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Learn Motion Graphics Animation In Lagos & Port Harcourt - 60K Only / Beginner Graphic Design Class.... (motion Graphics Included) / Graphics Design 2d And 3d, Motion Graphics 2d & 3d + Video (2) (3) (4)

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My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 4:31pm On Apr 15, 2022

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Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 3:55pm On Apr 19, 2022
This is an ever-evolving industry, motion graphics is a mix of both typography and graphics and background music. Its just graphic design and well animated.
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 5:59pm On Apr 20, 2022
Softwares used for Motion Graphics are

Cinema 4D
Apple motion
After effects
Unreal engine
3Ds Max

Some are easy to use, while some the learning curve is something else. Then not all are industry's standards. In this number of Softwares some have excessive library of plugins and others have connected suite to other softwares for creating complex visuals making them the king of Motion Graphics.

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Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by Nobody: 10:06am On Apr 21, 2022
This my demo reel
Wow, this is cool. What softwares we're used in making these?

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Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 10:59am On Apr 22, 2022
My software of use are Adobe After Effects and Cnema 4d. These two softwares can do alot of magic when it comes to Motion Graphics. They have better tools.


Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:56pm On Apr 26, 2022
Some common use of Motion Graphics
1. Logo Animation
2. Video Titles & Overlays
3. Social Media Content
4. Explainer Videos
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by Swaylore: 10:40pm On Apr 26, 2022
Some common use of Motion Graphics
1. Logo Animation
2. Video Titles & Overlays
3. Social Media Content
4. Explainer Videos

Good evening boss, I will like to learn motion graphics. Please, can I get your WhatsApp contact. Here is mine 09 03271 3166
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 3:56am On Apr 27, 2022
Yes you can. That's no problem .My number
is 080 54 288 565. Let's get talking .
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 11:10am On Apr 28, 2022
Motion graphics is everywhere today and literally seen on LED walls, Broadcasting,Films,Shows,Events, Computer games, Apps, Ux/UI designs, Virtual reality, Adverts, Animated presentation. The list is endless with lots of possibilities.

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Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 3:52pm On May 02, 2022
Motion graphics is animated graphics designs. Motion graphics gives energy to static elements such as words and designs with movement and sound. You can create fun and engaging content.
Checkout this motion graphics video

Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:12am On May 03, 2022
Why you should choose Motion Graphics?
Motion graphics can display complex ideas which makes it easier for viewers to remember the message. Motion graphics makes it easier to speak to different age groups. It add fun and energy element to your topics not distracting viewers from the message.

We have a Motion Graphics here watch this
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 2:38pm On May 04, 2022
Louddreamz Studios & Academy.
1. Needing Motion Graphics videos? Adverts, Promo Videos
2. Thinking of learning Motion Graphics?
3. Do you do motion graphics and want to improve your skillset?

Louddreamz Studios can handle all that. For our video jobs we don't use templates. We create and design for all contents. Our trainings get you Up and Running in no time it's practical. We have years of experience. Our portfolio says it all.

Call/Whatsapp 080 54 288 565
All we do and give is industry standards.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube - Louddreamzstyles

Checkout our handles , scroll down to see our fabulous videos.


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Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:06am On May 05, 2022
Motion Graphics For Marketing.
Are you looking for a short engaging custom motion graphics video ad then you are in the right place. We are a team of animators, motion designers and illustrators who are ready to offer one hundred percent custom high end animated videos to help you promote your product, brand or service. We create all motion graphics video from scratch without using any templates this is what makes each of our project unique to all our clients.

Here is a motion graphics video for an app launch Foodlolo created and design by Louddreamz.

Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 11:42am On May 06, 2022
Why use Motion Graphics?
Motion graphics brings static elements to life with movement and sound. Motion graphics have proven to be effective in commanding the attention of audience and keeping them engaged. It can keep your message professional. It can also be used with different forms of animation.

We love motion graphics so we create fascinating videos


We create and design superb Motion Graphics videos. You will get a world class video content. Our portfolio and experience speaks. Video is our language ��
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 9:39am On May 07, 2022
Video is a survival kit for today's business online. Your customers are researching in this multichannel and multidevice world without you. You can create noise and lasting relationship with your customers. Video gives your business visibility. Video says alot than an image. Start converting viewers to consumers. To build trust,you have to show professional visual content, so you can showcase your product or service in action. By this way you can show people that your products are highly demanded. We make superb, elegant, stylish professional motion graphics videos. It's incredible affordable.


Call / WhatsApp - 080 54 288 565
We create and design superb Motion Graphics Videos.
We don't use templates.
Our videos are custom designed.
Our videos are unique to our clients.
What are you waiting for? Get a world-class service.

Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 9:09am On May 09, 2022
Are you looking for an attractive, eye catching, professional motion graphics videos for your brand, business or service. We offer the best quality video works created and designed by the Louddreamz team. Make your content unique with custom motion graphics videos. Unique to you and get noticed.

We create and design : -
1. Animated Explainer Video.
2. Short Video Ads
3. Lyrics & Music Videos
4. Character Animation
5. Logo Animation
6. Animated GIFs
7. App & Website Previews
8. Website Animation
9. Subtitles & Captions
10. Slideshow Videos
11. Intro & Outros
12. Real Estate Promos
13. Info Graphics
14. Birthday Video
15. Wedding Invitation Video
16. Book Launch Video
17. Campaign Election Videos
18. E Learning Video Productions.
19. Articles to Video
20. Film , Games Trailers
21. Video Editing

Whichever the project, we will create and design a sample for you within 24 hours.Once satisfied, you will have 4 reviews that will go along with the project till it's executed.

Formats are High Definition for :-

Our motion graphics videos are colorful, cool transitions, crispy clear, captivating animation and intriguing background music.
I can't wait to see what wonderful things we can do on you project.

We have videos to prove what we can do.
Do check out our social media handles to see our video works.

Facebook - Louddreamzstyles

Instagram - Louddreamzstyles

Call / WhatsApp 080 54 288 565

Here is a project work from our portfolio of video works
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 9:47am On May 10, 2022
Do you want to convert viewers to potential buyers? We will create a high quality promotional video for you that will give your viewers the option to buy. We know conversion is really important to you we will design and create a high quality promotional video to trigger visitors to become potential buyers. This will explain your brand, business or service story to your viewers. Which will build trust, engaging viewers attention and scale up sales.

Things we will requiring
Your Logo
Your Website optional
Your footage if you have
Information Details

We will create and design a quality 4K video for you.

Check this out for Slint Aviation

Our motion graphics is unique to you our clients.
We don't use TEMPLATES. Everything is custom designed using footages and images.

Let us know what you need.
We will give you a world class motion graphics video.
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 7:02pm On May 11, 2022
We will create and design custom character for your cartoon project. The details of the drawing and rigging will be clear and precise. We will save you from using the general thing in the marketplace that has been widely used by others. It's custom design.

We approach your project as follows:
1. Duration of video
2.Writing a script(if necessary)
2. How many Character concept
3. How many background designs.
4. Voice over if you have

The process is as follows
* We design the characters and background, send them for review.
* Begin character rigging
* We create the first 30 seconds and send to you for review.
* We add background music and sound effects.
*We deliver for review.

More character and background designs aside the initial storyline attracts extra charge.

Here is a video

Louddreamz Studios
Call / Whatsapp 080 54 288 565
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:23am On May 12, 2022
Needing a Birthday Video? We will create and design a lovely video for you or your loved ones to wish them Happy Birthday with a colorful and exciting video.

What we need:
Background music if any
Recorded Footages

We also make videos for special days, events tailored to that day like

Photo Family Collection
Journey & Sport
Father/Mother/Grandparents day

Let us know what you need

Birthday Video link

- Quality works is our responsibility.
- We are a specialist for awesome slideshows
- Delivery on time
- Customer satisfaction is our Top priority

We can't wait to work with you. Feel free to place an order.
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:20am On May 14, 2022
Adobe after effects is a widely used software for Motion Graphics. It's an industry's standard digital, visual effects and compositing software. This software is good for creating Motion Graphics for branding, advertising, media content. It is attractive, has a nice interface and easy to use. After effects has got lots of resources to help you accomplish tasks successfully. The ability of this software combining 2D & 3D is so amazing. When it comes to social media content this is where after effects is heavily used for Motion Graphics since video is a large content online. Take your content to the next level with Adobe After Effects. With some fabulous titles and lower thirds and more to keep viewers entertained. Also motion graphics can be used to explain certain topics. This software is a great tool for Motion Graphics Designers.
More coming up on why use Adobe After Effects for Motion Graphics.

Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by hakym619(m): 8:46am On May 14, 2022
I'd love to learn.
How many months does it take to learn it.
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 9:19am On May 14, 2022
We have various trainings available. Let's chat 080 54 288 565
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 12:13pm On May 15, 2022
Adobe after effects is the most dynamic composting and animation package for creating animation and complex visual effects. Bring still images to life by create stunning Motion Graphics and seamless visual effects. Explore industry's standard techniques that brings your designs to life. After effects has got lovely integrations with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D for fast and powerful workflows. Step up your digital contents. It offers alot of capabilities as an industry's standards for animation and visual effects. This software is extensively used for Motion Graphics and Infographics that is very good for commercials or explainer videos. To learn how to use this software it will take you a decent time. The interface is friendly and lots of accessible tools that are setup for simple use. The timeline is perfect for animation. Using keyframes from layers of images gives it life. Using after effects you have wide range of possibilities.

Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:02am On May 16, 2022

Video footages gotten from Mobile device or Dslr cameras can be package as short ads,corporate,promotional video,commercial, social media and YouTube to showcase what you do, to the world about your brand, product or service. Today having a mobile device in your hands, it's so easy to record with a single touch with your without hassles, no need of expensive equipment. Remember Dslr cameras are still in use. All you need to do, is position yourself and the object or thing of interest be it a product or service rendered you want to get to your viewers. It's so easy nowadays. If you need tips on what to do let us know, we will give you simple guides. Having done the recordings you can send them to us, we will do the magic for you. We will edit the footage and add in Motion Graphics. We will use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and Adobe After Effects to make it look fabulous and eye-catching. With our video works it attracts high conversions you need for your business, product or service you offer.

Here is a video work for Fentolu Block Industry recorded with a mobile device and edited by the Louddreamz team.


Looking for QUALITY, CREATIVE and ENGAGING video editing? Let's discuss your project and vision.

Louddreamz team
Call / WhatsApp 080 54 288 565
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:05am On May 17, 2022
Motion graphics can be easy to make and extremely complex depending on the storyline. We use shapes and graphics to convey our messages based on the project at hand to create motion graphics video. Motion graphics is best and easy to convey simple message. Our ideas and concept comes from your storyline to create and design a superb motion graphics.

We will get your message to your viewers crispy clearly, colourful and memorably.

To find out how motion graphics can impact your business come talk with us. It's a free consultation.

Checkout this video from our archive. We have experience and creativity.


Video is our language.
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 11:37am On May 18, 2022
We will get you UP and RUNNING in no time in Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects, industry's standard for Motion Graphics. You will learn the dynamics of creating unique and very fluid motion graphics. Trust me it will be comparable with what you see anywhere. That's a GUARANTEE. We have proven track records and students to show on this. It's a step by step class. Our classes will take you through what is obtainable today in Motion Graphics not archaic stuff. We will show you all the SECRETS hidden in KEYFRAMES. Which motion graphics designers hide from you. I bet you see that alot in our videos,how images and transitions are so fluid. We will mentor you for life and available lots of freebies. To really get you up and running in no time. It's a GUARANTEE 100%

Create Slideshows, Short Ads, Promo Videos, Social Media Contents like this just using images and good background music checkout this video. We won't show you other peoples works it's all our projects from our archives


Beginner Class 6 Weeks

Intermediary Class 8weeks

Dream Think Image

We are available for consultation.
080 54 288 565
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 7:14pm On May 19, 2022
These are the softwares for our workflows
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Audition
Sony Vegas Pro
Cinema 4D

Using these softwares can be so interesting, you can sit down all day just exploring them. My two favourite is After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Now tell me what's yours?

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Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 8:45am On May 22, 2022
Video content made from motion graphics is no longer an addition, it's an essential tool you need when it comes to taking any idea to your viewers. Looking at business today, video is an essential tool for your marketing strategy. The big companies are using this tool video big time. As the saying video is KING. They keep playing those ads and it sticks to your brian then one day you will be like this product i like it, i think, i will try it That's how it starts with a little decision. Everyday you get online, those short ads with moving images and good sounds or voiceover are motion graphics for your eyes only, Lol! These short video ads are so nice that keeps you spellbound as you watch, not all of them good though. Motion graphics is a proactive way to communicate with your audience. A very good tool for any topic, presentation and illustration without distracting your viewers from the message. Video is a great way of trapping the mind of your viewers. Today motion graphics can be incorporated with any field of discipline. The possibility with motion graphics is endless.

Checkout this video from our archives Louddreamz


We show you proofs of our motion graphics videos designed and created by us. Our videos are unique to us and also our clients.

There is NO similarities with other people's works using TEMPLATES, we don't go copy templates and add some stuff claiming it's ours works. No way.

Whatever we show you. Its 100% from our portfolio. Our portfolio speak in volumes.

That's why, we love MOTION GRAPHICS.

Dream Think Image

#animation #motiongraphics #louddreamzstyles #louddreamzacademy #louddreamz
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 12:50pm On May 23, 2022
Whatever are your Motion Graphics needs. We got you.

From the archives. You can see we have got a huge experience in creating and designing very fluid motion graphics videos with images and good background music. Enjoy this


This is what we love doing all day, everyday.
Videos is our language.

#animation #motiongraphics #louddreamzacademy #louddreamzstyles #louddreamz
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 9:50am On May 25, 2022
As a motion graphics designer, imagination is a world you need to live in. You can get acquainted with the tools, that's not an automatic way to make fabulous videos. We use alots of imagination for our creatives. We have a concept that will take you into creating ideas from concept to reality. Next is practice, which makes you get better. You need to practice, practice and practice. Let's go out there and make stunning motion graphics videos . This is why we love MOTION GRAPHICS.

#animation #motiongraphics #louddreamzacademy #louddreamz #louddreamzstyles

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Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 11:21am On May 27, 2022
Motion graphics are so sleek and simple, that complex ideas can be explained in few animations.

Check out this video from our archives

#motiongraphics #animation #louddreamzacademy #louddreamzstyles #louddreamz
Re: My Years Of Motion Graphics by gravitee(m): 10:32am On May 29, 2022
Motion graphics have become an effective means of communication beyond Film, and can be modified easily to develop commercials, Memes and Presentations.

For example, take a look at this video we made for a client from our archives


Motion graphics great for commercials. That's the power of Motion Graphics.

#motiongraphics #videoisourlanguage #animation #louddreamzacademy #louddreamz

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