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Prof. Oba And The Obsession Of His Traducers by Elslim: 1:23pm On Aug 06, 2021

Barr. Abdullahi Abdullahi

Nigeria is more than just a country, it is a nation endowed with many things, human and materials resources, characters of noble and those of ignominy alike. Those traits, however their oxymoronic existence, keep the country going. Everyday, as many grounds are broken by great people, so are many hope are shattered by the lazy despondent.

While Nigerians of greater and progressive minds are thriving on with the focus of the future, a few charlatans will not just allow the rain of peace to fall on our fertile land with their despondent cast of retrogression. This is the case of one Rasheedat Adeshina, a trans-loader pseudo unionists who became a veritable but seditious tool for blind unionism through subtle emotional and romantic cajoling by the man she now has as her husband, who has been working for some ASUU cartel to destabilize the University of Ilorin and everything attached to it's glory because they hated and still the then Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Shuaibu Oba AbdulRaheem.

When my attention was drawn to a certain story on an online blog credited to Rasheedat Adeshina, with a vomit of a bitterness from someone whose failed past of mis-sorjourn would in the temporariness of response make us waste five good minutes of our precious time to read a junk, I wanted to disregard it but when I read through again, I felt it was worthy of my five minutes to put the record straight.

First, let me congratulate our newly wigged Madam Adeshina, now Mrs. Akinrinde, over her call to the Nigerian Bar, it is indeed an achievement "worthy" of public advertisement.

While congratulating the new wig, let me sound this caveat that Rules of Professional Conduct, RPC, abhors public advertisement of law practice or it's duties. it is not within the allowable practice for a Lawyer to place public advertorial, sign post or marketing strategy of any kind, even in their offices, let alone soliciting for public patronage, however covert.

It is clear that our new wig is strange to the Rules but let it be sounded that making a maligned and historical distortions of fact against a reputable personality is not the right way to announce appearance; this "marketing" style is not one of those graciously approved by Legal Ethics Committee to foster this noble profession of law. Please take note.

There is no doubt that our new wig is still in the euphoria of her call to the Bar that she is perhaps thinking it will be profitable for her to reflate her bursted balloon of wasted years by publicly maligning the man whose successes and achievements in life can never be attained by unborn generations of his traducers.

Coming to the main issue, since our metamorphosed new wig has chosen to revive her coma failed past by firing up her kantakerous seditious ideology vagued under marxism, which she openly flaunted, it is only ethical that we take her through the course of history that she might only have learnt in her evening class to make up for her O'level qualification for Law degree.

To put the record straight, and contrary to the sympathy-seeking lies that she told, University Ilorin had always been in crises long before the assumption of office by Prof. Oba AbdulRaheem. Infact, the Students' Union Government, SUG, our lady "activist" is claiming to have fought for was under proscription by the time Prof. Oba assumed office. Take further note and contrary to her claim that Prof. AbdulRaheem came at the time she gained admission, Prof. Oba AbdulRaheem was rather appointed as the Vice-Chancellor on 22nd August, 1997, that was two years after her admission into the University. If her oversight is amnesia, we can understand and help her out but if it was mischief, we will not hesitate to edify her innateness.

It is interesting how she would assume everyone is liliputic in our reasoning and employ ethnocentrism in our dealings, that she would come here to tell us how "people from Ilorin, including the Emir attempted to force her to be with Prof. Oba". This lady must have raised her ego above her height to think she is worth the personality that our most Revered Mai Martaba Ilory, Emir of Ilorin ....Shehu! Shehu!! Shehu!!! _ would consider her a subject to support Prof. Oba. It is interesting how complex of inferior standard will try to inflate itself into a big balloon, hurling for dry attention. This lady must be delusional.

Sadly, Rasheedat who suddenly turned herself into an outcast and became a banished daughter of sort from her family house when she suddenly found herself being courted by some reactionary elements within the Academic Union then, who recruited her, being an Ilorin lady, to needlessly antagonise Prof. Oba and grandstand the administration would think Ilorin is her size to measure. She was just an ignorant damsel who didn't understand the scheme of the recruitment and even the man they sent to her to poach her into fake unionism and who ended up being the first man to teach her everything in her life. Rasheedat must have thought Ilorin will stop breathing when she starts talking rubbish, not realizing that she is the rubbish Ilorin does not need and she has been thrown into the garbage.

If she wants us to talk more, we have more than enough records to refresh her erased memory.

Madam Rasheedat Akinrinde nee Adeshina must have thought we are all dumb to the records of history. While she would tell us that she was fighting for a "better government" and students welfare at a time, claiming that Prof. Oba "vowed never to allow her graduate", and that she was expelled for that reason, she should also have told us how the same Prof. Oba AbdulRaheem reinstated her husband, Comrade Kazeem Akinrinde, who was expelled by the former VC (preceding Prof. Oba), Prof. John Oyinloye, (of blessed memory).

For the record, 12 students union activities code named "Unilorin 12" were expelled before Oba came into office, including the said Kazeem (Rasheedat's husband), who later initiated Rasheedat into unionism and ended up marrying her; they were all reinstated unconditionally, even after they all lost in Court. My profound, edifying, pragmatic and progressive Wole Badmus, (Wolly Bee) was one of the then "Unilorin 12".

It is worthy of note that when "Unilorin 12" were expelled by the Unilorin administration under late Prof. Oyinloye, many other Comrades from other Universities, notably Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Ibadan, were also expelled for similar offences committed by Unilorin 12 (majorly Abacha must go protests), only Professor Oba AbdulRahman of University of Ilorin reinstated those from Unilorin. Rasheedat must have forgotten that or she is gagged never to say anything against her "benefactors" from those other universities who failed to forgive their own expelled students the way Prof. Oba forgave and reinstated her husband.

Our trans-professional madam can recount all that she wants and accuse Oba of all sort of accusations, this act of unwarranted prejudice is not new to us, especially some of us, who are proud beneficiaries of Prof. AbdulRaheem's magnanimity. Interestingly, those of us doing fine today as a result of that benevolence are far more than those nursing the regret of their own failure to pull down the administration and clog the wheel of progress of the University as it were.

I can imagine how desperate Rasheedat is to prove to the world that she is not the architect of her own failure as a result of her own misgivings, desperately wanting to put the blame on some else. The saddest thing here is that she would ascribe her travail to a man who left office over 19 years ago. From her own story, she didn't get her result from the University of Ilorin untill 2014 because Oba vowed that she would not graduate "in his life time" when infact, Pro. Oba AbdulRaheem left office 12 years proceeding the 2014. If she didn't have a hidden agenda axe to grind, she should have known that University is a system that a VC is only responsible to the duties of his office, not a personal fight, facing the University Authority and not the personality of the occupant of that office at a time should have been the commonsensical ideal thing to do. We all know what happened then because we are witness of the truth.

It is also sad that instead of finding time to heal from her failures of the past which she brought unto herself, she continues to sing the same song that have been repeatedly sung by her senior "cash-tivists" in hypocrisy, the "decapitated" Unilorin 44.

Please note, the Army of conscience do not die, we will never lose guard and will always be ready to tutor the ignorant mischief makers and rehabilitate their rebellion anytime the gene of mischief overflows in their blood stream. We have been here before, we will always be here till eternity.

It is ironical that Rasheedat who claimed to have fought Prof. Oba administration due to "bad administration" occasioned by "increased school fees" (which wasn't the case) failed to put up the same garb of activism against the University of Ibadan during the course of her Law Degree. Or, did she experience the Marxist utopianism she was craving for at the University of Ibadan? Was Rasheedat doing "correspondence learning" at the UI when University of Ibadan was constantly condemned by other "comrades" for arbitrariness and poor students welfare?. I wonder why Rasheedat refused to use her "aluta continua" energy to engage in "fierce" students union activism at University of Ibadan as she did at University of Ilorin even though Unilorin was adjudged first in the country at different years even during the course of her study as a Law student. Hypocrisy is a curse on the practitioners of it.

Let me further remind the unsuspecting member of public whom Rasheedat is trying to show off to the colour of her hypocrisy, by playing ethno-religious card, an old, faded and unproductive strategy they have used in the past that Prof. Oba AbdulRaheem, that contrary to her claims, Oba actually produced many great people in the most unimaginable diversity through his conscionable leadership, among whom are Hon. Biyi Poroye, the former Chairman of PDP in Ondo State, Prof. Rasheed Jimoh, (who was admitted and graduated by Oba), now a Professor of Computer Science and the immediate past Dean, Faculty of Communication and Information Science, Dr. Alex Akanmu, the current Secretary General of ASUU, Unilorin Chapter, Chief Solomon Babatunde "Oluaye", Comrade Wole Badmus (Wolly Bee), Barry White (Barry Jesus), a renowned christian gospel singer, Hon. Bisi Omitosho, now a world class Security Strategist, Prof. Bashir Omipidan of Faculty of Law, Dr. Wasiu Raji, now an Associate Professor and many more. Take note, many of these people aren't even from Ilorin, if any at all is from Kwara.

There is a common local prayer that "one who's is burnt down should not have torch to burn down our castle". Rasheedat must have thought she hold the torch to bring down this edifice. It will be noteworthy to remind her and her co-traducers that Prof. Oba is an enigma her million likes cannot pull down. We know the game but she cannot use this enigma to advertise her blurry career and nothing she will say will undo the great achievements Oba recorded as the VC, the legacy that has remained unbeaten by anyone and the future that is coming.

The truth is, this is 2021, and yahoo-yahoo activism is definitely under the radar of everyone's watch, no one is going to allow any empty, lazy, idle, jobless and desperate so called fake activists "cash-out" on our intelligence anymore, we are wiser!

The laughable thing is, in the scheme of things, even in those "aluta" years, Rasheedat Adeshina was so inconsequential. Infact, she was a mere Assistant General Secretary of the SUG at a time with no signatory right under Comrade Femi Adetona (Dr . FAA) as SUG President. She was an unknown entity until she committed serious infractions by taking part in the violent protest of 1998, destroying University properties worth millions of Naira then, consequence of which led to her sanctioning under the University Rules.

It is important to repeat the caveat that people should be careful of cheap charlatans like her, who are self confessed addicts of populism and marxism, whose one source of livelihood is malignance of other people and trouble. They are out to destroy any working system and bring a society to it's knees through violent take over of every government and administration, they are paid agents and liars.

They are the type who call a Judas a saint in one clime and call him a devil in the other clime, depending on who is paying them what and how much.

The fact is, many of our newest wig's sponsors, who continue to press her gullible "mumu" button are those who cannot fit into what Unilorin has grown to be and cannot just forgive the man who demystified their cartelistic unionism. A pocket of them is still around but we will not stop monitoring and taming them.

For the record, let it be known that, as a beneficiary of Prof. Shuiabu Oba AbdulRaheem administration's pragmatism, there would never have been any of us today if we had allowed those recalcitrant unionism addicts to hood us into retrogression, as they planned to make the University ungovernable and barring us from graduating. We know why this is coming at this time as they always do, it has becone an annual ritual to guess-pick and create a cast on the integrity of the emeritus Prof of English, we never go to sleep, we never slumber, we will always be here to wait for them and feed them with the bile of their own gall, anytime, any day.

There is a sound bite that bites their organs into a shut down, the sobriquet that they hate to hear because it is the hallmark of Prof. Oba's reign and achievements but we will always remind them that one billion of them cannot kill the spirit and we will remain "Better By Far".

Thank you all for reading.

*Abdullahi is an Alumnus of Unilorin, based in Lagos*.
Re: Prof. Oba And The Obsession Of His Traducers by buddyosan: 10:18am On Aug 10, 2021
Rubbish post.I didn’t see any crime Rasheedat is said to have committed

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