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Bath Time With My Niece--first Sex by SexStories001: 2:46am On Dec 25, 2023

John has raised his niece and made hygiene an important part of their relationship. Now Jill is taking bathtime to a whole new level.

Bob was reading a book about prohibition when Jill got finished with her homework and came out of her room.

"Bath time, Uncle Bob," she said brightly.

"Um?" said Bob, looking up from his book. His niece was naked.

"I said it was bath time. Come on. I have cheerleader tryouts tomorrow and I have to get up early so I can get there, warm up and practice my cheers. Tub or Shower?" she finished.

"Well, since you're in such a hurry, I suppose it should be shower tonight," said her uncle, and he got up. He untied his robe and dropped it to the floor, leaving him just as naked as his niece.

"Hurry up, Uncle Bob," said Jill from inside the bathroom. He heard the water start. "I'm Hot." And she giggled.

An outsider would never have understood their relationship. If you were to ask Bob about it, he'd say it was just an accident of fate. His brother and sister-in-law had joined the Peace Corps just three years after having Jill, and when they found out they'd be stationed in central Africa, they'd decided not to take Jill with them. Bob had agreed to take care of his niece for the year they were supposed to be gone. He'd wished them well and watched the plane take off. He knew they got to Africa. He got letters. But then the letters stopped. They disappeared off the face of the earth and had not been seen or heard from for 12 years. They were presumed dead, and the courts had granted an adoption decree to Bob, since he was Jill's closest living relative.

Now, Bob had never married. He'd had a few abortive short term relationships with some girls. He'd even gotten his dick wet a couple of times, but he was too afraid of rejection to actually form a meaningful bond with a woman. As such, he really didn't have a clue how to raise a little girl. And, in one sense, his own emotional self grew up with hers. There were three things he did for Jill that he was proud of and thought he was pretty good at. One was clothing her. Another was making sure she had good nutrition and got lots of exercise. And the third was her personal hygiene.

And because he was proud of what he was doing, the fact that he gave his niece baths didn't seem strange at all. Not even when she turned ten, then twelve, then entered her teens. It was just something they did together by then, and they'd developed a routine.

It had started when she was little. He knew she could get infections in her vagina, so he made sure to clean that very well. There was nothing sexual about it. Well, not then. He wasn't a pervert. Well, not then. He just washed her.

The first time it crossed the line was when she was almost eleven. He was washing her cute hairless pussy and his finger flitted between her tight young labia. She cooed and said that felt good, so he did it for quite a while. He got hard, but made sure she didn't see that.

Then, a year later, she'd come screaming to him, babbling that she was dying, bleeding to death. She dragged him to the bathroom and he saw the stool full of bright red water and knew she'd started her periods. He had prepared for this, reading up on the process, the products available, their pros and cons and so forth. So he calmed her down and taught her how to use tampons.

He'd had to break her hymen to insert the first one, and he'd done it with his finger. That didn't seem strange to either of them. He'd been partially inserting his fingers in her for over a year, as he washed her in the bathtub.

By then their routine was like this: First she sat up in the tub and he washed her hair. Then while the conditioner sank in, he washed her upper body and her pussy. Then she got on her hands and knees and he rinsed her hair and the rest of her body, running his fingers between her legs to get her pussy and her tight little rectum clean. Once she was out of the tub and dry, he rubbed her whole body with lotion, especially her pussy.

So, after the initial pain died down, when he showed her how to change the tampon, he made sure there was a warm wet washcloth handy to rub all over her crotch. There was a lot of pussy rubbing going on in their family, but it was pretty harmless. It felt good, so he did it for her.

Afterwards, alone in his room, he beat off, shooting streams of his spunk skyward as he remembered the feel of her soft skin.

When she was 13 she'd come home one night from being out with her friends. She was downcast and he saw this immediately. When he asked her what was wrong, she said she'd been talking to her friends. She'd mentioned something she'd said to her Uncle during bath time and he'd said thus and such. The girl's eyes had gotten all big and she'd asked if Jill's Uncle was IN the bathroom at the same time that Jill was IN the bathtub. Jill, thinking that was normal had said "Sure". Her friend had whooped and hollered and made fun of her, saying that was dirty.

"Is what we do dirty, Uncle Bob?" Jill had asked.

"Sweety, there are some folks who would call it dirty or wrong. Most people don't do it the way we do, I suppose. But what we do is between us, and I don't think it's anybody else's business. If you don't like it anymore, then we'll stop."

She'd said she didn't want to stop. She liked what they did. And they agreed then that no one would be told anything about it in the future, and it would be just between them. After that, however, sometimes Jill took a bath by herself. Still, at least once a week she'd announce it was bath time and pull her Uncle into the bathroom.

Of course Jill learned about sex. She learned most of it like most of us do, from friends, magazines, and other sometimes ignorant and unreliable sources. But she understood the birds and the bees and her friends described what they claimed they were doing in back seats. Jill, however, had no urge to do any of those things. Her needs were being met at home.

When she was 14 she had her first orgasm. It was in the bathtub, and her Uncle's finger was about halfway in her pussy when it happened. He'd been strumming her young clitty with his soapy finger while she sighed and said how good that felt. She was on her knees at the time, her head dripping blobs of shampoo down her developing body. She was washing her own breasts, something Uncle Bob had awakened her to during baths in the last couple of years. She felt the urge to stop and squeeze her nipples. When she did, the combination of that and her Uncle's finger in her pussy sent her over the edge.

"Oh!" she yipped when it started. "OH!"

Bob saw what was happening and dug his finger deeper into her tight pussy.

"OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" she moaned as her pussy flooded with juice.

She gripped the sides of the tub and bent over, one hand coming to cover her Uncle's hand between her legs, and she grabbed that hand, jerking it back and forth. That, of course, made his finger slide all around in her quaking pussy as her orgasm slowly faded away. She looked up at her Uncle, who was smiling broadly.

"I don't know what that was, but it felt REALLY good." she panted.

From then on, bath time included Uncle Bob almost every time, and she insisted that he wash her pussy REALLY REALLY good, inside and out. She got good at having orgasms, and Bob got good at giving them to her.

It was shortly before her fifteenth birthday when, after a particularly nice cum, she was lying back in the tub while her uncle gazed fondly at her naked body. She looked at him and said "Uncle Bob, you always wash me during bath time, but I never wash YOU." Then she just looked at him, the silence demanding some kind of answer.

Bob, who thought he had gotten pretty good at hiding his boners during bath time, was afflicted with one at the moment. It caused him to miss the look in her eye and clouded his judgement. He said the first thing that came to mind.

"Sweety, I take showers."

"Why don't I take showers?" she asked sweetly.

"Well, I suppose you could. We've just made a habit of giving you baths. It's been that way since you were a toddler.

"Well, I think tomorrow night you should wash me in the shower."

Now the importance of what was being discussed penetrated his testosterone laden mind. He couldn't get in the shower with her because she'd see his hardons.

"But ... we can't." he said. "I'd um... get all wet. I mean my clothes would get all wet."

Jill laughed and splashed him with the bath water. "Like I don't get them wet when I cum?"

He'd admitted to her that what was happening to her was him "helping her cum" and now it was a part of the routine.

In truth, she got pretty wild sometimes and he did, in fact, get pretty wet sometimes. He tried again.

The shower has a glass door, and if we leave it open while the shower's on, and I'm trying to wash you, water will get everywhere."

"Then you'll just have to come inside the shower with me." she said reasonably.

He stuttered and blushed and said "We just can't take showers together."

She stared at him through her eyelashes. She wasn't stupid at all.

"You get erections, don't you?" When he didn't say anything she went on "During bath time you get erections. I've seen them." His head jerked up, his eyes wild. "Through your pants" she said "You know ... sort of poking them out. You usually cover them up with a towel, but it happens doesn't it?"

He hung his head. "Yes" he said miserably. "I'm sorry."

Jill touched his hand. "What for Uncle Bob? Because you're normal? Come on. Why do I call you in here for bath time? Because I can't do it by myself? Of course not. I'm not stupid. I like what we do. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel special. AND I get all clean at the same time!" she finished brightly. He didn't smile. "I'd like to think I'm cute, and that's why you get stiffies." She posed for him, cupping her breasts.

"I think you're too young to see a man's penis." he said firmly. Well, maybe not firmly. The idea of being close to her naked had grabbed him by the balls and was squeezing them tightly.

"So, what you're telling me" she said seriously "is that you think I should see my first penis in the back seat of some car ... on a date ... with some boy from school."

He stared at her, amazed at how she had boxed him in so neatly.
Re: Bath Time With My Niece--first Sex by SexStories001: 2:47am On Dec 25, 2023
"Tomorrow night you get to take a shower." he said. She jumped up in the tub and squealed "Goody" and hugged him, pressing her wet body against his. He was soaked and there was a huge lump in the front of his pants. Jill bent at the waist until her eyes were level with that lump. "And I'll see YOU tomorrow night" she said.

And so, the next night, he'd nervously gone with her into the master bathroom, where the big 48" X 48" shower was. She'd dropped her clothes unashamedly, like she'd been doing for years, and waited for him to get naked with her. He made sure he didn't look at her while she stripped. Instead he looked at the loose corner of a piece of wallpaper and thought about how he'd repair it. He managed to get undressed without getting a boner.

"See there?" she said in a soothing voice. "It's not so bad, now is it?"

Then she took his hand and pulled him into the shower. She demanded he "teach" her how to take a shower, even though she'd been taking them for years at school and the gym. And so he found himself sliding his wet soapy hands all over her smooth tight flesh. When he did her shoulders and slid his hands to her back, she stepped into him and he found himself hugging her wet naked body, her hard breasts poking into his chest. His cock sprang to attention, coming up between her legs. She hugged him, keeping him from pulling back.

"Hmmmmmm. That's better" she sighed. Then she relented and turned around, with her back to him. "Now wash my front" she ordered.

Then she BACKED into him, shoving her warm cushiony butt back against his angry hard cock. His hands roamed her breasts, belly and dipped into her pussy. She moaned and pushed back on his cock harder. Finally she leaned over backward, as he slipped a finger into her and put her arms around his neck.

"Oh, I like this a lot." she said as she stood, knees locked, feet spread to give him lots of room at her pussy. She came hard, hugging his neck hard and gasping "Yes...yes...yes." And all the time she was grinding her butt into his dripping cock.

Finally she was done and she dropped her hands. She stepped away from him and turned around. "And now I get to wash you." she said.

He stood stock still, knowing he shouldn't let her do this. But he was confused. He'd been fingering her sweet little pussy for years. How could this be so much worse? By then it was too late. Jill, for some reason, didn't seem to think that anything was dirty on him except his hard cock. She decided to wash THAT first. She got down into a squat, soaped up her hands, and began to get his cock and balls nice and clean.

She'd slid her hands up and down his long stiff prick about three or four times when it went off. She jerked as his first shot hit her right on her chin and she stood up just enough that the next two shots hit her breasts. She kept "washing" it, somehow knowing to squeeze when she was pulling her hand away from his body, milking him of all his white spend. Meanwhile he watched, fascinated, as three streams of his cum began to slide down her torso, across her navel, heading toward the juncture of her legs, like it knew where it was supposed to be and was trying to get there.

Jill laughed and said "That was FUN!" and began to smear the three streams of his cum all over her front.

She let one cum-covered hand slide into her pussy and dipped her own finger into her pussy. As Bob saw that happen, and knew that his sperm had just entered her virgin slot, his cock fired one last long rope of spooge against her abdomen. She promptly rubbed that one into her pussy too.

Thus had they graduated to showers, mostly, though every so often Jill wanted to be washed in the tub, like old times. She made him get naked with her though, and when her bath was finished, she washed just that part of him she liked to wash so much.

It was during one of those times when she decided to kiss the object of her affection. He wasn't expecting that, and when she leaned forward and planted her loose wet lips around the crown of his cock, he introduced her to the taste of fresh sperm accidentally. By then she knew what to expect when his cock went off, and she'd known that it might happen. Truth be told, she'd been curious about what he'd taste like, remembering all the bragging her girl friends had been doing for years about giving blow jobs.

So when his cock exploded, she just slipped her lips down over the head and let it wash into her cheeks. She gulped a couple of times and then pulled off to wash the rest around in her mouth, tasting it, feeling the texture. Then she swallowed the rest and licked her lips. She looked up at her flushed Uncle through her eyelashes.

"Hmmmm. Smooth, the consistency of pudding before it sets up, kind of sweet even. I approve."

Then she leaned forward and sucked his dick in, giving it one last strong suck as she pulled her lips slowly off of it.

That's the way it had been for about the last three months. When they were in the shower she liked to get it all over her body and she ALWAYS rubbed it into her pussy, even though he told her that was very dangerous. But he knew she'd do it, and it made him cum even harder than when she was sucking on him.

And tonight she wanted the shower. He was ready. She was already in the shower and when he stepped in she attacked him, pressing her body against his.

"I don't know why" she said sweetly "But I'm just extra Hot tonight. I want you to wash me extra good tonight Uncle Bob, OK?"

"It would be my pleasure" he said as he began to slid his hands all over her naked nubile body. She turned her back to him and stood spread legged. She liked that because he had good access to her itchy pussy and she got to feel his manhood in the cleft of her butt. She snaked a hand behind her and grasped his cock, stroking it slowly. She felt her orgasm approaching, but something made her want to hold off. She turned around, again facing her uncle. She did something she'd never done before. She put her arms around his neck, reached up and locked her lips onto his. Their kiss was electric and shocked both of them to the core. It was the most erotic thing that had happened to either of them and Bob's cock gave a short spurt of cum juice. Jill felt the heat of it on her hand and stepped back. She stared at his cock and soaped up her hands. She frothed his cock, getting it covered with suds. Then she stood up and arched her back, walking toward him, spread legged.

"My pussy needs more washing Uncle Bob. Your cock is all soapy. I'm gonna wash my pussy with your cock Uncle Bob."

He stood frozen as she bent his boner down and used the soap covered knob to rub all over her mound and between her pussy lips. She moaned and hunched her loins toward his. Now she dug the tip into her pussy mouth, swabbing. His prick burped another glob of his seed and she smeared it all up in her pussy mouth. She went up on her tip toes and put her arms around his neck again.

"My pussy needs to be washed deeper Uncle Bob, like you do with your finger."

He knew what she meant. He knew what she wanted. He wanted it too. It was so wrong, but he wanted it too. She lifted one leg, opening herself up for him and he lifted her by her arms until she was above his rod. Then he let her down and his soapy cock slid right into her core.

He'd had two fingers in her during particularly violent orgasms. She was wet with her own juices and slippery from the sperm he'd leaked into the mouth of her pussy. His cock was soapy.

Still, she was a tight fit.

But she wanted it badly, and she wasn't afraid, so she just relaxed and let the fullness of penetration spread through her loins. About then the tip of his cock kissed her cervix and she hung, impaled, her pussy fluttering like a heart that cannot beat in proper time.

"Ohhhhh Uncle Bob" she sighed, tipping her face up.

He kissed her again, this time slipping his tongue into her mouth. He bent his knees so she could get her toes on the shower floor. He expected her to pull up, to ease the pressure and depth of his penetration. But instead, she used her purchase to slide her pussy sideways, and then back, and then in a small circle. He realized the base of his cock was supporting a lot of her weight, and it was contacting her right on her poor flattened clitty.

She came. She shuddered and whined and then made burbling sounds, nonsense sounds as her voice got louder and louder. Her pussy clenched hard on his cock and she let her feet drop, putting more of her weight on his cock, trying to drive it as deeply inside her as was possible. She gasped and then kissed him wildly as her pussy fluttered again, rippling, milking, asking for his precious gift.

His prick exploded. He didn't even think about pulling out and when she felt the heat and wet splashes of his cum in her pussy she just scrunched her pussy harder onto him. His seed bathed the inside of her pussy, all along its length and seeped into her teenage womb. He came so much it ran out around his cock and down her thighs, to be washed off by the water beating down on both of them. Between the two of them, it was a three minute orgasm. He finally tried to pull it out of her, but her hands slapped his ass and held him in. She talked to his chest, her eyes closed.

"I don't ever want you to take it out. Not ever."

He smiled. "That's silly and you know it." Then he was more serious. "I should not have cum inside of you. You know that. "We can't do this any more." he said, trying to do the right thing.

She dug her very sharp, very long fingernails into his butt cheeks. "Oh, we're going to do this again." she said, looking up at him now. "In fact we're going to do this a lot. I liked this very very much." She smiled and flexed some newly discovered muscles, squeezing his shrinking cock. "And I've never ever felt this clean so far up inside me."

And that, after all, is what bath time is for, right?

The End
Re: Bath Time With My Niece--first Sex by jackpot(f): 9:53am On Dec 28, 2023
How is this story a JOKE?

Can some kindhearted mod move this to the Sexuality Section?

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