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Sports / Hello Sport/profit Lovers, Check Out Today's Results by Aliyamaths: 11:31pm On Jan 30, 2018
We made profit today ( B950EZASSWEETZ-2333926 ) but i still need to know who infected me with bad luck ( B94EZASPEEZRZ-2333926 ) I don't like to do draws because it requires a lot of time and effort but i got tempted and stayed awake all night yesterday but luck still didn't smile on me sad sad ( B98EZAERQCWSC-2333926 )
Sports / Hello My Sport/profit Lovers, Get In Here!! by Aliyamaths: 10:33am On Jan 29, 2018
I keep telling people that to make money from sports requires a lot of patience, calculations and a little luck, don't let anyone fool you, nothing is a 100% certain, there are some days that you do everything right but luck just refuses to smile on you and yesterday was a typical example for me. Check the following slips out--------




Sports / Hello Sport/profit Lovers.... by Aliyamaths: 6:58pm On Jan 27, 2018
Hello my sport/profit lovers, i had to take time off for personal projects but i am back with a bang! I keep telling people that making money from football requires passion, calculations(maths) and a little luck, if you want to rely entirely on luck then play lottery. This is my first game of the year B947EZSTZCWSQW-2333926 (For all the scammers that like to steal my works and claim it as their own, the last 7 digits of this code is my unique account number so it is only amateurs you can fool). If you are interested in making money from sports you can contact me on 07039512314(whatsapp only). This year i refuse to be scammed and work in vain like last year so the "my father is dying in the hospital crew", "i will pay after i confirm", "i want sample", "i want to marry you" crew please dont contact me!!! Strictly business!!
Sports / Football Lovers!! Hello Winners!! by Aliyamaths: 3:34pm On Nov 09, 2017
Yesterday was tough for me but in the end profit was still made grin

1) B915ETPAEEPZSZ-2333926 (90%)

2) B911ETPEERPTSW-2333926 (90%)

3) B923ETPEEWCRSP-2333926(90 %)

4) B95ETPAPZZTQQ-2333926(90 %)

5) B915ETPAEEPZSZ-2333926 (90%)

6)B953ETPAPWWTQT-2333926 (100%)

7)B931ETPAPREQRZ-2333926 (100%)

cool B931ETPAPREQRZ-2333926 (100%)
Sports / Football Lovers!!! Beautiful Monday Success(winners Only) by Aliyamaths: 7:01am On Nov 07, 2017
Hello football lovers, a lot of people don't know the hardwork involved in my predictions, sometimes i spend up to 'one hour' on only one match, analysing various factors and that is why i get very irritated when some people ask for 'sample' like it is ijebu garri. My results are more than enough evidence to show anyone that i know what i am doing and i dont just go with a hunch, there is a big difference between 'calculated risks' and 'blind risks'. Monday was amazing and the sleepless night of Sunday paid off! grin grin

Sports / Football Lovers (winners Only) by Aliyamaths: 10:23am On Nov 06, 2017
Hello football lovers, this weekend was tough in the football world, so many suprises and disappointments like Napoli and the rest of them but like i always tell my clients 'even if we don't make profit today, we won't know loss"! One particular client challenged me on friday, he messaged me and said 'Aliya i heard you are the best and i have seen your works, give me your acct. details i will send money, i need "300 odds"" I said sir i dont do "big odds", he said dont worry as long as you can get 50% successs and give me backup 4odds and 2odds i will agree you are the best! I said sir 50% success is an insult to my Mathematical prowess, anything less than 70% and i will give up my balance and even refund 50% of your deposit, here are the outcomes-----

1) B921EACQQRPZWW-2333926 (320 odds) 80% success

2) B924EACWWTZEWP-2333926 (4 odds) 100% success

3) B924EACWQRQAPQ-2333926 (2 odds) 100% success
Sports / Re: Football Lovers (profit Only!!) by Aliyamaths: 5:10pm On Nov 01, 2017
Babe somebody dey use ur games make money here on nairaland,I don't knw bt I see one of ur ticket anoda person usam advert see the thread www.nairaland.com/4151369/win-big-football-magic

Scammers everywhere!! It is a good thing i dont use paper slips because that can be edited but every intelligent bettor knows that your online account number is attached to your betslip so let he or she continue fooling himself....... grin
Sports / Football Lovers (profit Only!!) by Aliyamaths: 2:19pm On Nov 01, 2017
Hello my people, last weekend was so greenish' i decided to take two days off to cool my brain grin-----

1) B946EAWEPRRAPZ-2333926

2) B92EAWPCTCTTC-2333926

3) B940EAWPQSAZSE-2333926

4) B923EAZRTAZQWP-2333926

There were also some painful losses 1) B940EAWPQRZCAA-2333926 (loss) 2) B948EAWPQWQCSC-2333926(loss) but we are grateful that profit was way more higher, to those of you that have refused to pay my balance i will not bother you, let your conscience judge you......
Sports / Re: Football Lovers( This Is How I Never Loose) by Aliyamaths: 10:15am On Oct 29, 2017
i dey tell u ...all of a sudden everybody na expert in making money for other people in betting , but cant make that same money for themselves ..make e go stake high for him game if he so believes it

It is simple, if you have a better record of winnings you can post it here and prove you are better.
Sports / Football Lovers( This Is How I Never Loose) by Aliyamaths: 7:07pm On Oct 28, 2017
For those of you that keep disturbing me on whatsapp and bbm, this is a breakdown of my service so no need to start going around in circles.

A) You pay my 'refundable' consulting fee which is 5k

B) You tell me your staking power

C) You give me 6-8 hours and i come up with two sets of odds, the main odds and the backup odds. When you stake the main odds the potential winning should be double my consulting fee plus your staking power so that you will make 100% profit. The backup odds is odds enough to cover your staking power just in case the main odds dont pull through, you will still have your staking power and i will give you a new set of 'main odds' and 'backup odds', this process will continue till you have made 100% profit. In a case where the main and backup odds go wrong and you still wish to try again i will refund your 'staking power' and supply new sets of odds but if you wish to terminate i will refund your 'full' consulting fee.

D) I insist on my clients having a minimum staking power of "500" and maximum of "1000", please be informed that i am only liable to return a maximum of "1000" plus your consulting fee, if you decide to take the risk of going above 1000 you do so at your own risk!!

This is a practical example of how i operate, this is the main odds for this afternoon B955EAZWRAZAEE-2333926(bet9ja), it didn't pull through but here is the backup odds B941EAZWSQWAPW-2333926(bet9ja) and it was successful. You will notice that the main odds was "90%" successful and the backup was "100%" so my client still has his staking power and a little profit and i will be giving him a new set of odds for tomorrow. Also notice that if the odds pulled through he will have made double my consulting fee and his staking power and still have a little extra
Sports / Football Lovers(victory Mode)!!! by Aliyamaths: 1:38pm On Oct 28, 2017
Yesterday was a terrible day for me, all my analysis went wrong and some of my clients decided to show themselves and started insulting me, i had to refund their 'complete' money and even the money they staked just to protect my reputation, when i read some messages from some clients I couldn't help but cry but this particular guy 'wowed' me, he said to me "Aliya i know professional analysis and projections when i see it and yours is top notch, just arrange 60 odds for me and not only will i pay you the balance for your consultation but i will also pay you another 20k bonus. I didn't sleep all night, I scrutinized so many teams and finally came up with '60 odds' that i knew couldn't go wrong. B910EAZTAZPERQ-2333926(bet9ja) It is the alert of my 'super' client that just woke me up, God bless you Mr John!! Time to head to the cinema to relax and have fun grin grin grin
Sports / Sports Lovers/profit Lovers... by Aliyamaths: 10:06pm On Oct 26, 2017
Club Brugge decided to spoil my analysis yesterday B951eaqzpsqwcw-958409(bet9ja) and some of my clients were panicking but i told them to replay the slip and if they don't recover i will give them a 'full' refund of their monies and i am happy to announce that the obedient ones made back both capital and profit B929eaqwzaqtsc-958409 grin cheesy cheesy
Sports / Re: Football Lovers(rough Play) by Aliyamaths: 3:34pm On Oct 25, 2017
Aliya we are following, may luck fall on u today... U are abt to become a millonaire, just don't forget me when it click.

Hehehe! I am not confident about it, it is just a random game grin
Sports / Football Lovers(rough Play) by Aliyamaths: 1:27pm On Oct 25, 2017
One of my clients said to me 'Aliya why do you always play safe? I dare you to go wild!" So i decided to go wild By reducing my analysis to 70% luck and 30% Maths just for today and funny enough three out of my 12 wild predictions are successful already grin grin. I am feeling generous today so those of you that are willing to play 'rough play' can join me B946EAQQTZERQR-2333926(bet9ja)

N/b- This is me letting my hair down and not professional analysis ooo! grin

Only 'serious' and intending clients should contact me and i dont offer free services....
Sports / Re: Football Lovers!! Winners Always Smile by Aliyamaths: 12:32am On Oct 24, 2017
coupon number is not complete

It is very complete B929EATCTWSZAW-2333926
Sports / Football Lovers!! Winners Always Smile by Aliyamaths: 10:20pm On Oct 23, 2017
Yesterday New Zealand messed up my predictions and my clients lost money, i told my clients that if i dont give them recovery prediction that they should loose all the trust they have in me and feel free to tarnish my reputation, i went into hibernation for three long hours this morning, studied the statistics of many teams, did my calculations and came up with almost certain predictions and to God be the glory i just achieved '100%" success and my clients have recovered their losses and made profit. Feel free to check----B929EATCTWSZAW-2333926(bet9ja) grin grin grin grin

N/b-Stop loosing money blindly, contact me on bbm 7A834200,

Whatsapp---07039512314(serious clients only!!!)
Sports / Winners Only!! Football Lovers by Aliyamaths: 12:58am On Oct 23, 2017
Still the best!!! Check for yourself!!


2) B914EATRQTAQAA-2333926

I loose but but always recover because i only invest in 'calculated risks' after long hours of mathematical analysis, contact me on bbm 7A834200

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Sports / I Challenge Other Football Lovers.... Get In Here by Aliyamaths: 9:21pm On Oct 18, 2017
Here are some of my works using my mathematical prowess and I challenge anyone who feels they are better than me to come forward!!


2) B953EASPSRPECR-2333926

3) B957EASRWRSPPQ-2333926


5) B920EAAPCPPWQC-2333926

I put my failures too so you can see when i fail it is by a very tiny margin and i always recover, contact me on bbm 7A834200 N/B my works takes long hours of projections and calculations so i dont offer 'Free service' only serious and passionate people should contact me....
Sports / Re: Football Mathematical Genius(stop Loosing) by Aliyamaths: 4:52pm On Oct 18, 2017
@op soccer na luck.

No it isn't just luck when it comes to betting, it is mathematical, see this for example B940EAAPPQTQWE-2333926, i just made over 100% profit and cashed out, imagine if i had good capital at my disposal......
Sports / Re: Football Mathematical Genius(stop Loosing) by Aliyamaths: 6:39am On Oct 18, 2017
source? yu mean u have a source u get games from

By source i mean football...
Sports / Re: Football Mathematical Genius(stop Loosing) by Aliyamaths: 11:22pm On Oct 17, 2017
Goan find work op

Don't worry when i make millions from this source i will be your sugarmummy.....
Sports / Football Mathematical Genius(stop Loosing) by Aliyamaths: 10:24pm On Oct 17, 2017
Today i was able to beat the bookmakers again using my mathematical analysis, all i need is someone to partner so i can raise capital to increase my stake, it is heartbreaking to put in days of hardwork to cook up 30-50 odds and use only 200naira to play and win peanuts that i will still withdraw to keep body and soul together as an unemployed individual, add me on bbm if you are ready to see proof and do business 7A834200

Ps-Only intellectually sound individuals who understand mathematical approach should add me. Yes we will loose but our wins will be more.....
Sports / Re: Somebody, Please Help Me With A Winning Bet Strategy! by Aliyamaths: 8:52pm On Oct 17, 2017
I've tried searching for a fool-proof betting strategy to no avail. Please help me with any good sports strategy to enable me make some wins on bet9ja.
I've tried the 2:0 and over 1.5 strategy but had most often lost money.
Let a good strategist help out please. If you need privacy, you can reach me on WhatsApp: zero eight zero 350 nine six three 42.
Thanks in anticipation

Hello there is no 'fool-proof' betting strategy because nothing is certain when it comes to gambling but with patience and a mathematical approach you can increase your chances, trust me i understand your frustration because i have been in your shoes too, i was scammed so many times by people promising overnight jackpot but after months of research and with my knowledge of maths i have developed a working strategy, i would love to post proof here but i dont want scammers to hijack my hardwork and claim it as their own. Contact me on bbm 7A834200 if you are interested in making money from sports.

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