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Become An Amazon Ebooks Publisher In 15-30 Days by smartaphyl(m): 6:11pm On Nov 06, 2021
Can you read and write?...

Because that will be all you need..


Maybe some other vital stuffs like taking action, and putting everything you learn to work..

That is, you will be committed and dedicated to implementing all that you learn in this digital space…

You must swing into action whenever you gain knowledge be it free or paid..

And no matter how delayed expected results may be.

You will stay consistent and keep pushing…

Because only LOSERS give up..

To become an author and publisher in this digital world..

The kind I will expect you to be..

The kind you will be proud you become..

The kind of author that create books that sell hundreds and thousands of copies..

Or maybe millions..

Who knows..

Only God knows the expected end..

To become this kind of author and publisher many people dream of..

You must create books and stay consistent..

That said, Hello! Deinfotrader here..

How are you today?

Can I meet you?

Okay. Let me go first..

I’m Agidi Alex Segun..

A 28 years old young man from Akungba Akoko in Ondo State.

I live in UYO, Akwa Ibom State

You don’t know me but I’d like us to be friends..

You know like some wise people rightly said..

Your network is equal to your net worth..

Because of this, I’m always happy when I have the opportunity to meet and make new friends..

Yeah! I believe you will love to tell me some things about you also..

I’d appreciate that…

You will get the chance..

At the end of this write up you will see my number…

Take it…

Ring my phone or send a WhatsApp message to get access to this course I’m going to tell you about..

When you do that…

There will be a gift worth N25,000 waiting for you..


I assure you we will become best of friends..

And the story will be friendily ever after..


That said, let’s go back to the main idea of crafting this beautiful piece..

If you are still reading this,

And can take some mins of your precious time to read till the end…

I promise you will discover the exact, step by step system to become an author and publisher on Amazon Kindle Store in 15-30 days even if you have not written anything before..

A book is attached to this course and it contains a detailed guide on how anyone can become an author and publisher even without prior experience in writing and doing business online..

And the most interesting part is that you will get it also when you pay for the Publishing Masterclass today..

The book alone could be easily sold for *N5,000*

But how lucky you are…

You will get it for free alongside 2 weeks practical online training and other goodies that will set you up in this online publishing world...

This offer is just too good to be true…


Well, I feel that way too..

But I won't because the government through their uncoordinated policies has tried everything possible to make the price of things skyrocket..

At least for now I won't follow their foot steps..

Not when I'm still a good follower of our Lord Jesus Christ..

So it's okay to say I'm kind of using my church mind now..

Christ taught us to be a cheerful giver..

And besides I want a lot of Nigerians to benefit from the amazing money making opportunity that the internet has brought to us..

Thank God for the few magic some of us could do with our smartphone at the corner of our apartments..

Covid 19 couldn't stop us..

All through 2020 when many all around the world was complaining and lamenting of how the lockdown has jeopardized their life and business..

A lot of people even lost their job..

Because some organization was caught off guard.

While all these were happening.

Do you know that many still make money in millions and billions..

Yes I mean in 2020 during the strictest of lock down..

Some businesses that get job done through technological means made a lot of money...

Businesses that have found a way around the restriction put in place by time, space and distance.

Businesses such as online retailing like Amazon received a big boost from the quarantine as consumers could not go to stores to make purchases.

In fact, In 2020, Amazon reported a net income of 21.33 billion U.S. dollars, up from a 11.6 billion U.S. dollar net income in the previous year.

And it is not just Online retailers hat are doing this figure..

Zoom became a video conferencing leader during COVID-19..

It might interest you to know that the CEO and founder of Zoom became one of the 100 richest people in the world in 2020

Don't just read, try and find out yourself and see if I'm lying about all this figures..

Now what you should know is..

Amazon online book store also known as kindle store receives a big boost in 2020..

That is to say, People bought books in thousands..

Let me ask you..

During the lockdown.. how did you get by..

What kind of hobby did you engage yourself with to keep your sanity in check..

Can you see where I’m going?

A lot of people just like me read a lot of books..

And some of these books are not free..

A place like Amazon kindle store comes in handy when you need to read nice newly published books..

The sales of book thrives and those of us who were lucky enough to have authored and published few books..

Made massive revenues from our book sales..

What I want you to know is nothing has changed really..

People still buy books especially on Amazon which receives over 200 million monthly shoppers

That’s a huge number there..

I can beat my chest to let you know that a large percentage of this 200 millions monthly shoppers are Kindle book buyers..

That my friend is money just wasting away on Amazon waiting for you to take it..

All you have to do is write and publish a book that solves people problems or at least a book that can help people achieve a secret heart desire.

Writing this type of book used to be very tedious ..

But I'm telling you now that things have changed and the different AI tools all over the internet has made publishing so easy..

You don't have to be a genius or have in-depth knowledge of a topic before you can become an author and publisher

All you need do is follow my proven and tested methods..

These methods I have set up and packaged as a course for you

Oh yeah..

All you should do right now is slide into my DM and pay a one time fee of...

Be calming down..

I will reveal the price for the course..

I know say your body dey hot ..

You want to pay as soon as possible..

And I respect you for that...

Let’s talk about SAPA..

Wait o..

Don't tell me you don't know what Sapa is..


Okay, let me just tell you..

It's because you are my friend o

SAPA is a slang word that has been reigning in Nigeria to describe a state of brokenness and extreme poverty,

But did you feel the impact..

Well as for me I didn't..

SAPA couldn't withstand my positive energy and drive in this publishing space.

For what it's worth, I rose above the impact of SAPA

And all I did was write, rewrite and publish books..

It might interest you to know that..

Your smartphone, internet connection and little efforts from you is all that is required to get started with this publishing business..

I believe you must have seen or at least come across the amazing things people do with publishing..

I have even shown you a lot in the free basic class..

That only is enough for you to get started and see for yourself...

How easy publishing as many as possible books can be..

But publishing just like every other business is not for the faint-hearted..

That is to say...

You've to put in some work....

Money doesn't grow on trees..

So if you really believe Amazon KDP is something you'd like to try out..

Why not join my advance class to make the journey a stress-free and easy peasy one for yourself..

Instead of moving here and there looking for system that doesn't work.

I will expose you to strategies that works..

Tested and proven methods I have implemented.

No bullshit..

It will be strictly real and practical methods that can deliver all I have explained to you..

That said, I think that’s enough talk...

I won't convince you anymore...

Even though…

I kind of want us to work together..

Your books won’t stop mine from selling..

Let me show you the possibility of earning some extra cash with this publishing business...

The money is there...

Go and take it....

Jeff Bezos is one of the top 5 billionaires in the world..

He has put this amazing platform in place for you and me to earn extra and lots of cash..

He doesn't care...

He's worth billions and he want you to take the money too..

Because he understands the money is there..

It's everywhere.

But only for those who see it and take action on the knowledge found..

I have tried right..

I won't say no more.

So it won't be like I'm compelling you...

You know there's an adage that says..

You can take a horse to the river....

But you can't force it to drink from the river..

All I have been trying to pass across dear friend..

Is that the ball is in your court..

Just like the bible clearly stated in the book of psalm..

"He prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies"

"My cup overflow"

Are you angry that I quote a Bible passage… ugh, don’t be..

What you just read is to somehow pass a message across to you about my strong Christian beliefs and background..

As I hope you will soon notice. I demonstrate utmost respect for your religious beliefs and most especially your time..

Know this though, quoting the word of God alone is not enough to succeed in life and business..

The Bible which has been referred to as Gods manual given to his creations..

Clearly stated,

In the book of proverb, "show me a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings and not mean men.

You've to take action..

If I’m to buy from the knowledge of Gods word..

It's okay to say, I have prepared the table of a life changing package for you..

In the presence of your enemy..

Or enemies..

Don't be surprised..

We all have our drawbacks...

But I want to implore you to not let the enemy stop you this time..

At least not for this course..

No my friend..

You can't afford to let this slide..

What I have in stock for you can't be seen anywhere..

Maybe in the future..

But definitely not anytime soon..

Good guys like me don't come up with stuffs like this everyday..

I have prepared this nice package and it is served with a chilled refreshing online cash flow plans..

That will make your finances overflow in few months of taking actions..

So drink from the table...

Ignore enemies like procrastination, doubts, fear of the unknown etc.

Fear of what if..

What if I don't make money..

What if my books don't sell..

What if I don't know what topics to write about...

What if..

What if....

Such enemies of self won't take you anywhere...

Like I said...

The table has been set..

Drink from this chilled cash flow blueprints ..

And the overflow of increase in your bank account shall amaze you..

So the ball is in your court..

What will it be?.

I have a surprise for you..

Now that you've shown admirable habit for you to have read this far..

It means you are among the few percentage of the population that are really looking for ways to boost their financial status through different income streams that could be done via the internet without much stress..

I like that..

Sincerely I admire such people who can actually follow up on what they want..

You see humans have short attention span and a research by Microsoft has shown that most human attentions span is now 8 seconds..

Do you now see how special you are..

For you to have come this far by reading all the many things I have only prepared for serious and committed folks like you..

And this is why I have decided to reduce the price of the " Kindle Publishing Layman Guide"..

So, if you take action today and buy this course..

All you will pay is just N3,500 only.

You should know that I’m not overwhelmingly greedy. That’s important.

You see, many people in the Internet marketing business are only in it for the money, but that’s not true with me.

And, as a matter of fact, it’s not true of anybody that is really driven with the love to make this world a better place by impacting lives with money making business ideas and skills..

One more thing..

If you actually take the plunge and buy my course..

I have something mind blowing for you...

Are you ready..

wait for it.. haha

This singular passive income skill is enough for you or anyone who put the skills into use to be made for life..

If you are to buy a course to learn this skill alone

You will pay nothing less than N15k..

I’m very sure about that..

It’s possible you may have come across copywriters selling such course at a cheaper rate..

That’s okay..

But, if you are going to buy a course..

You should buy from someone who knows his onions..

I want to believe you get the point..

Dear friend, what I’m saying is..

If you should buy this course today..

You will also get access to my other course which will introduce you to copywriting skills..

In case you don’t know..

Let me tell you this for free…

Copywriting is what some guru called “salesmanship in print”

That’s using words to persuade people to take some kind of action..

In the word of Gary Halbert..

If you don’t know him..

Then find out about him..

Stop expecting me to explain every little detail for you… lol

He said “The ability to write ads and/or letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money making skill you could ever hope to acquire. If you master this skill you should never again have to worry about money”

Again he wrote..

“The ability to write copy that brings in orders on a profitable basis is as rare as hen's teeth. And, if you can do it, I mean really do it, you can virtually write your own ticket”.

Who is Gary Halbert?

Why does his statement above matters?.

It okay if you don’t give a damn about him..

I totally understand..

But, for the records Gary Halbert is one of the greatest copywriter and direct response marketer of our time..

His copywriting skills are out of this world.

Which is why I want you to pay attention to the above statement and believe it..

Because, it is the truth..

Friend, if you can master the art of writing copies that convert customers to buyers…

You will be on your way to earning a lot of money this year and beyond..

But, copywriting is a skill that need to be learned and mastered on a gradual basis..

Which is why I have included it as a bonus in my course..

It will introduce you into the basics of writing copies that bring in massive sales..

This and many other things I have in stock for you..

You will gain access to all these, only chat me up on WhatsApp and ask for how to make payment..

Do that now..

At this junction I have decided to drop this dancing pen..

Again before I end this many talks..

This is an overview of what you will get when you pay today..

�How to package and format your manuscripts to Amazon approved format.

�How to design eBook cover with Canva.

�How to promote your eBook using simple organic traffic hacks.

�How to use advance plagiarism checker before finally submitting your book to Amazon.

�How to carry out simple keyword research to get hot selling topics people are searching for online.

�5 reasons you may fail in KDP and how to avoid them.

�4 steps to create and organize your book contents

�Advance tools for keyword research and how to use them for getting hot selling topics or titles for your book.

�How to upload your book on Amazon.

�Plus a premium app for designing book cover and Mentorship for 6 months.


Lastly, To pay for the Amazon kindle direct publishing Masterclass: The Layman Guide. That will turn you into a skilled author and publisher in 15-30days. Send a direct message to me, here on WhatsApp..

I will reply immediately..

Stay Blessed...

Yours lovingly..



P.S. The N3,500 friendship offer will only last till Sunday 11:59 PM (less than 48hrs from now), after that the price goes back to N5,000.

If I were you, and I really know this thing this guy is talking about sounds like the perfect side hustle business for me, and I know it can deliver to me increase in cash flow (steady income) because I have been hearing people talk about it.

I have searched and read about it also. All I need is someone to put me through..

I will take the plunge and pay for the course right away…

N3,500 is a tiny investment I can make into my life…

But, of course, you are not me, and I’m not you..

So, I will let you do your thing..

However, you should understand that nobody is an island and to be able to get to the top of the ladder in life, business and career..

Most of the time someone must hold the ladder for you..

Holding the ladder means that person is backing you up, acting like a guide, support and he watch you as you climb higher and grow..

That person could be a mentor or guide who will balance things for you..

So, you can have a smooth climb..

Which is why I will give you this last advice…

Send a DM now for access to the Kindle publishing layman guide which comes with basics of copywriting and other amazing bonuses..

Have a nice day

Oh you are reading this at night..

My bad.. Have a nice sleep then..


Stay Blessed..
Re: Become An Amazon Ebooks Publisher In 15-30 Days by smartaphyl(m): 9:17am On Nov 07, 2021
Brothers and Sisters..

I tell you today for free..

*The beauty of every knowledge is in it's application..*

So therefore...

*Connect to Collect....*
Re: Become An Amazon Ebooks Publisher In 15-30 Days by smartaphyl(m): 9:18am On Nov 07, 2021
*Happy Sunday...*

You keep shouting I'm interested upandan.. On different social media platforms but you are never ready to pay for a class that will improve your life..

This same set of people can spend countless amounts of data to watch YouTube and Instagram Skits..

You are your own problem.

Not your village people..

The Kindle Publishing Layman Guide kicks off tomorrow 8th of November..

The fee has been reduced to *N3,500* until 11:59 PM tonight..

After that. It goes back to *N5,000*

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