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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 7:11am On Jun 19

● 2 Months of training
● 20 modules
● 3000+ pages of student manual 
●1900+ pages of lab manual
● Over 200 hands-on labs with competition flags
● Over 3,500 hacking tools 
     ▪︎Learn how to hack multiple operating systems. 
        (Windows 11, Windows servers, Linux, Ubuntu,
      ▪︎MITRE Attack Framework
      ▪︎Diamond model of intrusion analysis
      ▪︎Techniques for establishing persistence
      ▪︎Evading NAC and endpoint security
      ▪︎ Understand Fog, Edge, and Grid Computing
The Certified Ethical Hacker has been battle-hardened over the last 20 years, creating hundreds of thousands of Certified Ethical Hackers employed by top companies, militaries, and governments worldwide.


✅ Introduction to Ethical Hacking
✅ Foot Printing and Reconnaissance
✅ Scanning Networks
✅ Enumeration
✅ Vulnerability Analysis
✅ System Hacking
✅ Malware Threat
✅ Sniffing
✅ Social Engineering
✅ Denial-of-Service
✅ Session Hijacking
✅ Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
✅ Hacking Web Servers
✅ Hacking Web Applications
✅ SQL Injection
✅ Hacking Wireless Networks
✅ Hacking Mobile Platforms
✅ IoT and OT Hacking
✅ Cloud Computing

Training available both Physical (Abuja & Ilorin) and Online Instructor-led Practical Class via Zoom.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 5:14pm On Jun 18
8. Government Hackers: In addition to independent ethical hackers, many governments have their own groups of ethical hackers that work to protect national interests. These groups are known as "Red Teams" and are employed to identify vulnerabilities in government systems and develop defense strategies.

9. Flexibility: They can work independently as cybersecurity consultants or be hired by companies specializing in security testing from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection, that's all! Additionally, many companies have their own internal ethical hacking teams to ensure the ongoing security of their systems.

10. Emerging Field: Ethical hacking/cybersecurity is a booming and understaffed sector, driven by growing awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and rising tide of cyberattacks. Talented professionals in the field are highly valued and have employment opportunities in diverse sectors, including technology companies, financial institutions, governments and defense organizations.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 7:08am On Jun 16
6. Exploit Auctions: Ethical hackers sometimes sell discovered exploits and vulnerabilities to companies that specialize in cybersecurity. These companies can use these exploits to help protect their customers from malicious attacks.

7.Hacking various electronic systems: Ethical hacking is not just limited to computer systems. It also covers other Internet-connected devices such as security cameras, industrial control systems, mobile devices, and even autonomous vehicles.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 7:45am On Jun 14
4. Hacking competitions: There are hacking competitions and events known as CTFs (Capture The Flag), in which ethical hackers compete to solve security challenges and find vulnerabilities. These competitions help build skills and promote knowledge sharing in the cybersecurity community.

5. Ethics always: Ethics is a primordial aspect of the work of a professional in the field. A strict code of conduct must be adhered to and written permission must be obtained before performing any safety test. Hacking systems without authorization is illegal and leads to serious consequences.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 2:44pm On Jun 12
3. Bug hunting: Many companies and organizations offer bug bounty programs like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, offering cash prizes to hackers who find and report vulnerabilities.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 2:43pm On Jun 12
2. Certifications: Experts hold recognized certifications, such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). These certifications prove that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out security tests ethically and according to internationally known methodologies.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 10:24am On Jun 11
10 Facts About Ethical Hacking That You Didn't Know!

1. Renowned Pseudonyms: Some ethical hackers have become famous and are known by their pseudonyms, such as Kevin Mitnick, Adrian Lamo and Gary McKinnon. They gained prominence for their hacking skills and for disclosing vulnerabilities in high-profile systems.
TV/Movies / Re: Power TV Series Fan Thread: STARZ by aliyuthayo(m): 7:31am On Jun 09

everything's coming to a wrap if you've been following

it ends this year.

Of course Season Finale, but still the rush isn't necessary. I've been following Power from the inception and I didn't even miss all the spin-offs.


Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 8:56am On Jun 08
Myth: All Hacking Threats are External

While it is widely assumed that cybersecurity threats emerge mostly from external sources, such as hackers attacking corporate networks from the outside, the reality is significantly more complex. According to research, over 75% of data breaches are caused by inside actors within a business.

These internal risks can take many forms, and they frequently originate from personnel who have lawful access to the organization’s systems and data. Among these insiders, unhappy employees are a major danger factor. These persons may utilize their access rights to purposefully undermine security or release sensitive information in retaliation or sabotage.

Former employees who carry frustrations or intend to undermine the organization may present significant risks. With knowledge of the organization’s infrastructure and possibly kept access credentials, these ex-employees may exploit weaknesses or purposefully undermine security measures.

Furthermore, naive employees who fall victim to social engineering attacks represent an additional internal threat vector. Hackers use a variety of strategies, including phishing emails and pretexting, to trick people into disclosing sensitive information or unintentionally allowing access to key systems. Even well-intentioned individuals who are unaware of cybersecurity best practices can unintentionally expose the firm to danger by falling victim to these strategies.
TV/Movies / Re: Power TV Series Fan Thread: STARZ by aliyuthayo(m): 12:19pm On Jun 07
Why is the writer rushing this episode? This is killing the series we've been enjoying these years.
Power Book II: Ghost S04E01

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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 3:00pm On Jun 06
Myth: Hackers Can Gain Instant Access to the Information they want

One common misperception regarding hackers is that they can easily gain needed information, passwords, or codes with a single command, much like a magician’s quick sleight of hand. However, the reality of hacking is far removed from the idea of instantaneous access.

In reality, hackers frequently rely on specialized tools and software. These tools allow hackers to launch targeted attacks on websites or IP addresses. However, the process is not instantaneous. Hacking activities, like other computerized software processes, take time to complete and produce the intended results.

Hacking consists of a sequence of processes, including reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and persistence, all of which need meticulous planning and execution by the hacker. Depending on the complexity of the target system and the sophistication of the assault, a successful breach can take minutes, days, or even weeks.

Furthermore, hacking activities frequently employ evasive and stealthy approaches to prevent detection by security measures or monitoring systems. Hackers may use techniques such as encryption, obfuscation, or lateral movement within networks to conceal their actions and preserve long-term access to infiltrated systems.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 7:55pm On Jun 04
Ethical hacking is all about using hacking skills for good. Ethical hackers, or "white hats," help businesses find and fix security flaws before malicious hackers exploit them. I became interested in ethical hacking when I realized how important it is to safeguard our online data.

Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 1:53pm On Jun 03
Myth: Hacking is always about exploiting software vulnerabilities

While exploiting software flaws is a typical approach employed by hackers, it’s crucial to remember that hacking involves a far broader spectrum of techniques and targets. In reality, hackers can attack flaws in not only software but also hardware, network setups, and even human behavior.

One type of hacking that extends beyond software vulnerabilities is the exploitation of hardware flaws. Hackers may target hardware components such as routers, switches, or Internet of Things devices in order to gain illegal network access or undermine system integrity. Vulnerabilities in hardware might offer hackers with a foothold for launching further assaults or exfiltrating sensitive data.

Human behavior plays a key role in many hacking attacks. Social engineering tactics, such as phishing emails, pretexting, and impersonation, trick people into disclosing sensitive information or allowing access to restricted networks. Hackers can circumvent technical security restrictions by exploiting human vulnerabilities to obtain unauthorized access to networks or data.

Physical security weaknesses can also be used in hacking attacks. Unauthorized access to facilities, theft of physical devices, and tampering with hardware components can all threaten system integrity and represent serious dangers to enterprises. Physical security measures, such as access controls, surveillance systems, and security guards, are critical in preventing illegal access and managing physical security risks.

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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 10:26am On Jun 01
Myth: Antivirus software provides complete protection against hacking

Although antivirus software is an essential component of any cybersecurity toolkit, it’s critical to recognize its limitations. A common misconception is that consumers who install antivirus software are completely safe from hacking attempts. But the truth is much more complex.

Antivirus software operates on the basis of signature-based detection, meaning it identifies threats by comparing files and patterns against a database of known malware signatures. However, this approach is inherently reactive, as it relies on recognizing previously identified threats. As a result, emerging threats, such as zero-day exploits or polymorphic malware, which can change its appearance to evade detection, may slip past antivirus defenses undetected.

Furthermore, antivirus software may be ineffective against advanced hacking techniques like fileless malware or living-off-the-land attacks, which use legitimate system tools and processes to avoid detection. These techniques exploit software or operating system flaws without leaving traditional traces that antivirus software may easily identify.

In addition, the rise of social engineering attacks, such as phishing and spear-phishing, creates an enormous challenge for antivirus software. These attacks exploit human psychology to deceive people into disclosing critical information or clicking on malicious links, so circumventing standard technical safeguards. Because antivirus software cannot discern the intent underlying human activities, it may be ineffective in preventing such attacks.

Supply chain threats also pose another challenge to antivirus software. These assaults target trusted software providers or suppliers and infiltrate systems via genuine software updates or applications, bypassing antivirus detection.

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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 6:28pm On May 31
Myth: All hackers wear hoodies and work in dark basements

The notion of hackers as people wearing hoodies and working in dark basements is a fallacy that fails to capture the diversity and complexity of the hacking community. In reality, hackers come from a wide range of backgrounds and operate in diverse environments.

Hackers represent a diverse range of demographics, including gender, age, race, and financial status. They may work in a range of areas, including technology, finance, healthcare, and government, using their skills to improve security procedures and secure sensitive information.

Also, the image of hackers as isolated individuals operating alone ignores the collaborative aspect of cybersecurity operations. Many cybersecurity specialists work in interdisciplinary teams, partnering with experts in computer science, cryptography, risk management, and law enforcement to solve difficult cybersecurity problems.

Ethical hackers stress legal and ethical standards in their work, following industry norms and guidelines when performing security assessments and vulnerability testing.

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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 12:23pm On May 30
Myth: Hacking is always Illegal

Although hacking is frequently associated with criminal activities, the reality is more complex. Many people believe that hacking is always criminal, regardless of the context or motive. This generalization, moreover, ignores the distinction between malicious and ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking, is the practice of lawfully testing system security using hacking techniques. Organizations frequently hire ethical hackers to find weaknesses in their defenses against cyberattacks and stop illegal access to data. Malicious hacking, on the other hand, is prohibited and entails breaking into networks without authorization with the intention of causing harm to people or enterprises.

Myth: Hacking requires advanced technical skills

The idea that hacking is only for computer gurus with highly developed technical expertise is a common one. Technical expertise isn’t always necessary for all forms of hacking, however it does play a part in some of them. Actually, hacking is a wide spectrum of methods and strategies that transcend conventional ideas of technical proficiency.

Undoubtedly, some hacking tasks—like reverse engineering software or taking advantage of complex security flaws in computer systems—do call for specific technical expertise. But it’s important to understand that hacking involves more than just being an expert coder or having a thorough understanding of network protocols.

In actuality, there is a wide range of approaches that can be used in hacking, such as phishing attempts, social engineering, and reconnaissance methods. In social engineering, for example, hackers take advantage of human weaknesses to obtain sensitive data or systems, relying more on psychological manipulation than technical know-how. In a similar vein, phishing assaults entail fooling people into disclosing private information via phony emails or websites, frequently with minimal technological know-how on the side of the attacker.

Also, the proliferation of hacking tools and resources available online has lowered the barrier to entry for aspiring hackers.

Many easily available programs automate different hacking procedures, making it relatively easy for someone with modest technical knowledge to conduct basic attacks.

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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 11:34am On May 29
To be continued

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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 11:26am On May 29
Myth and Fact about Ethical Hacking

Myth: All hackers are criminals
Hacking itself is a neutral term and can refer to both ethical hacking and malicious hacking.

Ethical hackers work to improve security by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, while malicious hackers engage in unauthorized activities.

Ethical hackers are professionals that operate within the law and frequently collaborate with corporations to improve their security protocols. On the other hand, there are malicious hackers, who engage in crimes like data theft or service interruption. It’s unjust to label all hackers as criminals, even though some of them may be.

The protection of digital infrastructure and sensitive data is greatly aided by ethical hackers. Their work demonstrates the wide range of hacking activities and shows that hacking isn’t just about doing illegal activities.
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 11:41am On May 28
Ethical Hacking Certifications

1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
This ethical hacking certification from the EC-Council ranks among the top cybersecurity certifications companies are hiring for, appearing in nearly 10,000 job search results. The CEH is designed to help you think like a hacker and build skills in penetration testing and attack vectors, detection, and prevention.

Requirements: To qualify for the CEH exam, you need two years of work experience in information security. You can waive this requirement by completing an official EC-Council training.

Certification Cost: $950 to $1,199 depending on testing location

Enroll for a mentored training program from a reputable mentor or consultant or training company you can trust.

2. GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)
If you’re interested in penetration testing, a task within the umbrella of ethical hacking, then the GPEN certification could be a good fit. Earning your GPEN demonstrates your ability to perform penetration tests with the latest techniques and methodologies. Topics covered include test planning, scoping, and recon; scanning and exploitation; password attacks; and web application pen testing.

Requirements: There are no prerequisites for taking the GPEN exam.

Certification Cost: $1,699

Enroll for a mentored training program from a reputable mentor or consultant or training company you can trust.

3. Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP
Another highly sought-after certification for pen testers, ethical hackers, and other offensive-minded security pros, the OSCP tests your ability to breach a series of target machines and produce detailed reports for each attack.

Requirements: There are no formal requirements to sit the exam, though Offensive Security recommends that you be familiar with networking, bash scripting, Perl or Python, and Linux. You may also consider taking the Penetration Testing with Kali course prior to taking the exam.

Certification Cost: From $999

Enroll for a mentored training program from a reputable mentor or consultant or training company you can trust.

4. CompTIA PenTest+
The PenTest+ exam from CompTIA is unique in that it features both multiple-choice and performance-based questions (questions that test your ability to solve problems in a simulated environment). The exam covers your ability to perform penetration tests in a variety of situations, including cloud, hybrid, web application, onsite, and internet of things (IoT) environments.

Requirements: There are no required prerequisites, but CompTIA recommends that you have three to four years of information security experience, and that you’ve mastered the materials covered in the Network+ and Security+ exams.

Certification Cost: $392

Enroll for a mentored training program from a reputable mentor or consultant or training company you can trust.


Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 11:32am On May 28
Difference Between an Ethical Hacker and a Penetration Tester

One technique to successfully breach a particular information system without doing any harm is penetration testing. Finding flaws and fixing them before criminals can exploit them remains the aim of ethical hacking. A security expert known as a penetration tester simulates an attack on a system to identify flaws. Although ethical hacking includes penetration testing, ethical hackers have a wider range of interests. While penetration testers are especially interested in network penetration, ethical hackers will do everything to get access to a system. For penetration testing, access is only needed to the systems that will be used for pen testing. However, for ethical hacking, access is needed to a wide range of computer systems located throughout an IT infrastructure.

What Is the Job prospects for Ethical Hackers in 2024?

Cyberwarfare is extremely common, and many high profile enterprises have been subject to major hacking issues. In this day and age, spending on IT security on a global scale is reaching the trillion-dollar mark. What better way to combat the threat of black-hat hacking than by making use of an army of white-hat hackers?

The demand for ethical hackers is at an all-time high and rising. Many experienced, ethical hackers can expect to earn in excess of $120,000 per year, especially if they are running their own consultancies or penetration testing companies!

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Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 11:30am On May 28
10 Steps to Become an Ethical Hacker

Step 1: Get Hands-on LINUX/UNIX

Step 2: Opt for the Mother of all Programming Languages

Step 3: Learn the Art of Being Anonymous

Step 4: Get Well-versed in Networking Concepts

Step 5: Traverse the Hidden Web

Step 6: Add Secret Writing to your Skill Set

Step 7: Delve Deeper into Hacking

Step 8: Explore Vulnerabilities

Step 9: Experiment and Practice to Ace Hacking

Step 10: Attend Discussions and Meet Expert Hackers
Career / Re: Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 9:33pm On May 27
To be continue

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Career / Ethical Hacking As A Career by aliyuthayo(m): 9:29pm On May 27
What is Ethical Hacking?

The term ‘hacking’ has very negative connotations, but that's only until the role of an ethical hacker is fully understood. Ethical hackers are the good guys of the hacking world, the ones who wear the "white hat". So what does the role of an ethical hacker entail? Instead of using their advanced computer knowledge for nefarious activities, ethical hackers identify weaknesses in data computer security for business and organizations across the globe, to protect them from hackers with less honest motives.

Before understanding how to become an ethical hacker, let us understand what is the ethical hacking career.

Role of an Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking is a subset of cybersecurity that entails legally getting beyond a system's security measures in order to uncover potential dangers and data breaches on the network. Ethical hackers can work as independent contractors, as in-house security guards for a company's website or apps, or as simulated offensive cybersecurity specialists for a company. All of these career choices need an understanding of current attack techniques and tools, although the in-house ethical hacker may only need to be well-versed in a specific class of software or digital asset.

What Is the Attraction of an Ethical Hacking Career

If you’re a professional who appreciates the joys of the world of computers and relishes a challenge, then a career in ethical hacking can be an enticing prospect. You get the opportunity to use your skills to break into computer systems, and you get paid good money for doing so. Like many careers, it is not easy to get started in the field, but if you put in the effort, initially, you will be able to shape a very lucrative career for yourself. Besides, ethical hackers are always on the right side of the law!

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Exposing The Lies Of Christians Say About Jesus by aliyuthayo(m): 5:41pm On Apr 04

So na Mary did all those miracles bah? This your allah has caused you brain tumor

I can now understand your point of view! I thought I was talking to a sensible individual. I'm sorry to have replied your earlier post
Islam for Muslims / Re: Exposing The Lies Of Christians Say About Jesus by aliyuthayo(m): 12:24pm On Mar 31

Why not move it to religion section where many Christians are waiting to counter your false allegation

If you ever attended Arabic school, you won't be saying Jesus has no power. Let me show you the mighty power of Jesus as seen in Quran maybe you'll get sense sha

The Table Laden with Food:- Quran 5:112-14

While Still in the Cradle:- Quran 3:46

And It Becomes a Bird :- Quran 3:49

Healing the Blind and the Leper :- Quran 3:49

The Resurrection of the Dead :- ..and I bring to life the dead.. Quran 3:49

The Provisions of Today and Tomorrow:- Quran 3:49

Indeed you should be the one to check your assertions. Jesus has no power of his, and we Muslims believe he did all these miracles through the help of Almighty Allah simply.

If you read the Quran, where you got all these quote from, you'll see miracle didn't start from Jesus, but Mary his mother.

I hope Almighty Allah one day will open your heart, and guide through the right path. You seems intelligent though!
Religion / Re: If God Truly Forgive Us Our Sins, What Then Is Karma? by aliyuthayo(m): 11:31am On Mar 31
Karma exist, and Almighty Allah is the Karma.
Let me explain, there are two type of sins, one is the one we commit against Allah and the other we commit against fellow humans.
Almighty Allah only forgive the sins you commit to him, but the ones you commi to a fellow humans, you'll need to make restitution to the person you erred, before Almighty Allah can forgive you, if you don't, that's when KARMA comes in.

The complete chapters of the Bible gave no insights or notes about 'karma'... Though the term 'karma' is from the Janism, Hindu and Buddhist religion, but everyone believes in it strongly... Maybe the Bible insinuated it when Christ said "He who kill by the sword, will die by the sword"... " What a man sows, he reaps"...

If we all agree with this (karma) why then do we ask God for forgiveness?

Can one commit a sin and be completely forgiven by God and free from consequences?

Kindly help me with your insights. Thanks

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Islam for Muslims / Re: These Are The Reasons Sheikh Al Islam Ali Jabata Is Hated by aliyuthayo(m): 7:32pm On Mar 10

Imran did it..with gathering of eleha
Someone that fell victim of fodil iwo..mentioned that.

You should bring the victim to come out and say it here, or better bring evidence to support your claim. Not someone said this or that.
Islam for Muslims / Re: These Are The Reasons Sheikh Al Islam Ali Jabata Is Hated by aliyuthayo(m): 10:09am On Mar 10

Everybody knows that's what they do. Even someone testified to it. Gather people and send photos and videos to arab to collect money lol.

Unshameful gays

I'm sure with your level of knowledge in Islam, you're aware of the consequences of False Allegations against one another.

Except you have a proof of your allegations, then your Alfa has failed you.
Certification And Training Adverts / Re: Cyber Security Analyst With Cisco Networking Academy by aliyuthayo(m): 5:22pm On Mar 05
Let's get busy

Career / Re: Your Thoughts On Cybersecurity by aliyuthayo(m): 7:34pm On Mar 01

All digested accordingly sir, I've enrolled in a Cybersecurity course on Cisco Networking Academy. It's been a great experience so far. I will open a thread on my journey into Cybersecurity soon.

Thank you for your Motivation.

I hope you start with Networking Fundamentals first, before moving to Cyber Security.

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