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Politics / Re: Reality Of Impending Crisis Over Growing Impunity Within APC by AfonjaConehead: 10:50am On Jun 21
10 posts! They ain't interested...they are only interested in Peter Obi and Igbos.

For example,look at this one below saying nothing but "toh"

But if it was Peter Obi or Igbo thread,he would've dropped an epistle long ago grin
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Movement Hits Akwa Ibom. by AfonjaConehead: 6:54am On Jun 21
Still searching for the "hit". undecided

but you don't need the "hit" nah,you need the "banana" as an oldmnkY. grin
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Disappearing Forests – In Pictures by AfonjaConehead: 6:51am On Jun 21
LeoDeKing deoldmnKEY grin:

You obviously know nothing about ecology and ecosystem. angry
What do you know apart from ipob this ipob that?!
Politics / Re: Soldier Pushed Around By Man Who Tried Assaulting Him (Photo, Video) by AfonjaConehead: 6:41am On Jun 21

See this one.
That Soldier you are seeing is a weapon himself, even without carrying a Rifle. A Nigerian Army is trained to have the strength of about 20 people. He has trained in physical combat. Like Boxing, Judo, Karate etc

When a Nigerian Army fight two or Ten Civilians, he will be punished severely in the Barracks. But when he fight 20 or more, he will be hailed. Cause he fought the combination of his strength

it is better to remain silent and be thought a fouoool than opening your mouth and quickly remove all doubts whatsoever grin
Celebrities / Re: Alfa Spotted Praying At Bobrisky's House Opening (Photos) by AfonjaConehead: 10:17am On Jun 20
Before you know what's happening now,one head would be mined in a twinkle of an eye grin
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Kill Several Ebubeagu Operatives In Ihiala (Video,Pics) by AfonjaConehead: 12:28pm On Jun 18
frustrated sophisticated maarrraans..see how they made this whole thread wholly ugly and stinky with their grief and sorrow.
They call the eastern region cursed but their fathers and grand fathers fought and shed their blood and died to keep the same eastern region part of their country.

Scratched faced coneheaded structures and evil headslammers grin grin
The threads of killer herdsmen massacre in their own regions are not up to 10 pages.
All the threads about the recent Owo massacre are not up to 10 pages and guess what they were looking for on the Owo thread: that majority of the people killed at that church were Igbos,how evil and wicked these people can be!!! God's judgement awaits you!

Pathetic bunch!
Politics / Re: David Hundeyin Takes A Swipe At Tinubu Over Peter Obi by AfonjaConehead: 4:14pm On Jun 16

1: I get it , you spoke out of ignorance but kindly point out where Hudeyen was insulted

"is he not an investigative journalist, let him go and investigate Tinubu"

2: Private citizen by definition is a citizen who does not hold any official or public position.

Kindly tell us any legal statutory, public office Tinubu occupied since 2007 after living office.. also note National leader is a title not an official position

3: Every educated person should be able to google search money laundering act and Nigerian criminal code to tell us the specific offence commited by Bola Ahmed Tinubu for moving his personal money from his bank to his house, or giving his personal money to people that came to his house



Politics / Re: Choose A Portfolio For MC Oluomo Once Tinubu Becomes President by AfonjaConehead: 9:23pm On Jun 13
ehhnn!!!? Jekorie pe bee,o...Iyam not want any of that nansense! Iyam the next gomina,gavanor of Lagos state,that is what iyam want!!!!

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Politics / Re: 2023: List Of People Supporting Muslim-muslim Ticket by AfonjaConehead: 9:27am On Jun 12

Just because he's a Muslim?

See people who always accuse Muslims of intolerance!!!

You should have stopped BAT then. As much as you people tried, he still triumphed.

Fact is, Asiwaju represents both the Muslim and the Christian candidate. His wife is a Redeemed pastor. His children practice different religions. Yet, you are agitated by such man running with a Muslim vice.

You guys are so intolerant and you don't even hide it.

Your judgement will be very severe!!!
Pets / Re: Looking For An Adolescent/adult Lioness by AfonjaConehead: 9:21am On Jun 12
I'm covered by the blood of Jesus
Politics / Re: Let Tinubu Be.... by AfonjaConehead: 9:16am On Jun 12
No to insensitive people.
No to troublemakers because what has Peter Obi gotta do with this crap?

No to confusionists.
Politics / Re: SE Delegates Except Ebonyi Voted For North And Sw,how Will They Vote Obi by AfonjaConehead: 11:29pm On Jun 11
Aside Ebonyi delegates who in PDP and APC who voted for SE interest, the rest voted for Northern and South West delegates in the agitation for a president of SE extraction. Yet same Ebonyi everyone in the east used to think is a sell out became the number 1 igbocentric state while the rest sold out .

Now the south east needed to vote for their people to make a statement atleast but they didn't, how different do you all think is going to be. It won't be any different. Those delegates are still the average citizens who have influence in the election
says a deeply concerned self appointed afonja minister of Igbo affairs and south east matters special adviser 247,day and night,you nor dey shame??
Are you gonna live your entire life and spend your whole existence on planet earth on Igbo this Igbo that? What a pity.
E Pele o, Igbo spokesman
Romance / Re: I’m Marrying A Woman Twice My Size – People Say I’m Not Man Enough For Her (Pic) by AfonjaConehead: 10:43pm On Jun 11
Personal trainer!!!!!

grin grin grin
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 10:40pm On Jun 11

Who be dis?
Taaa dia!

e lo wa ise se jare,it's clear you are hungry grin

Politics / Re: Babachir Lawal Tackles Tinubu Over Comment On Buhari by AfonjaConehead: 10:24pm On Jun 11
No Northern is known with his tribe, they are all known to be Huasa-Fulani. It is only in the Southern part that they identify you with your tribe, creating more divisions!

I tell you o... They have been deceiving us and feeding fat on our resources claiming to be NW,NC and NE but they all gather at their evil arewa consultative forum as one.
The so called enlightened south is just so dull
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 10:13pm On Jun 11

Hehehehehe.... Emeka forming kunle.
I be Yoruba k** u dia!
We don complete nwokem!
grin grin
Na you go kaput there cos I nor tell you say I be Igbo or yoruba... conehead keep on sleeping on top bicycle for middle of road..
Travel / Re: Two Men cling To A Moving Car In Order To Settle An Issue in Lagos (Pix, Video) by AfonjaConehead: 10:02pm On Jun 11
I'm sure they are extortionists,very common in Lagos.
The driver should stop and step out with a long screwdriver...
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: S-east Chasing Illusory Ambition — YCE by AfonjaConehead: 9:48pm On Jun 02

see I'm SS and all I have to say to is that,you are a very big4Nothing bigF..l@40!!!!
You are a complete in"be"seal.

You’ve spoken well my brother. Ibos are a shameless minority tribe now. They now attach to SS at the slightest opportunity. This is an outright humiliation for the ibo tribe. They even carry Jonathan presidency for head pass SS people sef. What a worthless tribe of hate and bitterness. Henceforth, The major tribes in Nigeria are Hausa, Yoruba and Ijaw. Ibo’s are now a minority tribe
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: S-east Chasing Illusory Ambition — YCE by AfonjaConehead: 9:44pm On Jun 02
Gbo gbo awon agbaya tio ni se.
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 9:35pm On Jun 02
how is his been a Muslim jinx him?
for god's sake, buhari is a muslim and another muslim must not succeed him!!!!
The Christians in Nigeria are not fools

Anyway you ppl shouldn't blame wike too much, he gave the party a lifeline

Who's blaming Wike here?
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 9:31pm On Jun 02
Freedom34 bigF..l@40:
Lolz.....igbos nor go kee person with laff!
So na tinubu say make ur Igbo blodas bitlay Pius anyim and vote atiku for PDP primaries?

e wo babanla Oloriburuku coneheaded structure agberoe,ta lo so fun yin pe Omo Ibo le mi?
Who da4kk told you I'm Igbo?
You are really a bigF....
In life,at times,it's better to remain silent and be thought a fouoool than opening your mouth and quickly remove all doubts whatsoever,I'm so sorry

grin grin grin

Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 9:25pm On Jun 02
Yoruba Governors were quick to organize Southern Governors meeting so that they can use it to push for their Yoruba presidential agenda. If truely they are fighting for equity, why not support an Igbo man from the south, since Yoruba have been president for 8years, Vice president for 8years, Senate President for 8years, House of Rep speaker for 4years.

God bless you richly.
This is the simple truth.

They weren't bold enough to tell that southern destroyer and oldest rascal on earth, tinubu.
Even if a yoruba were to contest,he should at least be a yoruba Christian
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 4:44pm On Jun 02
The entire south especially the west must do away with this destroyer,tinubu.

Again the south must now insist on true federalism and total restructuring to be part of this country

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Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 4:42pm On Jun 02
What just happened at the PDP primary only shows that the SS and Se can't be trusted in the scheme of things as regards politics in Nigeria. Now I know why they will continue to okay the second fiddle role in Nigeria. They are so happy vying for the position of vp rather than the presidential seat . The SW were perfect and never renege in there promises to both wike and Atiku .

You don't know anything.
Tinubu ruined everything by throwing himself in.
He is a muslim and a heavy weight and the PDP had no choice but to throw it's gates open.

If tinubu, being a heaviy weight in the APC had been honourable and supported a Christian southerner,like Osinbajo,it would have been a done deal..

So do not blame those southern states much
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries: When Will The South Learn? by AfonjaConehead: 4:39pm On Jun 02
South will never learn. Many Wikes and Tinubus will continue selling and betraying south for a morsel

Tinubu is the only problem of the south.

He is a muslim and should never have thrown himself in the race.
The north took advantage of the opening tinubu,old rascal created.

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Politics / Re: Without Zoning, Nobody From The South Can Ever Be President Again by AfonjaConehead: 1:33pm On Jun 02

gidgiddy you have spent years on this Nairaland fighting tooth and Nail from morning till night for Biafra

What is your business with Nigeria’s Presidencial Election ?

Can you now see your Biafra was a Fraud all along?

This is what you will do,Biafra this Biafra that,till you are 70 years old with nothing to show in life!!!!

If you do not have any single ambition in your entire existence on planet earth,why don't you leave others that got ambitions alone??
Politics / Re: Without Zoning, Nobody From The South Can Ever Be President Again by AfonjaConehead: 1:28pm On Jun 02
One advantage Northern Nigeria has always had over Southern Nigeria is that they are far more politically united. May be its their feudal system of doing things, may be its because they used to be one Region, while the South was three Regions

Whatever the reason, this has made it impossible for the South to ever produce the President of Nigeria. It was zoning that made it possible for the South West to produce the President in 1999. As things stand now, the North have no intention of ceding power to the South, and are likely to go for their "brother"

The South West, South East and South/South will always fight amongst themselves, share their votes, and produce nothing, while the North will give block votes to their "brother"

Without zoning, no Southerner has any chance of ever becoming President of Nigeria, ever again

That's not true.

If that old rascal and troublemaker jagbajantis tinubu,a muslim,had not thrown himself in for the presidency and lent his voice from the onset for a presidency from the SE or SS,the PDP and APC would have no choice but field those candidates.

Tinubu's evil agitation, being a muslim who wants to succeed another muslim,buhari,meant anybody from any zone can also vie for the presidency and the north is about to take advantage of that.

The number enemy of the south right now is tinubu.
Politics / Re: Fake Delegates’ Lists Threaten APC’s Presidential Convention by AfonjaConehead: 1:22pm On Jun 02
Whatever..just make sure that evil jagbajantis is given the treatment

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Politics / Re: Atiku Vs Wike: How State Delegates Voted At PDP Presidential Primary by AfonjaConehead: 1:19pm On Jun 02
The miserable and hopeless people of even Plateau state gave their votes again to another Fulani man!!!!!

And Nnamdi Kanu will be wasting his time wanting to also liberate and fight for them....

Okowa sef is another falling hand. Almost all the oil wells are in the hands of northerners and he still gave his votes to Atiku..
Celebrities / Re: Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Case Against Amber Heard by AfonjaConehead: 5:19am On Jun 02
Captain Barboossa: "how the blazes did you get off that island?"

Captain Jack sparrow: "when you marooned me on that godforsaken spit of land,you forgot one very important thing, I'm captain Jack sparrow"
Politics / Re: Lagos Steps Up Action On Alternatives As Okada Ban Takes Off by AfonjaConehead: 5:04am On Jun 02
When are they fixing the owo mi da bandits?
Politics / Re: Adamu Adamu Flown To Germany Over Undisclosed Medical Condition - SR by AfonjaConehead: 8:17pm On Jun 01

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