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Married Slave by Dapalace: 4:20pm On Jan 06


I was sold but I got married

An Indian romance story




Her name is Krishna Bundela….

She’s a true definition of beauty

But she’s a slave

I know you don’t understand how someone could be born a slave

She wasn’t actually born a slave…

She lost her parents at an early age so she was left at the mercy of her cruel aunt Gangi.

That was how she became a slave

Aunt Gangi sold her out…

To a landlady….

Life was hell for her until the table turned around….

Do you want to know what really happened to Krishna?

How will Krishna cope as a slave?

How did she get married?

Does a slave get married?

Find out in this breathtaking story….

Trust me you don’t wanna miss this story!

Grab your pop corn

Your ice cream

Let’s go!

Episode 01

Aunt Gangi’s Pov:

I stormed out of the room with heaps of clothes.

“Lazy girl! Wash all of that… You are so useless” I yelled angrily as I threw the clothes on her face.

I dragged her by her hair as she kept crying and pleading.

“Aunt you’re hurting me!” she cried as I grinned wickedly.

“Shut up! You’re being such a free loader in this house…” I said angrily

“But aunt I’ve been fetching water and washing since morning… It’s almost 2pm and am yet to take breakfast” she wailed as I left her forcefully and she fell on her face.

Tears rushed down her cheeks..

But who cares?

“Oh really? You want to eat right? Silly girl…. Only useful people are allowed to eat” I said angrily and kicked her.

“Once you are done washing, you get into the house carry that tray of sweets and head straight to the market to hawk” I said as I walked into the house.

She’s the most annoying person I have ever seen.

I really hate Krishna so much.

I wish I could strangle her to death.

I sighed loudly as I sat on the couch.

I know you are wondering who I am and who Krishna is.

Well pardon me for not introducing myself.

My name is Gangi and that worthless girl outside the house washing is my niece.

She’s my sister’s only child.

Actually my late sister.

Her parents died in a fire accident.

That was how that liability ended up with me.

I never wanted her to live with me but I had no choice.

I own a little restaurant and that was with the help of my niece Krishna’s mother.

Her parents helped me a lot when they were alive…

But Tch…..

That was all in the past.

So that was why Krishna had to stay with me.

Though she does practically everything in the house.

She even hawks along the road but whatever!

That doesn’t make her useful to me.

She’s so worthless….

I can’t kill her… No way!

That will be a waste of my food….

Yeah! She have been feeding on my leftovers so I can not waste that.

Krishna is really very beautiful…

Though she doesn’t wear good saris but she still looks very gorgeous.

Beautiful but useless

I think this is enough introduction for now..


Krishna’s Pov:

I looked at my hands…

They looked sore…

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

When am I ever gonna leave this place….

I could remember when mother and father were alive, they loved and supported aunt Gangi.

I really wonder why she hates me so much.

I yawned hungrily.

I have not had anything to eat since yesterday night.

That’s not even the worst…

The worst is that she wants me to entertain her customers with my body.

She always thinks of me as useless.

Some minutes later

I was done washing the heaps of clothes.

I quickly walked into the house and came out with a big tray of sweets.

I don’t want to incur her wrath.

I left the house with my stomach grumbling.


Aunt Gangi’s Pov:

“That girl is nothing but a free loader in this house… I just wished I could make her disappear” I groaned angrily.

Arhita my dear friend burst into laughter.

“What funny Arhita?” I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Come on Gangi… And what if she disappears is that going to make her useful to you?” Arhita said as I rolled my eyes.

“I just don’t want to see her” I said

“I have an idea… She will not only get away from your sight, she will make you very rich” Arhita said shaking her head.

“What? Tell me about it” I said eagerly.

“Actually I know of a slave trader… He will definitely buy her and give you a lot of money” Arhita said and I smiled broadly.

“That’s a very good idea” I laughed excitedly.


I counted the money happily…

Two million rupee… That’s a whole lot of money

“Anay sir…. Don’t worry she will be back soon so that you can take her away” I laughed

“Of course Gangi… She’s now my property” Mr Anay the slave trader said with a grin.

Just then, I sighted Krishna walking into the compound with an empty tray.

“Namaste….” She said with her palms together.

“Oh beautiful….” Mr Anay said licking his lips.

Krishna stared at him with confusion.

She was about to enter the house when I dragged her back with her hair.

“Hey! Silly girl… Where do you think you are going?” I yelled at her.

“Aunt I…..” She said

Just then, three hefty men came out of Anay sir’s car and quickly grabbed Krishna.

“Aunt! Please help me… Don’t let them take me….” She kept crying.

They dragged her into the car…..


This early ni

Gangi is already showing her wickedness


I really feel for Krishna…

Let the story begin

Stay tuned!
Re: Married Slave by Dapalace: 6:32pm On Jan 07


I was sold but I got married

An Indian romance story




Episode 02

Simitra’s Pov:

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe my nails have been ruined..” I screamed as I quickly kept the kettle.

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

I can’t believe this…

The pedicure and manicure were so expensive….

And now what?

Just because I wanted to make a cup of coffee for my husband Aakash.

“Oh my….” I kept wailing.

And now the tears are ruining in my makeups.

“Aargghh…” I yelled angrily as I stared at the mirror.

Aakash rushed into the room panting.

“Simitra are you OK? What happened?” Aakash asked anxiously

“Oh Aakash… Just look at my nails, it have been ruined and my makeup ruined also” I cried bitterly.

Aakash shook his head in disappointment.

“What? Just because of a mere makeup? That’s why you are crying?” Aakash asked.

I quickly wiped off my tears and stood up angrily with my hands folded.

“Isn’t that enough reason? Oh my goodness Aakash… You don’t know how important my beauty is to me” I shook my head as I talked.

“Simitra… You got me so scared, I thought something bad happened to you” Aakash said as I rolled my eyes.

“Oh come on Aakash! Isn’t it bad that my nails broke when I tried making you a cup of coffee! Look… If I hadn’t touch that stupid kettle, my nails would have been beautiful” I said

“Simitra! We shouldn’t worry about that now, come on let’s go downstairs.. There’s a meeting in the mansion. Father summoned everyone” Aakash said and I flinched.

“With a broken nail? No way! Am not going for the meeting downstairs please Aakash! Just tell them am sick” I said as I quickly laid on the bed.

Still sulking cos of my broken nail.


Aakash’s Pov:

I heaved a deep sigh as I walked out of the room.

That’s Simitra for us…

Though I love her that way!

Well my name is Aakash Singh and am the last and second son of the wealthy family “The Singh’s family”.

And Simitra is my wife…

We’ve been married for closely 5 years now with no child.

That doesn’t even bother her… She’s just so obsessed with making up, putting on jewelries and so on.

She actually came from a wealthy family as well so Simitra is more like a princess being the only child.

But my father Mr Singh is the only problem we have.

He wants an heir as soon as possible.

And my elder brother Vishnu is also married with a daughter but father wants a male child.


Am so fed up with father’s desires.

And to make matters worse, the seer told him that it is through me that the mansion would have an heir.

It got me really laughing

How is that even possible when Simitra doesn’t care?

I know I shouldn’t disbelief a seer but I just can’t help it.

And now there’s a meeting…

I wonder what it is about

Probably the heir issue of course.

I walked downstairs and sat on the mat.

Everywhere became very silent.

Father cleared his throat noisily and began.

“Aakash where’s Simitra?” Father’s bold voice smacked me into consciousness.

“She’s not feeling well father” I lied

“She’s never comes out for meetings” Vishnu’s wife Pavitra said as I eyed her.

“Well that’s true Aakash!” Vishnu said as I turned to talk back at him but mother stopped us.

“That’s enough all of you… Let’s go straight to the meeting” Mother said

“I just wanted to inform you that the seer will be coming tomorrow to the mansion… An heir is really needed here in the mansion” Father said a brutal face.

I sighed loudly.

Just as I thought.


Krishna’s Pov:

My hands and legs were tied up as they pushed me into a very dark room.

We drove for a long time before getting here and I wonder where I am.

I was still crying when I felt a hand touch me.

it was dark and I couldn’t see.

“Let me go!” I yelled

“Who are you?” The female voice said.

A candle was lighted and to my greatest surprise, I wasn’t the only one in the dark room.

There were up to eight girls with their hands tied.

My jaw dropped…

That was when I realized that am truly a commodity.



“Hey! Silly girl!!” one of the men kicked me roughly as I was fast asleep.

I quickly opened my eyes.

A beautiful lady walked into the room we were lying.

She looked filthy rich…

She wore very expensive jewelries.

She looked at all of us and rolled her eyes.

She quickly walked out of the room and the door was closed.

Shortly, one of the men came in and dragged me out.

I was taken into a very flashy car.

I saw the lady in the car.

She drove off with me.

She just bought me I guess.

“What’s your name?” She asked breaking the silence.

“Krishna ma’am” I replied

“I am your new mistress…. You’re going to be my slave! I am Simitra Aakash Singh” She said as I nodded.



We walked into a very beautiful mansion.

I was gobsmacked as we walked into the mansion.

“AND HERE COMES THE MOTHER OF THE HEIR” I heard a loud voice…..


To be continued….

And the battle has just begun

Simitra just bought her

And she’s going to be her co wife


Episode 03

Simitra’s Pov:

I laughed so loud as I turned around and saw the seer sitting on the bare ground.

“What do you mean?” I scoffed.

Everyone was already shocked….

“She… The girl with you is the only one that can give this family an heir” The seer repeated.

“What are you saying Mr seer? We don’t even know her” my father in-law Mr Singh said.

“Make us understand sir… How can a total stranger be the mother to the heir?” Aakash and Vishnu asked anxiously.

“She has been chosen by the goddess Durga to give this wealthy family an heir” The seer said as I scoffed.

“You are mistaken Mr seer… She’s Krishna and she is my slave” I said shaking my head.

“And she is the lucky one” The seer said

“And with which of my sons will she give me an heir?” Mr Singh asked

“With your son Aakash” The seer said as my eyes widened in shock.

“What?” everyone asked in unison.



I stormed into the room walking restlessly up and down the room.

“No way! I cannot accept this” I screamed as Aakash came in.

“Oh Simitra please calm down” Aakash said and held my hand but I slapped his hand off me.

“Tch… Calm down? How am I supposed to do that Aakash? When am no longer going to be the only landlady…I’ll have to share with a slave I bought with my money?” I said angrily.

“Simitra I haven’ t agreed to marry to her… Besides why did you even have to buy a slave?” Aakash asked and I scratched my hair.

“Uhm… Of course I don’t want to suffer” I said as I backed him.

“Now see the results… Our love for each other needs to be tested” Aakash said as I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

“What ever! I just don’t want to strain my hands” I said

“So what should we do now?” Aakash asked as I grinned and turned to him.

“Am throwing that girl out of my house” I said and smiled.

“What? Do you think father will allow it?” Aakash asked

“I don’t care… I bought her with my money and I say when she’s leaving” I said as I picked up a lipstick and rubbed on my lips…


Vishnu’s Pov:

I fumed in anger..

I can’t let Aakash give the family an heir… Am the eldest son and should be the father of the heir so that I can get my father’s properties to myself I thought as I stamped my feet on the ground.

“Papa….i want ice cream…” My little daughter Rani said rushing to me.

“Just get out of here Rani” I yelled at her as she flinched.

“Papa I….” She said as I pushed her aside.

“Get out Rani” I shouted as the little girl rushed out crying.


I really need to get a solution for this.

I can’t let Aakash get the family an heir…..

This is all Pavitra’s fault, if she had a son for me instead of Rani then I wouldn’t have to compete with my younger brother Aakash.

Just then, Pavitra walked into the room angrily holding Rani’s hand.

“Vishnu what did you do to my little girl?” she asked

“Shut up Pavitra! Your daughter? Why not get a son” I said

I continued thinking.

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Krishna’s Pov:

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

I sat inside the cottage sulking.

Why is life being unfair to me?

So am going to compete with my mistress?

Now I have to go back to that hell hole.

I looked at the corner of the house..

My bags were already packed and set for me to leave the house.

I heard a knock on my door.

“Krishna! Get out of there… Let’s go! ” I heard ma’am Simitra’s voice.

I quickly wiped off my eyes and opened the door.

I carried my luggage.

“Put that into the car right now” She ordered as I quickly carried it into the boot.

I took a last glance at the mansion as I opened the car’s door.

I was about to enter the car since my mistress had already entered.

SHE’S GOING NOWHERE ” A voice said from upstairs….


There are many enemies

And the war has just begun

Krishna have come to stay

Stay tuned!
Re: Married Slave by Dapalace: 4:12pm On Jan 09


I was sold but I got married

An Indian romance story



Episode 04

Simitra’s Pov:

“SHE’S GOING NOWHERE” A voice said from behind and we turned around.

To my greatest surprise, it was my father in-law Mr Singh.

“Father?” I said in shock

“I said she’s going nowhere… She is the mother of the heir” He said as anger burnt through me.

I stared at scared Krishna who bowed her head in fear.

I stared at her with so much disgust.

“No father.. I can’t let her marry my husband” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“You have no say in this Simitra… She will remain in this house and gives the family what both you and Pavitra are unable to give the family” He said with a bold voice.

My father in-law had always been like that!

Everyone does whatever he wants and he doesn’t tolerate.


I hate this man a lot.

Now am standing right under the sun…

Am sure my complexion is darkening.

I quickly wiped off my tears and rushed into the mansion giving Krishna a dangerous look.

“Aargghhh….” I yelled as I entered the room.

I wish I never bought that good for nothing girl.

She’s nothing but trouble for me.

I can’t believe I bought a wife for my husband.

Isn’t that shocking


Krishna’s Pov:

I was dumbfounded.

Does this mean that am finally going to be a landlady?

This is really ridiculous…

A slave now married to her mistress’s husband.

I gulped nervously as Mr Singh walked closer to me.

He patted my back and smiled.

“Get into the mansion… You have to be reformed” Mr Singh said and I became gobsmacked.

“Sir?” I said trying to make sure I heard him right.

“Get into the mansion” He ordered as I rushed in.


I looked into the mirror and watched the makeup artist apply makeup on my face.

I wore a very expensive golden bangles…..

I can’t believe my eyes!

Is this really me in the mirror?

Am I this gorgeous?

I laughed innermindedly…..

Life revolves….


Simitra’s Pov:

I walked into the poorly furnished cottage staring around in disgust.

Suddenly, I felt something on my skin.

I quickly jumped up, it was cobwebs…

“Eww….OMG!” I cried as I watched the maid move my stuffs into the cottage.

I can’t believe this ….

Me? Simitra Bharati…. Living in a God damn cottage while the slave I bought with my hard earned money is in my huge bedroom.

Does Aakash really have to marry her?

Just because of a child?

Gosh! I don’t want to give birth now…. I can’t loose my shape now.

“Ohooohooo….” I coughed aloud.

“This room is so dusty…. But at least it has a mirror for makeup” I sighed.

I brought out my box of jewelries .

I can’t let the maids take it…

Who knows? They might spoil it.

I stared at myself in the mirror.

I need to apply some powder.


Aakash’s Pov:

I walked upstairs with my brief case as I entered the room.

The room’s light was switched off.

“Simitra! Simitra!! Where are you my baby?” I called but I got no response.

Usually whenever I enter the room.

It’s always dirty and she sits beside the mirror with her jewelry or checking out how her new saris looks on her.

“Where could she be?” I asked myself

Probably she has gone to make her nails.

I quickly turned on the light.

And I almost screamed as I saw a very beautiful lady sitting on my bed.

She was backing me but believe me she looked really stunning even from the back view.

She had a veil wrapped around her head.

“Who are you?” I asked anxiously but she didn’t respond.

“Simitra is that you?” I asked becoming really scared.

I walked closer to the person and quickly removed the veil…


Simitra is really something else…

Her problem is makeup and jewelry…

But who do you think is in the room?


Episode 05

Krishna’s Pov:

My heart skipped

As Aakash Sir quickly removed my veil.

His lips parted as his jaw dropped.

He stared at me in astonishment….

“Hey! What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like a married woman?” He asked giving me a disdainful look.

“Aakash Sir I..” I stammered

“Shut up! What are you still doing sitting on my bed? Will you get the hell up” He screamed at me as hot tears dropped down my cheeks.

I quickly got up shivering in fear.

He looked at the dressing mirror and snorted.

“Where’s Simitra? Where are her makeups?” He asked with his eyes fixed on the table.

“She was… She was sent to the cottage” I broke down as he gasped.

“What? My wife? In the cottage?” He flinched as he looked at me with so much hatred

“And what are you doing here?” Aakash asked

“The master said I should….” I stammered in tears.

“Get out!” Aakash shouted at me as I quickly rushed out of the room.

I rushed to the servants quarters and broke into tears.

I was so heartbroken.

Aakash Sir is so mean…

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Lakshmi’s Pov:

“Madam Pavitra…. Your nails looks absolutely beautiful” I said as I was doing pedicure for her.

“Thank you so much Lakshmi” She smiled excitedly

“You know ma’am Pavitra, you and your daughter Rani are so lucky to be rich” I said

“Oh come on Lakshmi… Your old brain won’t let you understand the kind of humiliation Rani and I go through her” Pavitra sighed sadly

“What do you mean ma’am Pavitra?” I asked anxiously.

“Being a Singh is really difficult… Just imagine my sister in-law Simitra bought a new maid and the seer said that goddess Durga chose the slave to be the mother of the heir” Pavitra said as my eyes widened in shock.

“What? A slave?” I said shocked

“Yes! And am sure once that slave gives birth to the heir, my Rani won’t be recognized again” Pavitra said as I shook my head.

What? I can’t let that happen… I’ve always wanted my daughter Saloni to marry Aakash sir I thought.

I know you are surprised right?

Well my name is Lakshmi..

And I have a very beautiful daughter Saloni.

She’s not actually my daughter, she’s my grand daughter.

Her mother was my daughter before she died while giving birth to Saloni.

So I nursed Saloni from childhood

Am really an old woman but strong though.

And I always come to the mansion to do manicure and pedicure for ma’am Pavitra.

And yes! I want my granddaughter to marry Aakash.

Of course everyone knows how wealthy the Singh’s are.

And that they desperately needs an heir.

I’ve always wanted my daughter to be the mother of the heir.

I even begged ma’am Pavitra to employ my daughter as a cleaner.

We always come from house to work at the mansion.

So the slave’s presence in the mansion is a big threat.

And I don’t accept defeat.

I grinned wickedly…..

Aakash’s Pov:

I watched her run out of the room in fear as I banged the door.

I quickly sat on my bed.

Was I too mean?

Was I wicked?

Am I a bad person?

Was my attitude too harsh?

I felt sorry for the poor girl for once….

She wasn’t just sold, now she has to marry too.

Why am I feeling sorry for her?

Does this mean I have a soft spot for her?

I thought and shrugged it off.

I quickly stormed out of the room straight to the cottage downstairs.

I didn’t bother to knock, I opened the door and shouted in fear.

I was so scared.

I saw a woman with a white chalky substance rubbed on her face.

I almost died of heart attack.

Who are you? I screamed in fear

And to my greatest surprise, she burst into laughter.

That was when I realised it was Simitra.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

“What’s this all about Simitra?” I asked still in shock.

“Oh come on! This is just a face smoothening substance” She laughed.

She’s not even sad that she’s no longer going to be close to me.

Does Simitra even love me?

“Come back to the mansion Simitra….” I said as she scoffed

“Are you kidding me? I don’t want to.. This cottage is giving me enough time to take care of my beauty without any distractions” She said as I gasped.

“What?” I asked in shock….



E no even worry Simitra sef

She don’t care….

But enemies plenty oo




Who do you think is the worst?

The story just began

Keep following!
Re: Married Slave by Dapalace: 9:31am On Jan 11

Episode 06

Lakshmi’s Pov:

I was still lost in thought as I walked out of the mansion.

Suddenly, my eyes caught with someone at the cottage.

“The cottage is open? Why? Is anyone living inside?” I thought as I saw ma’am Simitra sitting inside with a mirror on her hand.

She was admiring her face.

My jaw dropped in agape….

Ma’am Simitra is now living in that old small cottage….

I quickly walked closer to her.

“Namaste…. ” I said aloud as she smiled broadly.

“Hello Lakshmi… Don’t worry I don’t need your services! My nails are still sparkling” She said shaking her head.

“Ooh! That’s very OK! But ma’am what are you doing here in the cottage?” I asked lowering my voice.

She laughed slightly.

“Uhmm… This is where I live now” She said simply.

“What? You live in the cottage?” I asked in disgust.

“Ye….Yes..” She stammered

“And you are happy here?” I asked anxiously

“Of course…. Now i have enough time to take care of my beauty” She smiled.

“Gosh….!!” I screamed and she flinched.

“What is it?” She asked

“You are so unbelievable ma’am…. Why did you stop living in the mansion?” I asked

“It was my father in-law’s idea…. He wanted the new slave to give him a grandson with my husband so he’s marrying her… Tch! I don’t care” She rolled her eyes.


This woman is really senseless!

She doesn’t even care if her husband and her position is being taken away from her.

“Anything the matter?” She asked as I walked closer to her and looked around to see if someone was coming or overhearing our conversation.

“You know what Simitra? I think you are slowly losing your place in the mansion… How can you let your mere slave take away your husband from you” I whispered as her eyes widened in shock.

She quickly covered her mouth with her palms and gasped.

“My goodness….!” She screamed

“What happened?” I asked in surprise

“You are so right..” She shook her head in agreement.

“Of course Simitra…. Don’t let the slave take your place, fight for what is truly yours” I said quietly.

She nodded in agreement and I smiled within me.

This is going to be my starting point…. I will use Simitra against them… Simitra will get rid of the slave with her bare hands and she will die as well and just when Aakash thinks all is gone, my pretty silly little daughter will emerge…. I thought within myself and smiled happily.

I walked out of the mansion with my big sack of manicure and pedicure kit.

I have to plan on how to make my daughter Saloni get into the picture.


Saloni picked up a piece of fish and ate it hungrily.

“Yummy… This is super delicious Mamaa ” Saloni said happily.

“Of course my child…. I want you to enjoy yourself” I said as I watched her eat.

“But Mamaa…. Why did you prepare a lot of food? What’s the occasion?” She asked as she gulped down a glass of water.

“Would you like to always eat good food like you are doing now?” I asked and she nodded happily.

I smirked at her.

I quickly brought out a bag.

It was full of new saris…. Colourful ones at that!

“Wow…. ” Smiles escaped Saloni’s lips.

“Is that for me Mamaa?” She asked

“Yes Saloni” I said and she shrieked in excitement.

“But Mamaa it’s not my birthday and there is no festival, why then are you treating me?” Saloni asked with so much interest and I smiled.

“Would you like to always have delicious food on your table every day and always wear very expensive and beautiful saris?” I asked and she nodded in agreement.

“Then you will do exactly what I tell you to…. Do you understand?” I asked

“Sure Mamaa! As long as I will have beautiful saris and nice food” She said childishly.

I laughed excitedly as I hugged her.


Aakash’s Pov:

I can’t believe Simitra….

She’s really something else.

I headed straight to our room and to my greatest surprise, I saw Krishna lying in front of the door.

“What is that annoying lady doing here?” I thought as I walked closer.

She was fast asleep on the bare ground.

I quickly kicked her roughly and she opened her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I asked angrily

“Aakash sir… I have no room here in the mansion except this one and the master your father ordered me to return to this place” She said calmly.

“You must be silly… This is my room not ours! Am not letting you in” I said

She nodded her head in fear.

“OK sir… I’ll sleep outside here” She said as I sighed loudly and walked into the room locking the door.

“What nonsense!” I said as I landed on the bed.

I opened my eyes and glanced on the wall clock.

it was mid night and it was raining heavily.

I quickly covered myself with a duvet.

Thunder and lighting kept clapping

The curtain kept flying from one corner to another.

My Simitra must be feeling cold now.

That was when I remembered the slave lying outside on the cold ground.

I stood up and headed to the door but stopped.

Something kept telling me to help her…

And the other telling me not to help her….

I opened the door immediately and saw her shivering on the ground in cold.

I felt really sorry for her.

I didn’t even realize when I sat beside her and tapped her.

She couldn’t even open her eyes.

I touched her neck….. she was down with fever.

Suddenly, lighting struck

She quickly hugged me in fear and I held her tightly….



Episode 07

Krishna’s Pov:

I quickly hugged Aakash sir and he held me too.

Some minutes later, I disengaged the hug and we looked away.

I felt a kind of guilt….

“Are you feeling cold?” He asked trying to cover up.

“Yes sir…” I replied.

I was still shivering…

“Come in” He said as we entered the room.

I was very down with fever…

I tried to stand…

Immediately, I collapsed into his arms.

Few minutes later

I opened my weak eyes as I yawned hungrily.

To my greatest surprise, I saw Aakash sir sitting beside me.

I tried to sit up but I couldn’t..

I was too tired to.

Did he carry me to the bed?

He even covered me with his warm duvet and watches over me.

“Krishna how are you feeling now?” Aakash’s bold voice smacked me into consciousness.

“Uhm… Ye… Yes sir!” I said as I gulped nervously.

Goosebumps ran down my spine as he looked straight into my eyes.

I felt as if the ground would open and swallow me up.

“Err… Sir can I go back and sleep outside?” I said cutting into the quiet hour.

“Is that where you want to sleep?” He asked still staring at me directly.

“You see…i don’t… I don’t wanna disturb you sir…” I said stammering

“Don’t worry! You can sleep here” He said and smiles escaped my lips.

Thank goodness….

I can’t bear the cold outside..

I quickly got up and walked to the couch.

“What are you doing?” He asked as I turned around.

“I’ll sleep on the couch Sir!” I said forcing a smile.

“No… I’ll sleep on the couch instead” He said as I gasped.

“No! No!! No sir… I won’t be happy if you do” I said immediately.

“Then let’s share the bed” He said as I widened my eyes in shock.


I kept rolling from one corner of the bed to another.

I can’t believe am close to him…

He is sleeping right next to me.

I tried to steal glances at him but my eyes kept catching his.

I held my breath in anxiety.

“Krishna… How did you become a slave?” He asked me as I shivered in fear.

My jaw dropped..


Lakshimi’s Pov:

Saloni stood in front of the mirror in her new sari and jewelry.

She looks absolutely gorgeous.

“Oh my! You look so much like your mother my dear” I said happily.

“Thank you Mamaa! But where am I going to?” Saloni asked anxiously.

“Listen carefully silly girl! Here… Give this personally to Aakash sir” I said handing a basket to her.

“You mean the landlord’s younger son?” Saloni asked

“Yes… Exactly!” I smiled as she furrowed her brows in confusion.

“What? What’s in the basket Mamaa? I thought you only do manicure and pedicure for his wife?” Saloni fluttered her eyebrows.

“Shut up silly girl!” I said

Saloni quickly opened the basket and gasped.

“Delicious sweets ” Saloni’s mouth watered as she licked her lips.

“Just give it to Sir Aakash directly…” I said as she scratched her hair in confusion.

“Is that why you said I should dress like this? In my very beautiful sari?” She asked.

“Shut your mouth already… Just do exactly as I say” I shook my head.

“But Mamaa the sari is too exposing” She said

“Just go ahead you stubborn girl!” I screamed as she quickly picked up the basket and stormed out of the house.

“Give it directly to Sir Aakash” I yelled

“OK Mamaa!” She replied outside.

I burst into laughter…

“Let’s see how he will resist my beautiful daughter… Little by little she will capture his heart” I smiled in excitement.

Next I will have to talk some sense into Vishnu.

Simitra’s Pov:

Lakshmi is really saying the truth…. How can i let that slave! The slave I bought with my hard earned money become my husband’s wife I thought.

I kept walking up and down restlessly.

I bought her to serve me…

Instead of that, she started dragging my husband with me.

I can’t let this happen.

But what can I do?

I can never cry… No way!

That’s only going to ruin in my mascara..

I quickly picked up my mirror and looked at my face and smiled happily.

“Am so beautiful” I laughed

That is by the way…

I have to think of what to do…

I think I should go and talk to Lakshmi.

She probably will tell me what to do.

I picked up my eye liner and applied it on my eye.

And applied the lipstick

I can not afford to look ugly

Princesses don’t look ugly and I am a princess

Something must be done about this.

I can’t stand it!

My slave becoming my husband’s wife


Aakash’s Pov:

I was busy with some office files.

I heard a sharp knock on the door.

“Could it be Krishna?” I thought

“Please come in” I said as the door throw open.

To my utmost surprise, it was Lakshmi the stylist’s daughter.

She was holding a basket.

And she looked super sexy in her very exposing sari.

She looked very innocent and pretty.

My jaw dropped…

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Lakshmi is a scheming witch

Her plans are slowly working

She has poisoned Simitra’s mind

More tales to unfold

Stay tuned!
Re: Married Slave by Zara20(f): 12:15am On Jan 12
Re: Married Slave by Dapalace: 11:11am On Jan 13

Episode 08

Aakash’s Pov:

I was busy with some office files when suddenly the door fling up.

To my utmost surprise, there stood Saloni the beautician’s daughter.

She looked amazingly stunning in her beautiful but exposing sari.

She smiled at me revealing her white sparkling teeth.

What is she doing here? Why is she carrying a basket? I thought within me.

“Namaste… Little master!” She greeted with her palms together.

“Oh hello Saloni… Come in” I said as she walked in.

She handed the basket to me.

“My mother said I should give this to you and that it’s specially for you” She said happily as I forced a smile.


When did Lakshmi and I start exchanging gifts?

What is inside the basket?

Thought kept running through my mind.

I sluggishly took the basket from her.

“What is this?” I asked as I quickly uncovered the basket.


Well prepared sweets….

I gulped down my saliva….

But suddenly a thought came into my mind and I flinched.

“Sweets? Why did your mother prepare this for me? I haven’t done anything special for her to deserve this treat?” I said as I turned to her.

Her boobs were almost bulging out of her sari.

So seductive

I blinked my eyes trying to concentrate.

I shut my eyes and breathed heavily.

I quickly handed the basket back

“Sir she said its specially yours… Just a small treat” She said as I shook my head.

“Thank you very much but take it back to her, I don’t take sweets for now” I lied as she took the basket from me.

She sighed in disappointment…

I know she must be feeling bad but I don’t trust Lakshmi at all.

She walked out of the room and I exhaled deeply.

Saloni’s Pov:

“What nonsense? I told mother that Sir Aakash will definitely reject the gift” I said audibly as I headed out of the mansion.

Why did she even ask me to dress as if today is Holi festival?


Mother is really something…

“Hey! Stop!!” I heard a voice from behind.

I held my breath in anxiety as I turned around.

It was Sir Vishnu…

“Good day sir” I gulped nervously

He smiled mischievously as he stared at me romantically.

I became very shy.

I avoided eye contact with him….

He licked his lips as he stared at me seductively.

I wonder what’s up with him?

“Saloni…Whats that?” He asked pointing at my basket.

I forced a smile at him in anxiety.

Oh no! Mother warned me that this is specifically for Sir Aakash

“Uhm… Sir…. It’s…. Err…” I kept stammering as he quickly snatched the basket from me.

I inhaled sharply.

“Wow! Sweets…” He said already eating one of it even before I could utter a word.

“But Sir… It’s for…” I tried talking but he won’t let me.

“This is so delicious… You know what Saloni? I want you to prepare some of these sweets for me tomorrow and bring it straight into my room” He said and winked at me.

“O.. O… OK sir!” I managed to say as he patted my hair and walked away slipping some money into my hand.

I rejoiced in excitement.

I think Mr Vishnu is really a nice man..


I rushed into the house happily.

“Mother! Mother!!” I called in excitement as mother walked out of the room.

“What is silly girl? Did Sir Aakash take the gift?” Mother asked happily seeing me empty-handed.

“Not really mother” I said

“What? After all the makeup?” Mother said almost inaudibly

“Say what mother?” I asked

“Nothing…. I mean where is the basket of sweets?” Mother asked as I showed her the money.

She shook her head.

“Did you sell the sweets?” Mother asked

“No mother! Actually Sir Vishnu took it all and gave me this money…. He said I should prepare some for him tomorrow” I said happily.

Mother’s face beamed with smiles.

“OK child… Go in” Mother said as I rushed in.

“Wow… Plans changed to my favour” Mother smiled.

Simitra’s Pov:

I scratched my head in confusion.

As I picked up the mirror beside me and stared at my face.

I quickly cleaned up the sweat with a handkerchief.

“What exactly are you advising me to do Lakshmi?” I asked anxiously

“Come on Simitra! It all lies in your hands….” Lakshmi laughed wickedly.

“Lies in my hands? How?” I said still confused.

“You can make the Singh’s pay for keeping you in such a hell hole called cottage” Lakshmi whispered

“You are right… How dare them push me out of the mansion to a cottage, in my father’s mansion am a princess” I said shaking my head.

“Exactly…. I know what you will do! I’ve got the perfect idea” Lakshmi smiled

“What is it?” I asked anxiously

As Lakshmi looked around and whispered into my ear.

I gasped in shock.

“Are you sure?” I asked in surprise….


Episode 09

Simitra’s Pov:

I kept walking restlessly up and down the room.

Lakshmi is right… That slave of mine is gradually taking my place in the mansion, it’s been two days since Aakash came to visit me. I have to get rid of her before its too late I thought as I nodded my head.

I quickly covered my head and walked out of the cottage.

It was getting really dark and this is the best time for me to enter the mansion.

And at least talk to Aakash…

I headed into the mansion and straight to the room.

I knocked aloud on the door.

Before throwing the door…..

My jaw dropped in shock as I glared hard at Krishna.

“Krishna!!” I called in surprise

Actually I saw my husband Aakash helping her massage her legs which she placed on his laps.

Goosebumps ran down my spine as I stared at her with hatred.

She bowed her head in guilty as I walked closer to slap her.

To my greatest surprise, Aakash held my hand.

“Don’t…” Aakash said defensively as I looked at him in shock.

Did he just say that to me?

I can’t believe this…. Aakash just raised his voice on me because of a slave that I bought with my money.

I stared at him in anger.

“Aakash… I want her out!! I want Krishna thrown out of my house” I said with a tone of finality.

Aakash scoffed and I became angry.

“What wrong have she done to deserve your evil treatment?” He asked

“Evil? I bought that girl with my money” I screamed

“How much did you buy her? I can refund you the money in triple” Aakash said as I smirked in surprise.

“Really? You are choosing that girl over me?” I asked in annoyance.

“Please Simitra just leave!” Aakash said as I shook my head in disbelief.


Is this a dream or something?

Aakash that loves me so much

Asked me out of the room

Because of a slave I bought?

I breathed heavily in so much anger.

I quickly stormed out of the room giving Krishna a dangerous look.

She gulped nervously.

I rushed back to the cottage in tears.

This is not happening….

Does it mean that my makeups are no longer attractive to Aakash.

I bit my lips in thought…

Lakshmi was so correct…

That girl is gradually stealing my husband.

This can never happen…

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed the number….

Lakshmi’s Pov:

“Mother is this even necessary? I mean must I follow you to the Singh’s mansion?” Saloni asked carrying the bags.

“Shut up Saloni… I just want you to learn how to do manicure and pedicure” I lied

“But Mamaa I can do it!” She sighed

“You have to become perfect” I cut in

“I wonder why you always want me to wear nice saris to the Singh’s mansion” She said

“You have to look good silly girl” I said

“And Mamaa why did you have a package of food with you?” She asked as I smiled.

“You are too inquisitive…. It’s for Sir Vishnu” I said as she flinched.

“Mamaa don’t tell me you want to take some money from him?” She nudged me.

“Don’t worry child! You will give him yourself and don’t let ma’am Pavitra see you” I said as she nodded.

There are more to this my child…. I don’t just need only the money but also the whole house I thought and smiled.


I was so busy doing pedicure and manicure for ma’am Pavitra.

I made her absentminded.

As I watched my daughter Saloni and Sir Vishnu discussing happily as he ate the food up.

And finally am emerging into the mansion.

Little by little I will be I’m charge…

And by the time Saloni becomes pregnant for Vishnu, I will be so in charge.

I grinned wickedly.

I have to be careful before ma’am Pavitra finds out about my daughter and her husband.

Krishna’s Pov:

I walked into Aakash Sir’s mother’s room.

“Namaste!” I greeted with my palms together.

“Child… What are you doing here?” She asked anxiously.

“I just came to bring your clothes for you” I said as I placed a basket on the stool.

“Thank you very much” She said as I smiled.

I turned to leave.

“Krishna!!…” She called as I held my breath in nervousness.

I quickly turned around in anxiety.

“I like you for a daughter in-law and I won’t stop fighting for you” She said as smiles escaped my lips.An intriguing stories that you wouldn't want to miss click here to read from www.dapalace.com

I nodded.

“Thank you ma’am…” I said

“It’s mother rather” She said as I smiled broadly.

“OK mother!” I said as I walked out of the room.

I can’t still believe what she told me….

I just hope I don’t get into trouble…

Simitra’s Pov:

I peeped from the window and smiled excitedly.

As the three flashy car on convoy drove into the mansion.

“Yes……” I rejoiced

I quickly walked to the mirror.

I picked up the mascara and applied it under my eye.

I rubbed some balm on my face.

I smiled broadly.

I quickly laid on the bed and covered myself with a duvet and started shivering.

Acting time


“Simitra….Simitra!! My child” His voice echoed as he walked into the mansion.

“Simitra… Mr Singh!!” He kept screaming.

Just then, Father in-law Mr Singh walked downstairs and gasped in shock…..

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Who just came over?

What is Simitra up to?

The mansion is on fire

Stay tuned!
Re: Married Slave by Dapalace: 3:10pm On Jan 15
Episode 10



Mr Singh’s Pov:

My jaw dropped as I walked downstairs…

I was so shocked and gobsmacked

“Mr Raghuvendra…. My good friend” I said trying to hide my surprised look.

He laughed heartily as his bodyguards walked behind him.

Oh no! What if he finds out that his only princess is now living in a cottage? I thought as I gasped.

I really have to hide my face countenance.

I walked downstairs and we shook hands.

Raghuvendra broke into laughter again.

Jeez! He has always been like this though.

“Welcome Raghuvendra… What do you want ?And to what do I owe this visit?” I asked as Raghuvendra flinched.


Can’t I visit my daughter and my in-laws?” He said as I forced a smile.

For some minutes, there was absolute tranquility until he broke the silence.

“Where is my daughter? Simitra…. Simitra my daughter!!” He called loudly and my heart beats faster.

What do I tell him?

How do I tell him?

How do I tell him that….

That his daughter is in a cottage.

“Uhmm… Raghuvendra! Let my wife call her for you.. She’s probably taking a beauty sleep” I lied

“OK…” He said as I signalled my wife to fetch Simitra.

Though am still very surprised

Why did he visit so sudden?

I just hope he doesn’t find out that his good for nothing daughter won’t make him find out the truth.

Simitra’s Pov:

I quickly closed the curtain and laid on the bed shivering.

I have to make it look real

“Simitra! Simitra dear!!” Mother called as she walked into the damn cottage.

I coughed loudly pretending to be very sick.

“Simitra are you OK?” She asked as she touched my neck with her fist.

“Am fine mother” I said with a shaky voice.

“Oh no you are not! You’re burning up in fever” She alarmed

“I’ll be fine” I said clinging to my duvet.

“Your father… Your father is…” Mother stammered

Of course she knows the outcome

Serves them right for keeping a princess like me in a cottage.

It’s only slaves that are kept in a cottage.

I, Princess Simitra Bharati Raghuvendra is meant to be in a mansion.

I laughed within me.

“My father? What happened to him?” I asked with my eyes still shut.

“He’s here…” She said slowly.

“What?” I asked widening my eyes.

I still have to keep it low…

I just said am sick

“What is it Simitra?” Mother asked

“He will really be mad if he finds me like this…. And in a cottage?” I shook my head.

I coughed again but this time slightly.

I managed to get down from the bed and followed Mother.

I bet she’s dying in anxiety.


We walked into the sitting room.

I started shivering the more.

This is show time already.

I could see the scary look on everyone’s faces.

Especially Mr Singh and Aakash.

“Simitra…!!” Dad called as he rushed to him.

“Father….” I manage to say.

“Why are you coming from outside? Don’t you live here inside the mansion and why do you look gloomy?” Father asked as I forced a smile.

“She’s just tired and….” Father in-law tried covering up.

No way! He can’t destroy my plans.

I quickly collapsed and everyone rushed to me.

Am a good drama queen

Krishna’s Pov:

I rushed down stairs on hearing the voices.

I became very shocked as I saw ma’am Simitra on the ground lifelessly.

I rushed to her but then someone pushed me forcefully to the ground.

I fell with my buttocks landing hard on the hard floor.

“Krishna…” Aakash called as he quickly carried me up.

The wealthy man who pushed me flared up angrily.

“It’s barely thirty minutes since my daughter became unconscious and you are already flirting with another woman?” The man yelled angrily.

That means he is ma’am Simitra’s father.

“No father… But you were hurting her” Aakash defended me still holding me firm.

“Shut up! He’s not your wife and…” Simitra’s father screamed

“Enough…” Mr Singh stopped everyone.

“Flirting with another woman? Krishna is Aakash’s new wife and she’s the one living in the mansion” Sir Vishnu said as everyone gasped.

“Vishnu…” Mrs Singh called.

“What mother? Is she not Aakash’s new wife” Vishnu said as Mr Singh landed a dirty slap on his cheek.

“What? My very own princess living in a cottage?” Mr Raghuvendra shouted in annoyance.

Simitra’s Pov:

I opened my eyes…

I saw a doctor standing right close to my bed.

I could see their worried faces as they walked up and down my room.

Am such a good actress

That was lovely!

I exhaled heavily as everyone turned to me.

“Simitra are you OK?” Aakash said trying to touch my finger.

But my dad quickly pushed him away.

“Stay away from my daughter” Dad said angrily.

Everyone gasped.

“Come on Simitra my baby… Let’s just go back home! Let’s go back to your palace” Dad said

Oh no! This is just gonna ruin in my plans I thought.

Tch! I can’t let this happen.

Not after ruining in my makeups….

Not after falling on the hard floor in the name of collapsing.

I coughed slightly.
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As false tears rushed down my cheeks.

I know I look absolutely pathetic

“You know what Singh! For making my princess drop tears, I’ll make sure I bring you down… You know I can do it” My dad said

“Oh no! Raghuvendra my friend it hasn’t gotten to that and…” Father in-law said with a shaky voice.

Perfect time to strike my deal

I grinned in excitement.

But that’s just within me.

“No father…. I just wish for one thing” I said sharply.

“What is it?” Everyone asked anxiously…..



Episode 11

Aakash’s Pov:

Everyone quickly turned Simitra…

“What do you want to say Simitra?” We asked anxiously in unison.

“I want her out of the mansion… I want her to go to the cottage while I go back to my husband” Simitra said pointing at Krishna as goosebumps ran down my spine.

Everyone gasped in surprise.

“What?” I yelled in shock

“Are you sure you still want to be in this cheap mansion my princess?” Mr Raghuvendra

“Yes father…” Simitra said.

“Hell no… Krishna is not going back to that freaking cottage” I said as my father tapped me but I pushed his hand aside.

“And you think my daughter needs to be in the cottage?” Mr Raghuvendra asked angrily.

“Raghuvendra my friend… Your daughter can’t give my family an heir” Father said boldly.

“That’s false… Your son is simply not man enough” Mr Raghuvendra said as I got furious.

I tried to speak up but mother held me back.

“If you don’t want me to ruin in you Mr Singh, you better grant my daughter her heart desire” Mr Raghuvendra said in anger.

I scratched my head in so much annoyance.

I felt like slapping him and pushing him out of the mansion.

But that’s very impossible…

Mr Raghuvendra Bharati is not just rich, he’s very powerful and influential.

And to top it all, he is wealthier than my family.

That was even one of the reasons why father wanted me to marry his only heiress.

His drama queen of a daughter Simitra.

I fumed in anger as I watched father agreed to his condition or should I say Simitra’s condition.

I could see the tears circulated in Krishna’s eyes.

I felt really sorry for her.

Am I really feeling sorry for her or am I missing her?

She’s the most quiet person I know.

But she’s quite talkative when it comes to telling stories.

“Am so happy for you Simitra! You will be back to your glamorous room” Vishnu said as I eyed him angrily.

He’s just making matters worse.


I walked into the damn room staring around in loneliness.

I rested my head on the couch.

At first I never wanted her anywhere close to me.

All of a sudden, I can’t live without her.

She’s really caring unlike my makeup artist of a wife Simitra.

I was still lost in thought when the door was banged open noisily.

“Oh please be careful… My box of jewellery is in that bag” Simitra’s loud voice yelled at the maid.

My headache is back

The maid placed the bag beside the wardrobe.

“Now get lost!” She said as the maid ran out.

Simitra quickly walked to the dressing mirror.

“Oh my gosh Aakash….” She screamed aloud and I got very scared as I jumped up from the couch.

“What happened?” I asked anxiously.

“My face Aakash…!” She cried out in pain.

“What’s wrong with your face?” I asked again

“Sweats are all over my face and goodness me! It’s wiping my makeups off” She said as I stared at her in disgust.

I sighed loudly as I sat on the bed.

“Why are you sighing Aakash?” She said with a teary voice.

Is she also going to cry because of this?

I shook my head in disappointment.

“Why shouldn’t I sigh Simitra? When you keep making something out of nothing” I said as I got up and walked away.

“Whatever! I can’t believe my makeups are wiping” She shrieked in annoyance.

I can’t believe her….

Krishna’s Pov:

I lay on the wooden bed softly.

It was damn dark.

The light in the room was taken away by ma’am Simitra.

I yawned tiredly as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I really miss the mansion.

I was about to sleep off when I heard a knock on my door.

I held my breath in nervousness.

“Who is it?” I asked as I got up from the bed.

I quickly threw the door open and to my greatest surprise, it was Aakash Sir.

“Aakash Sir?” I called in shock.

Lakshmi’s Pov:

Now that the silly girl Simitra have done what I told her…. I think it’s high time I execute my plans I grinned wickedly.

I quickly tapped Saloni who was fast asleep right beside me.

“Oh mother! Am really sleepy!” She groaned angrily.

“Get your dumb self up silly girl” I said

“Can’t the discussion wait till morning?” She said sleepily.

“It’s important!” I said as she sat up still scratching her head and nodding.

“Am listening Mamaa….” She said with her eyes still closed.

“Listen silly girl” I said hitting her as she quickly opened her eyes.

“What is it Mamaa?” She asked

“I want you to do every single thing I say, the way I said it” I said lowering my voice.

“And?” she asked

“Saloni I want you to seduce and go to bed with Sir Vishnu” I said as her eyes widened in shock.

“MAMAA!!…” she screamed

Aakash’s Pov:

She gulped nervously…

“What are you doing here sir?” She asked in surprise.

“Come on Krishna, won’t you let me in?” I asked with a smile.

She forced a smile too.

“It’s already late sir! You need to rest” she said

“That’s why am here” I said as she scratched her hair in confusion.

“I don’t get you sir!” She said

“AM SPENDING THE NIGHT HERE WITH YOU” I said as she quickly covered her mouth with her palms in shock…..




This is serious

Am shocked oo

More stories to tell

Stay tuned!
Re: Married Slave by Dapalace: 3:47pm On Jan 19

Episode 12



Krishna’s Pov:

My eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets as I stared at Sir Aakash in shock.

“A night here?” I asked as I gulped.

I needed to make sure I heard him right.

“Yes… Here with you!” He replied with a charming smile.

“What the….” Words refused to come out of my lips.

I breathed heavily as I scratched my head.

“Are you sure sir?” I asked unwillingly

“Don’t you want me to spend the night here?” He asked as I forced a smile.

“Oh no Sir.. Am not against that but…” I said stammering.

“But what?” He asked as I walked towards the window backing him.

He entered the cottage and shut the door.

“You see… I was just thinking sir what about ma’am Simitra, won’t she be feeling lonely and..” I said and he laughed out loud.

I stared at him surprisingly.

But what’s funny?

“What is it sir?” I asked feeling awkward.

“Pardon me Krishna but you don’t know Simitra too well” He said as he walked closer to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

Goosebumps ran down my spine at his touch.

“How do you mean Sir?” I managed to ask

“As long as she has her makeup kit with her, she’s so fine” He said and I smiled.

That’s really funny!

I know how she’s obsessed with makeups.

I wonder why…

“That’s funny” I said as he smiled at me.

I couldn’t turn to look at him.

You can’t blame me… I was really shy

He sat on the old couch staring at my back.

I felt the ground should open and swallow me up.

My goodness!

Am suffocating

We remained silent with my eyes still fixed outside.

“Krishna won’t you sleep?” His calm voice broke the silence.

“Uhmm… I will Sir! Am just so in love with the moon” I lied

He smiled as he got up and walked to me.

Oh no!

I just lied so that he won’t question me, now he’s coming closer to me.

This guy will not kill me

“You are right.. The moon is so beautiful” He said as I looked straight at the blue sky.

“You know when my mother was still alive, she used to say that whenever you want to make a wish… You can make a wish to the moon and it will be granted” I smiled.

“Really? So we can make wishes to the moon” Sir Aakash asked and I nodded in agreement.

He quickly closed his eyes and muttered some words.

He opened his eyes and smirked.

“What did you wish for Aakash sir?” I asked anxiously.

“Well I wished for us… To… to be together…” He said as his lips drew closer to mine.

I held my breath in anxiety…

He smelled so nice…

“I LOVE YOU KRISHNA” He said and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Jeez! I couldn’t help but blush….

We held each others hands and our lips glued together in a hot passionate kiss .

(As love songs played ♥️)


I rolled from one side of the bed to another as I gradually opened my eyes.

I yawned tiredly rubbing my eyes.

I opened my weak eyes and to my greatest surprise, I found out that I was half naked.

I turned and saw Aakash sir lying next to me holding me.

He was also half naked.

I covered my mouth with my palms as I saw a blood stain on the bed sheets.

We did it I thought as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I know I shouldn’t feel bad but….


But I can’t help it.

Sir Aakash opened his eyes slowly and I quickly wiped off my tears.

I don’t want him to feel guilty.

Of course he is my husband…

He gripped my hand tightly and kissed me

“My love” He said as he pecked my forehead.

“Sir do you….?” I tried saying

“Shhhhh…” He said as he placed his index finger in between my lips.

“I know you are a virgin and I highly respect you for that, and yes! I love you” He said as we hugged each other tightly.

I don’t regret doing it with him afterall.

Lakshmi’s Pov:

I walked into the mansion with my makeup kit.

I was about to enter the mansion when I saw Sir Aakash walk out of the cottage.

I scratched my head in confusion.

What did he go there for this early morning? I thought Simitra is now inside the mansion and the slave is now in the cottage I thought as an idea popped into my head.

I almost screamed but I stopped myself.

“Could it be that Sir Aakash spent the night with the slave?” I said to myself as I bit my lips in annoyance.

This slave is definitely going to ruin in my plans.

No way!

I can not let that happen

I have to do something.


I sat on my stool with Simitra’s foot placed on my laps.

I cleaned her nails thoroughly applying some colour to it.

I quickly looked around and no-one was coming.

“Simitra ma’am… can I ask you a question?” I said as she nodded with her eyes fixed on the mirror.

“Yes Lakshmi” She said blowing her gums.

Spoilt brat

“Where’s Aakash sir?” I asked anxiously

She sighed loudly.

“Tch! He doesn’t stay in the mansion anymore… He lives in the cottage with his slave wife! I have the large soft bed all to myself” She laughed.

This woman is so dumb

“What? I can’t believe you” I screamed as she rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Are you for real Simitra ma’am? Don’t you know that the slave is slowly capturing your husband and she will soon give the Singh’s an heir” I said as she gasped.

“What?” She shouted in annoyance.

Let the fire burn

I laughed within me.

Simitra’s Pov:

I rushed downstairs straight to the dinning where everyone was sitting.

“Father….” I screamed crazily at my father in-law.

Everyone stared at me in dismay.

Is she crazy?

What is wrong with her?

Has she gone nuts?

Everyone kept muttering

“What is the matter Simitra?” Father in-law asked




Episode 13

Mr Singh’s Pov:

I watched Simitra screaming crazily.

I burst into laughter and she quickly stopped ranting and started looking at me surprisingly.

“Oh Simitra you are really something” I laughed as I spooned some rice into my mouth.

Everyone sighed at her still focused on their food.

“What do you mean father?” She asked anxiously

“Are you just realizing that he has been living in the cottage for the past two days?” I asked

“Father all I know is that I want Aakash back to the mansion” She shook her head.

“Simitra… I don’t have such time for that! You can join the table if you care” I smirked and continued eating.

We watched Simitra walk up and down restlessly murmuring.

I can’t wait to have a grand son.

An heir for the family.

She can go call her father for all I care.

Am so impressed that finally my son is gradually falling for the slave.

Instead of this man here who calls himself a woman.

I grinned from ear to ear.

Simitra’s Pov:

“Aakash what are you doing here? Come back to the mansion” I said dragging him.

He scoffed and slapped my hand off.

“Come back to the mansion? What for?” He asked anxiously

What the….

“What do you mean by “what for?” I asked in annoyance

“Listen Simitra you wanted the mansion and you got it so why are you alarming again?” He asked as I smirked.

“Whatever… Aakash you and I are going back to the mansion! Don’t tell me you have fallen in love with that smelling slave” I said furiously.

“You can say that again! I love the smelling slave, she has time for me unlike some people” He said as I fluttered my eyebrows


I can’t believe this….

Did Aakash just said all that to me?

Me of all people….

The husband I married can’t even talk back at me.

What happened?

What did that good for nothing slave do to my husband?

My jaw dropped in shock as I watched Aakash clean Krishna’s slippers.

My heart bittered

I can’t bear this!

I quickly ran into the mansion in anger.

I tried so hard to control it but I couldn’t

Tears welled down my face

I rushed into the room and banged the door.

I walked straight to the mirror and stared at myself.


My make up…..

My makeup have been ruined by the tears

That stupid slave will pay for this

I quickly picked up my tissue and wiped my face thoroughly.

I need to apply some powder on my face I thought.

My beauty…. My concern

Krishna’s Pov:

My heart kept beating so fast in anxiety as I heard ma’am Simitra shouting outside.

My legs became jelly.

I managed to sit on the stool lost in thought.

Some minutes later

Sir Aakash walked into the cottage with my slippers.

“Krishna why is your face like that?” He asked so concerned.

He quickly walked closer to me.

I breathed heavily and sighed.

“Aakash Sir I think you should go back to the mansion” I managed to say.

He shook his head.

“No way! I can’t leave you here all alone” He said as I exhaled deeply.

“Sir I can take care of myself” I said

“No! I just want to take care of you by myself” He said

“This is really dangerous! I don’t want ma’am Simitra to get mad” I said worriedly.

“Don’t worry Krishna! Am always here” He said as he sat close to me and cuddled me.

Lakshmi’s Pov:

Saloni tiptoed upstairs as I followed her up looking around attentively.

No-one must see or catch us.

“Mamaa this is really dangerous! Must I sleep with sir Vish..” Saloni whispered and I quickly dragged her mouth.

“Ouch!” She said as I slapped her hands.

I placed my index finger in between my lips.

“Shhhh..” I said as we continued going.

Well I was told that ma’am Pavitra will be traveling to the province with her daughter.

So I want my daughter to use this opportunity to lure sir Vishnu to bed.


We walked into the room.

No-one was inside so I quickly hid outside and let my daughter enter the room.

“What am I going to do Mamaa?” She asked unwillingly

“Silly girl! Here… Arrange them into the wardrobe! That way Sir Vishnu will enter the room” I said as I handed a heap of clothes to her.

Actually ma’am Pavitra gave me those to help her wash since I insisted in helping her.

Saloni walked into the room with the clothes.

She started arranging and then I saw Sir Vishnu.

I smiled happily.

Of course I had Saloni wear a very revealing gown.

A nightie actually even though it was not yet night.

I peeped from the window.

Saloni is really good in acting.

I saw her touching her body seductively and Sir Vishnu was carried away.

I can see lust all over his face..

And the next thing, they were already kissing.

I grinned wickedly.

Suddenly I heard a noise from the stairs.

“Rani! Baby stay back inside the car… We forgot your pack of new shirts in the room” That was ma’am Pavitra… Sir Vishnu’s wife.

My jaw dropped….

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One day! One day!!

Monkey go go market…. him no go come back


Serves you right!

Everyday for the thief….

Oya complete it guys…

Keep following!
Re: Married Slave by Dapalace: 4:06pm On Jan 20
� Episode 14 �

Lakshmi’s Pov:

Goosebumps ran down my spine and I shivered in fear.

What if she finds out that my daughter and her husband are…..��

Oh my goodness!

I have to think of a way out.

I quickly rushed to her and blocked her way.

“Hello ma’am Pavitra” I said still blocking her way and speaking very loud.

“oh Lakshmi… What are you doing here?” She asked trying to walk past but I stopped her.

“I can’t hear you ma’am” I pretended

I want her to raise her voice so that the people in the room could hear her voice.

“What do you mean you can’t hear me? When did you become dumb?” Pavitra asked as I held her arm.

“You see ma’am I can’t hear you at all… As old as I am, a fly flew into my ear and I can barely hear…. Am really growing old already” I said pretending to be sobbing.

“What? A fly?” She asked

“I can’t hear you clearly ma’am… I just said a fly flew into my ear” I said pretending to be in pain.

She walked closer to me trying to help me get rid of the fly from my ear.

� She’s really falling for it �

“Mother… Where are you?” I heard that her crazy daughter’s voice.

She’s such a pest �

“Am coming darling…” Ma’am Pavitra said as she quickly walked to the door.

I tried stopping her but I couldn’t.

She threw the door open and gasped…

I almost had a heart attack �

Simitra’s Pov:

“Krishna! Krishna!!” I screamed angrily as I banged on the door.

“Who is…?” I heard her say

“Shut up and get out of there now” I ordered as she quickly opened the door.

“Ma’am Simitra is anything the matter?” She asked calmly.

“Oh please… You are nothing but a husband snatcher and a mistress” I screamed at her.

She bowed her head in guilty.

“Listen carefully! Let my husband go!! If he ever spends the night here with you, I will make life miserable for you” I yelled at her.

“Am sorry ma’am..” She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Sorry for yourself and enough of your crocodile tears” I said angrily.

“Ma’am… I….” She said but I cut in.

“Keep quiet! You husband snatcher!!” I said as I pushed her aside roughly.

She fell on the ground heavily as I walked away.

I feel like strangling her to death �

And look at how sweaty she made me become.

My makeups are washing off already.

Damn her!�

I walked into the mansion.

Vishnu’s Pov:

Pavitra quickly opened the door and gasped.

“Why is there lots of disarrayed clothes Vishnu?” She asked as she walked in.

I scratched my head.

That was close �

“Am actually arranging it” I managed to say.

“OK…” She said as she picked up a packet of cloth and turned to talk to me.

“Motherrrrr…..!!” Rani screamed aloud.

“Am coming baby” She shouted as she pecked me and rushed out of the mansion.

I heaved a sigh of relief and locked the door.

“Come out of there Saloni” I said as she crept out of the curtains.

“She almost….” Saloni tried saying but I quickly glued my mouth to hers.

We kept snogging until we landed on the bed and…..

�Zee World….Extra ordinary everyday �

Krishna’s Pov:

Tears rushed down my face.

I struggled up feeling really dizzy.

I couldn’t stop crying the whole day… ��

She’s right after all….

Am just snatching her husband from her.

But I have no choice…. This is all aunt Gangi’s fault.

If she hadn’t sold me, I won’t be so choice less.

Am a slave and must obey the landlords.

It was already getting dark….

I kept crying and thinking until I slept off.


Morning bell � �

I yawned hungrily as I opened my weak eyes.

I saw Aakash Sir lying close to me with his hands all over my body.

I didn’t even know when he came back last night.

Just then, ma’am Simitra’s words rushed back into my memory and tears rolled down my cheeks.

�oh please you are nothing but a husband snatcher and a mistress �

I quickly tapped Aakash Sir and he got up.

“Babe…” He said and tried to kiss me but I looked away.

I started feeling somehow.

I quickly got down from the bed and rushed to the bathroom covering my mouth with my palms.

“What is it love?” Aakash Sir asked.

“What’s wrong with her?” Aakash thought out loud.

� Perfect kick �

Aakash’s Pov:

I kept walking up and down restlessly waiting for Krishna to come out of bathroom.

I can’t wait….

My heart was beating so fast �

it was actually racing..

Some minutes later �

The bathroom door throw open and I looked out.

Krishna came out of the bathroom with a very sad face.

She handed the pregnancy test to me….

� Episode 15 �

Aakash’s Pov:

My jaw dropped…

As I saw the two red lines on the pregnancy test.

Tears welled down her cheeks.

“Am sorry sir…” She managed to say with a teary voice.

What the hell is her problem….?

Why is she apologizing?

What wrong did she do?

Is she sorry for what Goddess Durga did for us?

For the good thing that the good Durga has done for us?

I quickly jumped for joy to her amazement as I carried her up in excitement.

“Aakash Sir please put me down” She pleaded in surprise.

“No Krishna! You are a queen and should be pampered” I yelled as I rushed out of the room straight to the mansion.

“sir please…” She tried saying but I quickly rushed into the mansion.

“Attention everyone…” I screamed crazily as everyone rushed downstairs in fear.

“Aakash have you gone crazy?” Father asked anxiously.

“Son put her down” Mother pleaded.

“No way! She’s a queen and queen’s feet don’t touch the dirty floor” I said

Simitra furrowed her eyebrows and folded her arms.

“Have you gone banana’s Aakash?” She asked with a long sigh.

And I can see anger and jealousy all over her.

“How can a slave be a queen?” Vishnu scoffed.

“Well everyone… My dear Krishna is pregnant and will give the mansion an heir” I said as everyone shrieked in shock.

“What?” They all asked in surprise.

“And the goddess Durga have fulfilled her promise to the Singh’s family” Father danced in happiness.

“Oh my…” Mother said in excitement as she hugs smiling Krishna who I already put down.

Simitra’s eyes widened in shock.

She quickly pinched herself and yawned.

Even Vishnu was not too happy but Pavitra jumped for joy with her daughter.

“You are going to have a sibling” Pavitra danced.

Father quickly picked up the drums and beat in happiness.

“And let the celebration begin” Father said as we jumped for joy.


The party was organized and I watched my very beautiful Krishna put on her expensive sari.

“Am so proud of you Krishna” I said and kissed her cheek.

She smiled in excitement.

“Thank you Sir Aakash… You’ve made me feel like a queen” She smiled.

“That’s what you are and one more thing… It’s Aakash not Aakash Sir” I said and her face beamed with smiles.

Am super proud of her.

I rubbed her tummy happily.

“Easy… Watch your step” I said leading her out of the room.

“Of course I can do it” She chuckled as I kissed her lips to shut her up.

“I know! But not right now” I said as we laughed happily.

Lakshmi’s Pov:

I peeped from the window and watched them peck each other.

I bit my lips in disappointment.

“This can never happen” I shook my head.

Saloni is the only one that will give the mansion an heir.

I walked straight into the mansion.

I headed to Simitra’s room.

I knocked without response and I decided to walk in.

She was busy sulking on her bed.

“Simitra dear” I said slowly as I touched her.

She quickly slapped my hand off.

“Get the hell outta here” She screamed

“She’s so spoilt! Trained in the states what do you expect?” I sighed

“I just came to help you get rid of your worst enemy Krishna” I said as she hit her bed angrily

“I said get lost now” She yelled at me.

I became visibly scared.

I quickly rushed to open the door.

“Get rid of my enemy Krishna?” I heard her mutter.

I smiled mischievously.

“Wait…” She said quickly.

“Are you sure this will work?” She asked scratching her head.

“Definitely” I said handing a pill to her.

“Good! I want that bastard to flush out of her cheap tummy” She smiled as she looked at the pills.

“That is an abortion pill… Add it to her drink” I said silently.

“Sure…” She shook her head as she walked straight to the mirror.

“Silly girl” I said within me.

Makeup addiction…. �


Simitra’s Pov:

I quickly mixed the pills to her drink.

“Good… She’s going to lose the thing” I smiled happily.

I walked straight to her.

Thank goodness she was all alone and receiving gifts from people.

I smirked mischievously.

I quickly walked straight to her and handed the drink to her.

“A glass of orange squash for you” I said as she stared at me in astonishment before taking the drink.

“Ma’am are you really giving me….” She asked

“Come on Krishna… Let bygones be bygones… Am happy you are finally giving the family an heir” I faked a smile.

She forced a smile at me and drew the drink to her lips to drink it but….

An intriguing stories that you wouldn't want to miss click here to read from www.dapalace.com


� is she going to drink that?

The baby ���….

Gosh… ��

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