was a fear that engulfed every fiber of my body. I was greatly terrified…I don’t know if I have ever been so terrified like that. Which made me ask..if truly you have forgiven me?

“Yes Yuri. I choose you over others because I have forgiven you of whatever you might have done. I don’t care about it and we will joke over that in future to come. when I said I love you…I truly do.

Yuri breathed in deeply before saying.

“Thank you Kaya. May the gods bestow more wisdom to you and be merciful just like you have shown me mercy. Can we start the marriage rites right away? I don’t want to waste further time, delaying further may be dangerous… but If is not okay by you then I’m ready to wait till eternity…

Kaya smiled and said.
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“Yes, let the marriage rite began but allow me to get back on my feet first. I don’t want to miss any part of it. Ivan my sister will be getting married in two weeks time. After hers then ours will follow suit…by then I’m whole and ready in soul and in body.

Yuri smiled before squeezing Kaya’s hand gently.

“…I will like to sleep now Yuri. There’s a special place made for you unlike the visitor’s rooms. Ivan is sitting outside the door with my other sister. I can hear them talking and laughing. She is probably talking about her love trip with her husband to be. They will take you to your special chamber or the beautiful maids outside my chamber will be glad to assist.

Yuri nodded and said.

“I love you Kaya. Let the gods keep you safe and sound, they will take evil faraway from you and into the territory of your enemies”

Kaya nodded to the prayer before replying

“And you too. And another thing, becareful Yuri, those maids are young and as beautiful as Leni, make sure you don’t fall into their charms…

She said while smiling, Yuri who was already on his feet responded.

“Not in my life time again. I have been taught a lesson that I will never forget until I draw my last breath.

He bent over and kissed Kaya’s forehead before walking away.

Kaya struggled and sat up from the bed.
She shut her eyes and began to mutter prayers to the gods as she give her thanks to them for sparing her life and that if Yuri, her soon to be husband.

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“Knot it again before pulling the rope… that’s the only way it will be tight and stand firm. Follow my lead…”

She looked on and did everything that he was doing.

“Finally, I think I have gotten it father..

The little girl exclaimed excitedly.

“Perfect… that’s great! you are a fast learner Nira”

He said smiling. He smoothen her hair and kissed her cheek before they round up their work.

“Now that we’re done with the tiring and knotting of the vines can we resume our sword fight lessons now… father?

He nodded with a smile.
Nira ran off to get her small sword which was specially made for her. while her father picked up a wooden sword which he uses to teach her.

She hit the stick hard and as she tries again she missed it. She continued practicing with her father who kept shouting out command and encouraging her to do better.

“No Nira, hit me…harder…

“I’m tired father. Let me rest a little.

She lie down on the green field breathing hard, her father came to sit beside her.

“Nira…in battle there’s no resting. Your enemy is looking for a way to bring you down and if they sense any sign of weakness from you they will penetrate… and destroy you, so you don’t have to let down your guard.. you need to be alert at all time…do you understand?
An intriguing stories that you wouldn't want to miss click here to read from www.dapalace.com
“Yes father. Nira said while sitting up to face her father who was on his feet demonstrating with his wood sword

He continued.

“Look at me Nira and the space in between my feet. Don’t give more than three feet space when you want to attack, be focus and make sure you are well balanced on the ground. Concentrate on the target… especially your opponent’s weak point. Don’t be in a haste to attack first, watch your opponent keenly and calculate his weakness and every moves and from there you will know how to bring him down. if he attacks first, dribble all over him until he shows off all his tactics. You have to be brave like your mother and strong like your father. The strength in your gene is far stronger than you can imagine Nira. I will continue to guard you untill you become a real woman… don’t forget the lessons…

“I won’t father. Nira said.
She lie down again on the large field.
Her father came to sit with her.
they remained silent while looking at the sky.
He didn’t want to crowd her young mind with too much teaching but he wants to make sure she grows up with the knowledge of his teaching.
Nira later giggled before saying

“…Father, if mother gives birth to a baby girl I will teach her how to work in the vineyard, make delicious meal like mother, to be strong and never intimidated like you and how to fight and defeat the enemy. But If is a boy I will teach him how to…to..I don’t know what boys loves to do. Father, you are a boy right? what should I teach my baby brother….?

He started laughing at his five years old inquisitive daughter that behaves like an adult.
After her birth and a year later, him and his wife started trying to have another baby but to no avail.
It seems like his wife couldn’t conceive no matter what they do.
They decided to wait on the gods instead to favor them anytime they are ready.
It was after five years his wife finally conceived and heavily pregnant.

He started training Nira ever since she was three years and he will continue until she is fit and well trained.
Nira is a special child just like her mother.
She speaks things playfully and they come into existence. It appears the gods had blessed her with the blessings of her mother. Making her their special mouth piece.
He was certain that Nira will make a great leader like her mother.

He turned and looked at his daughter.
Nira continued to giggle.

“I’m not a boy… I’m a man Nira. You will teach him the same thing that you planned to teach your sister. To be strong, to be wise, brave, humble, forgiving, kind and to love truly. never to let down his guards both in Zukumo kingdom and beyond because enemies can be lurking around… there are enemies within who may appear as friends. The gods chosed us to guide the people in the right path..we will continue to do so Nira. You will soon have either a sister or brother…Guess what Nira…?

Nira looked up at her father with a large smile.

“I have many guesses. Mother will give birth tomorrow to my sister, and we will visit Fiji kingdom like the last time and Chief JoJo will give us many gifts which we will bring back to Zukumo kingdom just like last time…

He laughed out loudly again.

“No, your mother is not giving birth tomorrow. I don’t know what the gods plan to bless us with Nira, a baby girl or a boy. I don’t mind. But I do want a girl. I want another daughter like you and like your mother. That’s my utmost desire. And, yes we’ll visit Fiji again when the time is right and yes, you will get lots of gift and a great recognition too. You have grown two feet taller and wiser from the last time we visited which was almost a year ago…

Nira looked up and saw two people coming towards them.
She quickly stood.

“Father look…mother and grandma Opa…

Nira ran off to meet them.
She threw her tiny hands around her mother who’s big belle pushed her forward.
She later left her Mom and ran to her grandmother.

Her father came to stand beside her mother.
He bent over and kissed his wife before leading her to a sit.
They all sat down.

“I woke up and didn’t see you or Nira…I thought she was at mother’s place but I suddenly remembered today is your special training for her…

Kaya said while holding onto her stomach.

“We didn’t want to disturb your rest, how are you feeling now…?

“Better… This pregnancy journey seems to be alot easier than when I was carrying Nira. Her constant kicks alone makes me wonder if she wants to jump out of my stomach…

Opa laughed out and said.

“Nira is just like you… Kaya, asking questions, running off, saying things that surprisingly bcomes to past and mostly…Kaya you almost gave me heart attack while in the womb. Your birth was very difficult and challenging. I labored all night until the following day… After you were born, I was faced with another difficult reality of having another daughter. That part was too hard to bear…it seems like i disappointed everyone around me by having another girl. I was disappointed in myself too but I can’t question the gods or trade their blessings for another. As I watched you grow Kaya.. I realized that indeed you are a special seed. An outstanding girl and first of your kind. When news of you started running wild like fire I began thanking the gods for favoring me and making me a Queen mother which I thought may never be possible. Nira takes after you…but my most concern is her level of energy at just five years. Yuri… you are working her too hard… take it easy on my grand daughter…

Everyone smile. Opa bent over Nira and asked

“Is your father hard on you with his training…

“Not at all grandma. But I sometimes gets tired and need to rest. Father said the enemy will attack if I decided to take rest on the battle ground. He said I should be at alert…as cunning as the serpent. I want to be brave like mother and very strong like father…

They all laughed. Nira continued.

“…Grandma, father said I’m going to be the next chief of Zukumo kingdom. I need to be wise and lead well when the time is right. Mother is the present chief of our kingdom… grandma were you also a chief during your time? Do the people love you?

Opa smile and said.

“No, I was never a chief. Your grandfather was the chief and people loved him. Your mother is the first female Chief of this kingdom. Many other chiefs from different Kingdoms are begining to have female Chiefs because… your mother paved the way. A girl Child is more appreciated now than before because of your mother. The girl camp she started is been turned into school, for every child. The English men from faraway kingdom heard of your mother and came for a courtesy visit. Your mother took them round the kingdom and also the camp and they introduced a western education for every child to learn how to read and write. If we were well learned back then, the kind of treatment that was melted out on a girl wouldn’t have have been much. we wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble that only the fittest survive. And the kingdom is far more developed now than before…all thanks to your mother and father who with their wisdom didn’t turn down the offer. After your mother… you are the next Chief Nira..and I know you will be greater than your mother and every chief that ever rules. I’m so happy that the gods kept me alive to witness all of this….

Kaya squeezed her mother’s almost wrinkled hand gently and smile.
Opa returned the smile.

She suddenly felt a contraction and held her stomach

“Are you alright?

Yuri asked.

Kaya replied affirmative without speaking.
Another contraction hit her followed by another.
Water was seeing rushing down her leg
she held onto her husband as the pain becomes even more

Yuri carried her without wasting time and rush to the house.

The midwives came and attended to her until she was stable.

The following day Kaya gave birth to another daughter.

The whole kingdom jubilate. Yuri threw a big party and invited people both from Fiji and other Kingdoms.

Everyone came to celebrate the second daughter of the strongest warrior in eleven kingdoms and the first female chief of Zukumo kingdom whom they named Kira.

Yuri flashback to Nira telling him that her mother was going to give birth to a girl the following day and that was exactly what happened.
He was amazed with the way the little girl said it playfully and it happened.

This wasn’t the first or second time she will be saying things that will eventually happen.
At first, they used to think is a mare coincident that her words came to past but along the line they realized is more than just a coincident.
Nira has been blessed with the blessings of her mother.
The gods chosed her to be their mouth piece even at that tender age.

After they returned from visiting Fiji kingdom

Kaya with her husband sat in the field while watching eight years old Nira teaching her three years old sister, Kira how to fight with sword.

Yuri smiled deeply to himself before exhaling out.

Kaya turned and looked at him.

“Something is on your mind… which is making you feel elited. Spill it out…I want to equally laugh with you…

Yuri tapped her shoulder gently and started laughing even more with the smirking face Kaya gave him.

“I still can’t get enough of you even after all this years. Your beauty gets renewed everyday and your strength as a mother, as an amazing wife, a loving daughter, a great leader and the people’s friend never saps. I just looked around me and I’m in aww at how much the gods had blessed me with through one woman. Look at our daughters, growing in beauty, strength and in wisdom. This was the exact blessings I asked from the gods. I still thank the gods for you Kaya…how favored I feel deep within. I fall in love with you everyday Kaya. You mean everything to me and even more… thank you for giving me two strong beautiful daughters…

Kaya smiled.

“Yuri…I thank the gods more for blessing me through one man. For not letting me make the worst mistakes for a suitor. They handpicked you specially for me because I couldn’t have gone this far without your support and counsel in the major areas. I feel more blessed to be called your wife. I still remember getting angry at you… and for the very first time i cried over a man after seeing you with your slave girl, Leni. I know a master is free to do as he pleases with his slave but that saying could have been applicable if I wasn’t involved. I was broken. I didn’t realize how much I have come to love you until then… I remember telling my late grandma Bambira how sad I was at what you did. I couldn’t even make a choice or look at the new suitors because none was pleasing to me not until you came and it hit me all over that truly you are made for me and I just have to let go of all the grievance that I was holding and embrace the truth. Grandma Bambi also helped with her undiluted, unbiased advice. So, Yuri I have been wanting to ask you…if I hadn’t stopped you from beheading Leni…so you would have killed her just to prove a point..?

Yuri gasped out, he looked at his daughters.
Nira was laying on the ground while pretending to be defeated while Kira mount on top of her like a hero with her own little wooden sword which she raised high victoriously and they were both laughing.

“I knew you won’t let me do it. You hated blood shed and barbaric act Kaya. I know deep within that you will stop me. But even if you did not…I wouldn’t have. I will do any other thing to make you see that I’m sorry and truly loves you. Even if at the end you refused me, I will have to hope on the gods who brought us together in the wood to intervene. If I wanted to kill Leni, immediately I got hold of my sword, with a high uncalculated speed the sword will be on her neck and her head will roll. But I was on a slow motion that day, waiting for the time you will ask me to stop. I took my sword, raised it high slowly and still waiting for you to say something until you finally did. I wouldn’t have killed Leni not that I can’t but because I share largely in the sin. Leni only did whatever she did because I allowed it and encourage her with my actions. I sold her off after then until you later asked me to buy her all over and free her instead which I did without wasting time. she was very happy when I gave the freedom that most slaves wished for. I free some of the slaves and others were giving a place to build and have a family of their own around my place in Fiji. They took care of the house and do you notice that the house is well kept and clean anytime we visits Fiji? You are kind and very loving Kaya. I still have to apologise again… I know is in the past and it has become a mare tale, but hurting you like that with Leni was never my intention. I never even knew that you cried, you appear so harden and unshaken… didn’t know that aside having a tough side, you are still so soft…the soft side of every woman. I’m glad Bambi helped and thanked the gods that she lived to see you take over the rulership thread and the birth of Nira. I will do whatever I have to do all over just to always show you my gratitude of having you in my life… Kaya.

Kaya bent over and kissed his cheeks before relaxing on his shoulder.

Yuri held her closely to himself and they continued watching their girls practice.

After Chief Dre passed on, Kaya ruled alongside her husband Yuri for many years.
Nira grew in strength, beauty and wisdom.
She became the first female warrior that fought and won battles for her kingdom.
After she got married, she became the second female Chief of Zukumo kingdom.
While her sister Kira was the first female judge at Ogunzi kingdom where she got married to a chief.
Dhaki’s elder brother’s son, Who was a Chief as of then.

Dhaki was happy to have Kaya’s daughter close.
He has been looking for a way to make amends for the wrongs he did to Kaya and Yuri.
Even after Kaya forgives him, he still wish he can make it up.
He was married and has only one daughter, whom he loves and was raising up to be strong and brave like the first Queen of Zukumo kingdom. Chief Kaya.

Kaya grew old with her loving husband beside her.

Every first child of the ruling chiefs takes over the throne.
Nira’s had a son first before a daughter.
Her son will become the next chief after her.

The kingdom was at peace, evil went into hiding during the time Kaya was a chief and even after.
She was recognized from near and far and with her husband Yuri they did exploit.
Together They fought hard to achieve a loving and peaceful kingdom.

People feared, love and respected Kaya during her reign.
They were even more scared of Kaya’s first daughter Nira, because she was unbeatable and do not adhere to anything bad.

Nira was also training her son, who will be the next Chief after her to be strong like her father, Yuri and brave like her mother, Kaya. She was teaching him everything that her father thought her and the wisdom her mother, Chief Kaya bestowed on her.

The kingdom prospered, the land yield bountifully, the seasonal harvest was basket full of foods.
Everyone had enough to eat and those who had nothing were giving enough.

“A true leader is one who puts the people’s needs ahead of her own. Applied strength when is applicable, fight hard when is called for, love truly, Lead righta and judge fairly. One who takes no credit for the blessings she has but accord the gods their thanks. Mostly a leader is one who understands what it is like to have nothing and to have everything, to admit when she’s weak and confused, seek for counsel and help from the elders and give a listening ear to the people’s cry. A leader is not in the gender, it doesn’t matter if is a man or a woman, all that matters is that he or she most be a people’s person. And if you feel you are right for such task, then wait for the approval of the gods. That’s the most important part Nira… my daughter!
This are Kaya’s word to her daughter Nira.

“Everything I have achieved is with the help of the gods and your father who remains my backbone. My parents who taught me from a tender age all i needed to know. the era where a girl Child is recognized and respected has arrived. gone are the days a woman’s importance is underated and centred around the kitchen and childbearing. Thanks to mother who answered the gods call by picking up the mantle of leadership and becomes the people’s heroine. Father, the greatest warrior in eleven kingdoms who thought me that fighting for the land and protecting the people is not just a man’s duty, he said I can do it and he thought me everything I am. Making me the first female warrior who fought war and won. I’m the second female Chief after my mother… your grandma. I learnt from the best and I will teach you wisdom even now while your heart is still young. Mother told me to be a people’s person and never to give a biased judgement. To love truly and leade fairly. When I was ready for marriage, she told me love is a strong force that engulfed our every soul and can make us do crazy things but even while in love seek the gods approval if this man or this woman is the chosen one for you..if your heart is sincere and your request is right in order, you had this faith without weavering while waiting for results… The gods are kind they will give you either sign or find another way to communicate their answers to you. Be patient, don’t be quick to speak or fast to condemn. Make a good difference in the sand of time, not just as a leader but a person who lives on earth. Make sure you left a good mark in the heart of one or two persons before kissing the earth good bye. Pass this message forward and let your own children follow this exact path that we all trade…in doing so, the earth will be a better place for everyone.

This was Nira’s message to her son.

And it continued that way for many generation after Kaya, The first woman who paved the way for others to walk on.

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