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Education / Re: University Of Ibadan Accepts $1M Donation From An Ipob Man From Anambra by badaru911: 9:36am On Aug 08
.... Waw... He donated the money because he graduated from the University.... Yoruba trained him to be a doctor, not an ipob and not from an ipob university.. He donated 1 million dollars to a yoruba university because he really appreciate what the yoruba people did for him and the people of yoruba by making life comfortable and peaceful for him when studying here... Why can't he give any ipob universities?.. He can't they didn't add value to his life...

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Politics / Re: Moment The FG N1.4bn Car Gifts Arrives Niger Republic From Nigeria by badaru911: 7:26pm On Aug 07
... These are not Toyota land cruiser v8 now...
Family / Re: Everyone's Age And Year Adds Up To 2022 Today by badaru911: 4:53pm On Aug 07
Strange but true.

Did you know that today the whole world is of the same age! Today is a very special day and only happens once every thousand (1,000) years.

Your age + your year of birth, every person = 2022.

It's so strange that even experts can't explain it! You check it out and see if it's 2022. It has been waiting for a thousand years!

If I am 19 years old.
And was born in 2003.
So 19+2003= 2022

Another example:
Born in 1967 and I am 55 years old.
1967 +55=2022

Magical isn't it?
.... There's nothing magical about it... undecided undecided.... Assuming this year is 2021..not 2022..
If I am 18 years old.
And was born in 2003.
So 18+2003= 2021.

Another example:
Born in 1967 and I am 54 years old.


Phones / Re: Over Heating Phone by badaru911: 3:28pm On Aug 06
Pls fam, I got my redmi 10 2022 3 days ago but the heat from the phone is unbearable...
Pls how can I fix it cause am considering returning the phone back...
.... Return the phone back....

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Crime / Re: 20 Ghanaian Fishermen Jailed For Trafficking Marijuana To Nigeria. by badaru911: 12:10pm On Aug 05
.... Importing Marijuana from Ghana to Nigeria when we are blessed abundantly with it,.. Even producers are looking for ways in exporting to other countries.... Nigeria weed is even regarded as the best in the world smiley, I don't think Ghana weed can beat our own... wink
Celebrities / Re: Between Emmanuella And Kiriku, Who Is More Funny? by badaru911: 4:15pm On Jul 31
... Na Emmanuella now... The other one,there comedy skit is too dry and not funny... Not a smile on my face while watching kiriku and I can't even hear his voice very well...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Japan Monkeys: Member Of Gang Terrorising Locals Caught And Killed by badaru911: 4:12pm On Jul 27
.... Gang of monkeys ke.. I hope they won't turn to terrorist because that's how it dey start.. Japan needs Nigeria army cos they are good at killing animals instead of fighting bokoharam... Amotekun and Ebube agu can also volunteer....

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Crime / Re: Onuorah Caritas Onyinye 'Smart Beyoncé' Arrested With Cocaine At Airport by badaru911: 10:20am On Jul 26
.. She dey smile for that first picture... grin


Properties / Re: Bank Building Unity Occupied Space At Bodija by badaru911: 6:07pm On Jul 19
.. You wanna sell a functional bank building grin grin... You dey do hide and seek to take the picture from your car... You don't want the bank security or police to see you so as not to beat the hell out of scam evil out of your mind... grin grin. If you gat mind, why can't you walk into it and take pictures to show us inside.. I beg Mr man, try another format. This one no dey work.. smiley smiley
Romance / Re: Can Youou Spend Twenty Six Thousand Naira For A Month by badaru911: 5:49pm On Jul 19
Keep your comments coming
.. Sure... I'll even save out of it.. But if it's only me... But for 2...no saving..


Politics / Re: #osundecides2022: Eight Factors That Helped Adeleke Defeat Oyetola by badaru911: 7:40pm On Jul 17
All those factors are irrelevant, reason for his defeat is because he was given opportunity to prove himself in good governance but failed to impress people. There was no visible significant things he has done in remote towns and villages that people can point to. He started building roads in many remote towns and villages when election was approaching which people believe he was only doing that to canvass for election because he may soon abandon them.

He also abandoned good policies of Aregbesola without replacing them with convincing alternatives. Another reason why people voted him out is that he is too dull, no charisma like Aregbesola. Adeleke was only elected because APC did not provide better alternative. Adeleke is just given four years to prove he myself if he has something to offer beyond dancing. If he turns government house to club house or dancing hall, he will be sent packing in the same manner. People of Osun don't hate Tinubu, they just don't want bad product of Oyetola.

You might be surprised that by next year, Tinubu may gather above 80% of Osun votes, because they know him as personally competent, but they never want somebody to hide under him to grab second tenure after glaring non-performance from Oyetola
... That's it.. Your point is the best..
Politics / Re: Chairs Destroyed As Portable Gets Into A Fight During Show In Ogun State by badaru911: 9:29am On Jul 08
.. Portable they do show.. Who do you expect in show?...

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Romance / Re: What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Fallen Out Of Your Pocket/Bag? by badaru911: 10:46pm On Jul 03
.. Well not my pocket... When I was a kid, went to those old church with my naughty friends... One of the elders was getting down from the altar and slipped... Believe it, a small gourd (charm) fell out from his pocket and rolled on the floor.... He went to pick it up saying...."I have to protect myself" ....and continue walking as if nothing happened...

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NYSC / Re: Aid Me Please by badaru911: 2:05pm On Jul 01
..... Old scam format used mainly by ladies... 4th of July is already here, so be patient... You already have a job.... You still have money cos you are buying snack... Use that money for snacks to get a 900 gas and use it till you get your salary.. Use your brain Mr scammer..
Nairaland / General / Re: Thanks for your kind gestures by badaru911: 3:38pm On Jun 21
Is this a joke or what?
.... Na old format of scam used mainly by ladies to collect money from guys.... smiley smiley.. I think this op wanna take advantage of it... A refill of 700 niara is enough not 10k...so the op is a scammer...
Phones / Re: I Need Someone To Help Top Up My Budget To Get A Samaung Phone. Please by badaru911: 7:20am On Jun 20

I Dont have a specific amount. but its a Samsung phone I want to buy. I think a good mid range Samsung phone should be 90-120k.
Top up of any amount would be appreciated
..... Get a phone you can afford... You already have 70-80k..there're good Samsung phones within that range... Samsung A03s is 77,500 (64gig 4gb)..


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Make Money Online by badaru911: 8:36pm On Jun 19
Is this really working?
... Don't bother.. Just a waste of time... They need your money to become a vip,so that you can earn big.... After you become a vip member.. You won't get a dime, they run away with your money.... It's just a scam stuff but it's old..
Romance / Re: Power Supply by badaru911: 9:22am On Jun 07
How's the power supply in your area?
Over here, I would say it's incredibly gotten worst, we get like 8hrs light in 48hrs.
.... 8 hrs.... In my place in Ibadan... Just less than 20 minutes for 4 days.... Sometimes they just flash it and that's all... They will come with their outrageous bill... One of this days, they will show them hell in my area cos people are getting angry..

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Properties / Re: This Is Why Ive Been Avoiding A Shared Apartment. How Can I Handle This? by badaru911: 4:47pm On May 18

The first night I did that nonsense but that was after the light was turned off but yesterday, mehn... I couldn't continue so I wore my panties and later covered up a bit with wrapper but she'll just come and open everything waaaa... And its getting on my nerves.

.... This gat me laughing really hard... You gat to tell her in a cool and understanding way...

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Nairaland / General / Re: Solved by badaru911: 11:39am On May 18

Pls screenshot your home page let me see it.
Its not showing on mine
... That's it

Nairaland / General / Re: Solved by badaru911: 8:03am On May 18
What happened to the "NEW" button on Nairaland?

The thread that shoes all new posted threads.

Why was it removed?
.... Still there...
Romance / Re: Life Is Pain by badaru911: 1:39pm On May 15
So i took jamb again and i scored 195, I'm beginning to feel even more suicidal.
... I took jamb 4 times before gaining admission.. The first one, I scored 111, next 121,next 191 and last 212..post utme helped me out... After my second jamb, I went to poly... before going to the university...
.. Failing jamb is not the end of life... What would thousands of graduates doing nothing or struggling in life to make ends meet say... Going to the university does not determine success in one's life... Many of my friends that do not go to higher institutions are successful in life and living happily than some of my friends that are gradutes.... Life is beautiful man, enjoy it..


Politics / Re: Help, I Am Dying - Exchristian by badaru911: 9:31am On May 15

Pls tell me you are joking
..... Don't worry, it will go.. Just be patient, you won't see it there again...
Education / Re: Vacancy For Primary School Teacher In Rivers State (Salary attractive) by badaru911: 10:55am On May 11
Vacancy for 5 primary school teachers in rivers state, Isu Etche.

Maximum salary: N20,000
Minimum salary: N10,000
Based on qualification.
Note: Accommodation available

Please call: 08039364643 or 08038848980

You can also share the above contacts to anyone you know is interested in said job.
..... Sorry ooo... 20,000 an attractive salary in this Buhari Era.. undecided undecided undecided oh my... Well those that need it will take it... Wish you luck...
Education / Re: Be Honest!!..how Many Times Did You Write Your Waec.. by badaru911: 4:07pm On May 10
... Thrice... First one I did, I failed woefully... F9 and E8 were competing with each other... ( cos I don't go to class, always with the Boyz playing in "school 2"...and watching them gamble and smoking) .... Second time., had maths and failed English.... and some couple of Cs and Ds.... Third time, I made it...... Waec is very easy if you knw what to read....
... I had a first degree in truancy when I was in secondary school... No note... And nothing in the head..I like going to school but just to play and nothing else... Those days, my mama doesn't knw much but she suspected me and she still loves and believe in me that I'm still a good man and will change when maturity step in....

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TV/Movies / Re: House Of The Dragons Trailer by badaru911: 6:30pm On May 05

Yes. Do you have the pdf you can share?
..... I don't read pdf but epub novels on my phone with the help of moonreader app... Anytime, anywhere, I'm reading on the go...

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TV/Movies / Re: House Of The Dragons Trailer by badaru911: 6:24pm On May 05
... I read the novel,.. Very interesting... I'm going to give 4 out of 5 stars....

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-olu Second Term Bid In Disarray, Why He Will Not Get Second Chance by badaru911: 4:13pm On May 04
Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Friday, picked up his Nomination and Expression of Interest forms for second term in office ahead of 2023 gubernatorial poll.

Sanwo-Olu collected the form to the admiration of his supporters and well wishers at the All Progressives Congress, APC, National Secretariat Abuja, accompanied by his Chief of Staff, CoS, Tayo Ayinde, among other aides.

The development signalled his interest to recontest the governorship office in 2023 after the Governance Advisory Council, GAC, the apex decision making body of APC in Lagos endorsed Sanwo-Olu’s second term bid.

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Travel / Re: Images From My Brief Visit To The LA Zoo. by badaru911: 3:27am On May 04
.. This is a real zoo....Not like the one we have here... When I went to OAU zoo, some kids are referring to the lion as a dog and barking at it,,,. I told them that this is not a dog but a lion, they gat to roar at it,... Believe me, they all looked at me thinking I was wrong..

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Investment / Re: Is Telegram P2p Group Legit by badaru911: 12:38pm On May 02
I have been seeing a lot of p2p trades on this telegram group that called itself binance telegram p2p group,pls I want to ask it is legit or scam?
.... Big time scam ooo... Don't get involve on it..

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Religion / Re: Apostle Omotosho Releases Fresh Prophetic Alert On 2023 Presidency by badaru911: 9:14am On May 02
Apostle Omotosho Releases Fresh Prophetic Alert on 2023 presidency, Kanu, Adeboye and Others 

Apostle Omotosho Tope Joseph has given fresh prophetic warning concerning the 2023 election in Nigeria.  The Prophetic Apostle as he is fondly called revealed that the APC presidential candidate will be full of intrigues and surprises. 

He also raised a prophetic alert on Nnamdi Kanu and some notable Christian leaders.

Here is a copy of the prophecy as released this morning:






.... Well, this doesn't look prophetic to me... Just mere words anybody can say..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Deadly Protest Erupted In France On May Day, Police Fired Tear Gas by badaru911: 5:15am On May 02
.....while in Nigeria, government workers are protesting to increase the retirement age... undecided undecided undecided

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