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Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Nobody: 5:46am On Oct 14, 2011
I have a story to share to tell how Urine therapy cured me of Staph Aureus. There are a lot more illnesses that can be cured in the same way that is why I placed some links at the end for further references. I know there are many people who visit this forum everyday with a standing ailment which might have seemed to defy all solution. Even me, I did not try it till it seemed to be my final solution and then, I felt I had nothing to lose to try. You may go ahead and say I'm insane, but pray not to find yourself in a jam with your health. Cheers.

In 2008, I had fun with this gal - just once (and I used an umbrella). A few days later, some changes developed in my body. I observed that I had a chancre (by the cap of my "ministry"wink, and some white discharge at the tip of my "ministry" sometimes; I had a burning sensation in my urethra when I urinate, then also, I had a fever about a few days afterwards. I was scared to see all of the other symptoms except the fever. I took some medicine (native medicine which I took for fevers normally). To my shock, it did not alleviate the fever. I got even more scared. I feared that I had got an STI. After contemplating for days, I decided to go for a complete STI test (Urine culture, HIV screening). The result showed MODERATE GROWTH OF STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS on my urine culture. This was it and I thought I was finished.

With much disregards for all the so called natural (herbal) doctors and with a lot of contempt for them, I marched with my lab result to a private own hospital for treatment. I got me a series of injections first, followed by drugs to be taken regularly. Then I quit treatment four days later because I couldn't continue the bills (and I was feeling all right).

I was happy again. "I've learnt my lesson, " I told myself. I went on with my life,  but after a few weeks, I observed some kind of rashes under my armpit, in my groin area and I also noticed some kind of 'flaking' of the top skin in the area around my nose. I applied Methylated Powder to these areas. It seemed to reduce the symptoms but did not work.  Obviously, I was not well. My next action was to visit a nearby clinic and consult the doctor. He asked me to bring him fresh test result, so I did. He also gave me rounds of injections. After about one week, he told me I should  be okay. So back to life again.

Still, the symptoms appeared again. This time I decided not to give it too much attention 'cos it was taking away my happiness. I did not know that this was serious business. It was when I started having large boils under my armpit (as if that was not enough, I had multiple of these boils the same time under both armpits). Ok. So now I visited another clinic (this time it was around 2010). The nurse gave me some drugs (even the looks on the nurse's face when I mentioned my problem told me there was little hope). I took them and felt better. Funny thing about all the drugs is the they clear all the symptoms when you are taking them. And all this while, I guess I had no greater fear than the fear of transmitting this problem to those I love and live with (I have heard a lot on radio about toilet, etc, all that stuff). Well, as I expected, the symptoms showed up again after taking the nurse's therapy.

So then I visited a general hospital. I told the doctor the whole truth and asked him if there was hope. I could still remember the answer he gave me,  "We treat and God cures, " This time no injections. Just drugs and a lotion all which cost me N8900 (I have not mentioned all the other costs for the other physicians, so you can imagine). Well, just as you are already thinking, same symptoms re-showed up after a while.

This time I had to try something different! I visited a natural/ herbal doctor (not a juju man o!). He collected N30000 before I could start treatment and gave me his guaranty that my problems are over. The first medicine he gave me was supposed to "flush" my body clean (that night, hell was better. my bowels let loose. I was running for the toilet every moment!). I have never ingested such bitter-tasting liquids in my life, but I did drink lots of them courtesy of this man. I even drank a concoction made by dissolving one black solid in hot water. It was in  the hope that I have reached the bus stop of this problem. After three weeks with this man's therapy (I followed it to the letter), he told me that by then, I should be Okay. He sent me for confirmation test. I came back and gave him the result. He wore that hopeless look on his face. I had seen that look several times, I knew what  it meant. I just took myself out of his office.

Now as you are reading, if you have staph, you would be shaking your head as you see all of this; if you don't, you might be wondering "Isn't this guy exaggerating?" Well, it was then I started to surf the web (radically) for a solution. I know somebody will say "God forbid", or "silly!", or whatever. I tell you the truth. I even put references! I do not prescribe any cure to anybody just as nobody did for me. I'm only telling my story. It worked for me and today I'm happy like never before.

Okay. So what was it? Something many people will not believe. Something which many people throw away everyday. Something that is very common and cheap and always available. That was what cured my problem! The therapy is called "Urine Therapy." All this while, all these years of my life I have known urine to be a waste product of the body. But I found articles on the web the showed how effective it is to curing ailments of mankind. I had gone through hell already, so I really didn't hesitate to try it. There were specific instructions that MUST be followed to proceed. I did everything. And that was my miracle! Check these links for more info on Urine Therapy




Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by todaystalk: 6:04pm On Jan 02, 2012
Please what are the procedure for urine therapy for treatment of staph
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Nobody: 1:24pm On Jan 03, 2012
todaystalk, are u sure u are ready for this? the problem with people is that they say something and they are NOT REALLY ready to do whatever it takes. Well read through the pages on the links on my first post, especially the first one. u will find the steps/ procedures. your first pee in the early morning can do the magic. but what is MOST IMPORTANT is your SELF DISCIPLINE. without it, you will only be wasting your time. Urine therapy will not work if you practise it without NATURAL DIET and FASTING. Yes! I said it.

what it means is that Basically, Urine contains lots of essential food nutrients and minerals that your body needs. so drink your first pee early in the morning and keep ur body renewed with water, or fruits or fresh vegetables. Only you will testify at the end of two weeks. try to avoid cooked food or processed food and drinks of any kind. ONLY drink water or fruit juice (Not those kind of fruit juice in cartons - natural one. the one u squeeze out the juice ursef!)

its difficult shay? thats why i asked wether u are really ready to do this.

Best of luck.


Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by todaystalk: 12:32pm On Jan 04, 2012
I can do anything just to put my health back on track, you mentioned something about SELF DISCIPLINE in your last post what do you mean by that, because I don’t understand. Thanks for your information God will bless you and i would keep you posted in all development.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Nobody: 3:16pm On Jan 05, 2012
todaystalk drop ur fone no
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by todaystalk: 4:20pm On Jan 05, 2012
I am residing in Burkina Faso my number is +22676171744
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Nobody: 6:38am On Jan 06, 2012
Sorry brother, i cant call that number,

read this article

How u can cure yourself of staph

drink the mid-stream of ur first pee of the day, early in the morning (i usually drink my own between 4.30 and 5am) for 4-5weeks.
(mid-stream means allow ur urine to flow for a few seconds, to flush the tract, before catching with ur glass, then remove ur glass some seconds before the flow stops. just the middle part is needed.)

u may also massage it onto ur skin in the affected area, leave it for two hours, and bath without soap. i usually do this about two hours before my normal bath time, then.

Conditions and requirements (Dos and Donts)
1. drink water regularly (dont drink or eat anything within one hour after drink pee)
2. Fast. u can try half day fast. u may drink only water, or eat fruits, vegetable salad, etc, it should be natural
( take note that ur urine contains plenty of the essential nutrients/minerals ur body needs. dont let someone tell u it is waste product from the body. rather, correctly, it is excess product that is removed from the body because at that time it was not needed. so dont think u will starve and die!)
3. AVOID any kind of processed food, fast food, drinks etc, (in simple terms, anything packaged in a carton, bottle, sachet, canned, etc) this is very important
4. as much as possible, stay away from foods rich in[b] fats and proteins[/b] this is very important. if u must eat something, try a light meal only. try not to eat much - once a day is ok.
5. go on with ur normal daily activities - keep ur mind busy.
6. get enough sleep and rest
7. fresh air
8. dont combine this with any other kind of drug or medicine. do it at your own risk.

finally if there is any reason u think u cannot keep to these conditions, especially the diet part, listed above, dont do it.

if u can do it anyway, remember to come back here and tell others. i want people to know this.

God bless u.

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Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by todaystalk: 10:24am On Jan 06, 2012
Please give me your own number let me call you
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by me2012: 1:45am On Jan 13, 2012
Hi cheaptins, i came across your post on nairaland and i found them very interesting owing to my health problem which has persisted for years now, and i have been scammed by many traditional medicine practtioner just like a read in your own case. i have been a staph victim since 2008 and have tried everything medically possible and otherwise to cure it but all to no avail. please , if you would'nt mind i will like to have your contact as in talk with you on phone to know i can actually get rid of this my nightmare called staph aureus with urine therapy as i have heard a lot about its potency as a holistic remedy [ panacea ] . i hope to get your reply shortly and if possible i will like you to send me your yahoo ID so that we can exchange contact .
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Nobody: 6:20pm On Jan 24, 2012
me2012, wat's ur email ad?
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by me2012: 11:49pm On Jan 24, 2012
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Nobody: 11:46am On Jan 25, 2012
todaystalk, how fa?
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by petrolnony: 5:09pm On Mar 21, 2012
Pls tell me what kind of food your have been eating,i have been doing it but is not working.reply the kind of food your eat..help me,am ready to do anything.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by petrolnony: 5:17pm On Mar 21, 2012
call me or flash me,is not working for every body,why ? my mai,l petrolnony@yahoo.com,08125256659
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by vicshownero(m): 4:44pm On Mar 22, 2012
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by desperatem(m): 10:51pm On Mar 22, 2012
Thanks for sharing this info. You said in your previous post that one should avoid can, sachet
or even bottled food. Those that mean that one cannot drink a table water during the period of the urine therapy? Because i found out that bottled water is safer than sachet water. If you don't mind, can you post the food one should be taking during the urine therapy period? Thanks in advance.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by agiboma(f): 1:25am On Mar 23, 2012
i have heard about urine to cure ear infections not sure if it actually works, i would not try it.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by petrolnony: 6:20pm On Mar 23, 2012
cheaptin,pls i have been doing it as u said but the problem is kind of food you eat when doing it,i use to eat by 12am.help pls,send it into my email.petrolnony@yahoo.com.THANKS BRO.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by me2012: 2:00pm On Apr 01, 2012
I tried it for 3 months, it didn't work for me but i guess i didn't follow the instructions well. I am still waiting to hear from another person on Nairaland who will proudly tell us that they tried the therapy and it worked for them then i can consider trying it again but then i will have to follow the instructions strictly. I try to carry out research on the use of urine therapy to cure staph and other STD but i keep on getting contradictory posts from proponents some will say that one with STD and urinary track infection are not eligible to practice urine therapy while others will say that it cures every STD, so that's where i am confused.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by me2012: 2:07pm On Apr 01, 2012
@cheaptins, please staph victims really need your help on urine therapy cos i am sure that many people have tried the therapy without success just like myself. no one has come to testify on this site just like you did that the therapy has cured them of staph. I am surprised that for some months now you haven't been responding to what people have been posting on this site in connection with urine therapy as a complete cure for staph. Help us out if urine therapy actually cured of staph . Please, open up to us so that we know how best to tackle this nightmare called staph aureus.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Decryptor(m): 1:31pm On Apr 10, 2012
What the poster said is very true. In my university days, i slept with thus girl and got infected with some terrible rashes around my genital area. They were itching like hell and almost bcame an embarrasment for me in public. I went to the hospital where i was given an injection called "Gentamycin", i was given up to 6 of those injections and each of them cost N3,500 then.The injection with other antibiotics seemd to work for a while but after sometime, the rashes reappeared again.....
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Decryptor(m): 1:45pm On Apr 10, 2012
It was so frustratin for me cos i spent alot of money to find a lasting solution. The doctors confirmed i had wat was called Herpes Zolster. My ray of hope came when i stumbled across an article on Urine theraphy and i decided to try it. I drank it very early in the mornin and sprinked the rest on the affected area. Within just a week of doing this, the rashes dissappeared and i went for a test that confirmd tht the Herpes was totally gone! Just give it a try, i knw u might be disgusted at first....
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Decryptor(m): 2:05pm On Apr 10, 2012
But hey, who cares? afterall, you'd be doing it in the comfort of your own privacy and no one needs to know except u are coming back for your testimony. Good luck!
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by desperatem(m): 7:33pm On Apr 12, 2012
For those of you waiting for cheaptins reply, wait no more, cos mr. Cheaptins is dead and gone, may his gentle soul rest in peace.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by me2012: 7:39pm On Apr 15, 2012
@Desperatem, I thought you have been in the therapy for a while now, what's your result so far? I hope that some people are not here to crack jokes cos staph is not something to toy with, and i will appreciate it if anybody who knows anything that can cure staph can just open up to the victims. I know fully well that staph is the biggest scam in the Nigeria herbal medicine practice so victims beware of falling into the hands of scam artists in the name of herbalists.I am still wondering if cheaptins is for real or not cos I have not heard from any staph victims who embarked on this urine therapy and got cured just like Cheaptins claimed.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by Johnsinia(m): 2:42pm On Apr 17, 2012
@desperatem r u serious?wat killed cheaptins?it really unfortunate,may his soul rest wit d lord.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by desperatem(m): 10:36am On Apr 26, 2012
Nope, i have not started the urine therapy because i am kinda busy right now. I will start it as soon as i am on leave because you have to dedicate time for it. i.e Less work, long rest, eat once daily, take natural juice.

Yeah he is actually died, he died of urine therapy, he wanted to go wide so he drank one lady urine, unfortunately for him the lady is HIV positive grin

Lesson: if you are practicing urine therapy and you notice its not working for you, please don't drink someone's else urine o


Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by wonderhealth: 3:17am On Jul 07, 2012
@cheaptins never quite gave us details of how exactly he applied the urine therapy for himself. He only said it worked for him. Other information come only in the links he gave. I need to know how long cheaptins got cured since he started the therapy. A week, a month?

The fact that he no longer replied to this post may as well be an indicator that it turns out he hadn't got cured at all. Maybe the desease got back to him soon after he made the last post. As he detailed in his story, his desease came and go with medications over the course of several years. Maybe the desease was temporarily gone when he started the therapy. A lot of 'maybe's here, but only cheaptins who can put these speculations to rest.

I hope cheaptins could return to this thread to provide us with more details about his experience and encourage those seeking for cure to continue with the therapy.

I'd like to hear anyone else who have experience with urine therapy, whether it works or not for them.
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by me2012: 12:29am On Jul 18, 2012
I was able to finish a fast of 4 weeks just a week ago, and I adhered to the instructions strictly as follows: first week was fasting on Urine,fruits and vegetables, followed by 2 weeks of fast on Urine and water exclusively, then I broke the fast with another 1 week on Urine,natural fruit and vegetable juice which I extracted myself with the aid of juice extractor. In the course of the fast, I massaged my whole body with old urine morning and night, each massage lasted for 1hr, then I left it for 2hrs to dry on my body, after which I took a bath with warm water only. I was able to do all these hoping that at the end I will be cured but right now my condition is worst than ever. I regret doing this cos I passed through hell not eating for 1 Month, rubbing old urine with irritating obnoxious odour on my body.... this is my 2nd time of trying this therapy as I thought the first one didn't work maybe I didn't follow strict regimentation on natural food so I decided to do the 2nd one without eating at all so that I won't have any reason to give as to why it didn't work.... @Cheaptins, May God reward you for messing up/playing games with people's health as you claimed it worked only for you, and ever since you posted it, no other person has ever testified to the validity of your claim, and to crown it all you disappeared after your last post. I am however not trying to discourage anybody that wants to give it a trial but mind you that many have tried it on staph infection without success even though so many proponents all over the world claimed that Urotherapy is a panacea, an elixir of life which was what prompted me to do the second fast. I am presently surfing the internet for a solution, and I came across Virgin Coconut Oil which many people all over the world are testifying to the potency of it in eradicating every pathogenic organism in the body such as staph aureus, and it has been scientifically proven to reduce the viral load of HIV positive people to it's barrest minimal which might be the cure..... I am going to try it maybe in the next 2 months but I will be sure to keep you guys posted if it works for me cos I am very optimistic about it by virtue of what I have read on the internet.

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Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by desperatem(m): 8:34am On Jul 18, 2012
Thanks for coming back on the thread to share your experience. Well to me, i think urine therapy cannot cure staph. It can cure other diseases and infection but staph is too strong to be cured by just urine.

Concerning the coconut oil, will you be licking the oil or rubbing it on your body? Where will you get the coconut oil or is it the same with adin agbon?
Re: Urine Therapy - Perfect Cure for all Sickness by otilowaju(f): 4:31pm On Jul 19, 2012
desperatem: For those of you waiting for cheaptins reply, wait no more, cos mr. Cheaptins is dead and gone, may his gentle soul rest in peace.

Are you serious or kidding?

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