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Education / Re: I Regretted Going To University by Adonko(m): 3:35am On Sep 29, 2020
My certificates have become useless. I graduated in 2008, passed out of NYSC in 2010. Till date I have not used my certificates for anything. What I am regretting in my life now is time I wasted in the university. My wife graduated in 2015, she is now learning tailoring because she couldn't get a job too.
interested...08132179349...christopherehijele@gmail. com
Romance / Re: Nairalanders drop Your Numbers And Let Me Teach you How To Make Good Money by Adonko(m): 1:46pm On Aug 05, 2020
Politics / Re: More Soldiers Resign Over Intimidation From Superiors - Investigation by Adonko(m): 8:10am On Jul 18, 2020
Who wan die 4 nothing ...dying for Nigeria is dying for nothing is Total waste.
Politics / Re: FG Should Stop IPOB Before It Get Out Of Hand:- Lauretta Onochie Cries Out by Adonko(m): 1:38pm On Jul 15, 2020
They say the true colour of a man comes when he has money but I tell them you have not seen anything yet try women when they encounter money and Power then you will know the real practical definition of true colour..

A case study of Lauretta .


Politics / Re: Magu Arrest: Alpha Beta N100 Billion Tax Evasion Case Should Be Revisited by Adonko(m): 9:36pm On Jul 14, 2020
The word APC is synonymous to corruption, we thought we have seen it all with PDP but we were meant to understand that thief dey pass thief. These set of APC thieves are bent on bringing Nigeria to her knees.

Just watch some people will still come here and play the tribal, religious and party card for us.

What a shame of a country with fantastically corrupt leaders...indeed the giant of Africa when it comes to stealing public fund.

I say this without missing words God cause the Air, Food, and water these individuals take in who have brought tears to the eyes of ordinary Nigerians and push them to exteme poverty to be poison in thier system both to thier mmediate families and extended to thier 4th generation.


Career / Re: NNPC Sacked 850 Refinery Workers - NUPENG by Adonko(m): 5:08pm On Jul 13, 2020
This is Nigeria..

By the time Buhari and his cohort are through with us we will have sense and learn how to vote beyond religious, tribal and ethnic sentiments ..

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Politics / Re: "Buhari Should Resign As Petroleum Min. And President" - Timi Frank by Adonko(m): 3:08pm On Jul 13, 2020
I want Buhari to Resign As Petroleum Min. And President
infact this was just on my mind today sincerely before viewing this post. If GMB claims he loves this country he should honourably resign, he can cite health reason for that but we all know that it is based on incapability & incompetency there is no shame there.

The nation has been brought to her knees under his watch and is not out of place if he steps outside for the greater good of the nation and Nigerians in General.
Celebrities / Re: There Is Nothing Wrong In Having An Open Marriage – Cynthia Obi-uchendu by Adonko(m): 11:00pm On Jul 11, 2020
Please what is open marriage I dont understand
Is the height of foolishness, madness and self decieving lady. Someone after getting married the proper way both parties will now agree to have open marriage meaning even though they are married they choose not to be binded by those marital laws of only husband to only wife, meaning they can have affair,infact fuvvvck like dogs outside while still in marriage.

Infact the day my wife raise that issue I will divorce immediately cos she is an Ashawo.

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Politics / Re: 356 Soldiers Leave The Nigerian Army Over Loss Of Interest by Adonko(m): 11:26am On Jul 11, 2020
just cooling down in ur apartment, typing whatever you like. Just travel to borno state and come back to review your write up.
Don't mind him I don't have words for him cos he has lost touch of life.

He is an idiot.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Faces Morale Crisis As 356 Soldiers Exit Over “loss Of Interest” by Adonko(m): 11:19am On Jul 11, 2020
Sincerely Buhari is a failure, he was a failure before, a failure now and a failure in future, I have never seen a man without luck .

He has succeeded in bringing Nigeria to her knees, having nothing to show as a country, go to embassy's and you will see Brain drain (human capital flight) at his peak ..

Sincerely, I can wait for him to finish and get out from there he is just too dull to be a president.

But what still beat my imagination & common sense is that despite these happenings there are still individual in different corner who are still rooting for him and are even willing to give him a 3rd term in office if he desires...I say this with all I got shame on you and your generations to come.
Politics / Re: IGP Adamu Orders Withdrawal Of All Policemen At EFCC by Adonko(m): 8:30am On Jul 11, 2020
Wow! So Efcc got to the final grin
grin grin grin my Belle oooo

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Religion / Re: Igbos Are Gods, They're Creators, They Turn Forest And Swamp To Estate -odumeje by Adonko(m): 10:08pm On Jul 10, 2020
Op abeg dey use small letter g for for anything u refer to as God, the big letter is reserved for only Almighty God.

Who nu like make e go hang ..God nu get mate.
Romance / Re: Why Do Women Compromise More In Relationships? by Adonko(m): 3:27pm On Jul 10, 2020
I will slap a girlfriend if she tells me she doesn't want to go to Canada because of me. What kind of foolish love is that? Maybe the slap will reset her senses and drive her out of this country.
incase u r wondering who gave you your first like ..wonder know more cos it's me. I like your comment alot, to me that's true love..I forced my ex to go back to the state were she studied, after she refused to leave naija, today she is there we talk alot she is happy, and things are moving well,am even benefiting more than when she was here grin ...

Also I warned my babe in Europe that if she returned to naija I will break up with her, and there will be no marriage, this is a lady who is 2 months away from getting her permanent resident papers ..all cos she has flare for naija tins & she loves me doesn't want to loose me, I told her not to worry she should remain there I will do the coming.. nonsense.

Who naija help .

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Lagos State Stops Planned Reopening Of Churches And Mosques On June 19 by Adonko(m): 6:59pm On Jun 16, 2020
Confused govt ...confused naija I dey shame to be naija at this moment.

Meanwhile somebody dropped this Na so laughter wan tear my Belle ooo grin grin

Politics / Re: BREAKING: Edo: Obaseki, Deputy, Entire APC Structure To Join PDP – Chairman by Adonko(m): 9:36pm On Jun 15, 2020
It really doesn't matter, I don't see him winning.
we dont need you to see him cos you don't matter at all.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Edo: Obaseki, Deputy, Entire APC Structure To Join PDP – Chairman by Adonko(m): 9:20pm On Jun 15, 2020
Obaseki is fighting using all his arsenals to show he is not giving up as some wailers and zombie expected him to, that is how you face life, 50 cent was said "get rich or die trying" not giving up and chicken out cos of fear like one man we all know from Eko.

Oshiomole should do everything within his power to make sure this man don't win becos if he does eeeeeeh, he is going to start with that his house in his home town, and the closest oshiomole will get to is Ondo state if decide to see his relatives. He will rock osho's world and render his political career into oblivion, straight six feet.

Greatman Obaseki, the eradicator of GODFATHERISM in Edo, God dey ur back, good people of Edo are behind you, some idiots are saying he is not loyal, so loyalty means giving free access to Edo Treasury to thieves abi. Na only Lagos dem they fit practice that kind of politics of crase.


Politics / Re: Edo 2020:promote Peace,stop The Confrontations, I Go Dye Writes Obaseki by Adonko(m): 4:09pm On Jun 14, 2020
He should stay away from politics and enjoy his money.

But he want to fight to finish. That is good for him.
That's why he is a man ...u don't chicken out like that you fight dirty so that they will remember that yes of a truth someone gave us a run for our money

Meanwhile I go dye should keep shut and face his comedy biz, as a comedian I don't think anybody will take him serious cos he is always joking.
Politics / Re: Breaking: Gov Obaseki Visit Gov Wike In Rivers by Adonko(m): 4:03pm On Jun 14, 2020

"thuggery and task force/allied matters" bros that's naija politics in summary na
I wanted to ask him too, osho since becoming Chairman has not won any election fairly except with the use of federal might and thuggery, deeply u know am saying the truth even the presidential election or how can you explain an election that was cancelled and shifted just hours to it.

Osho thought he could replicate same in Rivers but he met a Gov who was a thug himself and he bowed. Obaseki aligning with the likes of wike who osho dreads alot is a welcome development and not a shame at all to Edo people as claimed by one commenter above.

With Obaseki joining forces with other PDP govs and big wings led by the master slayer wike, osho will have enough on his plate this time. This is what we mean by fighting to the wire.

Indeed Edo is not Lagos, you put up a fight even when it seems the chips are down that's life.

Obaseki sincerely you have won my heart.


Politics / Re: IGP Adamu Shuns Aisha Buhari, Refuses To Release Her Aides by Adonko(m): 3:30pm On Jun 14, 2020
Yẹyẹ people

Well, IGP is only answerable to the president.

This Aisha must be going through alot in that Aso rock...
She should just divorce Buhari already if she want peace.
Divorce what! Aisha is a typical example of an average naija babe, thier luv for money, influence and power can make them for inlove and stay with anything even if that thing looks like a Monkey.

You never know woman and money come add power join am.
Politics / Re: Abiola's Family Urges FG To Recognize Him As Ex-President by Adonko(m): 6:40am On Jun 13, 2020
truthfully, M K O Abiola deserved to be recognized as former President of Nigeria.

If Abacha , with his brutality and authoritarianism , can be regarded as former Nigerian leader . There is nothing wrong for Abiola to have the same treatment.

Moreover , Abiola has been honoured with highest recognition in Nigeria which is only awarded to President and former president ( GCFR)
Am simply quoting you cos of the bolded cos there is no truth in what you are saying, the fact that a child was the most intelligent student in a particular class is not a necessary/sufficient condition to promote him to another level if he did not sit for the promotional exam is unheard-of.

In saner climes, he was not supposed to be honored with the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR), but we let that slide for Peace sake. So weather Abacha was bad, brutal or whatever the truth here is that he was once a president and that cannot be swept under the carpet even at death. So including this in your write up was very unnecessary.

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Politics / Re: Abiola's Family Urges FG To Recognize Him As Ex-President by Adonko(m): 6:24am On Jun 13, 2020
Last time I checked, The federal government is not a charity organisation.
He might have won the election but he wasn't sworn in, meaning he wasn't a president.
No beef..this is the simple truth. You were not sworn in,in any nations of the world it takes swearing in to be a president of that nation and that did not happen to Abiola.

The FG have already declared a day for you guyz and tagged it as Democracy day, even though we know the actual Democracy day is May 29, so pls don't push it.

If you are given a hand shake don't take an arm shake.

That's how you guyz will wake up tomorrow and say Nigeria/Nigerians should just install his son as the president without election as a way to honour Abiola ..imagine who does that, enough of Abiola issue is high time we face important issues bothering the living.

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Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Faces Extradition From UAE To Nigeria by Adonko(m): 4:54am On Jun 13, 2020
He's free as a bird once he's extradited here.
I was about to say this and u just took it out of my mouth. A land were corrupt individuals are celebrated .Steal am Apple and u are a common thief and will be jailed for it but steal a kingdom and you will be worshipped.

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Politics / Re: Rauf Aregbesola For President 2023 by Adonko(m): 4:49am On Jun 13, 2020

We should please leave out religion. What has that got to with improving the lives of all nigerians.
oh really? U all want to shift the goal post now ..never we are not going to do that, the next president must be a Christian or nothing. We need someone that can confidently cut down those boko & Fulani excesses without any close religious affiliation.

Certainly not Rauf ..I swear mere looking at himself president nu fit am damn lol

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Politics / Re: President Buhari’s Personal Assistant Orders Detention Of Aisha’s ADC by Adonko(m): 2:38pm On Jun 12, 2020
Aso rock = house of comedy
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri To Buhari: You Are Always In Shock, We Don't Need A Shock Absorber by Adonko(m): 2:29pm On Jun 12, 2020
Sincerely am shock Bubu is shock.

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Politics / Re: Rauf Aregbesola For President 2023 by Adonko(m): 2:22pm On Jun 12, 2020
He should just forget that dream, the public positions he has held so far is enough for him there are 200 millions out there who have not even seen half of what he saw...

BTW we should be looking at technocrat/world figure talking about the likes of AFDB guy and NOI to boost our international rep.

Furthermore is Rauf not a Muslim we have one ruling currently and about to conclude in 2023, and you are thinking of installing another one, are u Ok.
Family / Re: Marrying An Already Married Person by Adonko(m): 1:43am On Jun 12, 2020
This is my take any woman who opens her eyes to get married to another man who already have a wife (excluding religion factor) is a trouble maker no matter the situation.

What is it why not go and look for your own, what useless reason do you have to drag another woman's husband with her, and if she thinks the man can love both equally then you are living in a fantasy world.

The first wife will always see you as a rival (competition), to me the 2nd wife is a home destroyer/breaker.

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole, Obaseki’s Camps Fight Hard, Dirty by Adonko(m): 7:37am On Jun 05, 2020
Fight dirty sir, you Are man..don't give that brief man a breathing space.

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